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Willie And The Poor Boys - Willie And The Poor Boys

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1985
Time: 36:43
Size: 84,3 MB
Label: Passport Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Baby Please Don't Go - 2:38
 2. Can You Hear Me - 3:13
 3. These Arms of Mine - 3:32
 4. Revenue Man (White Lightning) - 2:37
 5. You Never Can Tell - 3:55
 6. Slippin' and Slidin' - 2:33
 7. Saturday Night - 2:50
 8. Let's Talk it Over - 2:59
 9. All Night Long - 2:31
10. Chicken Shack Boogie - 3:13
11. Sugar Bee - 3:12
12. Poor Boy Boogie - 3:27

Willie and the Poor Boys is the eponymous debut studio album of British blues rock band Willie and the Poor Boys. The album was recorded within two weeks in November 1984, and one week in early January 1985 at the Sol, Cookham, Berkshire, and released on Decca Records on 25 April 1985 in the United Kingdom, and Passport Records on 22 April 1985, in the United States.
In September 1984, Bill Wyman conceived an idea to record a charity album, and by November had assembled a group of well-known musicians to record an album to help the Ronnie Lane Appeal for ARMS. The original working title for the album was Up in Arms, a play on the ARMS theme. The album was eventually named after the band Willie and the Poor Boys and the line up on the album featured Bill Wyman (bass), Charlie Watts (drums), Kenney Jones (drums), Jimmy Page (guitar), Paul Rodgers (vocals), Chris Rea (vocals), Andy Fairweather-Low (guitar), Geraint Watkins (keyboards), Mickey Gee (guitar), and Henry Spinetti (drums). The songs on this album encompassed vintage American blues, R & B, swing, and rock and roll material. In addition to the recording, a number of outtakes from the album in John Lee Hooker's 'I'm Mad' and Willie Dixon's 'Down in the Bottom' are known to exist, and were played during a Bill Wyman interview on American radio station KBFH in May 1984, but neither of these recordings have surface yet on any album.  During the recording of this album Wyman and Watts also contributed to the Howlin' Wolf album All Night Boogie at Olympic Studios, and Page and Rodgers were recording their first album and in rehearsals for their tour as the Firm.
Willie and the Poor Boys was released on vinyl LP, cassette, and standard single CD. The CD was reissued on Ripple Records in 1994.

Willie And The Poor Boys

The Juke Hounds - Bluesitude

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2014
Time: 36:59
Size: 85,0 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. I Drive - 4:00
 2. Stand Up - 3:33
 3. Throwin' A Good Man Away - 2:54
 4. My Prayer - 4:14
 5. Fight - 4:04
 6. Roller Coaster - 3:26
 7. Best Love - 4:14
 8. Superior Woman - 2:30
 9. Choose to be Young - 2:25
10. Flood Waters - 5:35

Bob Gardner-vocals, guitar;
Gerard Dominick -bass;
Doug Barber-keyboards;
Jimmy Kormanik-harmonica;
Mark Smallwood-drums.

2nd album from Akron, Ohio based band, The Juke Hounds, featuring 10 original tracks of defiant, blues and blues rock. Rhys Williams of "Blues Blast" magazine writes, " The attitude in both the lyrics and the aggressive attack of the musicians reflects the grit and power that is found throughout Bluesitude," and " it packs a powerful punch."
Blues with a 'tude, like BB King or Howlin' Wolf putting his foot down, and saying, "enough!"
The Juke Hounds share an attitude-- a Midwestern grit that makes them relate to the blues and to each other. When the Jukes play, you’ll hear echoes of BB King and James Cotton along with a defiance and swagger that says "you can't keep me down." The music, the lyrics and the bands’ aggressive stage presence announce they are a force to be reckoned with.
Says Rhys Williams of Blues Blast Magazine: "Kicking off with “I Drive”, which features a riff reminiscent of an updated, angular, more frazzled “Smokestack Lightnin’”, Gardner sings with real venom: “Backseat drivers give me lip, I ain’t going to take their shit, because it’s my life, my way, I drive.” The attitude in both the lyrics and the aggressive attack of the musicians reflects the grit and power that is found throughout Bluesitude. But this is also a band that understands light and shade. When Kormanik steps up for his harmonica solo in “I Drive”, the band slips into a gentler, funky, backing rhythm before Kormanik, Barber and Dominick drop out entirely, leaving Smallwood’s drums and Gardner’s solo guitar. Gardner pulls out a powerfully melodic solo while the musicians re-enter gradually to help build the tension and momentum of an impressive song. “
And Mladen Loncar of the Soundguardian.com writes: “Deeply immersed in a dynamic, effective and inervirajuci electric blues, these experienced musicians without doubt manage to effectively connect and present their original material and traditional blues repertoire. “


воскресенье, 29 января 2017 г.

