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вторник, 29 августа 2017 г.

Wentus Blues Band - Wentus Blues Band

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1989
Time: 46:35
Size: 106,7 MB
Label: Bluelight Records (2015)
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Don't Start Me to Talkin' - 2:54
 2. Hallelujah I Love Her So - 3:03
 3. Baby Please Don't Go - 3:23
 4. Total Abstainer Boogie - 4:27
 5. When a Man Loves a Woman - 4:38
 6. The Walk - 2:49
 7. Evil Is Going On - 3:13
 8. Think Twice Before You Go - 3:25
 9. Love In Vain - 4:57
10. The Blues Had a Baby and They Named It Rock 'n' Roll - 2:53
11. Violent Love - 2:17
12. I Just Wanna Make Love to You - 3:18
13. Baby Kate - 1:58
14. A Tribute to Nedervetil - 3:13

The debut album consists mainly of songs written by our influences, this CD also contains of 2 songs originally released 1991 on single “Genuine Doggone Music” Powerful songs in the spirit of Dr Feelgood! Also a special bonustrack never released before: “A tribute to Nedervetil”
Produced by: Rami Hammar & Wentus Blues Band
Recorded at: Ram-Ham Studios, Kokkola, Finland
Last 3 songs: “Genuine Doggone Music” :
Produced by: Wentus Blues Band
Recorded at: Karivox Studios, Kokkola, Finland

Wentus Blues Band

пятница, 25 августа 2017 г.

Jonny Lang - Signs

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2017
Time: 47:20
Size: 109,5 MB
Label: Provogue
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Make it Move - 3:29
 2. Snakes - 2:58
 3. Last Man Standing - 3:26
 4. Signs - 5:35
 5. What You're Made of - 4:18
 6. Bitter end - 4:10
 7. Stronger Together - 3:34
 8. Into The Light - 4:01
 9. Bring Me Back Home - 5:46
10. Wisdom - 4:05
11. Singing Songs - 5:53

Jonny Lang is pleased to announce a brand new studio album, Signs, which will be released in Europe on August 25 via Provogue Records / Mascot Label Group. The album (his sixth major label release) is his first in four years.
Starting off the record with a juke joint stomp, “Make It Move” is Lang’s story about going to the mountain rather than waiting for it to come to you. “There have been times in my life where I thought something would take care of itself, when I should have put some effort forth to help it happen,” says Lang. “Being proactive has been a weak spot for me, and the song is about doing your part to get things moving.”
Anyone who originally discovered Jonny Lang through his searing instrumental work will revel in the huge guitar tones and go for broke solos on Signs, while those who have appreciated his growth as an honest and passionate songwriter will find that honesty and passion unabated. Though he long ago left blues purism behind, Lang has never abandoned its spirit of universal catharsis through the relating of personal trials. Signs reaffirms his commitment to the blues and the guitar without sacrificing the modern approach that has made him such a singular artist.
It is hard to believe that at only 36 years old Jonny Lang has already had a successful career for two decades. Easier to believe when you learn he released his first platinum record at 15—an age when many young people are just beginning to play music. Lie to Me revealed a talent that transcended the crop of blues prodigies floating around in the late Nineties. No flashy re-hasher of classic blues licks, even at that early age Lang was a full-blown artist with a style of his own. Also, setting Lang apart from the wunderkind crowd was a 15-year-old voice that sounded like a weathered soul shouter. Actual life experience was yet to come, and has been subsequently chronicled in a series of five uniformly excellent recordings.
What began as a bluesy sound, influenced by electric pioneers like Albert Collins, B. B. King, and Buddy Guy, evolved over those recordings into a modern R&B style closer to Stevie Wonder and contemporary gospel music. Lang’s distinctive, blues-inflected licks appeared on every album, but became one element in a sea of passionately sung and tightly arranged songs.
Signs is not merely a return the artist’s guitar-based beginnings, but an embodiment of an even more elemental sound. Beyond focusing attention on his soloing prowess, it is about recapturing the spirit of the early blues, where the guitar was front and center, fairly leaping out of the speakers. “A lot of my earlier influences have been coming to the surface, like Robert Johnson, and Howlin’ Wolf,” he reports. “I have been appreciating how raw and unrefined that stuff is. I had an itch to emulate some of that and I think it shows in the songs. Still, I let the writing be what it was and that was sometimes not necessarily the blues.”
The record, which features funk, rock, and blues elements, is held together by Lang’s distinctive playing and singing, and the lyrics, which center on themes of embattlement and self-empowerment. “Some of the songs are autobiographical, but not usually in a literal way,” Lang explains. “The main goal is for folks to be able to relate to what I went through. If I can’t make it work using just my personal experience, I use my imagination to fill in blanks.”
Signs was produced by Lang, Drew Ramsey, and Shannon Sanders, Josh Kelly helmed “Bring Me Back Home.” Lang offers, “Josh and I cut six or seven songs together and had a blast doing it. I am saving the other ones for who knows what, but I definitely wanted that one to be on this record.”
Since the release of his debut album, Grammy Award winning Jonny Lang has built a reputation as one of the best live performers and guitarists of his generation. The path Lang has been on has brought him the opportunity to support or perform with some of the most respected legends in music. He has shared the stage with everyone from The Rolling Stones, B.B. King, Aerosmith and Buddy Guy, who he continues to tour with today.


Pat McManus - In My Own Time

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2008
Time: 48:42
Size: 111,9 MB
Label: Bad Reputation
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Got The Right - 2:47
 2. Low Down Dirty Blues - 3:27
 3. Juggernaut - 2:55
 4. Same Old Story - 4:55
 5. Return Of Th G.Man - 4:26
 6. Back In The Saddle - 3:39
 7. Ordinary Man - 3:24
 8. Fool - 7:00
 9. Just Got Back Today - 3:46
10. Say Goodbye - 4:05
11. E.mail Blues - 3:07
12. Just For Shannon - 5:07

Pat McManus - Lead Vocals, Electric & Accoustic Guitars, Violin;
Paul McCann - Bass;
Mudd Wallace - Bass, Drum Programming, Backing Vocals;
Sean O'Reilly - Drums;
Maura Wallace - Backing Vocals.

