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понедельник, 21 марта 2016 г.

Dyrty Byrds - Failure Is Feedback

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 43:29
Size: 100,5 MB
Label: SR
Styles: Rock/Southern Rock/Blues Rock
Art: Front
Source: Net

Tracks Listing:
 1. It Won't Be Long - 4:09
 2. First One's Free - 3:58
 3. Redneck Twist - 4:04
 4. Going Out of Business - 4:28
 5. Caught in the Act - 4:48
 6. Montana - 4:08
 7. Punk Ass Bitch - 3:46
 8. State of Grace - 5:34
 9. We Got Time - 3:46
10. Drunken Poet's Dream - 4:42

Leaving a trail of burned up bars and sweat soaked guitars since 2009 the Dyrty Byrds have shown no mercy in their pursuit of original guitar driven rock and roll. Tori Pater, Eric Martinez, Mike “Spanky” McCluer, and Andrew Clapp are a four-piece rock band from Denver, CO that would fit as easily into the 1970’s classic/southern rock scene as they do in modern day American music.
Playing on their love of songwriting and rock & roll Tori Pater (Polytoxic) and Eric Martinez (Bloodkin) have been playing music together since 2004 and have eased into a prolific songwriting partnership which is deeply solidified on the new Dyrty Byrds release Failure is Feedback due out Feb. 2016. The vast majority of the new songs were born and flushed out in Tori’s basement with just he and Eric and a couple of acoustic guitars.
Seeing a few different formations after their 2009 debut, Dyrty Byrds have worn the tried and true rock & roll recipe of two guitars, bass, and drums as a badge of honor for the better part of their existence. Mike “Spanky” McCluer (Larry) and Andrew Clapp (Forever In Blue Jeans) on Bass and drums (respectively) bring a “freight train through the Rockies” type sound to the band that only Spanky and Andy can produce.
Failure Is Feedback is the Dyrty Byrds third release and second album done with Chad “Chadzilla” Johnson at Silent Scream Studios in Denver, CO. Failure touches on outlaw country, a little funk, and punk rock with steady doses of rock & roll through out the record. It takes you to a place where guitars rule, truth is paramount, and the bar is always open.

Failure Is Feedback

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