The Taints - 'Taint Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2009
Time: 52:05
Size: 123,2 MB
Label: Taxim
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Solitaire - 5:18
 2. Time Is Money - 5:02
 3. Koko Road - 3:42
 4. Shootin' For My Heart - 4:28
 5. I'll Be With You - 3:06
 6. The House That Love Lives In - 5:39
 7. Let It Slide - 3:37
 8. 'Taint Blues - 3:24
 9. You're The Reason It's All My Fault - 3:23
10. Preaching To The Choir - 2:40
11. You Gotta Stand Tall - 4:55
12. Misty Rivers - 6:45

Steve Hohn - Lead, Rhythm & Slide Guitars, Vocals
Bleu Jackson - Guitar, Vocals
Fred James - Lead, Rhythm & Slide Guitars, Electric Sitar, Bass, Drums, Banjo, Steel Guitar, Vocals

The Taints are a Colorado based Roots-Rock band that features singer, songwriter, guitarist Steve Hohn. Their debut album "Taint Blues" for the Taxim label also features contributions from Nashville singer, songwriter, producer Fred James and Appalachian singer, songwriter Bleu Jackson. Like Little Feat, Credence Clearwater Revival, The Fabulous Thunderbirds and The Flying Burrito Brothers before them, The Taints mix up all of the American Roots Music styles (Rock, Country, Blues, Soul and Rockabilly) to come up with their own unique blend. The new rhythm section, comprised of Lenny Campanaro on drums and "Fingers" Farrell on bass, brings a new dimension to the group. These guys have all been around the block a time or two. The members of The Taints have previously worked with artists as diverse as The Amazing Rhythm Aces, Badfinger, Cold Blood, Dr. Hook, Ken Saydak, The Sam Lay Blues Band, Homesick James, Tommy Tutone, Iron Butterfly, Billy Joe Shaver and The Jelly Roll Kings, to name but a few.
The Taints are a fresh new band with roots that dig deep into traditional Americana. There is something for all ages and lovers of all kinds of Roots Music. This is a band that can play a juke joint one night, a Country Music club the next, a listening room following that and finish off the week at a Rock festival. The band is presently hard at work on their second album and is taking tour dates for 2009-2010.

Taint Blues

Mezcaleros - Road To Texas

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2012
Time: 49:11
Size: 112,6 MB
Label: Sacem
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
1. Let It Down - 4:44
2. Cajun River - 4:22
3. The Fox - 3:58
4. My Life Is Burning - 4:46
5. Hasta La Vista - 5:11
6. Gotta Go - 4:51
7. Eldorado - 5:06
8. Rock O'La - 4:14
9. Love On The Screen - 4:39
10. Breakdown Limousine - 3:47
11. Little Jimmy - 3:28

Phil "Mezcal" Marseille - All Guitars, Dobro, Harmonica and Vocals;
Jean-Etienne "Jet" Loose - Spanish Guitar on "Eldorado";
Michel "Mitch"Sanchez - Bass;
Yvan Ackermann - All Drums.

