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Pat McManus - In My Own Time

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2008
Time: 48:42
Size: 111,9 MB
Label: Bad Reputation
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Got The Right - 2:47
 2. Low Down Dirty Blues - 3:27
 3. Juggernaut - 2:55
 4. Same Old Story - 4:55
 5. Return Of Th G.Man - 4:26
 6. Back In The Saddle - 3:39
 7. Ordinary Man - 3:24
 8. Fool - 7:00
 9. Just Got Back Today - 3:46
10. Say Goodbye - 4:05
11. E.mail Blues - 3:07
12. Just For Shannon - 5:07

Pat McManus - Lead Vocals, Electric & Accoustic Guitars, Violin;
Paul McCann - Bass;
Mudd Wallace - Bass, Drum Programming, Backing Vocals;
Sean O'Reilly - Drums;
Maura Wallace - Backing Vocals.

Pat McManus is a Northern Ireland born and based, blues/rock guitarist – now why would this might organ of Celtic-punk be doing a review of a blues rock artist? Well without Pat there may never have been a Shite’n’Onions – his 80’s metal power three-o – Mama’s Boys – he formed with his brothers was the first band I ever heard combine hard rockin’ music with Irish trad., (I’m too young for Horslips and Black Rose era Thin Lizzy) and not only was Pat lead guitarist he was also a former all-Ireland fiddle champion (a certain Dave King was lead vocalist of Mama’s Boys for a short period). After the demise of Mamas Boys in the early 90’s (due to the tragic death of youngest brother Tommy), Pat along with other brother John dove into Celtic music with the new age sounding Celtus. Pat ultimately moved back to Ireland from London where he had been based for many years and got back to his guitar roots – ‘In My Own Time’ is the result. ‘In My Own Time’ is slick blues rock that shouts out to American blues icons like Stevie Ray, ZZ Top and Robert Cray – but especially to the Irish master of all blues players, Rory Gallagher (“Return of the G Man” is a heart felt tribute to the might Rory). For me it’s great to hear Pat still doing his own thing and producing great music and that he’s still such a great player (he even breaks out the fiddle – though country not trad., this time).

In My Own Time

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