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среда, 23 декабря 2020 г.

Jeff Liberman - Celebrate The Day

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2020
Time: 58:06 
Size: 133,3 MB 
Label: JSL Records
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. That's Why I'm Here - 3:40
 2. Hot Blooded Woman - 3:22
 3. By Her Side - 3:32
 4. Tree - 3:08
 5. Don't Leave Me Cold - 4:30
 6. A Long Sweet Kiss - 4:10
 7. Moonlit Night - 4:50
 8. Be Your Man - 3:37
 9. Celebrate The Day - 3:34
10. Itty Bitty Ditty - 2:00
11. Maga - 3:50
12. I Love You - 3:10
13. Causal Nexus - 3:43
14. I Ain't That Way - 3:00
15. Noodle Poodle - 3:51
16. No More Lies - 4:03

Chicago born Jeff Liberman is a guitar player in the best tradition of 70s guitar Gods like Hendrix, Trower, Clapton or Zappa. The perfect mix between virtuosity and feeling with a gift for brilliant songwriting. Between 1975 and 1978, Liberman self-released three albums on his own Librah label which were some of the first private pressings to gain recognition amongst psych collectors in the 80s

Jeff Liberman - Stream of Consciousness

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2020
Time: 57:11 
Size: 131,1 MB 
Label: Jsl Records
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. All the Love - 3:28
 2. I'm a Man - 2:58
 3. Into the Night - 4:33
 4. Nothing Will Be Here - 2:53
 5. A Hard Headed Woman - 3:33
 6. 3AM - 4:36
 7. There Is a Place - 4:21
 8. A Brand New Day - 5:30
 9. Stream of Consciousness - 4:59
10. Unyielding - 2:51
11. I Believe - 4:19
12. How Much I Love You - 3:04
13. Everything You Need - 3:48
14. Fun - 2:15
15. The Sky Was Very Blue - 3:56

Chicago born Jeff Liberman is a guitar player in the best tradition of ’70s guitar Gods like Hendrix, Trower, Clapton or Zappa. The perfect mix between virtuosity and feeling with a gift for brilliant songwriting. 

пятница, 18 декабря 2020 г.

Whitey Conwell - Tales from the Backseat

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2003
Time: 45:10 
Size: 104,4 MB 
Label: Conqueroot Records
Styles: Blues/Modern Electric Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Tales from the Backseat - 3:24
 2. Have Your Heart Examined - 3:40
 3. Slow Train - 5:41
 4. Barefoot Rock - 2:41
 5. Wait a Minute - 3:17
 6. The Town That Love Forgot - 3:17
 7. Sweet Joleene - 3:25
 8. Holding on to Heaven - 4:45
 9. Roll With Me - 2:30
10. Deceptively Yours - 4:24
11. The Shape I'm In - 3:26
12. Pennies from Heaven - 4:35

Good well written songs. Easy listening. Worth several listens!

четверг, 17 декабря 2020 г.

Michael Locke & The Repeat Offenders - Pleasure King!

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2012
Time: 48:11 
Size: 110,9 MB 
Label: Self Released
Styles: Electric Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Pleasure King -  4:39
 2. Too Many Cooks -  7:30
 3. I Get Evil -  5:00
 4. Honky Tonk -  8:31
 5. You Done Lost Your Good Thing - 15:09
 6. Sick And Tired -  7:20

Michael Locke was raised in South Florida and began playing guitar when he was seven. Michael’s father was a jazz aficionado and saturated Michael with the genius of artists such as Lester Young, Count Basie, Sonny Rollins, Coleman Hawkins, Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Sonny Stitt and, Michael’s mentors – Ira Sullivan and Joe Diorio. Michael attended the University of Miami, majoring in Jazz Guitar. But then he heard the Blues! He found that in Blues music he could completely and freely express himself. He moved to San Francisco in the early 90’s and fell under the tutelage of his now close friend and longtime bluesman, Johnny Nitro. Thanks to Johnny’s encouragement, Michael developed his own style and set off on his own to front an electric blues trio. Michael has played his blistering yet soulful guitar from coast to coast. He has performed with or opened for the likes of BB King, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, W.C. Clark, CoCo Montoya, Sonny Rhodes, Walter Trout, Ben E. King, Del Shannon, Little Anthony, Jimmy Johnson, Otis Rush and Chuck Berry. Michael now calls Southwest Ohio his home and continues to receive praise as one of the premier blues guitarists in the area.

Gugun Blues Shelter - Set My Soul On Fire

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2009
Time: 51:08 
Size: 117,3 MB 
Label: Self Released
Styles: Rock/Blues Rock
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Follow The Step - 4:09
 2. Funk #1 - 5:12
 3. Give Your Love - 3:37
 4. Kandas - 3:57
 5. On The Road - 4:52
 6. Putus Cinta - 4:05
 7. Rusty Man - 4:51
 8. Satu Untuk Berbabi - 3:40
 9. She Don't Need Romancing - 3:54
10. Soul On Fire - 4:01
11. When I See You Again - 4:13
12. Whiskey Woman - 4:30

Previously called the Bluesbug, Gugun Blues Shelter is an Indonesian blues power trio that is a breath of fresh air in the seemingly dying Asian blues scene these days. Influenced by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bettie Davies, and Led Zeppelin among others, the band forced many music fans to take notice of its powerful, flawless genre-crossing blend of blues that incorporate influences from rock, funk, and soul. With the success of their debut album “Get the Bug” (2004), they knew they had to deliever with their second album “Turn it On” (2007) and deliver they did. The album was voted as one of the best Indonesian albums of 2007 by Rolling Stone, voted the number one blues album of the year with Gugun voted as the best blues guitarist in Asia by MTV Trax magazine. After very successful UK tours in 2008 and 2009, they returned home to record the album "Set My Soul On Fire" and the self-titled "Gugun Blues Shelter" in March 2010.

Lone Crow Rebellion - Ain't No Shame

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2020
Time: 40:58 
Size: 94,2 MB 
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. No Shame - 4:33
 2. Mr  Blackbird - 3:54
 3. Demon Alcohol Blues - 3:49
 4. Brand New Day - 3:58
 5. Winter Blues - 3:36
 6. Memphis Calling - 3:32
 7. Roll - 3:17
 8. If Love Should Find You - 3:07
 9. High Road Blues - 4:20
10. Peace - 6:48

LONE CROW REBELLION IS A Blues-Rock band influenced by the many styles of Blues, Southern Grooves & Americana music.

Jamie Thyer - Excelsior

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2020
Time: 36:53 
Size: 85,2 MB 
Label: Road Dog 
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Aces and Eights - 4:02
 2. Blodwyn - 3:16
 3. Meadow Stone - 3:39
 4. Split Diamond - 2:51
 5. Manacle Alley - 3:09
 6. Dangerous Vision - 3:48
 7. The Cat That Walks by Themself - 4:03
 8. Nova - 3:58
 9. Mr.Make Believe - 3:23
10. Uno Mas - 4:39

In the winter months of 1994, guitarist JAMIE THYER took time out from playing on demonstrations for Marshall amplification and Rotosound strings. He began writing and rehearsing with a rhythm section under the ironic name of THE WORRIED MEN. Initially, they considered that the originality of their style and direction would place them on the outer peripheries of fashion motivated rock music, yet, because of their ability to entertain and not merely play, enthusiastic audiences, promoters and even record companies swiftly disproved this! Their live album Fear and Loathing at the Wünder Bar was recommended by Venue and AWOL magazines, and despite a lack of formal promotion, their local gigs attracted an avalanche of press and an ever-growing mailing list. As a direct result of this, THE WORRIED MEN embarked on a relentless succession of nationwide dates, averaging around four or five gigs per week at such venues as NOTTINGHAM ROCK CITY, London's famous MARQUEE CLUB, etc, alongside some of the worlds leading rock and blues musicians, including ROBIN TROWER, CHICKEN SHACK, WILKO JOHNSON, ROBERT CRAY, JEFFERSON STARSHIP, besides many others - always to an overwhelming reception. (Partly due to the practice of constantly adding to their repertoire, thereby ensuing no two shows are the same). It seemed as though a tired and jaded rock scene needed their fresh approach! THE WORRIED MEN continue touring around England and Ireland, often seen in the company of PETER GREEN, JOHNNY WINTER, NINE BELOW ZERO, WALTER TROUT, etc. Recently, Jamie was invited to join forces with MOTT THE HOOPLE'S VERDEN ALLEN on an adventure which produced the album Love You and Leave You (Angel Air Records), taking in many gigs at top venues, BBC radio broadcasts and an opportunity to headline the main stage at Cambridge Rock Festival; each episode earning Jamie much praise, much press and many plaudits. With their new album set for release, a bulging diary and loyal supporters, there's every reason for JAMIE THYER to look forward to a future that's golden with promise!

