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Totta & Hot'n' Tots (featuring Spencer Bohren) - Totta & Hot'n' Tots (featuring Spencer Bohren)

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1989
Time: 54:28
Size: 125,2 MB
Label: Public Road Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Front + Back

Tracks Listing:
 1. Ain't Going Home - 3:28
 2. Disappearing Nightly - 3:27
 3. Deepest Thoughts - 4:31
 4. Between The Lines - 4:16
 5. Sweet Southern - 3:09
 6. Like A Miner Loves Gold - 3:15
 7. Nothing Was Delivered - 4:41
 8. Witch Doctor - 3:04
 9. Skin A Cat - 4:11
10. Must Be Love - 3:13
11. Everybody Needs Love - 3:54
12. Clap Your Hands - 2:54
13. Slow By Slow - 4:44
14. Fire Burns - 3:26
15. Thief Of The Night - 2:08

Totta Näslund - vocals;
Bengt "Bengan" Blomgren - guitar;
Bernt Andersson - keyboards, harp, vocals;
Nikke Ström - bass;
Olle Niklasson - saxophone;
Spencer Bohren - guitar, vocals;
Colin Allen - drums.

Thorsten Naslund, aka Totta, has been the lead singer in an excellent Swedish Blues Rock band since 1970. The band led the way for a Scandinavian Blues scene, and had made several records of classic and obscure American Blues songs by the time Spencer Bohren met them at a Blues Festival in Florida in 1983. Totta’s Bluesband was a major factor in spreading Spencer’s music to audiences in Europe, and this record is a direct result of cherished friendships and musical camaraderie.
Most of the songs were written by Spencer, but the recording sessions took place in Goteborg, Sweden in during the summer of 1989. The album made the Swedish Top 40, and yielded two popular radio hits in the fall of the same year. This record may still be available in Sweden or Norway, but it has never been released in the USA. Amazingly, the album contains songs by Rolling Stone Ron Wood and John Fogerty, neither of which are recorded by the artists themselves.

Totta & Hot'n' Tots (featuring Spencer Bohren)

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