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суббота, 28 января 2023 г.

Dr. Helander & Third Ward - Shining Pearls

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2023
Time: 39:07 
Size: 89,6 MB 
Label: Bluelight Records
Styles:Blues/Electric Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. I Don't Wanna Wake Up from my Dream - 3:17
 2. Unwanted Person - 5:00
 3. War is Starting Again - 4:20
 4. 61 Highway - 4:41
 5. Cemetery Wall - 3:01
 6. Your Old School - 5:05
 7. Shining Pearls - 3:43
 8. Bridge To Freedom - 4:06
 9. You Don't Care - 2:53
10. Rollercoaster Riding - 2:55

This new album from blues-inspired Dr. Helander & Third Ward is a strong follow-up to the brilliantly acclaimed debut album Meat Grindin' Business and consists entirely of original material.
Dr. Helander (Ilkka Helander) is one of the most respected guitarists and songwriters in the Finnish blues, Esa Kuloniemi is a founding member of the famous band Honey B & T-Bones. The trio shows that they have reached a new, integral level. Play along with their excellent blues material, original and respectful of the traditions of this genre.

Jackie Venson - Evolution of Joy

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2023
Time: 65:40 
Size: 150,5 MB 
Label: Self Released
Styles: R&B/Blues Soul/Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Afterglow#evolution - 4:52
 2. Flying#evolution - 4:17
 3. Listen ft.jackie the robot - 1:37
 4. All Rise#evolution - 3:07
 5. Joy#evolution - 4:09
 6. When It's Right#evolution - 5:14
 7. To Yourself ft.jackie the robot - 1:49
 8. Back to Earth#evolution - 6:57
 9. Don't Lie to Me#evolution - 4:24
10. And in that quietude ft.jackie the robot - 1:43
11. I Will Find A Way#evolution - 3:43
12. Witchcraft#evolution - 3:35
13. Rollin'&Tumblin'#evolution - 3:06
14. Keep On#evolution - 4:09
15. You might hear ft.jackie the robot - 1:28
16. Only Have You#evolution - 3:05
17. The voice of god ft.jackie the robot - 2:03
18. Never Say Die#evolution - 2:52
19. Next Life#evolution - 3:18

Evolution of Joy is a complete overhaul and re-doing of Jackie Venson's original album Joy. Though the songs may be familiar to some long time fans, the presentation, growth, and 5-year development of Jackie and her band will leave you floating in the cosmos. These songs have never been captured this way, unless you've been lucky enough to catch a live show in the last couple years. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the hi-fi, ethereal and intensely groovy Evolution of Joy.

пятница, 27 января 2023 г.

James Anthony Band - James Anthony Profile

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2023
Time: 36:47 
Size: 88,5 MB 
Label: 615607 Records DK
Styles: Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Too Much Love - 2:59
 2. Some People Get It - 2:55
 3. When She Finally Gets Out - 3:19
 4. Inside With You (Im With You) - 3:35
 5. We All Fall Down - 3:43
 6. Cheatin Clothes - 4:41
 7. She's Only with me for my Money - 3:02
 8. Corona Blues - 3:42
 9. Hard Times Are Coming - 2:54
10. We Gotta Get Out - 2:50
11. Whenever I'm with You - 3:01

