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пятница, 19 марта 2021 г.

Mike Bloomfield - Live At The Old Waldorf

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1998
Time: 47:17 
Size: 108,4 MB 
Label: Columbia / Legacy
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Full 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Blues Medley: Sweet Little Angel / Jelly Kelly - 7:44
 2. Feel So Bad - 4:27
 3. Bad Luck Baby - 5:53
 4. The Sky Is Cryin' - 5:24
 5. Dancin' Fool - 3:49
 6. Buried Alive in ihe Blues - 4:56
 7. Farther Up the Road - 3:17
 8. Your Friends - 7:19
 9. Bye, Bye - 4:26

If you've never really experienced Mike Bloomfield just letting loose and playing ripping and inspired guitar, this is a darn good starting point. Recorded live in 1976 and 1977 by producer Norman Dayron at the Old Waldorf nightclub on Bloomfield's home turf in San Francisco with a hand-picked band, the results are startling to say the least. Bloomfield plays with assurance and authority throughout, exploring new ideas with each new chorus from his guitar, arguably at his best since his early Butterfield/Dylan days. He plays a lot of slide guitar here, too, and tracks like "Bad Luck Baby," "The Sky Is Crying," "Dancin' Fool," and "Buried Alive in the Blues" showcase his mighty talents with the bottleneck, taking the lessons learned firsthand from Robert Nighthawk to places new and wild. Bloomfield was never much of a singer, and everybody from old pal Nick Gravenites to bassist Roger Troy to drummer Bob Jones ends up handling all the vocals on this disc. But one listen to the "Blues Medley" that kicks off the proceedings is reason enough to know why Bloomfield's reputation on his chosen instrument ranks up there with the greats. Consider this disc validation of that rep

Christian Collin - Spirit Of The Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2015
Time: 46:05 
Size: 105,7 MB 
Label: C-Train Records
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. One And Only - 3:26
 2. Player's Game - 3:29
 3. A Woman Like You - 4:15
 4. Dance The Blues Away - 3:22
 5. Without You - 4:43
 6. Spirit Of The Blues - 4:27
 7. Highway Song - 2:25
 8. Blues For You - 3:52
 9. Dead Man Walking - 3:47
10. Old 109 - 3:45
11. The River (Unplugged) - 3:55
12. Forever Friends - 4:33

From the infamous crossroads buried deep in Mississippi to singers like Lightnin’ Hopkins, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Muddy Waters, the blues genre has collected a ton of icons in its time and turned most into legends. Howlin’ Wolf was a man like any other, with a life to lead and a need to somehow make his time on Earth matter. Every blues musician known by name today was and is the same. What makes them different are the fingerprints each left on the genre, bequeathed for future devotees to study. On his second solo album Spirit of the Blues, out July 10, blues guitarist, singer and songwriter Christian Collin pays tribute to the voices that sang before him.  Collin began playing guitar as a teenager. After spending years on the road and fronting the blues band Molasses, the Chicago-based musician embarked on his first solo project American Art, which was released in 2012. On Spirit of the Blues, Collin comes into his own, producing a slick combination of dance-ready tunes (“One and Only,” “Dance the Blues Away”) with stricken songs about relationships threatened (“Without You,” “A Woman Like You”). Though some of his lyrics fall short (the cliché “Cross my heart now, baby / hope to die” in “One and Only” and recommendation to “score some tail” in “Player’s Game” incite quick eye rolls), the album as a whole reveals an artist with a good handle on the technical and thematic aspects of the blues. The album is fun and real, but tracks like “Dead Man Walking” and “The River (Unplugged)” show that Collin identifies with the genre’s serious side (the same side that dives past a person’s emotional surface into the nitty-gritty struggles of life at its hardest) and finds ways to weave it into his own writing. When the last chord of the 12th and final track “Forever Friends” fades, “Spirit of the Blues” comes away as the album’s strongest song. Its lyrical content and strong delivery bring Collin’s musical influences to light as he references artists that touched the blues before his time and builds a legend of his own through his retelling. “Forever Friends” reinforces the album’s theme of continuity as Collin sings of holding on to memories despite the persistence of time, a fitting way to close the album. Spirit of the Blues is a lens through which listeners can understand the blues the way Collin does. His interpretation isn’t all-inclusive – how could it be? – but it’s an honest example of the way one style of music can fuel an artist’s way of life. (https://bluesrockreview.com/2015/06/christian-collin-spirit-of-the-blues-review.html)

Zed Mitchell - Route 69

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2021
Time: 51:37 
Size: 118,2 MB 
Label: Timezone Records
Styles: Blues/Modern Electric Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. By Sundown You'll Be Gone - 3:32
 2. I Like To Drive - 3:30
 3. I’m Still Waiting (I See, You See) - 4:29
 4. The Girl That Broke Your Heart - 4:16
 5. Freedom Trail - 5:08
 6. From My Dreams - 4:16
 7. Midnight Melody - 4:53
 8. Is This Life - 4:23
 9. Blue In Your Eyes - 4:20
10. Life Will Always Find You - 4:15
11. I Don't Know - 3:59
12. Fake - 4:30

German guitarist Zed Mitchell returns with a new solo record that will rejoice all fans of his laid back blues-rock style. Louder Than War’s Craig Chaligné reviews. After numerous years playing as a studio and touring musician, Zed Mitchell has been concentrating on his solo output for the past fifteen years releasing eight albums. Recorded over the past year at his own Funk Studio in Berlin, it sees our host plough his furrow of languid blues-rock with gusto. Opening number, By Sundown You’ll Be Gone (one of the four tracks featuring lyrics by Pete Feenstra), has a definite Dire Straits vibe due in no part to Zed’s vocals that are a dead ringer for Mark Knopfler, a solid groove that proves to be a great way to open the record. The catchy I Like To Drive proves to be one of the album’s most memorable numbers with a slight Chris Rea vibe. A more reflective side is displayed on I’m Still Waiting and The Girl That Broke Your Heart while the gentle Freedom Trail, with its tasteful guitar parts and great lyrics, leaves a lasting impression. Things mellow down on From My Dreams and the jazzy Midnight Melody. Is This Life and Blue In Your Eyes aren’t as memorable but things pick up again with the groovy Life Will Always Find You and the memorable solo on I Don’t Know. Fake and its revolving bass line closes off the album in fine style. A carefully crafted record by a fine musician.

Daddy Mack Blues Band - Blues Central

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2014
Time: 49:19 
Size: 113,8 MB 
Label: Inside Sounds
Styles: Blues/Electric Chicago Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Blues Doctor - 4:12
 2. Hard On Me - 3:27
 3. Doorman - 2:46
 4. Daily Blues - 4:05
 5. On The Rebound - 3:46
 6. Memphis Gives Me The Blues - 2:53
 7. Almost Left You - 5:49
 8. Finish What You Started - 5:08
 9. Sensational Sally - 3:24
10. Sharp Dressed Daddy - 3:05
11. Watermelon Man - 4:16
12. Everybody Have Fun - 3:31
13. Lonesome Train Blues - 2:51

