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Phil Gates - Blues +

Size:113,7 MB 
Styles:Blues/Modern Electric Blues 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Atmosphere - 4:20
 2. Talk Along The Way - 4:16
 3. Mystery To Me - 3:41
 4. Slow And Steady - 3:54
 5. I Love To Play - 3:50
 6. Hit Me With Your Groove - 3:22
 7. This Kinda Woman - 3:56
 8. This Is The Grind - 4:07
 9. Oooh Yeah - 3:21
10. Stupid Things I've Done - 6:17
11. I'm Not Your Pet - 4:59
12. Out In The Fields - 3:21

Phil is an accomplished session guitarist, performing on such projects as the Philip Bailey CD “Life & Love”, also with artists Kellie Blaise, Billy Shields, Maurice White, Zac Harmon, Preston Glass, L.A. Stlyz and Seabron. His session work playing guitar has included many tracks with artists such as: Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle, Melba Moore, Freddie Jackson, Evelyn “Champagne” King, Deniece Williams, Jody Watley, Howard Hewett, Teddy Pendergrass, Brian McKnight, Ruben Studdard and Maurice White. As a Producer, Co-Produced the award winning Blues record “The Blues According to Zacariah” with Zac Harmon, and recently has been a Co-Producer on a CD project with Little Richard. Phil also Produced the “Too Much Car For the Road” CD for Toni Dodd,  “Urban Legacy” CD for Julia Jordan, daughter of renowned guitarist Stanley Jordan (who also performed on the CD). Also Phil scored an AFI film “My Normal Life”. Not to mention he has many CD’s of his own music to include “This Side Of Me”, “Should I?”, “Addicted To The Blues” ,“In The Mean Time…” , “Phil Gates Live at The Hermosa Saloon”,”The Twelve Rhythms”, and Phil gates Live In The Danube Delta”- all available on Apple iTunes, and digital audio outlets world-wide. Phil has five endorsements with Ernie Ball/MusicMan Guitars, Evertune Bridges, Roland Corporation/BOSS, Lunastone Pedals, Janicek pics, and Ultimate Support music stands respectively.
Phil is currently the Vice President of Music and Media  for the James Marshall Hendrix Foundation. (www.jimihendrixfoundation.com).
Phil is also the Signature Band for the Sickle Cell Foundation of Orange County; for many years a strong relationship, and a great charity to help bring awareness to.
Phil is a dedicated, hard working professional entertainer that has proven time and time again, that his being dependable, and being able to work well with others can be an asset in wide array of musical endeavors. Listen to his new album "Blues +"

Mike Sponza - Sounds Like Sunday

Size:126,6 MB 
Label:Epops Music 
Styles:Blues/Electric Blues 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Carpe Diem - 5:07
 2. Cold Cold Cold - 5:08
 3. Sunday Morning - 3:20
 4. Innocent Criminal - 5:31
 5. Fire - 4:39
 6. Penelope - 4:07
 7. Poor Boy - 5:24
 8. Rather Than Being Free - 5:14
 9. Sgw - 4:29
10. Modus in Rebus - 5:05
11. Running on Empty - 6:45

Blues, soul e rock’n’roll are the key words for describing Mike Sponza, guitarist, singer and composer, on the European blues panorama since early 90’s. A lifetime commitment to develop a personal style, contemporary and rich of different flavours.
Original tunes and detailed arrangements are the main ingredients of Mike’s music.
In the last years Mike Sponza established his name on the international scene with his discographic projetcs and his performances, showing the great vitality of Italian blues from a new point of view.
Since his discographic debut in 1997, Mike did a long road, not only on the artistic side: international festivals, club gigs and cooperations catalyzed the attention of blues audiences on his vision of a contemporary European blues, which is not afraid of purists’ opinions as well as avoiding overseas stereotypes.
In 2005 Mike Sponza started the project “Kakanic Blues” the first Central European blues initiative: a cd and a dvd have been released under the name “Central Europe Blues Convention” with some of the most outstanding musicians of this area and guitar legend Carl Verheyen, as special guest.
The project has been reviewed worldwide with a strong interest for the musical results as well as for the cultural, social and political background, where musicians find a common language and understanding in the blues.
In 2008 the cd “Kakanic Blues 2.0” is released with the partecipation of 25 musicians from Italy, Austria, Slovenja, Croatia, Serbja, Hungary, Ireland, Great Britain, USA, including as special guests the great Ian Siegal and Carl Verheyen.
In 2011 the new pan-European double cd "Continental Shuffle" has been released, including 35 musicians from 13 EU countries.
In 2012 the successful collaboration with the legend of the blues Bob Margolin brings a new cd: BLUES AROUND THE WORLD, which rapidly sets at the first positions in the U.S. Blues Radio charts.And here is the new album - Sounds Like Sunday, which is available for listening from July 12, 2024.

