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пятница, 30 августа 2019 г.

Carl Weathersby - Live at Rosa's Lounge

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 39:20
Size: 90,3 MB
Label: Bearpath Records
Styles: Blues/Chicago Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Travelin' Man  (Live) - 3:30
 2. Danger All About  (Live) - 4:00
 3. Feels Like Rain  (Live) - 6:26
 4. Help Me Somebody  (Live) - 5:00
 5. Looking Out My Window  (Live) - 4:09
 6. We All Wanna Boogie  (Live) - 5:02
 7. Somebody Help Me  (Live) - 5:59
 8. Willingly  (Live) - 5:11

Carl Weathersby is a blues force of nature who has toured worldwide. This is his first release in 10 years; it was recorded over two unforgettable nights at Rosa's Lounge in Chicago. This is an instant classic, with raw power, elegance, and soul to spare.Carl Weathersby is a senior blues master who has been around too long to be as unnoticed as he is. Without slavish imitation, his playing bears in full the fruits of Weathersby's apprenticeship with the great Albert King, whom the young Carl understudied years ago, absorbing the King's impeccable use of timing, and his command of the microtonal magic that only an authentic bluesman can summon up to bare his inner feelings. His vocals demonstrate the years spent with the blues, rooted in Gospel. Strong and honest, the phrases of both guitar and voice resound -- and are the core of this bluesman's life and work. The fear is that years from now people will wonder why he wasn't given more attention, why more blues fans didn't give him his due. Perhaps it is because the man himself is kind, unassuming, and modest. No crazy rumors, scandals, or vicious attitudes bring him to the surface, just the music--only the music. It is time the blues world took notice. - Larry Hoffman

Live at Rosa's Lounge

Gary Eisenbraun - Blink of an Eye

Bitrate: 320 K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 70:15
Size: 161,0 MB
Label: Vision Childe
Styles: Rock/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Blink of an Eye - 5:49
 2. Can't Think About Love - 6:00
 3. Right Down the Middle - 5:11
 4. Easier Said Than Done - 5:12
 5. Time Catching up with Me - 6:32
 6. Hiding in Plain Sight - 5:18
 7. Drive It into the Ground - 7:22
 8. Coming up for Air - 5:54
 9. One More Shot to My Heart - 6:15
10. Another Lover on the Run - 4:57
11. Pale Moon - 5:29
12. Wind Me Up - 6:11

An album of blues rock compositions where songwriting and guitar both compete for lead dog role.
What makes this album different from previous ones? It's all rock and roll, but this one has more blues rock in it. I hate to use the term "blues rock" because my music doesn't fit tightly into that category. Look, I know that I'm not playing into the stereotype of this music, ...but rather the intent of the genre. This music has to move, or face extinction and I'm trying to move it in my own (humble) way. I'm proud of this album because my overall musical vision is becoming clearer. Not only that, but I feel like my song-writing is taking on more depth, my production skills are growing and I am finding out that the possibilities of a guitar...are endless. It's all... one more step down the road. Everything is endlessly changing and growing. I don't want to blink... or I might miss it.

Blink of an Eye

Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters - Beyond The Blue Door

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 72:45
Size: 167,8 MB
Label: Stony Plain Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Brand New Me - 4:31
 2. Baby How Long - 4:41
 3. Drown in my Own Tears - 4:01
 4. Alexis' Song - 1:38
 5. The Sweetest Man - 5:47
 6. It Takes a Lot to Laugh, it Takes a Train to Cry - 6:28
 7. A Soul That’s Been Abused - 9:56
 8. Why Can't We Live Together - 4:23
 9. Blues with a Feeling - 5:22
10. TBone Stomp - 3:06
11. Wolf Song - 4:56
12. Peace of Mind - 5:03
13. Drowning in a Sea of Love - 4:47
14. Bringing Light (to a Dark Time) - 4:26
15. Blues for Charlottesville - 3:33

Ronnie Earl is a three-time Blues Music Award winner as ?Guitar Player of the Year,? and was the hit of the most-recent Blues Music Awards show in Memphis with his show-stopping live performance of the Junior Wells classic, In the Wee Hours. Earl follows that up with the release of the latest CD from the blues guitar master and his band, the Broadcasters, ‘Beyond The Blue Door’. Ronnie Earl believes in the power of music to heal the mind and spirit, and that’s quickly evident in the 15 tracks on his new disc. Special guests on the new album include David Bromberg, acoustic guitar and vocals; Kim Wilson, harmonica and vocals; Greg Piccolo, tenor sax; Anthony Geraci, piano; and Peter Ward, guitar.‘Beyond The Blue Door’ confirms Earl’s status as one of the most soulful blues/soul/jazz guitarists working today. He’s also a DownBeat magazine winner for ?Blues Album of the Year,? an Associate Professor of Guitar at Berklee College of Music and has taught at the National Guitar summer workshop in Connecticut.

Beyond The Blue Door

Dave P. Moore - Fort Necessity

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 50:41
Size: 116,9 MB
Label: La 818
Styles: Modern Electric Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Fort Necessity - 5:07
 2. 420 Blues - 5:47
 3. Hank's Basement - 4:54
 4. Rainin' in the Delta - 4:39
 5. So Damn Mysterious Blues - 3:38
 6. I Oughta' Thank You (Oh but I'm Not) - 4:30
 7. Don't Put No Headstone on My Grave - 6:31
 8. Rain so Hard - 6:58
 9. Welcome Here Always (Some of the Time) - 4:23
10. You Gotta Move (When You Hear the Lord's Command) - 4:09

Work on this album lasted two years. I am grateful to all the musicians and the record company for their excellent work!

Fort Necessity

Ash Grunwald - Mojo

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 48:23
Size: 111,5 MB
Label: Bloodlines
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Hammer (feat. Terry Evans) - 4:53
 2. Ain't my Problem (feat. The Teskey Brothers) - 3:12
 3. Waiting Around to Die (feat. Joe Bonamassa, Josh Teskey & Ian Collard) - 4:17
 4. Whispering Voice (feat. Kasey Chambers) - 2:55
 5. Human (feat. Mahalia Barnes & Harry James Angus) - 4:20
 6. Trouble's Door (feat Mahalia Barnes & Kim Wilson) - 5:04
 7. Mountain (feat. Mahalia Barnes) - 3:21
 8. 3AM (feat. Harry James Angus & Ian Collard) - 4:36
 9. How Many More Years (feat. Eddy 'The Chief' Clearwater & Ian Collard) - 5:05
10. Whipping Boy (feat. Terry Evans) - 3:33
11. The Boogie - 3:12
12. Goin' Out West (feat. Kim Wilson) - 3:50

Ash Grunwald’s brand new album Mojo, his first in five years, will be released on 30 August.
Bloodlines are honoured to be Ash’s new label, further cementing a great partnership with Mushroom, who have been home to Ash’s publishing for 13 years.


The Flaming Mudcats - Gave You What You Wanted

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2011
Time: 52:41
Size: 123,1 MB
Label: Mudcat Musi
Styles: Blues/Harmonica Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Big City Mama - 4:19
 2. Champagne, Diamonds and a Fast Car - 4:54
 3. Gimme What You Got - 5:13
 4. Mudcat Boogie - 3:09
 5. Double D's - 4:32
 6. Devil Chasing Me - 2:52
 7. Five Star Lodge - 3:40
 8. Cool It Down - 4:50
 9. Sugar Mama - 3:26
10. New Technology Blues - 5:26
11. Hate to Lose You - 3:01
12. I Wait for You - 3:26
13. Twenty Dollar Gig - 3:49

Craig Bracken - Vocals and Harmonica
Doug Bygrave - Guitar
Sean McCarthy - Bass Guitar
Ian Thomson - Drums
Simen Aanerud - Piano and Keyboards
Murray Patten - Hammond
Justin Roys - Percussion
Margaret McLaughlin - Backing Vocals

The Flaming Mudcats have a distinctive and powerful sound, influenced by a diversity of musical backgrounds and experiences. More than just a straight ahead blues band the Mudcats incorporate a mixture of a many different styles, as they band swing, shuffle and get low-down in their devotion to the sounds of the Blues, R&B and Rock 'n' Roll.