This project has been launched a few month ago by a guitar player, passionated by Blues and Southern Rock named Philippe Marseille AKA Phil Mezcal, a French guy from the south (yank !) of France, he used to go really often to the United States and particularly in the Deep south...
He's really habited by the music, the culture and the spirit of those regions and he decided as many amateurs to create his own music by his own way in a home-studio...
Phil decided, without great conviction, to put his music on-line, but things went really fast from this time with the help of a collaborative site which allows the artists to collect funds from the users to finance the fees of the recording and the promotion of an album...
This money allowed him to book for recording sessions at studio Tone House in Paris (the one from Joe Dauptain and Jean-Etienne Loose who are really good sound engineers) to prepare the future CD that should be soon available on main platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Fnac.fr, Virgin Megastore…
A sound looking like Blackfoot at their greatest period (with Rickey Medlocke and Jakson Spires) or ZZTop on "Waiting For The Bus/Jesus Just Left Chicago", a REAL DELIGHT !
For me, one of the greatest songs of this album is "Let It Down"...or..."Cajun river"...
The artwork of this CD will also be created by a pro, Stephane Martinez !
The CD had been mastered at UNIVERSAL Studios in Paris.
To perform the recording sessions, he needed a band, because it shouldn't have been possible, would have been too expensive and too long to do all this alone, that's why he hired a Blues/Rock drummer and also a bassist, but once all the titles had been published on Reverbnation the reached a really immense success and a lot of US musicians applied with him to be part of the band...
A lot of concerts opportunities in the US and Europe are also on their way...
The official releasing of the CD is planned for November 2011 and the promotional tour will occur in 2012 when the band will have been officially structured and when the will have had the time for the rehearsals to ensure the shows will be at least at an equal level as the CD and even better !
Rebel Spirit and an incredible musical quality are anyway the signature of Mezcaleros, and I suggest you to connect to Reverbnation to listen to all the tracks of this forthcoming album, and also to share this article with whoever are interested by this kind of music
We are awaiting firmly the release date of this CD, this is a certitude !

Road To Texas

Sons Of Blues & Chi-Town Hustlers - Romancing The Blue Stone

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1985
Time: 54:00
Size: 124,8 MB
Label: Black&Blue Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. I'm Going Fishing Baby - 8:04
 2. You've Stayed Away Too Long - 3:45
 3. The Band Ladies Have The Blues - 6:36
 4. In My Lonely Room - 5:11
 5. Baby Can I Make You Change Your Mind? - 2:46
 6. As The Years Go Pasing By - 7:43
 7. I Haven't Been Too Long - 3:59
 8. Rock Me Baby - 3:54
 9. In The Ghetto - 4:26
10. Fours - 7:31

Billy Branch - harmonica, vocal
Carlton Weathersby - guitar, vocal
J.W. Williams - bass guitar, vocal
Franqois Rilhac - piano
Mose Rutues - drums, vocal
Buster Benton - guitar, vocal

This Chicago, Illinois, USA-based band (aka S.O.B. Band) originally comprised Lurrie Bell, Billy Branch, bass player Freddie Dixon (son of Willie Dixon), and Garland Whiteside. They garnered international acclaim for their recordings on Volume Three of the Alligator Records label’s groundbreaking Living Chicago Blues series. Bell left in the early 80s and so Branch assumed leadership. The band’s 1983 album for the Red Beans label, released under the Billy Branch & The Sons Of Blues moniker, included solid Chicago blues and some contemporary R&B. The line-up of Branch, guitarist Carlos Johnson, bass player J.W. Williams and drummer Moses Rutues was augmented by several guests, including Jimmy Walker. In recognition of Williams’ own former band, the group is now known as the Sons Of Blues/Chi-Town Hustlers, under which name they recorded in 1987.

Romancing The Blue Stone

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Hollywood Fats & The Paladins - Live 1985

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2008
Time: 61:12
Size: 140,3 MB
Label: TopCat Records
Styles: Blues/Jump Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Hideaway - 3:29
 2. She's Fine - 5:18
 3. I've Tried - 4:04
 4. Lawdy Lawdy Miss Mary - 6:15
 5. Whole Lotta Shakin' - 5:11
 6. The Groove - 3:36
 7. Rooster Blues - 4:00
 8. Tear It Up - 3:57
 9. That Will Never Do - 6:06
10. Let's Have A Party - 4:39
11. Mystery Train - 4:49
12. Sidetracked - 3:12
13. Goin' To Get My Baby - 6:31

