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пятница, 5 июня 2020 г.

Joe Louis Walker - Blues Comin' On

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2020
Time: 62:13
Size: 142,6 MB
Label: Cleopatra
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Feed the Poor (feat. Jorma Kaukonen) - 4:13
 2. Blues Comin' On (feat. Eric Gales) - 5:55
 3. Someday, Someway (feat. Carla Cooke & Lee Oskar) - 5:32
 4. The Thang (feat. Jesse Johnson) - 6:38
 5. Old Time Used to Be (feat. Keb' Mo') - 5:17
 6. Come Back Home (feat. Mitch Ryder) - 4:31
 7. Bowlegged Woman, Knock-Kneed Man (feat. Waddy Wachtel) - 4:55
 8. Awake Me Shake Me (feat. Carla Cooke) - 6:50
 9. Lonely Weekends (feat. David Bromberg) - 4:24
10. Seven More Steps (feat. Albert Lee) - 5:24
11. Uptown to Harlem (feat. Jellybean Johnson) - 4:23
12. 7 & 7 Is (feat.Arlen Roth & Charlie Harper) - 4:04

Soulful blues phenom and Blues Hall of Fame inductee Joe Louis Walker is joined by a host of talented friends and peers on his superb new studio album, Blues Comin' On. The album features guest performances by fellow blues icons Keb' Mo', Eric Gales, and Albert Lee, plus Detroit soul singer Mitch Ryder, harmonica virtuoso Lee Oskar, Hot Tuna's Jorma Kaukonen, punk rock vocalist Charlie Harper, legendary session player Waddy Wachtel, and so many more! This album explodes with the passionate playing and soulful melodies that have made Walker a favorite among true blues aficionados including the Rolling Stones. The first single to be released is the "Old Time Used To Be," which features guest appearances by Keb' Mo' and John Sebastian of The Lovin' Spoonful. "From the opening track to the final note, the guests and fellow musicians on this album made this one of the best musical journeys I've ever had. I hope it's the same for you!" reveals Joe.
Originally from San Francisco, Joe Louis Walker, a Blues Hall of Fame inductee and four-time Blues Music Award-winner, celebrates a career that exceeds a half century. His musical legacy as a prolific torchbearer for the blues is proven by his 26 albums. A true powerhouse guitar virtuoso, unique singer, and prolific songwriter, he has toured extensively throughout his career, performed at the world's most renowned music festivals, and earned a legion of dedicated fans. NPR Music has called Walker "a legendary boundary-pushing icon of modern blues," and within the blues world, he is already being referred to as a living legend.

Blues Comin' On

четверг, 4 июня 2020 г.

Rusty Zinn - The Chill

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2000
Time: 50:34
Size: 116,1 MB
Label: Alligator Records
Styles: Blues/Chicago Blues/Jump Blues/Modern Electric Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Just Like A Fish - 3:37
 2. Meet Me Halfway - 3:19
 3. Fallin' Rain - 5:02
 4. She's Got Style - 3:21
 5. The Big Eye - 3:41
 6. Ladies Choice - 5:23
 7. Drinking My Last Dime - 4:51
 8. I Played The Game - 5:33
 9. The Chill - 5:04
10. Moonlight Blues - 4:07
11. Dying On The Vine - 4:27
12. Looking Back - 2:03

Rusty Zinn - Guitar and Vocals;
Bob Welsh - Piano and Rhythm Guitar;
Randy Bermudes - Acoustic and Electric Bass;
Richard Innes & Paul Revelli - Drums.
Elvin Bishop - Slide Guitar on Moonlight Blues;
Jimmy Pugh - Organ on Ladies Choice;
John Firmen - Tenor Sax on Meet Me Halfway.

