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вторник, 29 октября 2019 г.

Steve Fister - Shadow King

Bitrate: 192K/s
Year: 1996
Time: 43:04
Size: 60,3 MB
Label: FTP Records (For The Professional)
Styles: Rock/Hard Rock/Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Big Guitars & Fast Cars - 2:59
 2. Stream Shuffle - 4:03
 3. Slow Slide Down - 4:09
 4. Memphis - 4:00
 5. Hyper Boogie - 4:17
 6. The Shadow King - 5:40
 7. The Slam - 4:08
 8. Meet You Halfway - 4:09
 9. Blue Planet - 1:26
10. Shelter From The Storm - 3:17
11. Paint It Black - 4:50

Long-time sideman Steve Fister (Lita Ford, Pat Travers, Steppenwolf) stepped out on his own with this 1996 solo release. For Shadow King, he enlisted noted players Greg Bissonette on drums and Stu Hamm on bass which results in an album that is not short on musicianship. Derek St. Holmes adds vocals to three cuts, but the rest of the album consists of instrumentals. Self-produced, Fister reveals himself to be a multi-dimensional and thoroughly versatile guitarist. He can fire off a machine-gun spray of notes with the best of them, but he also understands subtlety and economy, which is incorporated into his playing with engaging, results. "Big Guitars & Fast Guitars" is high-octane and built around an infectious summer groove. "Steam Shuffle" is propulsive and kinetic with some thunderous drumming from Bissonette and "Hyperboogie" is a musical cousin to Van Halen's "Hot For Teacher" which lives up to its name. The versatility of Fister really shines through on the languid blues of "Slow Slide Down" and the hauntingly moody title track to which former Double Trouble member Reese Wynans adds organ. Shadow King is the rare guitarist album that can engross the average music fan with its strong sense of melody and obvious respect for the blues.

Shadow King

Syd Burnham Band - Timeline

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 34:50
Size: 80,3 MB
Label: Catapult
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Taken - 4:21
 2. Yellow - 4:53
 3. Never Fall - 2:54
 4. Bones - 3:32
 5. Trouble - 3:22
 6. Gone - 3:28
 7. Fire and the Crying Chair - 4:55
 8. Close - 4:32
 9. Throw It Away - 2:49

With inspiration ranging from bluesy rock  to 90’s metal and country folk, this young singer-songwriter and guitarist is out to show audiences a good time. Though still young, Sydney Burnham has played many Michigan festivals, breweries, and The Ark, solo and backed by a band, and is on an acoustic musician on the rise.


Scotty Bratcher - Put My Mind At Ease

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2010
Time: 54:02
Size: 124,0 MB
Label: Self-Released
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Lisring:
 1. Mind At Ease -  4:09
 2. Don't Let It Bring You Down -  4:32
 3. Back Home To You -  3:30
 4. Ballerina -  6:46
 5. New Minglewood Blues -  6:27
 6. I Get By -  3:38
 7. Missing You Again -  4:04
 8. Livin For The Moment -  3:44
 9. Ready For Rain -  4:55
10. No Quarter - 12:13

Scotty Bratcher began playing guitar at an age that it became second nature to him, he was two.
By this time, Stevie Ray Vaughan had impressed the world. When the 1989 release of his Austin City Limits performance was aired, Scotty was spellbound in front of the television. Eventually Scotty's father had acquired a few electric guitars that he let Scotty play as long as he was careful with them.
When he was eleven, Scotty was going to open mike nights at clubs in the greater Cincinnati area. This was where he began getting on-stage experience and eventually found band members to support him.
Over the next several years, Scotty sat in with various bands and had the opportunity to open for hero Lonnie Mack.
In 2000, he entered the National Jam with Kenny Wayne Shepherd Contest. In this contest, contestants were to download via computer, KWS’s new single of which the lead solo was to be made up by the competitors. Out of 1,200 entries, Scotty received 1st runner up.
Scotty has played with and opened for names like Ted Nugent, Little Texas, Blue Oyster Cult, Buddy Guy, Joe Bonamassa, Chris Duarte, Anthony Gomes, Foghat, Lonnie Brooks, Ronnie and Wayne Baker Brooks, Bob Margolin, Eddie "the Chief" Clearwater, Lonnie Mack, Walter Trout, .38 Special, Styx, Peter Frampton, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Tinsley Ellis, Lou Graham of Foreigner, Dickey Betts of the Allman Brothers Band and many more.
Scotty is also an accomplished studio musician who has recorded with many blues, rock, country, gospel, funk and even heavy metal artists.
In addition to his own band, since 2007, Scotty has also joined forces with Noah Hunt, lead singer for the Kenny Wayne Shepherd band, as the guitar player and 2nd vocalist of the group The 420 All Stars featuring Noah Hunt.
Additionally, in 2013, Scotty’s song, Back Home To You, has been used as the theme song for the Showtime Special, “Billy Gardell Presents Road Dogs”.

Put My Mind At Ease

The Scotty Bratcher Band - The Scotty Bratcher Band

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2007
Time: 53:29
Size: 122,5 MB
Label: Self-Released
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. All Your Love (I Miss Lovin) - 6:49
 2. My Way Down - 4:04
 3. Don't Give Up on Me - 5:16
 4. Southbound - 4:48
 5. Shame Shame Shame - 7:23
 6. Meridian - 5:26
 7. Current Situation - 4:24
 8. A Quitter Never Wins - 6:04
 9. Further on Up the Road - 4:24
10. Ground Hog Day - 4:46

Scotty Bratcher, born October 31, 1987, began playing guitar at an age that it became second nature to him, he was 2. By this time, Stevie Ray Vaughan was impressing the world, and when the 1989 release of Austin City Limits was aired, you can imagine where Scotty was-in front of the television.  Scotty's father had acquired, over time, a few electric guitars that he introduced to the toddler. At age 11, the family, grandmother and all, began going to open mic nights at clubs in the greater Cincinnati area to expose Scotty to the live music scene. This was where he began getting on-stage experience and eventually found band members to support him.  In the next several years, Scotty sat in with various bands, one of which posed the opportunity to open for guitar hero Lonnie Mack. In 2000, Scotty was entered into the National Jam with Kenny Wayne Shepherd Contest where contestants were to download via computer, KWS’s new single of which the lead solo was to be made up by the competitors. Out of 1,200 entries, Scotty received 1st runner up. Scotty has played with and opened for names like Ted Nugent, Little Texas, Blue Oyster Cult, Buddy Guy, Joe Bonamassa, Chris Duarte, Anthony Gomes, Foghat, Lonnie Brooks, Ronnie and Wayne Baker Brooks, Bob Margolin, Eddie "the Chief" Clearwater, Lonnie Mack, Walter Trout, .38 Special, Styx, Peter Frampton, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Tinsley Ellis, Lou Graham of Foreigner, Dickey Betts of the Allman Brothers Band, Delbert McClinton, Lee Roy Parnell, and many more. Scotty is also an accomplished studio musician who has recorded with many blues, rock, country, gospel, funk and even heavy metal artists. As of 2007 and since, Scotty also joined forces with Noah Hunt, lead singer for the Kenny Wayne Shepherd band, as the guitar player and 2nd vocalist of the group The 420 Allstars featuring Noah Hunt. In 2013, the album "All and Nothing More" was released featuring many new original songs, and a few covers featuring legendary Southern rocker Jimmy Hall. After the release, Mr. Hall contacted Scotty about starting a side project together, adding yet another schedule full of opportunities to see Scotty perform around the country, and sometimes out of it!

The Scotty Bratcher Band

Little Elmore Reed Blues Band - Live at T.C.'s Lounge

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2010
Time: 78:37
Size: 182,7 MB
Label: Comanche Records
Styles: Chicago Blues
Art: Full
Source: kmn

Tracks Listing:
 1. Every Day I Have The Blues (Feat. Mac McIntosh) - 8:47
 2. Walkin' With Gary - 2:57
 3. Goin' Away Baby - 4:22
 4. Bad Boy - 4:22
 5. Tick Tock - 4:05
 6. You Upset My Mind - 6:28
 7. Sick & Tired (Feat. Dale Spalding) - 6:19
 8. You Don't Have To Go (Feat. Eve Monsees & Greg Izor) - 5:06
 9. Country Boy - 8:14
10. I Love You - 5:35
11. All About My Girl - 7:28
12. Fine Little Mama - 6:38
13. Kissing At Midnight (Feat. Gary Primich) - 4:42
14. Hey Little Girl (Feat. Seth Walker) - 3:25

The LITTLE ELMORE REED BLUES BAND is a group of some of the best, most dedicated and experienced blues musicians in Austin. We played every Monday for 7+ years at the wonderfully funky east Austin juke joint TC's Lounge. Since the sale of TCs we've moved to The Legendary White Swan club, still in east Austin at 1906 E. 12th Street at Chicon.
Far from being another run-of-the-mill blooze jam band, LITTLE ELMORE REED has a unique sound all it's own. It's based on and deeply rooted in classic Chicago blues while embracing west coast swing and the early rock and blues of New Orleans, all played the way only Texas guys can. The musicians have other gigs that pay the bills and they gather every Monday to play purely for the love of the music and the interaction with a crowd that loves the blues in a funky, sweaty, powerfully soulful environment.

