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вторник, 17 сентября 2019 г.

The Brokedown Dukes - The Art Of Oblivion

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 33:11
Size: 76,1 MB
Label: Rock/British Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Highway - 3:21
 2. Jasmine Tea - 3:10
 3. I Come from Nowhere - 3:50
 4. Empty Tears - 3:22
 5. Live in Woman - 5:01
 6. Cabbage Tree Motel - 3:55
 7. Why - 4:54
 8. Hellbound Chains - 5:36

Brenden Skelly - Guitars, vocals and keys
Johnny - Bass
Stewart Robertson - Drums

Mastered at Abbey Road Studios, The Art of Oblivion is a rock album with strong blues influences, featuring several long, virtuosic guitar solos, underpinned by a rhythm section that has space to shine
Recorded and mixed in Sydney, Australia and mastered by Alex Wharton at London's famous Abbey Road Studios, The Art of Oblivion is a rock album with strong blues influences, featuring several long, virtuosic guitar solos, underpinned by a rhythm section that has space to shine The Brokedown Dukes are:

The Art of Oblivion

The Blue Poets - All It Takes

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 43:22
Size: 99,4 MB
Label: Triple Coil Music
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Angry Man - 4:05
 2. Could Have Lived - 4:22
 3. All It Takes - 7:33
 4. Crawling - 8:00
 5. Been Here Too Long - 5:16
 6. Bad News - 3:46
 7. Mind Your Own Business - 3:38
 8. Cyber Love - 2:55
 9. The Day - 3:43

The Blue Poets are a rapidly emerging new band from Hamburg, Germany with a well-executed 70s rock sound that has a strong blues influence. The group’s new album All It Takes greets the world September 13th, 2019 on the Triple Coil Music label. The record is a tight nine-song statement meant to speak to the Searching Generation and speak, it does. It uses a tough blues/rock sound to give meaningful insights into pain, longing, and current events and the reactions they provoke. The Blue Poets is a four-man crew led by virtuoso guitarist Marcus Deml who received the “Guitar Hero Award” from the magazine Guitar, and includes vocalist Gordon Grey, drummer Felix Dehmel, and bassist Phil Steen. Together, they make rock music that avoids the typical clichés, perfectly blends edge and melody, and has an obvious originality to it. Grey is a gruff and powerful singer who fits this music well and delivers excellent performances throughout All It Takes. Guitarist Deml is a unique and gifted player with a wonderful Strat/Marshall tone, compelling melodic ideas, and the wisdom needed to balance his considerable chops on top of memorable songs that move the crowd.

All It Takes

Pack Mule Project - Depth Of Field

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 50:20
Size: 116,2 MB
Label: Lustycrowmaidens
Styles: Blues/Chicago Style
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Change One Thing - 5:33
 2. Let Me Explain - 3:14
 3. Just The Way It Goes Sometimes - 5:16
 4. Close To You - 4:28
 5. Flying By The Seat Of My Pants - 4:03
 6. Walking By Myself - 3:07
 7. Walking The Dog - 3:54
 8. Checking On My Baby - 4:24
 9. Bo Desert Raga - 6:22
10. Rest When I'm Dead - 5:15
11. Change One Thing (Slight Return) - 4:41

Authentic, eclectic blues.

Depth Of Field

Marco Pandolfi - Ambrotype

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 34:24
Size: 79,7 MB
Label: Epops Music
Styles: Blues/Rotts/Harmmonica Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Lucky Man - 4:24
 2. Visionary Dream #1 - 2:40
 3. Over Your Shadow - 2:38
 4. Skipping The Line - 2:19
 5. U-Killa-Da-Chief - 4:08
 6. Green &  Blue - 3:23
 7. Sittin' On The Corner - 3:30
 8. Ain't Talking About Jesus - 2:56
 9. My Rose - 2:22
10. Nothing Can Go Wrong - 3:27
11. Over Your Shadow (Acoustic Version) - 2:34