Jeff Crusan - If My Tears Could Turn to Pennies

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2020
Time: 71:10 
Size: 163,1 MB 
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Cherry Blossom Way -  3:21
 2. Truth -  8:13
 3. Facing Moment -  9:32
 4. A Part of Me Still Loves You -  8:01
 5. If My Tears Could Turn to Pennies -  8:48
 6. Midnight Wanderer - 10:12
 7. The Revelation -  9:24
 8. Renewal - 13:36

Walled Lake teen guitarist wins contest to play alongside his musical idol Joe Bonamassa/
A teen from Walled Lake recently won a guitar contest and got a chance to meet his musical idol. Jeff Crusan jams away on his guitar but he wasn’t always interested in this instrument. His grandfather bought him a guitar when he was 7 years old. Jeff took only a few lessons before he thought it was not for him. “When I’m about 12, grandpa brings an electric guitar with a little amp in from a garage sale,” he said. Jeff taught himself how to play. He had some musical influences, but guitarist Joe Bonamassa is one of his favorites/

Charles Tuberville - Somethin' In The Water

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 39:49 
Size: 91,8 MB 
Label: Tulsa Blues Project
Styles: Tulsa Blues/Contemporary Electric Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Something In The Water - 3:03
 2. Went Down Hard - 3:04
 3. Dreamin' About Your Love - 3:19
 4. Bumble Bee - 3:10
 5. Fine By Me - 3:30
 6. Kitty Kat - 3:31
 7. Howlin' Boogie - 2:57
 8. Listen To Your Woman - 3:29
 9. Lucinda - 3:40
10. Rockin' On The River - 3:20
11. Soul Traveler - 3:38
12. Things To Do - 3:05

What distinguishes Tulsa blues/Tulsa sound from, say, Chicago or Texas blues? For one thing, it’s a combination of rockabilly, country, R&R, and blues sounds from the late 1950s and early ‘60s. Originating in its characteristic city in the second half of the twentieth century, its pioneers include JJ Cale, Leon Russell, Elvin Bishop, and Eric Clapton. Charles Tuberville proudly promulgates the tradition on his new album, Somethin’ in the Water. Featuring twelve original tracks, it takes you down the railroad line (check the cover art) to a laid-back, easygoing way of life and musical style. The energy here is low-to-mid-key, suitable for comfy house parties where the volume on one’s speakers need not be turned up to 11. Out of myriad musicians who strive to make a name for themselves, few are lucky enough to share the stage with genre icons. Charles has been fortunate enough to do this with Leon Russell, Freddie King, Bobby Keys, Johnny Winter, Delbert McClinton, B.B. King and many others. On this album, produced by Walt Richmond (JJ Cale, Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton), he is joined by Tulsa legend Rockin’ Jimmy Byfield and Casey Van Beek from Bill Medley and The Tractors. Other featured co-performers are Jimmy Markham and David Berntson on harmonica; bassists Alan Ransom and Jimmy Strader; David Busey on piano, and Steve Hickerson on guitars for “Listen To Your Woman.” Tuberville himself stars on guitar, bass and vocals. The title track makes its grand entrance first: a relaxed, loping love song about being in a certain mood. Then comes “Went Down Hard,” featuring a terrific slide guitar intro and Joe Walsh vibes. Stomp your feet and savor the shredder solos. It’s so good it could have been the opener. “Dreamin’ About Your Love” features perky piano and slight New Orleans spice mixed in with the Tulsa flavor. 1950’s influences are the clearest on this number. Number Four, “Bumble Bee,” should come with a trigger warning for those who hate the pesky sound of said insects. It’s funny and relatable, especially in the summer. Another highlight is “Howlin’ Boogie,” a surefire sing-along hit. David Berntson’s harmonica is especially catchy, as is David Busey’s piano on “Lucinda.” The latter song is reminiscent of the tracks of The Tractors, a ‘90’s Tulsa sensation. For those who’d like to slip into a slower, more atmospheric groove, “Soul Traveler” fits the bill. One can imagine it featured in an indie film or Miami Vice episode. It’s also a nice slow-dance. “Things to Do” is a boogie for busy people. If your morning coffee can’t wake you, try this. Somethin’ in the Water is a commendable showcase of Tulsa blues by a veteran of the scene!

Kingsley Durant - Point Of Reference

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2020
Time: 56:36 
Size: 133,2 MB 
Label: Zen Diagram Records
Styles: Jazz/Funk/Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Slanky - 5:17
 2. Come Upstairs - 5:30
 3. Bay Of Funky - 4:35
 4. First To Go On - 5:56
 5. Bloomfield - 5:38
 6. Plugged In - 6:16
 7. Ancestral Shadows - 4:17
 8. Tell Me Some Good News - 5:45
 9. Give Her My Regrets - 5:57
10. Never The 'Twain - 7:19

It became increasingly clear to Durant that he should document his music in the form of a new record. He simply needed the right opportunity and the musicians to make the record he envisioned. In January 2020, the new record, Point of Reference, will see its official release. With his brother Jon producing, Durant put together a band of musicians with serious professional chops. Steve Hunt and Baron Browne, who Durant first met in the early 1980s via guitarist Randy Roos, are seasoned veterans with resumes that include recordings and tours with Stanley Clarke, Billy Cobham, and Jean-Luc Ponty, as well as lengthy associations with Allan Holdsworth (Hunt) and Steve Smith’s Vital Information (Browne). Drummer Vinny Sabatino is a longtime friend and musical partner of Jon’s and has played with Browne in the well-regarded Boston-area band Night Shift for nearly twenty years. Their shared history gave them just what Durant was seeking. The chemistry, he says, is “palpable thanks to our common reference points.” When asked after a session to describe the music, Jon enthused, “It’s what Steely Dan would sound like if they did an instrumental record in 1975.”

Little Whitt & Big Bo - Moody Swamp Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1995
Time: 46:44 
Size: 107,9 MB 
Label: Little Whitt & Big Bo
Styles: Blues
Art: Full 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Walking Blues - 3:56
 2. Can't Be Satisfied - 3:44
 3. Mean Old World - 4:46
 4. Shady Grove - 2:59
 5. Overseas Blues - 4:05
 6. Moody Swamp Blues - 1:59
 7. Silver-Tailed Bird - 4:45
 8. The Burning - 4:52
 9. I Got A Woman - 5:12
10. You Go Your Way - 4:12
11. Sweet Home Chicago - 3:47
12. Two Trains Running - 2:21

This recording of "Little Whitt" Wells and "Big Bo" McGee is their first one, and it's about time! They have played for over 50 years. Whitt and Bo are the two of the last real Alabama bluesmen still performing for house parties, fish fries, and family reunions all over the state. Often in America, this kind of "hidden" talent never gets discovered. If you head south out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and go down Moody Swamp Road, you might see Little Whitt out in his yard entertaining a group of his many friends. They like to get together and listen to the blues on the weekend and, as Whitt puts it, "see who can tell the biggest lie." "Big Bo" is a mountain of a man who lives down the road a piece near Eutaw. You'll see him out on his front porch in his rocking chair, occasionally waving to his friends who pass by on the road. He is well known around Alabama as one of the most powerful singers in the state. His sensitive harp work meshes beautifully with Little Whitt's guitar playing. Together, Whitt and Bo can conjure up the real stuff. Whitt and Bo are retired now and ready to leave home and take to the road for the first time in their lives. In the spring of '95 they toured six countries in Europe for over two months (Little Whitt had never even been to the state capital in Montgomery!). Vent Records goal is to expose the many unknown blues talents of our state to the rest of the world. This CD is representative of the type of music Vent Records hopes to produce for your enjoyment. In our opinion, Little Whitt and Bo are national treasures. We don't intend to let them, or others like them, go to their graves unrecorded or unappreciated. Mississippi is just next door to Alabama and gets the spotlight for being a "Mecca" of real blues. But a state line doesn't stop the blues from crossing, so check out what's happening in Alabama and at Vent Records. You'll be surprised by what you find! -- Michael McCracken

среда, 16 декабря 2020 г.