Rusty’s third CD, and his Alligator debut, The Chill, confirms his maturation as a blues stylist of grit, honesty, authority and facility.  Given his own resume and his new label, it’s no surprise that his immersion in 1950s Chicago blues has never been more obvious. Placing his own stamp on songs by Chicagoans Tucker, Arbee Stidham and John Brim (along with a ‘50s rocker by Johnny “Guitar” Watson) and putting a different Magic Sam groove to “Just Like A Fish” than Sam did is just part of Rusty’s bag of tricks.  Like Magic Sam, Rusty commands and reveres the tradition but can’t help updating it just by adding his own bad self to the mix.  The Chill includes five songs composed all or in part by Rusty, plus contributions from Rick Estrin and Ronnie James Weber, a bassist who’s worked with both Rusty and Rick.  Add in the solid contributions of two of Rusty’s road band, bassist Randy Bermudes and guitarist/pianist Bob Welsh (check out Bob’s tasty piano solos on “I Played The Game” and “She’s Got Style”), plus a cameo on slide guitar by Elvin Bishop on “Moonlight Blues,” and an engineer in Jerry Hall who’s The Man for capturing the vintage tube-era studio vibe of the music upon which Rusty’s is based, and it’s a powerful package.
Some people seem to be born out of their times, and maybe Rusty was born a bit after his; so the closest he’ll come in this life to rubbing elbows with too many of his closest musical kindred spirits is via his own interpretations of their classic blues sounds and styles.  But that timing bodes well for the future of the blues, when it receives such respect from a young man of as much talent, dedication and freshness of outlook as Rusty.  Come to think of it, it bodes exhilaratingly well for us listeners too!

The Chill

среда, 3 июня 2020 г.

Teddy Harpo - Onemanband

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2018
Time: 37:54
Size: 87,2 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Harmonica Blues/Garage Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Ride On - 3:08
 2. Red Corner - 3:20
 3. Few Girl - 4:38
 4. Run - 3:02
 5. My Girl Is Gone - 3:48
 6. Keep It - 4:03
 7. Come Out Baby - 2:27
 8. The Fooling - 5:41
 9. Just For Fun - 4:21
10. Little Alien - 3:21

Teddy Harpo is a great musician and performer from Budapest HU. He is playing on acoustic and electric guitar, on hohner blues harmonicas and Salgo footdrum. Favourite genres are garage r'n'r and blues rock.


The Western Sizzlers - For Ol' Times Sake

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2012
Time: 39:15
Size: 90,0 MB
Label: Roar Hide Records
Styles: Southern Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. One More Beer - 3:43
 2. Keep Smilin' - 3:53
 3. Can't Win For Losing - 3:39
 4. Sugar Pie - 4:03
 5. I'll Die A Happy Man If It Kills Me - 3:09
 6. Break The Rules - 3:28
 7. Shine - 4:00
 8. One Day Closer To Crazy - 3:12
 9. The Last Straw - 3:10
10. The Lion's Cage - 2:21
11. Unfinished Business - 2:48
12. The End - 1:44