A natural musician at age 10, played Ontario Place at 15 and turned pro at 17. James' experience in the music industry is reminiscent of legendary players of the past.As a Frontman and member of LuLu's house band "Kats" James worked with over 150 Rock & Roll Legends including,Sam & DaveGary US BondsFrankie FordPaul Revere and the Raiders (Mark Lyndsy)The New Mamas and the Papas with (Denny Doherty)ShaNaNa,Gerry and the PacemakersOhio Players,Gary Lewis and the PlayboysJr WalkerRare EarthJohnny PrestonBen E KingChubby CheckerBobby CortollaPeter Noone (Herman's Hermits)The DriftersThe CoastersThe PlattersBrian HylandJames has also performed for 2 of Canada's Prime Ministers: the Honorable Pierre Trudeau, and John Turner.James has shared the stage with R&B StarsBig Mama ThorntonJohnnie Johnson (Chuck Berry)Eddie KirklandBig Moose WalkerHarrison KennedyBB Kings AllstarsWillie Big Eyes SmithRick JamesKris St. LouisSweet BlindnessLazy LesterEugene SmithDanny BDutch MasonElvin BishopKelly Jay from CrowbarLarry Lee (Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys)Chuck JacksonTony Flaim and Hock Walsh from the ‘Downchild Blues Band’Jay DouglasGeorge OlliverGrant SmithThe Mighty PopeSweet ClaudetteDC WoodsGrant SmithGene Taylor (The Fabulous Thunderbirds)Mel Brown,Roy Young (from the early 1962 Beatles,70s David Bowie)Kenny NealRicky Day from the InkspotsJordan and Prakash Johnand Members of Room Full of BluesJames has also been the opening act for a who's who of R&B legends over the years...Bobby BlandKoko TaylorLevon HelmThe Cate BrothersBB KingCanned HeatEric BurdonTen Years AfterJames CottonJimmie VaughnMick Taylor (Rolling Stones)Dr. JohnDave MasonSonny RhodesPat Traversand John Mayall Plus CanadiansThe Partland BrothersBlue RodeoRandy Bachman Valdy and Colin JamesCountry Artists Performed with or Opened for:CFGM's Opry North HousebandRicky ScaggsAlabamaShotgunLynn AndersonThe Allen SistersSteve PetticoGordie TappTommy HunterRonnie ProphetRon Coleman (Everly Brothers-Albert Lee)SundownThe Budweiser BandCharlie WalkerDan SealsSawyer BrownDarlene AustinNoel CashMac DavisCurly WalkerGary BuckGraham TownsendJD CroweThe Good BrothersLive Radio and Television concerts over his career have found him with Juno winners, Denny Doherty,Patricia Daulquist(John Williams) & Murray McLaughlin.James has also played Casino's in Sarnia,Niagara Falls,Ottawa and Seneca NY.From 1972 till now, James has played on countless records as a session man including jingles, films, documentaries such as Friday the 13th Biker Bash, Common Grounds and lately writing the jingle for "Fantasy Island "in New York. .The "Blue Note Jeans" Bad to the Bone Commercial and the Tre Stelle Cheese shown world wide. James has paid his dues, working years of house band gigs including the CFGM Radio band, the Budweiser Band, the Chicken Deli in Toronto.Old Chicago's in London, the Corral in Oshawa, the Cafe Cajun in Markham, Hootch's in Cambridge and Mattsons in Burlington. In 1999 James was the musical director for the Gordon McLean TV Show.The turn of the century found James with a new audience playing outside Canada in the Azores, Buffalo and Upstate New York, New Orleans  and in Hungary at Blues festivals. James played on the same club tour as Robben Ford and Al Demeola in Budapest.

Delta Wires - If Somebody Told Me

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2023
Time: 52:40 
Size: 123,2 MB 
Label: Mud Slide Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Front 
Tracks Listing:
 1. Can't Win for Losin' - 4:27
 2. If Somebody Told Me - 6:32
 3. I Tried - 3:49
 4. Bring Me Up - 3:45
 5. Voodoo Cadillac - 4:53
 6. I Pity the Fool - 6:24
 7. Sloppy Drunk - 3:24
 8. Hand Outta My Pocket - 4:57
 9. Dimples - 7:03
10. Blues in Hoss  Flat - 7:22

Ernie Pinata – bandleader, vocals, harmonica
Tom Gerrits – bass
Richard Healy – guitar
Tony Huszar – drums
David Bowman – trombone
John Christensen – trumpet
Caleb Murray – saxophone
Richard Sylvester – keyboards

“Ernie Pinata’s searing and impassioned harp opens this dynamic new CD, If Somebody Told Me from San Francisco Bay Area treasure, The Delta Wires. This 7-piece East Bay-based band has been generating powerful blues for over 30 years, performing in festivals from Italy to Monterey, always with monumental audience response and earning them membership in California’s Blues Hall of Fame. A combination of tight and highly-polished horns, fierce bluesy guitar and that crying, emotional harp make for a powerful fusion, blending the heartbeat of the Delta with electric sophistication and a full-blooded brass sound.  Their latest release includes a number of originals, a few nods to the legendary Sonny Boy Williamson – and even a little Count Basie lagniappe. The best way to experience The Delta Wires is undoubtedly live. Onstage, the Wires always deliver an incandescent experience. But if you can’t catch them live, grab this CD – and hold onto your hats. You’re in for a wild, wild ride! ”
-Kathleen Lawton, Crazy ‘Bout the Blues KCSM-FM www.kcsm.org and Blues Foundation’s “Keeping the Blues Alive” award recipient/

