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суббота, 25 апреля 2015 г.

Black Orange - Forgotten Antics

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2013
Time: 46:53
Size: 108,4 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Heavy Hard Rock Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Woman - 3:59
 2. Backseat - 7:15
 3. Country Song - 3:50
 4. Renovator - 3:54
 5. Standing Outside - 7:24
 6. Killed The Countryside - 4:27
 7. Bird - 4:15
 8. Ticket Out - 6:16
 9. Motion Sickness - 2:38
10. Boxed Up - 2:53

Tommi Antoniou - drums
Ben Brocklesby - vocals & harmonica
Joe Fulco - guitars, keys & backing vocals
John Kunz - bass & backing vocals

We'll go ahead and save the very best for last in this edition. Black Orange utterly blew my mind on first listen, and every time I push play. Since its discovery the last week of March I have played this album more than any single album so far this year. It was released in 2013 but seems to have gotten a boost this spring by fellow campers who all seem to agree. Here are the stupid words I said when at the time the only supporters were Paul Rote and Mushroom Mike. Two prolific fans that we all seem to agree on music with. " Not only did Mike and Paul Rote both buy this, Paul had me with his description where he mentions Country, fish and stoner in the same sentence. This is awesome! Orange is the new Black is a cool show, but Black Orange is even cooler. Don't forget that antic." Doesn't make a lot of sense, but at the time it felt right. I was just overly excited. This is another one at that special price that you absolutely cannot afford not to download and play to death. So now that the flowers have bloomed and the weather has frozen over and killed the budding plants and shattered the early overachiever yardwork addict's irrigation pipes, the music plays on unharmed. No matter the season the spring time is now, and daylight savings means more listening time before the sun sets. See you next time.And don't be afraid to chime in and tell us your best discoveries in the comment section below.


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