The Western Sizzlers are a honkin’, stonkin’ and of course rockin’ country outfit from Atlanta, Georgia. Led by Englishman Kevin Jennings (ex-manager of The Georgia Satellites, and The Black Crowes), Jennings has since toured with royalty acts as diverse as The Stray Cats and Kris Kristofferson. Legend has it that The Sizzlers sprang to live back in the 80’s, at the infamous Hedgens Tavern in Atlanta, and in various incarnations at that. This feel-good collection boasts songs penned by Jennings over the past decade. According to the man himself, the songs are all pretty much just three chords and the truth, and were inspired by his love of Status Quo, The Satellites, and the real country music. Little wonder the songs were now turned into an album - recorded with a little help from his friends. These includeCharlie Star (Blackberry Smoke) on vocals, Jeff Bakos (Jason & The Scorchers) on bass, Toby Marriott, Nicky Ford and Rick Richards (The Georgia Satellites) on axe slinger duties, Larue Riccio, Wayne Glass and Kevin Fitzpatrick on drums, and our man Jennings as the ringleader. With a pedigree as immaculate as Jennings’, and musical friends just as talented, the result can only be impressive. The fun-laden bar-room anthem ‘One More Beer’ might be in the best country rock tradition (ok, more country than rock), but this oompah sing-along ditty should be made compulsory in pubs up and down the country. C’mon everybody: “One more beer, and I’ll buy you a diamond…” I should be so lucky!  Scorching riffs and some spirited slide guitar work on track 2 remind of Black Crowes and ZZ Top even, yet ‘Keep Smiling’ is nicely held together by an overall harmonious feel. The band’s sense of humour is particularly evident on roots rocker ‘Can’t Win For Losing’, sporting some tongue-in-cheek lyrics: “Well honey, I’ve been from rag to riches, now I’m back to rags… One day, I might get it right.” Dedicated to all men with three ex wives and four children! Humour prevails on next song ‘Sugar Pie’, a slow and classic country song in the best Kristofferson/Nelson vein, and with effective banjo play.  ‘I’ll Die A Happy Man If It Kills Me’ is an up-temp barn stomper with full-on Southern rock roots and a mighty lot of guitar twangs, while the Sizzlers’ cover of Status Quo’s ‘Break The Rules’ perfectly captures the honky-tonk swagger of the original. Every rose has its thorn, just like every cowboy has a sad, sad song… This much is true, especially when listening to ‘Shine’, a tearjerker of a love song about a guy who just can’t seem to get over the break-up with his ole lady. Try one more beer, perhaps?  ‘One Day Closer To Crazy’ comes across as a little Tom Petty influenced, and the searing country & western guitars nicely underpin the lament “I miss my other life, you know, the one when I was young…”   The chirpy choppy fusion of country and rockabilly works perfectly well on ‘The Last Straw’, but it’s the subtle complexity of ‘The Lions Cage’ which brings to great effect the unusual combination of R&B and country with the off-hand riff mastery akin to ‘Get Back’ by The Beatles. In contrast, ‘Unfinished Business’ is more serious in content, and the melancholic mood is emphasized through the use of pedal steel and slide. The song is about how life is forever an unfinished business, and that we should make the most of it because one day we run out of time. But even death has its plus points, as suggested here, namely the fact that we never need to wake up again with another headache or pain. Or another hangover, in case of too much beer!  The aptly titled closing track ‘The End’ is short and purely instrumental, but boy let the Sizzlers rip on this one! You don’t have to be a connoisseur of country rock to enjoy For Ol’ Time Sake, but it helps, especially as the numbers are all steeped in traditional roots and performed that way. Which makes the songs sound sizzling alright, but not overtly varied as far as the style department is concerned.

For Ol' Times Sake

вторник, 2 июня 2020 г.

Phil Bee's Freedom - Live at Moulin Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 66:08
Size: 151,5 MB
Label: Soul Sacrifice Records
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Down the line -  4:47
 2. Your love -  4:47
 3. Down don't bother me -  7:24
 4. Got to get better in a little while -  7:45
 5. Soulshine -  8:34
 6. Power of love -  4:42
 7. Crosstown traffic -  4:52
 8. A salute to Bert (intro to One last kiss) -  2:01
 9. One last kiss - 11:35
10. Big legged woman -  9:36

Phil Bee - vocals
Guy Smeets - guitar
Stef Paglia - guitar
Pascal Lanslots - keyboards
Arie Verhaar - drums
Carlo van Belleghem - bass
Tarah Ouwenkerk - backing vocals
Nicole Verouden - backing vocals