Gave You What You Wanted

Angela Strehli - Blue Highway

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2005
Time: 43:03
Size: 100,4 MB
Label: M.C. Records
Styles: Electric Blues/Texas Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Austin's Home Of The Blues - 4:44
 2. Blue Highway - 4:17
 3. Hello My Lover - 3:36
 4. SRV - 4:29
 5. Slipped, Tripped, And Fell In Love - 3:38
 6. I Don't Know Why - 4:05
 7. Lord, Don't Move The Mountain - 3:20
 8. Headed South - 4:51
 9. Always Love You - 4:21
10. C.O.D. - 5:36

This is Angela's first studio recording in seven years. It is true a tour de force which contains all of the elements which have forged her unique style, blues, americana and great songwriting. The album kicks off with a tribute Angela wrote for the documentary film Antones: Austin's Home of the Blues. Next comes the title track, Blue Highway, an instant classic which features pals Marcia Ball and Maria Muldaur, followed by Hello My Lover, originally done by Ernie K-Doe, but transformed here into an irresistible duet with Paul Thorn. Next is a stirring tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan, who championed her time and again in his career. Then she lightens the mood with Slipped, Tripped, and Fell in Love, followed by a hard-hitting original blues I Don't Know Why. Before you can catch your breath, Strehli launches into Inez Andrew's Don't Move My Mountain with a commanding performance. Then an unexpected surprise which illuminates her love of all things Mexican, Headed South. Finally, a bittersweet ballad, Always Love You, brings a soothing moment before the album's fitting closer from Stevie Ray Vaughan Live At Carnegie Hall, the absolutely smoking C.O.D.. Every step of the way, Blue Highway will lead you on a journey you'll want to take time and time again.

Blue Highway

Angela Strehli - Deja Blue

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1998
Time: 40:04
Size: 91,9 MB
Label: House of Blues
Styles: Electric Blues/Texas Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Cut You Loose - 3:50
 2. A Stand By Your Woman Man - 3:33
 3. Deja Blue - 4:23
 4. A Man I Can Love - 3:35
 5. Boogie Like You Wanna - 3:05
 6. Give Me Love - 3:13
 7. Still A Fool - 4:24
 8. Close Together - 3:17
 9. Hey, Miss Tonya - 3:16
10. Too Late - 4:51
11. Where The Sun Never Goes Down - 2:33

This Lady is Clearly one of the Top "7" Female Blues Singer's in the World Today...Her Style and Her Voice are Stunning and Incredible and she has the Power to Captivate and Control any Audience for as Long as She Wants Too... All of Her Albums are EXCELLENT but "Deja Blue" Definitely Needed feedback...
Strehli then sang as a backing vocalist for James Polk and the Brothers and assisted with Storm, which had been formed by Cowdrey and Jimmie Vaughan. In 1972, she was a founding member of Southern Feeling, along with W. C. Clark and Denny Freeman. Three years later Strehli became the stage manager and sound technician at Antone's, a nightclub in Austin, Texas. ... Strehli has either recorded, toured or performed with Andy Santana, Elvin Bishop and Pinetop Perkins, and appeared at festivals including Notodden Blues Festival, Long Beach Blues Festival, Edmonton's Labatt Blues Festival and the San Francisco Blues Festival. In 2003, she recorded music for the tribute album, Shout, Sister, Shout: A Tribute to Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Deja Blue

четверг, 29 августа 2019 г.

Chris Thomas King - Rise

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2006
Time: 46:49
Size: 107,4 MB
Label: 21st Century Blues
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. What Would Jesus Do? - 4:05
 2. Faith - 5:25
 3. Baptized in Dirty Water - 5:06
 4. Flow Mississippi Flow - 4:10
 5. St. James Infirmary - 4:38
 6. When Magnolias Bloom - 3:43
 7. Big Yellow Taxi - 3:23
 8. Like a Hurricane (Ghost of Marie Laveau) - 5:06
 9. Deepest Ocean - 4:31
10. 'Tis the Last Rose of Summer - 4:13
11. What a Wonderful World - 2:24

New Orleans musician Chris Thomas King lost both a home and a recording studio when Hurricane Katrina had landfall at the close of summer in 2005, and it's hardly startling that his album Rise takes Katrina and the devastating aftermath of the storm as a central theme. The result is a tremendously elegiac outing, and even when King goes up-tempo, as he does on a cover of Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi," the song itself is all about incalculable loss and the incredible indifference of contemporary America to its own personal history. Things are drowning and washing away in song after song on Rise, and King isn't afraid to name names. In "Faith," the song's narrator clings to a rooftop as bodies float by and he realizes that President Bush is in a plane over New Orleans in the same instant, and it is a powerful moment that literally defines the notion of differing perspectives. Does he really care, the narrator wonders. Rise deals with loss, death and the hope for rebirth in mostly hushed tones, and while many still think of King as primarily a blues artist, the album is really closer to a kind of pop gospel outing, only stripped of much of the certainty and joy that gospel usually conveys. Rise is King's personal revaluation of America, and the truths he examines are unclear, as perhaps they have always been. Although it works as one long and mostly melancholy suite, a few of Rise's songs do stand out, like the ominous and ultimately resigned "Flow Mississippi Flow," a lightly rewritten version of "St. James Infirmary" (certainly one of the most death-haunted songs in the whole history of American music) and the elegant "'Tis the Last Rose of Summer," which is dedicated to King's mother, who passed in December of 2005. King didn't record this album to further his career so much as a way to stumble towards an understanding of America in the 21st century, using Katrina as a necessary lens. Again, he doesn't come up with answers, but sometimes it's the questions that matter most, although asking why, King suggests, isn't particularly useful when everything has been washed away. What now, is the real question, and the answer to that question is still up in the air. The nature of modern media is to move on to the next thing. King and others whose lives were forever changed by Katrina and its aftermath don't have that option.


Chris Thomas King - Why My Guitar Screams & Moans

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2004
Time: 47:43
Size: 110,0 MB
Label: 21st Century Blues
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock/R&B/Soul Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Starr - 4:06
 2. Action (Interlude) - 0:07
 3. Kiss - 4:37
 4. Legend - 3:56
 5. Song For Mama - 4:07
 6. King Snake - 3:31
 7. Juke Joint Lover - 4:04
 8. Louisiana Party - 3:42
 9. Come Home Tonight - 4:14
10. Down - 3:35
11. Wicked - 4:08
12. Scream - 3:30
13. Cracked - 3:59

Chris Thomas King is a multifaceted guy. Aside from being an actor (he played Lowell Fulson in the Ray Charles biopic Ray and also appeared in O Brother, Where Art Thou?), he produced, arranged, engineered, sang all the vocals, played all the instruments (except for the horns), and wrote all but one of the tracks on Why My Guitar Screams & Moans, then released it on his own 21st Century Blues label. The result is an impressive contemporary album that is less blues than blues-informed, and it exhibits a wide range of styles while remaining inclusive and cohesive. Although there are some fairly straight-ahead blues cuts here ("King Snake," "Juke Joint Lover," "Wicked"), King's vision takes the blues as the foundation of contemporary pop music rather than a destination point, which means there is as much R&B, funk, and urban soul in these tracks as there is blues. The opener, "Starr," and the closer, the viciously anticrack song "Cracked," bear some resemblance to the great urban commentaries of Curtis Mayfield, while King dials up the funk for an honorable cover of Prince's "Kiss," then goes neo-soul for "Come Home Tonight." Tying everything together, and making this album feel unified in spite of the different styles, is King's blazing electric guitar, which snakes and cuts through these tracks with a bone-rattling tone. Most contemporary blues players use the blues as a way to connect with the past, while King (much like Otis Taylor) uses the form as a fulcrum to vault into the 21st century, which explains why his guitar lines scream and moan more than they gently weep.

