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среда, 18 марта 2020 г.

Pinkie Rideau - Bring Me Sugar

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2020
Time: 60:02
Size: 137,7 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Classic Female Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Bring Me Sugar - 4:33
 2. Blues for Sale - 4:57
 3. New Old Man - 2:23
 4. Chin Up - 4:31
 5. I Want My Baby Back - 5:05
 6. I'm Gonna Love You - 2:55
 7. I Guess I'm Singin' the Blues - 2:39
 8. If the Shoe Fits - 4:02
 9. Let Go - 4:36
10. Mercaaaay - 4:03
11. I'm on the Outside - 3:04
12. I Hear Ya' Walkin" - 3:29
13. Mr. Right - 3:42
14. Ragtime Daddy - 3:05
15. Ain't That the Way - 3:08
16. Forgetful - 3:42

Since my health has changed drastically, my band had to change, too. No more heavy bass rig and no more kick drum. Having a bad reaction to vibrations make a huge difference in the sound. Fortunately for me - I have wonderful band mates who understand.
Ron Cook is brilliant on lead guitar, Brad Evans is nominated for The California Music Hall of Fame on his keyboard use, TJ Furtado has been playing bass in the Sacramento area for over 20 years and Zane Toberer on the cajon drum brings us all together. My vocals aren't what they used to be, many people say I sound better than ever! LOL Ron and I had a trip to Memphis in 2008 which started our friendship back in the day. Through the years I've performed with all of these gents and now I get to present them all together. They are fabulous and make me sound golden! I can remember this sound in my dad's country feeling LPs and his Zydeco songs. I hope you enjoy this music as much as we did making it!
Love, Pinkie Rideau

Bring Me Sugar

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