Mack Orr was the owner of a Memphis auto repair shop when, at age 45, he decided to take up the guitar and embark on a musical career. Now, with his transition validated by a series of Inside Sounds CDs, a biographical DVD, and even a feature in AARP magazine, he stands tall at the forefront of the city s blues scene.
On this latest release, his sixth, Orr and long-time associates Joe Bonner on guitar and brother Harold on bass are joined by Fast Eddie Lester on drums and a host of guest artists who make spot-on contributions. In addition to Bobby Rush s organist Paul Brown, they include Ori Naftaly on guitar, Eric Hughes on harmonica , and Matt Isbell on both, as well as a horn section led by Carl Wolfe and a vocal group that appear on several tracks. Co-producer Eddie Dattel had a hand in all 13 songs on offer there are no covers this time out and they are a solid bunch, from the pulsing opener Blues Doctor through the downhome Lonesome Train Blues that closes the set. In between, we get variety, from a jazzy strut on Sharp-Dressed Daddy to the aptly titled Everybody Have Fun, but the meat of the program is found on such down-and-dirty fare as Daily Blues, Almost Left You, and Watermelon Man (not the Herbie Hancock classic, but a Z.Z. Hill inspired slow drag).
With its unwavering devotion to hard-core, no-nonsense blues, the Daddy Mack Blues Band is a worthy heir to such predecessors as the Fieldstones and Hollywood All-Stars, and this album is a strong addition to their catalog. --Blues Central, written by Jim DeKoster
I ve been following the Daddy Mack Blues Band for over a decade now, and I think Blues Central (Inside Sounds) may be their best release yet. Even though Mack Orr s basic attack has changed very little since his debut in the early 2000 s (Fix It When I Can), straight-ahead greasy, funky Memphis-styled blues, and there have been enough subtle changes with each subsequent release that the band continues to maintain a fresh and invigorating sound. Over time, Orr and producer Eddie Dattel have gradually added appropriate musical layers, such as horns, background singers, keyboards, harmonica, and have even branched out from the band s meat and potatoes sound to incorporate traces of other musical styles. Orr and the Bonner brothers (James rhythm guitar, Harold bass) forge on like they ve been doing this for years, and they have, and are joined on this release by Fast Eddie Lester on drums, along with an impressive list of guest stars, including Matt Isbell, Ori Naftaly, and Eric Hughes, among others, along with a horn section led by Carl Wolfe, background singers, and keyboards from Paul Brown. Orr and/or Dattel wrote all thirteen of the tracks, and there s plenty of the band s trademark funky blues on tunes like Watermelon Man, Blues Doctor, Almost Left You, and the topical Daily Blues. However, there are also a few twists this time around, such as Sharp Dressed Daddy, which has a jazzy backdrop, Everybody Have Fun, featuring the background singers, and the country bluesified closer, Lonesome Train Blues. You know what you re getting when you plug a Daddy Mack Blues Band CD in, but Orr and Dattel are working hard to keep things fresh and vital with that great Memphis blues sound and they definitely succeed in doing so with Blues Central, their best release yet. -- Blues Central Review, written by Graham Clarke for Blues Bytes

Little Bob Blues Bastards - We Need Hope

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2021
Time: 39:25 
Size: 90,6 MB 
Label: Verycords
Styles: Rock/Blues Rock
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. We Need Hope - 3:03
 2. I Was a Kid - 2:13
 3. Ready to Fly - 3:44
 4. Long Legs - 2:39
 5. Looking for Guy-Georges - 2:33
 6. Bella Ciao - 2:14
 7. You Can't Come Back - 4:13
 8. Il Bello Della Vita - 2:04
 9. Walls And Barbed Wires - 3:36
10. Made for Me - 2:30
11. Natural Born Boogie - 3:36
12. Where Have All the Good Times Gone - 2:41
13. Freedom - 4:14

When your name is LITTLE BOB, after 45 years of career, 23 records on the clock, and thousands of concerts, you don't go back to the studio just to record a new record….
No, you do it because you feel the need, that you feel an artistic urgency, to write and compose pieces which put in music and in words what you have on the heart!
And Little Bob has a lot on his heart, since the disappearance of "his" Mimie, his wife, his muse, his partner, his soul mate. He swore to him to keep going, so he clenches his fists and comes back with his only reason for living: rock'n roll!
This new record is a cry of hope, that of a man who has lost the love of his life, but screams his love of life. His songs are doors open to revolt, love, struggle, friendship ... They wake us up and shake us in the midst of a health crisis, all locked behind our masks, and give us back our desire for the future.
His instrument is his voice, and Bob sings the lone man's blues and the rebel's savage rock'n roll. He's like the partisan, in his bluesy cover of Bella Ciao, the one who will always fight for freedom! With his gang of electric BLUES BASTARDS, he pulls us to the top, where we breathe better ...
WE NEED HOPE! Yes, Little Bob we all need hope, and records like this!

четверг, 18 марта 2021 г.

Erick Serna and The Killing Floor - The Grip

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2011
Time: 35:15 
Size: 81,6 MB 
Label: Self Released
Styles: Rock/Blues Rock
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. 12 String and Glass - 0:44
 2. The Grip - 2:27
 3. It's Been A Long Time Comin' - 4:27
 4. Hey Sweet Thing - 4:10
 5. I've Been Walkin' - 3:37
 6. Jet Plane Blues - 3:31
 7. Lies - 4:41
 8. Whiskey Song - 3:58
 9. Bad Bones - 2:58
10. Dear McKenzie - 4:38

Erick Serna- Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys
Sammy Dent- Drums and Percussion on "It's Been A Long Time Comin'", "Hey Sweet Thing", "Whiskey Song", "Bad Bones", "Dear McKenzie". Additional percussion on "I've Been Walkin'" and "Lies"
Cliff Sarcona- Drums on "The Grip", "I've Been Walkin'" and "Lies"
Josh Rheault- Vocal harmonies on "I've Been Walkin'", "Lies" and "Bad Bones".

Former The Dear Hunter guitarist Erick Serna had set out on his own to work on his musical arrangements of the blues. Sit down, grab a glass of whiskey and let this man tell you his story with his guitar. 

Erin McCallum - It's Time

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2015
Time: 34:34 
Size: 79,3 MB 
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Can You Feel It ? - 2:57
 2. Raise Me Up - 3:00
 3. Band Aid Solution - 3:53
 4. Bad Situations - 4:10
 5. It's Time - 4:03
 6. Frequency Flow - 2:27
 7. Seems to Be - 3:19
 8. Looking for an Answer - 3:25
 9. Can't Break Me Down - 3:28
10. Trouble - 3:48

Erin McCallum – vocals, guitar, harmonica
Brian George Harrison – lead guitars
Anthony Brook – bass
Joe Pace – drums and percussion
Additional Musicians:
Jack de Keyzer – guitar  (2nd solo – “Bad Situations”, lead guitar – “Frequency Flow”, rhythm tracks –  “Raise Me Up” & “It’s Time ”, slide – “Can You Feel It”)
David McMorrow – keys
David Rodenburg – sax
Ray Podhornic – trumpet

It has to be the understatement of the century.  Erin McCallum’s voice could fill Rome’s Coliseum.   An established blues vocalist/guitarist, her cd It’s Time is a suitable title because It’s Time Canada recognized she’s one of our top performers. With a voice that sets the blues on fire, Erin’s cd delivers the knockout punch.   And the cd comes with a heavy warning.   Do not start by playing cut 3, Band Aid Solution.  You’ll be hooked for hours.   Band Aid Solution features Erin’s powerful voice intertwined with a soaring guitar.  It simply takes your breath away and you want to play it over and over. The entire cd plays like a case of dynamite ready to explode into your headphones.  Produced by Juno award winner, Jack De Keyzer, the alto-tenor vocals of Erin McCallum sizzle into a solid wall of musical sounds And don’t think this cd is just about an incredible voice. The Erin McCallum Band features a group of talented musicians that know how to rock it with the best of them. The cd kicks off with Can You Feel It?   And the crisply-written lyrics let you know what to expect. You’re swept away by a wave of sound. And you continue to ride that wave for the rest of the cd.   It’s packed with great tunes, all written and arranged by Erin.  Some of the features are the gospel-like, Raise Me Up, the powerful ballad It’s Time and the bluesy funk of Frequency Flow.  And don’t forget the country-soul inspired Can’t Break Me Down and the slow blues smoker, Looking For An Answer. It’s Time by Erin McCallum is a tightly produced cd that grabs you from the moment you start listening to it.  

среда, 17 марта 2021 г.

Big Joe Turner - Axel Zwingenberger - Roy Milton - Boogie Woogie Jubilee

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1981
Time: 73:16 
Size: 167,8 MB 
Label: Vagabond Records
Styles: Piano Blues/Boogie Woogie
Art: Full 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Hide And Seek Boogie -  4:49
 2. Back Door Getaway -  5:44
 3. Chains Of Love -  6:07
 4. Flip, Flop And Fly -  5:10
 5. California Crawl -  3:14
 6. Cherry Red -  4:08
 7. St. Louis Blues -  5:18
 8. Boogie Woogie 'Round The Clock -  6:09
 9. Piney Brown Blues -  4:07
10. Backyard Blues -  3:07
11. Back Door Getaway (2nd Version) -  5:43
12. Boogie Woogie Jubilee - 14:53
13. Cimarron St. Breakdown -  4:39

Big Joe Turners party at his 70th birthday recorded live at his home in Los Angeles.
A really cooking party, with musicians' friends joining the session: with Big Joe Turner (voc), Axel Zwingenberger (p), Roy Milton (dr, voc), Eddie »Cleanhead« Vinson (voc), Margie Evans (voc).