Why My Guitar Screams & Moans

David 'Fathead' Newman - I Remember Brother Ray

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2005
Time: 50:44
Size: 116,2 MB
Label: High Note
Styles: Jazz/Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Hit the Road Jack - 5:44
 2. Georgia on My Mind - 7:20
 3. When Your Lover Has Gone - 5:05
 4. Drown in My Tears - 6:15
 5. Deed I Do - 5:27
 6. It Had to Be You - 5:32
 7. Ruby - 9:44
 8. Them That Got (I Ain't Got Nothing Yet) - 5:32

With the new Ray Charles biopic in the headlines, we can expect an avalanche of 'tribute' CDs by all and sundry, but Newman really has the right credentials. He worked with the man for more than a decade and it was his laconic tenor saxophone that put extra spice into such classic albums as Ray Charles at Newport. When he plays Charles favourites such as 'Georgia on my Mind' and 'Drown in my Tears', he does so with exactly the same soulful directness. He plays like a singer, stating the melody with broad strokes and making it his own with turns of phrase and elegant little asides. With a just rhythm section and vibraphone for accompaniment, he has everything he needs to create an eloquent and memorable set.

I Remember Brother Ray

Ben Racine Band - Live a Montreal

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 63:19
Size: 145,8 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Addiction - 4:49
 2. Too Busy Being Pretty - 5:22
 3. Contagious - 4:02
 4. Modus Operandi - 5:00
 5. The Pleasure's All Mine - 3:43
 6. Cuttin'In - 4:36
 7. One of a Kind - 2:48
 8. Southbound Girl - 3:48
 9. No Smoke Without Fire - 3:36
10. Grand New Brew - 4:29
11. Bootprint - 4:38
12. Mighty Good Time - 3:20
13. Presentation/Merci - 0:59
14. Snap Jab - 5:00
15. Move on - 3:27
16. Can't Wait to See You Again - 3:36

After 10 years in the game, we are at a crucial point in our development.
Since the release of our well received first album "One Of A Kind" (2012), nominated for best recording at the Maple Blues Awards in Toronto, the band has garnered a solid reputation by backing up international artists such as Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne, Curtis Salgado, Thornetta Davis, Shakura S’Aida, Angel Forrest and most of all, Dawn Tyler Watson.
Our close collaboration with Dawn led us to the 2017 International Blues Challenge in Memphis where she came in first in the 'Band' category and where Ben was named best guitarist in the finals by winning the Albert King Award. We’ve been playing blues festivals worldwide ever since and we can’t wait to hit the road again this summer.
This spring season, we decided to record a few of our shows as the Ben Racine Band with the aim of releasing a live album and we are quite happy with the results! We have 15 tracks we’d love for you to hear!
Recording is only the first phase of the project and we would appreciate your help for the rest. Your collaboration would contribute to final mixing, mastering, artwork, pressing and promotion of the album.
Thank you for reading and for you support!

Live a Montreal

Victor Wainwright and the WildRoots - Beale Street to the Bayou

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2009
Time: 56:31
Size: 129,6 MB
Label: Wild Roots Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Mighty Man - 3:52
 2. Planet Earth - 4:29
 3. Sold Down River - 1:15
 4. Long Way To Go - 4:34
 5. Blues In The Rain - 5:27
 6. What You Want - 3:48
 7. WildRoot Jam - 4:02
 8. School Of Hard Knocks - 4:21
 9. Not Afraid - 3:33
10. Square - 4:45
11. Sweet Louise - 3:44
12. Blues Grass - 2:51
13. What'd I Say - 5:23
14. Beale Street To The Bayou - 4:21

Victor Wainwright's band the WildRoots are quickly establishing themselves as one of the best good-time bands on the blues bar and festival circuit. What they offer is a broad-based and even eclectic range of music, everything from jazz-swing and acoustic rural sounds to upbeat party music based in electric blues. Wainwright is also as diverse, playing a variety of different keyboards while singing with a slightly rough edge that might remind listeners of John Hammond, Jr. Bassist/producer Stephen Dees wrote or co-wrote nearly all of these tunes in typical themes that anyone can relate to. The cool swing-to-rock beat of "Mighty Man," the ultra-funk "Wild Root Jam," and a take on the Ray Charles evergreen "What'd I Say" complete with Farfisa organ give a strong indication of what has influenced Wainwright. Then there's the slide guitar- and harmonica-infused "Sold Down River" or tale of lost love "Not Afraid" that indicate the bandleader also has deep roots in folk-blues. Even hard rock is not beyond their purview as they do an energetic cover of the Pat Travers hit "School of Hard Knocks." There's something for everybody courtesy of Wainwright and his talented band, the perfect group to see live, or to have a primer to their next roadhouse gig.

Beale Street to the Bayou

вторник, 27 августа 2019 г.

Dreamerz&Co. - Old Habits Die Hard

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 40:41
Size: 93,7 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Everybody - 3:18
 2. MC Blues - 2:10
 3. Every Single Day - 3:53
 4. Old Habits Die Hard - 2:58
 5. She's Alright (And You're Not) - 3:52
 6. These Damned Things - 3:08
 7. Demons - 3:40
 8. Wanna Thank You - 3:53
 9. Take Good Care of Yourself - 3:19
10. Since You've Been Gone - 2:10
11. Payback Time - 2:15
12. No Rain - 2:42
13. Drone Blues - 3:15

All tracks of this album are blues or blues based! Up-tempo or melancholic songs, blues riffs and sizzling slide-guitar, blues with a classic twist or country blues, it's all on this album!
Authentic blues tell stories about the essentials of life in just a few words. Direct and simple as the blues can be, the genre is appealing and Dreamerz&Co. have taken the blues' lesson seriously. According to Jazzcorner (March 17, 2019): "Carrying the gritty spirit of British blues, the veteran collective Dreamerz&Co. is deeply rooted in the classics of Muddy Waters and B.B. King."
Drawing from these roots, we give the blues a modern twist. We hope you enjoy our music and agree with us that "The blues are here to stay!"

Old Habits Die Hard

Coco Montoya - Coming In Hot

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 48:58
Size: 115,5 MB
Label: Alligator Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Good Man Gone - 3:48
 2. Coming In Hot - 3:25
 3. Stop Runnin' Away from my Love - 5:12
 4. Lights Are on But Nobody's Home - 6:56
 5. Stone Survivor - 3:54
 6. What Am I? - 4:10
 7. Ain't It a Good Thing - 3:48
 8. I Wouldn't Wanna Be You - 4:39
 9. Trouble - 4:00
10. Witness Protection - 4:12
11. Water to Wine - 4:49

Red-hot blues/rock guitarist, vocalist, and fan favorite Coco Montoya is revved up and rocking the house on his new album Coming In Hot, which hits the pavement August 23rd, 2019 on Alligator Records. Montoya is almost four decades into his blues career and displays the kind of masterful touch as both a guitarist and front man on his new record that only comes from giving one’s life over to the musical art. Produced by Tony Braunagel, Coming In Hot features Montoya doing his guitar-and-vocal show in front of an A-List band and contains no shortage of wonderful moments. Coco shows more taste, melodic sense, and creativity than most modern-day blues guitar players and he becomes more inspiring and engaging the closer you listen.Montoya began his life in the blues playing drums for the legendary Albert Collins in the mid-1970s, later becoming the band’s rhythm guitarist under The Iceman’s tutelage. His guitar talents were later spotted by the equally legendary British bluesman John Mayall and Montoya became the lead player in Mayall’s Bluesbreakers outfit, a spot originally held down by Eric Clapton. By the time Montoya went solo in 1993, he’d developed his own incendiary style of singing and playing that made him a rising star almost immediately. Coming In Hot is his tenth solo effort to date and his fifth on Alligator. Even with all that music behind him, Montoya continues to grow as an artist and push himself to new heights. Montoya’s material is particularly well-chosen on Coming In Hot and that’s a huge deal in roots music. Too many artists track generic three-chord songs that are little more than vehicles for extended soloing. The tunes here would stand on their own without any guitar bravado and that’s what makes this set so listenable. The opening cut, “Good Man Gone,” is a thoroughly contagious blend of blues, soul, and rock influences that relates the eternal story of bad luck in love in a way that people will understand and, more importantly, will remember. Montoya shows more identity than most and easily stands out, even in a crowded playing field like the modern blues scene. The title track, “Coming In Hot,” is, indeed, a high-temperature affair that’s built on a tom-tom-based groove that is a certified people mover. Montoya drives the song hard and shows it who’s boss and turns in impressive performances on both guitar and vocals. A couple unexpected breakdowns keep it interesting, as does the tight, strong ending. Coco also does a fine job on Albert Collins’ “Lights Are On But Nobody’s Home.” It’s a slow blues with a jazzy turnaround that gives Montoya plenty of space for emotive vocals and deeply melodic and well-phrased guitar solos. He can sting it like his old boss did but adds his own lines that are packed with color and vibe. "Stone Survivor” is a mid-speed strut all about the resilience it takes to succeed in the blues and sports some fine piano playing by keyboardist Mike Finnigan. Coco sings it the way he’s lived it, putting down some Truth and turning up the heat. “Witness Protection” is funky and unpredictable, featuring the band grooving hard and Montoya hiding out from yet another evil-doing lover. It’s a deep cut but well worth investigating. The closer, “Water To Wine,” is a rollicking shuffle with fun, slightly bawdy lyrics and more hot guitar slinging that takes Coming In Hot out on an upbeat feel. It comes across like the final song of a great live show and will send blues aficionados home talking and ready for more. Coco Montoya sounds better than ever on this set and that’s saying something. Give it a spin and hear the man firsthand.