Live at T.C.'s Lounge

Rhythm Sheiks - The Hound of Music

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1996
Time: 62:19
Size: 143,0 MB
Label: New Blue Classics
Styles: Blues/Jazzy Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Wise to You - 5:32
 2. What I Know Now - 4:00
 3. Believe My Luck - 4:33
 4. Christine - 4:12
 5. New Automobile - 5:01
 6. Cold Familiar Ground - 6:31
 7. Bad Checks - 4:15
 8. Think it Over - 5:37
 9. Sally's Place - 4:14
10. Get With the Blues - 4:49
11. Somebody New - 5:57
12. Lean on the Blues - 3:46
13. C'est La Vie - 3:47

An all original roadhouse romp of jump-swing, rock 'n' roll and Memphis R&B...tempered and polished in the gin joints.To hear full length tracks of all the songs on this album and find out more about this artist, go to 'Album Links' on this page and click on 'Larry Dunn'. This will take you directly to my website where you'll be able to sample all the songs.

The Hound of Music

Still A Fool Band - Blues Van

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 43:05
Size: 98,8 MB
Label: Ultra Sound Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Intro - 1:16
 2. My Soul - 6:05
 3. Jeff - 6:34
 4. Feeling Down - 3:55
 5. Blues Van - 4:15
 6. Midnight In Blues - 6:56
 7. Lovely Blues Old Song - 6:02
 8. Change - 5:39
 9. Raging Fever (Outro) - 2:22

Musicians :
Elena Canti - vocals;
Augusto Celeste D’Alessandro - guitar;
Roberto Colombo - bass;
Stefano Bertolotti - drums;
Mariachiara Salvi - tenor sax.

Blues Van e l’album di esordio della Still a Fool Band, ensemble nato sulle rive della Martesana che, in meno di due anni, ha costruito il proprio sound eseguendo dal vivo i classici del genere, da BB King a Freddie King, passando per Big Mama Thornton, Albert King e Magic Sam. Con le sue nove tracce l’album si configura quindi sia come un omaggio al Blues e ai suoi grandi interpreti, sia come testimonianza del lavoro di ricerca di un nuovo e personale linguaggio da parte della band, fatto di blues, nonche di contaminazioni jazz, soul e rock.
Cosi Jeff racconta la leggenda della scomparsa di Jeff Buckley, con un intro dalle atmosfere delta blues e un finale rock blues La ballad Change, invece, con il suo riff ipnotico di chitarra e basso ci trasporta in un viaggio psichedelico, tra malinconia e speranza. La registrazione quasi completamente in presa diretta, unita alla purezza del suono in fase di mixaggio riesce, a rendere perfettamente l’interplay di musicisti che amano l’improvvisazione e arrangiamenti essenziali e diretti. L’album, in uscita il 25 ottobre 2019, sara disponibile sul sito della UltraSound Records e sulle principali piattaforme digitali.

Blues Van

Sloe Train - Eclectic Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 51:02
Size: 117,1 MB
Label: Self-Released
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Up and Down - 3:31
 2. Could Have Been the One - 5:07
 3. Big Black Cloud - 4:39
 4. Nobody's Business - 3:34
 5. Gone Too Soon - 4:31
 6. Family Man - 4:00
 7. Misty Autumn Rain - 4:22
 8. Feel Like Going Home - 4:58
 9. Waiting for Chris - 3:23
10. Something to Say - 3:37
11. Some Days - 4:13
12. Here to Stay - 5:03

Pete Carlisle - Vocals;
Jérôme Braud  - Guitars;
Tony Ecclestone - Bass;
Chris Burrows - Keyboards;
Chris McCormack - Drums.

Essential Contemporary Blues Rock. 12 original songs from Sloe Train. The album covers a wide range of musical styles including rock, ballads, boogie & more but always staying close to our Blues roots. (https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/sloetrain )

Eclectic Blues

Adrian Byron Burns - Et Caetera...

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 42:26
Size: 97,2 MB
Label: Rebel Music
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Reflection - 3:06
 2. All That Matters - 4:41
 3. Akwardboy - 3:25
 4. Massa John - 3:03
 5. Freedom Land - 4:20
 6. Cautionary Tale - 3:54
 7. Sandman - 3:37
 8. Finally... When You Fall - 4:14
 9. Can't Find The Will - 5:00
10. Mate Kudasai - 3:44
11. Inside Danse - 3:17

La carriere d’Adrian Byron Burns a commence en 1970 avec l’ouverture des spectacles de Neil Young et Ritchie Havens. Depuis, Adrian est apparu avec B.B. King, Robert Cray, Charlie Musselwhite, Bill Wyman, Martin Taylor, Luther et Bernard Allison, Tommy Emmanuel, John Renbourne, Bob Brozman, Jean-Jacques Milteau et une multitude d’autres. Il a ete par deux fois “Artiste Acoustique Britannique de l’Annee” en 1999 et en 2000.
Adrian est present sur deux albums de Bill Wyman et The Rhythm Kings. Actuellement Adrian fait parti de l’aventure «The Voice » sur TF1 en etant le doyen de l’emission depuis sa creation (equipe Soprano) ce qui n’est pas inutile pour pouvoir mettre en avant Adrian et sa voix si reconnaissable !

Et Caetera...

Steve Cohen - Looking Back

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 50:18
Size: 115,4 MB
Label: Kanie
Styles: Blues/Harp Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Holding Onto You - 4:05
 2. Harmonica Romp - 3:48
 3. Baby Just to Be with You (Live) - 4:14
 4. Leroy In Rio - 4:42
 5. The Answer Is Lying with You - 3:36
 6. Taste and Compare - 4:04
 7. What Is It About Love - 2:51
 8. Funky Driveway - 3:22
 9. Roadmap - 3:56
10. No Time to Stop Drinking - 2:14
11. You the Whole You - 5:13
12. In One Ear - 2:49
13. Homeless Blues - 5:18

Blues based electric and acoustic music with jazz and rock influences. Expert harmonica playing and accompaniment by stellar sidemen. Strong vocal performances as well as instrumental tunes. LOOKING BACK is a retrospective compilation from Milwaukee based blues musician Steve Cohen. The performances were taken from 5 different projects dating back to 1985. All 13 songs were written by Steve Cohen.  Among the musical luminaries that are present on this recording are Junior Brantley (Stevie Ray Vaughan, Roomful of Blues, Fabulous Thunderbirds), Greg Koch (Fender clinician, Koch-Marshall trio), Jim Liban (Short Stuff), and Peter Roller (Yank Rachell). Bassists Dave Kasik (Bryan Lee) and Kurt Koenig, drummers Vodie Rhinehart and Bob Mueller, and conga player John Ricco are also present, as well as a cameo from Milwaukee gospel quartet The Masonic Wonders.Several songs are from recordings by the perennial Milwaukee blues band Leroy Airmaster, in which singer/guitarist Bill Stone is prominently featured.
Steve Cohen does all of the front line singing, most of the harmonica playing, and also plays guitar on several songs. Steve Cohen has been an important part of the Milwaukee area blues scene for 5 decades. He has been a part of numerous ensembles, playing prolifically since he started performing while still in high school, in 1969. He has released 9 projects of his own and played as a sideman on dozens more. He is the author of 5 harmonica instruction books published by Hal Leonard, and has played the harmonica parts for over a dozen other Hal Leonard harmonica play-along instruction books including Little Walter, Bob Dylan and most recently Muddy Waters. As an educator, he taught blues history at UW Milwaukee for 5 years, and was associated with the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music for 3 years. He has had many private students. He has worked as a booking agent under the auspices of the Blues Central Booking Agency which he created in the 1980’s, and has booked thousands of dates for hundreds of non-commercial bands and musicians, both local and national. He has also worked as a DJ at WMSE, and has written music reviews for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal and the Shepard Express. Both as a harmonica player and with his band, Steve has won a dozen WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) Awards, and he served on the WAMI board of directors for two different 3 year stretches.