Pat McManus is a Northern Ireland born and based, blues/rock guitarist – now why would this might organ of Celtic-punk be doing a review of a blues rock artist? Well without Pat there may never have been a Shite’n’Onions – his 80’s metal power three-o – Mama’s Boys – he formed with his brothers was the first band I ever heard combine hard rockin’ music with Irish trad., (I’m too young for Horslips and Black Rose era Thin Lizzy) and not only was Pat lead guitarist he was also a former all-Ireland fiddle champion (a certain Dave King was lead vocalist of Mama’s Boys for a short period). After the demise of Mamas Boys in the early 90’s (due to the tragic death of youngest brother Tommy), Pat along with other brother John dove into Celtic music with the new age sounding Celtus. Pat ultimately moved back to Ireland from London where he had been based for many years and got back to his guitar roots – ‘In My Own Time’ is the result. ‘In My Own Time’ is slick blues rock that shouts out to American blues icons like Stevie Ray, ZZ Top and Robert Cray – but especially to the Irish master of all blues players, Rory Gallagher (“Return of the G Man” is a heart felt tribute to the might Rory). For me it’s great to hear Pat still doing his own thing and producing great music and that he’s still such a great player (he even breaks out the fiddle – though country not trad., this time).

In My Own Time

четверг, 24 августа 2017 г.

Root Boy Slim & The Sex Change Band - Root 6

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1991
Time: 35:54
Size: 83,4 MB
Label: Naked Language
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Everybody's Got a Problem - 3:41
 2. Burger Row - 3:25
 3. Hey, Mr. President! - 2:52
 4. I Wanna Be a Businessman - 3:14
 5. Eight Ball Boogie - 4:12
 6. Sex With a Captial X - 3:34
 7. You Excite Me - 4:01
 8. Our Little Mistake - 2:47
 9. Party at the Berlin Wall - 3:54
10. Big Yellow Streetsweeper - 4:10

Root’s weakest is still a hot jam, especially when he declares he wants “Sex With a Capital X.” Latter-day satiric genius or obnoxious fat guy? You be the judge. Suffice it to say that Slim was a glitch in the great rock & roll electrocardiogram, but his sophomoric, blues-based mayhem (played by the Sex Change Band) was sometimes funny, even when it was obvious and contrived. ~ John Dougan

Root 6

вторник, 22 августа 2017 г.

Shannon Curfman - Fast Lane Addiction

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2007
Time: 41:33
Size: 95,6 MB
Label: Purdy
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Fast Lane Addiction - 2:59
 2. Do Me - 3:39
 3. Little Things - 3:26
 4. Square in a Circle - 4:19
 5. Can't Let You Go - 3:30
 6. Why - 3:51
 7. Tangled - 4:01
 8. Another - 3:18
 9. Stone Cold Bitch - 3:48
10. Sex Type Thing - 4:06
11. I Can't Wait To Miss You - 4:30

Shannon Curfman - vocals, guitar;
Jimmy Bones - keyboards;
Aaron Julison - bass;
Marlon Young - bass, guitar;
Eric Hoegemeyer - drums.

Scorching blues guitar and gritty female vocals from a wunderkind who sounds like the younger sister of Jonny Lang. But Lang would probably feel a little heat from the competition.
This album shows how much this young lady has musically developed since the debut album, which is also very good! I highly recommend this CD for anyone who like the Blues sound, but turned up a bit with some grit on the side... ala B. Raitt-style, but remember she is the "new blood" on the scene and I think that we will from Shannon for a long time to come!

Fast Lane Addiction

Sandy Mack - Still Going Strong

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2009
Time: 58:10
Size: 133,3 MB
Label: Blues Leaf Records
Styles: Chicago Blues/Jump Blues/Rock and Roll/Boogie/Jazz
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Drunked - 5:31
 2. Never Enuff Rockin' - 3:16
 3. Let's Work - 3:01
 4. Life Boat - 5:19
 5. It's My Life Baby - 2:55
 6. Shake Dancer - 2:46
 7. Get Right - 3:01
 8. Turn My Luck Around - 5:20
 9. Boogie Now - 6:03
10. Wondering - 2:41
11. Ghost Story - 5:21
12. Road Warrior - 4:37
13. That's Not Right! - 3:33
14. Love Explosion - 4:39

Mark Hummel, Rick Estrin, Dennis Gruenling, Steve Guyger, Bill Lupkin. Now add Sandy Mack to that list amongst some of the best contemporary harp players. This album is a completely fun affair. It'll make you want to get up and dance without a care in the world. The lyrics and the atmosphere it creates something you don't have to think about to enjoy. Kid Ramos joins in on six tracks and smokes as always behind Mack's swinging harmonica and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. A poor man's Estrin when it comes to cheeky lyrics, Mack dips and jives between swing, blues, loungy jazz, shuffles, and boogie-woogie rock to help keep you in the mood for toe-tapping enjoyment. Mack's harp produces some delicious tones that puts him in the aforementioned good company because he doesn't overplay and he phrases himself to fit the song and not blow it over. His drunken jazz singer delivery (think of a trashed Dean Martin without the smooth vibratto) and masculine bravado, Mack's got a sure fire charm for singing. This one is a good Saturday night dance around your house affair that's sure to leave you smiling by disc's end

Still Going Strong

Mikey Jr. - The New York City Sessions

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2007
Time: 56:13
Size: 128,8 MB
Label: 8-th Train Records
Styles: Blues/Chicago Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Rockin' - 2:45
 2. Low Down - 3:50
 3. Flip The Chicken - 5:04
 4. Close To Me - 4:02
 5. Howlin' For My Baby - 3:25
 6. Sittin' Here Drinkin' - 7:33
 7. Cool Disposition - 3:24
 8. Ships On The Ocean - 7:33
 9. Little Baby - 4:46
10. Hey Rich Girl - 4:23
11. Lonesome Cabin - 9:23

