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вторник, 11 августа 2015 г.

Taz Taylor Band - Welcome To America

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2006
Time: 42:40
Size: 98,2 MB
Label: Escape Music Ltd.
Styles: Hard Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Fighter's Fist - 4:10
 2. Radio Luxembourg - 3:29
 3. Parisienne Walkways - 2:52
 4. Happy Hour - 3:58
 5. Haunted - 4:31
 6. Welcome To America - 4:11
 7. Wall Of Sound - 4:19
 8. Silent Fall - 6:28
 9. The Reprise - 2:33
10. Goodbye Mr. C - 6:05

Graham Bonnet - vocals;
Taz Taylor - guitars;
Dirk Krause - bass;
Bob Miller - keyboards;
Richard Livoni - drums.

In January 1997 UK-born Taz Taylor took a leap of faith and boarded a plane to Los Angeles with nothing more than a guitar, a backpack and roughly $2,000...
He spent much of his first year in the USA as a long haul truck driver, criss-crossing the country countless times in an 18-wheeler and spending the downtime in his sleeper berth practicing guitar. Eventually he settled in San Diego CA and set about recording his debut instrumental album "Caffeine Racer" which was released in July 2004. A band was formed and live shows commenced.
Caffeine Racer got the attention of legendary vocalist Graham Bonnet, most notable for working with the best guitarists in rock (Ritchie Blackmore, Michael Schenker, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai) and they set about recording the Taz Taylor Band album "Welcome To America" which was released on the UK label Escape Music in Aug 2006. Present TTB drummer Val Trainor joined immediately after the WTA sessions were completed.
International tours followed in 2007 and 2008, taking the band to UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and Czech Republic.
In 2009 the band recruited another ex-MSG vocalist, Keith Slack for the "Straight Up" album, also on Escape Music, and also featuring a guest appearance from Deep Purple's Don Airey on keyboards.
2010 saw the band returning to Taz's instrumental roots with the release of "Big Dumb Rock".
Current TTB bassist Barney Firks joined immediately after the recording of this album and the band played a string of dates to promote BDR opening for MSG (4 times), Uli Jon Roth (4 times), UFO (twice), Gary Hoey (twice), Pat Travers (twice), Dokken, Skid Row, Great White, Molly Hatchet, LA Guns, Lynch Mob, Wishbone Ash, Tony McAlpine, Alan Holdsworth and Greg Howe.
In 2014 TTB are on a mission with their brand album "Deja Voodoo", an all instrumental offering of eight songs featuring a line-up that has been together now for four years and has bonded and grown into something really special.

Welcome To America

понедельник, 10 августа 2015 г.

The Mick Pini Band - Blues Gonna Be My Way

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1999
Time: 49:46
Size: 114,5 MB
Label: 66-records
Styles: Modern Electric Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Avenue 54 - 4:01
 2. Like A Road - 5:31
 3. Wash Out - 4:08
 4. I Feel So Bad - 7:01
 5. Watch Out - 2:53
 6. Woke Up This Morning - 4:09
 7. Third Degree - 6:03
 8. Driving Wheel - 3:05
 9. Looking For Somebody - 3:19
10. Last Night - 5:32
11. Hard Times - 3:58

Mick Pini - guitar, vocal;
Julian Grudgings - vocal, keyboards;
Graham Lacey - bass;
Mike Hellier - drums.

Special guests:
Alan Sansome - slide guitar;
Mike Vernon - percussion.

After the success of their recent tour, The Mick Pini Band will be touring the UK again in 2003
with Roger Inniss on bass and Markus Klopfer on drums.
As well as touring Europe with B.B. King and supporting such blues greats as Buddy Guy, Freddie King and Jimmy Rogers: Mick Pini has earned himself a strong following, particularly in Europe.
Eric Clapton described him in 1996 as
‘The legitimate successor to Peter Green’.
However, Mick Pini is unquestionably a unique living legend in his own right ... the genuine article. His authentic voice and outstanding guitar work personifies the blues in an inimitable way.
Mick has toured the world for 30 years and has never had a day job. He lives, breathes, plays and sings the blues with genuine passion even his 1954 Fender Stratocaster smokes!
1998 saw the band touring more extensively than ever. The year began with an enormously successful five week European tour during which the band won the prestigious ‘Blues Band of the Month’ award at ‘Talkin Blues’ in Cologne. In January 1999 the band recorded their definitive album ‘Blues Gonna Be My Way’.
It sees the most welcome return of Mike Vernon as producer.
Mike produced Mick’s ‘Wildman’ album in 1989.
This featured A.B. Burns, Chris Youlden and Paul Jones,
and sold over 20,000 copies.
More recently, on top of the band's increasing European schedule, Mick has backed Dr Ross the old Bluesman, Mojo Buford, and Louisianna Red. Mick has also recently recorded an album with Jimmy Carl Black and Roy Estrada (ex Little Feat and Mothers of Invention and Captain Beefheart)

Blues Gonna Be My Way

The Karl Marx Band - Find The Flowers

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2001
Time: 43:44
Size: 100,6 MB
Label: Left Wing Records
Styles: Jam Bands
Art: Front

Songs/Tracks Listing:
1.Looking Back - 4:30
2.Alison - 2:35
3.Find the Flowers - 2:03
4.No More Sugar - 4:29
5.Destinies Lie - 2:50
6.Now I'm Old - 4:22
7.The Dream - 3:40
8.Summer 96 - 4:50
9.Waiting - 4:15
10.Holding On - 3:46
11.Simon - 6:21

The Karl Marx Band is a six-piece proletariat beach funk band from the Ocean Beach neighborhood of San Diego, California.
They find inspiration and great influence from the life and mission of Bob Marley, as well as Che Guevara and Peter Tosh. Their music is enjoyably comparable to the likes of Widespread Panic and Modern Day Moonshine and is influenced by Bob Dylan, The Allman Brothers, Jimi Hendrix, and The Grateful Dead. The surf, beach, and political culture that makes Ocean Beach such a unique environment and community is well represented in everything that the band stands for and simply is. KMB are the first band to be set free under Left Wing Records, which is an independent label owned and operated by the band's lead singer and guitarist Richard Aguirre.

Find The Flowers

Sol - Volume: Blue

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2002
Time: 49:44
Size: 114,2 MB
Label: Music Maker
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Intro - 2:56
 2. Black Mattie - 3:50
 3. Tribute To Gabe (Cool John Version) - 5:08
 4. Not My Type Of Song - 0:58
 5. Prison Blues - 3:23
 6. Gotta Have Rain - 4:39
 7. Cootie's Testimony - 3:58
 8. Right Here - 1:04
 9. How Sweet That Would Sound - 5:18
10. Tribute To Gabe (Part 1) - 4:54
11. Let's Do It Like They Did - 1:39
12. Off The Blues - 3:16
13. Mister Frank - 8:38

While many young, white musicians attempt to replicate the blues masters'art, Sol steers clear of imitation in favor of excavation and transport.Sounds carry beyond genre, beyond origin and often beyond the grave. Ancient truths of the blues arrive in some new place, through some new voice, through some kid who is Sol.Who is Sol? Some kid, I guess. Then again, anybody would look like a kid if they were pictured sitting at a little table, next to a beer-drinking, truth-telling Cootie Stark and a sunglass-wearing, cool-staring guitar slinger like John Ferguson. That's the only glimpse we get of Sol, and we don't get that one until we pop open the Volume: Blue CD and remove the disc from its jewel box. Then you see a shot of Sol with Ferguson, Cootie and a Heineken, and that's probably worth the price of purchase right there.
Once the disc is out of its casing, it might as well go into your CD player.Then Sol reveals himself through grooves and samples and even some guitar and bass playing. He's some kid with good ears; some loopy kid with uncommon understanding; some oddly driven kid who has learned lessons that would seem beyond his years.
For Cootie, Guitar Gabriel, Cool John Ferguson, Neal Pattman, Essie Mae Brooks, Frank Edwards and others, Sol is a microphone and a conduit. Sol channels blues, altering soundscapes without altering intent. Captain Luke might say a Sol construction is "not my type of song," and Captain Luke (asusual) would be right. But Luke's messages aren't lost in sol's funky, postmodern shuffle. While many young, white musicians attempt to replicate the blues masters' art, Sol steers clear of imitation in favor of excavation and transport. Sounds carry beyond genre, beyond origin and often beyond the grave. Ancient truths of the blues arrive in some new place, through some new voice, through some kid who is Sol.

Volume: Blue

среда, 15 июля 2015 г.