Looking Back

Bill Durst - Live

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2012
Time: 45:25
Size: 104,2 MB
Label: Durstwerks
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Love Have Mercy (Live) - 3:35
 2. Little Red Rooster (Live) - 7:12
 3. I Want to Be Loved (Live) - 3:32
 4. Cafe On the Gaspe (Live) - 3:03
 5. Statesboro Blues (Live) - 6:33
 6. Cry Like a River (Live) - 4:36
 7. Hole in My Soul (Live) - 4:04
 8. Porcelain Bus (Live) - 4:06
 9. Wandering Blues (Live) - 5:16
10. Radio: Soul Survivor (Live) - 3:24

Award winning blues rocker, killer guitar chops, master songwriter, distinctive voice, heart of a showman, original Southern/Texas blues rock meets Muddy British Blues equals Maximum Live Uplift!


понедельник, 28 октября 2019 г.

Imperial Crowns - Star Of The West

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2007
Time: 59:10
Size: 135,6 MB
Label: Triple J Records/Triple J Amerika 1501
Styles: Blues/Modern Electric Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Star Of The West - 4:53
 2. Nobody Baby - 4:16
 3. Big Love Generator - 5:08
 4. You Cut Me - 4:17
 5. Bettye Gunne - 4:36
 6. Pharao's Army - 5:40
 7. Diamond Cane - 4:33
 8. Two Headed Woman - 4:37
 9. Love Generator - 4:51
10. Storm Warnings - 4:26
11. Soul Deep Freak - 5:07
12. River Deep - Mountain High - 6:39

Los Angeles Based Psyche-delta Blues Rockers the Imperial Crowns Continue their Unique Take on the Blues with the Release of their album "Star of the West'.
The Imperial Crowns are four hard working souls who have put their hearts and minds together to create music that is traditional yet contemporary. Each with an extensive background in the rough and tumble L.A. music scene, they play a frantic blend of garage rock, blues, and vintage rhythm and blues. The Imperial Crowns is as fresh as they can be, yet they strive for the future of the good old-time blues music. As they mention welcoming the visitors in their site:
"Upon witnessing THE IMPERIAL CROWNS you shall be left with an impression which will stay with you for a good long time. These days, there are those who feel that the Blues and it's people should be kept "pure" locked up in a museum, left lifeless or living in the past. Well, The Imperial Crowns say no to that, preachin' the blues everywhere they go!"

Star Of The West

The Parish (with Coen Wolters) - Dance On The Moon

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1998
Time: 49:27
Size: 114,5 MB
Label: The Parish TP001
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracxks Listing:
 1. City Of The Kings -  2:28
 2. Selling Illusions -  3:37
 3. Dance On The Moon -  5:46
 4. Drivin' South -  3:55
 5. I Should Be Crying -  2:50
 6. I'm Loosing You -  9:33
 7. No More Doggin -  2:50
 8. Man Of Many Words -  3:10
 9. Just Another Day - 15:15

... no information to the group. Who are these "The Parish" - a mystery!

Dance On The Moon

Ronnie Godfrey - Shades Of Blue

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 51:10
Size: 117,5 MB
Label: Kirogo Songs
Styles: Blues/Rhythm & Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Boom Boom - 3:37
 2. Jukin' - 4:43
 3. Jezebel - 3:21
 4. Ashes In The Rain - 5:35
 5. Falling In Love With The Blues - 3:34
 6. Love Me Too - 3:24
 7. Devil In A Box - 3:26
 8. Blue Wearin' Black - 5:22
 9. Purple - 4:28
10. My Dark Destroyer - 4:19
11. If Love Was A  Bullet - 4:02
12. Paris Mountain - 5:13

Totally blind from birth, this unbelievable, ultra-talented Musician, Vocalist, Song Writer, Keyboardist and Producer combines Blues, R&B and Southern Rock with scintilating, soulful performances which will leave you wanting more!

Shades Of Blue

Steve Fister - Deeper Than The Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2008
Time: 45:15
Size: 103,9 MB
Label: 2nd Degree Records
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. You Gotta Live - 3:50
 2. I Just Wanna Scream - 5:15
 3. Could Would Ashoulda - 3:57
 4. Found Out The Hard Way - 4:52
 5. Can't Always Get What You Want - 4:53
 6. Deeper Than The Blues - 5:02
 7. Rise Above - 3:59
 8. Funky Shonuff - 3:46
 9. Come Together - 5:06
10. Last Of Me - 4:29

Fusing a blues foundation to all genres of rock, using aggressive licks with direct and honest vocals. Soulful and melodic.

Deeper Than The Blues

Steve Fister - Dodgin Bullets

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2006
Time: 45:08
Size: 103,5 MB
Label: 2nd Degree Records
Styles: Blues/Rockin' Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. She Ain't Lonesome - 3:35
 2. When Love Comes To Town - 4:07
 3. Master Plan - 7:02
 4. Won't Fall Down - 3:52
 5. Better Days - 4:18
 6. Tell Me Something Good - 4:29
 7. Zig Zag Talk - 4:52
 8. I Call Your Name - 3:57
 9. In A Past Life - 3:42
10. Dodgin Bullets - 5:09

"Dodgin’ Bullets" is Steve’s fifth release and without doubt one of blues’ finest of this year. The rawness and energetic playing again is high class, and Steve is only growing in his vocal abilities. Count to that the level of enthusiasm and the magnificent feeling this man has for song writing, and you have a package worth dying for.
Now, lest we not forget the amazing line up Steve has gathered to join him on this recording either! Illustrious names from the rock and blues scene join the man to lay down his magic. Tony Franklin, Stuart Hamm and Barend Courbois on bass, while Tommy Aldridge, Frankie Banali and Greg Bissonette laying down a groove solid enough to build empires on. Especially Aldridge is hammering away like in his Travers-days with his powerful and never ending explosiveness.
With the opening "She ain’t lonesome" the CD starts out just smooth…. Leading us into the magnificent cover version of B.B. ‘s "Love comes to town". Now I had to frown reading the tracklist cuz, wasn’t this song already covered a million of times? Amongst all those versions, only U2’s inspired collaboration with The King himself stood out! Now my friends, we can add one more to that list: Steve Fister! Not only does he revive the moody classic with a shot of rock, he managed to re-arranged it to a new level; Inspired and exceptionally expressive!
But the real hammer is the 7 minute long heart felt blues ballad "Master plan". A true hymn-to-be for his future live shows. Lingering on for some soulful minutes to let his guitar pour out the most impressive emotional solo this year. From that moment on, you are hooked on this disc for sure!
Following tracks are swinging and rocking. Revving it up with the bluesy melodic rocker "Won’t fall down", the catchy sing along song "Better days" or the odd twist of "Tell me something good" which is circulating around Steve with his talk box and some typical Stu slaps and wraps! Funky, bluesy and soulful at the same time.
The swinging rocker "Zig Zag talk" and a shuffling "I call your name" (reminding me of the Beatles’ "Used to love her"), or the swampy "In a past life" , Steve offers us real time blues in all it’s colours. The sophisticated title track, a slide work out (says Steve), rocks like a Swiss clock and is packed again with energy and enthusiasm: Just the ingredients so many tend to miss nowadays!
But hey! Who am I to talk you into buying this CD? Not being a typical blues fan, I had my second guesses…. Steve Fister however is one of those multi talented players in the ring that offers high quality bluesy rock music in a solid package. Rocking, funky, soulful and with rawness and energy like old school rock and blues used to sound. The music never goes over the top, isn’t polished to death by a producers team, and above all: it has soul, and a heart pumping around the blood of this music with passion and power. Steve Fister is not firing blanks or dodgin’ on this record at all…. He fires with the steady hand of a sniper!

Dodgin’ Bullets

Gregg A. Smith - The Real Deal

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 66:42
Size: 153,6 MB
Label: Music Access
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Wouldn’t Treat a Dog (The Way You Treated Me) - 5:48
 2. Jumpin at the Juke Joint - 4:03
 3. Living on the Dark Side of Love - 4:07
 4. Home to You - 5:22
 5. Don’t Cry No More - 6:15
 6. I Still Love You - 4:16
 7. Quiet As It’s Kept - 5:39
 8. Party Warrior - 6:18
 9. Having a Party - 5:42
10. Teasin Woman - 4:26
11. Cadillac Problems - 4:43
12. Everybody Ought to Praise His Name - 5:43
13. Don’t Cry No More (Party Remix) - 4:16