Chicago Blues Meeting - Snake In My Bedroom

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1986
Time: 49:29 
Size: 115,1 MB 
Label: Drive 
Styles: Blues/Modern Electric Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. For You My Love - 2:44
 2. I Can't Stop - 4:25
 3. When The Cat Is Gone - 2:19
 4. Take A Walk With Me - 3:27
 5. You Can't Lose What You Never Had - 4:36
 6. Snake In My Bedroom - 2:08
 7. 'bout The Break Of Day - 4:32
 8. Doing The Dishes - 2:48
 9. Blues For An Unhappy Girl - 5:49
10. You Got To Notify Your Lover - 3:22
11. Fine Body - 4:01
12. Tribute To Walter Horton - 2:37
13. Bad Boy - 2:52
14. Going Down Slow - 3:42

This is an interesting little set made up of two sessions (held in 1983 and 1986) that combined Chicago blues players with Scandinavian blues musicians. The Chicago players included S.P. Leary, Bob Stroger, and Sunnyland Slim. While the concept is a noble one, it's an overwrought exercise full of guitar playing that imitates Otis Rush and Albert Collins, harmonica playing that mimics Lazy Lester and Little Walter, and over-the-top vocals from the Scandinavian blues musicians that need every bit of echo lavished on them.

Roger "Hurricane" Wilson - Live at the Time Out Pub: Rockland, Maine

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2021
Time: 76:11 
Size: 174,5 MB 
Label: Blue Storm Records
Styles: Electric Blues/Modern Electric Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Checkin' up on My Baby (Live)[feat. Harry Werner & Scott Stump] -  6:34
 2. One More White Boy Singing the Blues (Live)[feat. Harry Werner & Scott Stump] -  6:43
 3. This Crazy World (Live)[feat. Harry Werner & Scott Stump] -  6:02
 4. Talking Heads (Live)[feat. Harry Werner & Scott Stump] -  7:32
 5. Third Degree (Live)[feat. Harry Werner & Scott Stump] - 10:20
 6. Tribute to Danny (Live)[feat. Harry Werner & Scott Stump] -  6:54
 7. Honey Hush (Live)[feat. Harry Werner & Scott Stump] -  6:25
 8. You Do Your Job (Live)[feat. Harry Werner & Scott Stump] -  9:24
 9. How Much Is Enough ? (Live)[feat. Harry Werner & Scott Stump] -  4:24
10. By My Side (Live) [feat. Harry Werner & Scott Stump] - 11:48

While these recordings were made in 2010, the positive energy from that night is something I feel should be preserved for future listening enjoyment. This project is also a tribute to the Time Out Pub, a venue in Maine that hosted Monday nights for touring acts for many years.Thanks to Paul Benjamin, founder of the North Atlantic Blues Festival, it was always known as a favorite stop for many touring musicians on the road. By that, it kept many traveling musicians working on what would have otherwise been just another dormant weeknight. It is also a favorite memory for myself, along with the musicians, bassist Harry Werner and drummer Scott Stump, who I refer to as the Pennsylvania Railroad Rhythm Section. Without the contributions of the above mentioned, this project would not have been possible. If you like guitar driven blues rock, fluid and intricate finger style guitar picking, and emotional songwriting, you are at the right place. Roger “Hurricane” Wilson has made his own mark on the music world. The legendary Les Paul once said about Roger, “This guy plays some great blues.” Atlanta treasure Francine Reed stated that, Roger “Hurricane” Wilson is a force to be reckoned with.” With over a million miles under his belt, he has shared the stage with such notable artists as B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Little Milton, Hubert Sumlin, Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, Charlie Musselwhite, Jorma Kaukonen, Dicky Betts, Delbert McClinton, Taj Mahal, and many more. And if that isn’t enough, and don’t you think it ought to be, as a result of his Blues In The Schools Program, The Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame thought him worthy enough to induct him in 2015. "As noted on Wikipedia, 'Roger "Hurricane" Wilson is an American electric blues guitarist, singer/ songwriter. He has also worked as a music educator, radio DJ, music journalist, and broadcaster. In addition, he is an International Blues Challenge judge, as well as a 2015 Inductee into the Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame, as a result of his 14 year association with the Dusk ‘til Dawn Blues Festival, and his work with Blues in the Schools in that state. He has released twenty albums. This one is special, since it is being released in 2018, coinciding with the 20th Anniversary of Roger, bassist Marvin Mahanay, and drummer, Billy Jeansonne’s first teaming up as a unit in 1998. If you like guitar driven blues/ rock, fluid and intricate finger style guitar picking, fiery performances, and emotional songwriting, you are at the right place. With over 45 years of teaching guitar lessons to beginners and advanced players alike, and over a million miles under his belt, Roger “Hurricane” Wilson has made his own mark on the music world. The legendary Les Paul once said about Roger, “This guy plays some great blues.” Atlanta treasure Francine Reed stated that, “Roger “Hurricane” Wilson is a force to be reckoned with.”, having shared the stage with such notable artists as B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Hubert Sumlin, Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, Dickey Betts, Jorma Kaukonen, Charlie Musselwhite, and many more. Roger “Hurricane” Wilson is just getting started.

вторник, 16 марта 2021 г.

Mike Stewart - Back to Low Country

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2011
Time: 40:09 
Size: 93,8 MB 
Label: Doctor Stewart Music
Styles: Blues/Modern Electric Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Low Country - 3:12
 2. Boiled Peanuts - 3:05
 3. When It Comes To Love - 3:54
 4. Please Jesus - 3:09
 5. Itch - 3:43
 6. Clean Up Your Own House People - 2:35
 7. Chigger Bites - 3:48
 8. Hurts So Bad - 3:31
 9. Shut Up And Kiss Me - 3:05
10. Saturday Morning - 3:13
11. Life Goes On - 3:52
12. Everything Will Always Be Alright - 2:55

For over 20 years Mike Stewart also know as The Doctor, has been well known in the world of songwriting and recordings in Nashville. Mike has recorded with artists such as Delbert McClinton, Buddy Guy, Hank Williams, Jr., Sam Moore (Sam & Dave), Vince Gill, Travis Tritt, Dobie Gray, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, The Judds, and many others. He has written hit songs for Ronnie Milsap, the Pointer Sisters and signed an exclusive songwriting contract with the great Quincy Jones. His songs have been recorded by Soul Legends Clifford Curry, Bill Pinkney & The Original Drifters, the Dynatones and Steve Bassett to mention a few. His vocal talents won him a spot on the Capitol Records CD entitled "All-Night Al Stars." That CD included greats Greg Allman, Levon Helm, T. Graham Brown, Bobby Whitlock, Jimmy Hall and Russel Smith. After working as a producer for many great artists and heroes of his, he finally decided to record his own CD "Back to Low Country." He wrote, sang, and played guitar on every song on the CD. This CD is an expression of his love for Southern Music and Culture. The CD features some personal experiences fo death, love lost, love found. Put it on, turn it up! Open a cold beverage and a bag of boiled peanuts and travel thru the "Low Country" with The Doctor Mike Stewart. Mike has recorded several Beach Music hits on KHP & Ripete Records. Among them Carolina's Calling Me Home, Itch, Saturday Mornin', Boiled Peanuts, What Do Dolphins Dream About, Nothing Goes Better (With Me Than You-with Casey York), The Doctor Is In (with Jimmy Hall) & Southern Style. He has been nominated for CAMMY Awards 9 times! Mike continues to be a prolific songwriter and a very entertaining performer!

Bugs Henderson - The Kings Of Clubs

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2014
Time: 77:21 + 47:25
Size: 182,5 MB + 108,6 MB 
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Full 

Tracks Listing:
CD1.The California Sessions
 1. She Feels Good - 4:02
 2. Shocked, Stunned And Bewildered - 5:24
 3. You Ain't Nothin To Texas - 3:32
 4. The Hawk - 4:50
 5. Jitterbugs - 3:39
 6. Roll Me Over - 7:26
 7. Hit The Bricks - 5:55
 8. Please Have Mercy - 5:02
 9. The Road - 6:14
10. Baby Ruth - 3:53
11. Drugstore Blues - 5:46
12. No One Owns The Blues - 5:02
13. (When You) Love Somebody - 5:15
14. Cowboy - 5:08
15. Look What Love Can Do - 3:49
16. Autumn Lullaby - 2:17

CD2.The Texas Sessions
 1. Stabbed In The Back Again - 4:59
 2. Lost In Austin - 2:58
 3. Anthem For The Blues - 5:30
 4. Big Leg Woman - 8:06
 5. Palace Of The King - 4:45
 6. Judy Likes The Blues - 5:16
 7. Drug Store Blues (bonus track) - 5:45
 8. Hit The Bricks (bonus track) - 5:52
 9. Love Junkie - 4:10

"The King of Clubs" etches in stone the great music legacy of Bugs Henderson. This collaboration of many outstanding musicians of our time, truly delivers the embodiment of his exemplary music compositions. BUGS HENDERSON was the most fearsome guitarist in the Texas nightclub scene for forty years. On a new double CD ,"The King of Clubs", dozens of the world's best musicians in Texas and Los Angeles (Names like Lukather, Vivino, Snuffy Walden, Steve Ferrone, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Paul Reed Smith, Lou Diamond Phillips, et.al.) pay tribute to Bugs' prodigious gifts as songwriter and guitarist. Two years in the making, recorded in Dallas and Hollywood, "King of Clubs" ranges from blistering guitar assault to solo finger pickin', as well as world-class vocalists like Teresa James and Mark Campbell. There has never been an album quite like it; Hit Santa up NOW.

