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воскресенье, 31 мая 2015 г.

Sheriffs Of Nottingham - Have Mercy

Sheriffs Of Nottingham - Have Mercy

Bitrate: VBR ~285K/s
Year: 2011
Time: 30:51
Size: 61,7 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Rock/Roots Rock/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Two Parts Love, One Part Sin - 4:42
 2. Til We Get Home - 4:36
 3. Sticks and Stones - 4:41
 4. Gonzo - 4:13
 5. High Noon - 5:42
 6. If I'm Gone - 6:54

Justin Jamerson - vocals, rhythm guitar;
Kevin Lipe - lead guitar;
Curry Smith - bass, vocals;
Kyle Fagala - drums.

Have Mercy is the second album from the Memphis band, The Sheriffs of Nottingham. To say that this album is amazing would be an understatement. Justin Jamerson plays rhythm guitar and sings, Kevin Lipe plays lead guitar, Curry Smith plays bass, and Kyle Fagala plays drums. The band is tight and it is obvious that they work well together.Kicking off the album with the song “Two Parts Love, One Part Sin,” the gritty guitar and heartfelt voice create a wonderful blend of blues, rock, and soul. The band shifts gears with a rock ballad called “High Noon.” The album ends with a slow blues called “If I’m Gone.” The guitar in this seven-minute tune is outstanding.This is album is a must hear. It is certainly refreshing to hear an album full of songs that grab the listener. The Sheriffs of Nottingham have a very promising future ahead.


пятница, 29 мая 2015 г.

Widespread Panic - Space Wrangler

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1988
Time: 64:46
Size: 148,7 MB
Label: Capricorn (1992)
Styles: Jam Bands
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Chilly Water -  5:40
 2. Travelin' Light -  3:37
 3. Space Wrangler -  6:49
 4. Coconut -  5:04
 5. The Take Out -  2:16
 6. Porch Song -  2:52
 7. Stop-Go -  4:51
 8. Driving Song -  8:30
 9. Holden Oversoul -  3:32
10. Contentment Blues -  5:06
11. Gomero Blanco -  1:12
12. Me And The Devil Blues / Heaven - 15:11

Space Wrangler is the first studio album by the Athens, GA based band Widespread Panic. It was first released by a small Atlanta label, Landslide Records, on February 4, 1988. It was later reissued four times, the first two times by Capricorn Records/Warner Bros. Records, and, in 2001, by Zomba Music Group. Space Wrangler will be reissued for the fourth time on vinyl only July 15, 2014 as a special reissue through Think Indie distribution, to be sold only at independent record stores.Due to time restraints on the original issue, concert staple "Conrad" was not included in the 1988 release. The reissues featured three extra tracks not found on the original release. Holden Oversoul and Contentment Blues were both from a John Keane Studio session in September 1990. Me and The Devil Blues / Heaven was recorded as one take and was taken from "try-out" sessions with Capricorn Records that would result in the Widespread Panic album. Space Wrangler has been released on vinyl, cassette and CD. The band played the original Landslide release in its entirety during the first set on December 31, 2008. This show was held at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. Nearly two years later, at their annual 'Tunes For Tots' Benefit concert on September 23, 2010, Widespread again used the first set to play through Space Wrangler in its entirety. However for this concert, they used the track listing from the re-released Capricorn Records version of the album- adding the four additional songs (three studio tracks) included with the reissues to the setlist. For the second set of this benefit concert, which took place at the Center Stage Theatre in Atlanta, GA, the band played the entirety of their self-titled, second studio album.


The Vintage Caravan - The Vintage Caravan

Styles: Classic Rock/Blues Rock
Label: Self Released
Year: 2011
File: 320K/s
Time: 47:50
Size: 110,1 MB
Scans: Front

Songs/Tracks Listing:
(4:06) 1.Need A Woman
(7:26) 2.Corruption And Fraud
(4:54) 3.Sun-ray
(7:51) 4.Psychedelic Mushroom Man
(3:51) 5.Wild Child
(3:44) 6.Empty Space
(3:17) 7.Let's Get It On
(3:52) 8.Going Home
(8:45) 9.Black Swan

Icelandic hard rock/heavy metal trio the Vintage Caravan was originally founded around 2006 by three youthful friends, but didn't quite become a legitimate working band until 2009. Drawing on classic rock influences, early metal, prog, and boogie, the band is made up of guitarist/vocalist Oskar Logi Agustsson, drummer Gu?jon Reynisson, and bassist Alexander Orn Numason. The trio honed an energetic stage show, performing often as well as recording and releasing music prolifically, starting with a self-titled debut album in 2011, and followed the next year with Voyage. Originally released only in Iceland, Voyage was re-released in 2014 to much wider distribution on international metal label Nuclear Blast.


The Lone Crows - Dark Clouds

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2014
Time: 45:24
Size: 104,3 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Hard Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Next Thing I Know - 2:50
 2. Anger - 5:54
 3. Out Of Time - 4:42
 4. Dark Clouds - 5:45
 5. Speechless - 5:41
 6. The Dragon - 6:03
 7. Lonesome Road - 4:43
 8. Midnight Show - 4:22
 9. On That Day - 5:20

Although on the surface this album from The Lone Crows can sound ultimately derivative and a bit boring in parts there is a certain charm that seeps through and hit's you when you least expect it. Peddling a rather worn down blue rock Americana, The Lone Crows are fits to moments of inspiration when the music takes over their soul and they stop trying to hard. They really start to flow then and you can feel their soul reaching out. And it is soul that this music is all about here. Take the run out of 'Dark Clouds' which hits a rather neat funky ending and the music drifts along at a pleasant pace. There's also the magnificent 'Anger' which features some incendiary guitar and forms a decent start to the album.We say decent as there are some down points and The Lone Crows will need to iron these out to make any true impact on the Americana scene. In a scene where experimentation has risen to the fore, a thirst for the good old days seems to have subsided and so they may struggle. There's also the issue that some of there songs just aren't strong enough to cut the mustard and so they end up flailing. Where 'Speechless' just drags with it's boring blues, 'The Dragon' lifts the ante with some funky riffing that throws in a little heavy psych for your pleasure. 'Lonesome Road' is one of those songs that could have been written in the hey day of Little Feat but 'Midnight Show' with it's faux contemporary style fails on all levels. At least last song ''On That Day makes up for some of the indiscretions with a rather measured piece which simply oozes American soul.
It's hardly going to shine out amongst the many bands who do this sort of stuff but then the competition is fierce out there. At times The Lone Crows sound like an average pub band, at other times they can hit the sublime. It's a shame that those times are outshone by the bad times but then Led Zeppelin did say there'll be good times, there'll be bad times and that didn't do them too wrong.


Brian Russell - Living In The Aftermath

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2015
Time: 55:43
Size: 127,8 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. A Fine Day - 3:52
 2. Storm Brewing - 2:23
 3. Storm Over The Horizon - 4:14
 4. Living In The Aftermath - 4:40
 5. Miss You - 4:00
 6. Waiting For The News - 6:30
 7. Here She Comes Again - 3:31
 8. I Got You - 3:57
 9. My Life Is Fine - 4:30
10. Steamroller - 3:38
11. Oh My - 4:25
12. Pippa's Song - 2:48
13. Close Your Eyes - 3:42
14. Starting - 3:28

This album has again been drawn from personal experiences and covers everything from youthful escapades, love, illness, depression, and elation. Every part of your day can become a song, some are easy and take a matter of hours and others are just stubborn and take weeks. It's a fickle thing but I love doing it and hope that you enjoy the results.
Long overdue third album with a punchy bluesy rock background interlaced with some acoustic numbers.


четверг, 28 мая 2015 г.

Noble Watts - Return Of The Thin Man

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1987
Time: 40:29
Size: 92,9 MB
Label: Alligator Records
Styles: East Coast Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Skunky - 4:01
 2. Slow draggin' - 3:53
 3. Confusion - 4:25
 4. Burn creepers, burn - 3:01
 5. Bad bitch - 4:30
 6. Look under the wing - 4:03
 7. Slop bucket - 4:41
 8. Nobility - 4:58
 9. Blow your horn - 3:43
10. Red beans & rice - 3:11

Noble "Thin Man" Watts was one of the hottest tenor saxman on the 1950s R&B scene. This was the era of honking tenor sax, when sax players, not guitarists, led the transformation of R&B into rock 'n' roll. Saxmen like Big Jay McNeely, Joe Houston, Plas Johnson and Noble Watts were early rock superstars. Watts was one of the greatest exponents of that honking tenor style. Born in DeLand, Florida in 1926, Noble Watts started out playing piano, then progressed to the violin and trumpet before discovering the tenor sax in his teens. In 1942, he enrolled at Florida A&M University, where his band mates in the school marching band included jazz greats Julian "Cannonball" Adderly and his brother Nat.  The Griffin Brothers, one of Dot Records' most popular touring R&B acts, hired Watts right after he finished college, and he toured with them for a time. In 1952, he joined famed baritone saxophonist Paul "Hucklebuck" Williams as a member of the house band for the groundbreaking TV show Showtime At The Apollo. Later on, he had a stint playing with Lionel Hampton's big band. He also played on late '50s tour packages behind the likes of Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly and the Everly Brothers.  Settling in New York, Watts broke out as a solo recording artist on the Baton label. He recorded the R&B instrumentals “Easy Going”, “Blast Off”, “Shakin’” and “Flap Jack.” He topped the charts in the late '50s with the classic instrumentals, “Hard Times (The Slop)” (covered a few years later by Duane Eddy) and “Jookin’.”  Things slowed down for Watts in the '60s and '70s, and he moved back to his native DeLand, Florida in 1983. King Snake Records founder Bob Greenlee "rediscovered" him at a private party, and Watts released his comeback album, Return Of The Thin Man (featuring a guest appearance by Taj Mahal), for King Snake in 1987. The album was re-released on Alligator in 1990.
He followed up with King Of The Boogie Sax in 1993 for Ichiban Records' imprint Wild Dog. Watts continued to do some session work and live performances up until around 2000. He passed away August 24, 2004.

