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пятница, 12 мая 2017 г.

Micki Free - Tattoo Burn-Redux

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2017
Time: 52:19
Size: 120,3 MB
Label: Mysterium Blues Records
Styles: Blues/Soul Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. God Is on the Phone (feat. Howard Hewett) - 3:57
 2. Tattoo Burn - 4:03
 3. Greens & Barbeque - 3:53
 4. Six Feet Down in the Blues - 4:42
 5. Mojo Black Coffee - 4:02
 6. Co-Co-Gin - 3:57
 7. There's a Hole in the Heart of the Blues - 5:32
 8. Angels in the Room - 5:01
 9. Hey Baby (The New Rising Sun) [Remix] - 6:25
10. Five Minutes 'Til Christmas - 4:50
11. Sometimes in Winter - 5:51

MICKI FREE `TATTOO BURN`-REDUX Including the smash hits; Co-Co Gin , Sometimes In Winter & God Is On The Phone ; Micki s duet with legendary vocalist Howard Hewett of Shalamar! WRITTEN, PRODUCED, ARRANGED AND PERFORMED BY MICKI FREE *(Unless Otherwise Noted) Micki Free: Lead, Slide and Rhythm Guitars, Lead Vocals Howard Hewett: Lead vocal duet and background vocals on God Is On The Phone Drums: Cindy Blackman-Santana, David Hawk Lopez Bass: Bill Wyman, Jack Dailey, Kenny Gradney, David Santos and Micki Free Hammond Organ: Mark Muggy Doo Leach & Brother Paul Brown Fender Rhodes: Mark Muggy Doo Leach Harmonica: Randy Singer Photography: Marie Gregorio Ovedio, Debra Donavan Background Vocals: Shea, Wendy Moten, Trish Bowden, Howard Hewett & Micki Free God Is On The Phone , Recorder, Mixed and Mastered in LA CA. @ Dennis Moody Studio. Recorded & Mixed in Nashville TN. by George My King Tutko @ Quad Studios, Blackbird Studios / Recorded @ Cutting Cane Studio FL., Additional Recording/Engineering Sometimes In Winter Dave Bowden and Shane Moore @ AMP Production Studios Mc Sherrystown, PA `Tattoo Burn-Redux`: Re-Mixed and Mastered by Dennis Moody PR, Marketing & Promotions, Betsie Brown for Blind Raccoon Micki s custom line of Stars & Skulls Jewelry exclusively by Rick Hernandez for Jerome s Jewelry, Jerome AZ., Art Design Martin Friedman. This CD is dedicated to my mother Delores Marie...and her glorious Greens & Barbeque. Associate Producer Trish Bowden Mysterium Blues Records DISTRIBUTED BY: DARK IDOL MUSIC 2017 ALL SONGS DARK IDOL MUSIC BMI 2017 / *Excepted where noted; written by Jimi Hendrix, published by Experience Hendrix LLC, used by Permission all rights reserved. Special-Thanks: TO GOD!!!...Trish Bowden, Talon Lee & Britt Free, my sister Karen Kay for her endless love and support!...Marie; your endless spot on photographs of me are legendary!!!...you always make me look good baby...thank you and endless love!! Howard Hewett, Prince, Charlie Murphy, Dave Chappelle, my Santana family: Carlos Santana, Cindy Blackman-Santana, Billy Gibbons, thanks for the Red Billy Bo!...Shea, Betsie Brown @ Blind Raccoon, Rick & Karen Hernandez, Tamara & Lola Montana, Gary Clark Jr., Kris Krishna, Michael Weed, Zack & Antone s Night Club Austin TX baby!, Kenny Gradney, Brother Paul & April Brown (rest in peace sister), George Tutko...angels soar above you brother, you are never forgotten in my heart...Dewayne & Crystal Shawanda, Sammy Sanchez, David Hawk Lopez drummer extraordinaire!...Dennis Moody, Meryl & Dawn at Typestyles FL...Molly Bedell and Two Old Hippies Nashville TN, Greg Magnus, Manuel and Morelia Nashville TN, Loren @ Black Star Amps...Sin of Ministry and ALL my fans worldwide baby!... MF words of wisdom: `If You Love Something, Set It FREE` " THE MAN, MICKI FREE IS A MULTI-TALENTED MAKER OF MAD MACHINATIONS IN A MOST MESMERIZING MANNER. MERCY!! GIT IT ON , MICKI..."- THE REV. BILLY F. GIBBONS, ZZTOP Micki Free is a Grammy award winning artist and 5 time Native American Music Award winner.

Tattoo Burn-Redux

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