Magyar Atom Blues Brothers - Jimi Hendrix Emlekkoncert

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1994
Time: 76:46 
Size: 177,3 MB 
Label: Lézer Kft
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Full 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Wild Thing -  5:16
 2. Purple Haze -  5:38
 3. Wait Until Tomorrow -  4:08
 4. Manic Depression -  4:22
 5. Red House - 10:48
 6. Who Knows -  8:08
 7. Foxy Lady -  5:16
 8. Tobacco Road -  5:17
 9. Highway Chile -  3:47
10. Little Wing -  5:10
11. Medley: Power To Love / Message Of Love / Them Changes -  8:53
12. Mercedes Benz -  2:13
13. Fire -  2:57
14. Come On -  4:46

Tibor Tátrai - guitar
János Solti - drums
János Rudolf Tóth - vocals, guitar
Tamás Zsoldos - bass guitar

The formation of Tibor Tátrai was formed in 1994 as the Hungarian Atom Blues Brothers. Tibusz, drummer János Solti, singer-guitarist János Rudolf Tóth and bassist Tamás Zsoldos collaborated to perform blues and rhythm & blues evergreens on the stages. This particular first album includes a recording of a concert at the popular Paks Festival. Among other things, Wild Thing, Purple Haze, Tobacco Road and Little Wing speak of it in the individual interpretations of the musicians. The CD contains the sounds of the performance one by one, i.e. the band did not take the opportunity of post-correction to really evoke the atmosphere of Hendrix’s concerts.

Bobby Radcliff - Dresses Too Short

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1989
Time: 41:33 
Size: 95,9 MB 
Label: Black Top Records
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Ugh! - 3:41
 2. Bonehead - 3:12
 3. Stick Around - 3:38
 4. You Haven't Hurt Me - 4:11
 5. Going Home Tomorrow - 3:16
 6. Next Woman I Marry - 2:39
 7. Dresses Too Short - 4:51
 8. Keep Loving Me Baby - 4:19
 9. Alimony Blues - 2:38
10. Hard Road to Travel - 5:03
11. Kool and the Gang - 4:01

Guitarist Radcliff escaped the anonymity of New York saloons with this startlingly good debut album. Combining melody, bass lines, and chords, his Fender clamors in an ecstatic way hinting of Magic Sam's and Buddy Guy's but still all his own. Spurred by his regular bassist and drummer, the Washington, D.C., native also sings fascinatingly, using a questing, vulnerable voice that's a blend of Sam's and Jimmy Johnson's. He transfigures pabulum (e.g., "You Haven't Hurt Me") and oldies (Otis Rush's "Keep On Loving Me Baby") into sparkling lodestones that draw the listener back again and again.

The Hitman Blues Band - Not My Circus, Not My Monkey

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2021
Time: 49:05 
Size: 112,6 MB 
Label: Self Released
Styles: Modern Electric Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Not My Circus - 4:26
 2. Buy That Man A Drink - 2:40
 3. Nobody's Fault But Mine - 4:48
 4. John The Revelator - 5:34
 5. No Place Like Home - 4:41
 6. The Times They Are A-Changin' - 5:37
 7. You Can't Say No - 5:02
 8. Walk With You - 2:34
 9. You Don't Understand - 4:07
10. Everybody But Me - 5:43
11. Go Down Fighting - 3:49

Russell “Hitman” Alexander – Guitars, lead & backup vocals;
Kevin Bents – Keyboards;
Mike Porter – Bass, Backup Vocals;
Guy LaFountaine – Drums;
Mikey Vitale – Alto Sax;
John Kelly – Tenor Sax;
Eric Altarac – Trumpet;
Nick Clifford – Bari Sax;
Mike Katzman – Organ solo on “John The Revelator”;
Joanna Alexander, Nancy Hampton – Backup Vocals;
Adam Minkoff – Organ (“No Place Like Home”);
Bob Stander – Hand Claps, Tambourine.

‘Not My Circus, Not My Monkey’ is the new release from the NY based Modern/Alt Blues group, The Hitman Blues Band. Featuring captivating vocals, blistering solos, and a rhythm section pushing a consistently intense groove, it also boasts captivating lyrics ranging from light hearted to tragic.The recording starts off with “Not My Circus, Not My Monkey”, a line you’ll probably be using regularly from now on. This is followed by the tongue in cheek “Buy That Man A Drink”, as it’s far from an act of charity.Then comes a complete re-working of Blind Willie Johnson’s “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”, including all new lyrics that stay true to the spirit of the original. Keeping with Mr. Johnson, there is “John The Revelator” performed in a unique Hitman Blues Band style – and imagining that other gods stop by and reveal their own end-of-times scenarios to John. The heart wrenching ballad “No Place Like Home” offers somber reflection, and then comes a version of Dylan’s “Times They Are A-Changin’” llke you’ve never heard it before. The groove infused “You Can’t Say No” is followed by the light hearted come-on of “Walk With You”, which sets up the attempt to explain overpowering love in “You Don’t Understand”. The album takes a turn back to the late 1950’s influenced “Everybody But Me”, a comic take on hipster loneliness.
The closing tune is the anthem for every artist who pushes on no matter what, “Go Down Fighting”. The Hitman Blues Band plays Modern/Alt Blues, which can be high energy, slow and soulful, or happy boogie. It’s blues of the 21st century.

Dave Bell - Feeling Blue

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2003
Time: 41:46 
Size: 95,7 MB 
Label: Cordova Bay
Styles: Blues/Instrumental Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Stormy Weather -  6:09
 2. Swing Thing -  1:50
 3. Blues for Albert -  5:12
 4. Rockin' Blues -  4:00
 5. T-Boned -  4:08
 6. Blues Magic -  3:52
 7. Walks with Angels -  5:17
 8. Feeling Blue - 11:14

Veteran guitarist Dave Bell has been playing and performing rock and blues since the early 70's, most visibly in the club circuit around Mississauga and Brampton, Ontario. Dave discovered computer recording in 2001 and built a home studio, where he has been busy ever since creating original music, composing mostly in the latin rock and blues genres. Dave has released three solo CDs, "Evening In Brazil", "Feeling Blue", and the latest one, "Mixed Bag". 

Chris Shaw - The Blue Lights

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2021
Time: 43:04 
Size: 99,0 MB 
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. A Train to the City - 5:19
 2. Ain’t About the Money - 3:37
 3. Blue Lights - 3:42
 4. Flying Monkeys - 6:13
 5. Miss My Girl - 3:32
 6. Summer Moonlight - 4:44
 7. The Lights Are On - 4:26
 8. The Medicine - 7:21
 9. Walk into a Cave - 4:06

The Blue Lights is album released in 2021. There are a total of 9 songs in The Blue Lights. The songs were composed by talented musicians. 

понедельник, 15 марта 2021 г.