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Charlie A'Court - Color Me Gone

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2003
Time: 60:02
Size: 138,0 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. You've Got A Friend In Me - 3:24
 2. Carolina - 4:12
 3. Bridges To Burn - 4:21
 4. When The Night Comes - 5:50
 5. I'd Do This For You - 4:40
 6. Alone - 5:17
 7. Lady Woman - 3:49
 8. All I Need - 4:37
 9. Color Me Gone - 5:42
10. I'm Coming Home - 5:17
11. Hello Love - 6:57
12. Be My Angel - 5:50

Combine a rich, rhythm & blues upbringing with soulful, adult-contemporary song writing and you have the foundation of one of Atlantic Canada's brightest new stars. 2004 ECMA nominee, Charlie A'Court has emerged as an emotionally charged and soul touching performer, whose music reaches out to others, touching audiences at venues all over. Whether it's his stirring solo performances, or his fiery full band concerts, A'Court takes the music down a direct path to the listeners' heart and soul.
With the release of his debut album, Color Me Gone, A'Court wrapped up a tremendously successful 2003, and has started off on the right foot for 2004. In 2003, Charlie placed 2nd in the acoustic division of the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN., as the only Canadian competitor. At the 15th East Coast Music Awards in Halifax, A'Court was nominated for Best New Artist as well as taking home the hardware for Best Blues Artist. A'Court also made his national debut on the televised show as a performer in a tribute to Canadian rock icon, Myles Goodwyn of April Wine.  In the past year, A'Court has toured extensively throughout Canada and abroad. With headlining performances under his belt at festivals like the Stan Rogers' Folk Fest, Riverfront Jubilee, Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival, Saint John Jazz & Blues Fest, Ottawa Blues Fest, A'Court has opened for high profile artists including John Reischman and the Jaybirds, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Harry Manx, Colin James, and ex-Rolling Stone guitarist Mick Taylor. A'Court has also recently launched an international career by releasing Color Me Gone in Europe. Accompanying the release were two very successful tours throughout Germany, opening for Australian slide-guitar legend Dave Hole, Sugar Blue (former harmonica play for the Rolling Stones), and legendary British r&b/rock group, Procol Harum, whose most recognizable hit is Whiter Shade of Pale.
A'Court's momentum in 2004 has shown no signs of slowing down. Charlie was nominated for Best New Artist at the Maple Blues Awards and Best Male Artist at the East Coast Music Awards earlier this year. A'Court has been writing new material for his follow-up album, released a live album in Europe with a successful tour that involved opening for classic rock legend, Vanilla Fudge, opened a Maritime tour for blues rocker George Thorogood & The Destroyers, and made a special guest appearance on Dave Gunning's new album, two-bit world. A'Court also had one of his songs, Be My Angel, included on a Keith's Beer Compilation CD in which over 45,000 copies have been distributed. The album's debut single, "You've Got a Friend in Me" has been grabbed by radio stations across Atlantic Canada as well as receiving regular, national air-play on CBC radio. Halifax rock station, Q104 placed the single at #50 on their Top 104 Songs of 2003 and at #5 on "Route 104" - Top Ten Homegrown Tunes of 2003. The single also charted 12 weeks on the Rock 20 Countdown. The follow up single, "Carolina", was received with open arms and reached the #2 position on the East Coast Kitchen Racket - Top Ten. Charlie's modern blues style, mixed with his contemporary songwriting has created a mass appeal, enabling A'Court's material to be added to regular and heavy rotations on rock radio and adult contemporary stations. Fueled by emotion and a desire for delivering powerful music, Charlie A'Court is grabbing a hold of the music industry and attracting the attention of audiences everywhere with gutsy vocals and his colourful yet solid guitar playing.


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Duke Robillard and The Pleasure Kings - Too Hot To Handle

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1985
Time: 43:35
Size: 100,6 MB
Label: RR
Styles: Blues
Art: Front + Back

Tracks Listing:
 1. Someone - 2:14
 2. Anything It Takes - 3:57
 3. Duke's Mood - 6:25
 4. Too Hot To Handle - 4:23
 5. Give Me Your Attention - 4:01
 6. She Made My Mind - 3:12
 7. She's Sweet - 4:16
 8. T-Bone Boogie - 5:21
 9. Rockin' Blues - 5:48
10. Give Me All The Love You Got - 3:57

Duke Robillard is one of the founding members of Roomful of Blues, as well as one of the guitarists who replaced Jimmie Vaughan in the Fabulous Thunderbirds in 1990. Between that time, Robillard pursued a solo career that found him exploring more musically adventurous territory than either Roomful of Blues or the T-Birds. On his solo recordings, the guitarist dips into blues, rockabilly, jazz, and rock & roll, creating a unique fusion of American roots musics. In 1967, Duke Robillard formed Roomful of Blues in Westerly, RI. For the next decade, he led the band through numerous lineup changes before he decided that he had grown tired of the group.
Robillard left the band in 1979, initially signing on as rockabilly singer Robert Gordon's lead guitarist. After his stint with Gordon, Robillard joined the Legendary Blues Band. In 1981, the guitarist formed a new group, the Duke Robillard Band, which soon evolved into Duke Robillard & the Pleasure Kings. After a few years of touring, Duke Robillard & the Pleasure Kings landed a contract with Rounder Records, releasing their eponymous debut album in 1984. For the rest of the decade, the band toured America and released a series of albums on Rounder Records. Occasionally, the guitarist would release a jazz-oriented solo album.
In 1990, Robillard joined the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Even though he had become a member of the Austin group, the guitarist continued to record and tour as a solo artist, signing with the major label Point Blank/Virgin in 1994 for Temptation. Duke's Blues followed two years later, and after one more album for Virgin, 1997's Dangerous Place, Robillard signed to Shanachie for 1999's New Blues for Modern Man. Conversations in Swing Guitar followed later that year, and the prolific guitarist returned in mid-2000 with Explorer.
Robillard switched to the Stony Plain label with 2002's Living with the Blues, and began a steady run of releases for the imprint, including a second pairing with jazz guitarist Herb Ellis for More Conversations in Swing Guitar (2003). Exalted Lover followed later that same year. Blue Mood, a tribute to T-Bone Walker, and New Guitar Summit (which teamed Robillard with guitarists J. Geils and Gerry Beaudoin) both appeared in 2004. Guitar Groove-A-Rama was released in 2006. Robillard continued to explore the jazz and jump blues path with 2008's A Swingin Session with Duke Robillard. He returned to his early R&B influences for 2009's Stomp! The Blues Tonight. His next album for Stony Plain, Passport to the Blues, saw him returning to the blues in all its gritty glory.


Backslide Cats - Only Good For The Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2003
Time: 50:37
Size: 116,5 MB
Label:  Blue Hall
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Only Good For The Blues - 3:34
 2. Living Our Lives Alone - 3:23
 3. Heartbeat Away - 5:21
 4. Everywhere - 3:42
 5. Shadow Blues - 4:38
 6. Low And Lonely - 3:56
 7. Dead And Gone - 3:59
 8. Moonshine Blues - 3:16
 9. Soothing - 3:51
10. Take My Hand - 3:00
11. Do Your Thing - 4:43
12. Tears On My Pillow - 3:28
13. Gone - 3:41

This CD is created by the two founding members of Backslide Cats - Roger Haggstrom  and Jan Ivarsson. On this CD We have worked together with drummer Jim McCartyand keyboard players Mikael Bergstrom and Frank Josephs.


вторник, 26 мая 2015 г.

Starroy - Mixing The Pain

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2014
Time: 33:28
Size: 76,9 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Southern Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Get Down Insanity - 4:28
 2. Empty Cup - 4:06
 3. Mixing The Pain - 3:26
 4. Mista King - 3:24
 5. Spanish Kitty - 3:56
 6. Freak Jones - 4:38
 7. Before The Sun - 4:17
 8. Road Song - 5:08

Adam Barnard – lead vocals & guitar;
Cameron Roberts – guitar;
Barry Fowler – guitar;
Red Dorton – bass;
Jacob Brumley – drums.

