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Jock Rockenbach - Can't Kick The Habit

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1994
Time: 35:31
Size: 81,7 MB
Label: Wellington
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Can't Kick the Habit - 3:35
 2. Leave You in Chicago - 4:08
 3. Too Much Talk - 5:06
 4. Voodoo Queen - 3:24
 5. The Corner of Hip and Fun - 3:15
 6. Tijuana Blues - 3:21
 7. Done Doin' Good - 3:05
 8. Watch Out for Miss Lucy - 2:09
 9. After One - 3:57
10. Through the Night - 3:26

Jock Rockenbach plays it all: Blues, Rock, Folk, Jazz, Soul, and R&B! Over the past twenty five years, the performer BAM Magazine called, "the guitar ace of the San Francisco Bay Area music scene," has been counted on to supply his skills to a wide variety of projects - from musical theater to raunchy blues. Since moving from Chicago to San Francisco in 1976, he has performed up and down the West Coast - Seattle to Tijuana - drawing on his appetite for different musical styles and spicy food. Although he holds a BA degree with Honors in Classical Guitar, Jock is best known for his blues/roots "guitar pyrotechnics" (Sacramento Bee), and is a popular fixture in Bay Area clubs. He tours Europe annually and has played with a long list of stellar artists in concert, nightclub, television, and radio appearances including Roger Daltry, John Lee Hooker, Chris Isaak, and Nick Lowe. As Assistant Musical Director for the annual BAMMIES award show, he has had the good fortune to perform with many of his heroes including Bonnie Raitt, Buck Owens, and Greg Allman.

Can't Kick The Habit

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