Big Gilson - Blues Classics Live

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2010
Time: 79:53 
Size: 183,0 MB 
Label:  Blues Boulevard
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Full 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Tribute To Roy Buchanan - 3:34
 2. Cab Driver Blues - 4:53
 3. Ghreen's Boogie - 6:12
 4. Blue And Lonesome - 6:24
 5. I Got To Go - 4:34
 6. The Messiah Will Come Again - 4:19
 7. Shake Your Moneymaker - 5:23
 8. Judgment Day - 4:27
 9. Hey Doe - 6:22
10. Drivin' Wheel - 5:48
11. Hey Now Baby - 4:54
12. Everyday I Have The Blues - 5:31
13. Sweet Home Chicago - 6:22
14. It Hurts Me Too - 6:03
15. I Just Wanna Make Love To You - 4:58

Brazil is commonly associated with Samba and Bossa Nova. But there is also a blues scene in the country. Names such as Big Allanbik, Victor Gaspar and Alvaro Assmar can be mentioned here. Big Gilson is also part of the ranks of Brazilian blues artists. On his album “Blues classics LIVE”, which was produced in the USA, Gilson presents himself as a quite good guitarist but at the same time as a weak singer. The concert recording documents excerpts of gigs from the Blue Note in New York from 2000 and the Blue Cat Blues Club in Dallas/Texas from September 1999. The setlist consists of five Gilson songs and ten Blues classics. Big Gilson seems to be a great admirer of Roy Buchanan. Both his own “Tribute to Roy Buchanan” and Roy's “The messiah will come” are among the highlights of the live album. On both instrumental titles, the guitarist impressively demonstrates his skill on the six-string. Snooky Prior's “Judgement Day” is celebrated by the combo as an earthy rhythm & blues. Bruce Ewan not only shows his virtuosity on the harmonica here. In addition, the man is a better singer than Big Gilson, which he proves on four songs. Gilson himself is not least a talented slide guitarist. Especially on Elmore James's classic “It hurts me too”, he shows this masterfully. Two other Elmore James titles are covered less convincingly. “Shake your moneymaker” seems to be smashed despite a guest appearance by American blues guitarist Bobby Radcliff. “Drivin' wheel” with underground vocals by Gilson, the boys really smash. The great Little Walter-Slow Blues “Blue and lonesome” with its magnificent guitar and harp contributions is unfortunately hidden unnicely. What else does the concert recording have to offer? A fast boogie (“Ghreen's boogie”) and a fast-paced shuffle (“Hey Doc”), on which the South American musician overexplores his slide-art. Solid shuffle fare is also available on Little Walter's “I got to go”. The almost inevitable “Everyday I have the blues” and “Sweet home Chicago” finally come over quite well. Lowpoints of the disc are the fade “Cab driver blues” and Willie Dixon's therefore overslept the upcoming “I just wanna make love to you”. It is hard to realize that Big Gilson's “Blues classics LIVE” is a rather contradictory concert document. Quite appealing songs are opposed to less convincing titles. While Gilson is a good guitarist who might sometimes be more economical, he should stay away from the vocal microphone under all circumstances. So the sound carrier is just picking up the average rating.

Park Bench Trio - Bitch Road

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2002
Time: 42:18 
Size: 97,7 MB 
Label: PB3 Industries
Styles: Rock/Blues Rock
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Pretty Picture - 4:10
 2. Demolition Derby - 4:22
 3. Shuffle No. 1 - 4:06
 4. Border Lord - 4:16
 5. Our Love Is Drifting - 5:18
 6. Bitch Road - 5:59
 7. Flat On My Back - 2:33
 8. Dharma Lee - 6:54
 9. Murphy's Law - 4:36

This Athens, Georgia act has played Savannah regularly since their first incarnation as The Park Bench Blues Band, in large part because some in the group hail from our town  which explains why they always show up during the holidays.Originally more of a straight-up electric blues act (featuring a young Kristina Beaty on vocals), they shifted gears after losing a member, cranked things up a notch, and became a hard-rocking power trio in the vein of Gov`t Mule or Double Trouble  but there` s also a rootsy Americana vibe to their originals as well. Their debut indie CD Bitch Road has been received well, and is allowing them to tour cross-country. Hometown shows like this one always carry a certain air of import – and can wind up more energetic and fun than the average club date. Fri., Savannah Blues.

Noam Dayan - Corner of Blues and the City

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2015
Time: 62:15 
Size: 143,1 MB 
Label: Soul Records
Styles: Blues/Modern Electric Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Little Place Called Pai - 4:41
 2. Shores of Simplicity - 7:36
 3. Plays the Blues and Proud (feat. Yair Dalal) - 6:45
 4. Keep It Cool - 4:00
 5. The Beating Heart of the Camp (Blues for Etty Hillesum) (feat. Rudy Bainesay) - 8:32
 6. Fifteen Hours (feat. Guy King) - 7:02
 7. All of You - 2:33
 8. Smiles and Cries (feat. Eyal Kdoshim) - 6:06
 9. Only Peace - 7:14
10. Let the Man Go Free - 7:41

Noam Dayan is an Israeli guitarist and singer who was bitten by the blues bug at an early age.  He lived for a while in Chicago and is now back in his homeland.  His website explains that he plays solo, in a duo and in a band format.  In 2013 he released a solo acoustic album in Delta blues style but this entirely original album is firmly electric and often a big band format.  A large number of musicians contributed to the sessions: Noam on guitar and vocals, Zeev Zilberman on upright bass, Amit Lorber on drums, Avishay Borovsky on piano and Moshe Levi on Hammond are joined by a three man horn section of Erez Hodara on trumpet, Alon Ben Shalom on tenor and Rami Alster on baritone sax on seven of the ten songs; Yair Dalal plays violin, Eyal Kdoshim harp and American Guy King guitar on one track each; Rudy Bainesay sings one song instead of Noam. The album has a relaxed big band feel on most of the tracks courtesy of the horns, Noam playing some excellent guitar and singing in a light voice with just a slight trace of accent which does not detract from the enjoyment of the album. Most of the songs here are long enough to allow the main players plenty of space and Noam takes full advantage but leaves ample space for his band mates too.  Opening track “Little Place Called Pai” is a jaunty shuffle with Noam’s warm guitar in BB King mode, superbly supported by the horns and piano, a song about what seems an ideal place to kick back and relax.“Shores Of Simplicity” has some great Albert King style guitar from Noam as well as a convincing vocal, the horns in a restrained background role on a minor key blues. Some varied drumming introduces “Plays The Blues And Proud”, Noam’s advice to those who, like him, cannot help but want to play the blues, despite the lack of money: “Be wise with your career, your music probably will get refused, but what can I do, all I know is just the blues”. Moshe’s swirling organ gives the tune a late night supper club feel, only to be overtaken by the violin attack from Yair.  We don’t often hear the violin but it works fine here alongside Noam’s sensitive plucked solo. “Keep It Cool” has a jazzier feel, a quartet performance with plenty of opportunity for organist Moshe to shine and for Noam to play some nice T-Bone style guitar. The centerpiece of the album is the enigmatic “The Beating Heart Of The Camp (Blues For Etty Hillesum)” which clocks in at over eight minutes.  It’s a slow blues which opens with Noam plucking the strings against moody organ which sets the mood for Rudi’s dramatic lead vocal, a heartfelt tribute to the person of the title who clearly inspired author Noam to aspire to higher attitudes: “You find the good in everything.  They all tell me, but they’re wrong.  The good is always everywhere along with the evil, they sing a song.”  The horns offer support later in the tune but it is Noam whose solo that stands out here, capturing the tone of the lyrics so well. Noam lightens the mood with the bouncy “Fifteen Hours” which opens with ringing guitar again in T-Bone vein from guest Guy King, lyrically the story of being stuck in an airport together, ending up falling in love!  Perhaps that resulted in the passion of the short, jazzy “All Of You” where Noam sings of wanting literally every bit of his lover and names most of them: “Give me your skin – your smell is all the air I need”. Harmonica player Eyal is featured on the classic 12 bar sound of “Smiles And Cries” which sounds like the sort of tune that Noam would have learned during his time in Chicago before the band take us on the extended instrumental “Only Peace” which offers lots of opportunities for everyone to show their talents.  Over a funky rhythm aided by Avishay’s electric piano everyone gets solo opportunities, the whole horn section providing a lovely chorus line in between. The final track “Let The Man Go Free” follows on thematically with lyrics that rather echo the sentiments of John Lennon’s “Imagine”: “Up on this tree you won’t find no religion or society.  We all gather here to breathe air with no ideas, we do believe you can let the man go free”.  Another long track, this one has a samba rhythm and some suitably Brazilian sounding guitar from Noam, once again beautifully framed by the horns. This is a subtle and interesting album with plenty of excellent playing.  It is not all blues by any means but every track has the blues DNA running through it and it is all thoroughly enjoyable. (https://www.bluesblastmagazine.com/noam-dayan-corner-of-blues-and-the-city-album-review/)

Jessy Martens and Band - Brand New Ride

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2012
Time: 42:05 
Size: 98,2 MB 
Label: Moon Sound Records
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Brand New Ride - 4:20
 2. One Minute Love - 4:20
 3. Touch My Blues Away - 5:10
 4. Little Mama Don't Play - 4:00
 5. Hey Mister - 4:06
 6. Undone - 3:59
 7. Forever Mine - 3:34
 8. Marry Me - 4:24
 9. Hands Up - 3:46
10. Fool 4U - 4:20

Jessy Martens – vocals
Roman Werner – guitars, acoustic guitar
Jan Fischer – keyboards, background vocals
Tom Rohloff – bass, acoustic guitar, background vocals
Christian Kolf – drums

"....Comparisons with Amy Winehouse, Bette Midler, Tina Turner, Janis Joplin or whoever may flatter the singer from Hamburg. They need not have! Latest on her new album shows the power woman with the "voice to die for" (rock times) independent character. With BRAND NEW RIDE published Jessy Martens, 24 years old, already their fourth CD and at the same time celebrating her debut as a songwriter. A hefty dose of rock, blues, soul and soulful ballads, casual cool grooves and licks, all produced excellent make, except the singer to much more than a tip!..."