Tom Hubbard - On The Dark Slide

Size:77,8 MB 
Label:Pyramid Records 
Styles:Blues/Electric Blues 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Evil In Blood - 3:01
 2. Remembering Tomorrow - 2:43
 3. The Hitman - 3:21
 4. Regrets From Hell - 3:31
 5. The Charm Of Voodoo - 3:56
 6. I Can't Be One Womans Man - 2:24
 7. Restless Shadows - 2:44
 8. You've Got To Leave - 5:17
 9. Everything I've Known (Has Gone) - 3:57
10. Ace Of My Heart - 2:38

Tom Hubbard - Guitar, Slide Guitar, Vocals;
Paul Welch - Bass Guitar; 
Pete Christ - Drums, Percussion.

Tom Hubbard is a virtuoso of the slide guitar. With over seven worldwide album releases and a constant exhaustive touring schedule globally, Tom Hubbard's energetic performances have attracted followers on all continents. This consummate gentleman of the stage melds the New Orleans rhythms and traditional Delta style of blues with a modern approach that is unsurpassed by his contemporaries.

Tom Coerver - Backwater Tales

Size:104,4 MB 
Label:Inundated Music 
Styles:Blues/Blues Rock/Rock 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Dust In The River - 4:12
 2. Roll On Down The Line - 3:53
 3. Badlands - 4:32
 4. All About A Dollar - 2:32
 5. Mississippi Mud - 3:32
 6. I Got Your Number - 3:54
 7. Take It On Faith - 4:31
 8. I'll Take The Blame - 4:19
 9. She's A Dancer - 3:54
10. Backwater Rising - 4:24
11. Stealin' With Both Hands - 5:24

This guy is tireless. He's not only a guitarist or a keyboard player or a drummer or even a singer, no, he's a guitarist and a keyboard player and a drummer and a singer! And besides that, he was, and is part of an incredible number of bands... He never stops. And furthermore he's a nice guy!  Last but not least, his name is Tom Coerver !
Tom Coerver is a musician's musician. A good ol' Louisiana boy who has an inate ability to play just about any musical instrument he can get his hands on, including a mighty impressive lead guitar. Tom's "claim to fame" includes a stint wit the band China Sky, which featured future Molly Hatchet leader Bobby Ingram.

воскресенье, 14 июля 2024 г.

Urban Rivers - Rockin' The Blues Train

Size:100,0 MB 
Label:955292 Records DK 
Styles:Blues/Blues Rock/Southern Rock 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Blackwater - 6:45
 2. Can't do the Time - 4:30
 3. City Lights - 4:46
 4. Devil's Daughter - 7:29
 5. Jumping to Conclusions - 5:16
 6. Parking lot Rock & Roll - 3:33
 7. Small Town Outlaw - 5:42
 8. The Man I Am - 5:22

Jeff Westbrook - Guitars,Vocals
Willie Holden - Bass
Gary Russell - Drums

It all started with two old friends getting together on sat. nights drinking and watching the fights on tv. One said "since you're not married anymore you should go buy a new guitar and get back into playing again". So that's what I did and we started jamming in the kitchen on sat. nights. After a short time we decided we didn't want to be just another one of about a million cover bands. So we started writing songs, got us a drummer, and rented a practice room, and went from about 3 original songs to almost 20 in less than 2 years. The rest of the story?...well we'll get to that as it happens.
Well things happen, and sometimes you just have to put on your big boy pants, and move on. Not away from music, but in different musical directions, and with new people. I guess that's all a part of having or being in a band. Sometimes things change.

