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Michael Osborn - A Case For The Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1993
Time: 49:14
Size: 113,4 MB
Label: Blue Rock'It
Styles: MEB
Art: Full

Tracks Listing
 1. T.S.Boogie - 4:06
 2. Lovesick - 4:16
 3. That's Right - 2:47
 4. Miniskirts And Make-Up - 3:45
 5. Bottleneck Blues - 3:50
 6. Spellbound - 4:35
 7. The Home Of The Homeless - 3:48
 8. Crazy Life - 5:47
 9. High Heels - 3:48
10. Foolin' With A Fool - 3:01
11. Nightmare Blues - 6:08
12. A Woman Never Forgets - 3:18

Mike Osborn is one of those rare musicians who study the masters but do not imitate them. Without really trying Michael very early on developed a style all his own. He spent a lot of years working with blues great John Lee Hooker (note that John Lee chose to appear on this release to support his friend)and while the time spent helped him to understand and "feel" the blues on a much deeper level, it did not change his approach to the guitar. Michael is also one of the more original song writers in the blues field these days. In a time where every other blues song has the same old tired words, Mike comes along with songs with lyrics that are fresh and often tell a story.  On this Cd, along wtih John Lee, Michael has the additional support of friends Charlie Musselwhite and Vala Cupp. It is fellow musicians who really know the talent that Mike has and who are more than happy to help get the word out. After all, Michael Osborn is, "A Case For The Blues."

A Case For The Blues

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