Mississippi MacDonald - Heavy State Loving Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2023
Time: 41:16 
Size: 94,6 MB 
Label: Another Planet
Styles:Modern Electric Blues/ Contemporary Blues/ British Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Howlin' Wolf - 4:11
 2. Heavy State Loving Blues - 4:19
 3. Blind Leading the Blind - 4:09
 4. Heading South - 3:07
 5. (Ain't Gonna) Lie No More - 4:10
 6. I've Been Searching - 3:29
 7. I'll Understand - 5:18
 8. Trouble Doing the Right Thing - 3:35
 9. The Devil Wants Repayment - 2:56
10. Blues for Albert - 5:58

Contemporary British bluesman Mississippi MacDonald proves he’s as legit as they come on his hard-charging new record Heavy State Loving Blues.Set to drop January 27th, 2023 on APM Records, the album is a mostly-original set of cracking blues tunes with a distinct soul influence. The combination delivers the emotional intensity of raw blues with the hip-shaking goodness of classic soul and R&B. The sessions were produced by Phil Dearing (Eliza Carthy, Gretchen Peters, Kris Drever, Laura Cantrell) and his input and arrangements brought MacDonald’s fire and fury to the surface. The song sequence features two cool covers dispersed among eight new originals and all the selections work well together. Heavy State Loving Blues is Mississippi MacDonald’s eighth album.MacDonald is a leading light in today’s British blues scene and displays the same fervor for American music that old-school English players like Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Keith Richards did in the 1960s. He’s an electrifying performer, in possession of vocal and guitar skills he uses to attack his songs and pull the truth out of them. He’s been nominated for three British Blues Awards, topped the UK Independent Blues Broadcasters Association’s charts, and built a loyal following that loves his tight songwriting and bold guitar work. He’s attained the sound and spirit of a master and can acknowledge his roots without imitating them.Mississippi starts the record with the blazing “Howlin’ Wolf.” It’s a tough-talking rebuke of shallow music fans set to a popping bass and drum groove courtesy of bassist Elliot Boughen and drummer “Texas” Joe McRoury. MacDonald unleashes his everything on top of their pocket and absolutely goes to town. His vocals are emphatic and alive and his guitar licks could knock down walls. If you’ve never heard MM before, this cut, alone, will make you a fan.The title track, “Heavy State Loving Blues,” is funky and laidback in a most excellent way. Horns and organ smooth out the sound and add to the song’s slick presence. Again, MacDonald takes us to school on guitar and vocals, putting down performances on both that are incredibly well-phrased and long on subtlety and suggestion. MM has clearly learned his blues deeply and has forged his own authentic style in a genre where imitation often rules. The closer you listen, the better he gets. One of the hottest numbers on Heavy State Loving Blues is “Blind Leading The Blind,” a killer duet that pairs MacDonald with Memphis vocal queen Vaneese Thomas. The two singers trade jabs about romantic party fouls over another pumping groove from Boughen and McRoury that drives their tale of love trouble into the night. It’s just the kind of sweat-drenched, dance-til-you-drop catharsis you need when you’ve had enough of someone’s mess. Crank it up and let it heal you. MacDonald does a fine job covering gospel/soul giant O.V. Wright’s 1973 gem “I’ve Been Searching.” Mac channels Wright’s vibe in a pure way that’s meant as a tribute to this criminally-overlooked American musician. The entire band gets way down into the funk of it but never trample on the song’s profound lyrics and intention. It’s a sublime moment for everyone involved and one of the record’s most vital moments.The haunting swamp blues “The Devil Wants Repayment” is lazy, mysterious, and laced with voodoo. It gets down to an emotional place that’s chilling, unsettling, and not for the faint of heart. This is part of the serious, sobering side of blues music that lurks underneath the party side. Many modern artists avoid this part of the blues tradition but MacDonald faces it head-on.Highlights are numerous on Heavy State Loving Blues and include the wide-open soul of “Heading South” and the smooth “(I Ain’t Gonna) Lie No More.” Mississippi MacDonald is a compelling, engaging artist who is going to make a lot of new friends with this record. Make sure you’re one of them.