Tom Henninger - Leave 'dem Blues Alone

Size:83,4 MB 
Styles:Blues/Electric Blues 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Leave 'dem Blues Alone - 3:38
 2. Blue Chevy - 3:42
 3. It's Complicated - 3:08
 4. One Way Highway - 3:21
 5. What Did I Do Wrong? - 4:18
 6. Porcupine Girl - 3:29
 7. Good Times Are Back - 3:31
 8. From My Perspective - 3:19
 9. Sadder Side Of Love - 3:36
10. When I Get Home - 4:12

Tom Henninger, after forming Cool Rudy, Curious Animals and later the super- impressive U.S. Mods which has a fan base in over 50 countries, has embarked on a solo career. A prolific songwriter, now a bit older and with the benefit of a treasure chest full of life experiences behind him, focuses his musical artistry on celebrating the joy of being alive, yet tempered by the inevitable disappointments that can suddenly pop up and tackle even the best of us.

The Fumes - Guns Of Gold

Size:148,2 MB 
Styles:Rock/Blues Rock/Alt.Rock/Country/Punk Rock/Delta Blues 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Atlanta Rising - 2:43
 2. Automobile - 3:59
 3. Run To The Mother - 4:14
 4. Grocery Store - 3:26
 5. Oh My Babylon - 4:55
 6. The Dogs - 4:57
 7. The Postmans Inn - 4:12
 8. Kingboy - 6:15
 9. Tell Ya Story Walking - 6:50
10. Spaceload - 3:16
11. Mystery Belle - 4:01
12. Slippin - 3:22
13. Down River - 4:26
14. Johnny The Lion Slayer - 7:47

Ever since The Fumes exploded onto the Aussie rock scene in 2004 with a self-titled EP and the critically-acclaimed debut album Guns Of Gold in 2006, the infamous blooze-rock duo have left slack jaws, ringing ears and wagging tongues in their wake. But in the case of geetar-slinger and mighty-bearded vocalist Steve Merry and drumming prodigy Joel Battersby, the gushing is with good reason. Not so much making a name for themselves as branding it in the consciousness of punters nationwide.
GUNS OF GOLD is a genre busting mash up of country, delta blues and punk from Sydney two-piece THE Fumes. Recorded by legendary Producer Lindsay Gravina (Jet, the Living End, Magic Dirt, Faker) THE Fumes' debut record proves why the band have quickly become one of the nation's most exciting musical prospects. THE Fumes are about to explode!

Jimmy Warren Band - No More Promises

Size:115,5 MB 
Label:High Tone Music Group 
Styles:Blues/Blues Rock 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Watermelon Money - 3:25
 2. Mean Mistreater - 4:09
 3. I'm Gonna Love You - 4:46
 4. Darker Shade of Grey - 4:30
 5. It Aint Fair (feat. Bob Margolin) - 4:52
 6. Standing in My Shoes - 4:25
 7. No More Promises - 3:37
 8. Loves Gone Bad Again - 3:59
 9. It Been To Long - 4:21
10. A Love That Hurts - 4:12
11. A Matter of Time - 4:04
12. Sends Me On My Way - 3:43

Warren was born in Kankakee, Illinois on October 25, 1964. He came to the guitar relatively late around 1989, but quickly made up for lost time. Completely self-taught, within a year he was playing professionally and has since performed with an eclectic list of artists including Buddy Miles, Junior Wells, Sugar Blue, Pat Travers, Koko Taylor, Lonnie Mack, Reo Speedwagon and Chris Duarte, among others. From 1998-2008 he took a hiatus from music to focus on his family, only to return better and more determined than ever. 