Natasha - Natasha

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1991
Time: 54:20
Size: 124,4 MB
Label: Chesky Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Nightbird - 3:49
 2. Nothing At All - 3:52
 3. Open Up The Door - 3:49
 4. The Night Is A Hunter - 5:58
 5. Just A Little Bit - 2:48
 6. Endless Game - 5:32
 7. Born In Chicago - 7:10
 8. Tell Me What You're Gonna Do - 3:11
 9. Seven Angels - 5:49
10. High Cost Of Loving - 4:11
11. Wrong Kind Of Man - 3:34
12. Walking By Myself - 4:30

Chesky Records was best known for jazz and classical in the early 1990s, but the New York label dabbled in New Orleans-influenced R&B, roots-rock and blues with this little-known CD by singer Natasha Turner (who simply went by Natasha). This isn't strictly a blues album -- most of the tunes don't have a 12-bar blues structure -- but because it's so rootsy and down-home, it ended up being placed in blues bins. And, to be sure, you'll find a lot of blues feeling on such earthy offerings as "Open Up the Door," "Wrong Kind of Man" (which Natasha wrote herself), and the Doc Pomus/Dr. John compositions "Tell Me What You're Gonna Do," "Nightbird" and "The Night Is a Hunter." Although its New Orleans influence is hard to miss, this CD was recorded in New York -- not the Crescent City -- and was produced by Chesky Records founder David Chesky. This isn't a fantastic album, but it's competent and satisfying.


понедельник, 13 июля 2015 г.

Muskee - Cut de Luxe

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1991
Time: 30:06
Size: 69,1 MB
Label: 99
Styles: MEB
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Brother Booze - 4:40
 2. Help Me - 4:28
 3. Blue Interlude - 0:53
 4. Sleepin' Dog - 3:12
 5. Broken Wings - 4:08
 6. Hit Rough - 4:13
 7. Tough On Me - 3:46
 8. Window Of My Eyes '91 - 4:43

Harry Muskee is back in the spotlight with his new CD Cats Lost (C + B). Harry, however, always making music, even during the time that the spotlight was not on him. This image is an example. What short of fabric with 7 songs and not even half hours of music, but not unkind. Unmistakable blues, light mixed with a 80s flavor. Brother Booze and help me are classics that are still on the repertoire of C + B. Later this CD re-released remake of Window of my eyes as a bonus track.

Cut de Luxe

понедельник, 6 июля 2015 г.

Willie Dixon - Boss Of The Chicago Blues

Time: 57:42
Size: 132,8 MB
Label: EMusic.com
Styles: Blues
Year: 2001
Bitrate: 320K/s
Art: Full

Tracks Listing
 1. Otis Rush - I Can't Quit You Baby -  2:56
 2. Harold Burrage - I Don't Care Who Knows -  2:25
 3. Charles Clark - Hidden Charms -  2:36
 4. Jessie Fortune - Too Many Cooks -  2:49
 5. George Butler - Axe And The Wind -  2:29
 6. Willie Mason - Just Got Some -  2:35
 7. Magic Sam - Easy Baby -  2:43
 8. Lee Jackson - Fishin In My Pond -  2:38
 9. Junior Wells - Two Headed Woman -  2:38
10. Walter Horton - Have A Good Time -  2:17
11. Buddy Guy - Sit And Cry (The Blues) -  3:00
12. Betty Everett - My Love -  2:17
13. Buster Benton - Spider In My Stew -  3:29
14. Harold Burrage - Satisfied -  2:54
15. Mickey Gilley - My Babe -  2:12

As the main songwriter for Chicago's Chess label, bassist/singer Willie Dixon was one of the most influential and prolific figures in blues. Although he often served as a session player for other well-known musicians, his soulful presence was always felt, as revealed on this excellent 18-track collection which features Dixon performing with Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, Otis Rush, and other blues luminaries.

Boss Of The Chicago Blues

Greg Izor & The Box Kickers - I Was Wrong

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2010
Time: 41:11
Size: 95,0 MB
Label: ShortStack
Styles: Harmonica Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Who You Lying To - 2:08
 2. I Don't Want To Be The One - 2:16
 3. Young Girl - 3:10
 4. Voleur - 2:23
 5. Jail - 3:23
 6. Soul Survivor - 2:53
 7. I Thought It Would Be Me - 2:25
 8. I'm Yours - 2:57
 9. Broken Heart - 3:00
10. Turkey Necks - 3:48
11. I Was Wrong - 3:41
12. Old Friend - 3:14
13. Stuck In Texas - 3:10
14. Swiss Krissly - 2:36

Greg Izor has quickly become one of the rising powerhouses in the world of blues harmonica. Effortlessly blending the sounds of South Louisiana, Chicago, and Texas he creates a deeply rooted traditional sound that is unique and fresh.
Greg grew up in Vermont, honing his chops with local bands. He moved to New Orleans in 2000, in order to study with the masters of blues, and immediately fell in with the cream of the crescent city’s blues scene. He came under the wing of one of today’s greatest harmonica players, Jumpin’ Johnny Sansone. Sansone mentored his young student, and taught him the importance of carving out an individual style. Izor strives to make traditional music fresh, by bringing a great deal of intensity and creativity to his playing, and by adding a variety of influences. He developed his fiery showmanship on Bourbon Street in his early twenties, where he was featured at the Funky Pirate Club five nights a week. Izor is also a member of the King Brisket Boys, a New Orleans all-star blues band that started out as the house band at Gatemouth Brown’s BBQ joint. During his time in Louisiana, Greg played with a number of legends including Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, Eddie Bo, Jerry “Boogie” McCain, Henry Gray, Wolfman Washington, and Oliver “La La” Morgan. He also performed at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage festival and was featured on a number of the city’s harmonica shows, a Jazz Fest favorite.
Moving to Austin in 2006, Izor immediately fell in with the cream of the city’s blues talent, playing with veterans like Pinetop Perkins, Gary Primich, Derek O’Brien, Denny Freeman, and Marcia Ball, as well as young upstarts like the Fabulous Thunderbirds’ Mike Keller, Johnny Moeller, and Nick Curran. He rapidly established his reputation for intense, high energy performances, stunning technique and musical prowess, playing at clubs like the Continental and Antone’s, as well as cutting his first record, I Was Wrong. Izor’s songwriting and playing shows the influence of the harmonica masters, as well as Louisiana blues, southern soul, swamp pop, early jazz, and R&B.
“I think it’s really important to keep the blues alive, and the best way to keep the tradition alive is to know the music of the masters, and add your own thing to it to keep it modern and stay creative within the genre.”

I Was Wrong

Greg Poulos - Angels From Hazard

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2008
Time: 58:27
Size: 134,4 MB
Label: GP
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Songs/Tracks Listing:
1.Midnight Sun - 5:03
2.Big Legged Woman - 4:33
3.Satisfied - 4:03
4.Out of Sight - 5:00
5.When the Tears Finally Come - 4:15
6.Angels From Hazard - 5:29
7.Liberty City - 5:25
8.Queen of Hearts - 5:49
9.She's Got You - 4:06
10.Morning Rain - 5:53
11.Rock This House - 4:20
12.I Have No Name - 4:25