Gregg A. Smith "The Real Deal" Album Release and Live Album Recording with special guest Shake Anderson Gregg A. Smith
Gregg A Smith was born in Honey Grove, Texas.  His musical abilities came to light as an entertainer and singer, as he performed at his families Café, at the age of 3.  Through the early years of adolescence,  he began to craft his skills in several musical instruments.  Traveling globally became his outlet to expand is talent as an entertainer.   As a young man, Gregg attended college in the state of Oregon.  He gained a vast arrangement of knowledge in the music field which lead him the “greatest opportunity” to perform with the house-band at the Famous Cotton Club.  There Gregg experienced a life-long resume of “Who’s Who” to play with in the music industry.  From the likes of Etta James, The Whispers, Johnny “Guitar” Watson, Grover Washington Jr., B.B. King, James Brown, and the list keeps going on and on of who Gregg has played with, or opened shows for.  Now it was Gregg A Smith time to have his own music out.    In 1985, Gregg’s first album titled “The Texas Blues Wailer” was released.  Through this release, Gregg established a life-long friendship with the late Johnny Taylor as he toured with Bobby “Blue” Bland.  Since then, Gregg has released several albums with established labels and various National artist features.  These recordings lead Gregg to having a very successful name in the industry. He is an awarding winning radio jock on the KNON 89.3 FM station in Dallas, TX.  Now Gregg is about to release the Biggest Blues song of his career, titled “Don’t Cry No More.”   Don’t miss out on the historic blues event. Pre-order your copy today, get it when it releases, or you won’t see another musical genius in your lifetime.
Shake Anderson
Sam “Shake” Anderson, multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer, started recording and touring at age nine. Shake has worked with artists as varied as Ruben Studdard, Victor Wooten, Ann Nesby, Phil Keaggy, Bruce Hornsby, Static Major, Steve Cropper, B.B. King, Earth Wind & Fire, Aretha Franklin, The Indigo Girls, The Spice Girls, Days Of The New, Warren Haynes, Curtis Mayfield, Aaliyah, Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder. He spent six years as musical director for soul music legends "The Impressions."
Shake has also worked with a great variety of Christian artists such as Avalon, Crystal Lewis, Anointed, Bryan Duncan, Russ Taff, Nicole Nordeman, Donnie McClurkin, and formed the Grammy winning gospel group New Breed with Israel Houghton. As a songwriter he was signed to Warner/Chappell music for six years.
Shake has also worked on many movies and has several gold and platinum albums for his work on Blue Streak, Dr. Dolittle, Boys on the Side and Austin Powers. He has played in some of the greatest concert halls and venues in the world — Carnegie Hall, The Apollo Theatre, Symphony Music Hall, Radio City Music Hall, The Heinekin Music Hall, The Ryman Auditorium and The Buordone Theatre in Frankfurt Germany. Shake now makes his home base Ft. Worth, Texas.
Shake, whose real name is Sammy Louis Anderson, learned the most about life when an illness stopped him in his tracks. He was told he would never perform again and had only several months to live. Life as he had known it was over. While spending more than nine months in the hospital and being told he was dying, he learned who he really was. Not Shake as the world called him, but Sammy Louis as his doctor's referred to him. This crisis in his life taught him what was truly important.
Shake overcame all the odds and rebuilt his life. These songs — chapters — are stories about making mistakes, learning lessons and rebirth.
As Shake says, “Once you've been to the edge, the middle don't matter.”

The Real Deal

Jon Butcher - Wishes

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1987
Time: 44:12
Size: 101,6 MB
Label: Capitol
Styles: Rock/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Goodbye Saving Grace - 4:14
 2. Living For Tomorrow - 5:09
 3. Holy War - 4:10
 4. Wishes - 4:00
 5. Churinga (Instrumental) - 3:45
 6. Long Way Home - 4:04
 7. Show Me Some Emotion - 4:01
 8. A Little Bit Of Magic - 4:06
 9. Angel Dressed In Blue - 3:55
10. Partners In Crime - 3:21
11. Prisoners Of The Silver Chain - 3:22

Jon Butcher says he never should have bet his heart if he "couldn't pay the price" in Wishes, which might be the guitarist's most introspective album and most potent artistic statement. The production by Butcher and Spencer Proffer is crisp and elegant. Here's a songwriter controlling his own destiny with help from Foreigner/Aerosmith sideman Thom Gimbel, longtime drummer Derek Blevins, and bassist Rob Jeffries. These are all Jon Butcher originals with one co-write, "A Little Bit of Magic," which has the assistance of a person with one name only, Raun, from another Pasha/Spencer Proffer group, Isle of Man. "Living for Tomorrow" continues the spirit of the first tune, "Goodbye Saving Grace," with the singer's strong voice augmented by guitarmanship finally coming into its own. His musicianship takes a backseat to the song and production though, which is a good thing -- leave the flash for the stage. Wishes has solid statements in each song and throughout the grooves. The old adage "If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride" is changed here to "If wishes were horses...then dreamers would ride," written over and under a solitary picture of Butcher on the inner sleeve. He sounds like Paul Rodgers on "Holy War" taking much from the Firm, a group who hit two years before this 1987 disc. "Holy War" takes on Jimmy Swaggart, Jerry Fallwell, Billy Graham, and other evangelists to great effect, while the title track treads on ground more familiar to Butcher, the music of Jimi Hendrix. "Wishes" is a wonderful tune which borrows heavily from "The Wind Cries Mary" both lyrically and musically before emerging halfway through as its own entity. "Churinga" closes out side one, a creative instrumental displaying this band's ability to groove. These grooves immediately make their way to side two with "Long Way Home," a blending of percussion and Jon Butcher's gritty guitar. "Show Me Some Emotion" harkens back to the sound of early Jon Butcher Axis, with better production than their Polygram debut. The co-write, "A Little Bit of Magic," picks up where "Wishes" left off, and though the lyrics may be the weakest on the disc, the song's climbing guitar evokes Santana from that guitar star's "She's Not There" period ten years earlier. "A Little Bit of Magic" should have been a big hit. So too "Angel Dressed in Blue," elements of commercial artists from the day blend into the mix, making this a stronger album from Spencer Proffer than his Quiet Riot smash three years earlier. Rather than "bang your head," the music here is articulate and determined. "Partners in Crime" and "Prisoners of the Chain" add to this dynamic effort, the final track a hard ballad which would have been a nice direction for Bad Company. It sounds like that band seeking more modern sounds and closes out an impressive work by a journeyman revising the formula which brought him regional success in the Boston area.


Willie Lomax Blues Revue - Best Blues Money Can Buy

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2003
Time: 49:15
Size: 112,9 MB
Label: Big Boss Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Ransacked - 4:26
 2. Best Blues Money Can Buy - 6:54
 3. Come Down Mama - 5:58
 4. Can't Get Enough - 5:04
 5. TKO - 3:14
 6. Lighten Up - 3:43
 7. When The Lights Go Out - 9:44
 8. Blues For Ronnie - 2:36
 9. Pompadou - 3:35
10. Freedom Is Not Free - 3:56

It's easy to play blues by the numbers, since every musician knows the form and the changes, and blues isn't a lyrically demanding genre. But playing blues by the numbers is exactly what Willie Lomax doesn't do, and his crafted songs have a heart and soul that lift them into the rarefied Stax Records territory. It doesn't hurt that the vocalist on Best Blues Money Can Buy is the impressive Shawn Brown, whose singing here conjures up the ghosts of great Memphis singers like James Carr and Otis Redding, and whose B-3 playing does so much to set up the reverent, churchy, and deeply soulful feeling of this record. Lomax's guitar playing doesn't have to carry the full load here, which allows him the freedom to put in the lines that matter, and the end result is an impressive album that transcends the stereotypical constraints of contemporary blues. From the opener, the sax and organ-driven "Ransacked," through the instrumental soul-jazz of "Blues for Ronnie" (dedicated to Ronnie Earl) and the incisive lyrics of "Freedom Is Not Free," Best Blues Money Can Buy is a solid statement of what the blues can be when it comes from the heart.

The Best Blues Money Can Buy

Dean Alexander - Devil Man's Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 35:01
Size: 80,2 MB
Label: CEN
Styles: Roots/Americana/Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Devil Man's Blues - 3:37
 2. I Got Wine - 3:37
 3. Paint Chips (feat. Todd Snider) - 3:08
 4. Different Kind Of Same - 3:26
 5. El Camino - 3:26
 6. If The Rain Don't Stop - 3:40
 7. Death Angel Sympathy - 1:56
 8. Reaching For Straws - 3:14
 9. A Breath Away - 3:18
10. One More For The Road - 5:35