Coming In Hot

четверг, 22 августа 2019 г.

Patrick Hardman - Time Has A Way

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 59:44
Size: 137,3 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Rockin' Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Music 28 - 4:35
 2. Tess - 3:30
 3. Heart Remembers - 3:44
 4. Time Has A Way - 3:44
 5. Prisoner After All - 4:16
 6. Creeps Suzette - 3:02
 7. In These Rooms - 3:22
 8. Usta Love Me - 5:50
 9. Telephone Lover - 5:06
10. Please Don't Say That - 5:32
11. Does It Make A Sound - 3:56
12. My Baby's Back - 3:32
13. Love & Love Only - 3:44
14. Sonoma - 5:45

Traditional and rockin'n blues. Inspirational Americana.
Here then are expressions of gratitude for the kind and loving energy and the creative talent that made this recording possible. First, gratitude for that universal creative life force that allows for and inspires appreciation for beauty and art. A great big thank you to my wife, Phyllis, for always supporting my creative endeavor, for her original art on a cover and years of love, patience, and encouragement. Great gratitude and love to my dear friend Michael Adams for the support, encouragement, technical expertise, excellent musicianship, patience, and artistic guidance that resulted in this album, the realization of a lifelong dream. To Michael’s wife Carolyn for the support, the sacrifice of her home and several Golden State warriors games, and providing delicious and healthful nutrition on many a night. Also great thanks to David Adams for his technical assistance and vision by getting the images and lyrics into final form. Heartfelt appreciation to Stephen Anderson for his excellent contribution on keyboards on Music 28, The Heart Remembers, Does it Make a Sound, and Love and Love Only. Also much appreciation to Jeremiah O’Neill for contributing beautiful banjo on the title track, Time Has a Way
Patrick Hardman: vocals and harmonica
Michael Adams: all guitars, bass, drums, background vocals
Michael Adams: recording/engineering/mixing
all songs written by Patrick Hardman

Time Has A Way

Pretty Kenny - Soul Blues & Grooves

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 54:47
Size: 125,6 MB
Label: Open Lane / Yaa Bigg Ent
Styles: Blues/Funky Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Good Thang - 7:52
 2. The Weather Man - 5:00
 3. For the Party - 4:24
 4. Church Sista - 4:55
 5. Listen Girl - 4:09
 6. Mr. - 6:11
 7. Bad Girls - 5:13
 8. Thunderbolt Mountain - 4:34
 9. If You Got the Time - 5:27
10. Only Here 4 the Moment - 6:58

Pretty Kenny album Soul Blues & Grooves is a experience of Funk Blues and Soul.

Soul Blues & Grooves

Bishop Bullwinkle - The Da Vinci Code

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 34:32
Size: 82,4 MB
Label: Music Access, Inc
Styles: Gospel/Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Mama - 6:20
 2. Do You Hear Me - 3:33
 3. Beast Of Burden - 4:25
 4. You Do too - 4:02
 5. Pouring Water - 3:37
 6. No Woman, No Cry - 5:38
 7. Some Preachers - 4:09
 8. Is It Real - 2:44

Bernard Thomas (August 22, 1948 – June 16, 2019), better known as Bishop Bullwinkle, was an American pastor and singer best known for appearing in the viral YouTube video "Hell 2 Da Naw Naw". Bishop Bullwinkle's real name was Bernard Thomas. The Bullwinkle part of his name came from a childhood nickname; while in school, a  lassmate of his wrote on the bulletin board, "Bernard Thomas is funny like Bullwinkle the moose".He was based in Florida. Thomas died on June 16, 2019 from complications of a heart attack.

The Da Vinci Code

Alex Lopez - Yours Truly, Me...

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 44:23
Size: 101,9 MB
Label: Maremil Records
Styles: Funky Blues/Pop Rock met veel vintage invloeden
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Woe is me - 4:29
 2. Tush - 3:42
 3. Take me back home* - 4:59
 4. I'm a working man - 3:10
 5. I'm a losing it* - 4:06
 6. I love you blues* - 3:14
 7. I Can't Stop* - 3:35
 8. I will miss you - 4:01
 9. Chase my blues away - 1:22
10. All I really want is you - 3:52
11. Sinful - 4:27
12. Cheating Blues* - 3:22

Alex Lopez - guitar and vocals;
Kenny Hoye - keyboards;
Steve Roberts - bass;
David Nunez - drums.
Steve Pagano - bass & Michael Maxim - drums on:
"I'm a losing it", "I love you blues", "Cheating blues".
Special Guest:
Vocalist - Ellie Carr on "Sinful"
Guest Horn section: Carlos Ortiz and Jule Boyer

Tampa based singer/songwriter Alex Lopez explains the meaning behind the title of his fourth album, “Yours Truly, Me,” as “a simple collection of songs, no theme or concept, except to create the best music possible.” The guitarist grew up in the rock ‘n’ roll heartland of Cleveland Ohio and settled in Florida after college, where he has honed his skills as an entertainer, soaking up all the influences that meld together in the sunshine state from Latin to Southern Rock, smooth jazz and R&B. Backed by his touring band, The Xpress, featuring Kenny Hoye on keyboards, Steve Roberts on bass and drummer David Nunez, Lopez moves easily from British blues to soul and jazzy pop, on eleven original tracks and an inspired cover of a Texas blues rock classic. The opening track, ‘Woe Is Me,’ introduces us to the gritty tenor vocals and expressive guitar work from Lopez on a tale of tough love that starts out with a shifting current but ends on smooth sailing guitar outro. Next up the band reinvents a ZZ Top standard ‘Tush,’ as a sophisticated urban blues, swapping the shuffle for a modern funk rock groove peppered with hot Hammond B3. Lopez then picks up an acoustic to bring in the first of what he tags as redux tracks that have been reworked from a previous recording, delivering ‘Take Me Back Home’ as an easy-going blues. The tempo jumps up for the pumping rocker ‘I’m A Working Man,’ and a hot go-go beat opens the Motown inspired ‘I’m A Losing It’ that is nicely spiced up by hot horn hits from Carlos Ortiz and Jule Boyer. Lopez gets passionate for the emotional ballad ‘I Love You Blues,’ featuring fine piano work from Hoye. Lopez channels Richie Valens on the Chicano rock ‘n’ roll boogie ‘I Can’t Stop,’ then his guitar channels Eric Clapton on the sentimental ‘I Will Miss You.’  The lovely acoustic sonnet, ‘Chase My Blues Away,’ is slipped into the set for a quick palette cleanser before Lopez and crew play out the Latin pop fused ‘All I Really Want Is You.’ Special guest Elle Carr joins Lopez for the duet ‘Sinful,’ bringing her sultry alto from Somerset to the project, perfectly playing the foil to Lopez on the sizzling tango that should prove to be the highlight of the album. The horn section joins in again on ‘Cheating Blues,’ adding spice and fire to the Chicano rock party finale. Alex Lopez and The Xpress have much to be proud of on this strong fourth release, “Yours Truly, Me,” taking another bold step forward on their mission to make a positive impact on people’s
lives through their music.

Yours Truly, Me...