Zanger Phil Bee (Phillippe Bastiaans) is op 1 december 1958 geboren in Jemappes, een deelgemeente van Bergen in de Belgische provincie Henegouwen. Later verhuist hij naar Margraten in Limburg. Hij begint zijn muzikale carrière in 1990 in coverbands en in 1996 wordt hij zanger bij Doctor Rhythm. Weer later wordt hij lid van de tributeband The Hendrix Files. In 2004 vormt hij zijn eigen band Phil Bee and the Buzztones. Met deze band maakt hij twee albums. In 2009 maakt Phil Bee, inmiddels met zijn nieuwe band King Mo, een grote tournee door Nederland en België. Van King Mo verschijnen twee albums. In 2013 ontbindt Phil Bee zijn band King Mo en formeert zijn nieuwe band Freedom. In 2014 komt van hen het album ‘Caught Live’ uit. In 2015 worden zanger Phil Bee en gitarist John F. Klaver bekroond met een Dutch Blues Award en in 2016 wint Pascal Lanslots de Dutch Blues Award voor beste toetsenist. In 2016 verschijnt ook ‘Memphis Moon’, het eerste studioalbum en in januari 2019 het album ‘Home’ van Phil Bee’s Freedom. Op 4 mei 2019 treedt Phil Bee’s Freedom op tijdens het Moulin Blues Festival in het Limburgse Ospel, al meer dan 35 jaar een toonaangevend bluesfestival in Nederland en dat wereldwijd aanzien geniet. Opnamen van dit concert zijn begin november uitgebracht op cd en dvd. Het album ‘Live at Moulin Blues’ begint lekker swingend met Down The Line, een nummer van hun album ‘Memphis Moon’. Your Love, een nummer van hun meest recente album ‘Home’, is een midtempo gedreven gezongen blues met een strakke ritmesectie, spetterende gitaren en een wervelende orgelsolo. Down Don’t Bother Me is een cover van Mike Mattison van de Tedeschi Trucks Band. Een fraaie soulblues van grote klasse met striemende gitaren en een prachtige slide van Stef Paglia. Met ‘het wordt een mooie dag, de zon gaat schijnen’ kondigt Phil Bee Got To Get Better In A Little While aan. In deze cover van Eric Clapton uit de tijd van Derek & The Dominoes, zijn funky gitaren, een vette bassolo en gedreven zang te horen. Een van de hoogtepunten is Soulshine, een schitterende ballad van Warren Haynes van The Allman Brothers uit 1994. Het is achteneenhalve minuut genieten en met de lyrische en gierende gitaren worden The Allman Brothers bijna naar de kroon gestoken. In het bluesy Power Of Love mag Pascal Lanslots zich weer helemaal uitleven. Spetterend gitaarwerk is er daarna weer in Crosstown Traffic van Jimi Hendrix. Dan is het tijd voor een kippenvel moment als Phil Bee speciaal applaus vraagt voor zijn bluesmaatje Bert Reinders uit Meppel en hij draagt One Last Kiss op aan iedereen die er niet meer is en waar we veel van houden. One Last Kiss begint met gedragen orgelklanken, en na een ingetogen begin ‘explodeert’ het nummer in een bad van gitaren en keys om tenslotte weer ingetogen te eindigen. Deze indrukwekkende en ontroerende ballad vormt het absolute hoogtepunt van het album. Het slotakkoord is Big Legged Woman (with a short, short mini skirt). Dit nummer van Israel Tolbert en vooral bekend geworden door Freddie King, is een uitstekende funky uitsmijter, met een fantastische orgelsolo, een vlammende gitaarsolo van Paglia en soulvolle backing vocals.

Live at Moulin Blues

Paul Hughes - Hughesey Volume One

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2020
Time: 40:44
Size: 93,6 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues/Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Moving On - 3:44
 2. Holding On - 3:06
 3. A Town Called Malice - 2:48
 4. Tell Your Story To A stranger - 6:23
 5. Its All Over Now - 4:55
 6. Season Of The Witch - 8:06
 7. You Gotta Try - 2:36
 8. Sonnet - 4:49
 9. March Song - 4:12

A well produced electric of blues and Rock styled songs/

Hughesey Volume One

Rich Cohen Blues Band - Who's That Knockin'?