Jeff Michaels - Not Of This Earth

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2021
Time: 49:52 
Size: 114,4 MB 
Label: SRO Records
Styles: Rock guitar/ Heavy blues rock/Psychedelic rock
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. From The Sky - 4:13
 2. Blink Drive - 4:40
 3. Travels in Time and Space - 5:55
 4. What It Is - 4:57
 5. Not Of This Earth - 6:20
 6. Against The Wind - 6:17
 7. Space Port Maneuvers - 4:30
 8. Silver Threads - 4:13
 9. The Distant Stars - 5:13
10. Leave This World - 3:30

We live in interesting times. I was and am in need of some serious escapism, so I made my own! Basically, a sci-fi concept album, I wanted to branch out, play some guitar and hear some crazy stereo stuff, so join me on my stereo spaceship! :)

Blues Blend - When Daylight Comes

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2008
Time: 52:15 
Size: 123,7 MB 
Label: Pepper Cake
Styles: Blues/Modern Electric Blues/Jump Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. I Get The Bone - 4:44
 2. Too Late - 3:46
 3. Barefood Boogie - 4:57
 4. Dark Night - 4:45
 5. When Daylight Comes - 4:06
 6. Blues Cruise - 3:42
 7. In The Blue Hour - 3:38
 8. Tenderly - 3:15
 9. It Ain't The Meat (it's The Motion) - 2:42
10. Mellow Down Easy - 4:13
11. Kiss Goodbye - 4:46
12. Sad Eyes - 3:27
13. Moon Dog Boogie - 2:25
14. The Price You Got To Pay - 1:41

Formed in Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany
Currently : Dreieich, Hessen, Germany
Members : Reinhard Bassenge (guitar, vocals), Henning Eichler (harmonica), André Huthmann (piano), Jörn Bösel (bass), Thomas Frömming (drums, vocals). More info an https://bluesblend.de/

Otis Spann - Otis Rides Again

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2015
Time: 46:14 
Size: 105,9 MB 
Label: SoundWorks
Styles: Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Strange Woman - 3:52
 2. When Things Go Wrong - 4:56
 3. Baby Child - 4:05
 4. Talkin' the Blues - 5:22
 5. Woman Leave Me Alone - 6:38
 6. Instrumental Boogie - 4:15
 7. Otis Rides Again - 4:17
 8. Don't Give up the Ship - 4:56
 9. One More Encore - 4:37
10. 3 Minute Boogie - 3:12

Otis Spann (March 21, 1924 or 1930 – April 24, 1970) was an American blues musician, whom many consider to be the leading postwar Chicago blues pianist. Sources differ over Spann's early years. Some state that he was born in Jackson, Mississippi, in 1930, but the researchers Bob Eagle and Eric LeBlanc concluded, on the basis of census records and other official information, that he was born in 1924 in Belzoni, Mississippi. By the age of 14, he was playing in bands in the Jackson area. He moved to Chicago in 1946, where he was mentored by Big Maceo Merriweather. Spann performed as a solo act and with the guitarist Morris Pejoe, working a regular spot at the Tic Toc Lounge. Spann became known for his distinctive piano style. He replaced Merriweather as Muddy Waters's piano player in late 1952 and participated in his first recording session with the band on September 24, 1953. He continued to record as a solo artist and session player with other musicians, including Bo Diddley and Howlin' Wolf, during his tenure with the group. He stayed with Muddy Waters until 1968.Spann's work for Chess Records includes the 1954 single "It Must Have Been the Devil" backed with "Five Spot", with B.B. King and Jody Williams on guitars. During his time at Chess he played on a few of Chuck Berry's early records, including the studio version of "You Can't Catch Me". In 1956, he recorded two unreleased tracks with Big Walter Horton and Robert Lockwood.He recorded a session with the guitarist Robert Lockwood, Jr. and vocalist St. Louis Jimmy in New York on August 23, 1960, which was issued on the albums Otis Spann Is the Blues and Walking the Blues. A 1963 session for Storyville Records was recorded in Copenhagen. He worked with Muddy Waters and Eric Clapton on recordings for Decca  and with James Cotton for Prestige in 1964.The Blues Is Where It's At, Spann's 1966 album for ABC-Bluesway, includes contributions from George "Harmonica" Smith, Muddy Waters, and Sammy Lawhorn. The Bottom of the Blues (1967), featuring Spann's wife, Lucille Spann (June 23, 1938 – August 2, 1994), was released by Bluesway. He worked on albums with Buddy Guy, Big Mama Thornton, Peter Green, and Fleetwood Mac in the late 1960s. In 2012, Silk City Records released Someday which featured live and studio performances from 1967 produced by the noted blues guitarist Son Lewis. Spann died of liver cancer in Chicago in 1970. He was buried in Burr Oak Cemetery, in Alsip, Illinois. His grave was unmarked for almost thirty years, until Steve Salter (president of the Killer Blues Headstone Project) wrote a letter to Blues Revue magazine, saying, "This piano great is lying in an unmarked grave. Let's do something about this deplorable situation". Blues enthusiasts from around the world sent donations to purchase a headstone. On June 6, 1999, the marker was unveiled in a private ceremony. The stone is inscribed, "Otis played the deepest blues we ever heard – He'll play forever in our hearts". Spann was posthumously elected to the Blues Hall of Fame in 1980. On November 13, 2012, Spann (along with cousin and fellow pianist Little Johnnie Jones) received a Mississippi Blues Trail Marker plaque, erected at 547 South Roach Street in Jackson, Mississippi where the family lived in the 1930s and 1940s.

MuddCats - Good, Bad n' Blue

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2004
Time: 54:05 
Size: 123,9 MB 
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Low Down Dirty Shame - 4:35
 2. Doubletimin - 4:18
 3. Down to the River - 3:48
 4. Black Widow Baby - 3:42
 5. If I Had a Dollar - 6:15
 6. Good, Bad 'n Blue - 4:25
 7. Stay Away from You - 3:08
 8. If I Have the Blues - 5:51
 9. Poor Boy Blues - 4:09
10. Best I Can - 5:54
11. Take You for a Ride - 4:16
12. Watermelon Wine - 3:39

Good, Bad, n' blue is album released in 2004. There are a total of 12 songs in Good, Bad, n' blue. The songs were composed by talented musicians such as MuddCats. 

The Stephen Barry Band - Treat Her Right

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2015
Time: 42:36 
Size: 99,4 MB 
Label: Les Disques Bros
Styles: Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Treat Her Right - 2:03
 2. Gimme a Stone - 3:57
 3. Higher Ground - 3:42
 4. Long As I Have You - 3:31
 5. Little Red Rooster - 4:37
 6. Cerveaux - 2:57
 7. Wasted Dream - 4:14
 8. The Salt of the Earth - 5:10
 9. Big Boys Cry - 2:16
10. Cissy Strut - 5:18
11. Sister Francis - 2:22
12. Tennessee Blues - 2:22

The Stephen Barry Band celebrates their 40th anniversary in 2015 with TREAT HER RIGHT.This 9th album is at the same time fiery and full of wisdom. From pure Chicago blues to Rock ‘n’ Roll with a touch of Folk en passant, TREAT HER RIGHT perfectly illustrates the four decades of the storied career of The Stephen Barry Band.The title track sets the tone right away as the album revisits classic blues (L’il Red Rooster, Long As I Have You), rock (the Stones’ Salt Of The Earth) as well as a brilliant interpretation of Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground. The original compositions, Cerveaux and Sister Francis fit perfectly into the mix.Recorded in Montreal and produced by The Stephen Barry Band and René Moisan, Barry is accompanied by his loyal band mates Andrew Cowan (gtr, voix), Jody Golick (sax), Gordon Adamson (drums, voix), Martin Boodman (harp, voix) and long time friend and former member of the band, brilliant guitarist Jorn Reissner appears as a very special guest.The Stephen Barry Band legendary? Well, over the past 40 years they have backed up the likes of John Lee Hooker, Bo Diddley, Vann «Piano Man» Walls, Johnny «Big Moose» Walker, Pinetop Perkins, Johnny Johnson, Buddy Guy, Hubert Sumlin, Magic Slim, John Hammond Jr., Nappy Brown and Willie Mae «Big Mamma» Thornton (with whom the band toured for several years) So, yeah, The Stephen Barry Band is clearly «legendary»!