Dean Alexander writes about himself, spinning a rich (and, at times, tragic) backstory into raw, rugged roots music laced with dark humor, bright melodies, and instrumentation that splits the difference between 1970s folk-rock and modern-day Americana.
A singular character who’s as proudly left-of-center as his own songs, Alexander shines a light on his traumas and triumphs with his full-length debut, Devil Man’s Blues. Don’t mistake him for a rookie, though. He’s a time-tested survivor of Nashville’s music industry, having earned his stripes as a Gibson Guitar luthier, Lower Broadway performer, major-label artist, and A-list songwriter long before embracing his independence with Devil Man’s Blues. Released in October 2019, the album pairs Alexander with other singular solo artists of his generation — Todd Snider, Aaron Lee Tasjan, and Lillie Mae, all of whom make appearances on the album — while carving out the singer’s own signature corner of the roots-music world.
“You have to give up everything, or you get nothing,” says Alexander, who reaches deep into his own past for Devil Man’s Blues‘ inspiration. It’s a past that’s complexly checkered, involving everything from the loss of his parents — both of whom passed away when he was still a child — to his subsequent raising at the hands of his deeply-religious grandparents, who brought Alexander up in an environment that prized faith over freedom. The album’s title track, with its slide guitar swampiness and talking-blues delivery, tells the true-life story of Alexander’s nightly escapes from his grandparents’ window, guitar in hand, to play songs at the nearby Oscar’s Bar and Grill in rural West Virginia. Those were his first gigs, filled with Hank Williams covers and Jerry Jeff Walker classics. Other songs reach back even further; “Paint Chips,” with its slow-motion saunter and double-handed doses of black humor, finds Alexander wondering if his father fed him “chips dipped in paint” as a child, while the acoustic “A Breath Away” touches upon the last conversation the pair ever had. On “Death Angel Sympathy,” he even commiserates with the Grim Reaper, knowing that the scythe-carrying skeleton is just doing his job.
Although flecked with tough memories, Devil Man’s Blues finds Alexander facing his demons by looking at them, writing about them, and moving forward. “This record is the first flash of me moving on, and having some closure,” he explains. “It’s like a psychological jolt to the system, because I think it’s healing to say these things. Humor helps, too. That’s my muse. That’s how I get by. I’m not trying to make things feel so heavy, or so based in loss and death. Sometimes, the best kind of medicine is being able to laugh — at yourself and your past.”
A longtime songwriter whose work can be heard on Brent Cobb’s “Black Crow” (featuring Jason Isbell), Alexander wrote the bulk of Devil Man’s Blues 10 songs in four months. The album’s recording sessions were similarly speedy, with Alexander and his rhythm section — Brian Allen on bass, Wes Little on drums — capturing the songs’ basic tracks during a single, 10-hour day at Southern Ground Studio in Nashville. Engineered by Jake Burns and largely self-produced by Alexander, Devil Man’s Blues was finished during a single night of overdub at Curb Records’ Loud Studio. “One More For the Road,” with its anthemic, spontaneous outro, captures that final night of recording, with Aaron Lee Tasjan, Lillie Mae, and Todd Snider all contributing to the song’s final epic moments. 
On an album filled with Americana star power, though, it’s Dean Alexander who shines the brightest. Singing with an unhurried voice and writing with a mix of humor and unfiltered honesty, he evokes icons of the past — Van Morrison, Randy Newman, Roger Miller, Nebraska-era Bruce Springsteen — with a sound that’s grounded in his own present. He’s an old soul for modern times, digging through the wreckage of a broken childhood and wild early-adulthood in order to heal longtime wounds. Vulnerable and vital, Devil Man’s Blues is the story of a man who’s learned to look back — and laugh — in order to move ahead.

Devil Man's Blues

R.L. Boyce - Sometimes I Worry

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 35:43
Size: 81,8 MB
Label: Waxploitation
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Sometimes I Worry -  3:25
 2. It's Been So Nice -  7:28
 3. I'm Goin' Away Baby -  9:50
 4. Daddy I Love You - 11:41
 5. Cold Black Mattie Revisited -  3:18

R.L. has been an invisible hand behind some of the most culturally important, vital music America has to offer the world.
R.L. Boyce’s Hill Country Blues is effortlessly transcendent and mesmerizing. Capturing the juke-joint, moonshine fuelled, picnic party life of Como, Mississippi, Boyce takes the listener through Saturday night and over that fine line that separates it from Sunday morning. This is god-fearing music on Mississippi terms.
R.L. Boyce has become so highly regarded people see him as the Ravi Shankar of Hill Country music. Hill Country music is loose and free, so much so that it puts both the performer and the listener in a warm, almost meditative state while still groovy enough to demand a good ass shake. Through improvisation, it is designed to heighten your consciousness. You don’t play this sort of music so much as you submit to it.
R.L.’s been a musician since his days as a child growing up in Como, Mississippi, home to the great Hill Country bluesman Mississippi Fred McDowell. He started out as a drummer, playing for the Rising Star Fife and Drum band with blues legend Otha Turner, all the while waiting to come out in front to sing and play guitar. His songs are often delivered in an improvisational fashion, with references to his collaborators, his environs and whatever else happens to be on his mind at that particular moment. You will never hear the same R.L. Boy.

Sometimes I Worry

Georges Folkwald - Patchwork

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 31:23
Size: 71,9 MB
Label: Self-Released
Styles: Rock/Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Nosedive - 3:14
 2. Blank Piece Of Paper - 4:14
 3. No More Cheese - 3:19
 4. Remember - 3:33
 5. She's The Man - 2:11
 6. Do You Feel Any Better - 3:52
 7. Ghost - 3:41
 8. Right Or Wrong - 3:30
 9. Easy Way Out - 3:46

Ville: Auray, France.Georges Folkwald is a songwriter based in Auray, Brittany. He begins his professional career as a drummer in several rock bands.Beginner at guitar, he starts to compose his first own songs in 2011. End of summer 2015, he leaves the drums to devote himself totally to the guitar and start his own project. The first part is acoustic: he asks Alexandre DURAND (Upright bass) for a duet.
The repertoire is mainly built of covers (Simon & Garfunkel, Supertramp, R.e.m, J. Cash ...) Since 2016, the duo has performed more than 200 concerts in Brittany.  Results in november 2016 a debut album, "Acoustic Session", recorder live at "Le Local" in Auray.
It contains ten tracks but only two compositions : "Lost in the Sea" & "Late in the day".
However, most compositions have a rock ambiance so he can't really adapt them under the acoustic formula. During summer of 2016 he meets Sylvain LEPINOIT (bass) and Julien ROUILLARD (drums) to form a power trio. The band, called "Georges Folkwald & The Black Witches", records its first LP in January 2017 : "Old Bone School".
Since then, the band is on the road and plays in various venues. Check the Tour page ! A clip of the song "The Town", recorded Live during the concert for the Izenah Xtrem is released on October 2017.
In 2018, he toured twice in Switzerland (March and October) and played about 70 gigs during the year. For 2019, A new album is expected to be released during the spring and many appearances on Blues festival stages and clubs.


Teresa James & the Rhythm Tramps - Live!

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 53:25
Size: 122,3 MB
Label: Jesi-Lu Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. In the Pink - 4:01
 2. I Like It Like That - 3:16
 3. Put the Squeeze on Me - 4:47
 4. Easier Said Than Done - 4:07
 5. Forgetting You - 4:57
 6. She's Got a Way With Men - 3:41
 7. Don't Make a Habit of It - 4:14
 8. If I Can't Have You - 4:43
 9. Shoorah Shoorah - 4:04
10. The Day The Blues Came to Call - 4:35
11. Everyday Will Be Like a Holiday - 3:42
12. I Want It All - 2:53
13. Long Way from Texas - 4:18

I am SO happy to finally have another live CD out! I am so proud of our live performances and this is a great representation of what a live set of ours is like. Most of the songs on here are ones that we have been performing live for a while - a lot of them from previous CDs - but there is a brand new cover of an old favorite, William Bell's 'Everday Will Be Like a Holiday', that we have been doing in our shows for a while. These tracks were recorded over 4 nights at Bogie's - a great club in town - and because of everybody's touring schedules and different availabilities, we were able to feature just about everyone who plays with us regularly on this record. I hope you will check it out - and come and see us actually play these tunes live sometime!


Pa Crude - Under the Wrecking Ball

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2011
Time: 57:52
Size: 132,5 MB
Label: Self-Released
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Under the Wrecking Ball - 4:48
 2. Shoes - 3:12
 3. DC Blues - 4:19
 4. Death Is a Woman - 3:12
 5. Black Cat - 4:09
 6. We Need the Rain - 5:31
 7. Revelation Tree - 4:04
 8. 7 to 1 Blues - 3:46
 9. Suicide Whine - 6:28
10. Can't Afford You - 5:24
11. It's All Over - 3:47
12. Blues Train - 6:00
13. Honky Tonk Bars - 3:05

A dynamic debut from Pennsylvania Blues Rockers, Pa. Crude. While the band winds their way through diverse musical styles, the sound is always unmistakably Pa Crude.