When the oldest continuously running blues society in the world says you're the "real deal", that has to mean something. When blues forums toss your name around with the likes of harmonica masters like Little Walter and Sonny Boy...that has to mean something.
Of course, there will always be skeptics;
but to the blues fans of the northeast Unites States, there is no doubt that at just 26 years old, Mikey Jr. is chasing the masters at a pace that's frightening.
Growing up on the tough streets of Trenton, New Jersey, Mikey Jr. is a self-taught prodigy. With his impressive collection of vintage tapes, cd's, records, and videos, Mikey spent the better part of his youth immersing himself in the world of blues music. By the time he was twenty-one, he was allready a road-tested player, making even a ardent blues purists, take notice.
Since that time, Mikey Jr. has released an impressive four cd's as well as a documentary DVD. He's been praised by blues societies as wall as players for his origional take on 'old school' styles and his latest release, 'Look Inside My Pocket' is being hailed as a watershed effort by the blues community.
Mikey Jr. never set out to re-write the pages of blues history, but through his true love of the music and his undying dedication to the masters that came before him, it seemsall but certainthat Mikey Jr. will scribe his name in the annals of blues history - right along side the very masters that influence his every performance.

The New York City Sessions

Tomcat Courtney - Foot Stoompin’

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2012
Time: 46:12
Size: 106,4 MB
Label: Truax Records
Styles: Blues/Texas Style
Art: Front

Tracks Listing
 1. Evil Hearted Woman - 4:25
 2. Big Butt Sally - 3:38
 3. Nightcap Mama - 2:58
 4. Chains Of Love - 3:15
 5. Recession Blues - 4:27
 6. Another Man Answered My Baby's Door - 3:52
 7. Crack House - 2:43
 8. Hoodoo Woman - 3:19
 9. Oh Baby - 4:22
10. St. Louis Blues - 4:02
11. Rock Me - 5:20
12. Trolley Blues - 3:45

The 83-year-old Tomcat Courtney shows no sign of slowing down with this follow-up release to his 2008 national recording debut, Downsville Blues (Blue Witch Records), which was a finalist in the Independent Music Awards for Best Blues Album. If anything, Courtney is gaining momentum, having toured extensively (domestically and in Europe) in support of Downsville Blues, including an appearance at the prestigious 2010 Montreux Blues Festival. He also won the Best Blues Music Award at the 20th annual San Diego Music Awards ceremony in 2010, and was recently inducted into the California Blues Hall of Fame. Foot Stompin’ (Truax Records) features Courtney’s spare style of Delta-influenced Texas blues (in the tradition of Lightnin’ Hopkins and Mance Lipscomb), with just Courtney (guitar, vocals, harmonica, and footboard), Tony Tomlinson on a second guitar and (minimal) percussion, and Troy Sandow playing harmonica on selected tracks.
The 12 tracks on Foot Stompin’ (eight of which were written by Courtney) showcase his soulful – almost primal – vocals and down-home, unadorned guitar style. This is old school roadhouse blues from beginning to end, much like the music Courtney grew up listening to in his native Texas. “Evil Hearted Woman,” “Big Butt Sally,” “Nightcap Mama,” “Recession Blues,” “Another Man Answered My Baby’s Door,” ”Crack House,” “Hoodoo Woman,” and “Trolley Blues” are gritty originals, and the covers are “Chains of Love,” “Oh Baby,” “St. Louis Blues” (by W.C. Handy), and “Rock Me.” Sandow’s harmonica shines on the three tracks in which he appears: “Big Butt Sally,” “Recession Blues,” and “Rock Me.”
Courtney’s great strength as a bluesman is his authenticity. He grew up poor, picking cotton from age eight or nine. His world consisted of the cotton fields, the local store, and the railroad tracks that ran through the rural towns where he lived, such as Marlon and Downsville. He taught himself to tap dance as a child, after seeing Mr. Bojangles (Bill Robinson) perform on the farm where he and his family were picking cotton. At 16, he was hired to dance and sing in the Ringling Brother Circus minstrel show and later in other traveling variety shows. The dollar and half a day he earned was a big improvement over picking cotton. He moved to Lubbock, Texas after World War II and became a cook, meanwhile learning to play the guitar.
For years, Courtney played roadhouses throughout the Southwest. He moved to Los Angeles in the early 1960s and migrated to San Diego in 1971, where he formed the Bluesdusters and has been playing regularly in local clubs. Even though he had been playing the blues for over 50 years, he did not release a national recording until he was 79. In other words, Courtney is the real deal – a lifelong bluesman who has lived his lyrics. Foot Stompin’ resonates old fashioned blues.

Foot Stoompin’

Oli Brown - Open Road

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2008
Time: 43:53
Size: 100,5 MB
Label: Ruf Records
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Psycho - 3:38
 2. Open Road - 3:47
 3. Stone Cold - 4:28
 4. Cant Get Next To You - 5:06
 5. Shades Of Grey - 4:28
 6. All The Kings Horses - 4:04
 7. Black Betty - 2:12
 8. Missing You - 4:26
 9. New Groove - 4:23
10. Played By The Devil - 3:20
11. Complicated - 3:56

Debut album from a young, fast rising star of the British blues scene. Still only 18 Oli Brown has already been on the road for nearly two years with his own band (Fred Hollis, bass; Simon Dring, drums) during which time they have gigged persistently all over the UK and twice toured in America. Along the way they have supported numerous blues stars such as Buddy Guy, Koko Taylor, Taj Mahal, Walter Trout and John Mayall & His Bluesbreakers. Oli's numerous UK gigs so far this year have included appearances with Buddy Whittington in March, The Fabulous Thunderbirds in April, and supporting Johnny Winter at the London Astoria on 1st May. Further May 2008 gigs include five with Robben Ford.