David Ronaldo - Tunes For a Dime

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2023
Time: 37:42 
Size: 86,6 MB 
Label: Fandango Music
Styles: Blues/Rock/Blues Rock
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Wasted My Life - 4:12
 2. Tunes For A Dime - 3:32
 3. Price On My Head - 2:57
 4. Laid-back & Easy - 3:27
 5. Shadows Walking - 3:25
 6. What Have You Really Done - 5:00
 7. Fix It - 2:31
 8. World's End Blues - 3:26
 9. Short Fuse - 2:53
10. Hunted Man, Pts. 1 & 2 - 6:14

David Ronaldo - Vocals & Guitars
Charly Verbinnen - Lead Guitars & Backing Vocals
Dirk Lekenne - Slide Guitars & Backing Vocals
Tim van Passel - Bass
Marco Epis - Drums & Percusion

David Ronaldo & the Dice set a strong pace: with “Citizen of the World” in 2019, “Shoot them with Words” in 2021, the year 2023 marks the release of “Tunes for a Dime”. In between numerous concerts, the band worked on new material in 2022 before diving into the studio. The result: "Tunes for a Dime" contains ten original songs about the things of life, with here and there a heartfelt nod to the past or to themselves.The guitar-oriented Americana roots-rock music with David's recognisable husky voice has been the band's trademark for several years. The mood of their music ranges from dark, ominous bluesy to funky and playful, with the guitars of the Verbinnen-Lekenne duo always taking centre stage.David Ronaldo & the Dice are becoming welcome guests in clubs and at festivals. Their first two albums received rave reviews and live, their Southern roots-rock-oriented Americana sound is much appreciated. With, among others, multi-percussionist Marco Epis in the ranks, the drums are sometimes replaced by congas and djembées, which allows for (semi-) acoustic concerts as well.

среда, 25 января 2023 г.

Epi K. Paradox - A Gentle Storm

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2023
Time: 42:28 
Size: 97,4 MB 
Label: Self Released
Styles: Contemporary Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. I've Seen the Fire -  5:13
 2. Drifting Away -  5:27
 3. Living in This World Without You - 11:43
 4. Just Feels Right (Loving You) -  3:46
 5. Same Old Blues -  6:11
 6. Bound by Your Love - 10:05

Singer-songwriter, guitar player and producer Epi K. Paradox, originally from Chania, Crete, an island in Greece, traded the sun-soaked Mediterranean to pursue his music career in London, UK. Taking inspiration from the British Blues Explosion of the late 60s and early 70s, Epi K. Paradox creates his own brand of contemporary Blues music, while remaining faithful to Rhythm and Blues tradition.
His music influences reminisce the roaring guitar riffs of Buddy Guy, Mike Bloomfield, Jimmy Page and Roy Buchanan, while his songwriting skills reflect on the revival sound of the Blues era. After graduating from BIMM London and London College of Music in 2017 and 2018 respectively, Epi K. Paradox has performed in various venues in London, including the O2 Academy, The Monarch, St Moritz Club and Fiddler's Elbow, just to name a few.

Damon Fowler & Friends - Live at the Palladium

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2023
Time: 79:02 
Size: 181,1 MB 
Label: Landslide Records
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. It Came Out of Nowhere -  5:51
 2. The Guitar -  7:52
 3. I've Been Low -  6:59
 4. Some Things Change -  6:42
 5. Don't Feel Like Going There Today -  7:47
 6. Tax Man -  8:45
 7. Up The Line -  9:48
 8. Fruit Stand Lady -  5:47
 9. Old Fools Barstools and Me -  7:36
10. Sugar Shack - 11:50