"This record contains several songs that are destined to become classics, if anyone listens at all. Greg Poulos is not just a gifted guitar player, but one of the great blues and R&B band leaders, as evidenced by this scary good collection of great songs, arrangements, and performances."--Sam Broussard--THE MAMOU PLAYBOYS
Let’s face it, 42 years is a long time to wait for anything. After spending most of his career playing guitar as a sideman, Greg Poulos finally has a CD he can call his own, entitled ANGELS FROM HAZARD. A true labor of love, this eclectic CD contains 7 originals and 5 covers, spanning multiple flavors of blues, rock, and R&b , and features his trademark rich guitar tone and soulful delivery . Poulos enlisted an allstar cast of guest musicians including Gregg Allman bandleader and keyboardist NEIL LARSEN, former Allman Brother DANGEROUS DAN TOLER, DAMON FOWLER, and the outstanding rhythm section of DAVE REINHARDT and ROB McDOWELL.
Poulos is known to many for the last 7+ years as the guitar player for the Sarasota, Florida band THE VENTURAS: a band so versatile that they are booked at blues festivals, jazz festivals, rock clubs, and swing dances. Greg has had a long and eventful history with numerous bands. In his early teens he was already doing paid gigs in bands like THE BITS OF DIFFERENCE and THE CRYSTAL PAIN. Greg went on to play over the years with many area Blues greats, like ROCK BOTTOM, PAT RAMSEY, CHRIS ANDERSON, and SARASOTA SLIM, to name a few. Of greatest interest to blues fans is probably the year he spent playing and touring with the legendary FREDDIE KING.
In the early winter of 1976, Greg was broke, hardly working, and living in an unheated garage in Boulder, Colorado. Greg caught word that Freddie was in town, and was holding auditions for a new rhythm guitarist. Greg invited a bunch of his buddies to watch him audition at a club called The Good Earth. Freddie took one look at Greg’s near-homeless hippie attire—ratty jeans, hiking boots, and a huge down jacket, and shook his head. That would never do. Freddie wasn’t even going to give Greg a chance until he learned that he (Greg) had recently sat in with SAMMY LAWHORN of Muddy Waters fame at some Southside Chicago clubs. Greg finally got to take the stage and played like his life depended on it, with his friends whooping and hollering in the audience. Afterwards, Freddie invited Greg to a poker game. (a very good sign!) Needless to say, Greg got the gig, and a few days later he was onstage at the Starwood in Los Angeles, playing alongside Freddie and some very special guests: ERIC CLAPTON, NOEL REDDING, and BUDDY MILES.Life on the road was not easy. Greg was paid $35 per gig, and had to pay his own motel and food expenses. Freddie was a tough and temperamental guy, and these tendencies were exacerbated by the typical excesses of the musician’s lifestyle. But during this time, Greg got to meet and often play with legends like MUDDY WATERS, B.B. KING, BUDDY GUY, JUNIOR WELLS, WILLIE DIXON, JEFF BECK, RON WOOD, and CARLOS SANTANA. He even got to play a private birthday party for PAUL McCARTNEY.
In late December of 1976, Freddie’s band was due to play a gig in Tampa. After it fell through, Greg convinced Freddie to spend a few days off in Greg’s hometown of Sarasota. Freddie and the band were invited to the home of Greg’s parents. A couple of the black members of the band were taken aback by this invitation. They had never been invited into the home of a white person before. Greg’s parents rolled out the red carpet, and Freddie rewarded them with a rare acoustic concert in the living room after dinner.
Later that night, many years before the advent of cellphones, word had spread like wildfire that Freddie was in town, and hundreds of rabid music fans flocked to “Mildew Manor”, the home of John Lambie and a popular Allman Brothers hangout back in the day. Freddie was in a great mood, and played all night with Greg and the band, accompanied by Neil Larsen on piano. It was a night Greg will never forget.
The following day, when Greg showed up at Freddie’s motel to board the bus to ride to the next gig (a Christmas Eve show in Dallas), the normally gruff ( and always frugal) Freddie did something that blew Greg away. He put his arm around Greg, told him that even though he’d had his initial doubts about the hippie kid when he’d first laid eyes on him back in Boulder, that Greg had really turned out to do a great job in the band. He thanked Greg for the dinner at his parents, gave him a couple hundred bucks, and asked him if he’d like to spend Christmas Day with his folks. Greg would miss only one show—the Christmas Eve show in Dallas—and then fly back to rejoin the band on New Years Eve. A stunned Greg gratefully accepted the offer. Little did he know that Freddie would pass away a few days later. There are those who might choose to believe (count this writer in) that some small part of Freddie knew that these would be his last few days on earth, and that he was feeling fondness and gratitude for the people around him. Blues trivia fans might know that the guitarist who subbed for Greg on Christmas Eve was a young Joe Kubek.
After Freddie died, Greg headed back to Boulder. He hadn’t made a lot of money, but he’d soaked up a whole lot of Blues mojo.
Over the years, Greg has become adept at playing many different kinds of music. He will tell you that this is both because of his desire to keep growing as a musician, and also for economic survival. Versatility translates to more gigs. A couple of his favorite contemporary musicians are Robben Ford and Johnny A, who find a way to effortlessly blend Blues, Rock, and Jazz. On Greg’s new cd, ANGELS FROM HAZARD, you will hear him cover a lot of ground. But as many musicians will tell you, no matter what style of music Greg is playing, you will always hear the blues. ROCK BOTTOM used to say “If you don’t live it, you can’t give it.” When Greg plays, you will hear that lifetime of experience in every note.

Angels From Hazard

Giant Jack - Giant Jack

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2015
Time: 34:27
Size: 79,3 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Hard Rock/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Old Town - 4:08
 2. Money Farm - 4:59
 3. Chained Up World - 4:10
 4. Sometimes - 5:11
 5. Old Man - 3:38
 6. Dangerous Minds - 4:37
 7. The Game - 7:41

Group from Austria.
Information about the group I do not have.

Giant Jack

Gregg Rolie Band - Rain Dance - Live

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2009
Time: 65:06
Size: 149,9 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Rock, Latin
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Jingo -  5:49
 2. Gypsy Queen -  4:52
 3. Oye Como Va -  5:20
 4. Going Home -  4:11
 5. No One To Depend On -  5:48
 6. As The Years Go Passing By - 10:07
 7. Evil Ways -  4:21
 8. Across The Water -  6:24
 9. Give It To Me -  4:34
10. Soul Sacrifice - 10:09
11. Black Magic Woman -  3:27

Former Santana and Journey keyboard player/vocalist Gregg Rolie took his band out on the road back in 2007 and put together this live set from various recordings, now released as a limited edition CD called Rain Dance-Live. The line-up of  the Gregg Rolie Band consists of founding Santana member Michael Carabello on Congas, Adrian Areas (son of original Santana  percussionist Jose Chepito Areas) on Timbales, drummer Ron Wikso (ex-The Storm), Kurt Griffey on guitars, legendary bassist,  Chapman Stick artist and former Santana member Alphonso Johnson, and ex- Jean Luc Ponty keyboardist Wally Minko, so as you can imagine, this is a pretty hot group Rolie has assembled here. At times, Rain Dance comes across as the worlds best Santana
tribute band, and in fact, there were numerous times I thought I was listening to an old Santana live recording from 1971. It's that close to the real thing folks. Also splattered in are a few tunes from Rolie's 2001 solo release Roots. First off, Rolie's vocals are spot on here, and he sounds just as good on "Going Home", "No One to Depend On", "Jingo", "Evil Ways", and "Black Magic Woman" as he did 40 years ago. With his swirling Hammond, the layered Latin percussion, Johnson's tasty bass grooves, and Griffey's frightening Santana-ish guitar licks, these tunes sound so close to late 60's/early  70's Santana that it's scary. Kurt Griffey is a monster player, and every now and then you can hear his hard rock, heavy blues, & metal chops come through, especially on tracks like "As The Years Go Passing By" and the blazing "Gypsy Queen", where he rips  it up with plenty of passion and stunning technique.
If you are in for a retro ride down Santana Avenue circa 1970, Rain Dance-Live should go a long way to scratching that itch for  those old Santana sounds. Great to hear Gregg Rolie back in action again-this guy can still sing up a storm, and those tasty  Hammond riffs of his have been missed. The band he has here feature some monster players, so let's hope they continue on with this and put out some original music together in the not too distant future, and take this to the next logical step, something that Rolie's 90's band Abraxas tried to do but wound up fizzling out.

Rain Dance - Live

Geoffrey McBride - If It Wasn't For The Heartache

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2008
Time: 46:38
Size: 107,2 MB
Label: Blues Destiny Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Put On Your Sexy - 4:40
 2. Nobody's Fool - 5:24
 3. Crazy - 4:37
 4. Ain't Nothing Like A Bad Woman - 5:20
 5. Precious, Precious - 3:52
 6. If It Wasn't For The Heartache - 4:41
 7. I've Been Running - 4:15
 8. Criminal Lawyer - 6:07
 9. Hoochie Coo - 4:07
10. You Can't Be First - 3:31

Geoffrey McBride records with famed guitarists Randy Cobb and Chris Clifton who are featured on the record, (go to studio and live players for Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, and James Taylor) and it is an absolutely soulful masterpiece.

If It Wasn't For The Heartache

Harmonica Hinds - Finally

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2008
Time: 64:52
Size: 149,0 MB
Label: Full
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Wake The Spirit - 3:59
 2. Goin Down To The River - 6:03
 3. It's So Cold - 8:28
 4. You Got It Good - 3:42
 5. Take Your Time - 6:16
 6. Stop Complaining - 5:50
 7. Imelda - 4:58
 8. Harmonica Hinds Shuffle - 5:03
 9. Don't You Still My Money - 5:00
10. Can't Stay Here For Ever - 4:00
11. That Old Dichotomy - 6:33
12. Connected With The Sun - 4:54

Harmonica Hinds performs regularly at Buddy Guy\'s Legends in Chicago. He performs as a solo artist with the guitar, harmonica and tambourine. Sometimes he\'ll have another guitarist with him and sometimes he\'ll have a band with him, usually two guitarist, a bass player and drums. He also accompanies other performers such as John Primer, Eddie Taylor Jr. and Mud Morganfield.He was on their CDs. He was also the harmonica player on Koko Taylor\'s Grammy winning album, Earthshaker.