Professor Louie & The Crowmatix - Songs Of Inspiration

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 41:28
Size: 95,4 MB
Label: Woodstock Records
Styles: Blues/Roots/Americana
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. I Shall Not Be Moved - 2:49
 2. Up Above My Head - 3:33
 3. I'm On My Way - 4:17
 4. Rivers Of Babylon - 3:32
 5. You'll Never Walk Alone - 4:11
 6. Open Hand Open Heart - 3:58
 7. Glory Now - 4:15
 8. Melody Of Peace - 4:04
 9. Motherless Child - 3:50
10. Angel Band - 3:03
11. Daughters & Sons - 3:51

Professor Louie & The Crowmatix Roots Music Royalty - playing the fabric of American Music In 2019 their Songs Of Inspiration CD will be released on The Woodstock Records label inspired by Professor Louie & The Crowmatix with The Empire State Orchestra & Choir performances at The NY Capital Region's 2018 premiere holiday extravaganza! The four night sold out performances at The Proctors Theater in Schenectady, filmed for The CBS 6 TV Special Melodies Of Christmas NY in front of 15,000 people, viewed by three million people on CBS 6. This show over the past help raise over $8,000,000 for The Children's Hospital at the Melodies Ward in Albany Med NY. Professor Louie has emerged in the music industry as the torchbearer of the true spirit of American Roots music. Seasoned live performer, prolific recording artist and versatile multi-instrumentalist Professor Louie also wears the hat of award-winning recording producer and engineer, capturing the talents of some of the world's most highly acclaimed musicians, most notably, The Band. Grammy Nominated Professor Louie & The Crowmatix were the studio band for Aaron Professor Louie's musical productions for the The Band. Rick Danko christened him Professor Louie due to his work with The Band. Louie collaborated with them for over 17 Years. Professor Louie & The Crowmatix have released 14 CDs and maintain a steady performance schedule Their CD Crowin' The Blues was voted top 50 CD's of 2017 by RMR In 2018, their EP The Lost Band Tracks-Funzalo/Woodstock Records received great reviews and radio airplay. Professor Louie Keys-Accordion,Vocals collaborated with The Band for 17 years. John Platania Guitar-Vocals known for his performances with Van Morrison. Gary Burke Drums performed with Bob Dylan's The Rolling Thunder Review. Miss Marie Vocals-Percussionist-Keys preformed, recorded with Levon Helm, Rick Danko, Garth Hudson. Frank Campbell Bass-Vocals Levon Helm's Music Director with the Woodstock All-stars.

Songs Of Inspiration

Lance Canales - These Hands

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2008
Time: 50:18
Size: 115,3 MB
Label: Blues/Acoustic Blues
Styles: Black Oak Records
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. San Joaquin - 3:58
 2. Cotton Wood River - 5:09
 3. Aboriginal Alien - 6:14
 4. Yokuts Valley - 5:37
 5. Pain and Tears - 6:37
 6. 45 Mph - 4:09
 7. Clear Eyes Strait Hands - 3:04
 8. Ruin - 4:36
 9. Going Down South Texas - 3:40
10. Desert Wind - 3:58
11. Lonsome Wind - 3:11

This Album is a must have. The vocals and Acoustic Guitar melodeys are strong and powerful,the Native American flute speacks to the soul. Truely American roots music at it best.
Lance Canales Bio
is a singer-song writer, Native American flute player, and accomplished recording artist. He is said to carry the deep soulful vocals of the ancestors in many of his songs accompanied by guitar, flute and various other percussion instruments. He is known for his Cigar Box Guitar Delta blues originals that go back to the roots of blues slide music. He has opened up for many great performers including Native American artists, Rita Coolidge, Branscom Richmond, Floyd Red Crow Westerman and has performed at numerous music festivals through out California, on a tour that covered the United States, to the Native American Television Network and PBS and has been featured on many national radio stations including the international Native American radio program “Earth Songs”.
Lance’s is known for bringing forth a different sound from the Native American wood flute and reed flute. His flute playing style is said to be representative of the old traditional sounds of California Native culture. Lance was also a co-founder with NAFTA of a program designed to reintroduce the flute and other traditional instruments to the native youth of California.

These Hands

среда, 21 августа 2019 г.

Dave Kyle - Looking Back

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 51:32
Size: 118,8 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Harmonica Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Tumbleweed - 2:04
 2. Too Late in the Day - 3:46
 3. Is It Raining Where You Are - 2:22
 4. The Night Belongs to Him - 4:18
 5. Just to be Trusted - 3:42
 6. Dark Place in My Soul - 3:28
 7. Plain Jane - 2:30
 8. Relentless - 3:49
 9. Enough's Enough - 2:38
10. The Bounce - 1:11
11. The Book of Love - 3:11
12. Man on the Run - 3:12
13. Old Jim - 5:22
14. Tumbleweed 2000 - 3:19
15. Matchbox (Live) - 3:20
16. Hoy Hoy Hoy (Live) - 3:14

Blues with a Rocking, Country feel, both acoustic and electric with guest appearances by Danny Gatton and Steve Rusin, harmonica player extraordinaire. Hard to pin down, style wise but enjoyable throughout.
Dave Kyle is releasing his first CD after a career of playing on other people's recordings. He began pitching songs to publishers and labels in Nashville in 1973 and worked as a background singer and guitarist for some of the industry's most well known artists. Having played on Nashville's Saturday Morning Show on WSMV-TV, the local NBC affiliate, he worked with such greats as Chet Atkins, Lonnie Mack, Duane Eddy, Charlie McCoy, Boots Randolph, Tracy Nelson, Jack Green and several other Nashville luminaries.
He played and sang live with artist, Chet Atkins, Kix Brooks, James Burton, Paulette Carlson (Highway 101), Marty Haggard, Billy Dean, Wolfman Jack, the Drifters, Del Reeves to name just a few. He has opened for many other famous acts including, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Leroy Parnell, Lacey J. Dalton, Gary Morris, Three Dog Night, Jimmy C. Newman and Skeeter Davis to name a few. His singing landed him on recordings with several well known artists, Alan Jackson, Vince Gill, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Marty Stuart, Garth Brooks and nearly every recording artist in Nashville for a TV show on the Grand Ol' Opry, which he also performed on with Johnny Russell.
As a sideline, Dave wrote for Vintage Guitar magazine where he interviewed Chet Atkins, Danny Gatton, Gregg Allman, Marty Stuart, Roy Rogers, Waylon Jennings, Carl Perkins, Scotty Moore as well as several other well known guitarists and guitar makers. At the same time he began selling vintage musical instruments as Dave Kyle Guitars. There, he was chosen to help Waylon Jennings sell off his inventory at the time Jennings stopped touring. He was also consigned one of George Harrison's guitars and John Lennon's Melatron.
After moving from Nashville to Southern California in 2005 he dropped out of the business for a time until his friend and harmonica player extraordinaire, Steve Rusin talked him into putting this album together with his help. Kyle gathered together what he considered his best demos from his time pitching songs and recorded some all new material, giving the title, "Looking Back" a true meaning. Containing 16 songs, all original except for one with guitar great, Danny Gatton and another older recording of his '70s band Kid Lizard, these songs show the progression of his writing, singing and playing over a career spanning some forty years.

Looking Back

Truth - Machine

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2008
Time: 59:56
Size: 139,3 MB
Label: Grooveyard Records
Styles: Heavy Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Freedom - 2:59
 2. Respect - 3:51
 3. Over and over - 3:36
 4. Generation stupid - 3:24
 5. Machine - 3:13
 6. Hold out - 4:40
 7. Stand in line - 4:36
 8. Angel - 4:21
 9. Can I be forgiven - 2:46
10. Big Al - 2:42
11. Self control - 5:16
12. Out of control - 3:21
13. High and low - 4:20
14. Tormented - 3:51
15. Heavy rain - 6:53

Brilliant debut studio disc from outstanding Swedish heavy guitar rockers, featuring 15 tracks (60 minutes) of exceptional, mind-blowing, top-shelf, muscular, bluesy heavy guitar riffage and powerful, melodic vox that is guaranteed to rock your world.


