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Jay McShann - What A Wonderful World

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1999
Time: 48:00
Size: 110,0 MB
Label: Groove Note Records
Styles: Blues/Soul-Jazz
Art: Front+Back

Tracks Listing:
 1. Piney Brown  Blues - 4:33
 2. Cherry Red - 3:36
 3. Just For You - 7:05
 4. Gee Baby A´int I Good To You - 2:39
 5. Crazy Legs And Friday Strut - 5:16
 6. Rain Is Such A Lonesome Sound - 3:50
 7. Land Of Dreams - 4:57
 8. Lonely Boy Blues - 3:59
 9. Hot Biscuits - 4:32
10. Blue Monday - 3:05
11. What A Wonderful World - 4:23

Jazz & blues singer/pianist covers a wide range of material, from bluesy ballads like "Rain Is Such A Lonesome Sound," to instrumental covers of classics like "Land Of Dreams," to standards like "Until The Real Thing Comes Along"/ The Groove Note Records team of Joe Harley (producer), Mike Ross (engineer) and Ying Tan (executive producer) spent several days in Kansas City to record a dozen tunes with the legendary Kansas City bluesman Jay McShann. The album which is called What A Wonderful World was recorded over three days at the studios of Airborne Audio in Overland Park and featured several ace Kansas City musicians including Alaadeen Ahmad (tenor sax) and Sonny Kenner (guitar). Jay was in excellent form during the sessions and delivered memorably strong performances of classics like Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You, Blue Monday Piney Brown Blues, Rain Is Such A Lonesome Sound, as well as some other McShann originals. Jay also covered a couple of standards including a brilliant and moving rendition of What A Wonderful World and a great instrumental version of Land Of Dreams. The album was recorded live direct to 2-track and was mastered using Sony's new Direct Stream Digital (DSD) process by Bernie Grundman in Hollywood to produce an album of true audiophile quality sound and  will include  a version of Until The Real Thing Comes Along, a tribute by top Kansas City jazz vocalist Luqman Hamza to his old friend and colleague Jay McShann

What A Wonderful World

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