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American Blues Box - American Blues Box

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2006
Time: 44:38
Size: 102,3 MB
Label: Apocalypse Records
Styles: Blues Rock/Southern Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Mississippi Mud - 4:30
 2. Unconditional Love - 3:14
 3. Some Kind Of Wonderful - 4:42
 4. Whiskey & Water - 4:03
 5. Killing Time - 4:32
 6. When You Were Young - 2:31
 7. Red Hot Lover - 3:42
 8. Rattle My Bones - 3:56
 9. Biscuit Bakin Mama - 2:17
10. Half The Man - 3:24
11. Shake Your Tree - 3:44
12. I Can't Hold Out (Live) - 3:57

AMERICAN BLUES BOX American Blues Box, was formed in 2004 by front-man songwriter Derek Davis and drummer James Pacheco. Derek and James are original members of former Arista Recording artists Babylon A.D. Originating in the San Francisco Bay Area, American Blues Box combines hard rock and screaming blues much in the same style as early Aerosmith. With soulful vocals, colorful story telling, wailing bottle neck slide-guitar and blistering harmonica, the band has made an extremely impressive debut. On their new self titled 12 song CD. American Blues Box displays their talent on the super charged slide-guitar rockers “Mississippi Mud” and “Whiskey and Water”. They deliver the emotional goods on “Killing Time” and “When You Were Young”, and bring home a burning rendition of the classic “Some kind of Wonderful”. This first offering by American Blues Box proves the band has what it takes for a large and diverse audience. Derek and James’ early success began when their previous band Babylon A.D. signed to Arista Records in 1989. Discovered by legendary music mogul Clive Davis, the band recorded two critically acclaimed CDs, scored three number one songs at Metal radio and reached gold on their first release. Constant touring throughout the 1990s and MTV videos made them one of hard rock fans favorites. The band released two more CDs on Apocalypse Records: “Live in your Face” in 1999 and “American Blitzkrieg” in 2002, both well received by their fans. Since their inception two years ago American Blues Box has spent their time performing live, writing and recording. The new CD is a powerful testament to their creativity and originality and is certain to generate a lot of attention! The new CD is available at all music internet distributors as well as all digital down load sites. Check it out! AMERICAN BLUES BOX Derek Davis - Vocals, Slide Guitar, Songwriter. Kyle Bates - Lead Guitars. Eric Pacheco - Bass James Pacheco - Drums.

 American Blues Box

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