Tobin James & The Lonely Dogs - Rules Of The Road

Size:101,6 MB 
Label:Global Journey Music USA 
Styles:Blues/Blues Rock 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Love Me In The Morning - 3:30
 2. Long Time Running - 4:00
 3. Rules Of The Road - 4:52
 4. I Thought It Was The Blues - 4:04
 5. Double Dealin' Mama - 3:34
 6. Blue Sky Lightning - 5:11
 7. Lonely Dog Blues - 5:41
 8. Join The Party - 3:48
 9. My World (It Changed) - 4:04
10. Walking In The Dark - 5:22

Tobin James is a critically-acclaimed Blue/Rock artist from Dallas, Texas, currently based in New York City. His album, "Rules of the Road" has received a North American distribution contract from Global Journey, USA, and is being placed in over 250 retail outlets and download sites. "Lonely Dog Blues" is also in the soundtrack of "Mad, Bad - The Movie", scheduled for a 2008 release.James' style is a throwback to the mid-1970s, when Blues and Rock were two heads on the same beast. His current lineup includes two guitars, bass, drums, and keyboards, and his bluesy, funky sounds will get your fist pumping, and your rump shaking!
"Tobin James has a gritty and soulful voice... This is an album which benefits from repeated playing, where the phrasing and emotion in his voice becomes more and more appealing. The songs have that authentic and timeless Blues sensibility!" ~ Blues Matters Magazine
Tobin James cut his teeth not on traditional Blues, but on the incendiary Blues/Rock sound of such legendary bands as Cream, Led Zeppelin, and Deep Purple. It wasn’t until attending the University of North Texas in the late 1980s that the future frontman of the Dallas bands Code Blue and Jaded Soul connected with the music of all the great Bluesmen who started it all, and sent him down his musical path firing on all cylinders. Today, all of those influences can be heard loud and clear in the powerful, full-throttle Blues and Blues/Rock of the Dallas native, Tobin James!

King Pima Wolf - Medicine

Size:123,8 MB 
Label:Medicine Records 
Styles:Blues/Blues Rock/Rock 

Tracks Listing:
 1. One -  8:30
 2. Magic Man Blues -  4:40
 3. Woman -  8:58
 4. What'cha Gonna Do -  6:23
 5. Free -  9:26
 6. Power - 10:52
 7. Good Day to Die -  5:09

King Pima Wolf - Vocals, Master of Ceremony
Matthew J Ruffino  Guitars
Troyous Ricciardi - Bass
Michael (Bam Bam) Sversvold -  Drums

Medicine was formed by four seasoned professional musicians. King Pima Wolf’s brainchild. The sole purpose of this band is to create and to address the harmony that is inherent within each of us. 
Recorded at Ashrum Studios, Detroit MI Mastered at The Legendary Piety Street Studios, New Orleans LA/  “Medicine”, King Pima Wolf and Big Medicine’s album, contains just seven tracks, though it clocks in at an impressive 54 minutes. They’re obviously not a group to be rushed. Indeed, slow blues is their forte and they’re unafraid to let a song unhurriedly unwind, building tension as it develops and respite when it breaks like a wave. Musically, it’s consistently effective, and the band, King Pima Wolf on vocals, guitarist Mathew J. Ruffino, bassist Troy Ricciardi and drummer Michael Sversvold repeatedly bring to mind legendary blues-rockers like Free, the Allmans, or The Doors circa “L.A. Woman”. Love and healing are the themes they’re promoting, and they’re ‘on massage’ from the off. They begin the album with “One”, a peaceful call to arms and a clear statement of intent. “Magic Man Blues” ups the pace and relocates to the swamps; Ruffino’s slide guitar providing thrills aplenty. “What'cha Gonna Do” arrives fully formed, like the illegitimate offspring of Deep Purple and Canned Heat, and final number “Good Day to Die” is upbeat and peculiarly positive, though ‘tomorrow is a good day to die’ is surely a universal truth, insofar tomorrow never comes.