It\'s Old School, Texas style House-Rockin\' Rockabilly meets Swingin\' West Coast Jump Blues, a jaw-dropping combination that is nothing less than stunning.
TopCat Records is proud to announce the release of Hollywood Fats & the Paladins Live - 1985!
This inspiring historical record was culled from a sizzling performance for a packed house by this legendary Blues Guitar Master, recorded at the fabled Greenville Avenue Bar & Grill in Dallas, Texas on December 19, 1985.
Fats was on tour with celebrated southern California buddies, the Paladins, considered to be some of blues' and rockabilly's most dynamic performers. The Paladins consisted of singer/guitarist Dave Gonzales, his high school pal bassist Thomas Yearsley and drummer Brian Fahey.
Even over 20 years after his untimely passing, Hollywood Fats' presence and influence is still strongly felt. He was truly a musician's musician. Fats (Michael Mann) was born in 1954 and sadly passed away in 1986, before receiving widespread recognition of his musical genius. He did manage to make a name for himself as one of the finest young guitar slingers to blast out of California, an undisputed reputation that lives on to this day. Thankfully, this fallen Blues Master is finally getting the proper acknowledgment he so richly deserves.
Fats began playing guitar at the age of 10 and proceeded to spend his remaining two decades playing with blues & rock legends including John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Albert King, "Shakey" Jake Harris, Magic Sam, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, William Clarke, James Harman, Canned Heat, the Blasters, the Paladins and, of course, the venerated Hollywood Fats Band.
It has been hoped that someday more material from Fats would surface. Well folks, that day has come. Buckle up and brace yourself for a blazing rocket ride back in time to a truly unforgettable, extraordinary night over 22 years ago.
This amazing CD swings, shuffles, rocks and implants itself into a stone-cold groove as these fiery guitar wizards tear it up with a relentless barrage of tasteful, white hot guitar nuggets. It's Old School Texas style House-Rockin' Rockabilly meets Swingin' West Coast Jump Blues, played by an elite combination of musicians resulting in a performance that is nothing less than stunning.
Although the original recording was relatively "lo-fi", our extensive mastering efforts to bring out the best audio fidelity possible resulted in a highly satisfactory production. This exceptional performance alone warrants world-wide release and certainly deserves inclusion with the awe-inspiring body of work Fats left with us.
If you like incendiary guitar impeccably played with consummate finesse, cool rhythms and soulful vocals, then you need look no further. This is the real deal!

Live 1985

Ronnie Baker Brooks - Golddigger

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1998
Time: 60:27
Size: 141,6 MB
Label: Watchdog Records
Styles: Blues/Chicago Style
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. She's A Golddigger - 5:14
 2. Turn A Bad Into A Positive - 4:14
 3. Baby Please (Come Back Home) - 5:03
 4. Where Do I Stand In Line - 6:00
 5. Love Rebound - 5:55
 6. Stuck On Stupid - 7:46
 7. You Make Me feel So Good - 3:54
 8. Make These Blues Survive - 4:08
 9. Must've Been Bought - 4:02
10. Bald-headed Woman - 4:45
11. Cry Baby Cry - 5:03
12. I'll See You Again - 4:18

Ronnie Baker Brooks, not only sings with soulful fire and plays guitar with a white-hot intensity, he's also carrying the torch from the previous generation of soul and blues greats and moving the music into the future.


Doug Prescott Band - Blues In The Key Of Sea

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2013
Time: 36:17
Size: 83,6 MB
Label: Howlin' At the Moon Music
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock/Americana
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Blues In The Key Of Sea - 3:36
 2. 99% Won't Do - 2:52
 3. Purple Heart in a Crown Vic - 3:48
 4. A Little O Dat - 3:33
 5. Don't Let Our Love Go - 3:47
 6. If You Talk The Talk - 2:38
 7. Hell - 2:44
 8. A Million Ways - 3:27
 9. Smooth Sailin' Day - 3:35
10. Be The Promised Land - 2:39
11. Summer of 1968 - 3:33

A truly eclectic mix of blues, rock, R&B, reggae, bluegrass a la Little Feat, Delbert McClinton, Allman Bros, Dire Straits/
Doug has been crafting his songwriting skills since the late 60’s. Many bands and recordings later, 2011 saw the release of his 2nd solo effort, The Journey & The Deep Blue Sea. This release has met with widespread critical acclaim and is getting airplay throughout the U.S. and Internationally. Doug was able to bring together a diverse and highly skilled group of musicians and singers for this release, from Craig Fuller on background vocals (Pure Prairie League, Little Feat) to Will McFarlane on guitar (Bonnie Raitt), and from Martin Parker on drums (Vince Gill, Don Williams and many more) and Allyn Love on pedal steel guitar (Steve Wariner, Patty Lovelace and others) to Tony Bowman on keys (Edgar Winter) and engineering/co-production. The 10 songs on this release are all over the map stylistically, yet form a cohesive Blues/Alt-Country/Americana blend, with truth and the heart at the core. One of the common threads throughout Doug’s recordings have been his musical connection with Tommy Hartley, a guitar virtuoso who permeates the music.

Blues In The Key Of Sea

среда, 25 января 2017 г.