Pat O'Bryan And Friends - Boomer's Last Stand

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2020
Time: 40:02 
Size: 92,8 MB 
Label: Texas Blues Syndicate
Styles: Texas Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front 
Tracks Listing:
1. Tell Me The Truth - 4:25
 2. Life During Plague Time - 3:45
 3. Chicago - 4:49
 4. She Looks Just Like You - 3:02
 5. Satisfied - 4:12
 6. Burn It Down - 4:30
 7. (D'ya Evah) Feel Like That ? - 4:09
 8. Nikki Put The Knife Down - 2:56
 9. In My Arms Again - 4:39
10. Shut The Fuck Up (NSFW) - 3:29

All original Blues Rock written and recorded with a rockin' all-star band during the pandemic of 2020. Carolyn Wonderland, of John Mayall's band guests, along with Beppe Facchetti, of the Italian Blues stars "SuperDownhome." European blues diva, Elizabeth Lee provides vocals on "Satisfied," and other BG harmonies. Pat wrote and recorded this album in the kitchen of his solar powered off-the-grid cabin near Terlingua, Texas, and then shipped files all over the world from Italy to Austin so the guest stars could add their parts.

вторник, 15 декабря 2020 г.

The Russ Tippins Electric Band - Electrickery

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2010
Time: 46:12 
Size: 106,3 MB 
Label: Arty Music
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Freedom - 3:28
 2. Little Josephine - 3:35
 3. Comeuppance - 5:19
 4. She's Gone - 6:32
 5. Number Thirteen - 3:38
 6. This Building's On Fire - 3:06
 7. Chuck It - 4:07
 8. Electrickery - 5:57
 9. Lawrence - 6:17
10. Indy Boogie - 4:08

Here's a rocking debut release that will appeal to all lovers of the `power trio' . . . The Russ Tippins Electric Band, who, on "Electrickery" deliver ten tracks, all original, bar one Jimi Hendrix cover; actually make that 11 tracks, with a hidden gem at the end of `pedal to the floor' blues rock, that has already gained the band a most favourable review in "Classic Rock" magazine. The band comprises of Russ Tippins himself on guitar and vocals, and the thundering rhythm section of John Dawson (bass) and Ian Halford (drums), who have played together for five years in two different outfits. This looks like a well-organised outfit, from fine production of the music (recorded at Cluny Studios in Newcastle). The band have yet to strike out from their native North East, being a rock band in a blues band world, but they finding gigs outside of their home turf. Kicking off, a blazing cover of a rare Jimi Hendrix gem, "Freedom", admirably very well done here. The rest of the songs are all written by Russ Tippins, starting with the SRV-influenced driving blues rocker "Little Josephine", fired by his expressive voice, blistering soloing and the top rhythm section. "Comeuppance" has a deceptively gentle intro before this slide-driven rocker kicks into life, with the pace genuinely taken down on the lovely "She's Gone" with some very tasteful licks from Tippins on this ballad. "Number Thirteen" rocks hard and would sit easily in the British classic rock field; the following "This Building's On Fire" is a breakneck boogie with some delicious guitar playing, and is already a favourite, being absolutely belting live! "Chuck It" is a mid-tempo rocker, which is followed by the title cut, "Electrickery", a pure showcase for Russ Tippins guitar work, marrying Allman with Santana sounds and which rides along on a nice groove. The listed closing "Indy Boogie", with what sounds like a snatch of AC/DC thrown in for good measure, is a fitting rocking closer to a most enjoyable release, with a `hidden' bonus track, a rousing cover of Led Zeppelin's "The Lemon Song", proving you can take the boy out the Led Zepp tribute, but not the Led Zepp out the boy.

Tony Spinner - Love Is The Answer

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2020
Time: 47:14 
Size: 108,4 MB 
Label: Grooveyard Records
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Full 
Tracks Listing:
1. Same As It Ever Was - 4:56
 2. Dizzy - 3:47
 3. Pony Ride - 3:18
 4. Someone To Bring Me Love - 4:48
 5. Ufo - 3:44
 6. Caroline - 2:59
 7. Love Is The Answer - 3:22
 8. True Love - 2:56
 9. Honey Doll - 3:28
10. Chun-Key - 3:01
11. Big River - 7:32
12. I Gotta Go - 3:19

Outstanding, tenth solo disc by this excellent Blues/Rock Axeslinger  from Jonesboro, Arkansas featuring 12 tracks of awesome, dynamic, soul-powered, retrofied, blues-based guitar rock mojo that lands solid with endless amounts of musical strenth, depth and maturity. From start to finish, “Love Is the Answer” is an essential, highly enjoyable, way-kool, Tony Spinner disc on Grooveyard Records that rocks the blues and shines brite with talent & excellence.  Tony Spinner is an authentic, legit, modern day guitar hero who speaks the six string truth; a bonafide, all natural “Old School” guitar rocker with soulful vocals who is heavily inspired and influlenced by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower, Rory Gallagher, Johnny Winter, Eric Clapton, Duane Allman, Billy Gibbons and a host of countless other excellent glassic guitarists who wrote the book of rock. Having recorded and toured for many years with TOTO, Paul Gilbert & Pat Travers to  name a few, Tony Spinner is a seasoned, world-class, professional musician who was born to rock & has devoted his life to musical passion. Despite the troubled world we live in today, Tony Spinner has risen above to create & produce one of his strongest, most focused discs to date in the form of “Love Is The Answer” which sends out positive energy & vibe into the world with his music. Recorded in 2020 with his long-time rhythm setion of Michel Mulder on bass and Alex Steier on drums from Holland who are both excellent, rock solid, seasoned musical brothers that lock in & lay down righteous grooves for Spinner to strut his good down home mojo. There is a ton of musical love, respect and admiration in the room which can be felt through the music on this disc. The true message from Tony Spinner is clear & pure like a warm summer breeze flowing through the air; the power of music universally brings us together and that ultimately “Love Is The Answer”. – Joe Romagnola  • Grooveyard Records

понедельник, 14 декабря 2020 г.

Jacopo Pausa - My Favourite Colour Is Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2020
Time: 36:46 
Size: 84,9 MB 
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. I Can't Take No More - 4:49
 2. Out Of Trend - 3:21
 3. So Blue - 3:33
 4. Dear Money - 4:19
 5. The Meanest Boys In Town - 3:07
 6. My Blue Little Girl - 4:07
 7. Yourvech Town - 3:14
 8. Magnetic Systems - 3:57
 9. Just A Soul - 2:51
10. Giorgizzu - 3:24

"My Favorite Color Is Blues" is Jacopo Pausa's second self-produced album available from 12 December in all digital stores and in CD format.
The record is heavily influenced (as well as, as usual, by Mark Knopfler) by blues artists such as Charlie Musselwhite, Alber Collins, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, BB King and others ...
The disc is a collection of 10 songs that are quite attributable to the blues-rock genre, even if the blues in this album is precisely a "color" as the fundamental element that enriched the artist's way of playing and writing, in few words his greatest influence for songwriting. He sang and played all instruments (guitar, bass, harmonica and keyboards) except the MIDI drums written on the PC.

воскресенье, 13 декабря 2020 г.

Blues Lee - Twenty Five

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2020
Time: 37:54 
Size: 87,8 MB 
Label: 2449275 Records DK
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Don't You Come Running - 3:14
 2. Never Ever - 3:31
 3. Flying High - 2:56
 4. The Hard Way - 3:48
 5. Ribery - 3:24
 6. Who's Gonna Help Brother Get Further - 4:01
 7. No More - 3:44
 8. Hooking - 3:26
 9. Work Hard - 3:16
10. I Got Loaded - 3:04
11. Halibut Hop - 3:24

Blues Lee started out in 1995 and in just two years they worked their way up to the first division of the Belgian bluesscene.  In 1997 they played at the Belgian Rhythm and Blues Festival in Peer.  Seemingly effertless they managed to convince the crowd at Europe's most famous bluesfestival.  From that moment on they have been playing numerous clubs, pubs and major festivals throughout the Benelux , Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa, Curacao ... 
Blues Lee is a LIVE BAND in every sense of the word.  They put on a show rather than just play a bunch of 12 bar songs.  In the tradition of the great T-Bone Walker, Blues Lee performs an act with own material : naughty lyrics, entertainment,  the right looks, storytelling, harmony vocals, dancable grooves: Genuine Feel Good Music.  They started out as a bunch of friends and you can hear that on stage : a tight and nasty groupsound and lots of positive vibes !  Swing, Jump, R&B, Soul, Boogie ... with the right attitude and their tongues in your cheek.  
Blues Lee was described in the press as "a band with style",  "Classy band", "Blues Lee are Killers with a capital K", "a BIG bluesband", "They make you feel good", "One of the best bluesbands in  Belgium" ..     They jammed with Guy Davis, Billy Branch, Kay Foster Jackson, Dallas Hodge and many others. Personnel: Carlo Smeyers  -  Karel Phlix -  Bies Biesmans  -  Steph Collart  - Jan Corthouts/

пятница, 11 декабря 2020 г.