Marco Pandolfi’s presence on the Italian Blues scene goes back more than twenty years. He has been playing in the most important events on the peninsula, winning the respect of the greatest Blues Musicians in Italy and abroad. His performances and his recordings have been reviewed by the most authoritative magazines such as: Il Blues, Blues Revue, Soul Bag, Blues Britain Magazine... His music is played on radio programs around the world (B.B. King’s Bluesville-XM radio USA, King Biscuit Time-Helena AK, WWOZ New Orleans, WEFT Radio-Champaign, Illinois and more).Twice at the INTERNATIONAL BLUES CHALLENGE in Memphis, TN (USA): in 2006 with his band Marco Pandolfi & the Jacknives (representing Roots and Blues Association of Parma) and in 2011 in the category solo/duo (representing MOJO STATION, Roma). He won the italian final for the EUROPEAN BLUES CHALLENGE  representing Italy on april 11&12 2014 in Riga (Latvia). Pandolfi has performed with many notable artists such as Richard Ray Farrell, Paul Oscher, Bob Margolin, Harvey Brooks, Preston Hubbard, Enrico Crivellaro, Bob Corritore, Willie King, Tom Walbank, Roberto Morbioli, David Lee Durham, Luca Giordano, Paul Cox, Mauro Ferrarese, King Edward, Maurizio Pugno, Bill Howl-N-Madd Perry, Mickey Rogers, Umberto Porcaro, Greg Izor, Nico Duportal, Roberto Luti, Abdell B Bop among others. Besides being a critically acclaimed harmonica player Marco is performing as a bandleader playing guitar and harmonica at the same time. Marco has also played in Europe and the United States in a variety of clubs, such as : The Rhythm Room, Phoenix AZ; Groundzero, Clarksdale MS and BB’s in Saint Louis MO, and has participated in important International Blues Festival: Freedom Creek Blues Festival-Alabama; Rosedale Blues Festival-Mississippi; DeltaBlues, Narcao Blues -Italy; Rapperswil, St. Gallen, Blues To Bop-Switzerland; Darlington Blues Festival-UK...). In 2008 He was the only European musician invited to the third Delta Groove All Star Blues Revue held at the Groundzero in Clarksdale, Mississippi and the special guest at the 2nd Rocky Mountain Harp Blowdown in Denver, Colorado (the previous year was the turn of Billy Branch and the following was R.J. Mischo). He was the international guest at the Way Of Blues Revue in Jackson, Mississippi. On February 2011, after an outstanding world-wide tour as Blues Harmonica solo player, Pandolfi returned to the International Blues Challenge in Memphis in the category solo/duo representing Mojo Station (Rome, Italy) surprising the Beale Street IBC goers with a stunning guitar, harmonica and voice repertoire in the purest Spirit of Low-Down Blues. February 2012; on the CD "Close The Bottle When You're Done" (2012) Marco sings, plays harmonica and guitar. In may-june 2012 He played Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Festival (California) with The Mannish Boys sharing the stage with James Cotton, Paul Oscher, Kim Wilson, Bob Corritore, Mud Morganfield, Bob Margolin, Junior Watson, Alex Schultz and more. He also played Chicago Blues Festival and Bentonia Blues Festival (Mississippi)


Jared Deck - Bully Pulpit

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 42:24
Size: 97,7 MB
Label: Must Have Music – Coast to Coast
Styles: Rock/Country Rock/Roots Rock/Electric Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. I Don't Know What You Come To Do - 2:33
 2. Money Back - 3:15
 3. Where I Fall - 4:18
 4. Make Your Mama Proud - 3:46
 5. Great American Breakdown - 3:07
 6. In The Name - 3:46
 7. Sometimes I Miss Being Lonely - 4:50
 8. Tulsa Sound - 4:57
 9. True Believer - 2:45
10. There's A Leak In This Old Building - 4:43
11. Over &  Over - 4:20

In that darkest and most foul of years, 2016, Jared Deck released his first album. Yes, even though the year featured a whole lot of death (including that of democracy and dignity), it was actually an excellent year for music, featuring some fantastic releases. Now Jared Deck has followed that self-titled debut album with Bully Pulpit, a disc that has so much soul, so much passion that it feels like a living, breathing entity bursting forth from your stereo to physically lift you up. What a powerful voice! And the material here is mostly original, written or co-written by Jared Deck. He has a lot of folks backing him on this album, including Clayton Roffey on electric guitar, Brandon Cink on bass and acoustic guitar, Isaac Stalling on slide guitar and rhythm guitar, Jim Robinson on piano and keyboard, Dan Walker on organ and piano, and Gabriel Pearson on drums. Chanda Graham and Myra Beasley provide vocals on most tracks.