The Blind Boys Of Alabama - I'm A Soldier In The Army Of The Lord

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1982
Time: 50:17
Size: 115,5 MB
Label: Peace International
Styles: Blues/Gospel
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. (I'm a) Soldier (In the Army of the Lord) - 5:42
 2. God Said It (That's Good Enough For Me) - 5:31
 3. Somebody's Gone - 3:36
 4. Tears for Water - 4:44
 5. Jesus (He's Got What I Need) (AKA: Only You) - 2:41
 6. Sing a Song - 4:04
 7. I've Been Born Again - 3:31
 8. Holding On - 2:53
 9. God Is Movin' - 2:13
10. He Lives - 2:34
11. Love Lifted Me - 2:45
12. All on the Altar - 3:47
13. Satisfied - 3:06
14. Shine Your Light - 3:03

The   Blind   Boys   of   Alabama  hooked up with Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff for the 1982 album  I'm   a   Soldier   in   the   Army   of   the   Lord , originally released on the Philadelphia International Records gospel subsidiary Peace International. Twenty-two years later, during a period of high visibility for the group, The Right Stuff/Philadelphia International re-released the album on CD with six previously unreleased bonus tracks. The collection sounds very much like a Philadelphia International release of the '70s or '80s, as  the   Blind   Boys  are placed in R&B arrangements that recall such PI acts as Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes Featuring Teddy Pendergrass. That effect is particularly notable in "( I'm   A )  Soldier  ( In   the   Army   of   the   Lord )" (co-written by Gamble and Cecil Womack) and the Gamble/Huff composition "Jesus, He's Got What I Need," both of which appeared on the original album. "God Is Movin'," another song from the LP, and the previously unreleased "Somebody's Gone" bear the influence of Earth, Wind & Fire with their lively horn charts. Elsewhere, especially on other newly released tracks such as "Shine Your Light,"  the   Blind   Boys  employ more traditional arrangements, some contributed by group member Clarence Fountain. But for the most part, the album represents a successful attempt to update  the   Blind   Boys ' sound for the '80s.

I'm A Soldier In The Army Of The Lord

Guitar Gabriel - The Beginning Of The Music Maker Story

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2009
Time: 77:47
Size: 178,7 MB
Label:  Dixiefrog Records
Styles: Louisiana Blues/Swamp Blues/Acoustic Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Wahoo Rap - 3:24
 2. She Been Gone Too Long - 3:11
 3. Ain't Gonna Let No Woman - 2:44
 4. Started Out This Morning - 5:08
 5. Going To New York - 3:00
 6. Miss You Like The Devil - 4:21
 7. John Henry - 3:34
 8. Old Man Rivers - 4:18
 9. I Got The Right To Cry Sometimes - 6:52
10. The Welfare Blues - 3:12
11. Rock Me Baby - 3:42
12. You Got To Watch Yourself - 2:33
13. Baby Please Don't Go - 2:10
14. Betty & Dupree - 4:16
15. Done Got Tired - 5:24
16. Meet Me In The Bottom - 3:24
17. Landlord Blues - 2:53
18. Key To The Highway - 3:59
19. Running With Jesus Is Just Like An Automobile - 1:51
20. Okalaka Blues - 4:19
21. Left That Farm - 3:23

This gorgeously packaged CD and booklet from Dixie Frog Records comes with 80 minutes of mostly unreleased music by Guitar Gabriel. The CD booklet includes John Creech’s "The Last Bluesman,” a compelling story of the struggles and glory of Music Maker Relief Foundation’s earliest days. His encounter with this artist in 1991 determined the creation of the foundation and the label.
b. Gabriel Perrodin, 17 August 1937, Bellvue, Louisiana, USA. Learning guitar in his teens, Gable was influenced by the ringing, melodic style of Guitar Slim. He recorded for Jay Miller with his band the Musical Kings in 1956/7, and several successful singles were issued on Excello Records. The music was very much in the south Louisiana R&B mould, with a touch of New Orleans rock ‘n’ roll. Gable’s distinctive guitar effectively complemented the lead vocals of King Karl. Guitar Gable’s band retained its popularity in local clubs throughout the rest of the 50s, but it appears that he retired from performing when he joined the army around 1959.