Grady Champion Featuring Eddie Cotton Jr. - Back In Mississippi Live at the 930 Blues Cafe

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2008
Time: 71:18 
Size: 163,8 MB 
Label: GSM Music Group, LLS
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues
Art: Full 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Intro - 0:31
 2. I'm Ready - 3:52
 3. Baby What You Want To Do / Bright Lights - 6:25
 4. You Got Some Explaining To Do - 4:19
 5. 1-800-Blue-Love - 4:42
 6. Policeman Blues - 4:12
 7. Spoonful - 6:58
 8. Lonesome In My Bedroom - 7:50
 9. Love And Memories - 5:59
10. Why I Sing The Blues - 5:57
11. Wine & Women - 5:47
12. Brother, Brother - 4:53
13. I'm Your's - 4:10
14. Blues On Christmas - 5:37

Grady Champion proves during this in-performance set of blues offerings that not only does classic material still stand the test of time, but new songs based on old-school precepts with a little updating also deliver the goods. Recorded live at the 930 Blues Cafe in Jackson, MS on July 7, 2007. Champion's revue-style program definitely works well, just like it did for others many decades prior. His harmonica playing certainly reflects past greats like Little Walter, while his singing is on the nasty, filthy sounding, rough and tough side, but it's not vulgar. Standardized themes and life's lessons learned are expressed by this group, featuring Eddie Cotton, Jr. playing guitar, brother Marquis Champion on bass and backup vocals, and with the excellent Calvin Wilson on keyboards. The band faithfully covers several well-known blues tunes like Willie Dixon's "Spoonful" and "I'm Ready," plays the occasional gospel-shaded tune (check out "1-800-Blu-Love"). They're best at stomp-down party band music on a Jimmy Reed medley, or Grady Champion and Eddie Cotton's original "Wine & Women," or the rockin' "You Got Some Explaining to Do," where they lay it all on the line and hold nothing back. While much of this is typical fare, the energy of the band is well above average, attributed to the full house present giving the group inspiration. It's well recorded and played, one of the better live barroom blues recordings in recent memory.

Little Blue - Angels, Horses & Pirates

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1998
Time: 68:55 
Size: 158,7 MB 
Label: Taxim Records
Styles: Contemporary Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Wait Until You Get Here - 5:49
 2. Any Way I Can - 3:33
 3. Like It Like That - 4:26
 4. Cold Rain - 6:01
 5. Liar - 5:43
 6. Still Walkin' In The Rain - 5:45
 7. Angel With A Gun - 4:05
 8. Noonwine - 2:06
 9. Lucky - 4:35
10. House Is Burning - 5:30
11. Church I Need - 6:13
12. Angels, Horses & Pirates - 5:18
13. Cadillac - 5:12
14. Tryin' To Love Three - 4:32

Steve Postell, guitarist, vocalist and cofounder of Little Blue, many of his fellow musicians have enthusiastically contributed to the album: Robben Ford, Warren Haynes, David Grissom, Jeff Golub, Roscoe Beck, Andy York, Jennifer Warnes ...

The Alan Greene Band - Live In The USA

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2020
Time: 39:29 
Size: 90,5 MB 
Label: Dungeon Records
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Her Love (Live) - 3:18
 2. Hair Woman (Live) - 3:21
 3. I Used To Do (Live) - 6:45
 4. Woman Blues (Live) - 3:12
 5. Town Blues (Live) - 9:55
 6. Sister (Live) - 3:09
 7. Can (Live) - 9:45

Alan Greene, a veteran of the Cleveland music scene, was voted "Best Guitarist in Northeast Ohio" in the 1997 Scene Magazine Annual Readers Poll and the 2004 Free Times Readers Poll. He has been nominated as "Best Guitarist" in the 2001, '02, '05, '06 and '08 Free Times Music Awards.
Alan has also been a member of the re-formed, international band, "Humble Pie", along with "Breathless", " The Innocent", and the" Mr. Stress Blues Band". He is featured on various recordings by Humble Pie, Michael Stanley, Donnie Iris, Breathless & Pere Ubu. In 2010, Carlos Santana released the song, "Angel Love" on his" Supernatural" Legacy Edition CD, co-written by Alan Greene.
Tom Odegard (Odie) is considered by many to be one of Northeast Ohio's finest blues singers, with a harmonica style that is truly his own. Performing for over thirty years, Tom has played with such notable bands as" The Elm Street Blues Band", " The Unfortunate Sons" and "Blue Inc."
Several of Tom's original songs help make up the Alan Greene Band's songlist. Rob Luoma is one of Cleveland's best and most respected drummers. His 12 year stint with regional sensation" Oroboros" took him all over the US and as far as Thailand playing to enthusiastic audiences and keeping the dance floors filled with his solid timekeeping and imaginative dynamics. His talent and easy-going nature have made him a favorite among all the musicians who've played with him. Justin Butcher rounds out the Alan Greene Band with his strong, versatile bass playing. Together, with drummer Rob Luoma, Justin helps create a rhythm section that keeps crowds moving and helps define a unique identity for the Alan Greene Band. A multi-instrumentalist, Justin has played with numerous groups, such as "The Castaways"," The Tim Facemyer Band", and" Miles Beyond".

четверг, 10 декабря 2020 г.

Roy Cox and The BluesKnights - Road To Freedom

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2001
Time: 65:03 
Size: 142,1 MB 
Label: Chico Blues Records
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Road To Freedom - 5:20
 2. Stranger At My Door - 5:07
 3. Whiskey Song - 5:52
 4. Cheap Guitar - 6:36
 5. I Can't Wait - 3:56
 6. Up And Down - 5:02
 7. In The City - 4:21
 8. Combination Of Things - 4:49
 9. Rattlin' Bones - 4:57
10. Fill Me Up - 8:05
11. Message From The Road - 5:11
12. Ballad Of John Lee - 5:42

January 1, 2001- Roy Cox and the BluesKnights have just finished recording their new CD, "Road to Freedom". After months of planning and writing, the CD, "Road to Freedom" brings us Texas Rock that will open many eyes!!! Reviews are pouring in. "Roy Cox and the BluesKnights stand in no one's shadow. Driving, upbeat and powerful! A new Texas Star is Born!" Roy Cox and Rod Prince, the famed writing duo from their 1968 group called Bubble Puppy and the hit song, "Hot Smoke and Sassafras" have joined together again to write most of the new songs on the New CD, "Road to Freedom." Last August, Bubble Puppy released their new CD, "Hot Smoke," which includes not only their hit single but a jam session from a 1984 Reunion Party! Roy and Rod are back again! Featured on the new CD is Tony Saracene on lead guitar, an up and coming guitarist! The BluesKnights band also featured Bonzai LaRocca (harmonica), Scott "Stingray" Ray (bass), Arthur "Head" Orona (drums) and Brian Shaw (keyboards) with guest appearances by Tommy Shannon, Chris Layton and Carlos Sosa's Horns! 

Stu Heydon Blues Band with Nikki McCartney - Shadowman

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2020
Time: 28:09 
Size: 64,9 MB 
Label: 2208710 Records DK
Styles: Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Mercy - 2:42
 2. Indecision - 3:39
 3. Shadowman - 4:22
 4. Don't Let Me Down - 3:38
 5. Wine, Men, Money and the Blues - 2:42
 6. Detroit - 4:03
 7. Here I Go Again - 3:24
 8. Strut - 3:36

Stu Heydon, blues guitarist, has been playing professionally since 1966. He has played with a multitude of bluesmen and has toured the U.S. and Canada with the likes of George "Wild Child" Butler, Bobo Jenkins, Lowell Fulsom, and Sam Lay before coming to the Monterey Peninsula, CA, where he now resides, performs, and teaches locally. Among his awards received are the Carmel Rotary Club Paul Harris Award for teaching the blues in Carmel, CA and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Motor Cities Blues Awards-Windsor/Detroit, as well as being voted Windsor's Best Guitarist. His live performances over the past thirty years have included the Chicago Blues Festival, Buddy Guy's Legends, and the House of Blues.
Having taught blues most of his life, Stu's career of teaching blues to the Monterey Peninsula began when he started the music program at the Carmel Youth Center, founded by Bing Crosby in 1949. Currently, he can be found at Carmel Music Studio, which he owns and operates, located in The Barnyard in Carmel, CA. Stu's latest cd, When Worlds Collide, features Mike Branton on guitar, Celso Aberti on drums, Dewayne Pate on bass, Michael Martinez/Denis Keldie on keyboards, and Les Smith on harmonica.

