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Yungjohnn - Scatter In The Row

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2011
Time: 42:36
Size: 97,5 MB
Label: Self REleased
Styles: Memphis Blues/Adult Alternative Pop/Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Holy Design - 4:16
 2. Angels Reign - 2:55
 3. Oobe - 5:56
 4. Inside Job - 5:00
 5. I Move Alone - 3:38
 6. I Am - 4:33
 7. We Will Hea - 3:51
 8. The Farm - 5:48
 9. Hey Lade - 4:14
10. Drivin' - 2:19

“It would be simple if this were a black and white world.  However, nature shows us a world in which the brightest sunlight gradually turns into a lingering twilight—before shadows of darkness fall and then deepen—Unrushed, they slowly surrender to a new dawn with it’s subtle shades of filtered light—Wonder lights morning, birds sing and flowers open—Earth, once again revealed”
Holy Fusion! “Is it Illusion, or is it real—Will I wake up from this dream?”
Matt Tutor sings and plays guitar—Niko Lyras plays guitar and mixes—-Vickie, Valencia, and Jackie sing, and the “Scatter in the Row Boys” play!—-I write and sometimes sing (with a little help from my friends)
Recommended if You Like Leonard Cohen/

Scatter In The Row

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