Under the Wrecking Ball

Doug Duffey and BADD - Play the Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 50:08
Size: 115,3 MB
Label: Out of the Past Music
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. The Things We Used To Do - 4:18
 2. Evil - 5:46
 3. Have You Ever? - 3:11
 4. Big Easy Street Blues - 7:57
 5. Talk Of The Town - 6:49
 6. My Drivin' Wheel - 5:59
 7. Drink It On Down - 4:15
 8. You Got That Somethin' - 4:56
 9. A Memory Left To Lose - 6:53

Doug Duffey and BADD’s sophomore album, “Play The Blues,” is deeply rooted in regional blues and flavored with a pinch of Memphis Rock-N-Soul. Duffey’s vivid lyrics tell stories from his real-life experiences of lost love, spirituality and Voodoo, and even nosey neighbors. The grooves are infectious, the solos soar, and the singing cuts deep into the soul of the listener. Duffey is joined by Ben Ford, Adam Ryland and Dan Sumner, who also co-wrote some of the songs. Together they form the rhythm section of the ‘award-winning’ Louisiana Soul Revival featuring Doug Duffey and they are the house band at Fort Sumner Studios in Monroe, LA. There they tracked their new album as well as their 2018 debut “Funkify Ya-Self.”
The nine original tunes from the Louisiana quartet open with a classic blues shuffle, ‘The Things We Used To Do,’ borrowing from the 1950’s Guitar Slim standard. Duffey puts his own spin on living through hard times and looking back on the good old days setting the tone and delivering the message that these veteran players are indeed here to “play the blues.” The radio ready track ‘Evil’ finds Duffey professing his love for a Black Magic Woman over a smooth Louisiana R&B groove that flows into the mournful twelve-bar ‘Big Easy Street Blues,’ delivering pure barrelhouse piano, soulful vocals, and sweet guitar leads from Sumner. Duffey then demonstrates his lifelong study of Professor Longhair and Dr. John on the rolling ‘Have You Ever.’
As the title suggests, ‘Drink It On Down’ is a swampy bar room rock party anchored by Sumner’s gritty guitar. The shifting groove and jazz overtones flavor the tense view of a troublesome world in ‘My Driving Wheel.’ Duffey then takes time to rant about the nosey neighbors, who are jealous about his clandestine love affair that is the ‘Talk Of The Town.’ He lists all the virtues of his lady “that make an old man feel young” on the uplifting ramble ‘You Got That Something.’ The closing track, ‘A Memory Left To Lose,’ begins as a sparse piano and guitar duet that builds into a soaring fully orchestrated ballad full of emotional intensity and harmonic artistry.
Born in Monroe, Louisiana, in the Mississippi Delta, Doug Duffey has been singing, playing piano, and composing professionally since childhood and has recorded over a dozen albums since his first single in 1970. This fine collection of rockin’ blues, soul and classic R&B adds to that legacy and continues to prove he and his BADD cohorts were indeed born to “Play The Blues.”
Rick J Bowen

Multi award-winning Doug Duffey and BADD are a North Louisiana-based quartet specializing in 100% original ‘Bayou Funk’, ‘Swampadelic’, Bluesiana and Delta Soul music. Influenced by old school 70’s funk and soul classics, as well as their native regional New Orleans funk, Memphis Soul, Louisiana R&B, and Louisiana Delta blues, they’ve recycled, refried, refunked, redefined and repackaged it all into their own personal post-modern slammin’ jams.
Born in Monroe, Louisiana in 1950, Duffey began singing and playing piano at an early age; he was composing and performing professionally by age 14. His first single, recorded in Nashville in 1970, was chosen by Billboard, Cashbox and Record World as “Pick Hit” and broke into the top 100 charts.
He moved to Hollywood In his early 20s where Backstage Management managed him. He has written songs for and/or recorded with George Clinton, Funkadelic, Rare Earth, Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell, Keith Richards, Herbie Hancock, David Byrne, Maceo Parker, Fred Wesley, Anders Osborne, Little Queenie, Marcia Ball, Zakiya Hooker, Jerry Beach, John Autin, and other Louisiana and international artists.
He has been called “one of the most prolific songwriters living in Louisiana” and has recorded 11 albums of original material to date. His vast multi genre catalog of material contains not only songs, but also instrumental and improvisational works. A poetic lyricist, his songs are intelligent, intellectual, sophisticated and soulful, whether solo or with full production; on record or performed live.
Living and working off and on in New Orleans from the 1960’s to 90’s, he absorbed that city’s Jazz and Funk musical styles and mixed them with his own North Louisiana Mississippi Delta roots: Delta Blues, Louisiana Rock and Roll, Memphis Soul and Gospel. Incorporating traditional Louisiana piano styles with his own improvisational style, his inimitable soulful voice,
Doug Duffey has entertained audiences internationally, promoting both traditional and his own original Louisiana Music for 4+ decades. Onstage, he serves up a steaming hot and spicy gumbo of Louisiana soul, whether solo or with his International Soul Band. He has appeared many times at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival [solo and w/band] and performed at the Louisiana Folklife Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, Heineken Jazz Festival and many other major international music festivals, the best concert halls and music venues in the US and Europe. He has appeared on television, radio, interviews, and global live Internet broadcasts.
Duffey was inducted into the Louisiana Hall of Fame in 2001 and into the National Blues Hall of Fame in 2009. With his Blues Hall of Fame induction, he was also named as a “Louisiana Ambassador of the Blues.”

Dan Sumner is a Louisiana-based guitarist and music producer. He is an internationally-acclaimed guitarist who performs and tours the world regularly with acts such as Doug Duffey and BADD, Louisiana Soul Revival featuring Doug Duffey, Steve Howell, Louis Romanos Quartet, LA Legacy Jazz Band, Glynn Styler, Janice Jaffee and many others. He is a sponsored Benedetto Artist, and plays two custom-made Benedetto archtop Jazz guitars. He owns and operates Fort Sumner Studio where he has recorded and/or produced dozens of critically-acclaimed albums by artists such as: Doug Duffey and BADD, Astro Motel, Logan and the Legendaries, The Vidrines, Gin Mobsters, Tito and the Fabulous Freeloaders, Louisiana Soul Revival featuring Doug Duffey, Fred Brown, The Gold Dust Mannequins, Jig the Alien, Bunki, and many others.

Play the Blues

Biscuit Miller & The Mix - Chicken Grease

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 45:57
Size: 106,1 MB
Label: American Showplace
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Here Kitty Kitty - 4:40
 2. 609 - 4:37
 3. Lonely Road - 4:28
 4. Two Legged Dog - 3:39
 5. Chicken Grease - 3:50
 6. Watching You - 5:35
 7. Take a Ride - 3:54
 8. Southern Woman - 4:19
 9. Creeping - 6:20
10. Get Ready - 4:31

Biscuit Miller & The Mix are proud to announce their brand new album release "Chicken Grease . Dirty greasy blues with a funk that ll make you want to jump up. Biscuit Miller born in Chicago and Winner of two prestigious BMA awards for Bass Player of the Year in 2012 and again in 2017 is back with a set of 10 original songs with his soulful blues style that is sure to put a smile on your face. Keep it Funky and have yourself too much Fun!

Chicken Grease

Amnesia Blues Band - Hailstone

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 48:33
Size: 111,6 MB
Label: Self-Released
Styles: Blues/Chicago Style/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Never Loved You Anyway - 3:24
 2. Two Trains Running / Still A Fool - 3:57
 3. Borough Blues - 3:05
 4. Nullabor Blues - 5:25
 5. Champagne and Reefer - 4:11
 6. Out Of Time - 5:40
 7. Fast Johnny Cool - 4:00
 8. Crosscut Saw - 3:16
 9. Thank You Babe - 3:12
10. Life Without You - 5:28
11. No Escape From The Blues - 2:50
12. Gotta Move On - 4:00

Amnesia Blues Band are a traditional blues band, bringing you original blues with stories of hard drinkin' women, lost loves and broken dreams. No funk, no soul, no rock and roll - just blues and boogie all the way! The band have been finalists in the Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society International Blues Challenge in 2016, 2017 & 2018 and in 2016 were voted MBAS Vic/Tas Band Of The Year. They are arguably the most successful blues band to come out of Gippsland for decades. About this track...
Amnesia Blues Band go full throttle on the opening track off Hailstone, I Never Loved You Anyway, a harsh tale of a fractured relationship full of recrimination where Buchanan’s hoarse roar is ably supported by Ning Hopkins' spiky lead guitar.
Amnesia Blues Band are:
Paul Buchanan - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Sandy Clark- Lead, Rhythm and Slide Guitars
Ning Hopkins - Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Dennis Salty Trevarthen - Harmonica and Percussion
Darryl Kerr - Bass Guitar
Stuart Anderson - Drums and Percussion
Although not featured on the album Baz Locke is an integral part of the band’s live shows in Gippsland
Paulie Bignell - Slide Guitar on Fast Johnny Cool and Electric Guitar on Thank You Baby and Crosscut Saw
Roger C. Johnson – Lead Guitar on Borough Blues
Recorded and mixed by Paulie Bignell at Hailstone Studio, October 2018. Mastered by Robert B Dillon at RBD Productions.
Photography by Sean Clohesy and Paulie Bignell.
Amnesia Blues Band thank Paulie Bignell, Roger C. Johnson, Sean Clohesy and Michael Macdonald for their input and assistance.