среда, 9 декабря 2020 г.

Hot Tuna with Charlie Musselwhite - Hot Tuna The Blues: Live At The Belly Up

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2020
Time: 54:57 
Size: 126,5 MB 
Label: Belly Up Live
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues/Harmonica Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Bowlegged Woman, Knock-Kneed Man (Live) - 4:58
 2. If This Is Love (Live) - 5:41
 3. Crying Won't Help You (Live) - 5:46
 4. If I Should Have Bad Luck (Live) - 5:05
 5. Where Hwy 61 Runs (Live) - 5:05
 6. Christo Redemptor (Live) - 7:56
 7. Come Back Baby (Live) - 8:39
 8. Hit Single #1 (Live) - 5:14
 9. Baby What You Want Me To Do (Live) - 6:30

Hot Tuna is an American blues band formed in 1969 by former Jefferson Airplane members Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady. Although it has always been a fluid aggregation, with musicians coming and going over the years, the band’s name has essentially become a metonym for Kaukonen and Casady’s ongoing collaboration
Stage appearances were initially integrated within the Airplane’s performances on the same bill. During one of the Airplane’s rest periods, the duo began to appear in their own right, often as a rock trio with the then Airplane drummer, Joey Covington. Having had the name Hot Shit rejected (Kaukonen has since refuted this), they settled on Hot Tuna and released a self-titled debut as a duo, with a guest appearance from harmonica player Will Scarlett. The set was drawn largely from traditional blues/ragtime material by Jelly Roll Morton and the Rev. Gary Davis, with Casady’s booming and meandering bass lines interplaying superbly with Kaukonen’s fluid acoustic guitar. By the time of their second album, another live set, they were a full-blown rock quartet with the addition of violinist Papa John Creach (b. John Henry Creach, 28 May 1917, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, USA, d. 22 February 1994, Los Angeles, California, USA) and Sammy Piazza on drums. This line-up nailed the perfect combination of electric and acoustic rock/blues for which Casady and Kaukonen had been looking.
Creach had departed by the time The Phosphorescent Rat was recorded, and Piazza, who had left to join Stoneground was replaced by Bob Steeler in 1974. The music became progressively louder, so that by the time of their sixth album they sounded like a rumbling heavy rock traditional ragtime blues band. Kaukonen’s limited vocal range added to this odd concoction, but throughout all this time the band maintained a hardcore following. In 1978 the duo split, resulting in Casady embarking on an ill-advised excursion into what was perceived as punk with SVT. Kaukonen continued with a solo career combining both electric and acoustic performances. At best Hot Tuna were excitingly different, at worst they were ponderous and loud. Selected stand-out tracks from their erratic repertoire were ‘Mann’s Fate’ from Hot Tuna, ‘Keep On Truckin’’ and ‘Sea Child’ from Burgers, ‘Song From The Stainless Cymbal’ from Hoppkorv, and ‘Hit Single #1’ from America’s Choice. Casady and Kaukonen reunited in the mid-80s, and returned to recording in 1991 with a workmanlike album that found little favour with the record-buying public. Since 1984, Relix Records have released several archival and contemporary live albums.(https://bellyuplive.com/artists/hot-tuna-with-charlie-musselwhite)

The Flaming Mudcats - Forever And A Day

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2020
Time: 60:43 
Size: 139,6 MB 
Label: Mudcat Music
Styles: Blues/R&B
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. All Around the World - 5:31
 2. Shake It - 4:50
 3. Friday Night - 4:41
 4. On the Town - 3:07
 5. On the Up - 3:25
 6. Good Behaviour - 3:18
 7. I'll Be Fine - 3:49
 8. 100 Days - 5:50
 9. C'mon Baby - 3:56
10. My Baby's Alright - 5:09
11. So Glad - 5:41
12. Your Daddy - 3:49
13. Black Limousine - 4:59
14. Forever And A Day - 2:31

The Flaming Mudcats.
“Blues sunny side up, over easy, spicy or funky …. it’s all on the menu with these guys.”
Now in their eleventh year, The Flaming Mudcats are regarded among the country’s premier Rhythm and Blues acts. They have performed in festivals and clubs around New Zealand as well as Australia, the Pacific Islands and the USA.
Their energetic show blends original and cover material drawn from their eclectic influences. You can dance your socks off to everything from butt shaking belters to soulful grinders.
The “Mudcats” have released four successful albums. 
The band is fronted by Craig Bracken on vocals and harmonica along with guitarist Doug Bygrave, while bassist Johnny Yu and drummer Ian Thomson form the rhythm section.

четверг, 3 декабря 2020 г.

Justin Howl - Wanderlust

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2020
Time: 36:39 
Size: 84,4 MB 
Label: Self Released
Styles: Acoustic Blues/Roots
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Interstate 55 - 3:01
 2. Things to do - 3:36
 3. Sweet Babe - 2:55
 4. I Must Confess - 3:36
 5. Love Triangle - 3:17
 6. Wanderlust - 3:33
 7. Times I Been Good - 3:17
 8. The Magician - 3:45
 9. This I Know - 3:25
10. Josephina - 6:10

The acoustic blues and roots troubadour Justin Howl will release his second album, Wanderlust, on December 1, 2020. The Chicago-based songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, and harmonica player draws from his native Mississippi’s literary and musical heritage to present ten original songs about unyielding angst, desire, and disillusionment.
Howl began performing live when he was a PhD student at the University of Chicago—propelled by the energy of the city’s blues clubs and the vast collection of old recordings he had discovered in the library’s holdings. While Justin acknowledges a debt to Chicago blues, he says, “I’m more drawn to the North Mississippi style because of its hypnotic quality. I think it’s also my way of going back home through the music. I find myself doing something similar with the literature of William Faulkner, who’s also from that region. When I graduated in 2016 with no prospects of an academic job, I decided to drive down to Oxford and attend the annual Faulkner conference, and also play music along the way and back. It became my first tour, and I’ve been touring ever since.” Justin has become a well-traveled performer praised by Blues Blast Magazine as a  “strong singer” whose tunes “will strike a chord with you.”  Tracks such as “Interstate 55” and “Sweet Babe” are firmly rooted in hill country blues, with Howl echoing R. L. Burnside’s percussive and rhythmic acoustic guitar style. On “Times I Been Good,” Howl pays homage to Fred McDowell’s droning slide, all the while synchronizing his guitar phrasings with steady Johnny Woods–inspired harmonica grooves.  While many listeners will recognize a few of these songs from his live shows throughout the US and parts of the UK, most of the songs were written during the COVID-19 pandemic and so make their debut here. The title track “Wanderlust” shows a heightened sense of wanting to travel, in a time when it’s safer to stay home. “Things to Do” explores the tension between a character’s quiet and calm contemplation of the most menial of tasks he might perform in isolation, on the one hand, and the extreme anxiety he feels about an uncertain future, on the other.  
With hundreds of shows played in over thirty US states and abroad, Wanderlust comes as a poignant personal statement from one of Chicago’s busiest musical wanderers. 

среда, 2 декабря 2020 г.

Aron Burton - Past, Present & Future

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1993
Time: 69:57 
Size: 161,1 MB 
Label: Earwig Music Company, Inc
Styles: Blues/Chicago Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Been Down - 4:21
 2. Answering Machine Blues - 5:25
 3. Live Like a Beggar - 4:16
 4. Garbage Man - 5:31
 5. Trouble - 3:59
 6. Wayward Blues Boy - 6:14
 7. Southbound Train - 3:51
 8. Rainy Night In Georgia - 6:15
 9. The Highway Is Like a Woman - 3:55
10. Funky Emma - 5:01
11. Any Day But Today - 6:03
12. Past, Present & Future - 6:52
13. Two Way Street - 4:41
14. Spirit - 3:26

A compendium of tracks cut back in the 1980s (some with the late pianist Champion Jack Dupree) over in Europe (the "past" part of the title) and a few more recent sides waxed in his Chicago hometown, this collection effectively spotlights bassist Aron Burton's talents as a front man.