Starroy — Now stateside following a successful European tour in the final months of 2012 — is back at work in the studio working on a stash of hand-picked, Southern-tinged rock-and-roll tunes written and honed while traveling the globe. This well-seasoned five-piece based in Jonesboro, Arkansas, delivers a powerful mixture of country-fried, psychedelic jam-rock-and-roll regularly, pleasing fans from all walks of life — no matter their musical tastes.
Starroy has been compared to the likes of the touring greats: The Grateful Dead, Grand Funk Railroad, Widespread Panic, and Gov't Mule, and has received rave reviews of both its recorded material and its live shows from music critics all over the world.
Rejuvenated and armed with powerful new material, Starroy also is throwing another member into the mix just in time to record on the group's second album: drummer Jacob Brumley has joined the band, and former drummer and longtime member Heath Finch will now be contributing percussion. The lineup change is Starroy's answer to life-altering challenges the group faced the past two years, and it will take the band in a new direction toward a more radio-rock-friendly sound, says Bassist Justin Boswell.
"The pieces of the puzzle have aligned at the right moment, and Starroy has seen once again that the only way to survive as a group, after more than a decade of playing together, was to change and grow," Boswell explains. "This does not mean we aren't going to be who we are and always have been. It just means we wanted to offer the world a product that was even more thought-out, a product that is even better than anything we've previously done."
Already, Starroy — which also includes lead vocalist and guitarist Adam Barnard and guitarist Barry Fowler — has accomplished a lot, and the group has garnered high praise from music critics covering all genres. Dave Terpeny of Kynd Music Magazine writes: "Starroy delivers a stunning combination of blistering blues rock assaults, intimate ‘gathered around the fire’ acoustic jams and smoky progressive rock instrumentals.” Nashville Rage described Starroy this way: “Hailing from the unlikely berg of Jonesboro, Arkansas, comes groovy college funk-pop band Starroy, who may fit into the jam-band world but sound much more like a reincarnated Blind Melon than anything Phish-y." “How these guys managed to stay independent and not get swept off their feet by rushing hordes of major record labels is beyond me…," says Michael Jones of Blog Critics Magazine. Longtime music editor Jim Harris at the Arkansas Times writes: “Absolutely the most stage-ready rock-jam group I’ve seen in a long time...” Now with a renewed love for creating music, a new direction, a new level of respect and appreciation for one another, and a sense of drive to keep alive a band that has seen much hardship and tribulation — Starroy's commitment, talent and strong bonds can't be measured in dollars and cents, or even described fully with words. This is Starroy: A band of rock-and-roll brothers.


The Snakehandlers Blues Band - Rock Plus Roll

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2011
Time: 42:58
Size: 99,8 MB
Label: Union Records
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Bad Girls - 3:41
 2. Ain't Stayin' The Night - 3:12
 3. Too Much Again - 4:27
 4. Slip Into The Leather - 3:03
 5. Long Legged Woman - 3:50
 6. Daddy's Little Angel - 3:00
 7. Crazy Woman Blues - 2:53
 8. My Cadillac - 2:52
 9. Face Down And Fallin' - 5:48
10. V-Twin Woman - 3:33
11. Ninety Miles An Hour - 6:34

With plenty of references to women with long legs, The Snakehandlers Blues Band embraces the raunchiness inherent in the blues, pushing the sexual innuendo and tension to the forefront. When it comes to overall sound, The Allman Brothers Band comes to mind the most over the course of the Snakehandlers’ album Rock Plus Roll, but there are plenty of others that also show their influence here and there, like George Thorogood and Stevie Ray Vaughan. The genius of Rock Plus Roll is that it makes the blues incredibly fun to listen to, with a lot of variety, suggestive lyrics, and great playing.


Kevin Healy - Dust And Fire

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2015
Time: 40:32
Size: 93,4 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Rock/Blues/Rock/Singer/Songwriter
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Alligator Blues - 2:12
 2. The Fire - 5:17
 3. Dark Wood - 3:02
 4. Everlasting Arms - 4:31
 5. Where You Begin - 4:44
 6. The Tipping Point - 4:41
 7. Train Is A Coming - 3:55
 8. Dirt Road - 3:39
 9. 1,000 Miles From Home - 3:49
10. California - 4:37

Kevin Healy, songwriter, singer and musician, is a newcomer to the Irish music scene but has made an immediate impact. His catalogue of original songs inspired by folk, blues and contemporary music highlight his accomplished guitar playing and vocal style. Winning an audience vote in the semi-finals of this year's Laois Bands for the Electric Picnic competition he earned himself a place in the final where he performed in front of judges POD and Thomas Cosby. He also created a stir at Listowel Writers' Week this year after his attendance at the songwriting workshop. Receiving a great response to his own material he was invited to perform his songs in various venues to enthusiastic local audiences. He has just released a promotional CD "Where you begin" showcasing tracks full of infectious melodies and captivating lyrics. "Kevin Healy blew the audience away at his heat...and has certainly created a stir with people wanting to find out more...one of the most talked about guitarists in the area having built up a wealth of songs performing them with passion and finesse." Leinster Express "...fuses a new Irish voice with the deep roots of the American blues tradition. Home-made, honest and straight from the heart.

Link  [Zippy]

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Steve Pierson - Blues Head

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2000
Time: 50:45
Size: 116,4 MB
Label: Got The Blues Music
Styles: Blues: Electric Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
1.Talkin' Bout My Baby - 4:16
2.Cold In My Bed - 6:28
3.Hounds Are Huntin' - 6:20
4.Bad Condition - 4:13
5.Secrets - 6:26
6.I Chose To Sing The Blues - 3:44
7.Found Somebody To Love - 5:11
8.Melinda's Eyes - 4:45
9.Ain't No Dog - 4:02
10.Every Day - 5:15

Steve Pierson enters the world of contemporary Blues with his debut release, "Blues Head." This aptly titled album showcases a variety of blues influences, and features a seasoned cast of musicians including Grammy winning guitarist, Laurence Juber.

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The Death Valley Blues Band - The Death Valley Bluesband

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2010
Time: 45:27
Size: 104,8 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Cheese -  4:13
 2. Shake Your Tail -  3:41
 3. Nephilim Blues -  2:38
 4. Full Throttle -  7:33
 5. Striptease -  3:15
 6. Rock 'N  Roll Daddy -  4:14
 7. The Baby Don't Love Me No More Blues - 11:48
 8. Bang Bang Baby -  1:11
 9. Bad -  2:16
10. 12 Bar Blues In E  Minor -  4:34

Welcome to the wonderful and satirical world of the Death Valley Blues Band.
Do not be afraid. This is it not a fight to the end. This is not an exercise in touching up corpses. This is not another tired rendition of boredom in 4/4. This is not pathetic, apathetic, diuretic, soft porn / weak porn, eclectic or dead. This is not for the fainthearted. Ha, they cried, really, then what is it? Well children, lie down on the couch and Ill tell you.
This is a revolution through deconstruction. This is a drink and dirty slap fest in the back of a truck stop bathroom. This is how a band in a bordello should sound. The Death Valley Blues Band is a good night out. How can you be so sure they asked? Because we have the formula, children. Because we arent afraid to tell like it is. Because we know at the centre of every great revolution is a beat and a dance and a bit of grit and some guts and desire and dirty sentiment and a good cop and yes, you guessed it a bad cop and some nasty words and a cock and a pussy.
Thats life kids, thats the 21st century, sex, drugs and rock n roll the trinity of the modern age, and were simply a part of its sleazy development. Thats why youre going to love this band because were not scared of exposing romance in all its brutal and bloody griminess. So dont lock up your daughters just yet. Those girls are going to dance. Those girls are going to sweat it up and those boys are going to do the same. The Death Valley Blues Band is about the stuff people can dance too. Its about connection through common roots, about the devil and seduction and appreciation and filth and some goodness thrown in.
Oh my God they said devil. Yes, we also said goodness so any of you on the ecclesiastical high horse stop for a moment and try and savor the satire. The Death Valley Blues Band is about the mystery of ubuntu and dirty stories, about sluts and princesses and girls in slutty dresses. The Death Valley Blues Band is about guitars and drums and horns and blues. Mostly though the Death Valley Blues Band is about the front line because the front line is where battles are won and lost and rest assured, our blues is a great fucking victory.
I watched Death Valley Blues Band once a while ago, and was very impressed. An 8 piece band, they were a tight fit on the stage; but it was a trully rocking performance - and the fact that most people were rocking out despite never having been to one of their gigs before is a really good testament to the quality of their music. I really think this band has what it takes to be one of the foremost bands in the country - great music, great stage presence, great musicians and rounding it all up, brilliant performance.