Jimmy Pritchard - Meet Me In Memphis

Size:107,2 MB 
Styles:Blues/Contemporary Blues 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Too Hard To Love Her - 5:19
 2. Beds Too Big - 2:46
 3. Meet Me In Memphis - 5:43
 4. Commit A Crime - 4:13
 5. Daddy's Comin' Home - 3:18
 6. Whammy Shuffle (feat.Jp Soars) - 5:18
 7. Uncle Bud - 5:03
 8. Gimme What You Got - 4:30
 9. Eatin' Fish Tonight - 2:11
10. Big Daddy - 4:46
11. Jive In My House - 3:25

This is Pritchard’s third self-produced album, following Shoppin’ for the Blues in 2004 and Goin’ Down 9 in 2010. His Jimmy Pritchard Band represented the Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Foundation in 2014 and were semi-finalists in the International Blues Challenge. He recently relocated north after calling Florida home after hooking up with Castiglia in 2016.  Despite the title, Meet Me in Memphis was recorded at Man of War Studios in West Palm Beach, not the Bluff City. The all-star lineup includes guitarist J.P. Soars and his longtime percussionist, Chris Peet throughout, as well as guest appearances from all three original members of the Paul DesLauriers Band – Paul on guitar with Greg Morency on bass and Sam Harrisson on drums, Castiglia, harp players Rockin’ Jake, Mikey Junior and Albert “Big Daddy” Lambertson, former Allman Brothers keyboard player Johnny Neel and Rachelle Coba on vocals. A simple, heavy guitar riff opens “Too Hard to Love Her” before Pritchard delivers the first of eight originals and three covers, laying down an unhurried beat that carries forward steadily throughout the disc. This one describes a woman who won’t make breakfast, drinks all his booze and omplains all the time. A deep baritone with a smoky delivery and limited range, which doesn’t detract from the presentation, Jimmy picks up the pace slightly for the medium-paced shuffle, “Beds Too Big,” which finds him crying all night long after his lady’s left home. The title cut, “Meet Me in Memphis,” features choral duets with Coba and Neel on keys as recounts great nights on Beale Street. A cover of Howlin’ Wolf’s “Commit a Crime” shines with Pritchard powering through the lyrics atop stellar fretwork and additional vocals from J.P. before Albert and the DesLauriers rhythm section join the action for the original, “Daddy’s Comin’ Home,” a pleasant acoustic ballad with Delta feel that asks a child to make up the singer’s bed and his lady to start cooking his stew and change into her fancy underwear. Soars’ jazzy original instrumental, “Whammy Shuffle,” shifts the sound back to full-on electric and swings from the jump before Pritchard dips into the catalog of Louisiana legend Boozoo Chavis and takes listeners to the bayou for the final cover in the set, the familiar “Uncle Bud.” The sound shifts toward New Orleans for the medium-fast, organ-driven shuffle, “Gimme What You Got,” a sexually charged rocker with a request for lovin’ concealed ever-so-slightly in the words, while the down-home feel returns with the acoustic pleaser “Eatin’ Fish Tonite.” Next up, “Big Daddy” is an intense, driving shuffle that features the subject, Lambertson on harp, throughout aided by a ripping six-string solo from DesLauriers. The action closes with “Jive in My House,” a countrified, ‘50s-style rocker that sings out against folks talking trash when they drop by. 

Tom Henninger - Back In Blue

Size:81,8 MB 
Styles:Blues/Rockin` Blues 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Powder Blue M.G.B. - 2:28
 2. Anne-Jolene - 3:35
 3. Rollin' In The Flow - 3:20
 4. Whiskey Me - 2:58
 5. Haunting - 4:26
 6. Don't Mess With My Mojo - 3:11
 7. Dog Callor - 4:09
 8. Rumors Over Tea - 3:58
 9. Chainlink Neighborhood - 3:32
10. Good Ol' U.S.A. - 3:45

Tom Henninger, after forming Cool Rudy, Curious Animals and later the super- impressive U.S. Mods which has a fan base in over 50 countries, has embarked on a solo career. A prolific songwriter, now a bit older and with the benefit of a treasure chest full of life experiences behind him, focuses his musical artistry on celebrating the joy of being alive, yet tempered by the inevitable disappointments that can suddenly pop up and tackle even the best of us.