Marc Ford - Fuzz Machine

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2010
Time: 56:51
Size: 131,9 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Jam Bands/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Cool Heads - 4:02
 2. Half Dead - 4:03
 3. Bolero In Red - 5:57
 4. Next To Me - 5:39
 5. Long Gone - 6:17
 6. The Way It Goes - 3:56
 7. My Love - 7:18
 8. You're the One - 3:43
 9. Bluebird St. - 9:24
10. Future Too - 6:28

Aside from half-hearted Neil Young comparisons made by half-hearted critics, Marc Ford’s first three solo albums have shown a blue-hued, versatile integrity that few artists of his caliber, much less his generation, can imbue. His fourth, Fuzz Machine, isn’t rife with intentions to broaden that scope, but to deepen it, and over its course, it sounds like success.It is an absolute ‘guitar’ record, and if you were expecting something else, then you probably just are not paying attention. Yet, in an obscure way, it’s actually an album of songs about love. Sometimes the conversation turns intense and intimate, as in the album’s centerpiece, “My Love”, then more pleading and knowing, such as with “Next To Me” and “You’re The One”, as well as the soulful closer “Future Too”, which was recently featured in FX’s Sons of Anarchy.In keeping with proper blues & roots traditions, self-spun cautionary tales bring some gravity to the love-in, perhaps none more strongly than the album’s guitarathon, “Bluebird St.”, a grooving, hulking, effected slab of reggae’d-psychedelic blues that turns nearly towards exorcism. In some ways, the album’s first three tunes give a listener the lay of the land. The opener, a somewhat country-ish “Cool Heads” is followed by the Raw Power onslaught of “Half Dead”, with the exotic, modal “Bolero In Red” feeling like Tarantino & Rodriguez’s next closing credit epic.Throughout the album, Ford’s mates dance around the boss’s space, yet never leave matters unattended. Mark “Muddy” Dutton (bass, keys), formerly a third of the woefully forgotten Burning Tree, and drummer Dennis Morehouse alternate atmosphere with authority while Ford’s son, Elijah, rounds out the quartet on guitar, piano, and backing vocals.For an album that lacks pretension and nostalgia in equality, Fuzz Machine is a righteous roadmap of American Guitaricana. It may be the guitar record of 2010.

Fuzz Machine

Glenn Kaiser Band - Carolina Moon

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2001
Time: 49:29
Size: 127,0 MB
Label: Grrr Records
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Torch - 3:52
 2. Out Cold - 5:11
 3. Mercy - 5:41
 4. Carolina Moon - 4:41
 5. Gonna Meet You At The Station - 5:12
 6. Changin' Wind - 3:12
 7. Country Mile - 2:54
 8. Storm - 3:37
 9. Fuss & Moan - 4:03
10. Grinder - 2:48
11. I Forgive You - 3:41
12. Rooster Crow - 4:32

In the last decade Resurrection band frontman Glenn Kaiser has recorded 11 side projects ranging from worship, soul and blues but nothing has come close to capturing the sheer energy of Rez until he formed the power trio Glenn Kaiser Band. Last year's 'Winter Sun', backed by bassist Roy Montroy and drummer Ed Bialach, and this second album from GKB is as exciting and powerful as any music from his 25 year career. Hard-driven blues-based rock with straight ahead lyrics lunges at you out the speakers as if the '80s and '90s never happened! Fluid blistering guitar riding on the powerful rhythm section and Glenn's incredible vocals over the top - it's a winning formula. Kicking off with the Purple-esque "Torch", the band are immediately into their stride following quickly with the riffing "Out Cold" and it could be 1975 again! The title track sounds like it could be taken from 'Rainbow's End' and I'm left thinking that this is vintage Kaiser which should appeal to long term fans of Rez. But this isn't all rock, the blues come to prominence on songs like the electric "Gonna Meet You At the Station" which bursts with energy, and the acoustic stomping joy of "Country Mile". There's more rock and blues fusion on "Fuss & Moan" and "Grinder" which remind me of Whitesnake in their late '70s bluesy hey day. Superb stuff and essential for rock and blues fans because this is the best thing Glenn Kaiser has done in years.

Carolina Moon

George McCorkle - American Street

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1999
Time: 49:49
Size: 114,3 MB
Label: Octoberstreet Recards
Styles: Rock/Southern Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
1.Somebody New - 4:40
2.The Journey Home - 4:12
3.Fire On the Mountain - 4:21
4.Move In a Circle - 4:18
5.American Street - 3:28
6.Law Caller This Morning - 3:43
7.Rocket Shoes - 3:11
8.Promised Land - 4:02
9.Crazy Molly Monroe - 4:17
10.Peace Stories - 3:10
11.Drowning On Dry Land - 6:10
12.Land Of The Free - 4:13

The term Southern Rock is synonymous with guitar master and songwriting giant George McCorkle. His landmark song "Fire on the Mountain" became an anthem for both rock and country fans alike, and was one of the first definitive songs to combine the best elements of both genres. That infusion of airtight visual imagery, married to haunting melodic musical form and structure is what George McCorkle is all about.
For a man who has sold out Madison Square Garden and played every major venue and festival around the world, it could be easy to rest on one's laurels. But that is not the case with McCorkle.
A humble and reticent man, McCorkle shuns the spotlight as a rule, venturing out to play select dates. In the recent years following the success of the Marshall Tucker Band, he has chosen to concentrate on songwriting.
The culmination of these efforts is American Street, McCorkle's new solo release on October Street Records. Never has his imagery been more vivid, or his musicality deeper. He says it reflects a musical journey, and represents where he thinks the Tucker Band might be, if they were together today. As the surviving founder member of the band, McCorkle is in a position to know.
The songs speak for themselves -vignettes of quirky characters, sheer pop ear candy, and steamy blues infused rock. "Fire On the Mountain" makes an appearance, in a breath-taking rendition at a slightly slower tempo, allowing the song to breathe. "The Journey Home" is another landmark southern rock anthem, which McCorkle wrote about childhood friend and band mate Toy Caldwell.
Son Justin is a guest guitarist on the disc. And it goes without saying that McCorkle's fiery signature guitar sound is ever present. New Orleans pop diva Theresa Andersson lends both her incredible vocal abilities and violin playing to the record, dueting with McCorkle on "Land of the Free".
On stage, George McCorkle was the smiling Tucker, of the legendary Marshall Tucker Band. A band he formed with Tommy & Toy Caldwell in l970. Today he is still smiling with a zen-like calm about him. Although it may seem as if he traded playing before 100,000 people for the intimate atmosphere of famous listening rooms, his decision has resulted in songwriting success for other well-known artists. MCA singer Gary Allan features "Cowboy Blues" on his current release, David Ball recorded "For You", and jazz-diva Benita Hill and Western roots artist Joni Harms all continue to come to McCorkle for more hits.
The influence of the original Marshall Tucker Band on today's music scene can be heard pouring from stages, jukeboxes, and radios all over the country One reason for the widespread influence is that the MTB never made musical distinctions between genres that most people believe to be incompatible. "When we quite judging what is country and what is jazz and what is rock and roll, then everything becomes a circle," says McCorkle. "Then you can play it all."
And play it all he does. Gone are the stacks of Marshall amps, but the power behind the strings is still there. All McCorkle has to do is plug into anything, and there is no doubt that the master is still in charge of the sound. It's just that he prefers the quiet of his deck or studio to the rigors of the road. You could say he's been there and done that. And survived it all - the good times and the bad.
George McCorkle is a survivor, a quiet and sensitive man with a great sense of humor, and a deep love for for life. "Heck", he says," I even have good friends from New York now! Evidence of the 12 million records he sold, are kept in the closet. He and wife Mary prefer an unpretentious lifestyle in a bucolic setting outside of Nashville, and travel frequently to their lake house in South Carolina. He admits to one vice - his love of golf, and plays with a near pro handicap.
Just when you think you've heard it all from George McCorkle, you've got another listen coming.

American Street

четверг, 2 июля 2015 г.

Working Blues Band - naked

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1996
Time: 40:34
Size: 93,0 MB
Label: Racoon Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. I Got It Good - 2:55
 2. You Where Late Last Night - 5:09
 3. China - 3:02
 4. Blue Bird - 3:29
 5. High Water - 3:55
 6. Who's Been Talking - 4:03
 7. Guitar Of Mine - 3:01
 8. Hit Me - 4:57
 9. I Hope She's Lucky Up There - 5:51
10. W.B.B. - 4:09

Debut CD of the Cologne Blue Band of 1996. Coveted collector's item (not only because of the aesthetic "naked" photos in the booklet). In normal trading hard to get.


Hard Luck Blues Band - Unfinished Business

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2001
Time: 52:53
Size: 121,8 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Funky Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Unfinished business - 3:38
 2. I'm a man - 3:50
 3. Written all over me - 3:56
 4. Hard Luck - 4:30
 5. That's It! - 2:26
 6. Blues of the night - 4:23
 7. Sorry Day - 4:14
 8. B-Bone Shuffle - 3:10
 9. Daddy's gonna take you home - 3:23
10. That's what it's all about - 3:41
11. Don't you worry - 4:37
12. Once again - 4:36
13. No time for talking - 6:23

Funky blues played by some of Norway\'s finest blues musicians.HLBB has played the blues for over 15 years and has with they’re third release unfinished business ratified the position as one of Scandinavia’s finest blues bands. unfinished business contains of 13 self compost songs, that range form traditional acoustic blues to electric Chicago blues and modern funk, this combined with its raw live sounding turn the cd into a blues classic. HLBB are well known for they’re humorous and kikking live performances, and are frequently touring clubs and festivals in Scandinavia.