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The Carson Downey Band - All The Way

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2000
Time: 54:33
Size: 125,3 MB
Label: Loggerhead Records
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. All The Way - 4:12
 2. Hit And Run Lover - 4:31
 3. Freedom - 4:45
 4. A Little Understanding - 5:05
 5. I'm Sorry - 6:35
 6. Burnin' Up - 3:28
 7. Are You In Or Are You Out - 4:31
 8. You Left Me Here To Suffer - 3:44
 9. Livin' It Up - 3:45
10. Dirty Low Shame - 5:26
11. When The Blues Come To Take You Away - 4:07
12. Too Many People - 4:20

Carson Downey - Lead Guitar / Vocals;
Marlowe Smith - Bass;
Murray Downey - Drums.

Just before the summer of 2000, The Carson Downey Band burst upon an unsuspecting blues world with a phenomenal debut CD full of boundless energy. Ever since, the band has been receiving rave reviews. Upon experiencing the exciting 55 minute, all original, 12 track, hard-core blues disc, I now realize why. The CD is appropriately titled for a band who is well on their way as evidenced by their recent Maple Blues Awards (Canadian Handys) and East Coast Music Awards. Hailing from a small town outside Halifax, Nova Scotia, the band includes Carson Downey on lead vocals and guitar, brother Murray Downey on drums and Marlowe Smith on bass. Carson has been playing guitar for over 27 years and up until now has been Atlantic Canada's best kept secret. Rounding out the sound are guests Donny Muir (B-3) and Kenny Mackay (piano/horns) while backing vocals are provided by Novalee Bucham and Lisa MacDougall. Throughout, their exhilarating support leaves you breathless and exhausted.
The thundering trio delivers plenty of muscle and grinding guitar beginning with the first track, "All The Way". It has an anthem type chorus but there is plenty of room for organ and guitar solos. On "Hit And Run Lover", its time to get funky while Downey's guitar performs acrobatics as it weeps, screams, whispers, and roars. If you don't notice some part of your body shakin' during the tune, you better check your pulse to see if you are still alive!. "A Little Understanding" is a rocked up R&B tune with detailed and frenzied soloing from Carson. Things slow down for one of those 'my woman is gone' songs called "I'm Sorry". Here, Carson shows his diverse vocal talent which should be tearing up the soul charts. "Burnin' Up" is a real smoker with searing guitar licks followed by the heavy, rock-edged groove of "Are You In Or Are You Out".
The band's music contains traces of pop, funk, R&B, soul, blues and rock. They combine elements of each genre to create a savage assault of in-your-face, knock you on your ass music. Marlowe admits, 'its not laid back blues, its really uptempoed' while Carson adds 'I knew I wanted a style of my own' and self describes his band's music as 'rock, funk and blues.'
Their heavy roots music will appeal to blues fans and rockers who enjoy turbocharged guitar. Its all brilliantly packaged including a liner jacket that features a multitude of colour photos. The blistering force of an out of control hurricane oozes from these pictures. This band, fires on all cylinders like a precision-tuned engine running at full speed. Don't be surprised if you find yourself rushing out to check the listings to see if they are performing at a club nearby. Today's contemporary blues scene is no longer isolated to the likes of the Kinsey Report, Carl Weathersby, Michael Hill and Ronnie Baker Brooks. Move over boys, the Carson Downey Band is about to become the reigning champions of the new bluesbloods.


THE AB3 - Shake!

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2015
Time: 35:43
Size: 81,9 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
1.Heartbroke - 3:24
2.Easy as Ab3 - 3:30
3.Guitar Man - 4:26
4.Without You - 4:26
5.I Know Where You Come From - 3:05
6.Too Much Fun - 3:22
7.Dancin' Man - 3:11
8.In It for the Money - 3:45
9.After the Show - 3:43
10.Can You Feel It? - 2:47

The AB3 (the Andrew Burgess trio) was born when three friends, all seasoned life long road musicians, got together just to play some music and follow the direction it took them.  Over the next several years, a unique and yet classic style emerged. The sound is pure classic rock trio, think ZZ top, Lead Zeppelin, Stevie Rae etc. At first their specialty was cover songs, brutally twisted and updated to a guitar heavy sound. Songs which are unexpected such as Wooly Bully or Ohio. A ground breaking album was recorded at Just B.s' House of Rock Studio, "Contraband". Two years later another album was recorded, "Dubious". This was another altered cover album which is legend because the band decided not to release it. It is only available in bootleg form because the guys went on with an original album before it was released and have put all their energies into this new concept.
Andrew Burgess: Andrew has played his music across Canada and the United States for over 50 years, spending years on the road with many bands such as "Aesop's Fables", "Father Finley's Wake", "Big Daddy & the Group", "The Feeling", "A J's Boogie Band", "Who's Your Daddy" and more. In concert he uses a Gibson SG, Marshall & Fender amps in tandem and no pedals, loops or effects. Just a musician playing a real instrument.
Justin Burgess: A professional musician from birth. Starting on drums, Justin went on to earn a Bachelor of Music degree in percussion. He led bands all his life and branched out to guitar, bass and piano. He has written, arranged and recorded 8 original albums to date which can be purchased on www.cdbaby.com. He toured Canada with his own band, "Just B." & "The Slam Hounds" and toured the Netherlands with "Big on Venus" and "Thundermug". Justin played three tours of Western and Eastern Canada with guitar legend "Bill Durst" as well as concerts of his own and "The AB3". At present he is hard at work on a new album of original music "Heads Will Bang". In concert with The AB3 he plays drums and vocals.  Peter Novar: Peter has played bass guitar for many many years, mostly around the Toronto area. He played with "The Damn Neighbors", "The Harbor Rats", "Jeff Healey" and many more. Fans who are into bass, rave about Pete's smooth but aggressive tone. In concert he supplies the foundation of the AB3 groove, harmony and encouraging yelps and shouts. Shake! is explosive classic power trio rockin' blues featuring guest artists, Cheryl Lescom (snarlin' blues vocal) and Rod Ramsey (blues harp).

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Mike Westcott - Justice Road

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2012
Time: 48:06
Size: 110,5 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Erase Time - 4:39
 2. Shoot Me - 5:05
 3. Heaven Called - 4:52
 4. Back Again - 5:24
 5. Moose Knuckles - 5:47
 6. The Hammer - 3:18
 7. Justice Road - 3:41
 8. Sittin' On The Porch - 2:52
 9. Reflections - 3:52
10. Wanna Do - 4:20
11. Grunt - 4:12

“Justice Road” is a collection of eleven original songs that combines southern rock, and the blues, with explosive guitar solos to tell the auto biographical story of singer/guitarist Mike Westcott.
“Shoot Me” is a blues influenced tune that takes on the vibe of a Stevie Ray Vaughan classic.  Tommy Lepson provides thick organ pads, as drummer Jean-Paul Gaster lays down a syncopated groove.  On this track, Westcott’s voice sounds like a mixture between Stevie Ray Vaughan and Dr. John.  Westcott slows things down a bit in “Heaven Called,” as he presents a song in tribute to the passing of his mother.  You can hear the pain in his guitar, as he takes a powerful solo that builds into a full band break down that lands on the repeated lyric “Heaven called another angel home.”
“Back Again” shies away from the standard classic rock progression and arrangement.  The two main sections alternate between a heavy distortion guitar groove and a broken down spoken lyric.  The solo section throws a curve ball, by switching into a 6/8 feel where Westcott pulls out all of the stops, and performs one of the best guitar solos on the album.
“The Hammer” is a hard driving rock tune that starts off with a distortion picked guitar intro.  Bassist Jay Turner, pushes the song and lays down a strong foundation to groove over.  This track features several full band lines that are used to build the song into a cry-baby guitar solo.
“Sittin On the Porch” takes on the role of an interlude, and features Westcott playing acoustic guitar filled with harmonics, advanced strumming patterns, and flourish lines.
The CD closes out with the funk tune “Grunt,” that has the feel of a jam session classic. This tune is filled with twists and turns that go from a rock influenced 70s wah-wah funk jam to an odd metered outro that switches back and forth between 4/4 and 3/4 time signatures.
With a classic rock feel that sounds familiar, and plenty of twists and turns to keep things fresh, Mike Westcott’s “Justice Road” is an album that any blues lover would be proud to have in their collection.


Tony Holiday and The Velvetones - No Need To Rush It

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2015
Time: 30:31
Size: 69,9 MB
Label:  Midnight Records Productions
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Scratches on my Back - 5:14
 2. Loaded Gun - 4:31
 3. Dirtbag Blues - 7:30
 4. Johnny Paycheck - 4:23
 5. Blues on my Bumper - 5:03
 6. Happy harp - 3:47

Tony Holiday - Vocals, Harmonica
Landon "Stringbean" Stone - Guitar
Christian Mills - Bass
Matt Howitz - Drums
Darren Farnsworth - Drums
Jesse Howerton - Keys
Jordan Young - Cigar Box, Vocals
Terrance DH - Vocals
Greg Nielson - Saxaphone
Eric McFadden - Special guest guitar on Johnny Paycheck

Tony Holiday is a rising force on the national 'Harmonica Scene". Touring the US 6-8 months a year spending most of that time in the southern states. Tony is supported by Harp Gear, Shaker Mics, Avocado Print and CoalaTree Organics. Finishing his 3rd year fronting the band with harmonica Tony has released his debut album 'No Need To Rush It' , named by the great Guitar Shorty.