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Back Pack Jones - Betsy's Kitchen

Size:98,5 MB 
Label:Not On Label 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Riptide Baby - 3:43
 2. I'm Just A Man - 4:56
 3. Fixin' To Leave - 6:24
 4. Baggage - 3:33
 5. The End - 5:26
 6. Even God Sings The Blues - 5:37
 7. Hey Diddle Riddle - 3:52
 8. Haiding In Plain Sight - 4:58
 9. I Got A Girlfriend - 4:07

Back Pack Jones has opened for the Legendary B.B. King, Bobbie Rush and Jimmy Thackery, was  nominated for Best New Artist Debut Album (Back Pack Jones' debut release "Betsy's Kitchen") and has received international airplay on some of the most popular syndicated blues radio shows. We believe the high-energy show of both original and more traditional blues, delivered by front-man "Big Mike" Wallace (also recently nominated for Best Blues Male Vocalist) will be an incredible addition to your festival, concert or other event.
Formed in 2012, Back Pack Jones is an Illinois-based blues band whose music is heard internationally through numerous blues media outlets including the BBC's Paul Jones radio show.
In 2013 and 2014, Back Pack Jones performed at the prestigious International Blues Challenge held in Memphis Tennessee, an event which placed them among the top third of all Blues bands in the world
November 2013, Back Pack Jones released their debut album "Betsy's Kitchen" which was nominated Best New Artist Debut Album by Blues Blast Magazine.

Chicago Blues Lifters - Blues Scouts

Size:97,5 MB 
Label: Big Eye Records 
Styles:Blues/Chicago Blues 

Tracks Listing:
 1. I Just Wanna Love You - 3:28
 2. Stick a Fork in Me - 3:04
 3. You Hurt Me Baby - 2:56
 4. That's My Name - 3:09
 5. Gone With Your Bad Self - 3:13
 6. Chicago Shuffle - 3:57
 7. Get On The Lift - 4:01
 8. Window Pane - 2:47
 9. Ari's Riff - 3:35
10. Too Much Too Little - 3:45
11. World's In a Tangle - 3:23
12. Fire, Fire, Fire - 4:40

The Chicago Blues Lifters is comprised of the true, upper echelon of Blues musicians in the industry. Based out of Chicago, this group joined together for one purpose- to offer unmatched expertise and an effortless, Blues experience for its audiences. The authenticity of this prestigious Blues band is of the highest value in Chicago. The Chicago Blues Lifters features Grammy and Blues Music Award winning artists that have had the honor of recording, performing, and supporting other notable artists and blues legends, such as Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Rogers, Keith Richards, Junior Wells, and many more! The Chicago Blues Lifters is a multi-talented Blues band that illustrates the true meaning of the Chicago Blues!

Dale Smith Blues Band - Live at Park (Live)

Size:145,8 MB 
Label:Elvira Records 
Styles:Blues/Funky Blues/Soul 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Mojo Working (Live) -  7:10
 2. Every Day (Live) -  6:05
 3. Jesus on the Main Line (Live) -  4:35
 4. The Thrill Is Gode (Live) -  5:01
 5. Stormy Monday (Live) -  7:45
 6. I Ain`t Superstitious (Live) - 7:28     
 7. Never Make Your Move to Soon (Live) -  9:11
 8. Every Woman I Know (Live) -  6:09
 9. Mojo Working part 2 (Live) -  4:50
10. Sex Machine (Live) - 12:26

Danish 1990's funk/blues band led by former Blue Sun singer Dale Smith.Dale Smith sings songs from his life, often critically, but also looking forward positively, and this man has experienced and seen a lot. Always groovy and danceable. He is supported by Andreas Frielingsdorf on drums and Norbert Weber on bass, a native of Celle.