Unfinished Business

Louise Hoffsten - Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1998
Time: 43:25
Size: 99,9 MB
Label: Courtstone Blues
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing
 1. God Don't Ever Change - 3:32
 2. It Serves You Right To Suffer - 5:22
 3. I Wanna Make Love To You - 4:11
 4. Weak Brain, Narrow Mind - 3:40
 5. Baby, Don't You Tear My Clothes - 3:21
 6. I Guess I'm A Fool - 3:43
 7. I Pity The Fool - 4:12
 8. Love To Love You - 2:30
 9. The Seduction Of Sweet Louise - 3:53
10. Slow Down - 2:14
11. Belly Up Blues - 3:29
12. Darling, Do You Remember Me ? - 3:13

Louise Hoffsten, born September 6, 1965 in Linkoping, Sweden, is a Swedish songwriter, musician and singer spanning several genres, notably rock, blues, folk and pop. Her father, Gunnar Hoffsten, was also a musician and played the trumpet in a jazz band.
From her first recordings, Hoffsten's music and stage act have weaved together rock, folk and blues influences, while sometimes moving into R'n'B and jazz territory, unified by her earthy, slightly operatic singing style and driving, lean grooves. Like many blues singers she plays the harmonica as well, a recurrent element in her songs; she is arguably the most well-known and recognized female blues singer of contemporary Sweden. She has built a wide following in her native land, has won several awards and currently resides in Stockholm. She participated in Melodifestivalen 2013 with the song "Only the Dead Fish Follow the Stream".
In 1996, Louise was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, but despite the complications and occasional depressions (mirrored in the book/record Blues), she continues to write, tour and perform music.


Junkyardmen - Scrapheap Full of Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1998
Time: 62:29
Size: 143,6 MB
Label: Inside Sounds
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing
 1. Junkyardman - 4:46
 2. Luck I Got - 3:29
 3. Full Moon - 4:11
 4. What Time Does the Bus Leave - 7:15
 5. Tell It Like It Is - 3:03
 6. Stingin' Stang - 3:48
 7. Change - 4:24
 8. Workin' for Peanuts - 4:23
 9. Jammin' in the Jungle - 8:07
10. Same Old Blues - 5:01
11. What Is Your Life - 4:54
12. Washin' My Hands - 9:02

While judging a blues talent competition one time, a fellow judge commented that she looked for music that came from the head, not the heart. I was amazed. I told her I not only liked blues from the heart, I liked it from the gut. Blues is about passion and soul. It is something that comes from deep inside a person and can only come out through music. I've only met a handful of people I can say truly embody that spirit. Two of them are on this record. I met John Scalici and Billy Gibson in the same week. I was amazed how much they thought alike. Each had a passion for music that couldn't be contained by a "normal" life. They were destined to play music-and, it seems, destined to play music together. BlueSpeak brought them together to form a band for a pre-Handy Award party in 1997. We like to think this was the moment that spurred them to partner, but that was in the works long before the party. When they added Jesse Hoggard on guitar and Kevin Sheahan on bas! s, the results were extraordinary. Listen carefully, and you'll hear all the influences each brings to the music. John's roots with the blues/rock band Gravy; Billy's love of jazz and his schooling from Johnnie Billington in blues; Jesse's years of touring experience; and Kevin's jazz background and experience. It all adds up to a beautiful mess of junk. It rocks, swings, and, most of all, cuts right to the heart of the matter. Legendary Sun Records founder Sam Phillips once told me he loved music with "gutbucket fundamentalism." I've never been able to explain what that means to anyone, but I can make them listen to songs that embody that spirit. The junkyardmen make those kinds of songs. And we're better for it. -All original songs, including 2 cuts with legendary barrelhouse piano player and Beale St. legend Mose Vinson.

Scrapheap Full of Blues

Jimi 'Prime Time' Smith - Give Me Wings

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1998
Time: 73:53
Size: 169,2 MB
Label: Atomic Theory
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Killer Joe -  5:55
 2. U for Me -  4:29
 3. Give Me Wings -  4:18
 4. If Trouble Was Money - 11:28
 5. Tipping -  4:28
 6. Walking the Dog -  6:40
 7. When You're Doin' Alright -  4:40
 8. Soul Fixin' Man -  5:58
 9. Out on a Line -  6:06
10. One Woman Too Many -  5:51
11. I'll Play the Blues for You -  8:23
12. Last Night -  5:31

Recorded live at Blues Alley, in the heart of the warehouse district in downtown Minneapolis, Give Me Wings is a debut album for Jimi "Prime Time" Smith and the Prime Time Players, who are the house band there most weekends.
Jimi Smith's roots are deep in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois, where he came under the early influences of J. B. Hutto, Jimmy Reed, and others who he was exposed to by his mother, Johnnie Mae Smith (Dunson), who was a drummer and songwriter with many of the blues greats in the clubs of the Southside, the Westside, and the corners of Maxwell Street.  Authenticity is a key description for Jimi Smith. He is simply a natural in the Chicago tradition. There is no sense of "trying" to sound like a Chicago blues player - he is a Chicago blues player. Jimi's influences are right on the surface - clean and uncluttered. In fact, Jimi is likely the only true 100% Chicago styled blues guitarist and singer working in the Twin Cities today.  Backed by a host of terrific musicians, each with an extensive history of their own, Jimi has never sounded better. The Prime Time Players include Michael Pendergast on the Hammond B3 organ, Donald "Hye Pockets" Robertson on drums, and Mick Massof on bass. Also appearing on this CD are Minneapolis' West Bank fixture, Tom Burns on harmonica, on "U For Me", and Captain Jack McDuff on the B3, playing his own tune, "Walking The Dog".  The songwriting skills of the group are also showcased, including the title tune "Give Me Wings" (a clear highlight), and "One Woman Too Many", both by Michael Pendergast; the funky "Tippin" by Donald Robertson; and two penned by Jimi, "U For Me" and "Out On A Line". Covers which are also highlights of the CD include "When You're Doin' Alright" by Jimi's mother, Johnnie Mae Dunson; "Soul Fixin' Man" by Luther Allison and James Solberg; and a fine rendition of "I'll Play The Blues For You" by Jerry Beach - popularized by Albert King.
Authenticity can be also be used to describe this CD as a live recording. The quality of the recording and the mix are top end. The atmosphere of the club comes right through the speakers. Blues Alley has always been a great room to hear the blues, and now it's a great room to record the blues too. When you can't get there, you can put Give Me Wings on the CD player and have the next best thing.

Give Me Wings

Deanna Bogart - New address

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1996
Time: 46:58
Size: 108,1 MB
Label: Viceroy
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

racks Listing
 1. Checks and love letters - 3:59
 2. Alright - 3:41
 3. Boogie woogie baby - 3:38
 4. Missing persons bureau - 4:09
 5. You give me reasons - 4:48
 6. Said it wouldn't rain - 4:38
 7. If I get old - 3:23
 8. Time to change - 3:22
 9. Another lonely night - 3:54
10. Slipped, tripped, fell in love - 3:11
11. Tighter, tighter - 4:24
12. Can't get enough of you - 3:45

Drawing on a variety of musical sources ranging from boogie-woogie to New Orleans R&B to swing to rock & roll, singer and barrelhouse pianist Deanna Bogart emerged as one of the most eclectic performers in contemporary blues. Born in Detroit in 1960, she cut her teeth on the Maryland blues circuit, developing a crowd-pleasing style that often found her leaping up from her piano bench to chat with the audience; clad in her trademark black fedora, Bogart was also known to blow a mean tenor saxophone. A gifted composer as well, her debut LP, Out to Get You, appeared in 1991, followed in 1992 by Crossing Borders; a four-year hiatus preceded the release of New Address on Lightyear. Timing Is Everything was self-released in 2003, followed by Real Time on Blind Pig Records in 2006. 11th Hour appeared in 2009 from Vista Music.

New address

Mama Roo - Mama Roo

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1990
Time: 33:24
Size: 76,6 MB
Label: GNP Crescendo
Styles: MEB
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Back Door Man - 3:35
 2. Have some Fun - 2:34
 3. Our love is forever - 5:19
 4. Red Cadillac - 3:37
 5. Stone cold Lover - 3:54
 6. No Money down - 3:48
 7. People are over the World - 3:24
 8. See a change a comin? - 3:03
 9. Do the Do - 4:05

John Jeffery Shireman - Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar, Vocals;
James Armstrong - Guitar, Vocals;
Nathaniel Peterson, Jr. - Bass, Harmonica, Vocals;
Ron McCrorey - Drums, Percussion.

Mama Roo

среда, 1 июля 2015 г.