Citron-Banali - I've Got The Blues [and It's all your fault]

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2012
Time: 40:43 
Size: 93,6 MB 
Label: Self Released
Styles: Rock/Blues Rock
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. It's All Your Fault - 5:10
 2. Searching for Lost Angels - 5:50
 3. Paperback Writer - 4:41
 4. No Light Over Yonder - 6:24
 5. Groove N' Grind - 4:54
 6. Sweet Addiction - 4:11
 7. Stone Cold Hearted - 4:11
 8. Never a Reason - 5:18

Neil Citron is a Toronto born guitarist, Grammy Award-winning recording engineer and songwriter who played with the California-based rock bands Hero and Lana Lane as well as briefly with heavy metal band Quiet Riot in 2006, among many numerous other music industry credits. He also has worked on films My Big Fat Greek Wedding, That Thing You Do! and Ricki and the Flash/
Frankie Banali (1951-2020) remembered as the drummer with Heavy Bones who made a Quiet Riot with W.A.S.P. and Blackthorne/
Frankie Banali made it big with Quiet Riot when their 1983 album “Metal Health” became the first metal album to hit number one on the US Billboard charts.Having also recorded with Billy Idol, Hughes/Thrall, Heavy Bones, Blackthorne and W.A.S.P., the drummer died of pancreatic cancer on August 20th, 2020, having spent some of his last few months on creating abstract visual art. His main influences as a drummer supposedly included John Bonham, Buddy Rich, Simon Phillips, Dennis Chambers, and Vinnie Colaiuta./

Albert King - The Velvet Bulldozer

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2010
Time: 49:02 
Size: 112,8 MB 
Label: Stereoskop-Maldoror Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Bad Luck Blues -  3:00
 2. Be on Your Merry Way -  2:51
 3. Let's Have a Natural Ball -  2:52
 4. Wild Woman -  2:36
 5. Howlin' for My Darling -  3:02
 6. Don't Throw Your Love on Me So Strong -  2:55
 7. Travelin' to California -  3:00
 8. Blues Power - 10:20
 9. Blues at Sunrise  -  8:44
10. Killing Floor -  3:57
11. I'll Play the Blues for You -  5:37

Albert Nelson (April 25, 1923 – December 21, 1992), known by his stage name Albert King, was an American blues guitarist and singer whose playing influenced many other blues guitarists. He is perhaps best known for the popular and influential album Born Under a Bad Sign (1967) and its title track. He is one of the three performers (together with B.B. King and Freddie King) known as the "Kings of the Blues." King was known for his "deep, dramatic sound that was widely imitated by both blues and rock guitarists."
He was also known as "The Velvet Bulldozer" because of his smooth singing and large size—he stood taller than average, with sources reporting 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m) or 6 ft 7 in (2.01 m), and weighed 250 lb (110 kg)—and also because he drove a bulldozer in one of his day jobs early in his career.

Albert Collins - In Concert: Ohne Filter

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2003
Time: 64:21 
Size: 148,2 MB 
Label: In-Akustik
Styles: Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Sack of Woe -  6:22
 2. Listen Here -  5:07
 3. Tired Man -  5:32
 4. Lights on Nobody Home -  6:52
 5. Mastercharge -  9:43
 6. Blackcat Bone -  6:16
 7. I Ain't Drunk -  4:26
 8. I Got That Feeling -  8:10
 9. Frosty - 11:49

Albert Collins - Guitar, Vocals;
Debbie Davies - Guitar, Vocals;
Johnny B. Gayden - Bass;
Soko Richardson - Drums;
Gabriel Flemmings - Trumpet;
Chuck Williams - Saxophone;
Sam Franklin - Tenor Saxophone;
Duke Robillard - Guitar (special guest on Frosty)

This performance was recorded live at Ohne Filter Studio on Oct 27, 1988. It features 10 super tracks including Sack of Woe, Listen Here, Tired Man, Master Charge and a performance of Frosty with special guest Duke Robillard. 

вторник, 1 декабря 2020 г.

Buddy Guy - Can't Quit The Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2006
Time: 74:33 + 75:19 + 73:46 
Size: 171,1 MB + 172,7 MB + 169,2 MB 
Label: Silvertone Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Full 

Tracks Listing:
 1. The Way You Been Treating Me - 3:15
 2. Sit And Cry (The Blues) - 3:03
 3. This Is The End - 2:58
 4. Untitled Instrumental - 1:46
 5. First Time I Met The Blues - 2:18
 6. Ten Years Ago - 2:38
 7. Let Me Love You Baby - 2:53
 8. Stone Crazy - 7:12
 9. When My Left Eye Jumps - 3:54
10. Hoodoo Man Blues - 2:06
11. In The Wee Hours - 3:44
12. I Can't Quit The Blues - 3:18
13. One Room Country Shack - 5:37
14. T-Bone Shuffle - 4:18
15. When You See The Tears From My Eyes (Live) - 6:22
16. I Smell A Rat - 9:12
17. She Suits Me To A T - 4:31
18. D.J. Play My Blues - 5:20

 1. Damn Right, I've Got The Blues - 4:31
 2. Mustang Sally - 4:41
 3. Five Long Years - 8:26
 4. Mary Ann - 3:14
 5. She's Nineteen Years Old - 5:44
 6. Miss Ida B - 6:25
 7. Feels Like Rain - 4:37
 8. 7-11 - 6:59
 9. I Smell Trouble - 3:17
10. Someone Else Is Steppin' In - 4:22
11. My Time After Awhile - 7:27
12. Your Mind Is On Vacation - 3:20
13. Midnight Train - 5:22
14. Totally Out Of Control - 6:49

 1. Nobody Understand Me But My Guitar - 5:10
 2. Baby Please Don't Leave Me - 7:25
 3. Done Got Old - 3:24
 4. Honey Bee - 5:48
 5. Tramp - 6:48
 6. Crawlin' Kingsnake - 5:17
 7. Moanin' And Groanin' - 3:29
 8. Bad Life Blues - 3:47
 9. I Can't Be Satisfied - 3:00
10. First Time I Met The Blues - 4:11
11. I'd Rather Be Blind, Cripped And Crasy - 3:30
12. Somebody's Sleeping In My Bed - 6:26
13. I Miss You - 4:05
14. Cut You Loose - 7:39
15. The Price You Gotta Pay - 3:41

Legend status came late to Buddy Guy, so it shouldn't be surprising that this is the first box set devoted to the blues giant's work. Yet it is still a bit of a shock, because Guy, it seems, has always been a part of the modern blues scene, ubiquitous even in the late '60s at the era's high-profile rock and folk festivals, playing the hippie ballrooms alongside the major rockers of the day, and being name-dropped by the likes of Eric Clapton, the Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin. So this three-CD/one-DVD collection arrives years after it might have, its audio discs stacked with 47 prime samplings of Guy's sizzling guitar work and passionate wailing, covering nearly 50 years' worth of music. That said, those looking for an evenly balanced career overview may ultimately be disappointed: two of the three CDs are drawn from recordings made during Guy's comeback years of the 1990s to the present, after he signed to the Silvertone label (he hadn't recorded in nearly a decade prior to that point), leaving only the first disc devoted to Guy's influential recordings for such labels as Delmark, Vanguard, Artistic, Alligator, JSP, and, most importantly, Chess Records, where -- although he felt stifled by the label's insistence that he soften his lethal attack -- he cut some classic sides working alongside such blues titans as Willie Dixon, Otis Spann, and Junior Wells, the harmonica genius with whom Guy would share stages for many years. That first disc is crammed with classic blues moments -- from the first track, 1957's "The Way You Been Treating Me," Guy is burning, and as he settles into his trademark stinging guitar style and belted-out, passionate vocalizing, leaving behind some of the more derivative aspects of his early playing and singing, it becomes quickly apparent that he was meant to become one of the genre's most influential artists. "I Can't Quit the Blues," from 1968, is a soul blaster par excellence, and by the early '70s, rock luminaries such as Clapton and Bill Wyman of the Stones were lining up to play on his records. Guy's Grammy-winning 1991 debut for Silvertone, Damn Right, I've Got the Blues, marks the onset of his rightful ascendance to blues royalty, and though excessive attention is arguably paid to this period of his career, there is no denying that some of his best music has been made during these years. In particular, tracks from the rootsy 2001 Sweet Tea are as good as anything he'd done before, and even the all-star affairs -- among them "Crawlin' Kingsnake," cut in 2003 with Clapton, B.B. King, Jim Keltner, and others aboard, and 2005's "The Price You Gotta Pay," featuring Keb' Mo', Keith Richards, and others -- find Guy still in tip-top shape. The DVD features a 90-minute documentary and rare live footage, including six full performances from the 1974 Montreux Jazz Festival. Ideally this collection (which includes six previously unreleased tracks) would have benefited from a fourth disc expanding upon the pre-Silvertone years, but it's hard to argue with something that's been so long overdue and, despite its lopsided emphasis on the recent output, delivers so much.