Open Road

Jimmi Accardi - Rhythm & Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2007
Time: 43:55
Size: 100,7 MB
Label: Molehill Records
Styles: Blues/ Rockin' Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Little Girl In The Rain - 2:44
 2. There's A Party in the City - 2:01
 3. Christina - 2:21
 4. Alright! - 2:17
 5. I Ain't Gonna Drink No More - 2:48
 6. Rockin' on Down the Road - 3:00
 7. One More Try - 2:00
 8. Hot Peppers - 2:44
 9. Good to Me - 2:29
10. I Can't Get Enough of Your Love - 2:13
11. Next In Line for the Blues - 2:18
12. On the Radio - 2:54
13. More Than Anyone Knows - 3:00
14. Suzanne - 2:56
15. Wild and Free - 2:27

Rockin', danceable old-style rhythm & blues / jump blues / rock & roll - all original tunes, lots of soul and good times.
Jimmi Accardi is a real crack singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer, I like the way and form he plays, especially his appoach to fifties and early sixties rhythm and blues. Accardi has worked as guitarist with Chubby Checker, and he also worked as lead guitar in the band of Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones, that is to say, The Monkees. But his experience exceeds all that, as he has also played as session guitarist with Eddy Dixon Band and Evan Lurie of The Lounge Lizards. As a producer his experience and knowledge have also been a real source of support for other artists, including albums by rap artists Scott LaRock and Boogie Down ... In this album Jimmi Accardi plays with his own band, The Wild Cats, seventeen of their own songs of great rock and roll, rockabilly and jump blues. Let’s go to the rockin' party!!. GREAT - Vicente Zumel, La Hora del Blues
Jimmi Accardi es un verdadero crack, Cantante, compositor, guitarrista y productor, me gustan sus maneras y sus formas, especialmente como aborda el rhythm and blues de los anos cincuenta y principios de los sesenta. Accardi ha sido guitarrista de Chubby Checker, tambien trabajo como guitarrista principal en el grupo de Micky Dolenz y Davy Jones o, lo que es lo mismo, The Monkees. Pero su experiencia no se queda solamente ahi, sino que tambien ha participado como guitarra de sesion con Eddy Dixon Band y con Evan Lurie de The Lounge Lizards. Como productor su experiencia y conocimientos tambien son una autentica fuente de colaboracion, incluyendo discos de los artistas de rap Scott LaRock y Boogie Down ... En este album Jimmi Accardi interpreta con su grupo The Wild Cats diecisiete estupendos temas propios de absoluto rock and roll, rockabilly y jump blues. Lets go to the rockin’ party!!. MUY BUENO. - Vicente Zumel, La Hora del Blues
Jimmi Accardi is a singer, songwriter, musician, and performer. As a teenager, he played backup guitar for such hit-makers as The Classics (\"Till Then\"), The Moonglows (\"Sincerely\"), The Belmonts (\"Where or When\"), and The Regents (\"Barbara Ann\"). Later he toured as the guitarist for Chubby Checker.
Jimmi worked as a session guitarist for Rupert Holmes (\"Escape\" -the Pina Colada song) on the album entitled Rupert Holmes. He also recorded with Harry Nilsson.
Jimmi\'s own group, The Laughing Dogs, enjoyed two critically acclaimed albums on Columbia Records (The Laughing Dogs and The Laughing Dogs Meet Their Makers) with original songs in the Billboard picks.
Jimmi toured as lead guitarist for Mickey Dolenz and Davey Jones of The Monkees. He also was lead guitarist for the Eddy Dixon Band, and played with Evan Lurie (The Lounge Lizards).
Jimmi\'s experience making records included working with producers Bruce Botnik and Eddie Kramer. Jimmi himself produced and engineered records for hit rap artists Scott LaRock and Boogie Down Productions, Ultra Magnetic, and KRS 1.

Rhythm & Blues

Jimmi Accardi - Cry of the Wild Guitar

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2010
Time: 35:10
Size: 80,6 MB
Label: Molehill
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Garage Band Rock - 2:41
 2. Funk Juice Part 1 - 4:51
 3. Cat Man Blues - 3:09
 4. Hot Chili - 3:21
 5. Knock 'em Dead - 3:27
 6. Jump and Swing - 2:17
 7. Blues Guitin' - 4:34
 8. Rock Me - 2:27
 9. Boogie With Me - 3:28
10. Funk Juice Part 2 - 4:50

"The hottest new guitar killer playing his own style of blues, rock, and rockabilly and with a passion for wild note bending -- in a class with Jeff Beck, Scotty Moore, Freddie King, and Buddy Guy - but unique and unlike any of them." -- Maybelline Gibson
"I've always been an insomniac. When I can't sleep at night, I go into the studio and record guitar solos, pulling on the vibrato bar with such frenzy that I break it off on occasion and part of it stays stuck inside the guitar until I have to extract it with a dentist's drill, or have to replace the whole tremolo block and tailpiece. I love bending strings and stretching notes to their limit, just short of snapping them off the neck.
"This is a guitar album, and I just did everything in one or two takes with my Fender Stratocaster, Deluxe Reverb Amplifier, and sometimes a Wah Wah pedal.
"The guitar is the star of this album. It talks and sings, and even cries. I gave the guitar total leeway to do whatever it wanted to do. I let it run wild. I don't think when I play. The guitar actually plays me." -- Jimmi Accardi
"Leo Fender smiles down when Jimmi plays." -- Jack Utley, DJ, WIMS Radio

Cry of the Wild Guitar

понедельник, 21 августа 2017 г.