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Hogjaw - Rise To The Mountains

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2015
Time: 52:41
Size: 121,5 MB
Label: Swampjawbeamusic
Styles: Hard Rock/Southern Rock/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Rise to the Mountains - 7:33
 2. Leavin Out the Backside - 5:39
 3. Over for You Know It - 3:18
 4. Where Have You Gone - 4:48
 5. I Will Remain - 8:33
 6. Fire, Fuel & Air - 5:01
 7. Another Day - 4:27
 8. Second to None - 4:24
 9. The Smoker - 3:34
10. Grey Skies - 5:19

Hard hitting southern rock music with a dash of country & blues!
HOGJAW - an American Rock n Roll band! Since its inception, they have ignored the boundaries the music industry has standardized for so many artists. Bringing forth mighty riffs, bellowing whiskey filtered vocals with a Boogie sound that can tear paint off the wall. Since 2007, when the group started, that’s the path they have chosen. In 2014, fellow guitarist Kreg Self had to leave Hogjaw due to health issues, which left a big hole in the core. With the band in limbo, Hogjaw had to figure out the next move. With Kreg’s encouragement to go forward, lead-guitarist - Jimmy Rose fell at the doorstep of the band. Being old friends in the music scene, Jimmy decided he wanted to help the band remain and contribute to what Hogjaw had already achieved.  So with getting back to the roots, the band revitalized itself with hours upon hours of jamming and making the unit of four become one again. After releasing four studio records, this independent band is about to release its fifth (May 2015): RISE TO THE MOUNTAINS! The band believes lyrically and musically the album has the vibe of a "concept album". Of course, that is to be figured and determined by the individual listener. However, it definitely is a journey of music with the sounds of; Rock, Southern Rock, Blues and Country. Hogjaw have released four studio records since 2008: “Devil in the Details,” “Ironwood” (2010), “Sons of the Western Skies” (2012), and “If It Ain’t Broke” (2013). This collection of songs is what defines the band, period. About to embark on a fifth release with (engineer/producer) Byron Filson at Villain Recording, it is believed this is a new frontier for the group and fans! “RISE TO THE MOUNTAINS” will feature songs like; title track “Rise to the Mountain”, “I will remain”, “Another Day”, “Where Have you Gone” And “Grey Skies” are just a few of the tracks from this Southwestern band’s next offering. The live performances, which are another big factor in how bands shape themselves, are something in which Hogjaw definitely prides themselves. They have found themselves not only touring through North America, but even abroad in Europe & Scandinavia. In 2011 Hogjaw joined forces with booking agency Teenage head Music, enabling them to perform for fans in places they never dreamt they’d visit. Now, the 4th European tour is booked and a 2nd tour of North America is coming together!

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Alex Gomez - Always Never

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2004
Time: 36:23
Size: 83,6 MB
Label: DeltaLectric
Styles: Slide Guitar Blues
Art: Front

Track Listing:
1.Macon Bacon - 3:00
2.New Orleans - 4:05
3.Woman Trouble - 3:32
4.Cocaine Girl - 4:24
5.Southern Belle - 3:55
6.Strawberry Wine - 3:29
7.Back To The Grind - 3:02
8.Rolling Stone - 3:10
9.Double Wide - 4:18
10.Sugar Pie - 3:23

When the world takes a dive, people with a sense of direction head for the blues.
And even if its skinny kids who can play three chords and count to twelve - it'll do until the world gets better. Or something better turns up.
Well, here comes Texas nail-splitter Alex Gomez. Ten songs, one slide, one guitar, one bass drum pedal and a heart full of soul.
The early "Gimme Dat Harp" Beefheart, and a raw Lightnin' Hopkins stand in the shadows. But the relentless driving slide guitar is out there on it's own. It's brazen, fluent and rough as pig iron out of Middlesbrough. That bass drum kicks along to keep the tempo and the adrenalin surging on in half gill measures.
Gomez plays some nifty and knowing stuff, but it sure ain't Ry Cooder pretty and it isn't Skip James spiritual neither. Not unless you're thinking of different spirit. Aviation fuel maybe. To take the whole album in one sitting you might need to have a king sized blues to shift. But every track is a gem. !
Some highlights then? "Southern Belle" is a dirty monster. It's the "Shake Your Moneymaker" riff without the sweet talk. This is loud even when you play it quietly. And why the hell would you want to play it quietly?
"Strawberry Wine" is the drunkest slurriest, mule kickingest "Dust My Broom" you ever heard. All those Jimmy Reed guitars in one.
"Double Wide" is "Hoochie Coochie Man" with a bad head and no sense of shame.
"Sugar Pie" finishes the album off like "Rollin' and Tumblin'" with a rocket up its arse.
You know, I like this album quite a lot. Just listen to that Bo Diddley riff going down down down on opener "Macon Bacon". What a treat.

 Always Never

Greg Baril - Midnight Blue

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2001
Time: 51:33
Size: 118,9 MB
Label: Gray Root Red Music
Styles: Modern Electric Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
1.Got to be Funky - 5:12
2.I'll Be Around - 5:13
3.Jive'n Woman - 4:26
4.Midnight Blue - 5:18
5.More Than I Need to Know - 2:38
6.News to Me - 4:35
7.Every Now and Then - 6:52
8.Talk it Over - 4:55
9.Kick a Man When He's Down - 2:47
10.My Baby Left Me - 9:33

Greg Baril -lead guitar, vocals;
Buzzy Meekins - bass guitar;
Plus Benny Hill - alto sax;
Vince Beard - trumpet;
L-Train additional horns;
Barry Rapp - hammond B3 Organ;
Finger Harold - keyboards;
Cissy Brothers - background vocals;
Ace Moreland - background vocals;
Yonrico Scott - drums, percussion.

"The best unsigned guitar player in America"- Playboy Magazine
Having opened for such greats as, Stevie Ray Vaughn, B. B. King, Muddy Waters, and Derek Trucks, Greg has stood on his own as one to be reckoned with. Whether playing before a crowd of 25 or 2500, Greg plays the blues with a style and grace that can be described anywhere from gut- wrenching, to soul searching.
Born and raised in Connecticut, Greg started playing guitar at an early age. He started out playing with local groups in his home state, playing different kinds of music. Later, as his talent and abilities matured, Greg found his heart in the blues music of the likes of Muddy Waters, T-Bone Walker, and Albert, and Freddie King.
In the 80's Greg relocated to the Sunshine State and proceeded to knock the socks off the local music scene. His reputation for kick-ass blues is known all over. Definitely one of the most-underrated talents in America.

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Willie Phoenix - Revolution In The Basement

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2010
Time: 39:20
Size: 90,3 MB
Label: Junkyard Cat Recordings LLC
Styles: Blues/British Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Big Lie - 2:20
 2. She Makes Me Nervous - 2:59
 3. Train Of Pain - 2:11
 4. Go Boom! - 2:29
 5. Feels Like Monday - 2:23
 6. Electric Emotions - 3:27
 7. It Must Be Witchcraft - 3:36
 8. Brought Some Blues - 3:37
 9. Little Spider - 2:39
10. Distorted Candy - 3:15
11. Planets - 5:05
12. Blues For My British Girlfriend - 5:12

Willie Phoenix - vocals, guitars, keyboards;
Chuck Birchfield - bass;
Dave Joseph - drums and perscussion;
Ray Winburn - bongos, congas.

Jammin' alternative blues for your generation- a fusion of blues, soul, and rock influences (60’s British blues to American psychedelic rock).


суббота, 23 мая 2015 г.

Colleen Hewett - Black & White

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2015
Time: 40:30
Size: 93,2 MB
Label: Dream Room
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Blues Is My Business - 3:35
 2. Rockin' Chair - 3:59
 3. Daddy Said - 3:00
 4. I Sing The Blues - 4:49
 5. Shut Up And Let Me Breathe - 4:12
 6. I'm Walkin' - 3:12
 7. Starlight - 3:43
 8. Shut Your Mouth - 3:10
 9. Takin' The Good With The Bad - 3:18
10. The Key - 3:39
11. Headin' Down The Highway - 3:47

15 years after her last album, Colleen Hewett (Wind Beneath My Wings, Day By Day, Dreaming My Dreams With You) has finally returned to the studio, to create the album she has wanted to make for a LONG time! 'Black & White' sees Colleen set her stirring vocal ability free with genres ranging from emotional ballads, to country and soulful blues tracks, as she takes the listener on a journey that traces her family history, including previously unknown details about her ancestry and experience with domestic violence. in my personality, I tell it the way it is – take it or leave it.”


