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Gwyn Ashton - Feel The Heat

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1993
Time: 46:01
Size: 105,7 MB
Label: UPbeat Records
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Loaded 6 Shooter - 3:38
 2. Ain't Got Time For That Stuff - 3:49
 3. Trouble's Knockin' At Your Door - 4:33
 4. Wastin' My Time - 5:21
 5. Bad Luck Blues - 2:55
 6. Too Late - 4:12
 7. Someone Like You - 5:48
 8. Just A Little Bit - 4:14
 9. Take Me Back Home - 2:11
10. Wanted Man - 5:04
11. We'll Find A Way - 4:10

Gwyn Ashton was born in Wales and grew up in Adelaide, South Australia. His guitar playing was first inspired by musicians from the Australian scene, such as Chris Finnen, Kevin Borich and Ian Moss, along with favourites Chuck Berry, and Hank Marvin. In 1985, Gwyn moved to Sydney joining John Swan's band Swanee, and by 1986 he had teamed up with ex-Easybeats vocalist Stevie Wright and members of Jimmy Barnes's band. Malcom Young's nephew James played drums with Gwyn for a time and introduced him to Mal, who came to a few of Gwyn's gigs before resuming his tour dates with AC/DC. Gwyn spent most of the Eighties playing in almost every bar in Australia impressing many international musicians, including Mick Fleetwood, who sat in with Gwyn's band one late night in Adelaide.
Gwyn Ashton delivers a powerful yet bluesy Rock, with country and jazz influences. His guitar playing varies from the wild to the colourful or gentle, and offers a fantastic and diverse range of melodies. Each of his notes come alive with an uncommon touch, which mixes Blues techniques, sheer power and musical tradition from his country of origin. Gwyn Ashton, 38, displays his experience in his debut album, "Feel the Heat". This guitar virtuoso is one of the most promising talents of the new "classic" Rock scene, succeeding Albert Lee, Jimmy Page and Rory Gallagher. His power trio has opened in Australia for Rory Gallagher, Junior Wells, Steve Morse and Albert Lee and in Europe for Buddy Guy, Peter Green, and many others.

Feel The Heat

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