Steve Cropper - Dedicated: A Salute to the 5 Royales

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2011
Time: 46:17
Size: 106,6 MB
Label: 429 Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Thirty Second Lover (& STEVE WINWOOD) - 3:54
 2. Don't Be Ashamed (& B.LAVETTE, W.JONES) - 2:49
 3. Baby Don't Do It (& B.B.KING, S.COPELAN) - 2:50
 4. Dedicated To The One.. (& L.WILLIAMS, D.PENN) - 3:14
 5. My Sugar Sugar (& JOHN POPPER) - 3:07
 6. Right Around The Corner (& D.MCCLINTON) - 2:36
 7. Help Me Somebody (instrumental) - 3:08
 8. I Do (& BRIAN MAY) - 2:48
 9. Messin' Up (& SHARON JONES) - 3:04
10. Say It (& BETTYE LAVETTE) - 2:25
11. The Slummer The Slum (& BUDDY MILLER) - 3:11
12. Someone Made You For Me (& DAN PENN) - 3:38
13. Think (instrumental) - 4:01
14. Come On And Save Me (& D.LEBLANC, S.JONES) - 2:57
15. When I Get Like This (& LUCINDA WILLIAMS) - 2:28

Rock and soul music’s back pages are littered with terrific, even legendary backing musicians who unsuccessfully tried to shift into the spotlight with disappointing results. Booker T. & the MG’s guitarist Steve Cropper is one of them.
But he’s been on a late career upswing recently, releasing two co-headlining projects with Felix Cavaliere and finally this “solo” set. The title is a sharp play on words since it functions as both a tribute album to one of Cropper’s first guitar influences, Lowman Pauling—the largely unsung guitarist and primary songwriter for the 5 Royales—and is the operative word of that group’s biggest hit, “Dedicated to the One I Love.” Cropper and producer Jon Tiven rummage through their musician contact lists to call in high profile guest vocalists such as Sharon Jones, Steve Winwood, Lucinda Williams, B.B. King and Bettye Lavette to give a retro yet far from musty spin to some pretty terrific 5 Royales hits.
Like Pauling, Cropper keeps his solos on low boil, preferring to punctuate the music with a similar mix of leads and rhythm lines that provided so much of the gutbucket groove on all those timeless Stax records from Otis Redding, Sam & Dave and dozens of others that bear his distinctive stamp. A few instrumentals like “Help Me Somebody” and “Think,” the latter best known through James Brown’s iconic version, give Cropper a chance to stretch out. But he’s more of a team player, letting Delbert McClinton and John Popper take center stage while he stays in a supporting yet crucial role, spitting out bluesy staccato lines as on his most storied work.
The 5 Royales’ songs mix 50s doo-wop with soul, gospel and a Coasters-styled hopped-up pop that still leaves room for short, tight guitar playing from Cropper. Williams appears twice, slathering her laconic, blowzy, slurred Southern vocals over the classic title track and the closing “When I Get Like This.” Lavette, Jones and Shemekia Copland inject the high-octane R&B, and the 15 sizzling tunes are clearly labors of love for all involved. The black and white cover shot of a serious 21 year old Cropper sets the retro mode for what’s inside.
Credit Cropper and producer Tiven for playing to the guitarist’s often laid back strengths while spiffing up the dusty legacy of one of the more influential if overlooked acts (and guitarists) in pop and soul history.

Dedicated – A Salute to the 5 Royales

Blues Traveler - Travelogue: Blues Traveler Classics

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2002
Time: 79:57
Size: 184,8 MB
Label: A&M Records
Styles: Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. But Anyway - 4:10
 2. Gina - 4:03
 3. Mulling It Over - 3:42
 4. 100 Years - 3:42
 5. Optimistic Thought - 3:28
 6. Sweet Pain - 7:41
 7. Mountain Cry - 9:07
 8. Love & Greed - 4:13
 9. Conquer Me - 5:09
10. Regarding Steven - 4:42
11. Run-Around - 4:40
12. The Mountains Win Again - 5:06
13. Crash Burn - 2:58
14. Hook - 4:48
15. Carolina Blues - 4:44
16. Canadian Rose - 4:32
17. Just For Me - 3:04

With the release of Travelogue: Blues Traveler Classics, Blues Traveler completes its major-label trajectory. Signed to A&M Records in 1990, the group achieved modest but increasing sales with its first three albums, Blues Traveler, Travelers & Thieves, and Save His Soul, then hit the big time with the six-times-platinum Four and its Top Ten single "Run-Around." A concert album, Live from the Fall, and a studio follow-up, Straight on Till Morning, each went platinum, but then during a four-year break bassist Bob Sheehan died of a drug overdose and morbidly obese singer/harmonica player John Popper solved his chronic health problems by having his stomach stapled. When Blues Traveler returned to action in 2001 with Bridge, the disappointing sales led to a parting of ways with A&M. And here, as sure as death and taxes, is the "greatest hits" album. Blues Traveler didn't really have many hits in the conventional sense; in addition to "Run-Around," only "Hook" made the Top 40, while the band achieved significant airplay with "Conquer Me," a live version of "But Anyway" (the studio version is included here), "Carolina Blues," and "Most Precarious" (the most notable omission here). Compilation producer Mike Ragogna fills up the nearly 80-minute running time with such album tracks as "Mountain Cry," on which Popper duets with Gregg Allman, and "The Mountains Win Again," which features slide guitar work from Warren Haynes. The only rarity is the non-LP B-side "Regarding Steven." Blues Traveler fans may miss personal favorites, but this is a good one-disc summation of the band's A&M catalog.