The Kelly Richey Band - Live

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1998
Time: 76:22 
Size: 174,9 MB 
Label: Sweet Lucy Records
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. My Baby's Gone Crazy -  3:22
 2. Talks All Over Town -  2:46
 3. Traveling -  3:23
 4. Red House - 10:52
 5. The Blues Don't Lie -  5:15
 6. Walkin' By Myself -  7:04
 7. Cracked & Bent -  3:54
 8. Is Anybody Listening -  2:42
 9. It Was A Good Time -  6:03
10. Further On Up The Road -  4:47
11. Trouble In Mind -  5:03
12. Before You Accuse Me -  5:23
13. Crossroads -  7:13
14. All Along The Watchtower -  8:31

A quick study in the recording studio, Kelly Richey took the producing reins for the first time on this album. Duane Adams, who excels at capturing the best that the artist has to give, engineered and mixed. This album was recorded while Kelly was touring nationally in support of her 1997 release, Eyes of a Woman. The Kelly Richey Band Live puts the trailblazing blues master right in your earbuds--front row and center for some of the most explosive guitar performances ever. Kelly rips up the fret board on her Strat, combining both electric and acoustic guitar on original compositions. Her unique takes on "Crossroads" and "All Along The Watchtower" illustrate why crowds go absolutely nuts when Kelly plays them. With Terry Williamson on bass and Eric Maylaben on drums, the trio puts body and soul into an experience magically captured here.

Scott H. Biram - Fever Dreams

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2020
Time: 40:14 
Size: 92,6 MB 
Label: Bloodshot Records
Styles: Singer/Songwriter
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Fever Dreams - 3:10
 2. Hobo Jungle - 3:16
 3. Can't Stay Long - 3:18
 4. Drunk Like Me - 3:52
 5. Highway Kind - 1:44
 6. Monkey David Wine - 3:36
 7. Single Again - 2:48
 8. Whatcha Gonna Do? - 3:33
 9. Hallelu - 3:02
10. Chickens - 3:31
11. Everything Just Slips Away - 3:13
12. Can't Stay Gone (Goodnight from the Highway) - 2:12
13. Hallelu (Remix) - 2:55

Fever Dreams, the 12th album from Central Texas singer/songwriter/guitarist/footstomper/harmonica player/preacher/hellraiser Scott H. Biram, AKA The Dirty Old One Man Band, is a fervent yet intimate collection of blues, classic country, and rock-n-roll sealed with punk, heavy metal, and frankly, whatever the hell Biram wants. As the man himself told us, "You’re gonna want to pop open a cold tallboy for this one."
Engineered and produced by Scott H. Biram between 2017 and 2019 at his studio Hiram’s Hell Hole, in Austin, TX, Fever Dreams delivers another gritty glimpse into the salty world of roadworn hearts and mismanaged emotions. Honestly laying down his bare soul at the people’s feet once again in a way that very few can, this record dips and sways, as always, in true Biram fashion, with tales of hard, homesick traveling, lost love, overindulgence, spiritual rejoice, and of course some tributes to some of his favorite music pioneers.  
On Fever Dreams, The Reverend Biram rakes all the muck out of his spiritual swamp and concocts a meaty stew of lonely soul ("Fever Dreams"), trucker country ("Can't Stay Long"), pummeling punk ("Whatcha Gonna Do?"), drinking dirges ("Drunk Like Me"—*cue second tallboy opening*), and God-fearing (or -facing?) gospel ("Hallelu"), the bright light shining from beneath the cracks in the dive bar floor. Biram's rogues' gallery of characters jump from the speakers to your skull and live rent-free in the psyche. From roadworn renegades to motel room wanderers; drunken demons to haunted-hearted soulsearchers, these are stories of human suffering and revelry that portray the best of us, and in turn, the worst of us. Biram has seen it all, and he's the hero we need to distill it into a blend of straight truth, so it goes easier on the soul and the mind.
Beyond his own iconoclastic words and music, Scott H. Biram takes it back to his own idols at the heart of the album. His fellow Texan troubadour Townes Van Zandt gets a turn in Biram's take on the travelin' tune "The Highway Kind." Right at its heels is a bluesy Screamin'-Jay-Hawkins-style full-band duet with Jesse Dayton in which they tackle infamously enigmatic outlaw David Allen Coe's "Monkey David Wine." Then the duo whips the car around back to the honky tonk with a jukebox-ready spin on Gary Stewart's "Single Again." Justin Collins lays down the beats while Chris Rhoades drops the bass on both tracks. And on the Ray Wylie Hubbard and Hayes Carll-penned "Chickens," SHB takes it into overdrive and peels out into full-on ZZ Top territory. Chicken! 
Have you busted into that third tallboy yet?
And then, in the end, Scott H. Biram considers that maybe he shouldn’t have done all that drinking after all in the acoustic-pickin' ballad "Everything Just slips Away." Though it’s still ok if you finished off that last tallboy before the album ended. 
Fever Dreams closes with an instrumental reprise of “Can’t Stay Long,” to give you a second to think about what you just listened to, complete with signature Biram big-rig sounds! Now go to bed, you’ve been through a lot!
All instrumentation and vocal performances (save a couple aforementioned guest spots here and there) are done by SHB himself. 

Max Merritt - I Can Dream

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2020
Time: 41:23 
Size: 95,2 MB 
Label: FanFare
Styles: Singer/Songwriter
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. I Can Dream Can't I - 5:06
 2. Heart Have Mercy - 4:03
 3. Stay With Me - 4:15
 4. Medicine Man - 4:51
 5. Failing Light - 4:05
 6. The Closer I Get To You - 2:44
 7. Sunbury - 3:59
 8. Tempted - 4:03
 9. I Don't Wanna Lose You - 4:06
10. Candy Row - 4:08

Despite his failing health, ARIA Hall Of Fame recipient Max Merritt still managed to find the energy to turn to his song writing best and, with the support of his close mate, Grammy-nominated sound man James ‘Jimbo’ Barton, Max was able to record the pick of the new material. 
On every track from the new “I Can Dream” album, Max Merritt delivers his signature powerful vocal ability that totally belies his frail condition. Max sadly passed away in Los Angeles on September 24, 2020, but he was well aware of his impending induction into The New Zealand Music Hall Of Fame and was incredibly thrilled and humbled by the honour. He was also hanging out to see this album released and his family have given their blessing to the release of these recordings.

Randall Bramblett - Pine Needle Fire

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2020
Time: 58:41 
Size: 134,5 MB 
Label: New West
Styles: R&B/Singer/Songwriter/Funk/Pop/Rock/Southern Rock
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Some Poor Soul - 5:51
 2. Rocket To Nowhere - 4:50
 3. Lazy (And I Know It) - 4:35
 4. Pine Needle Fire - 6:47
 5. Even The Sunlight - 4:07
 6. I've Got Faith In You - 4:09
 7. Another Shining Morning - 5:14
 8. Manningtown - 4:29
 9. Built To Last - 4:19
10. Don't Get Me Started - 6:44
11. Never Be Another Day - 3:40
12. My Lucky Day - 3:50