Derrin Nauendorf - Skin Of The Earth

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2008
Time: 39:21
Size: 91,1 MB
Label: RUF Records
Styles: Blues/Singer-Songwriters
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Skin Of The Earth - 5:02
 2. Michelle - 2:51
 3. Push The River - 4:24
 4. Pride Before A Fall - 3:07
 5. The Round-Up - 3:47
 6. Mystery Child - 4:40
 7. Everyone's got a Plan - 3:36
 8. Most of the Time - 5:02
 9. Not Alone - 4:36
10. Sometime - 2:10

Determined to make something of his music career, five years ago Derrin Nauendorf arrived at Heathrow airport from Australia with a guitar, ?1200 and several extra layers of clothing. Derrin spent those next five years playing anywhere that would have him, sleeping on floors and living on tuna baguettes. Things looked up when he purchased an old Post Office van, which then became his home for the next six months. More importantly, it allowed him to get gigs, and essentially his music, out into the real depths of the UK. Over 1000 gigs later, Derrin finds himself with fans not only in England, but Scotland, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France and his native Australia too. He has since managed to sell over 12,000 albums from the back of that van, and become a bit of a hit on the festival circuit too. This new release looks set to be even bigger. Derrin's songwriting skills have taken him up several levels, his voice has more depth and soul than ever before, and his repertoire has expanded to encompass ballads, mid tempo songs and upbeat tracks.

Skin Of The Earth

Bar 12 - Start The Machine

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2006
Time: 53:01
Size: 127,4 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Rock/Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. The Desert - 4:13
 2. Don't Tell Her You Love Her - 3:05
 3. Slow Blues - 9:03
 4. Soul Shine - 5:25
 5. Hotel Del Rio - 4:27
 6. Boots - 5:40
 7. Wish You Were Here - 5:42
 8. Take Me To The River - 6:08
 9. Going To California - 4:52
10. Comin' Home - 4:21

Lance Alan - vocals, guitar;
Josh Turner - vocals, guitar;
Studio musicians:
Joe Neelo - kegs, mandolin;
Michael Kora - drums;
Bob DeGeorge - bass.

On this album, the group recorded their compositions and compositions of famous authors and musicians.

Start The Machine

Keith Thompson & Strange Brew - Out Of The Smoke

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2002
Time: 47:31
Size: 109,4 MB
Label: Brambus
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Tumblin' Dice - 3:38
 2. Could've Been Somebody - 3:46
 3. Stealing Back My Heart - 3:13
 4. Strange Brew - 6:07
 5. Power Of Love - 4:20
 6. Beat The System - 3:05
 7. In Your Arms - 4:24
 8. Under Your Shadow - 3:33
 9. Not The Same As Love - 3:45
10. Let You Go - 4:24
11. All Over Now - 3:25
12. Promised Land - 3:48

British Blues/Rock. Kick Ass with class. This artist combines his experience as a guitarist with his skills as a successful songwriter to come up with a blend of UK Blues/Rock that cooks.

Out Of The Smoke

Keith Thompson - Keith Thompson & Strange Brew

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2000
Time: 58:00
Size: 132,8 MB
Label: Brambus Records
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Cat Scratch Crazy - 3:53
 2. You Don't Know Me - 2:52
 3. I'm Tore Down - 4:11
 4. Reduce me to Tears - 6:42
 5. Little Boy - 5:34
 6. Road to Recovery - 3:26
 7. I'm Not Your Victim - 4:43
 8. Heart & Soul - 3:48
 9. Got My Mind Made Up - 4:17
10. Count on You - 2:57
11. Blues Don't Love You - 3:37
12. Be Good to Yourself - 3:36
13. Crossroads - 3:45
14. Higher Ground - 4:33

Keith is primarily a songwriter and a guitarist although he plays many instruments.He performs music on a professional level solo or with great musicians in The Keith Thompson Band in the genre of blues/rock.He also writes  and records music, some of which have been used on TV, computer games and production company releases.  Real music and thoughtful lyrics.

Keith Thompson & Strange Brew

Keith Thompson Band - Transcendence

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 63:09
Size: 145,1 MB
Label:  Density Music
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Backwater Blues - 5:41
 2. Like a Stranger - 5:47
 3. Watch N' Chain - 3:59
 4. Thin Ice - 5:11
 5. Working on the Railroad - 4:51
 6. Hesitation Blues - 5:20
 7. Taking Me Back - 3:33
 8. Never Happy Unless I Got the Blues - 4:06
 9. Surrender - 6:40
10. Leave the Blues Behind - 3:43
11. Whiteman's Blues - 3:23
12. All Rise Up - 4:43
13. Transcendence - 6:07

Keith Thompson : Guitars, Vocals, Blues Harp, Keyboards and Horns on “Taking Me Back”
Arthur Malik: Drums
Jacek Chruscinski: Bass
Patsy Gamble played Sax on “Hesitation Blues”
Gary Hunt did extra vocals on “Transcendence”, “Taking Me Back” and “All Rise Up”

British Blues/Rock with a creative spin and an international band/After doing many tours in Poland, a set of circumstances led me to be introduced to Arthur Malik and Jacek Chruscinski in a car park in Grodkow, Poland. They were to be a pick up band for a gig that night in Chojnow, near Legnica. We found that we gelled as people and as a band. The gig didn’t exactly go to plan but the audience loved it. We joined forces for another tour later that year in Germany, Switzerland and Austria where a natural chemistry developed on stage. We did more work in Poland, Czech Republic and Luxembourg and it was decided
to do the next KTB album together. This is my 12th album and I wanted to be creative , yet stay true to my roots. I wanted to be myself, yet in some way pay homage to those who have influenced me. A challenge but I think this has been achieved. It was recorded by Adam Drzewiecki over 3 days in DMP Studios in Krakow and about two weeks or so at Density Music in the UK. Produced: Keith Thompson - Density Music Mixed and mastered by David Pickering Pick at FFG Studios, UK. All songs are written by Keith Thompson, except: “Backwater Blues”, Bessie Smith (MPL UK Publishing) and “Hesitation Blues” Trad arr. By Keith Thompson.


вторник, 20 августа 2019 г.

Cyril Lance - Live From The Outskirts

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2004
Time: 55:22
Size: 127,1 MB
Label: DogTalk Music
Styles: Roots Roc/Southern Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. I Want The Real Thing -  5:04
 2. I Went Down - 10:51
 3. Remembering Jon -  6:58
 4. Blues Ain t Nothing - 10:46
 5. Same Thing - 12:37
 6. Chank -  9:04

Lance and his band "Outskirts of Infinity Collective Experience Arkestra" toured regionally in the south-east honing a show tailored to Lance's vision and has built a reputation for shows that combine deep songwriting and roots grooves with passionate and spontaneous improvisational explorations that has made him equally at home in both the blues circuit and the jamband scene. Based on this touring, Lance has released his second CD "LIVE from the OUTSKIRTS" which has already met with similar acclaim as his first album. "LIVE" perfectly captures what makes Lance and his band so special in performance. Lance is currently recording his third album which will further the boundaries of American roots music.

Live From The Outskirts

Cyril Lance - Stranger In My House

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2003
Time: 58:17
Size: 134,4 MB
Label: DixieFrog
Styles: Roots Rock/Southern Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. I Want The Real Thing - 5:30
 2. I Went Down - 6:53
 3. Just Not Ready - 6:38
 4. Hot Tamale Baby - 6:15
 5. Stranger In My House - 6:21
 6. Same Thing - 5:17
 7. Light Of This World - 4:48
 8. When I First Met You - 5:05
 9. Catfish Pie - 4:22
10. Remembering Jon - 7:04

"Blues guitarist/songwriter Cyril Lance's debut album, "Stranger in My House," a completely DIY project, was one of the best blues albums of 2002. "Live From the Outskirts" is another DIY affair that was recorded in three days at a trio of North Carolina rock venues. Lance's band members provide a major thrill in and of themselves: Johnny Neel (vocals, piano), Kelly Pace (drums), Chris Carroll (bass, vocals), Matt Jenson (B3) and Dave McCracken (B3). Lance and his mates offer up a collection of tunes notable not only for their incredible power but also for the variety of the groove. From the soul-fired vibe of Neel's vocal on "Blues Ain't Nothing" to the formidable cover of John Scofield's "Chank" to the deep blues of "Same Thing," the sheer musicianship of this disc matches the best any blues label has to offer. Lance wrote half the tunes himself, and his guitar playing is virtuosity defined."