Travelogue: Blues Traveler Classics

Gregg Allman - Southern Blood

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2017
Time: 46:12
Size: 106,6 MB
Label: Rounder
Styles: Southern Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. My Only True Friend - 6:19
 2. Once I Was - 3:59
 3. Going Going Gone - 4:32
 4. Black Muddy River - 4:39
 5. I Love The Life I Live - 3:34
 6. Willin' - 3:37
 7. Blind Bats And Swamp Rats - 4:34
 8. Out Of Left Field - 4:12
 9. Love Like Kerosene - 4:20
10. Song for Adam (feat. Jackson Browne) - 6:21

SOUTHERN BLOOD serves as a remarkable final testament from an artist whose contributions have truly shaped rock & roll throughout the past four decades. This is Allman’s first all-new recording since 2011’s GRAMMY® Award-nominated solo landmark, LOW COUNTRY BLUES. Produced by Don Was and recorded in Muscle Shoals where Duane Allman and the earliest seeds of the Allman Brothers Band were sown, Southern Blood is among the most uniquely personal of the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer’s career. This emotionally expansive collection of songs written by friends and favorite artists including Jackson Browne, Willie Dixon, Jerry Garcia & Robert Hunter, Lowell George and Spooner Oldham & Dan Penn serves as a salutary farewell to his legion of devoted fans and admirers. Deluxe package comes with two live bonus tracks, as well as Back to the Swamp: The Making of Southern Blood DVD.

Southern Blood

пятница, 18 августа 2017 г.

Blues Traveler - Straight On Till Morning

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1997
Time: 65:32
Size: 150,3 MB
Label: A&M Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Carolina Blues - 4:44
 2. Felicia - 4:42
 3. Justify The Thrill - 4:06
 4. Canadian Rose - 4:31
 5. Business As Usual - 5:17
 6. Yours - 6:34
 7. Psycho Joe - 3:55
 8. Great Big World - 5:37
 9. Battle Of Someone - 6:03
10. Most Precarious - 3:27
11. The Gunfighter - 4:57
12. Last Night I Dreamed - 4:10
13. Make My Way - 7:24

John Popper – Lead Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar;
Chan Kinchla – Guitars;
Bobby Sheehan – Bass;
Brendan Hill – Drums, Percussion.

With a newly found international audience waiting for nearly three years for Blues Traveler to release a follow-up to their breakthrough album, the group ultimately found a mixed reception for their 1997 album Straight On Till Morning. While this album continues along the same basic sonic path as the the group’s 1994 blockbuster, Four, Straight On Till Morning differs in the sense that it contains no big radio hits and the group experiments with differing sub genres.
Four was fueled by the Grammy winning single “Run-Around” and the catchy, quasi-ballad “Hook”, which introduced a more mainstream audience to the formerly jam-band oriented group. This popularity only grew when Blues Traveler appeared at Woodstock ’94, toured with The Rolling Stones and were featured prominently on the popular television shows Roseanne and Saturday Night Live. In addition, several of the group’s tracks were included on film soundtracks as their modern interpretation of classic, Chicago-style blues had become chic in the middle 1990s. In 1996, Live from the Fall, a double live album featuring recordings from the band’s 1995 was released and achieved platinum status in sales.
Straight on Till Morning was produced by Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero, the same team that produced Four. The objective with this album was to continue the commercial success of its predecessor while trying not to alienate the group’s core fan base which desired more of their jam band output. On that note, an over
20-minute piece, called ‘Traveler’s Suite”, was composed but ultimately left off the album.
A moderate but infectious slide riff by guitarist Chan Kinchla introduces the opening track, “Carolina Blues”. Here, the verses have a growling, bluesy melody and the bridge section builds to a crescendo before settling into final verse section. This song was also the first single released from Straight On Till Morning. “Felicia” follows as a track built on cool, slightly funky bass riff by Bobby Sheehan and the song is performed just a bit more rapidly than it should but this works on a kind of spastic groove level. “Justify the Thrill” is another funk screed, which seems a bit underdone melodically but is worthwhile due to the extended harp solo by front man John Popper. Compared to previous albums, Popper does less of his signature harmonica playing on this album but he certainly makes due with his opportunities.
A penny-whistle intro aptly introduces the light, candy store rocker “Canadian Rose”, a song Popper wrote about a fictional character when he realized he had not spent any real time in Canada. On “Business as Usual”, the guitar, bass and harmonica form a really tight funk jam to introduce a quasi-rap song, while “Yours” is delivered as a tradition love song. This latter song starts as low-fi solo-acoustic-folk diddy before softly reaching a richer arrangement complete with a string section with a later highlight being Kinchla’s souring, feedback-laden guitar lead. “Psycho Joe” was co-written by Sheehan and is one of the more straight-out pop oriented tunes on the album, with a slightly reggae rhythm. In contrast, “Great Big World” was co-written by drummer Brendan Hill and finds the band back in the familiar territory of a heavy blues jam vibe.
Hidden away later on the album are some musical gems, which probably get lost in the album’s excess running time. “Battle of Someone” is probably the most interesting song of the latter part of the album due to its atypical, jazzy rhythm which gives all the band members plenty of room to embellish throughout its six minute duration. “Most Precarious” is a bright acoustic, pop-oriented track with a “La Bamba”-like shuffle throughout, while “The Gunfighter” returns to some well tread territory and lacks in any real originality. “Last Night I Dreamed” was composed solely by Kinchla and features a rapid mariachi, three-chord jam with Hill’s cool drum beat and some excess percussion throughout. “Make My Way” concludes the album and unfolds like a Southern R&B / Gospel track, complete with electric piano, funky organ and a chorus of female backing vocals.
By the end of the 1990s, Blues Traveler met with some personal hardship when Popper had emergency heart surgery followed by the tragic death of Sheehan due to a drug overdose. Although the band decided to carry on into the new millennium, they would not again achieve the high level of success like they did in their nineties heyday.

Straight On Till Morning

четверг, 17 августа 2017 г.