Nelsen Adelard - Voodou By You

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2015
Time: 34:49
Size: 80,2 MB
Label: Blue Track Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
1.I Need Tonight With You - 4:13
2.Get In The Groove - 3:47
3.Mon Cheri - 3:40
4.May Just Have To Set You Free - 4:58
5.Voodou By You - 4:38
6.Boom - 2:57
7.Train Whistle Blues - 5:26
8.I'm Gone - 2:29
9.Down The Road I Go - 2:38

Nelsen Adelard - Vocals, Guitar, Piano, B3 Organ, Harmonica;
Jon Puhl - Lead Guitar, Background Vocals;
Mick Donner - Bass, Background Vocals;
Phil Christman - Drums, Background Vocals;
Mark Norris - Sax on "May Just Have To Set You Free" & "Get In The Groove".

Nelsen Adelard is a Jack Of All Trades... An Amazing Blues vocalist, soulful guitar, piano and harmonica player.
"A Testament to the Blues"..What can I say about a man who has obviously paid his dues and honed his talents to produce an album that, in my opinion, is a testament to modern and traditional blues music. With scorching guitar licks, searing harmonica, a solid rhythm section and up front vocals that belt out Nelsen's lyrics about life, friends and what is close to his heart, this album is a must for your collection that will earn repeated plays.


Mike De Velta - Press On!

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2015
Time: 45:30
Size: 105,0 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Slide Guitar Blues/Blues Rock/Soul Blues/Roots Rock/
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Press On! - 2:49
 2. Got What I Deserved - 4:29
 3. Bring It On Hard - 5:22
 4. On The Other Side - 3:49
 5. Travelling Light - 4:24
 6. Positivity - 3:43
 7. Oh Mother - 3:47
 8. Some People - 5:01
 9. Change - 3:47
10. Am I Ready - 4:50
11. Wild Strawberries - 3:23

Voted Best Blues Artist of 2011 by Global Thunda Network, Mike De Velta's energetic performances push slide guitar into another dimension. Modern and traditional Blues played on resonator, lap and acoustic guitars. With work hardened vocals and rack mount harmonica, Mike de Velta is a true favourite amongst Blues aficionados.
Uplifting, meaningful Blues and Roots from this Western Australian artist. Breaking through with a new breed of slide guitar and impassioned vocals.
Typically associated with the Australian Blues and Roots movement Mike De Velta’s compositions and performances are constantly on the move. A rich and energetic showcase splashed with a hint of the oriental, expressed through the shimmering and delightful tones of lap slide, resonator, electric and acoustic guitars.
His signature slide weeps with expression, magnetic vocals are delivered with passion and honesty. A melting pot and strange brew of all that is sweet in the age of modern blues.
His latest production "Press On!" features guests Paul Walter Daly on harmonica, John Wilson on upright bass (who has toured and recorded with Dave Hole), Dani Soli and John Sydney McNair on electric bass, and Dean Wuksta on drums.
Currently living near Fremantle in Western Australia Mike regularly performs as a solo and with his band having shared the stage with a string of National and International acts.


Sue Foley & Peter Karp - He Said She Said

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2010
Time: 50:04
Size: 115,5 MB
Label: Blind Pig
Styles: Blues/Blues-Rock/Modern Acoustic Blues/Modern Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Treat Me Right - 4:44
 2. So Far So Fast - 2:24
 3. Wait - 4:05
 4. Rules Of Engagement - 3:55
 5. Hold On Baby - 3:18
 6. Umm Hmm - 3:23
 7. Danger Lurks - 3:29
 8. Ready For Your Love - 3:05
 9. I'm Scared - 3:47
10. Valentines Day - 3:32
11. Dear Girl - 3:51
12. Baby Don't Go - 3:29
13. Regret - 3:30
14. Lost In You - 3:25

He Said She Said is a blues album of an entirely different stripe. Guitarist and songwriter Peter Karp was in the midst of recording his excellent Shadows and Cracks. He’d written a duet, and his manager suggested Sue Foley to record the female part. The cut didn’t make the album, but it forged a friendship that was sustained by writing letters and thoughts across continents via email. Foley and Karp began to record individual records, but during a conversation, realized their letters were the basis of terrific songs, and were more relevant to their lives (personal and musical) at the moment, and so they decided to work together instead. The songs, while firmly rooted in the blues tradition, range widely, even though most of them are sung duets. There’s the uptempo, acoustic, quick-step, shuffling, country-blues of Karp’s “Hold on Baby,” with some of his brilliant slide that is an encouragement to a friend having a difficult time. Foley’s beautiful, countrified rag “So Far So Fast” is a love song confessed as secret longing that features her gorgeous fingerpicking, Nate Allen's upright bass, Mike Catapano's skittering snare, and Karp playing a rickety upright piano. There’s some electric material hereto: Karp’s rocking “Wait,” with a B-3 and an electric bassline, and the pair's guitars trading licks. “Scared” is Karp's beautiful, nocturnal, jazzy track with a horn section, with lead vocals by Foley. The sexy “Mm Hmmm” is a duet that could appear in an erotic thriller with its walking, upright bassline and sensual poetry. Foley’s closing “Lost in You” is a ballad of such tenderness and wonder, it seals the album with a kiss -- especially with her nylon-string guitar playing. This is a risky and welcome recording (kudos to Blind Pig for the vision to release it) that asks modern blues fans to suspend their preconceptions and listen to the music as it evolves in this new century, and an album to make those fed up with blues cliches hear something truly and beautifully different.


Sugar Cane Train - On The Cover For One Day

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1996
Time: 49:56
Size: 114,9 MB
Label: Wave
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. On the cover for one day - 4:04
 2. Automobile - 2:42
 3. You better watch yourself - 7:11
 4. It hurts to be in love - 4:41
 5. Ready for the dance - 2:52
 6. Nightly - 5:30
 7. Leave that man alone - 3:04
 8. Spellbound - 3:25
 9. Little green - 4:50
10. Don't call me, I'll call you - 2:35
11. Help me my love - 4:20
12. I can breathe again - 4:35

A classic blues-rock power trio from Switzerland, lead by Californian singer, songwriter, guitar player, producer & music school owner Peter Kane (Guitar, Vocals).


Kelley Hunt - Inspiration

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2000
Time: 57:30
Size: 132,0 MB
Label: 88 Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Inspiration - 5:31
 2. Stronger Wings - 7:37
 3. Treat Me Right - 7:01
 4. Back In The Saddle - 5:17
 5. Queen Of The 88's - 9:20
 6. Forgive And Foget - 4:56
 7. Just Like Oxygen - 5:36
 8. Natural Thing - 8:05
 9. Love Never Dies - 4:02

This collection of 9 live original tracks features the stunning ballad Stronger Wings, fan favorite Queen of the 88s and Love Never Dies from a live broadcast of the celebrated radio show A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor. Joining Hunt on these live dates are Hammond B3 allstar Mike Finnigan, guitarist Miles Joseph (Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, Joe Sample, Luther Allison, Albert King, Natalie Cole), drummer Bobby Lloyd Hicks (Dave Alvin, Steve Forbert, The Skeletons, The Morells), and tenor sax player Lon Price (Professor Longhair, Joan Armatrading, Bonnie Raitt, Manhattan Transfer, Patti Labelle, John Mayall, Aaron Neville, Rod Stewart).[http://www.amazon.com].
Kelley Hunt is an American blues pianist, singer, and songwriter. Her 2004 album, New Shade of Blue, peaked at number 9 in the Billboard Top Blues Albums chart.In 2006, Hunt was inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame. Her most recent album and sixth to date, The Beautiful Bones, was released on 88 Records in May 2014. She is based in Lawrence, Kansas.She was born Kelley Wade in Kansas City, Missouri, United States, and was initially musically inspired by her mother's jazz and blues styled singing. She attended Lowther Junior High School in Emporia, Kansas, in 1970/71, and the University of Kansas in 1977. Hunt's own musical influences came from a diverse range, including the work of Ruth Brown, Ann Peebles, Wanda Jackson, Jay McShann and Mary Lou Williams amongst others.Her self-titled debut album, which was released in 1995, featured the bassist Reggie McBride and saxophonist Wilton Felder. In 1998, Hunt's song "If I Don't Dance" from her debut album, was used in the film, Dance with Me. The album Inspiration, followed in October 2000. Her 2004 album, New Shade of Blue, which was produced by Garth Fundis and Gary Nicholson, peaked at number 9 in the Billboard Top Blues Albums chart. Her fourth album, Mercy was issued in 2009, and the Star Tribune noted "Surprises don't often crop up on the well-trodden blues circuit. This Kansan is a full-blown phenomenon: powerhouse singer, hardboogieing pianist, polished songwriter…"In 2011, Gravity Loves You was released which included twelve new songs. As well as her own tracks, several were co-written with Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg. The St. Louis Beacon stated "Hunt's songwriting shines on powerful, moving compositions like 'Deep Old Love', 'This Fall', 'In the End' and the title cut. And she proves she can shine on the keyboard as well - with dynamic inspired playing throughout". She also released the single "Heartland", with Hunt on piano and vocals, plus the mandolin player Sam Bush.Hunt made her debut as an actress in Bunker Hill (2008), where she also contributed music to the film's soundtrack.She has variously performed at the Omaha Blues, Jazz, & Gospel Festival, Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival (2013), Memphis in May, Austin City Limits Music Festival, and Thursday at the Square. In addition, she has appeared six times on A Prairie Home Companion.Hunt's sixth album, The Beautiful Bones, was released in May 2014.

