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Xpress - Brothers From Other Mothers

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2012
Time: 45:37
Size: 104,6 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Harmonica Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. You Can't Spend Your Money in Hell - 3:46
 2. You Only Want to Dance Alone - 3:22
 3. Ballad of Bernie Madoff - 4:13
 4. Long Tone Blues - 2:31
 5. Only for the Memories - 3:57
 6. Taxman (Taxation Blues) - 4:17
 7. Mean Mistreater (No Right to Sing the Blues) - 4:26
 8. Trouble With a "T" - 5:06
 9. 12 Bar Blues - 3:47
10. Medley: Down from Baltimore / Mystery Train - 6:08
11. It's Easy to Keep Going - 1:43
12. Hello Out There - 2:16

Harmonica Blu - vocals and blues harp;
Dave Myre - guitar;
James Cookie Cooke - bass guitar;
Randy Pittman - drums.

Harmonica-driven original blues in a variety of styles plus excellent vocals, guitar, bass, drums.
XPRESS is a blues-based band that has been playing around Maryland, USA since 2010. We went into the studio in February, 2012 and then twice more to complete this, our first CD. There were also two long mixdown sessions. It takes a lot to get these things right. But there is minimal studio wizadry. We recorded every song "live" and there is only one place where some backup vocals are dubbed in. We are very proud of our first-time-out CD.
Harmonica Blu has been playing blues harp for well over 40 years. Here he shows his chops on amplified and acoustic harmonica, bringing the listener a variety of sounds, styles, and approaches to music on the humble Mississippi Saxophone. He is also the band's primary vocalist and his singing is featured on all cuts except for the two intrumentals, Long Tone Blues and Hello Out There.
Dave Myre is the stellar guitarist for XPRESS. He has great chops and can sure catch fire live, but he's pretty subtle on most of the cuts here. His solos are tasty and always have a very nice structure - he never just shows flashy stuff. He also does great rhythm work behind the vocals and harp solos.
James "Cookie" Cooke is one of the most highly esteemed bassists in the Metro DC area. He's a very busy guy who plays in several jazz and blues bands. His rhythmic pocket is deep, his fingering is clean, and he coaxes deep and clear sounds out of his Fender basses. He drives this band like the engine on an ocean liner.
Randy Pittman on drums shows here that he doesn't just give the beat, he listens to the solos and the lyrics and works closely with everyone in the band. Check out the little cymbal splashes in You Can't Spend Your Money in Hell and how he handles the high speed rhythm of Mystery Train. This is a drummer who knows how to lock with the bass and it glues everything together.

Brothers From Other Mothers

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