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2005
Time: 50:45
Size: 116,5 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Tell Me Why -  4:17
 2. Help Me -  5:09
 3. I'm Gonna Find My Baby -  3:08
 4. Sidetracked -  4:09
 5. 219 -  5:54
 6. The Swirl -  4:22
 7. Who's That Knockin'? -  3:17
 8. Move On Over -  4:15
 9. Pinned - 12:25
10. Down Low -  3:46

Musical Chameleon, Rich Cohen, can do it all. He is a hybrid artist who can effortlessly connect the strains of hundreds of influences into his own sound. As a leader, combining Blues, Jazz, Rock, Funk, Pop, RnB etc... epitomizes his eclectic electric approach. Soulful, heart-felt vocals and mature songwriting reflect his Singer/Songwriter talents, while his instrumental Acoustic playing traverses territory as diverse as Blues, Jazz, Folk, Celtic, Classical, Indian, Brazilian and African. As a freelance Guitarist/Vocalist, Rich's wide range of musical abilities find him in demand by Singer-Songwriters, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Pop and Rock artists. ...
"My CD Who's That Knockin'?  that features guest appearances by harmonica players Jason Ricci-Harp, Mason Casey-Harp, Miguel Weissman-Harp and more. Traditional Blues/Swing that pays homage to some of my blues heros".

Who's That Knocking'?

Sidewalkers - Take Your Time

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2020
Time: 30:08
Size: 69,7 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Take Your Time - 4:32
 2. Blow On With The Breeze - 4:02
 3. Blood Runs Blue (Lessons Learned) - 5:14
 4. Dreams - 5:22
 5. Cut You Loose - 4:39
 6. Waiting For You - 6:18

Sidewalkers is an Atlanta based band with blues roots at its core.

Take Your Time

Roscoe Beck - Walk On

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2009
Time: 45:17
Size: 103,9 MB
Label: Austone
Styles: Contemporary Blues/R&B
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Wasn't It Fine - 5:24
 2. Outrage - 4:55
 3. Say What's on Your Mind - 5:20
 4. Together All the Time - 3:46
 5. Rockin' Like 2 a.m. - 4:03
 6. Come Back Baby - 4:21
 7. Cotton - 3:05
 8. Think Twice - 4:51
 9. Rhumba Nhumba #9 - 4:09
10. Blues for a New Day - 5:18

Roscoe Beck - Bass, Lead Vocals;
Malford Milligan, Mike Cross, Omar Dykes, Ruthie Foster - Lead Vocals;
Mitch Watkins - Lead Guitar;
David Grissom, Eric Johnson, Robben Ford - Electric Guitars;
Neil Larsen, Riley Osbourne - Electric Organ;
Kim Wilson - Harmonica;
Brannen Temple, John Calarco, Tom Bretchclein - Drums;
Paul Ostermayer - Alto Saxophone.

Roscoe Beck is from Poughkeepsie, NY, and he moved in 1971 to Austin, where he met and played with Eric Johnson and brothers Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimmie Vaughan. Later in the 1970s he formed an R&B-fusion band called "Passenger" which in 1979 played a gig in Los Angeles where Robben Ford was present and asked them to be the opening act on his tour. After having shuffled between Austin and Los Angeles for a year, Beck was asked to play on Leonard Cohen's album Recent Songs. The experience led him to start working as a record producer, and in 1986 he produced Jennifer Warnes' Grammy-nominated album Famous Blue Raincoat. He also played bass and served as musical director for Leonard Cohen's 2008–2010 and 2012–2013 world tours. Beck played with Robben Ford through the 1980s, which in 1992 resulted in the release of the debut album of Robben Ford & The Blue Line, with Tom Brechtlein on drums. The band received a Grammy nomination for their 1993 album Mystic Mile.The Fender Guitar company produced two different signature bass guitars that carried the Roscoe Beck name, available in 4 and 5-string versions. Both were based on the Fender Jazz Bass. The 5-string version was introduced in 1995, followed by a 4-string version in 2004. Discontinued in 2009.

