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вторник, 11 февраля 2020 г.

Jeffrey David - Loud & Proud

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2020
Time: 30:55
Size: 71,1 MB
Label: Oms Entertainment
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Loud & Proud - 3:47
 2. Things Look Up (When You're This Far Down) - 4:28
 3. Sure Got Cold - 3:42
 4. Hate You With All My Heart - 3:57
 5. Wood Grain Angel - 3:18
 6. Down & Out & Blue - 4:20
 7. In This Life - 4:23
 8. Six String Fling - 2:57

Hard & heavy blues-rock solo album from Jeffrey David's BLUES CONNECTION guitarist / vocalist JD.
Hard & heavy blues-rock on this debut solo release from Jeffrey David's BLUES CONNECTION guitars/vocalist JD. Fittingly titled LOUD & PROUD, like the title track lyrics state: I play how I feel, you can tell by my sound, I won't compromise 'cause I'm loud and proud - that's JD. Super-heavy blues-rock - Gibsons, Marshalls, and some screaming wah all pushed to the max. After 2 albums with JDBC, JD drops this solo bomb on us and is joined by Bo Keijmel (BASS) and Danny James (DRUMS). Eight tracks of powerful blues-rock including the instrumental, Six String Fling, featuring some killer HARP by Rick LaBonte. Blues, rock, metal... whatever your poison, you won't want this release missing from your album collection. If it's possible to wear out mp3's... this just might be the album that'll do it.

Loud & Proud

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