Bully Pulpit

Bea B & The Axxmann - Born With The Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 35:40
Size: 82,4 MB
Label: M Mac Blue Records
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Hush Y'all - 5:42
 2. Born With The Blues - 4:41
 3. I Will Always Love You - 3:36
 4. Hole In The Floor - 4:51
 5. Flint City Blues (feat. The Axxmann) - 4:29
 6. Crying In My Sleep - 4:44
 7. New Pair Of Shoes - 4:27
 8. People Get Ready - 3:06

Soulful, Sexy Blues.

Born With The Blues

Izzo Blues Coalition - The Rocking Blues Covers

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 51:47
Size: 118,9 MB
Label: Tab Records Inc
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. The Sky is Crying - 4:40
 2. Crossroads - 5:11
 3. Little Wing - 5:03
 4. Sweet Home Chicago - 4:58
 5. Mustang Sally - 4:14
 6. Rock & Roll - 4:47
 7. Scuttle Buttin' - 3:33
 8. Red House - 7:38
 9. Going Down - 6:29
10. Riff Raff - 5:09

A fixture of the Canadian music industry throughout the past two decades, Tino Izzo’s songwriting and production work have garnered widespread praise both at home and abroad. A seasoned multi-instrumentalist and sought-after guitar player, Izzo has written and produced a string of #1 singles and been at the helm of gold and platinum-selling albums for a diverse range of artists. His debut instrumental guitar-based album Blue Desires was awarded with the Billboard Choice award upon its released in the early 90`s, and he has since gone on to release six critically acclaimed instrumental guitar-based records that have received praise from critics and fans alike.
Shifting gears in 2019, Izzo returns to his first love as a musician guitarist THE BLUES! Something he’s waited patiently his whole career to finally embark on, as he said, he wanted to to be “ripe” before doing this.  A sharp-edged blues project, dubbed the IZZO BLUES COALITION (IBC) was created. This dynamic three-piece ensemble delivers on a longstanding promise made between Izzo and his longtime right-hand man Bob Telaro to eventually record and tour in support of a bare-bones blues record, marking a return to the live circuit after a decade-spanning tenure behind the boards.
With Izzo’s seasoned, virtuosic guitar chops and trademark throaty vocal delivery backed by Telaro’s recognizably laid-back, heavy-hitting drum work, the album breaks new ground in the Blues Rock landscape. This unhinged collection of inspired blues recordings marries compositional intricacy with technical prowess, making for a streamlined, exhilarating listen that redefines Izzo as a latent blues rock visionary.

The Rocking Blues Covers

Sparky Parker - In the Dark

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 40:00
Size: 91,9 MB
Label: Self-Released
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. In the Dark - 4:05
 2. This Old Thing - 3:40
 3. 8 Days in the Doghouse - 3:36
 4. Games - 4:13
 5. Sleepy Town - 3:34
 6. Good Man - 4:01
 7. Treat a Dog - 5:04
 8. Dead Flowers - 4:29
 9. Escape to Quintana - 2:25
10. Shake Your Hips - 4:48