Stranger In My House

The Blues Overdrive - Overdrive Live!

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2017
Time: 42:51
Size: 98,7 MB
Label: Gateway Music
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock/Modern Electric Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Death on the Highway - 4:04
 2. Three Time Lover - 3:49
 3. Ball & Chain - 9:24
 4. Highwater (for Charley Patton) - 4:49
 5. Everybody Was Rocking - 3:49
 6. Mr. 16 Tons (Blues for Thorup) - 3:55
 7. You Got the Power to Turn Me On - 4:13
 8. Cherry - 5:15
 9. I Was Wrong - 3:30

The cover of Overdrive Live! screams the album title in large capitalized letters, together with the promise that the album was “Recorded live to tape – No dubs – No BS!”. It also depicts a photograph of the band in concert, showing a drummer, bassist and two guitarists.  This, in conjunction with the band’s name, might lead one to expect a live recording featuring a series of long, loud and overwrought guitar solos all hung on the bones of a series of heavy rock songs calling themselves blues. Well, appearances can often be deceptive and everyone knows the dangers of making judgements based on first impressions. Overdrive Live! is the third album by the Danish band, The Blues Overdrive, recorded live at one of Denmark’s largest festivals, Smukfest, in 2016. It’s also a fine recording of a very impressive blues band in concert.Comprising Martin Olsen on vocals and rhythm guitar, Andreas Andersen on lead guitar, Brother Thomas Birck on bass and Louisian Bolter on drums, The Blues Overdrive formed in 2001 but did not release their first album in 2012.  Overdrive Live! includes four tracks from their debut album, two tracks from their 2015 sophomore effort, Clinch!, a new track (“Everybody Was Rocking”) and two covers. Olsen wrote all the songs except Bob Dylan’s “High Water (For Charley Patton)” and the psychedelic rock of The Chambers Brothers’ 1968 hit “You Got The Power To Turn Me On.” The latter song was often performed by Danish blues singer/guitarist/songwriter, Peter Thorup, to whose influence The Blues Overdrive also pay tribute on “Mr. 16 Tons (Blues For Thorup)”. Thorup died in 2007 but he was immensely influential in Denmark (and in the UK, where his version of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” was used as the them tune to the Top of The Pops TV show throughout the 1970s and 1980s). Dylan’s “High Water” is re-imagined as a funky blues-rock workout, while “Death On The Highway”, which was originally performed on Clinch! as a mid-paced shuffle, now becomes an upbeat blues-rock groove that actually improves the song materially. The band tend to favor relatively short and punchy numbers, with only the threatening slow blues of “Ball & Chain” and the poppy soul-blues of “Cherry” extending past the five minute mark. This restraint and control serves the album well, with the focus very much on the song rather than the soloist.  This is not to denigrate Andersen at all, who delivers a series of memorably melodic solos (including a wry nod to “Baby Please Don’t Go” in his solo in “Mr. 16 Tons” and a bow to Jimmie Vaughan in “Three Time Lover” and Albert Collins in “I Was Wrong”). As a record of the band’s live prowess, Overdrive Live! is an impressive and highly enjoyable statement. Produced by The Blues Overdrive themselves and mastered by Bolter, Overdrive Live! captures the energy and vitality of a top-drawer live performance but combines it with a warm-yet-crystalline clarity many studio albums would envy. As an introduction to The Blues Overdrive, you couldn’t start at a better place than Overdrive Live!  Great stuff.

 Overdrive Live! 

Woods & Taylor - Rooted in the Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 31:40
Size: 72,6 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles:Blues/Blues Vocals
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Get Up - 3:27
 2. Deep River Blues - 3:37
 3. Worn out Shoes - 3:16
 4. Still Got the Blues for You - 3:21
 5. No Ringy Ding - 3:40
 6. Blue Barracuda - 4:04
 7. Better Be Better - 3:22
 8. Forgotten - 3:22
 9. Good Life - 3:28

Various styles of American blues music/About the songs: All of the original songs began with the words first. On an electronic keyboard I experimented with pre-programmed rhythms and with tempo. I either played the notes over the rhythm myself or utilized a function that allows you to change and loop chords with the rhythm by pressing just one key. Michael quickly adapted each song for the guitar and we ditched my keyboard versions. He also added lead guitar, bass, electronic drums and keyboard on all of the finished tracks. Needless to say these songs would have never been recorded had I not met this multi instrumentalist who is also a music teacher and an experienced studio engineer. Thank you Michael Taylor.

Rooted in the Blues

Jim Kirby - The Small Ways

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 28:10
Size: 64,7 MB
Label: Nub
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. She Came to Me - 5:20
 2. The Letting Go - 4:12
 3. Something's Missing - 4:00
 4. Heartache and the Healing (The Sense of an Ending) - 3:44
 5. Your Mistake (What am I Trying to Say) - 3:00
 6. What a Shame It Is - 5:18
 7. Can You Hear Me (Chloe May) - 2:32

A blues guitarist and singer-songwriter from St Albans who oozes passion for music.

The Small Ways

понедельник, 19 августа 2019 г.

Henry McCullough - Ballywonderland

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 66:33
Size: 152,8 MB
Label: Ballywonderland Records
Styles: Blues/Folk/Pop/Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Belfast to Boston - 6:43
 2. I Couldn't Sleep for Thinking of Hank Williams - 3:56
 3. Time to Put the Snakes to Bed - 2:57
 4. While My Guitar Gently Weeps - 3:37
 5. Live Long Rock & Roll - 4:32
 6. Belfast Train - 5:17
 7. The Last of the Bluemen - 4:02
 8. Drunken Nights in the City - 4:20
 9. Fast Blues in G - 4:12
10. Ould Piece of Wood - 3:56
11. I'd Rather Die Young - 4:09
12. Failed Christian - 4:09
13. The Burial Ground - 4:38
14. So Long Blues - 7:18
15. Josie's in the Garden - 2:41

Henry Campbell Liken McCullough (21 July 1943 – 14 June 2016) was a Northern Irish guitarist, singer and songwriter. He was best known for his work as a member of Spooky Tooth, the Grease Band, and Paul McCartney and Wings. He also performed and recorded as a solo artist and session musician.


The Fireside Hustle - Day Stealer

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 31:47
Size: 73,1 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Tell Me Why - 5:32
 2. Six Days - 4:47
 3. Slingshot - 5:33
 4. Day Dreamer - 5:55
 5. Falling Sand - 5:01
 6. Keep Us Apart - 4:59

A mixture of soulful rock-n-roll Americana blues from Austin Texas. The Fireside Hustle is a state of mind where the laid back, easy go easy, care free feel of small town America meets the dog eat dog, mean streets of big city living.

Day Stealer

пятница, 16 августа 2019 г.

Jeff Liberman - Play Date

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2010
Time: 61:33
Size: 141,2 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. When You're Ready For Love - 3:34
 2. B 4 U Go - 3:17
 3. Slippin' Away - 2:56
 4. Poodle X 2 - 2:48
 5. Fascination With Fire - 4:20
 6. A Sunset Paramour - 4:07
 7. Music Takes Me Higher - 2:49
 8. Jam - 2:25
 9. Evil Woman Blues - 3:33
10. Caught In Transition - 2:19
11. I Need You Now - 5:19
12. Just A Matter of Time - 6:39
13. Night Ja Vu - 4:11
14. 25 Or 6 to 4 - 4:47
15. Culmination - 8:21

Guitar oriented. Eclectic stylings, influenced by such greats as: Roy Buchannan, Gary Moore, John Mclaughlin, Santana, Frank Zappa and Larry Carlton. The music is a byproduct of the great musicians that work with me.
At the age of 13 I heard songs by "Cream" with Eric Clapton and new that I wanted to be able to make those sounds come to life on a guitar. I listened to: Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, B.B. King, Albert King, Albert Collins and began to develop my own style. I acquired an interest in Jazz, with such influences as; Larry Carlton, John Mclaughlin and Larry Coryell. I would say that I have fused the Blues/Jazz/Rock genres into my own thing. I certainly consider my guitar as a tool by which I can express my emotions and ideas. I enjoy creating music with energy and power while keeping in mind the need for musical congruity. The key to my ability to articulate my musical ideas, is utilizing the great musicians that I work with along with having a great recording engineer.