Tommy Ridgley - Since The Blues Began

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1995
Time: 53:01
Size: 121,8 MB
Label: Black Top Records
Styles: Blues/R&B/New Orleans Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Pretty Lady - 3:41
 2. How Long (Must I Wait For You) - 4:28
 3. Running After You - 3:42
 4. About My Past - 4:06
 5. Since The Blues Began - 4:55
 6. I've Heard That Story Before - 4:03
 7. Heartbreak - 3:45
 8. Shack Up With Me - 4:21
 9. Let's Try And Talk It Over - 4:04
10. Your Love Is All I Need - 3:51
11. In The Same Old Way - 3:45
12. The World Is Our Stage - 4:07
13. You Mean Everything To Me - 4:07

The veteran New Orleans singer remains a contemporary force to be reckoned with. Guitarist Snooks Eaglin, bassist George Porter, Jr., and saxist Kaz Kazanoff help Ridgley out on what's easily his finest contemporary release. There are a handful of remakes of his earlier triumphs, but for the most part, he is commendably living in the present, incorporating funk-tinged rhythms into his delectable musical gumbo.

Since The Blues Began

Turning Blue - Years & Years

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1996
Time: 55:12
Size: 126,4 MB
Label: Agat
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

racks Listing
 1. Mid-Life Crisis - 3:56
 2. Take My Time - 4:43
 3. Pack Up Your Bags - 7:39
 4. Steppin' Out Tonight - 3:12
 5. Red Hot - 5:52
 6. Boogie Some More - 3:17
 7. Long Way There - 4:24
 8. Merrijig Road - 3:48
 9. One Moment Please - 1:42
10. Years And Years - 2:46
11. You Make Me Feel - 3:35
12. Down By The River - 6:09
13. Time To Go Home - 4:03

This album is a little-known Australian team.
I not yet met a man who would leave the disk indifferent, regardless of whether it is a fan of the blues or not.
I recommend!

Years & Years

Bluebirds - Swamp Stomp

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1995
Time: 46:04
Size: 125,6 MB
Label: Taxim Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Swamp Stomp - 3:52
 2. Blues In A Honky Tonk Key - 3:29
 3. I Can't Be Replaced - 2:57
 4. Casha - 3:14
 5. Briarpatch - 2:54
 6. 3rd House On The Left - 3:18
 7. First You Cry - 3:58
 8. I'm Your Man - 2:45
 9. Testin' Water - 4:06
10. No More Cane On The Brazos - 3:32
11. Ten More Miles - 2:56
12. Leavin' Mississippi - 3:31
13. Bon Ton Roulet - 2:51
14. Justine - 2:34

I highly recommend this cd to all blues lovers. If you like slide guitar with a louisiana flavor you will like It.  Boil some crawfish,put some beer on ice and put this cd in the changer and throw down!
Give it a shot !

Swamp Stomp

Sy Klopps Blues Band - Old Blue Eye Is Back

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1996
Time: 48:17
Size: 110,8 MB
Label: Sy Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing
 1. Living On The Highway - 4:35
 2. How Blue Can You Get - 3:05
 3. Personal Manager - 5:20
 4. That Will Never Do - 3:33
 5. Woke Up This Morning - 3:39
 6. Pretty Women - 3:59
 7. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl - 4:54
 8. Killing Floor - 3:57
 9. It's Too Late She's Gone - 5:26
10. Down Don't Bother Me - 2:13
11. Hoochie Coochie Man - 4:17
12. Wine - 3:14

Neil really knows how to play the blues with his own fiery style! He fits right in with these guys and just friggin' rips!
Personally, the live version of "Walks like a lady" from the Journey Captured album, features Neil playing a strat and really burning the blues. So this is a great follow up to that type of playing.
This is an old album, but i promise that if you love Gary Moore and Electric blues style, you will love this album. My particular favorites are Good Morning Little Schoolgirl & Killing Floor, but there's not a bad track on this album! definitely worth buying!

Old Blue Eye Is Back

Joe Stanley - King of the Honky-Tonk Sax

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1995
Time: 57:46
Size: 133,1 MB
Label: Wild Child Records
Styles: Blues/R&B
Art: Full

 1. Rambunctious -  3:41
 2. Pennies from Heaven -  2:39
 3. I need You -  4:48
 4. Blues for Danny - 11:19
 5. Pack Your Suitcase -  3:28
 6. Jambalaya -  3:38
 7. Evening -  3:10
 8. Chicken-Fried Tenor -  5:34
 9. The Lady is a Tramp -  2:46
10. I'm So Blue -  3:08
11. Please Release Me -  4:48
12. I Can't Stop Loving You -  4:15
13. Rainbow Ride -  4:27

Joe Stanley -  sax/vocals;
Billy Hancock, - vocals;
Dave Chappell -  guitar;
Rudy Turner -  guitar;
Kevin McKendree -  B-3 organ;
John Previti -  bass;
Jay Miles -  bass;
Joe Maher -  drums.

Joe's the godfather of the down-and-dirty R&B sax of the '50s and '60s. He led the great Bill Black Combo (Elvis' backup band), toured with Marvin Gaye, and mentored countless Maryland musicians including Danny Gatton and Roy Buchanan. Stanley's CD is chock full of organ grooves, soul ballads, deep sax-driven blues. The icing is Joe's bourbon-fortified Sinatra-style vocals on old honky-tonk gems like "Jambalaya" and "Please Release Me". It doesn't hurt that he's got an all-star band: two wailing electric guitars, soul-steeped Hammond organ, and hard-driving bari sax. All that's locked down tight by John Previti's razor-sharp bassline and Big Joe Maher's ultra-punchy cymbals, snare and kickdrum.

King of the Honky-Tonk Sax

вторник, 30 июня 2015 г.

Grouchy Rooster - Real And Raw

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2003
Time: 44:03
Size: 101,0 MB
Label: Hogleg Records
Styles: Southern Rock/Country Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. California Cowboy - 3:41
 2. Louisiana Man - 3:21
 3. Far Beneath the Rubble - 3:31
 4. Southern Fried Snake - 2:27
 5. You Gotta Give - 3:58
 6. Honey On A Vine - 5:04
 7. Annie I See Your Eyes - 5:14
 8. Poor Man Prayer - 6:07
 9. Strange Gypsy Lady - 3:04
10. Feelin' Down - 3:20
11. Up On The D.L. - 4:12

Gary Jeffries - vocals, guitar and harmonica;
John Andrews - guitar;
Pappy - drums and percussion;
Additional Musicians:
Doug Richardson - bass.
John Hicks - guitar.

Grouchy Rooster is the side project of bluesy and gruff vocalist Gary Jeffries (known better for his work with Asphalt Ballet and Alligator Stew). Real And Raw is an appropriate title as these songs are raw jams laid down wherever a six-track recorder could be found. There is no fancy or glossy production, just a handful of talented musicians playing "real and raw" music.
Musically the group serves up moody country tinged rock, complete with steel guitar and harmonica. "Louisiana Man" is an Alligator Stew staple and about as heavy as Grouchy Rooster gets. "Far Beneath The Rubble" is a moving and heartfelt acoustic tribute to the '94 Northridge, California earthquake victims while "Annie I See Your Eyes" has a similar feel and is dedicated to Gary's deceased stepsister. "You Gotta Give" has an up-beat bouncing rhythm and cool guitar effect on the solos. "Up On The D.L." ends the disc on a rocking note and would have made for a great single.
Of course the selling point of Real And Raw is Gary Jeffries vocals, without a doubt one of rock's great treasures. He can handle a touching ballad one minute and a full-throttle rocker the next. If you enjoy musicians laying it on the line, warts and all, then this album is for you. It can be purchased at cdbaby.com.


Mike Bess - Northern Skies

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2012
Time: 42:52
Size: 98,4 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Mellow Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Never Give Up On Love - 5:00
 2. Granny's Eyes - 4:21
 3. Last Love - 4:26
 4. Lydia - 3:42
 5. Sunday Afternoon - 1:31
 6. Falling Into You - 4:10
 7. Red House - 3:40
 8. English Riviera - 3:44
 9. Common Sense - 4:29
10. Water of Love - 3:58
11. Lonesome Father Blues - 3:50

A selection of mellow modern bluesy songs, filled with rich gravelly vocals and melodic heart felt guitar playing. If you like Clapton, Dire Straits, Pink floyd and Chris Rea, then this album is sure to please.  The success of my South African 3 piece band "Blues.com" led me to release many of those loved original songs on my first album entitled Mike Bess - Beyond Blue. Now living in England and performing as a solo vocalist / guitarist, the songs on my second album Mike Bess - Northern Skies" were inspired by many of the vast changes, challenges and love, life brings. The discovery of playing guitar through a loop pedal produced many moving melodies which set a foundation for recording 11 tasteful songs, which are both easy listening and filled with some wonderful and varied guitar playing.