пятница, 25 октября 2019 г.

Larry Miller - The Sinner and The Saint

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 75:30
Size: 177,5 MB
Label: Code 7/Big Guitar Records
Styles: Rock/Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. I Gotta Turn the Corner - 4:06
 2. Women and the Blues - 5:12
 3. I Want My Life Back - 4:32
 4. I May Be Down (But the Kids Ain't Out) - 4:18
 5. Black Oak Arkansas Hangman - 4:13
 6. Your Tears Will Hit the Floor - 3:49
 7. Keeper of the Flame - 5:06
 8. No More Mr. Nice Guy - 6:40
 9. Don't Talk About Me - 4:57
10. Hear the Train A Coming - 3:51
11. Rescue Me - 4:52
12. The Outlawed Name - 6:34
13. Taste My Love - 5:27
14. Why Don't You Believe - 4:48
15. Ain't No Love Here Anymore - 6:58

'The Sinner And The Saint' is the long awaited new album from Larry Miller. Larry was recording this album when he had a stroke 4 years ago. He has now managed to complete the album and it is a double CD/This is the first new album from Larry Miller in 4 years and is eagerly awaited by Larry's army of loyal fans. As on previous
albums, Larry shows his skill as a high energy and also sensitive lead guitar player impressing with his fluid guitar lines. However, Larry is also an accomplished song writer, demonstrated by the mix of powerful riff based rock and blues songs such as 'The Woman And The Blues' and passionate blues ballads like ' I Want My Life Back'. He plays the ultimate blues rock combination of a Gibson Les Paul through a Marshall stack on this album but also shows off his acoustic guitar playing side using a 1931 National Duolian Resonator and on the joyous 'Your Tears Will Hit The Floor' plays mandolin.
The first new Larry Miller album in 4 years. Since his stroke Larry has not been unable to play live and fans are desperate to hear more form Larry Miller. There is an undying support for Larry Miller's music and this is still very strong. For all those who are fans of Gary Moore, Rory Gallagher, Joe Bonamassa and others in the guitar led blues rock genre/"A return to the live arena is potentially a little way off, but this effervescent artiste has not lost his edge and it is evident in this personal collection of fifteen songs. Listen with new ears , let not the past four years influence the pleasure "The Sinner And The Saint" is but a stroke of genius" - Blues In Britain - September 2019

The Sinner and The Saint

пятница, 11 октября 2019 г.

Vince Converse - One Step Ahead

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1999
Time: 56:25
Size: 129,3 MB
Label: Mystic Music & Entertainment
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. One Step Ahead - 5:08
 2. She Thing - 4:41
 3. Sleeper - 5:10
 4. Equality - 4:43
 5. Back To Baby - 3:50
 6. Recession Blues - 7:28
 7. Give It Everything You Got - 4:19
 8. Drown Yourself In The River - 4:30
 9. I Ain't Superstitious - 4:53
10. SNAFU - 3:23
11. Someone Else Instead - 4:46
12. Lonesome - 3:29

By now there are several twenty-something hotshots on the scene who pledge allegiance to the Blues-Rock Trinity of Albert King, Jimi Hendrix, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. These are the fleet-fingered chopsmeisters who love to bend notes with a vengeance while not shying away from wah wah and/or distortion pedals. The most ferocious of these is Houston native Vince Converse, who elicits more than a few double takes on his scorching, toe-curling debut One Step Ahead (Mystic Music & Entertainment 54332-2; 56:25). Produced by the legendary Eddie Kramer (who helped Hendrix and Led Zeppelin achieve their patented sounds 30 years ago), this high-intensity blues-drenched rock offering rates right up there with the best of what Jonny Lang and Kenny Wayne Shepherd are currently putting down. Converse owes a huge debt to Hendrix, which is evident on the anthemic “Equality” and the driving instrumental “SNAFU.” His SRV-by-way-of-Albert influence comes across loud and clear on “Someone Else Instead.” Any questions about Converse’s ability to grasp the blues are quickly put to rest on a passionate reading of B.B. King’s ultra-slow “Recession Blues” and a haunting dobro slide rendition of Willie Dixon’s “I Ain’t Superstitious.” The presence of the kicking Uptown Horns on a few tracks adds an earthy touch, particularly on Edgar Winter’s “Give It Everything You Got” and the funky title track. An auspicious debut from the latest chops monster on the block, and with a talent this big, Converse is bound to stay One Step Ahead of the competition.

One Step Ahead

Chuck Alvarez - The Life I Live

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1993
Time: 38:34
Size: 88,4 MB
Label: Blue Wolf Entertainment
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Hard Luck - 3:34
 2. Working At The Mint - 4:15
 3. The Balder I Go - 3:17
 4. Sometimes I'm Down - 3:53
 5. The Life I Live - 3:53
 6. Never Had Me - 3:39
 7. Long Way From Heaven - 3:53
 8. Light Rain - 3:21
 9. My Life - 4:12
10. Goodbye - 4:31

Chuck Alvarez - Hard rockin' Blues with impassioned guitar playing and vocals. 1993 The Life I Live, Chuck's debut CD, produced by Vernon Porter (Kenny Logins, Dan Fogleberg), engineered by Walter New (Robin Ford, Eric Johnson)  and featuring world renowned keyboardist Mike Finnigan. Chuck Alvarez also composed music for seven musicals for both national and International audiences, and in the past two years his music has appeared in film, television, commercials and CD ROM. From the Universal Amphitheater, Irvine Meadows and the Greek Theater in Los Angeles to Longs Beach on Long Island and The Merriweather Post Pavilion in Baltimore. From The Bottom Line in NewYork to The Coach House in Southern California, Alvarez has performed in hundreds of clubs, theaters and larger venues. His performances are known for High Energy and High Quality!

The Life I Live

четверг, 10 октября 2019 г.

The Sly Geralds Band - New York's My Home

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 50:20
Size: 115,4 MB
Label:  Self  Released
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues/Funky Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Let Me Talk To You - 4:32
 2. Just Like Superman - 3:44
 3. Shark With No Teeth - 3:30
 4. Loose My Mind - 4:06
 5. New York's My Home - 3:23
 6. Hit The Ground Runnin' - 4:12
 7. Dirty Little Secret - 7:43
 8. 4-Letter Word - 3:53
 9. Troubled Man - 3:56
10. She's Got A Mojo Workin' - 5:19
11. Wishes - 5:58

Sly Geralds - Bass/Vocals
John Carddoso - Drums
Alex Richman - Keys/Vocals
Michael Ernst - Guitar/Vocals
Daniela Atanasova - Sax/Vocals
Susan Lowett Marten - Vocals

He’s a singer and songwriter who has traveled the world and back with some of the most influential musical artists of our time. He has spent the last several years recording and sharing the stage with musical giants such as Maceo Parker, Al Green, Levon Helm, Richie Havens and Bob Dylan to name a few. He has now put his many years of experience to use as the leader and front man of the Sly Geralds Band. Sly has gathered a group of seasoned professionals to help bring his original music to life. Their style seamlessly blends elements of blues, funk, soul and rock. Sly’s music gives a nod to the masters of roots music while still maintaining a contemporary feel. His time spent in New Orleans has influenced his writing, as has living in New York City for most of his life. The experience of seeing a live performance of the Sly Geralds Band borders somewhere between a rock show, dance party, Mardi Gras parade and tent revival. The rhythm section throws down an infectious groove driven by Sly’s thunderous bass while the guitar and horns soar high above. Sly’s banter with the audience is equally impressive. He cajoles the audience into leaving their workday worries behind and joining him on the dance floor to “shake what their mama gave them! The band is also up to the task when it comes to entertaining the crowd by playing “the hits. You never know when they’ll break into a smoldering version of a “classic song” by Al Green, James Brown, The Rolling Stones or any number of blues, funk, rock or soul standards. The Sly Geralds band makes regular appearances in the hottest clubs in the New York metropolitan area as well as blues festivals around the U.S. and abroad. The Sly Geralds Band is a Rootsy, Blues laden six piece funky horn driven band, whose blend of “the New Orleans sound” meets the “urban funk” of New York City. The Sly Geralds Band’s highly infectious grooves have kept the crowds rocking internationally for the past several years.

New York's My Home 

Mick Kolassa and the Taylor Made Blues Band - 149 Delta Avenue

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2018
Time: 49:14
Size: 112,9 MB
Label: Endless Blues
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. I Can't Slow Down - 3:08
 2. U.S. 12 To Highway 49 - 2:29
 3. Alternative Man - 4:12
 4. Cotton Road - 5:15
 5. American Intervention - 3:31
 6. Pulling Me Down - 4:57
 7. Whiskey In The Morning - 5:33
 8. I Don't Need No Doctor - 4:18
 9. Miss Boss - 3:54
10. 35 Miles To Empty - 3:42
11. Alternative Man Alternative - 3:31
12. The Viper - 4:40

Mick Kolassa is a veteran blues artist whose love of the blues spans more than 50 years. His style has been called "Free Range Blues" because his work encompasses all styles of blues, from Delta and Chicago blues to Hokum, Piedmont, and New Orleans style.