On one level, Randall Bramblett's Pine Needle Fire, is another entry in a catalog steeped in soul and funk, rock and R&B. On the other hand, it's arguably the most lyrically intimate, poetically revealing outing in his career. Bramblett the world traveler offers up sly humor, honesty, and even wisdom with Southern grit and groove. His other side reflects upon his growing up among the pines in Jesup, Georgia; he understands those who live, work, and raise families in small towns and knows their stories are ultimately America's on a cellular level. But Bramblett is also living through the dangerous times our world is currently steeped in. He balances memories of and reflections on everyday life with advice for staying sane -- even if he's offering the latter to himself in the mirror.
"Some Poor Soul," begins with a guitar drone, choogling congas, a rubbery bassline, and chunky electric piano. Bramblett's falsetto offers observations from a traveler's life: Some poor soul, had to get up at four/I hear the shower running, in the room next door … The race is on…. Swelling synths, strings, guitars, and a trap kit, transform it into a hard-grooving funk number. "Lazy (And I Know It)" frames a humorous narrative in drum loops, funky Rhodes, and clacking synths. The greasy, off-kilter groove is punctuated by swaggering horns and Betsy Franck's sultry backing vocals under Bramblett's falsetto. The title track is introduced by pillowy atmospherics with backmasked guitars, twinkling electric piano, a shuffling loop, and layers of sonic drift. Its lyric is about the searing memory of first romance: Love made of turpentine/Love made of smoke and tears/Out on the fire break lines/And up the tower we will climb…. "I've Got Faith in You" tenderly melds soul, psych-pop, and gospel. Bramblett's voice drips with sincerity while former Cowboy guitarist Tommy Talton punctuates his words with slide fills using Duane Allman's Gibson SG. The lyric is like an inside-out sequel to Bob Dylan's "Forever Young": When you’re runnin' out of luck/And the streets won’t hold you up/And the meanness of the night knows where to find you/I’ve got faith in you …. "Another Shining Moment" addresses the tension of the current era with stirring gospel piano and George Harrison-esque slide guitars framing Bramblett's most resonant vocal. "Built to Last" is a swampy, midtempo rocker juxtaposing the troubled state of the world with the everyday concerns of small town life. As if to underscore, "Never Be Another Day" weds Americana and sweet soul. Its lyric encourages sanity via attentiveness to the moment and letting go of the unchangeable when life is turned upside-down. While Bramblett manifests a degree of poignancy on all his records amid rowdy roadhouse rock and R&B, it is a guiding spirit on Pine Needle Fire, shot through with an aching yet grateful heart, abiding empathy, and self-effacing humor. It is exactly the kind of record the 2020s call for.

четверг, 26 ноября 2020 г.

The Chicago Thieves - The Player

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2003
Time: 31:08 
Size: 71,4 MB 
Label: Player Records
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. The Player - 4:49
 2. Fight Night - 3:51
 3. Mr. Blues - 5:41
 4. Life on the Road - 5:19
 5. Whiskey Burnin' Still - 5:44
 6. The Player [Reprise] - 5:40

The Chicago Thieves formed during early 2003 from the remaining members of the successful blues rock band, Unkle Munkle.
Craig Giles and Dave Searle were originally part of a blues band called The Gutbuckets, that formed in the late 1980’s. After several years gigging, the band members went their separate ways due to pending solo projects on the local circuit. Out of this development came the new band Unkle Munkle...
Unkle Munkle was a highly energetic and acclaimed outfit formed by Craig Giles, Dave Searle and former drummer Keith Hummerston (who was also in The Gutbuckets) during 1997. The band was then joined by James Batchelar on Keyboards and Danny Giles on guitars. After an intense period of time rehearsing up a new set of blues rock covers and original material, the band started playing at venues throughout the South East of England with great success.
The band recorded two albums. The first was ‘The Dog House Sessions’ recorded during 1998 – a mixture of blues covers and self-penned material. The strength of the bands’ own material was self-evident on this first release and it was decided that the follow-up album would be made up of completely original material. The release was entitled ‘The Player’ after the title track. All lyrics were written by Craig Giles and the music was written by James Batchelar, Danny Giles and Dave Searle. This sold well at the concerts and the material was received with enthusiasm when played live.
During January 2003 the band adopted a more ‘bluesy’ edge to their music, acquired new drummer Tony Still and decided to change their name to The Chicago Thieves deriving from the bands newly acquired Chicago blues sound.
The ‘Thieves have produced a stunning new blues set played with vibe, energy and passion. Most of the songs played are original compositions, reflecting the musical developments and prolific song-writing capabilities of the band.
Their band's demo, simply entitled ‘The Player’, gives a brief insight into the sheer quality, energy and power of blues music brought right up-to-date with stunning results.
During 2004 and 2005, following extensive dates throughout the South, the band entered and won the overall ‘Best Blues Band’ in the London-based Eel Pie Club’s Blues Quest. This has led to further recording to be completed. This page is part of Pete Feenstra's website

Jake Andrews - Time To Burn

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1999
Time: 50:34 
Size: 117,5 MB 
Label: Jericho
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Full 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Time To Burn - 3:43
 2. Cry Baby - 3:36
 3. The Hard Way - 4:18
 4. Just You and Me - 3:35
 5. You've Got To Know - 3:57
 6. I Don't Wanna Go Home - 4:42
 7. It All Pass Me By - 4:52
 8. Lover To Cry - 3:46
 9. Nobody's Fault But Mine - 3:13
10. I'm Glad For Your Sake (But Sorry For Mine) - 3:41
11. Moment To Love - 3:21
12. Drivin' Wheel - 5:03
13. Too Sorry - 2:40

Jake Andrews - Guitar, Vocals;
Mike Sconce - Bass, Vocals (Background);
Tommy Eyre - Keyboards;
Jon Blondell - Bass, Horn;
Joe Sublett - Horn;
Tommy Taylor - Drums, Vocals (Background);
Jon Cleary - Piano;
Darrell Leonard - Horn;
Doug Sahm - Piano.

Looking at the cover of Jake Andrews's debut, it's easy to dismiss him as yet another blues wunderkind of the sort that have emerged with increasing frequency in the 1990s. But pop in the CD and hit play, and immediately one realizes that Andrews is no wannabe. The title track, which opens the album, contains hints of Buddy Guy in its blues-rock riffs, and no wonder: Andrews appeared onstage with Guy when he was but 8 years old. And those guitar riffs, by turns crunchy and smooth, are what to listen for on Time to Burn; Andrews isn't merely technically skilled, but has the ability to set the tone for a song from the opening line. Weak moments are few and far between here, excused by a wealth of strong material that, along with surprisingly mature lyrics, indicates that Andrews is an artist to watch. --Genevieve Williams

Sheila Wilcoxson - Backwater Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1997
Time: 45:21 
Size: 105,8 MB 
Label: Burnside Distribution
Styles: Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. No Business - 5:55
 2. Bad Sport Blues - 3:20
 3. Keep Your Eyes Open - 2:23
 4. Sweet Misery - 2:38
 5. Louie - 3:46
 6. Revival Day - 2:45
 7. Honey Let Me Lay It on You - 3:31
 8. Biscuit Roller - 3:10
 9. Backwater Blues - 4:36
10. Testosterone Poisoning - 4:24
11. Looky Looky Yonder/Black Betty - 3:50
12. John the Revelator - 4:58

Back Porch Blues' ex-lead singer solos with double the pieces she had with Back Porch Blues -- six musicians, including a washtub bass. As if she needed it. Sheila Wilcoxson's earthy, bluesy delivery, if converted to ultra sounds, could clean cobwebs from dusty attics. Bill Rhoades works out on harp throughout, giving the tracks a distinct flavoring. Many cuts (i.e., "Keep Your Eyes Open" and "Revival Day") are more '20s/'30s/'40s race music than the more traditional Delta blues she sang with Back Porch Blues. And the rolling "Biscuit Roller" is so sweet it'll make you want to bake a batch and sop 'em in maple syrup. If the intent was to record something different, then mission accomplished. You'll have to check the credits to make sure you didn't slip on something by Lucille Bogan, Clara Smith, Georgia White, or Lil Johnson, though.

Philippe Menard - Hungry Dog

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1995
Time: 71:53 
Size: 164,9 MB 
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Charolais' Boogie - 5:34
 2. Don't Miss Me - 4:23
 3. Hungry Dog - 4:29
 4. Paint It - 4:52
 5. Hopes of Glory - 3:51
 6. Waiting for a Mission - 5:45
 7. I'm Your Saviour - 3:33
 8. Manic Depression - 3:55
 9. I'm Gonna Rise - 3:49
10. Sama Yama Road Blues - 4:48
11. Star Spangled Chariot - 3:42
12. Pistol Slapper Blues - 2:54
13. Can't Stop Loving - 3:26
14. All Along the Watchtower - 6:19
15. Bullfrog Blues - 6:18
16. You Got to Loose - 4:06

After 19 years spent on the road with his blues rock trio Tequila, Philippe Menard, lead guitar and singer of the band, felt that it was time for him to go and start a new musical experience .
So, he decided to play alone, as a One Man Band, using guitar, harp, bass drum, snare, tambourine, hi-hat and cymbal altogether. Ever since his first album “Hungry Dog”, in 1995, Philippe invites us to share his own vision of the Blues, respectful to all the precursors of the one man band style (such as Dr Isaiah Ross, Jesse Fuller, ….), but also faithful to the spirit of his own 60's/70's background and to his heroes (Rory Gallagher, George Thorogood, Johnny Winter, Jimi Hendrix,….). While alternating covers and his own songs during his shows, Philippe plays and sings with overflowing energy and an amazing sincerity which won’t let you feel unconcerned . Simply get the groove, and…..boogie on !!!