T-Bear & The Dukes Of Rhythm - Ice Machine

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2013
Time: 39:35 
Size: 90,7 MB 
Label: Mis Label
Styles: Blues
Art: Full 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Intro: To Be Continued... - 1:24
 2. Why Don't You Stop - 3:09
 3. Same Ol' Tricks - 4:38
 4. Ain't Gone 'N' Give Up On Love - 4:38
 5. Ice Machine - 3:30
 6. Let Me Love You - 3:29
 7. Things Ain't Like They Seem - 4:52
 8. Choke Dog - 4:15
 9. Hard To Believe - 3:01
10. Come Back Baby - 2:48
11. Church Blues - 3:45

The band T-Bear & The Dukes Of Rhythm was started by Torbjцrn Solberg in his hometown Arvika, Sweden, in 2004, and they have released two CD’s with their previous lineup, including a horn section: ”Let The Sweet Talk Flow” and ”Broadway Twist”. 
The new band is a quartet, featuring Hammond wizard Paul ”Palle” Wagnberg, a professional musician since 1985, including 20 years in soul jazz group ”The Real Thing”. Bass player Jan Lillsдter has been supporting T-Bear for more than 20 years, steady as a rock, no matter if he’s playing electric bass or upright. The new drummer Henrik ”Henke” Berg was carefully chosen for his good beat and good spirit, and the new band made a great impact during their first tour in Benelux May 2013. Ice Machine contains 9 originals plus one song by Willie Dixon and one by Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Doug Phillips - A Darker Shade of Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2021
Time: 39:33 
Size: 90,7 MB 
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. A Darker Shade of Blues - 3:50
 2. The Good Life - 4:19
 3. The Eloquence Of You - 3:09
 4. Jah Lift Me Up - 4:03
 5. Jam @ Elmores - 3:37
 6. The Soul Of The Blues - 3:05
 7. The Other Side - 3:52
 8. Lucero - 2:55
 9. Humble Heroes - 3:14
10. She Is - 3:31
11. It Ain't Me - 3:52

Doug Phillips started playing guitar at a young age in the St. Louis area. Doug has decades of experience in performing, writing, touring, recording, and teaching.He has worked with Arista, MCA, and Bear Records and has worked with or opened for many national artists. Doug has many years of studio experience and can play any style. His Rock/Blues style is very contemporary and refreshing and paves the way to something new and different in the Rock/Blues genre.

Grant Haua - Awa Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2021
Time: 40:22 
Size: 92,9 MB 
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Got Something - 2:57
 2. This is the Place - 4:04
 3. Be Yourself - 3:38
 4. Tough Love Mumma - 3:06
 5. Addiction - 4:25
 6. Devil is a Woman - 3:00
 7. My Baby - 3:26
 8. Mumma's Boy - 3:07
 9. Can't Let It Go - 2:49
10. Better Day - 3:41
11. Keep on Smiling - 2:27
12. Might Have Been - 3:38

Grant is a “salt of the earth” kind of guy. When we put together a bio for him he said “Nah man. I am a just a guy with a guitar. You need to tell the story straight”. So who better than to tell his story than the man himself - the following is Grants bio, straight from the horse’s mouth. - DF Records
I picked up guitar when I was 13, my younger brother had got one for Christmas the year before and I noticed he was already starting to pull chicks at our school, I said to myself "dam I need to get me some of that", but unfortunately for me my brother was a better looker and player than me, so it didn't work out as well as I had planned, but I've been playing ever since. I like to think I've paid my dues, but its hard to tell growing up and gigging in a small country like New Zealand. Being based in a town with a population of barely 100,000, one feels the need to flex ones muscles against overseas acts, and for the past 10 years that's what I've been trying to do and will continue to do so, I guess for me its not about being better than this act or this band, its about putting on a show that can stand up with the best of them, seeing and feeling the enjoyment of the crowd, that's the real payoff (and sometimes the only payoff!) I've been the primary singer/songwriter/guitarist on 7 studio albums over the years, 5 of them over the last 9 years, my first solo album "Knucklehead"released in 2010 got good reviews in what I guess you could say is NZ's premier music magazine NZ Musician (not that I give too much weight to critics opinions, but I didn't say that); resulting in an article on my music, it opened a few doors for me on the local festival circuit. One thing leads to another and I ended up meeting percussionist Michael Barker [Neil Finn, John Butler Trio], we hit it off and formed "Swamp Thing" and for the following 8 years we wrote and toured regularly.
Mike was already a veteran in the industry, the benefits of him being in bands that have done Letterman and Leno soon became beneficial, straight off the bat we were doing festivals that were tough to get on, after a few short years we were headlining festivals both here and in Australia. Slowly we progressed to bigger stages like Womad (NZ), Womadelaide (Aus), Woodford Folk Festival (Aus), Bridgetown Blues (Aus) and Electric Avenue (NZ). It was on these stages we really excelled, often selling more cds than the more well known headline acts. After our Womad 2017 performance in New Plymouth for example we occupied both the 1 and 2 spots for album sales in the NZ charts. In 2016 we were invited to Louisiana by Baton Rouge Arts Society. It was there I learned how to flex my musical muscle. It seemed like every musician there was a stone cold killer. We went to war and we cut some heads, and by the end of that tour we were the talk of the town. Appearing on the local news stations lifted our profile there and we made many valuable friends and contacts, some we've brought over for shows in NZ. In Jan 2019 after literally countless tours through Australia and New Zealand I made the decision to depart Swamp Thing, I've refocused on the music I really enjoy, soul music, and things are all good.

Ivy Gold - Six Dusty Winds

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2021
Time: 44:09 
Size: 101,5 MB 
Label: A1 Records – Golden Ivy Records 
Styles: Rock/Blues Rock
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Face of Deceit - 4:02
 2. This Is My Time - 4:04
 3. Retribution - 5:08
 4. Believe - 3:34
 5. Six Dusty Winds - 4:09
 6. Suspicion - 3:31
 7. Shine On - 4:59
 8. We Are One - 4:17
 9. Without You - 4:36
10. Born Again - 5:44

Female fronted bluesrock feat. Manou, Tal Bergman (Joe Bonamassa, Billy Idol, Rock Candy Funk Party, a.m.m.), Sebastian Eder (Avalon), Kevin Moore (Jennifer Rush), Anders Olinder (Glenn Hughes).
The pandemic has changed everything, or at least, most of our habits, work, and the way we do our daily things. Remote work or study has become the “new normal”. In 2020, also in music, this approach yielded several fruits via “collabs” or online live shows. The upside is that music, specifically the blues rock genre, still remains being written and played, no matter how hurdles are getting harder, or how physically distant the members of the group are. That’s the context where Ivy Gold chose (or was pushed to) to put their first full-length album out, Six Dusty Winds. Ivy Gold is a “multi-flag” band formed by Manou (vocals), Kevin Moore (bass) and Tal Bergman (drums) from the USA, Sebastian Eder (guitars) from Germany, and Anders Olinder (organ) from the UK. The first song is “Face Of Deceit”, an original blues rock track with intricate parts and sensational work by the guitars and keys. “This Is My Time” has nice guitar work, arrangements, and a solo. In “Retribution”, the organ and choirs contribute decisively to the dark climate, also with a finger-style guitar and marked vocals. “Believe” highlights the rhythmic section of the band, with paced drum beats and bass lines. This song also has remarkable keys and guitar solos. Manou’s vocals fit perfectly in the self-titled track, giving power and smoothness at the same time, while the rest of the band fill out the background like a blank canvas. The blues rock approach is back with “Suspicion”, starting with a tricky guitar solo over organ base. “Shine On” is a slow-paced songwriting, a refined melody with meaningful lyrics. “We Are One” starts with a powerful guitar riff continuing as a flawless group job on the parts until reaching a skillful drum and bass interlude. “Without You” is a kind of slow blues where Manou sings emotively. One of the highlights is Olinder’s middle organ solo and the “relaxed” snare hit that Bergman delivers in the end. The sensual vocals and unusual chord progression explored in “Born Again” contributed decisively to the mood of the song. Throughout the songs of Six Dusty Winds, Ivy Gold got to keep their unison approach and personality. It’s a band that starts far beyond the take-off, thanks to the expertise and the long road traveled by its members. The album is expected to be out on March 12th. Definitely, they managed to record an excellent debut album, and we expect to see Ivy Gold hitting stages around the world soon.

