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четверг, 30 марта 2017 г.

Eric Culberson & The Erok Band - Blues Is My Religion

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1995
Time: 46:56
Size: 114,4 MB
Label: King Snake Records
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Blues Is My Religion - 3:46
 2. Someday, Baby - 4:18
 3. Morning Light Blues - 4:26
 4. Stray Minded Woman - 4:02
 5. I'm Gonna Lose You - 4:58
 6. Everybody's Talkin - 3:30
 7. Stray Bullet Blues - 3:49
 8. Ceiling Fan Blues - 3:15
 9. Funk To The City - 3:23
10. Spell Is Broken - 4:51
11. Dead Cat Luck - 1:35
12. Wrapped Up In Love Again - 4:59

Every once in a while a blues artist emerges from the deep south and bursts fully mature upon the national scene. Eric Culberson is one of those bluesmen. His style is unmistakably authentic, energetic, and blessed with sex appeal and charisma. He will be a breath of fresh air for the blues.
Eric hails from Savannah, Georgia, where he worked the usual small clubs. The resurrection of electric blues was apparent when demand for good music supported the creation of Savannah's first and best blues club, The Cross Roads. Eric and his band, The EROK band, were installed as the house band, and became an instant local phenomenon. Another Savannah native, agent, and club owner Tim Coy, recognized Eric's potential and got in touch with his friend Bob Greenlee, president of King Snake Records. One trip to King Snake studios in Sanford, Florida and Eric was signed and recording his first King Snake CD, " Blues is my Religion", released  1995.
The band has opened for or jammed with numerous recording artists, such as Jerry Portnoy, Carey Bell, (two of Muddy Waters' harp players), Johnny Winter, Buddy Guy, John Mayall, Tony Coleman ( B.B. King band) Jimmy Dawkins, Casey Jones (Albert Collins), Room Full Of Blues, Ted Nugent, J. Geils and Magic Dick, Eddie Kirkland, Johnny Clyde Copeland, Koko Taylor and Etta James.
"Blues is my Religion" the title song on Eric's CD, was used in the pilot episode of the TV show "Savannah". This is an Aaron Spelling and Warner Brothers production shown nationwide.
Music Choice Network chose eight songs off of "Blues is my Religion". This is a twenty- four hour commercial free digital music service available through cable TV and direct TV satellite, reaching over 2 million subscribers daily.
With the release of the CD , Eric Culberson and the Erok band are on their way to far broader recognition. They are appearing up and down the East coast, and seem poised to make the jump to stardom. And why not, combining spine-tingling guitar, soulful vocals and powerful original blues,
Eric Culberson is on his way!!!!!!

Blues Is My Religion

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