Blues-Rock music with soul-inspired vocals and soaring guitar solos straight from the heart of Texas.
Sparky Parker is a blues/rock/soul guitarist and vocalist from Houston, Texas with the grit, drive, and talent needed to stand tall in the eternally-competitive Texas music scene. Houston fans knew him as a young blues guitar prodigy but Parker has grown far beyond that kind of simple label. Parker is now a triple threat who writes quality songs, sings with a feeling, and plays with ferocity. His latest release with his power trio The Sparky Parker Band, In The Dark, will see daylight in the Fall of 2019 and those close to Parker feel that the record will break him to a larger, national audience.
Parker began playing professionally straight out of high school, cutting his teeth as a frontman with the rock band Bayou Monster and playing guitar in the blues band Mojofromopolis. He also joined the Houston rock band Funky Mustard, who he still plays with to this day. Parker went on to log road miles with Blues Music Award-winning artists Diunna Greenleaf and Vanessa Collier, playing important shows around the USA and Europe, including The Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise, The Blues Music Awards show, and The Chicago Blues Festival among dozens of other major music festivals.
Parker launched the Sparky Parker Band in 2012 with Kevin Berry (drums) and "Fender" Phil Lock (bass). The band is a high-energy outfit whose debut album, Live In Houston, was captured live in the band’s hometown at Dan Electro's Guitar Bar. The trio format lets Parker dig deeply into his influences, which include Jimi Hendrix, The Allman Brothers, Texas and Chicago Blues, Classic Soul, R&B, and Classic Rock. The band is amped up to take the seven originals and three covers from the new record to the people and knows what it has to offer is tested and true.
Parker has been compared to Gary Clark Jr, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Jonny Lang but creates intensely original music that never falls into the shadows of imitation. A shy and reserved person offstage, music has always been the best way for him to forge connections with other people. It’s how he tells his story and speaks his mind. That story will get a vital new chapter added onto it with the release of In The Dark and the road and the crowds will finish the tale. Anyone interested in where the blues is heading in the modern era should discover Sparky Parker today.

In the Dark

Braindogs - Real Live Brains(Celebration of Tom Waits)

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 74:09
Size: 170,5 MB
Label: XLNT Records
Styles: Tom Waits Сovers
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Goin' Out West -  5:14
 2. Shore Leave -  7:36
 3. Everybody's Talking At The Same Time -  4:33
 4. Underground -  2:38
 5. Jockey Full Of Bourbon -  5:18
 6. Dirt In The Ground -  4:52
 7. Heartattack And Vine -  4:24
 8. 16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought-Six -  5:49
 9. Yesterday Is Here -  4:06
10. 2:19 -  3:01
11. Raindogs -  5:53
12. The House Where Nobody Lives - 10:02
13. Union Square -  3:10
14. Downtown Train -  7:32

Ian Siegal (UK) - vocals, guitar
Ripoff Raskolnikov (A) - vocals, guitar
Mischa den Haring (Nl)- vocals, guitar
Livius Varga (HU) - vocals, percussions
Frenk (HU) - vocals, keyboards, drums
Szabolcs Nagy (HU) - piano
Laca Varga (HU) - bass

Je kan met recht zeggen dat Braindogs een Europese band is want de leden van de band komen uit Nederland, Engeland, Oostenrijk en Hongarije. En het is een gelegenheidsband. De gelegenheid is de 70ste verjaardag van Tom Waits en daarvoor kwamen Ian Siegal (zang, gitaar), Ripoff Raskolnikov (zang, gitaar), Mischa den Haring (gitaar, zang, bekend van T-99), Livius Varga (percussie), Frenk (zang, drums, keyboards), Szabolcs Nagy (piano) en Laca Varga (Bas) bij elkaar met de bedoeling om Waits muzikaal te eren.
En getuige dit in Boedapest live opgenomen album is dat een uitstekend eerbetoon geworden. Uiteraard staat het album vol met Waits composities maar deze worden niet zo maar klakkeloos nagespeeld want er wordt in de meeste gevallen ook een eigen draai aan gegeven. De nummers van Waits lijken mij sowieso niet zo geschikt om klakkeloos na te spelen!
Uiteraard opent het album met potten en pannen percussie in Goin’ Out West. Een dreigend dreunende cover met behoorlijk bluesy gitaarriffs en de zang van Ian Siegal, die akelig veel op de meester lijkt maar af en toe ook snerend als Captain Beefheart klinkt. Shore Leave klinkt bluesy en donker met jazzy piano en een ratelende gitaarsolo.
Eigenlijk is het ondoenlijk om de hoogtepunten uit dit album te pikken want de kwaliteit van de nummers is enorm hoog. Toch heb ik er een paar gevonden. Heartattack And Vine wordt gezongen door Mischa den Haring en klinkt als een haast funky, slepende blues met soulvol pompend orgel en knallende staccato gitaarriffs.
16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought-Six krijgt een bijtende bluesy versie met snijdende bluesgitaar van Mischa den Haring. De uitbundig swingende rocker 2-19 heeft een haast punky energie met smeulend hard gitaarwerk.
In The House Where Nobody Lives krijgt de band het voor elkaar om Waits soulvol te laten klinken. In deze intieme soulballad is Ian Siegal in topvorm! Daarna volgt de pompende rocker Union Square waarin de band The Bintangs wel lijken, en dat bedoel ik als compliment! In Jockey Full Of Bourbon klinken latin klanken, op de Tom Waits manier weliswaar, dus dat klinkt als zwaaien en zwieren over grof schuurpapier.
Dit album van de Braindogs is een zeer respectvol eerbetoon aan Tom Waits, gemaakt door een aantal grote Europese Tom Waits fans. Het lijkt mij dat dit toch het mooiste cadeau van Tom’s 70ste verjaardag is!