суббота, 13 марта 2021 г.

The Safety of Life at Sea - Let the River Go

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2021
Time: 46:20 
Size: 106,9 MB 
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Penny Pincher - 3:25
 2. Get Serious - 2:39
 3. Keppel Street - 3:51
 4. Dead End Street - 3:14
 5. Believe - 3:26
 6. Road to Damascus - 4:08
 7. I Remember - 5:46
 8. Go Tell - 4:00
 9. Leap and the Net Will Appear - 6:34
10. A Good Time (feat. Amy Viola) - 2:51
11. Let the River Go - 3:41
12. Blues for Lee - 2:37

The Safety of Life at Sea formed in 2011 in Sydney, but now gallantly straddles the Blue Mountains with members on either side. The Safety of Life at Sea is a band with a distinctly vintage vibe, playing original songs inspired by blues and soul as well as the classic songwriters of the 60's and 70's. The grooves take a leaf out of the books of Stax and Motown, and the piano went for a weekend in New Orleans and never really came back. 

Shawn Pittman - Stompin' Solo

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2021
Time: 42:06 
Size: 96,7 MB 
Label: Continental Record Services
Styles: Classic Acoustic Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Mance's Rock - 2:25
 2. Leanin' Load - 2:41
 3. Ode to Texas - 3:02
 4. Fly Swattin' Woman - 2:47
 5. Talk Didn't Do No Good - 2:20
 6. Go Down Swingin' - 4:24
 7. Lightnin's Stomp - 1:47
 8. Somebody Gonna Lose, Somebody Gonna Win - 3:01
 9. No Such Thing - 3:46
10. Pressin' Your Luck - 2:22
11. Early in the Mornin' - 2:44
12. Take a Real Good Look - 3:05
13. Sweet Lovin' Mama - 3:04
14. That's Alright - 2:21
15. Spanish Flang Dang - 2:12

".....It never rains, but it pours does it? Only a few weeks ago I was talking to my brother about the lack of Blues Albums I was receiving and a few days later CRS sent a package with the Johnny Mastro album that I reviewed two weeks ago; and this Solo effort from Shawn Pittman.
To some degree I’m tired to the back teeth of albums ‘forced on artists’ because of the Covid Pandemic. Obviously I have every sympathy as I’m well aware that musicians have to make a living; but yikes …… show some imagination guys and girls!
Shawn Pittman has done just that; by selecting a bunch of Classic, Neo-Classic and barely known Blues tunes from across the ages that he can put his own indelible stamp on; in an acoustic fashion.
I don’t know nearly half of the songs and tunes here; but that only adds to the excitement I’ve felt right from the delightfully complex instrumental Mance’s Rock which opens proceedings and really sets the tone for what is to follow; starting with Leanin’ Load which could easily have been recorded in a Delta Shack some time pre-WWI if they’d only had the advantage of a 21st Century home studio that Shawn Pittman obviously has.
Pittman’s guitar playing is as intoxicating as I’d expected; or at least hoped …… as not every electric guitarist can play an acoustic with as much discernible skill; but Shawn can; but it’s his voice that has surprised me most of all; it’s damn near perfect for the the way these songs need to be sung …… heart, soul and fervour in equal measure.
There’s not a dud here; as Pittman slips and slides seamlessly between the soulful Go Down Swingin’ and Pressin’ Your Luck through the downright sleazy version of Johnny Guitar Watson’sSweet Lovin’ Momma and even getting your toes a’tappin on Lightnin’s Stomp but it’s when he gets low down and heartbreakingly honest; he’s at his best.
That’s Alright, Somebody’s Going to Win; Somebody’s Going to Lose and Pressin’ Your Luck that Shawn Pittman really comes alive and adds an extra dimension to what may have been tiresome cover versions in lesser hands (and we’ve all been in that bar, on that night!).
Speaking of which; I’d pay a Kings ransom to see Shawn Pittman in a greasy dive bar or Honky Tonk on a steamy Summer’s evening singing Fly Swattin’ Momma, Ode to Texas and especially No Such Thing, which will make you think you are time shifting back to the less than Roaring 20’s.
While this is a Long Player in the grand tradition and should be played in such a manner; Shawn Pittman somehow manages to make two songs sound very special indeed; and I have no idea how he creates the magic he does on the slide drenched Early in The Mornin’ and Take a Real Close Look which follows ……. but he does, therefore they tie for the title of RMHQ Favourite Track.
Obviously this type of raw acoustic Country-Blues won’t be to everyone’s taste; but if you are an admirer of the genres Roots you could do a lot worse than starting here; it’s a belter...."

Popa Chubby - Tinfoil Hat

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2021
Time: 47:31 
Size: 109,0 MB 
Label: Dixiefrog
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock 
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Tinfoil Hat - 4:06
 2. Baby Put On Your Mask - 2:45
 3. No Justice No Peace - 5:06
 4. Someday Soon (Change Is Gonna Come) - 4:15
 5. Can I Call You My Friends? - 3:51
 6. You Ain't Said Shit - 3:19
 7. Another Day In Hell - 6:08
 8. Boogie For Tony - 4:42
 9. Cognitive Dissonance - 4:23
10. Embee's Song - 4:25
11. 1968  Again - 4:27

Blues/rock guitar legend Popa Chubby to release new album, ‘Tin Foil Hat’ out March 31, 2021, written, recorded and engineered by Popa Chubby (Ted Horowitz) at Chubbyland Laboratories. Horowitz has been rocking the blues for more than 30 years  with his eclectic New York-style blues guitar, vocals and songwriting. Born in New York City in 1960, Popa Chubby began his career playing behind local heroes like punk poet Richard Hell and Irish songwriter Pierce Turner. He wasn’t content to be someone’s guitarist and made his label debut on the O-Keh/Sony label in 1995. He’s been a solo artist ever since and has consistently released original blues music that doesn’t conform to traditions. He fearlessly blends jazz, rock, funk and soul into his blues and is considered one of the most authentic musicians today. Poppa Chubby says, “We got off the road on March 12th, 2020 and our last show was in Key West, Fl. We barreled home in my Chevy van, no stopping. It seemed the world was on the verge of shutting down. I was home in isolation with a bunch of guitars, drums, amps, microphones, losing my mind. “I started writing songs. I wanted to make people feel better so the first was “Can I Call You My Friends?” The answer was a resounding yes. We had 30K hits on social media overnight and the outpouring of love was both healing and mind-boggling. So I continued writing and recording.”
Tin Foil Hat’ follows ‘It’s A Mighty Hard Road’ released March 2, 2020. A multi-faceted musician, Popa Chubby played all the instruments on ‘Tin Foil Hat,’ handled all vocals, and produced the album. He dedicates this release to all those who have passed due to coronavirus. Chubby continues, “This record is as true as I have ever been in 60 years on the planet. It’s birthed from love, desperation, fear, frustration, pain, sorrow, and resolution. Like you, I have been pushed to the limits of my humanity by the pandemic and I offer this work with humility and devotion to you all.” Popa Chubby is on tour and will be performing on Joe Bonamassa’s Keeping The Blues Alive at Sea VII Cruise with George Thorogood, Charlie Musselwhite, Samantha Fish, Eric Gales, Shemekia Copeland, and more.

пятница, 12 марта 2021 г.

The Bill Magee Blues Band - Steppin' Out

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1998
Time: 50:26 
Size: 115,9 MB 
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues
Art: Full 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Listen Girl (I Want to Be Your Lover) - 4:50
 2. Girl Stop Teasing Me - 5:33
 3. I Got Me a Good Woman - 6:56
 4. Steppin' Out [Instrumental] - 5:28
 5. Help Me - 3:58
 6. Next Time You See Me - 4:26
 7. Jasper Jam [Instrumental] - 9:08
 8. Jimmy Reed Medley - 5:06
 9. Comin' Home - 4:57

Born in Collins, Mississippi in 1943, blues guitarist/vocalist Bill Magee grew up listening to Muddy Waters, Elmore James and B.B. King on his father's small radio. At the age of 13, Bill moved to New York where he began to learn to play the blues. By age 20, he had begun to make a name for himself, playing for packed houses at the world famous Apollo Theater. Over the years, Bill has continued to play and now lives in San Diego, California, where he's enjoying great success on the local scene. On this CD, he presents some down-home Chicago-style blues joined by Jack Stiteler, Jasper Austin and Boyd Gardiner.