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Ron Hacker & The Hacksaws - Goin' Down Howlin'

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2015
Time: 43:16
Size: 99,9 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Evil Hearted Woman (Acoustic) - 3:25
 2. Big Brown Eyes - 2:40
 3. Hate To See You Go - 3:56
 4. Ax Sweet Momma - 4:12
 5. Baby What You Want Me To Do - 4:36
 6. You Got To Move - 4:03
 7. Nadine - 3:28
 8. Goin' Down Slow - 5:21
 9. Howlin' For My Darlin' - 4:01
10. Goin' To Brownsville - 3:38
11. Goin' Down Slow (Acoustic) - 3:53

Ron Hacker, born in 1945, for me is one of the most compelling and honest blues men of our time. The Slide Virtuoso, who is based since long years in San Francisco is not known in vain as the ‚White Trash Blues Man. He calls in his texts clearly what touches him and his fellow man and he is not afraid before clear statements. The Baby is gone or the whiskey tastes too well, those are not his subjects. You can convince yourself by listening to the seven albums he has recorded - partly as Ron Hacker & the Hacksaws or Ron Hacker.Friends of something harder pace will be happy with the albums <Back Door Man> (2000) and <Burnin‘> (2003). For friends of solo or Club performances <Bad Boy> (2007) and ‚Live in San Francisco> (2012) is a must. Ron has occurred in all major West Coast festivals including the Monterey Jazz Festival, as well as in Europe (including Germany). Unfortunately, it has not yet given the big breakthrough in our area - Ron Hacker is still an insider’s tip. Hopefully his just-released CD <‘Goin‘ Down Howlin> will change that. Ron Hacker (guit., voc.) & his Hacksaws - Artis Joyce (bass) and Ronnie Smith (drums) - engage extent on great songs of blues music. Ron contributes with the opener <Evil Hearted Woman> (acoustic) and <Big Brown Eyes> successfully own compositions that have a good chance to become classics itself. The other 9 pieces are written by Little Walter (<Hate to see you go>), Sleepy John Estes (<Ax sweet Mama>), Jimmy Reed (<Baby what you want me to do>) and others. Chuck Berry‘s <Nadine> is represented as well as Chester Burnett‘s‘ <Howling for my Darling>. Ron Hacker presents a harmonious blend of some classic popular songs on his very own, intoxicating nature.Hacker is a seasoned, mature musician far from mainstream and any image complexes. Listening to him is a great experience to see him live on stage is one of my unmet needs.

Link [Zippi]

Eddie Martin - Play The Blues With Feeling

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2004
Time: 47:57
Size: 110,2 MB
Label: Blueblood
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Someone's Making Money - 4:30
 2. Selfish Guy - 6:42
 3. My Black Mama - 3:18
 4. Bubble Blues - 5:11
 5. Bristol Shakedown - 3:00
 6. Play The Blues With Feeling - 5:30
 7. Tell Me Why - 4:21
 8. One Man Band Rag - 2:56
 9. Barbed Wire - 7:42
10. Bone Shaker - 4:44

Martin's command of blues guitar styles, acoustic and electric, is unparalleled in this country – and he will give anyone round the world a good run for their money. As confident and eloquent with intricate finger-style national steel playing as he is with incendiary electric soloing, the most amazing thing is that he is also one of our top harmonica players. These instrumental skills sprinkle this album like gold dust and are all the more amazing for the fact that guitar and harmonica are played simultaneously on this live-to-tape album with no overdubs. Of the 10 tracks, 9 are original – including the International Songwriting Competition finalist "Someone's Making Money", 2 solo acoustic, 7 raw electric trio arrangements with slide guitar to the fore, and a big band ska-like swing tune "Bubble Blues". With nine albums almost in as many years, Eddie Martin is one of the most prolific blues performers on the international circuit. With this cd he has come up with another winner which is bound to consolidate his position at the top of the blues hierarchy.

Link  [Zippi]

James Hinkle - Straight Ahead Blues ?

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2005
Time: 48:22
Size: 111,0 MB
Label: Bluelights Music
Styles: Blues/Texas Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Mammer-Jammer - 3:26
 2. Ugly Woman Blues - 3:32
 3. The Rooster - 2:04
 4. Alexandria, Virginia - 3:33
 5. Glide On - 5:55
 6. Don't Start Cryin' Now - 2:11
 7. I Ain't Got You - 2:31
 8. Let The Backdoor Hit Ya - 3:28
 9. The Sad Nite Owl - 2:08
10. She Likes To Boogie Real Low - 2:52
11. Swooshy - 2:32
12. Watch Yourself - 4:16
13. When Did You Leave Heaven - 5:09
14. Cool Blues - 4:39

Theres an old hipster adage that fits james hinkle's latest musical vision to a tee; you got to live it to give it. That's what we have here a collection of covers with one original tune that strike at the very core of hinkle's playing. Solid instumentals and vocal tunes which give us a peek into the musiacal soul of the man. From his tenure with Marcia Ball to his own band , hardworking good playin' music with just a touch of jazz.

Link [Zippi]

пятница, 22 мая 2015 г.

My Own Holiday - Reason To Bleed

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2015
Time: 39:49
Size: 91,7 MB
Label: Eclecto Groove Records
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Hold On Me - 3:15
 2. Razorblades - 2:14
 3. Two Coins - 3:29
 4. Memphis - 3:45
 5. Devil In Me - 4:01
 6. Reason To Bleed - 0:12
 7. Whiskey In The Well - 3:05
 8. On The Floor Blues - 4:44
 9. Smile - 2:44
10. Stone Free - 2:14
11. Stranded - 3:24
12. Don't Shine On Me - 3:25
13. Right Back Where I Started - 3:11

It might be easy to lump My Own Holiday in with other Guitar and Drum ensembles, like The Black Keys or The White Stripes but on their latest album, Reason to Bleed, My Own Holiday carve out a niche all their own. Their traditional meets modern approach is blues for the next generation.
Joey Chrisman’s post Nirvana voice could very well redefine what the traditional blues singer sounds like. He’s vulnerable in all the right places and just when you think he’s about to falter he flexes his muscles like Popeye after downing a can of spinach and puts a whooping on your ass that you’ll feel for days. Nick Bartolo’s drumming is solid and holds the low end together so well that you don’t really miss the bass guitar.  The stripped down sound serves the material very well. There is no overplaying or long jams. My Own Holiday seems to have adopted the Tom Petty philosophy of “don’t bore us; take us to the chorus.”
The album opens with a groovy little rocker, “Hold On Me” and progresses from there. “Whiskey in the Well” is a David Rawlings-esque acoustic ballad, and “On the Floor Blues” is an example of how these guys can play down and dirty blues with the best of the them.  They reinvent boogie rock with the track “Smile” and create one of the most interesting moments on the record.
While there is definitely a lot of rock and roll on Reason to Bleed, don’t be fooled. Chrisman and Bartolo are blues men at heart. Reason to Bleed is spattered with all the blood and guts that made Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Water’s such powerful artists in their day.With Reason to Bleed,  My Own Holiday joins the  fraternity of blues based acts like Gary Clark Jr. and others who are redefining the genre.


Beth McKee - Sugarcane Revival

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2015
Time: 49:21
Size: 113,4 MB
Label: Swampgirl Music
Styles: Singer/songwriter, Swamp Roots & Americana
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Long Road Back - 3:40
 2. Break Me Down - 3:42
 3. Promised Land - 4:26
 4. Right At The Gate - 3:33
 5. Nobody Knows Like Me - 3:43
 6. A Place For Me - 4:06
 7. Abraham And Alice - 4:00
 8. Unravelled - 3:11
 9. And Everything Changed - 4:25
10. Dress Of Fire - 3:18
11. Trouble The Waters - 3:45
12. You Better Turn Around - 3:12
13. Fire, Wind And Water - 4:14

Beth McKee- vocals, piano & accordion;
Dan Walters- bass;
Juan Perez- drums & percussion.

When it comes to women singers in the South right now, it would be hard to beat Beth McKee. She’s been running the Mississippi-New Orleans highway long enough to know all the right stops and starts, and where the musical mojo is buried. McKee also isn’t afraid to wade into the swamps to find the heart and soul of that sound. On Sugarcane Revival, she’s performed the admirable feat of squeezing out sparks all along this journey, and also roping in enough uptown grooves to make an album that can appeal to everyone — kind of like if Laura Nyro had been roommates with Carole King and Bonnie Raitt on Decatur Street in the French Quarter during the ‘70s. These are songs that matter, and show just how resilient a spirit Beth McKee has. Not only that, but she wrote every one of them, sometimes with help but often alone. There isn’t anyone else in her league at present, and she gives bright hope the South really will do it again.