Northern Skies

Big Will & the Bluesmen - Hard Times

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2011
Time: 45:19
Size: 103,8 MB
Label: Blueshine Records
Styles: Blues/Delta Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Hard Times - 6:58
 2. Same old blues - 5:51
 3. Waiting on a train - 3:34
 4. Leave it all behind - 5:39
 5. Seven days - 3:25
 6. Laura Song - 1:26
 7. On my Way - 3:39
 8. Big Will Theme - 2:08
 9. Drifting and driving - 4:15
10. Sweet lovin woman - 4:13
11. Release my soul - 4:06

Dutch bluesband with a set of original tunes.
They are at their best when playing mid-tempo, and slow blues.
The Second album 'Hard Times' by Big Wil & the Bluesmen Written by Alex Riverside Jr & Big Will and the Bluesmen.

Hard Times

Johnny Lennartsson Group - Feel The Fire

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2010
Time: 54:55
Size: 126,4 MB
Label: Grooveyard Records
Styles: Blues/Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Feel The Fire - 4:42
 2. City - 5:12
 3. Hold On - 4:46
 4. He's Doing It For You - 6:02
 5. I'm A Believer - 3:16
 6. Feel Alright - 3:49
 7. See The Light - 4:33
 8. The Train Is Coming - 6:07
 9. Mr Landau - 5:37
10. Overdrive - 4:04
11. It's Ok To Be Tired - 6:44

Awesome debut studio disc by this outstanding axemaster from Sweden  featuring 11 tracks of superb, impressive, blues-based, retro-70's heavy guitar
riffage & grooves that deliver serious six string mojo with a positive message.  Includes an amazing instrumental guitar jam called "Mr. Landau" that is dedicated
to the phenomenal guitar god known as Michael Landau. This remarkable jam is  worth the price of admission alone. An essential Swedish heavy guitar rocker.

Feel The Fire

Woodleg Odd`s - Norwegien Wood

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2003
Time: 60:09
Size: 138,4 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Texas Style
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. The Old Man Blues - 4:11
 2. Sarting Over - 4:46
 3. The Right Track - 3:53
 4. Who Turned You Loose - 4:28
 5. Green Eyed Woman - 3:44
 6. Times Are Changin' - 4:23
 7. Strange Behaviour - 3:46
 8. You Came Right on Time - 4:12
 9. Don't Let It Go - 3:58
10. I Got Blues - 4:11
11. They Don't Feed You With Lies - 3:50
12. You Done me Wrong - 3:46
13. First Mistery - 4:29
14. Ravin' Blues - 3:23
15. I Give You All You Need - 3:03

Groovin' and soulful Norwegian blues but with elements of rock and pop. All originales performed in a magnificant way . Check it out....
It has been told that the roots of the blues were brought to America by Africans. Another legend says that the Europeans came to America with Columbus.
The vikings of Norway, however, know better. When Columbus arrived in the 15th century, their main task appeared to be the hiding of several hundred years old traces from the vikings. Traces like red amanita, beer bottles, and guitar strings that had broken under excessive bending of blue notes. Very few people are aware of the fact that there are still a remaining tribe of this vikingblues people living in a wooden house on the west coast of Norway. In this very house, viking ships are still being built accompanied
by viking blues, played on wooden instruments. In fact, the drummer Odd Ludvik?s foot is as well a wooden instrument,
as a result of an earlier battle. A mast from one of the viking ships now serves as the foot that drives the bass drum pedal.It also gave a name to the band.
Woodleg Odd?s second album "The Right Track" made the Odd vikings conquer a significant area of Norway.
Some places, like at the blues festival in Notodden Norway 2002, the blues heads were given in so roughly, that Woodleg Odd?s decided to leave the country for a while.
The odd vikings? performed a succesful tour in the Connecticut area in Oct/Nov - 2003 and did a lot of gigs and radio/TV shows. After the release of their third album "Norwegian Wood" in 03/04 things really started to happen. The band achieved lots of compliments and great reviews for this album, which resulted in heavy touring in Norway and England, visiting legendary clubs like Borderline and Ain't Nothin' but the Blues in London City. Woodleg Odd's also accomplished a new successful US-tour visiting 6 States in Dec.- 2004.
There's more to come in 2005 and 2006, but in the meantime CHECK OUT this great album !

Norwegien Wood

The Graham Bros & Howlin Rhythm - We Suffer From Our Music and Now It's Your Turn

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2001
Time: 42:38
Size: 98,3 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. All Kinds A Wild - 3:23
 2. Doomed To Be Dumped - 4:14
 3. Ridin' The Line - 2:48
 4. Shoulda Seen It Comin' - 4:10
 5. Another Day Of Life - 2:18
 6. Talk To Me - 3:30
 7. When A Breeze Comes - 3:18
 8. Button Up Your Heart - 3:55
 9. Down - 4:56
10. I'm Gonna Pay - 3:41
11. Psychotic Stare - 2:57
12. Out In The Yard - 3:22

A great example of what happens when you take a couple of Midwestern guys from Michigan, send them to college in Texas, and expose them to the great blues sound of Austin. From influences, such as Stevie Ray Vaughn, Omar and the Howlers, and the Fabulous Thunderbirds, the Graham Brothers learned the importance of playing what you feel and feeling what you play.
The Graham Brothers have been touring regionally in West Texas, Northern Michigan and Wisconsin for the better part of 15 years. Their unique blend of Blues, Classic Rock, Folk and Jazz is reflected in the original music on two CD releases. The first CD titled "We suffer from or music and now it's your turn" was released in 1995. The second CD titled "Enjoy the Ride" released in 2004. The Caprock Sun of Lubbock Texas describes their music as "Powerful" and packed with hard drivin' Texas Rock.
The brothers-- Rob and John Graham have been writing music and playing together since they were teenagers. The band is currently defined as a four piece ensemble featuring John on lead vocals, rhythm guitar and occasionally lead guitar, harmonica and alto sax, Rob on lead and rhythm guitar and occasional Keyboards, Jesse Barabe on all things drums and percussion and back up vocals, and Jamie Martin on bass guitar and back up vocals.
You can follow the Graham Brothers as they continue to write, record and jam their way into the 21st century and journey through life by logging into their web site WWW.HOWLINRHYTHM.COM. CD releases can be purchased by logging on to Amazon.com. Feel free to BLOG on with John and Rob.


Cold Blue Steel - Headed Out Of Memphis

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2007
Time: 43:15
Size: 99,6 MB
Label: TopCat Records
Styles: Rockin Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Monkey's Uncle - 2:36
 2. Headed Out Of Memphis - 3:39
 3. Hollywood Blonde - 3:29
 4. Just Got In From Dallas - 4:53
 5. Wideglide - 2:28
 6. No More Doggin - 3:37
 7. I Think I'm Going Crazy - 3:15
 8. Big Time Operator - 2:46
 9. You And My Money - 3:09
10. Shufflin Little Lady - 3:24
11. Month Of Sundays - 3:55
12. Drive-In - 3:14
13. We're Outta Here - 2:43