II Big - Black Cat Bone

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2017
Time: 55:14
Size: 127,6 MB
Label: RRR
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Juiced - 4:59
 2. Black Cat Bone - 6:24
 3. Grinnin' in Your Face - 6:07
 4. Shake it Baby - 5:48
 5. Bad Bad Whiskey - 5:47
 6. Cool Down Mama - 3:25
 7. My Little Machine - 3:43
 8. Nasty Boogie Woogie - 3:16
 9. See Me in the Evening - 6:21
10. So Mean to Me - 4:44
11. When I Git Drunk - 4:35

II BIG has been performing their original hard rock for years, opening for national acts such as Foghat, Loverboy, and Ricky Skaggs. Based around guitarist/songwriter Eddy Ottenstein, the band also consists of guitarist/singer Aubrey Hansen, keyboardist Tom Hansen, bassist Steve Lamun, and drummer Ken Ingels. Ottenstein performed for years as a touring musician with Van Morrison, Boz Skaggs, Steve Miller, and the Grateful Dead, among others. The band's popularity in touring circles has made them favorites among fans of classic rock, and they have continued to release albums bearing the vintage rock sound that has made them such a reliable live act. ~ Bradley Torreano

Black Cat Bone

Gary Eisenbraun - Aquifer

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2017
Time: 76:31
Size: 175,4 MB
Label: Vision Childe
Styles: Rock/ Instrumental Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Solace In You - 6:10
 2. End Of Summer Dance - 5:07
 3. Without Fear - 4:30
 4. Sheets Of Blue Sound - 7:00
 5. Rockumsockum - 5:08
 6. A Daliance - 6:06
 7. Oceanside - 5:28
 8. House Money - 5:05
 9. Lonely Sun - 5:05
10. Truth Serum - 5:16
11. Aquifer - 5:25
12. Space Junk - 5:32
13. Spidy Sense - 4:30
14. Starvation - 6:05

Rock songs crafted to bring out the melodic voice and soul inherent in the electric guitar/
I've been working on this instrumental album for the last two years. I just kept picking it up and putting it down while working on other albums. It's challenging to create interesting instrumental rock songs where the balance of the composition is never compromised. Creating songs that work as instrumentals is just not easy. I was waiting for the right inspiration. Slowly but surely the pieces fell into place and I had a number of compositions that I was quite proud of. I feel that this album features some of my best guitar playing because I found emotions deep within that I could pull up without stepping all over the song. The feel of these songs is sometimes soulful and melancholy with a few places to step out with Stratocaster-styled showmanship. I wanted to create songs that improve with each listen, that also have a strong sense of melody.


Gary Eisenbraun - Sink Or Swim 1

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2017
Time: 73:45
Size: 169,0 MB
Label: Vision Childe
Styles: Rock/Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Who's The Fool - 6:56
 2. Second Guessing - 4:39
 3. Up In Flames - 5:18
 4. Breaking Diamonds - 6:41
 5. Sink Or Swim - 4:52
 6. Love Or Fantasy - 5:31
 7. Time Standing Still - 6:39
 8. Love On Thin Ice - 5:00
 9. Spell Of The Silver Moon - 5:36
10. Fear Of Things To Come - 7:10
11. Fly On The Wall - 5:37
12. Close Enough For Rock & Roll - 4:05
13. By The Wayside - 5:38

Sink Or Swim, … is the brand new collection of guitar riddled blues rock music. These albums have been in the works for the last 18 months. So many songs written, over a hundred… and this is the cream of the crop. Classic blues rock treachery updated by thoughtful lyrics and punchy guitar. This is a work in four parts, by me: Gary Eisenbraun (singer / songwriter / guitar player / assorted mayhem maker). Rock and roll. Enjoy.

Sink Or Swim 1

вторник, 15 августа 2017 г.

Totta & Hot'n' Tots (featuring Spencer Bohren) - Totta & Hot'n' Tots (featuring Spencer Bohren)

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1989
Time: 54:28
Size: 125,2 MB
Label: Public Road Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Front + Back

Tracks Listing:
 1. Ain't Going Home - 3:28
 2. Disappearing Nightly - 3:27
 3. Deepest Thoughts - 4:31
 4. Between The Lines - 4:16
 5. Sweet Southern - 3:09
 6. Like A Miner Loves Gold - 3:15
 7. Nothing Was Delivered - 4:41
 8. Witch Doctor - 3:04
 9. Skin A Cat - 4:11
10. Must Be Love - 3:13
11. Everybody Needs Love - 3:54
12. Clap Your Hands - 2:54
13. Slow By Slow - 4:44
14. Fire Burns - 3:26
15. Thief Of The Night - 2:08

Totta Näslund - vocals;
Bengt "Bengan" Blomgren - guitar;
Bernt Andersson - keyboards, harp, vocals;
Nikke Ström - bass;
Olle Niklasson - saxophone;
Spencer Bohren - guitar, vocals;
Colin Allen - drums.

Thorsten Naslund, aka Totta, has been the lead singer in an excellent Swedish Blues Rock band since 1970. The band led the way for a Scandinavian Blues scene, and had made several records of classic and obscure American Blues songs by the time Spencer Bohren met them at a Blues Festival in Florida in 1983. Totta’s Bluesband was a major factor in spreading Spencer’s music to audiences in Europe, and this record is a direct result of cherished friendships and musical camaraderie.
Most of the songs were written by Spencer, but the recording sessions took place in Goteborg, Sweden in during the summer of 1989. The album made the Swedish Top 40, and yielded two popular radio hits in the fall of the same year. This record may still be available in Sweden or Norway, but it has never been released in the USA. Amazingly, the album contains songs by Rolling Stone Ron Wood and John Fogerty, neither of which are recorded by the artists themselves.

Totta & Hot'n' Tots (featuring Spencer Bohren)

вторник, 8 августа 2017 г.