The Beginning Of The Music Maker Story

The Joey Gilmore Band - Respect The Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 52:57
Size: 121,9 MB
Label: Mosher Street Records
Styles: Blues/Chicago Blues/R&B
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Man of My Word - 5:10
 2. Can't Kill Nothin' - 3:29
 3. Brownskin Woman - 5:12
 4. Livin' A Lie - 4:27
 5. A Little Love (Always Makes It Bettah) - 3:48
 6. Breakin' Up Somebody's Home - 6:02
 7. This Time I'm Gone For Good - 4:34
 8. Chain Of Fools - 5:25
 9. Room 244 - 4:57
10. Soul Survivor - 4:56
11. Night Time Is The Right Time - 4:51

An outstanding collection of Soulfull Blues by this great band.
South Florida's legendary Bluesman with his full band and 11 outstanding tracks of Soulfull Blues.
I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Respect The Blues, from the Joey Gilmore Band and it's quite good. Opening with deep blues, Man of My Word, Joey Gilmore breathes soul into this grabber with his super vocals and guitar joined by Robert Carter on bass, Raul Hernandez on drums, Maurice Dukes on drums, Sonny Boy Williams on keys and Ivan Chopik on guitar. On rolling shuffle, Can't Kill Nothin' Gilmore has a lot of characteristics of both BB and Albert. His guitar work is distinctly his own and cool. One of my favorite tracks on the release, Brownskin Woman, includes the harp work of Rockin' Jake. This track has a really nice feel with Gilmore showing his best on vocal and guitar. Very nice. Hi steppin', Livin' A Lie, features Edlene Hart on lead vocal and with just the right balance keyboard work by Williams is a real cruiser. Cajun flavored Livin' A Lie, penned by Beau Jocque sees a stinging guitar solo and warm organ work by Williams. Always one of my favorite tracks, Breakin' Up Somebody's Home, has a nice swagger, emphasized by Carter's solid bass work and backing vocals by Edlene Hart, Domino Johnson and Arlene Coutee and horn work by Yoel Hymas. Another track featuring the lead vocals by Hart is This Time I'm Gone For Good. With a solid bass line by Carter and tight guitar riffs, this track is really quite good. R&B track, Room 244 has a strong groove and Gilmore's vocals are prime backed by Hart and Johnson. Wrapping the release is Roosevelt Sykes' Night Time Is The Right Time. Featuring Hart and Gilmore on lead vocal and solid backing by Coutee and Johnson this is a strong closer.

Respect The Blues

The Hollywood Blue Flames - Soul Sanctuary

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2005
Time: 46:30
Size: 107,4 MB
Label: Delta Groove Productions, Inc.
Styles: Blues/West Coast Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Flambed - 1:55
 2. Nit Wit - 2:19
 3. The Land of Calio - 3:30
 4. Soon Forgotten - 3:59
 5. He's a Blues Man - 4:23
 6. Jo Angelyn - 5:12
 7. I'm a Lucky, Lucky Man - 2:59
 8. Black Cat Bone - 2:33
 9. Soul Sanctuary - 3:19
10. My National Inquirer Baby - 2:39
11. Coco Puffin' - 7:14
12. Big Foot's Boogie - 2:12
13. You're Sweer (feat. Kim Wilson) - 4:09

Al Blake - vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar
Kirk Eli Fletcher - guitar
Larry Taylor - bass
Fred Kaplan - piano, organ
Richard Innes - drums
and special guest:
Kim Wilson

A tasteful and intelligent modern blues band, the Hollywood Flames came together in 1975 on the West Coast as the Hollywood Fats Band, led by guitar phenom Michael “Hollywood Fats” Mann and featuring Larry Taylor on bass and drums, Richard Innes on piano and Hammond B-3, Fred Kaplan on piano and guitar, and harmonica whiz Al Blake. The group specialized in a kind of informed update of the classic electric blues bands of the 1950s, keeping the tradition alive while giving it a push forward at the same time. Mann’s death in 1986 brought the band to a close until 2005 when the original members reunited as the Hollywood Blue Flames, this time with guitarist Kirk Fletcher aboard, and continued making vital blues music in the same vein as the original group. A debut album under the Hollywood Blue Flames name, Soul Sanctuary, appeared in 2005 from Delta Groove, followed by Road to Rio in 2006 and Deep in America in 2010. ~ Steve Leggett

Soul Sanctuary

вторник, 24 января 2017 г.