Alex Schultz - Think About It

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2004
Time: 53:17
Size: 122,0 MB
Label: Severn Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Done Got Over It - 3:56
 2. Be Good, Be Gone - 2:42
 3. Let's Start Again - 3:59
 4. Big Time - 5:39
 5. I Don't Want Your Money, Honey - 3:41
 6. Think - 2:34
 7. Act Right - 3:28
 8. Lexington Express - 4:23
 9. I Love The Woman - 4:31
10. No Use Knocking - 3:07
11. Who Will The Next Fool Be - 4:59
12. Rhumba And Orange - 4:01
13. Walkin' And Talkin' - 6:11

Popular West Coast sideman and in-demand session guitarist Alex Schultz has worked with the likes of William Clarke, Hank Ballard, and Rod Piazza. On this outing, old friends and band-mates Lynwood Slim, Finis Tasby, and Tad Robinson lend their vocals to such gems as Guitar Slim's "Done Got Over It," Jimmy McCracklin's "Think," and Chuck Willis' "Be Good Be Gone." Schultz describes "Think About It" as a dream session with a classic "Uptown" ensemble playing some swinnging tunes with a sophisticated sound. This record will appeal to fans of Rod Piazza, Tad Robinson, and Big Joe and The Dynaflows.


Angel Forrest (feat. Paul Deslauriers & Denis Coulombe) - "Live" Love

Styles: Pop/Rock/Blues
Label: Morningstar
Year: 2014
File: 320K/s
Time: 39:58 + 61:37
Size: 103,3 +152,9 MB
Scans: Front

Tracks Listing:
(4:01) 1. How You Do
(3:43) 2. Mother Tongue Blues
(7:00) 3. Walking Blues
(6:06) 4. Holy Man
(4:12) 5. Come Alive
(9:04) 6. Move On
(5:49) 7. I Shall Be Released

(5:05) 1. Tell Me Why
(4:24) 2. Roll On Down
(4:49) 3. Volcano
(4:11) 4. Papa Come Quick
(10:52) 5. Turtle Blues
(18:49) 6. Mama / Whole Lotta Love
(13:24) 7. Listen

Angel Forrest who has been named 2013 *Female vocalist of the year* at the Maple Blues awards will be releasing *LIVE* LOVE. This record is very special for it is a double album recorded LIVE at the Palace theatre in Granby.*LIVE* LOVE is a recording of the acoustic show Angel has been touring this last year with her longtime partner Denis Coulombe and longtime friend and recently named 2013* Guitar player of the year* Paul Deslauriers.
Release date : April 8, 2014

"Live Love" marks the second release I have had the good fortune of receiving from Powerhouse Blues Rock singer Angel Forrest. The previous release was "Mother Tongue Blues", one of my favorite female fronted albums that I received in 2013, of which I wrote, ""Mother Tongue Blues was" my first intro to Angel Forrest and, man I must admit, I am pretty impressed and have no doubts that if she has not had a break out album yet, then this is the one for sure. Amazing stuff from start to finish." "Mother Tongue Blues" was a huge release for Angel Forrest garnering many accolades and awards which included a Maple Blues Nomination for Album Of The Year and wins for Female Artist Of The Year and Recording/Producer Of The Year. This time around Angel Forrest has created an exhilarating Double Live album revisiting not only some of her finest songs from two previous releases, but also a nice selection of tunes from their favorite artists.
Joining Angel Forrest (Vocals), for "Live Love", were only two other artists, Denis Coulombe (Acoustic Guitar/Background Vocals), and Paul Deslauriers (Acoustic Guitar), which essentially made for what one could call an Unplugged Album. Denis Coulombe (Angel's husband), has been a longtime collaborator on her albums. Paul Delauriers, recent winner of Guitarist Of The Year at the Maple Blues Awards has appeared on numerous releases of Angel Forrest as a Special Guest. Now together, this amazing Trio brings us one of the more unique and creative Canadian releases 2014 has so far seen.
When it came to "Live Love" and the recording of it, there was no BS'ing around as this Double Live Album brings us the entire show and it did so in the exact same order the songs were performed on that night November 28, 2013 at Le Palace in Granby, Quebec.
As mentioned earlier, "Live Love", contains an assortment of originals from previous albums and a few of their favorites from other artists. This was an absolute treat for me, as I not only got a chance to listen to some of her music for the first time from the 2011 Quebec Blues Awards winning album "Come Alive", but also got to hear Angel and Company doing a really nice job on a few great Covers.
The 2 CD's consists of 14 Tracks, eight of which are originals via the writing team of Denis Coulombe and Angel Forrest, and six fabulous Covers, which included "Walking Blues" (Willie Dixon), "I Shall Be Released" (Bob Dylan), "Volcano" (Damien Rice), "Papa Come Quick" (Billy Vera/Chip Taylor/Ricky Hirsch), "Turtle Blues" (Janis Joplin), and "Mama/Whole Lotta Love" (Herb Lance/Charlie Singleton/Johnny Wallace & Led Zepellin/Willie Dixon). Of the eight originals, five were chosen from "Mother Tongue Blues" and three from "Come Alive", making for a nice mix from her two previous albums.
"Live Love" had no problem taking me back to what I consider to be one of the first and finest Unplugged Sessions and that was Eric Clapton Unplugged. It was an album for which I really started to enjoy songs originally done in a harder vein, now being performed acoustically, which for me, brought just as much, and at times, more emotion to them. "Live Love" contains that same kind of intimate emotion, which may not get you onto the dance floor, but will certainly grab your attention, opening up your ears to a more original, raw, and satisfying feel, garnering all of your attention and no doubt a lot of head bobbing and toe tapping. Another great thing about "Live Love" was that the majority of the songs were nicely stretched out, with Track 6 "Move On" on CD 1 clocking in at 9:06 and the last three songs on CD 2 averaging over 14 minutes, with Track 6 "Mama/Whole Lotta Love" clocking in at an epic 18:46.
Having a trio such as Angel Forrest, Denis Coulombe, and Paul Delauriers performing in such an intimate setting really allowed the performers to not only shine together as a whole, but also individually, as well. Angel Forrest was of course the main singing focus of the majority of the songs, but Denis Coulombe, in addition to stellar Guitar work, also threw his Vocals into the ring, most notable on Track 7 CD1 "I Shall Be Released" and Track 3 CD2 "Volcano" both which came across as beautifully done Duets. Angel Forrest, whom believe me is one of the more powerful singers on the Blues Rock scene today, also showed that her Vocals are just as heavenly when toned down as was evident on a number of the albums Tracks.
As for the musical aspect of "Live Love", both Denis Coulombe's and Paul Delauriers' Acoustic Guitar playing was nothing less than absolutely amazing and at times quite hypnotic. It has always amazed me the amount of sound you can get out of so few instruments, feeling like there are many more performers then they are. "Live Love" has that feeling from start to finish.
"Live Love" is for all intensive purposes, Angel Forrest's, Denis Coulombe's and Paul Delauriers' Eric Clapton "Unplugged". Nothing on this Double Release is second to none. It is a Beautiful and Brilliant Acoustical Set of Music, guaranteed to not only thrill these performers present fans, but also garner them all many more.
5***** for "Live Love"... Highly Recommended and Thoroughly Enjoyed...


AJ & The Shapes - AJ & The Shapes

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1987
Time: 46:28
Size: 107,3 MB
Label: Appaloosa Records(2009)
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Songs/Tracks Listing:
1.My babe - 3:19
2.Never let me go - 4:05
3.You're Gonna Need Me - 4:47
4.Little Momma - 2:45
5.Herb Stuffing - 3:38
6.Automobile - 4:02
7.Lean Clean Lovin' Machine - 3:09
8.Call me Up - 4:06
9.Home at Last - 2:42
10.Headed for hard Times - 2:47
11.All Night Long - 3:28
12.Black Forest Blues - 4:20
13.Hot Damn - 3:13

He is widely known in the blues harmonica world as a true master of his craft, and for his signature 'tone' - which many harmonica players have tried to duplicate without success. recorded his first solo album for Patrick Ford's Blue Rock'It label. Then he turned into a rock/pop artist. With his bands, The Defenders and The Shapes he played a contemporary Californian blend of New Wave rock toured the world on a regular basis. Surprisingly enough, 'AJ & The Shapes' is only his third solo album containing the well-known Just-mix of easy-going westcoast bluesrock, and harmonica artistry. Fred James from Nashville is also on board. A strong one. ANDY JUST - hca/voc, FRD JAMES - gtr/org/voc, FINGERS FARRELL - bass, LENNY CAMPANARO - drums.