Florida’s Gulf Coast has produced many distinctive musicians, from the blues of Tampa Red to jazz greats Cannonball and Nat Adderley to former Allman Brothers guitarist Dickey Betts to Southern rockers, The Outlaws. Tampa’s Damon Fowler, a masterful guitarist, singer, and songwriter, has absorbed the best of and furthered the work of the region’s great artists. A hard-driving troubadour whose music is steeped with soul and represents the many styles that make up the roots of American music. He has gained the respect of many of his peers, given his featured slot in Butch Truck’s Freight Train band and his side gig as guitarist in the Dickey Betts Band. Critics have compared Fowler’s guitar work to Johnny Winter and Jeff Beck, while his slide guitar is reminiscent of the late Duane Allman. However, Fowler can play fiery guitar runs with the best of them, and his lyrical work on lap steel and dobro makes him a stand-out performer among the legions of guitar heroes. On the strength of his mastery of roots rock, blues, and sacred steel, the Florida native started wowing audiences with his musical exploits as a teenager, building a reputation as one of the hottest young players on the scene. Adding songwriting and vocal skills to his repertoire has brought him many accolades, with critics extolling his originality, maturity, and technical guitar expertise. Allmusic raved, “Fowler’s creative lap steel work is what sets him apart from the rest of the guitar heroes.” Following his critically acclaimed and Blues Music Awards nominated 2021’s ALAFIA MOON, Damon Fowler & Friends’ LIVE AT THE PAVILLION marks Fowler’s 9th solo release. A classic blues rock offering recorded in St. Petersburg, FL, before a wildly enthusiastic crowd, the album shows off Damon’s unique instrumental style, soulful vocals, and vivid songwriting that stand at the forefront of this crisp, jam-filled release.Produced by Fowler and George Harris, the album features Fowler’s working band–Justin Headley (drums) and Chuck Riley (bass)–along with special guests Jason Ricci (harmonica), Eddie Wright (guitar), and Dan Signor (keyboards).Showcasing a set list of originals and an excellent cover of Little Walter’s “Up The Line,” the music kicks off with the swampy blues romp “It Came Out Of Nowhere,” then surges through 9 more guitar-fused tracks designed to highlight Fowler’s blazing musicianship and distinctive vocals. A hard-working blues warrior, Fowler boasts multiple tours of the USA, plus well-received treks to Scandinavia and England since the release of ALAFIA MOON. LIVE AT THE PALLADIUM proves that Fowler plays what he feels without trying to sound like someone else. With each release, he has captured new sounds derived from his deep Blues, Gospel, and Americana roots (https://www.bluestownmusic.nl/new-release-damon-fowler-friends-live-at-the-palladium/). 

вторник, 24 января 2023 г.

Andy Lindquist - Alabaster Tears

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2023
Time: 43:33 
Size: 100,4 MB 
Label: Self Released
Styles: Rock/Blues Rock
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. The Lord Gave Me That - 3:33
 2. Corners of the Heart - 4:14
 3. Suit and Tie - 2:47
 4. Can't Fake It - 4:12
 5. Alabaster Tears - 3:20
 6. A Joke of the Beating Heart - 4:29
 7. Chapters - 5:02
 8. The American Monster - 2:49
 9. Low Tide - 3:38
10. 400 Ponies - 2:24
11. Edge of the Earth - 4:15
12. Freak Flag - 2:44

Andy began performing 40 years ago at age 13 with his first band, Stone Soup, in his hometown of Grand Forks. He is a producer and engineer with his own label, Mauntra Records, and a publishing company – named after that first band – Stone Soup Publishing. He also is a published poet.Andy sings and writes for a variety of local and national commercials.He was the first male singer from Minnesota to perform on Star Search – the original American Idol.His songs play throughout Europe. (https://andylindquist.rocks/)

Paul Gooderham - Welcome to the Neighbourhood

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2023
Time: 79:54 
Size: 183,2 MB 
Label: Palladiso Records
Styles: Singer/Songwriter/Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Neighbourhood - 4:21
 2. Swimmers Lament - 5:32
 3. Pinch Me Count to Ten - 5:16
 4. Bus to Nowhere - 3:52
 5. Rough Sleeper's Blues - 5:01
 6. Lonely Rooms - 5:59
 7. Journeyman - 7:48
 8. Icebergs - 5:23
 9. How Long Has It Been - 4:09
10. In Dreams - 6:35
11. Slippery Words - 5:31
12. Soldiers Story - 6:55
13. Paradise Grove - 6:30
14. The Last Love Song - 2:38
15. It's the End - 4:16

Paul Gooderham. Songwriter, Musician, Writes songs based on history in blues music.  

понедельник, 23 января 2023 г.