Blues, Rockabilly, and Good Ol' Rock and Roll. Texas Style.Texas in the '50s... When a car was the only way to go places and gasoline was 14 cents a gallon. This was the reason interstate highways were designed. This was the land of Chevys, Buicks, Harley-Davidson motorcycles and rest stops. This was the land of roadhouse boogie.
Dallas' Cold Blue Steel plays music that sounds like it was written in roadhouses up and down the Texas countryside. A white-hot blend of blues, boogie, shuffle and electricity, its cool musical touch can scorch the ears off its listeners.
Dressed in their rockabilly/Texas blues drag, the band started in 1986 opening shows for such blues legends as John Lee Hooker, Man "Guitar" Murphy, and Grammy Award-winner, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown. Chosen 'Best Overall Act" in the 1993 Buddy Magazine Year End issue, Cold Blue Steel was featured at the State Fair of Texas for the last four years opening for Bruce Hornsby, 38 Special, Webb Wilder and the Iguanas. They have toured with X-Beatle Ringo Starr, Bo Diddley, Delbert Mcclinton and many others.
Two-time Dallas Observer Music Award-winners for "Best Blues Band", Cold Blue Steel performs a variety of classic American tunes with incomparable enthusiasm, showmanship and authenticity. Their song list includes Stax and Motown soul favorites of the early '60s, Elvis and Memphis rockabilly, tunes from many Texas blues artists (Freddie King, Albert Collins, T-Bone Walker and the Fabulous Thunderbirds), swing compositions, and finishing oft with some classic country and western and '50s rock and roll.
CBS is still enjoying the success of their second hit CD, "Headed Out Of Memphis" which is being re-released on TopCat Records. It was originally released in 1996 on Icehouse/Priority Records. The CD is being played on over 100 radio stations nationwide as well receiving international airplay in several European countries. It has also gotten favorable reviews in a number of prominent national music magazines such as Blues Review and The Album Network Several well-known Texas musicians are featured on the new CD, including Grammy Award-winning keyboardist Tim Alexander from Asleep at the Wheel and national recording artist Reverend Horton Heat.
Their first CD, "Drivin' To Mexico" was the largest independent selling blues release in Texas history. Both the CD and cassette versions are in sixth pressings and requests for live appearances are at an all-time high.
You might expect a CD on a blues label entitled Headed out of Memphis to be influenced by B. B. King, or Howlin' Wolf, or maybe even the Stax sound of the 1960s. But the presiding deity here is none other than ... ELVIS, and the prevailing sound is '50s rock n roll!
The title track is a tribute to The King, a mid-tempo boogie in which Cold Blue Steel front man James Buck simulates the vocal style of another '50s rock 'n roll icon, Wolfman Jack, to celebrate Elvis's influence on American culture. The ghost of yet another 50's icon, Marilyn Monroe, materalizes as a late-night hitchhiker in "Hollywood Blond."
"Monkey's Uncle," driven like the rest of the tunes by the rollicking guitar work of Mark Pollack, contains some not-too-veiled references to the feat of white patents during the Eisenhower years that rock n roll was exposing their sweet little children to the rhythm and sensuality of black R&B; "The music they were playin' had a jungle beat/They were jumpin like some monkeys in a coconut tree." Only here "monkeys" is not some derogatory caricature of African-Americans, but a depiction of white kids dancing their buns off to this new music that would "never stop."
Texas blues and rock 'n' roll are branches on the same tree, and there are some good samples of the Texas mound here as well. Check our Pollack's solos on "Shufflin' Little Lady." for example, or the instrumental "Dave-In' (with Asleep at the "Wheel keyboardist Tim Alexander providing stellar accompaniment). Other branches appear, too: hints of the Kinks in "Big Time Operator," and jump blues in the final tune, fittingly titled "We're Outta Here." There is one slow blues tune, the respectable, if somewhat generic, "Just Got in from Dallas."
It all blends together into what Buck calls "Tex-rock-blues," an upbeat, eminently danceable music played with few pretensions and lots of snap in the boots. So slick back that hair, don that leather jacket, and let this CD take you back to the golden age when Elvis was king.

Headed Out Of Memphis

Corby Yates - Corby Yates

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2001
Time: 55:53
Size: 128,4 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Back From Yesterday -  4:50
 2. Pretty as a Flower -  3:44
 3. Te Ni Nee Ni Nu -  3:26
 4. I Ain't Superstitious -  6:09
 5. Salty Pain -  4:53
 6. Too Sorry -  3:16
 7. Hurtin' Inside -  5:48
 8. Testify -  4:27
 9. Common Ground -  4:15
10. Maybe Next Time -  5:00
11. Hear My Train a Comin' - 10:00

Corby is a remarkably talented and dedicated 20 year-old guitarist from California. The huge dynamics, conviction and at times almost disturbing ferocity of Corby's playing stand in stark contrast to his composed demeanor away from the stage. His interaction with fans and well-wishers is easy-going, unhurried and refreshing. While the magic of his performance, often verging on the transcendent, remains difficult to define, the ever-increasing size of the crowds attending his concerts bears witness to his steadily growing popularity.
A few years back, Corby won the 17-and-under-category in the finals of 'The Jimi Hendrix Electric Guitar Competition and Festival' organized by the Experience Hendrix Foundation. Al Hendrix, Jimi's father, joined the many industry luminaries shaking their heads in collective disbelief as Corby ripped the place apart. His prizes included 'The Voodoo Chile Award', a $25,000 scholarship from the Director of Musicians Institute, and a rare prototype of a 'Hendrix', model Stratocaster hand-crafted by Fender's prestigious Custom Shop presented to Corby by Al and his daughter Janie Hendrix.

Corby Yates

3 Mile Stone - 3 Mile Stone

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2009
Time: 42:56
Size: 98,3 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Tres Dedos - 3:28
 2. Walk On - 3:49
 3. Time Rolls On - 3:46
 4. Leave a Message - 3:44
 5. Until It's Done - 4:59
 6. Outta Pocket - 3:03
 7. Counting the Days - 4:31
 8. The Big Kiss Off - 4:54
 9. Long Hard Road - 3:09
10. I Ain't Got You - 2:10
11. The Party - 5:17

Hard Drivin' Blues and Rock & Roll from the Soul.The debut CD from Texas Blues Rockers 3 Mile Stone. A blend of classic rock, blues tones and hook melodies will drive you straight to ‘10’ on the volume knob!!
You will notice classic influences such as The Allman Brothers, Yardbirds, Doobie Brothers, and the Black Crowes weaved throughout this musical journey of musicians, some of which have played together for over 20 years!
The band also collaborated with some of their ‘Texas’ music brethren; Chris Dodds (from Two Tons of Steel) on drums, Van Wilks throwing down some guitar on ‘Tres Dedos and Tom Gillam contributing vocals on Time Rolls On, The Big Kiss Off and Long Hard Road. The band also does a nice take of Texas favorite
David Holt’s (of Storyville fame) ‘Leave a Message’.Tommy Thompson, Dennis Peek and Howard Yeargan have played together in various Texas based groups since the early 80’s. Along with Rene Perez this group has managed to meld together their vast musical influences into a sound that is truly all their own…3 Mile Stone…Rock & Roll with Soul !!!!!!

3 Mile Stone

понедельник, 29 июня 2015 г.

Nawfel - Nawfel

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1999
Time: 51:00
Size: 116,8 MB
Label: Edel/Sky Ranch
Styles: Blues, Funk / Soul, Pop, Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Big Bird - 3:42
 2. Summer Song - 4:26
 3. I Get Lifted - 3:33
 4. Hook Me Up - 4:34
 5. Why Can't We Live Together - 4:48
 6. Jokes On You - 3:17
 7. May This Be Love - 3:53
 8. Go Back Home - 4:38
 9. Rock Steady - 4:16
10. I Want To Take You Higher - 4:45
11. Dream On - 4:36
12. Mas Y Mas - 4:26

It's a fairy tale: Nawfel, boy of thirteen from Soissons, plays guitar like a god, and released his first album on Universal label, mixed by Mario Caldato Jr., the great man that usually prevails with the Beastie Boys. The program covers up to soul (Aretha Franklin, Eddie Floyd for his Big Bird) Hendrix through Sly Stone. Accompanied by Ivan Neville of the Neville Brothers or Money Mark, the Beastie Boys, Nawfel succeeds where so many other young prodigies were planted: giving away in excess guitar demonstration, adolescents demonstrated uncommon taste and optimal direction of the flash operation. Excellent.


Michael Osborn - A Case For The Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1993
Time: 49:14
Size: 113,4 MB
Label: Blue Rock'It
Styles: MEB
Art: Full

Tracks Listing
 1. T.S.Boogie - 4:06
 2. Lovesick - 4:16
 3. That's Right - 2:47
 4. Miniskirts And Make-Up - 3:45
 5. Bottleneck Blues - 3:50
 6. Spellbound - 4:35
 7. The Home Of The Homeless - 3:48
 8. Crazy Life - 5:47
 9. High Heels - 3:48
10. Foolin' With A Fool - 3:01
11. Nightmare Blues - 6:08
12. A Woman Never Forgets - 3:18

Mike Osborn is one of those rare musicians who study the masters but do not imitate them. Without really trying Michael very early on developed a style all his own. He spent a lot of years working with blues great John Lee Hooker (note that John Lee chose to appear on this release to support his friend)and while the time spent helped him to understand and "feel" the blues on a much deeper level, it did not change his approach to the guitar. Michael is also one of the more original song writers in the blues field these days. In a time where every other blues song has the same old tired words, Mike comes along with songs with lyrics that are fresh and often tell a story.  On this Cd, along wtih John Lee, Michael has the additional support of friends Charlie Musselwhite and Vala Cupp. It is fellow musicians who really know the talent that Mike has and who are more than happy to help get the word out. After all, Michael Osborn is, "A Case For The Blues."

A Case For The Blues

Vala Cupp - One Thing On My Mind

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1990
Time: 34:53
Size: 79,9 MB
Label: DALi Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Six Eggs & A Pint Of Vodka - 3:47
 2. Think Twice Before You Go - 2:35
 3. Self Destructive Blues - 2:46
 4. Don't Touch Me - 5:11
 5. Man Size Job - 3:32
 6. Crawling Kingsnake (Duet with John Lee Hooker) - 5:37
 7. Any Old Arms - 3:24
 8. Jailhouse Blues - 3:41
 9. One Thing On My Mind - 4:15

Vala Cupp worked with and babied John Lee Hooker in the last few years of his life. She took her lessons with him seriously and put out this incredible CD. Why she is not more well known is something hard to understand. These lyrics and music that she wrote are really excellent, and do a top notch job of showing off her incredible voice and talent.
More Info: http://triviana.com/BLUES/valaobit.htm

One Thing On My Mind