Real Live Brains(Celebration of Tom Waits)

понедельник, 16 сентября 2019 г.

Rita Clarke & Mystic Ya Ya - C'est La Vie

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 42:17
Size: 97,9 MB
Label: Mystic Records Sun Shyne Music
Styles: Blues/New Orleans Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Thinking of You - 2:50
 2. Teenage Wedding - 3:01
 3. Wagon Wheel - 3:55
 4. Blue Bayou - 3:59
 5. In the Pines - 3:38
 6. Life - 4:36
 7. Breakaway - 2:35
 8. Give It up or Let Me Go - 3:29
 9. I Hope You're the End of My Story - 2:56
10. Put a Little Love in Your Heart - 3:24
11. Tipitina - 3:31
12. Abide: Down by the Riverside - 4:17

Roots Rockin’ Rhythm Revue, Music for the Heart & Soul
Mystic Ya Ya is a true musical festival and revue of soul, pop, jazz, zydeco, boogie woogie and rock and roll all rounded into one live audio entertainment package. This musical performance group presents an exciting and modern blend of musical sounds, roots rock and current flavorful folk standards. This “Soulful Southern Charm” gives Mystic Ya Ya their attitude and lifestyle. The music of Mystic Ya Ya is inspired by some of the best and most prominent traditional New Orleans music legends along with the rich and diversified musical heritage of American roots rock & roll. So get up and dance, tap your feet and let the music move your spirit! Rita Clarke is “Queen of the Hits” and the charismatic charmer of Mystic Ya Ya with both her soulful vocals and guitar. Her long time partner RC and his funky drum set define that bayou rhythmic mood. Together with an integral accompaniment of both keyboards and guitar, Mystic Ya Ya establishes that quasi hoodoo ambiance that permeates the sound. Rita Clarke and her musical group create that divine musical spell that makes one get up and groove. Whether you listen or dance to this funky and soulful group, you know you are in for a good time. A real crowd pleaser that guarantees genuine bandstand entertainment every time. “Laissez les bons temps rouler”

C'est La Vie

Chantel McGregor - Bury'd Alive

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 68:01
Size: 156,4 MB
Label: Tis Rock Music
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Take the Power -  4:32
 2. Killing Time -  3:42
 3. Like No Other -  5:50
 4. Caught Out -  4:21
 5. Eternal Dream -  9:09
 6. Lose Control -  2:58
 7. Inconsolable - 12:46
 8. Your Fever -  4:44
 9. April -  8:18
10. Walk on Land -  6:08
11. Freefalling -  5:30

A popular blues and rock guitarist who regularly performs at The Apex, in Bury St Edmunds, has released a live album of her recent show there. Bradford-born Chantel McGregor’s Bury’d Alive album was recorded at her March gig and launched on September 7.
She said: “I’m excited how well it has been received by the fans and reviewers- it is just brilliant.”

Bury'd Alive

Jamie Krueger Group - Everything and Nothing

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 35:33
Size: 81,5 MB
Label: Self REleased
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Wrong Path - 3:34
 2. I Should've Said - 2:56
 3. Evil - 5:55
 4. There's Still Time - 3:26
 5. Nothing - 3:05
 6. Saturn Rising - 7:25
 7. Just Above the Bottom - 3:39
 8. Everything - 5:29

Jamie Krueger- Vocals, Guitar;
Bret Coats- Bass;
Tom Brechtlein- Drums;
Chad English- Backing Vocals.

Special Guest:
Chris Duarte- Guitar, appears courtesy of Mascot Records

High energy Texas blues rock.

Everything and Nothing