North Mississippi Allstars - Hernando

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2008
Time: 40:30 
Size: 94,0 MB 
Label:Songs Of The South Records
Styles:Southern Rock/Blues Rock 
Art: Full 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Shake  (featuring Jimbo Mathus) - 3:01
 2. Keep the Devil Down - 3:50
 3. Soldier - 5:59
 4. Eaglebird - 2:17
 5. I'd Love to Be a Hippy - 4:54
 6. Mizzip - 2:47
 7. Blow Out (featuring Jimbo Mathus and Jimmy Davis) - 1:34
 8. Come Go with Me (featuring Jimbo Mathus) - 3:35
 9. Rooster's Blues - 3:23
10. Take Yo Time, Rodney - 3:53
11. Long Way from Home - 5:13

Cody Dickinson – drums, electric washboard (track 4), guitar (track 6), vocals
Luther Dickinson – guitar, vocals
Chris Crew – bass, vocals
James "Jimbo Mathus" Mathis Jr. – vocals (tracks: 1, 7, 8)
Jimmy Davis – vocals (track 7)
Jim "East Memphis Slim" Dickinson – piano (tracks: 5, 7, 11), producer
Kurt "KC" Clayton – piano (track 6)
Amy LaVere – upright bass (track 7)

Hernando is the fifth studio album by American band North Mississippi Allstars. It was released on January 22, 2008 through Songs of the South Records. Recording sessions took place at Zebra Ranch Studio in Coldwater, Mississippi. Production was handled by Jim Dickinson. It features contributions from Jimbo Mathus, Jimmy Davis, East Memphis Slim, Kurt "KC" Clayton and Amy LaVere. The band briefly toured the album across America in 2008. The album peaked at number 142 on the US Billboard 200, number one on the Top Blues Albums chart, number 19 on the Independent Albums, number three on the Heatseekers Albums and number 12 on the Tastemakers. If the blues has a future it is probably in the hands of brothers Luther and Cody Dickinson and Chris Chew. Since releasing their debut album, Shake Hands With Shorty (2000), they have drawn upon their roots to produce a brand of blues rock that nods to the past while aiming resolutely at the future. Combine the fatback guitar tone of Eric Clapton during his Cream days with the slap-back rhythms of the delta, and you’ve got the spontaneous combustion that fires through the best of Hernando. After excursions into psychedelic jamming, this Mississippi trio returns to its roots, titling the CD after its hometown and drawing deeply from blues and early rock & roll. The results showcase the virtuosity of guitarist Luther Dickinson more prominently than ever, though drummer and brother Cody takes a vocal on "Mizzip," a celebration of good times in their home state, and bassist Chris Chew sings "I Would Love to Be a Hippy," where the borderline novelty lyrics contrast with the sweet subtlety of Luther’s guitar. Producer-pianist-patriarch Jim Dickinson lets the interplay develop organically. While the first four cuts bring out the band’s juke-joint best, the aptly titled "Long Way from Home," a harmony-laden ballad, shows that the Allstars still have fresh territory to explore. --Don McLeese

воскресенье, 1 января 2023 г.

The Mark Dufresne Band - Live in 2002

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2002
Time: 62:14 
Size: 143,7 MB 
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Volare (Live) - 3:22
 2. That's a Pretty Good Love (Live) - 2:58
 3. Callin' All Fools (Live) - 3:34
 4. Seven Days (Live) - 3:38
 5. In the Jungle (Live) - 4:04
 6. Big Ed (Live) - 5:44
 7. Lies so Sweet (Live) - 2:56
 8. That Is Why (Live) - 4:26
 9. Squeaky Clean (Live) - 4:47
10. $64,000 Question (Live) - 4:14
11. Twinkles (Live) - 5:47
12. You Never Know (Live) - 7:09
13. Valentine (Live) - 4:35
14. Hot Plate (Live) - 4:54

Mark DuFresne - Vocals, Harmonica
Billy Stapleton - Guitar, Slide Guitar
Kelly Leifer - Bass
Alan Isaacson - Drums

Since reforming in 2016 with founding guitarist, Billy Stapleton, this current version of the Mark Dufresne Band has been wowing audiences around the Pacific Northwest.Using his 3-octave tenor voice and championship harmonica playing at full force, Grammy nominated Mark Dufresne’s powerhouse skills are sure to captivate and entertain. A dynamic singer and showman, Dufresne’s original rhythm and blues songs, including instrumentals, shine in the hands of this talented quartet.The Mark Dufresne Band is not your typical blues fare. This spectacular “show band” plays their original material like a quintessential Chicago Blues Revue Band. This quartet is truly one of the best rhythm and blues outfits on the West Coast.