Play Date

Big Town Players - Big Town

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2018
Time: 41:26
Size: 95,1 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Big Town Players - 3:44
 2. All About You - 3:53
 3. Fool For The Blind - 3:03
 4. I'm Alright - 4:01
 5. Let Me Come Home - 3:13
 6. My Kind Of Woman - 3:45
 7. Won't Give In - 5:39
 8. Sinners Delight - 4:05
 9. Trouble Train - 5:15
10. Desperate Halo - 4:42

The Big Town Players are a harp/ guitar-driven old-school Rhythm and Blues band with a 90% original repertoire and have been playing around town for nearly 3 years. Their blues covers range from Taj Mahal to The Red Devils. Featuring local stalwarts Howie Smallman, Phil Bradley, Pete Lisiewich and Phil Riseborough, the band boasts 4 vocalists and has been wowing audiences at the Perth Blues Club and other local haunts with their energetic, spirited performances. Sporting a weighty, traditional-style old-school sound with a new-school approach to songs and song-writing, the Big Town Players promise to be a wild card on the local scene. The band has recently recorded its debut album.
Howie has played at the Festival of Adelaide, Blues at Bridgetown in Lee Sappho And The Body And Fender Band, as well as Bridgetown in other outfits including The Hips. Phil Riseborough has played Bridgetown with The Hips, and Phil Bradley has played Bridgetown as a solo act.
In 2017 The Big Town Players appeared as guests of The Perth Blues Club, playing a resounding set that had the punters dancing from the first number.

Big Town

Big Ed Sullivan - Big

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1999
Time: 48:54
Size: 113,7 MB
Label: DixieFrog
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. What You Say And What You Do - 3:05
 2. Fly Straight Baby - 2:41
 3. Slack Mama - 3:27
 4. No Good At All - 3:23
 5. All Night Baby - 2:23
 6. Don't Wanna Sleep - 7:50
 7. One Or Two Things - 3:51
 8. In The Grave - 2:03
 9. Pony Blues - 1:57
10. Haunted House - 3:39
11. Scratch My Back - 3:21
12. Just Once - 3:28
13. Wedding Ring - 3:13
14. Roy The Psycho Cowboy - 4:28

Big Ed Sullivan -Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Vocals, Harp;
Popa Chubby -Bass, Backing Vocals, Mandolin, Dobro, Organ;
Mike Lattrell - Keyboards;
Paul Richards - Drums.

Ed Sullivan was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  As a young man, he spent countless hours sharpening his talent on guitar and harmonica, while seeing too many of his friends fall victim of drugs and gang wars. For Sullivan, music was an escape, but he says, “it was really what saved me from the street and from a choice that could have ruined my life." Inspiration from some of the great names of the blues and rockabilly – Slim Harpo, Albert Collins, Danny Gatton and Link Wray – influenced Sullivan’s style, and still hold a special place in his list of musical gods. Sullivan is a pillar of the New York music scene. He was a regular player at Manny's Car Wash, the former temple of the blues in New York. He also played at numerous festivals organized in the city and he was one of the founding members of Rebel Rockers, a rockabilily group featuring original Stray Cats member, Gary Setzer.  Sullivan’s latest record, Run ToThe Border, produced by Popa Chubby, (as was his first record titled, Big), features a return to the sources of blues and guitars more sharp-edged than ever. Big Ed Sullivan was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame as a Great Blues Artist on December 4, 2011


четверг, 15 августа 2019 г.

Jeff Liberman Project - Love Is Worth The Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2002
Time: 55:07
Size: 126,7 MB
Label: JSL Records
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. To Be In Love - 4:14
 2. In My Heart - 2:57
 3. Vehicle - 3:27
 4. Tell Me You Love Me - 2:58
 5. Dreamin' - 3:22
 6. Way Down Deep - 4:57
 7. Stormy Weather - 2:12
 8. I Love You - 4:26
 9. Sunshine Of Your Love - 3:01
10. One More Time - 3:45
11. Your Love - 3:45
12. Love Is Worth The Blues - 3:00
13. After Midnight - 4:22
14. Someone In My Dreams - 2:48
15. The Way I Love You - 1:57
16. Nothin' But The Blues - 3:49

This is my first album since the '70s, when I had written and recorded four vinyl Albums. I like to record a lot of my own work myself, and only when I came upon the "Pro Tools" recording system, did I decide to record my music once again. I love to write, record and produce my work. Working with great musicians is truly a joy and their efforts are what make things happen!
These players are what inspire me to new heights!

Love Is Worth The Blues

Professor Louie And The Crowmatix - Miles Of Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 45:16
Size: 104,4 MB
Label: Woodstock Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. L-50 Blues - 3:16
 2. Funky Steampunk Blues - 4:22
 3. Love Bound - 3:59
 4. Passion In My Life - 3:32
 5. Rain 40 Days - 4:32
 6. Exit Zero - 3:04
 7. Please Send Someone To Love - 5:05
 8. Orange Juice Blues - 3:40
 9. Oh My Lady - 4:39
10. Bull Frog Jam Blues (Live) - 9:03

Professor Louie & The Crowmatix began as the studio backing band for Aaron “Professor Louie’s” musical productions for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees, The Band. Rick Danko christened him Professor Louie due to his work and friendship with The Band.
This GRAMMY-nominated Woodstock, NY group plays 150 shows a year in the US and worldwide. They have performed at the Thunder Bay, London, Windsor, Tondor, Falcon Ridge Festivals, Sellersville Theater, BB Kings, NYC, House Of Blues, LA. Professor Louie has performed twice on The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise.
Professor Louie & The Crowmatix repertoire is steeped in rock ‘n’ roll, blues, Gospel and American roots music, they have 12 studio CD’s on The Woodstock Records label. Their latest recording, Crowin' The Blues will be released, Feb 17, 2017. In 2016 their CD, Music From Hurley Mountain, was voted best concept record & group by Radio Crystal Blue. PL & C have been inducted into Blues Hall Of Fame, New York Chapter and hold a permanent place in the Canada South Blues Museum.
“Roots Music Royalty!” Extended Play Sessions - Bill Hurley
Professor Louie (Keys-Accordion,Vocals) collaborated with The Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame group The Band for over 16 years.
John Platania (Guitar-Vocals) known for his great performances with Van Morrison for over thirty years and collaborated with Van creating some top hits such as Domino.
Gary Burke (Drums) performed with Bob Dylan’s The Rolling Thunder Review recorded and toured extensively with Joe Jackson.
Miss Marie (Vocals-Percussionist-Keys) preformed, recorded with Levon Helm, Rick Danko, Garth Hudson an integral part of Mercury Rev’s Gold Album Deserters Song.
Frank Campbell (Bass-Vocals) Levon Helm’s music director with the Woodstock All-stars touring the USA, performed & recorded with Steve Forbert on tour.
“I've never been so impressed by a band--this is the best live band in the country right now and they have such a deep heritage in blues and rock and roll.”
Jeff Wignall - WPKN Music Director
“All the best parts of great music are on display with Professor Louie & The Crowmatix. It’s clear these folks are driven to match the all time greats.” - Cash Box

Miles Of Blues

среда, 14 августа 2019 г.

Chas Crane - Small Town Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 45:51
Size: 105,7 MB
Label: Distrokid Records
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Heart Of Stone - 3:37
 2. Break Up Blues - 4:36
 3. I've Had Enough - 3:02
 4. Bad News - 5:12
 5. Somebody's Acting Like A Fool - 3:42
 6. Street Corner Woman - 3:00
 7. That's It - 3:07
 8. Ran Outta Luck - 4:50
 9. Brexit Blues - 3:19
10. Loner - 3:51
11. Politician - 3:44
12. Small Town Blues - 3:44

Chas Crane is a blues guitarist and songwriter who releases a wide range of music - country, through rock and blues - predominantly with a guitar base.Chas played in a number of blues bands during the British blues boom of the 1960s and 70s and sat in very briefly as an emergency fill in for a couple of London gigs with John Mayall. Blues is still his first love. He's now retired and no longer plays in public but still writes and records. His greatest wish is that other bands like what he does and include them in their live set. "It'd be great to hear what other people do with my music" he says.

Small Town Blues