149 Delta Avenue

Carlos Johnson - My Name Is Carlos Johnson

Bitrate: 302K/s
Year: 2001
Time: 61:27
Size: 132,9 MB
Label: Blues Special Records
Styles: Blues/Chicago Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Hey Pretty Baby II - 2:51
 2. As The Years Go Passing By - 7:52
 3. All Right OK You Win/Going To New York - 4:12
 4. My Name Is Carlos Johnson - 4:40
 5. Sometimes I Wonder - 7:01
 6. The Thrill Is Gone - 4:23
 7. Carlos Johnson Boogie - 5:36
 8. Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town - 6:30
 9. She Wants To Sell My Monkey - 3:10
10. Ain't Nobody Business - 7:00
11. Hey Pretty Baby I - 2:52
12. Summertime - 5:16

American blues guitarist and singer. He is left-handed, but plays a right-handed instrument upside-down like players such as Otis Rush, Albert King, and Jimi Hendrix. Johnson is known for his aggressive playing which has attracted audiences in Chicago blue scene since the 1970s. He has played on recordings of notable musicians including Billy Branch & The Sons of Blues and Son Seals.

My Name Is Carlos Johnson

Chuck Alvarez Band - Sacred Grounds Live

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1998
Time: 60:42
Size: 139,6 MB
Label: Blue Wolf Music
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock/Rocin`Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Stranger in My Own Hometown - 4:16
 2. Big Boss Man - 4:42
 3. Me & My Woman - 4:50
 4. Light Rain - 4:48
 5. Life Rolls On - 4:53
 6. Slippery When Wet - 5:06
 7. Long Way from Heaven - 4:08
 8. Worried Life Blues - 5:53
 9. My Life - 4:55
10. Balder I Go - 4:31
11. Tight Rope - 4:44
12. Little Wing - 7:48

1998 Sacred Grounds, a live album of 12 rockin' blues covers and originals, high energy performance akin to guitar classics. The CD features a world class band with Vince Denham (Michael MacDonald, Boz Scaggs) on sax. Engineered by Dave Swanson (Blues Traveler, Black Crows).
The Chuck Alvarez Band has the funk of Delbert McClinton blended with high energy guitar mastery reminiscent of Johnny Winter, SRV or Jimi Hendrix. Also influenced by Terry Haggerty & Carlos Santana, Chuck and his band have had the honor of performing on Navy Carriers as well as military bases throughout the world.
The Chuck Alvarez Band has been rockin’ audiences around the world for 20 years. The recent line up is comprised of Chuck Alvarez on guitar & vocals, Adam Idell on drums and Jeryl Thompson on bass. This 3 piece Rockin’ Blues/R&B force teams up with some of the most notable sidemen in the country to bring down the house anywhere they perform. As a three piece or with the likes of Chris North or Barnaby Finch on keys, or Vince Denham or Albert Wing on Sax, this band delivers.
The Chuck Alvarez Band has shared the stage with Johnny Winter, Robin Ford, Taj Mahal, Dishwalla, Starship, Ambrosia, and Bill Champlin to name a few. Chuck and the band member’s other playing and recording credits include Tim Weisberg, David Benoit, The Emotions, The Temptations, Dokken, Shalimar, Gerald Albright, The Four Tops, Martha Reeves, The Twisters, Lisa Haley & The Zydekats and many others.

Sacred Grounds Live

Arthur Neilson - Hell Of A Nerve

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2006
Time: 50:03
Size: 116,3 MB
Label: Dixiefrog
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. You sure are pretty - 4:03
 2. Hell of a nerve - 3:43
 3. Daddy long legs - 3:44
 4. Start to Bleed - 4:01
 5. Too blind to see - 3:33
 6. Spank me - 3:34
 7. Homesick - 5:27
 8. So many ways - 4:19
 9. Sagittarius - 4:02
10. All the angels in the sky - 4:48
11. Something you just can't get - 5:42
12. Guitars on parade - 3:01

Arthur Neilson, born and raised in Queens New York, taught himself to play guitar on an electric Teisco Del Ray at age fifteen In 1979, Arthur caught the attention of the band Blue Angel with his rootsy and aggressive guitar playing. After joining Blue Angel, they recorded an album for Polydor, which garnered much critical acclaim. Cyndi Lauper was the lead singer of the band. In 1998, Shemekia Copeland found Arthur to be the guitar player that she was looking for to complete her touring band. Arthur has been performing with her across the globe and can be heard on her latest record, "Wicked".
Recently, Popa Chubby asked Arthur to be part of his New York City Blues record. Arthur contributed four of his songs, including the track "Fenderbender" which showcases his intense fretwork. Popa Chubby has also produced the three Arthur solo albums. Here is the brand new one : « Moan & cry »/ “Whether he's touring or recording, Arthur will always be found doing what he loves the most, which is playing his guitar.”
Popa Chubby

Hell Of A Nerve

Billy Pierce - Take Me Back to the Delta

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2014
Time: 49:30
Size: 113,5 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Happy Home - 4:29
 2. Take Me Back to the Delta (feat. Sonny Landreth & Charlie Wooton) - 5:05
 3. ong for Sonny (feat. Waylon Thibodeaux) - 3:27
 4. Key to the Highway (feat. Mark Mullins, Craig Klein, Greg Hicks & Johnny Neel) - 4:43
 5. Cajun Boy Blues - 2:19
 6. Jambalaya (feat. Waylon Thibodeaux) - 2:48
 7. Tojo - 5:48
 8. Give Me a Dollar (feat. Mark Mullins, Craig Klein & Greg Hicks) - 4:15
 9. Rooster (feat. Jimmy Carpenter) - 7:11
10. Zydecoldsmobile (feat. Waylon Thibodeaux & Johnny Neel) - 5:30
11. Big Joe (feat. Charlie Wooton, Henry Ramato & James Crawford) - 3:49

“Yea You Rite! How does a master songwriter get the swampy sounds of Louisiana to play with a Delaware boy? It is magic! Here with the fiddle of Waylon Thibodaux”.. Quote from Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine February 2014 issue. Billy says of his band, The Billy Pierce Band, “this is a power trio, slide guitar, bass and drums”.
For his new CD he wanted to add a few extra colors in the mix.
Billy has several New Orleans guests on his CD, Bonerama Horns, Sonny Landreth, Charlie Wooten, Waylon Thibodaux with his Cajun Fiddle, Jimmy Carpenter on saxophone and ex Allman Brothers alumni Johnny Neel from Nashville playing on two songs.
As Billy “Got Slide” Pierce grows his reputation as one of the premiere slide guitar players, he is also evolving into a charismatic blues-rock singer-songwriter of stylistic depth and emotional resonance. His ability to connect with live concert audiences is transformational, and his latest project, The Billy Pierce Band, Take Me Back To The Delta CD disc: captures the magnetism and maturity Pierce showcases as an artist.

Take Me Back to the Delta

среда, 9 октября 2019 г.

Imperial Crowns - Hymn Book

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2006
Time: 45:59
Size: 105,4 MB
Label: Under The Radar
Styles: Blues/Garage Blues/Psychedelic Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Lil' Death - 4:34
 2. The River - 4:41
 3. Kingsize Jones - 5:18
 4. Baby's Gone Wild - 2:23
 5. Golden Girl - 3:45
 6. You Don't Miss Your Water - 3:38
 7. Comin' Fuh Ya - 4:44
 8. Love Blues - 4:20
 9. (Simply) Just A Dream - 3:03
10. Blues Au GoGo - 3:24
11. Restless Soul - 2:49
12. Mr. Jinx - 3:14

Don't know what church these boys are going to but this certainly isn't a standard issue text!  This is raucous, no-nonsense guitar and harmonica blues to drive your car by, get drunk to and eat your kebab to. By no stretch of the imagination can this be described as traditional blues, even if its roots lie in that direction.  At times as much influenced by elements of funk, southern soul and psychedelic rock as it is by blues - it's almost like what would happen if James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding & BB King got together and partied like it was 1999. It's difficult to pick standout tracks from this as there simply aren't any bad songs, however the almost hypnotic rhythmic beat of the opening song "Lil' Death" is a particular favourite, having originally heard it on a sampler CD thereby prompting this purchase in the first place.  A surprisingly good cover of William Bell's "You Don't Miss Your Water" is certainly worth a mention as is the more acoustic "(Simply) Just a Dream" and the 60's tinged "Blues Au GoGo". This is a worthy addition to any music collection and is definitely worth passing the collection plate round for.

Hymn Book