Sky High - Download

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2008
Time: 58:56
Size: 135,4 MB
Label: Pike Records
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Rock U - 4:50
 2. Lo-Rider - 4:12
 3. Happy Sunny Days - 4:25
 4. 10:21 - 3:08
 5. Better Place - 4:35
 6. Out Of Time & Out Of Mind - 3:44
 7. Sucker - 4:53
 8. Touched - 1:05
 9. People Like Crap - 3:51
10. Stealer - 6:52
11. Burn, Baby Burn! - 4:13
12. Adam & Eve - 3:24
13. Fast Live Rider - 4:18
14. When The Blues Takes A Hold Of Me - 5:20

Mega-awesome studio disc from this outstanding Swedish blues/rock power trio featuring the amazing "6 string magic" of Clas Yngstrom on guitar. Includes 14 tracks (59m.) of brain-damaging, killer, over-the-top, retro-70s, bluesy heavy guitar power riffage that will blow your mind and rock your blues away. Clas Yngstrom is one of the best/heaviest Hendrix-inspired axerippers on the 3rd stone from the sun and he takes his guitar rite over the edge and beyond on the phenomenal Download disc. Yngstrom is an unstoppable, powerful, bluesy heavy guitar force and the Download disc solidifies his high status as a legendary Guitar Hero.
HIGHLY recommended to fans of JIMI HENDRIX, ROBIN TROWER, FRANK MARINO, SRV, vntage ZZ TOP, CLAPTON with CREAM, RORY GALLAGHER, JOHNNY WINTER, GARY MOORE, GOV'T MULE (WARREN HAYNES), JOE BONAMASSA, ERIC GALES, LANCE LOPEZ and other outstanding, killer bluesy heavy guitar axemasters who really deliver the "goods". And fans of SKY HIGH's prolific "musical output" (in particular, the awesome "Freedom" disc) will also heavily dig "Download". If you love serious, world-class, bluesy heavy guitar riffage of the highest order, do yourself a big favor and tune into the essential Sky High.


понедельник, 7 августа 2017 г.

Chas Burnett - Blues It Up

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2017
Time: 25:30
Size: 59,0 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Talk to Me - 3:04
 2. Bring the Curtain Down - 3:22
 3. I Got My Eye on You - 3:16
 4. She Stole My Soul - 4:41
 5. Green Eyed Boogie - 2:47
 6. Things Must Change - 3:13
 7. When the Silence is Broken - 5:03

For over 30 years Chas had a successful career as a stand-up comedian, until he retired in 2004 to pursue other business interests. From the W.M.C. circuit to appearing at the Albert Hall, Palladium, Civic Theatres, major cabaret night clubs, summer seasons & holiday parks to pantomimes. Following years of appearing at major venues both in the UK and abroad, Chas supported many named headlining artistes, as well as topping the bill in his own right. In 1989 he emigrated to Southern Spain, where he presented a daily radio show and also had his own TV series.
In 2013 after a one off show that was so successfull, Chas is now back working as a comedian appearing on top cruise lines Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Holland America, Princess, Regent etc. Twice a year he visits Dubai where he is building up a following in the comedy clubs and corporate scene. With a new hilarious show, ideal for international English speaking audiences of all ages. Good, clean comedy, looking at the funny side of life’s experiences to which we can all relate, plus some comedy parody songs. Chas has a wealth of experience which shows in his stage performance. Over the years, Chas has proved himself to be a very versitile entertainer, whether working as a solo singer/songwriter, musician or in his capacity as a stand-up comedian.

Blues It Up

четверг, 3 августа 2017 г.

Delta Roux - Bad Wind Blown

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2000
Time: 49:45
Size: 117,6 MB
Label: Taxim
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Bad Wind Blown - 3:22
 2. Dirty Shoes - 4:20
 3. Eleven/Eleven - 2:04
 4. Mama Said - 5:03
 5. I've Been Workin' - 3:11
 6. Shufflin' Shoes - 3:16
 7. Can't Live without It - 3:34
 8. Been way too Long - 4:49
 9. Shake That Thing - 3:14
10. Which Way to My Home - 5:15
11. Son's House - 1:55
12. Drop 'Em In the Well - 3:57
13. Walkin' Spell - 5:38

Delta Roux from Austin, Texas consists of Harry Bodine (guitars) and Mike Milligan (vocals, percussion). Backed by some of Austin’s top bass players and drummers, their CD, “Bad Wind Blowin'” was a strong debut on which some of the most crackling original blues/roots styles merged. Delta blues, New Orleans funk, Louisiana swamp blues and Memphis Deep Soul are all part of the Delta Roux gumbo.
Harry Bodine quit high school to move down South. In Austin, Texas, Harry made a name for himself as an expert on slide guitar. This was also where he met singer and percussion player Mike Milligan, a native Texan and Austin resident with a couple of years on club stages from San Antonio to Seattle as part of his resume. Mike is a very versatile interpreter with a lot of blues feeling, switching between the rougher style of his idol Otis Redding and the more elegant ways of soul/blues singers like Z.Z. Hill or Junior Medlow. With their soul band Memphis Train the duo Bodine/Milligan tested this new found collaboration on many Texas stages.
In 2002 they released their second CD, “Only A Fool.” With the drum slot now filled by Matt Ryan, the music of Delta Roux took a giant leap in to the boiling pot of gumbo goodness.

Bad Wind Blown

среда, 2 августа 2017 г.

Gooney Birds - Gooney Birds

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1990
Time: 50:46
Size: 116,9 MB
Label: Fossil Records
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Other Side of Love - 3:11
 2. Hungry Mind - 5:28
 3. Crazy 'Bout You Baby - 4:17
 4. Alice Revisited - 3:56
 5. Don't cry out Lout - 3:47
 6. Frozen Dreams - 4:39
 7. Shake It BW Mudpie - 6:10
 8. Fishbones - 4:57
 9. A Taste of Beauty - 4:48
10. Zack Flack - 4:47
11. Can't Help Feelin' - 4:41

Blues-rock band from the Midwest - band members consist of: Peter Osojnicki, Jessica Schwartzbauer, Stephen Rummler, Boyd 'Bump' Blomberg, Chris Ryder, Tom Warner, Mark 'Munchie' Collins. 1990 release on Fossil Records label with 11 tracks.

Gooney Birds