Walk On

Gerald McClendon - Can't Nobody Stop Me Now

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2020
Time: 45:10
Size: 105,1 MB
Label: Delta Roots Records
Styles: Blues/Chicago Blues
Art: Front+Back

Tracks Listing:
 1. Can't Nobody Stop Me Now - 3:02
 2. Where Do We Go From Here - 3:41
 3. Groove On Tonight - 2:06
 4. She Don't Love Me Anymore - 3:38
 5. Runnin' Wild - 3:02
 6. It's Over Now - 4:20
 7. Mr. Wrong - 4:10
 8. I Started Over - 3:29
 9. You Can't Take My Love - 3:43
10. Why Can't We Be Together - 4:02
11. Cut You Once - 5:08
12. I Think About You - 4:43

Chicago-born singer/songwriter/performer Gerald McClendon earned the moniker “The Soul Keeper” by being one of the most versatile and dynamic R&B and soul stylists “The City of the Big Shoulders” has to offer. He has a voice with tremendous range that draws instant comparisons to other great singers such as Otis Redding, Ben E. King, Marvin Gaye, Z.Z. Hill, and Wilson Pickett. He is a master storyteller and provocateur, who will entice and entertain. McClendon’s latest release, “Can’t Nobody Stop Me Now,” is a collection of a dozen new songs about love and lust, fatal attractions and heartfelt devotions that will tug at your heartstrings and lure your feet onto the dance floor. For the 2020 Delta Roots Records release, McClendon
teamed up with the claimed producer Twist Turner to record at Sound Studios in the heart of Chicago. The duoemployed a team that included Art Love on bass, three great guitar players, Herb Walker, Joe Burba and Mike Wydra, and three keyboardists, Roosevelt Purifoy, Sumito Aryioshi and Brian James, along with Skinny Williams on saxophone and John “Boom” Brumbach on trumpet. Turner, who has worked with over 40 Grammy winning artists, laid down the drum tracks as well as handling producer duties. The album opens with the horn-driven title track ‘Can’t Nobody Stop Me Now’ with McClendon laying out his plan to leave the past and hard times behind him, take control and fulfill his dream. The blazing tenor sax of Skinny Williams introduces the passion play ‘Where Do We Go From
Here’ with McClendon pouring his heart out on the dramatic blues number. He then demonstrates that he is versed in the art of persuasion on the smooth R&B tune ‘Groove On Tonight.’ Williams delivers another great solo on the desperate ballad ‘She Don’t Love Me Anymore.’ Taking cues from his mentor Z.Z. Hill, McClendon chastises a bad girl on the bumpin’ ‘Runnin’ Wild,’ then channels Bobby “Blue” Bland on the piano-driven track ‘It’s Over Now.’ He spells out his manly attributes on the cheeky track ‘Mr. Wrong,’ before sharing more testimony to his selfreliance on the uplifting number ‘I Started Over.’ McClendon expresses his vulnerability on the delicate hymn, ’You Can’t Take My Love,’ and the haunting love song ‘Why Can’t We Be Together.’ The tawdry tale of a man in the doghouse, ‘Cut You Once,’ plays out over an easy funk groove with hot-horn jabs. The team then pulls out all
the stops for the dramatic finale ‘I Think About You’ unleashing sweeping horns and churning Hammond B3. With this fine solo release “Can’t Nobody Stop Me Now,” Gerald McClendon further displays his passion for traditional R&B and cements his mission as “The Soul Keeper.”

Can't Nobody Stop Me Now

Cherry Lee Mewis - Late Night Lock In (Live)

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2020
Time: 51:47
Size: 118,7 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Doodlin' - Shake That Thing (Live) - 3:30
 2. All You Need (Live) - 3:18
 3. Come Back Home (Live) - 4:05
 4. Just Can't Live Without You (Live) - 3:56
 5. Kissin' in the Dark (Live) - 3:46
 6. Let's Go Back to the Beginning (Live) - 3:41
 7. Man Overboard - Long Distance Lover (Live) - 6:49
 8. Meet Me at the Station (Live) - 3:24
 9. One Night Stand Boulevard (Live) - 4:33
10. Something You Can't Have (Live) - 3:29
11. Time Limits (Live) - 3:12
12. Travellin' Light (Live) - 2:55
13. Wade in the Water (Live) - 5:01

The folks at LITTLE RABBIT BARN are very chuffed to feature the new live album from CHERRY LEE MEWIS. A big favourite with the LRB audience.  Five tracks featured on this superb live album were recorded at LRB when Cherry and the guys came to town back in July 2018. Late Night Lock In features crowd favourites Man Overboard, Come Back Home, Meet Me At The Station, Time Limits, as well as Cherry's version of Wade In The Water, All You Need and much more! Recorded over three separate performances from 2018 & 2019, this is an album you simply must add to your Cherry collection, the one album that truly captures that high energy CLM vibe, only experienced live.

