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пятница, 14 февраля 2020 г.

Ron Addison - Testify

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2020
Time: 33:37
Size: 77,8 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Long Ago Another Time - 2:58
 2. No Damn Good - 5:02
 3. Testify - 3:08
 4. Chocolate Cherry Pie - 3:58
 5. Keep Loving Me - 2:40
 6. Never Gave Up Loving You - 2:27
 7. Crayons In Heaven - 4:09
 8. Long Way Down - 4:18
 9. Together Not Alone - 1:59
10. Oyster Man - 2:53

The new CD is coming out Friday and  listen to "Keep Lovin Me" and "Long Ago Another Time". I believe you will like the other artist in my playlist as well.
From the long arm of the law to the outstretched arms of the blues, Ron Addison has come around full circle and released his debut CD, Testify.  Ron  personifies rhythm and blues with his soulful and rocking lead singing.  After a career in the military as a helicopter pilot and a second career as a Virginia State Trooper, Addison returned to his first love, music.  Growing up on country music, as a teenager he also started loving the blues and rock and roll.  Ron played and sang while in the military and then, when he was in the State Police, had a trio with his brothers. The music became full time after he retired and is truly a labor of love.  His music is tight and loose in all the right places, and shows a precision and maturity some artists take a lifetime of recording to achieve. Testify isn't just a powerful debut, it's a testimonial to perseverance.
The TomCats are a band that will remind you why you love music or introduce you to a whole new heartfelt world in music.  This Southwest Virginia based band plays blues and rock  to make your feet dance and your heart ready to burst with emotions.  Many influences set the groundwork from a blend of professional musical abilities and personalities.


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