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Karen Tyler - All Shades of Blue

Bitrate: 192K/s
Year: 2003
Time: 47:04
Size: 68,3 MB
Label: Rocket Group Pty LTD
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Starvation Box Blue - 3:54
 2. True Love - 2:53
 3. Hen House Boogie - 4:11
 4. All Shades of Blue - 3:20
 5. Tehachapi Bound - 3:43
 6. I'm Not Afraid - 3:02
 7. New Thing - 2:38
 8. Whatcha Gonna Do For Love - 3:29
 9. Sing Me Up An Angel - 3:22
10. Lovin' You - 3:49
11. Crown of Jewels - 3:21
12. 3rd Avenue - 4:13
13. Lemon's Shoes - 5:02

Over the years Tyler has seen a good deal of success playing as an acoustic solo and acoustic duo with her husband / bass player / lap steel player Fred Murray. Having moved from Texas to central California in 1998, Tyler formed the Karen Tyler Band featuring Fred Murray on bass, brother David Murray on lead and rhythm guitar and Greg Barnes on drums. Tyler writes the songs for the band and plays both lead and rhythm guitar in addition to providing some very sultry and dynamic vocals. The big news these days is the band’s first place win in the Monterey Bay Blues Festival's Battle of the Bands. Having competed with 150 of the best blues bands in California, the Karen Tyler Band's first place honor set's the group on a clear path to the top. Add this honor to Tyler's two year reign as the "#1 Blues Artist" by popular vote at WorldMusicCharts.com and her 6th place award for "Best Acoustic Blues Artist" in the 1998 Delta Snake Blues News Reader's Poll, and you've got proof positive that Tyler and band are worth a listen. The Karen Tyler Band will be releasing their "All Shades of Blue" CD in June 2003 at the Monterey Bay Blues Festival. The CD will not only be a representation of the different blues styles that formed Karen's songwriting and performing style, but will feature duo acoustic and electric band productions. This is a comprehensive view of Karen Tyler's talent and style, an introduction to the Karen Tyler Band and it's sure to please the die-hard Karen Tyler fan as well as newcomers to Camp Karen.

All Shades of Blue

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