Late Night Lock In (Live)

понедельник, 1 июня 2020 г.

Rockit 88 Band - Too Much Fun

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2006
Time: 61:50
Size: 141,7 MB
Label: 7 Arts Entertainment
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Keep Me In Trouble (My Eyes) - 4:24
 2. Can't Stop Lovin' - 4:36
 3. Key To The Highway - 3:48
 4. The Seventh Son - 3:30
 5. Broken Heart - 5:07
 6. Too Much Fun - 7:03
 7. Bon Ton Rouley - 6:13
 8. Rock Me Baby - 5:27
 9. Drifting Blues - 6:50
10. Crazy For My Baby - 4:19
11. Goodbye Baby - 5:23
12. Dust My Broom - 5:03

It was 1965 and half past nine outside the Barn in Indianapolis and Jerry Lee was still a no show. Downstairs the Shadows were arranging the last bit of sound equipment and testing microphones before what we perceived a monumental gig – playing opposite the true King of Rock & Roll. Just above and slightly bending under the weight of a thousand plus teenagers I could hear shoes scuff and drag along the sagging wooden floor. Suddenly, someone screams, “He’s here, Jerry Lee’s here.” It seemed half the house makes an impromptu dash towards the side door to watch this pale white figure escape the stylish sedan.Young girls beg for autographs as boyfriends sneer from afar. Jerry didn’t disappoint or satisfy his legion of followers offering a few hasty slashes across promo pictures and scraps of paper.By the time Jerry Lee finds sanctuary we’d already started booming away Lonnie Mack covers; “Wham, Memphis, Susie Q” and the rest. Within ten minutes the march begins and we disappear under the weight of the deafening sound. Jerry Lee kicks his platoon in order and the rhythmic stomping begins. The heavy banging of shoes clocking beats one and three nearly crushes the floor of the old structure. Every five or six minutes there’d be a brief pause then the pounding would resume. So went the night. As for the Shadows – we didn’t stand a chance.Jerry Lee was the polar opposite of Elvis. There was nothing pretty about him. I’d be like comparing the Rolling Stones to the Beatles. What Lee possessed the rest of the pretty boys didn’t was a maniacal sense of urgency and clear and present danger in presentation and playing. For me it was the piano styling. The boogie-woogie was there but played as straight eights – good chunks of country blues and plenty of that Southern revival sound. The evening would play over and over in my dreams.
By the mid to late sixties I found myself onstage with Chuck Berry in front of ten thousand reverent fans at the Los Angeles Coliseum recreating Jerry Lee’s hard-hitting piano rhythms. Chuck banged out the favorites, duck walked and rocked with great ferocity. I played as hard as I could on an imported upright piano and smiled broadly from low A to top E.In 1983, I joined the Hawks backing rebel rouser Ronnie Hawkins. That band with Bill Dillon, Steve Hogg, Robin Hawkins and Dave Lewis had Great Spirit and solid connection with the past. This was during the Hawk’s eating and sleeping phase. We played six nights a week in rock houses in Nashville and Little Rock. Every night the Hawk would proclaim the band the best he’d had since Robbie and Levon strayed north.Here we are in 2003 and I’ve paired down my dream band - the Saturday Nite Fish Fry to the rhythm section and allowed it to feast on it’s own vices. A steady Friday night gig at RD’s Barbeque & Blues in Toronto helped the four-piece find a name, conscience, distinct personality, and new repertoire. The sound is classic blues with a bit of New Orleans and Southern rock sprinkled on top for seasoning. The material for our first session – ‘Too Much Fun’ spans the history of an idiom rich with songwriters. There are no band originals only words and melodies borrowed from the saints of the blues.

Too Much Fun