Little Sonny - Blues With A Feeling (Live)

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1996
Time: 69:44
Size: 160,2 MB
Label: Sequel Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Introduction by Michael Turner / The Creeper Returns - 2:09
 2. They Want Money - 6:32
 3. A Woman Named Trouble - 7:59
 4. Goin' Down Slow - 7:25
 5. Hot Potato - 7:33
 6. Honest I Do - 5:23
 7. Blues With A Feeling - 3:54
 8. Sad Funk Medley: Sad Funk / No Nights By Myself / Sweet Little Angel / Sweet Sixteen - 9:38
 9. John Sinclair Interview - 3:12
10. The Creeper - 3:04
11. Latin Soul - 2:07
12. Stretchin' Out - 2:58
13. Little Sonny Interview - 7:42

The Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival was a remarkable undertaking in 1972. Produced by a community-based non-profit organization staffed by long-haired music business professionals and left-wing cultural revolutionaries like this writer, it brought together a strange concatenation of modern blues giants, leading avant-garde jazz musicians, and an audience of 12,000 hippies and college students for a three-day extravaganza of Black music, sunshine and fun in a field next to Huron High School.
Following on the Ann Arbor Blues Festivals of 1969 and 1970, a pair of artistic and critical successes which unhappily lost a considerable sum of money for the student group at the University of Michigan that had sponsored them, the Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival reached out beyond the traditionally small knot of identifiable blues devotees to tap the curiosity of rock & roll lovers who were--in 1972 -till open to new musical experiences and anything else that could stretch their cultural horizons.
Funded by means of a chance meeting with a young man who wished to make socially righteous use of a small inheritance, the Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival offered this writer--as its co-producer, creative director and music programmer--the opportunity to create a musical blend previously unrealized in the USA, and this welcome opening was pursued with zeal and considerable glee.
The opening night presentation on September 8, 1972, offered 45-minute sets by the Seigel-Schwall Blues Band, Detroit's Contemporary Jazz Quintet (CJQ), Jr. Walker & The All-Stars, Sun Ra & His Arkestra, and Howlin' Wolf.
The next afternoon featured the Music of Chicago, with performances by Muddy Waters, the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Hound Dog Taylor & the Houserockers, and Mighty Joe Young with Lucille Spann and Koko Taylor, including a surprise appearance by the Bard of Vicksburg, Mr. Willie Dixon.
Sunday afternoon brought to the stage Freddy King, Archie Shepp, Sippie Wallace with Bonnie Raitt, Luther Allison (who proved to be the Festival's true star), and Ann Arbor's Mojo Boogie Band.
Sunday night climaxed the Festival with Miles Davis, Otis Rush (with Jimmy Dawkins), Leo Smith & Marion Brown, Lightnin' Slim, Boogie Woogie Red, and unannounced guests Robert Jr. Lockwood and Johnny Shines.
The Saturday night show was intended as the ultimate piece de resistance: the Charles Mingus Jazz Workshop, the great Bobby 'Blue' Bland, Dr. John's "Nite-Tripper" revue, and Detroit's own Little Sonny, soon to be acclaimed by his promoters at Stax Records as the "New King of the Blues Harmonica."
It turned out to be impossible to feature Charles Mingus--an unavoidable figure in this writer's pantheon of available musical greats--until the following year due to his prolonged illness, and he was replaced by the Pharaoh Sanders Quintet. Bobby Bland and Dr. John met every expectation, and Little Sonny opened the show with a well-paced set of originals and blues classics that showed off his vocal and harmonica mastery.
At the time Little Sonny, long one of this writer's favorite modern bluesmen, was enjoying the small surge of popular success that had followed the release of his first Enterprise LP, Black & Blue, produced by Al Bell and Zorn Productions for the Stax Records subsidiary.
It seemed exactly the right time to present Sonny to the largest audience he had faced to date, and the response his performance elicited was heart-warming indeed.
Little Sonny has his own memories of the occasion, as he recalls for Tom Gelardi in the audio memoir included at the end of this disc:
"Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am Little Sonny. I was in Memphis doing a tour of promotion. I was promoting the album Black & Blue. We went into New York, Texas, New Orleans and went into Memphis and St. Louis, Missouri.
"After I was out there for about two weeks promoting, I came back home and picked up my sons and then we went back on the road again.
"I was called by Mrs. Rodgers her booking agency was Rodgers & Rodgers. She called me at the hotel that morning and asked me to do the Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival. I told her to get the contracts together and I accepted.
"We came and we got our automobiles and we drove up to Ann Arbor to do the show. We got in and we was there in the range of about two hours or more before we got a chance to go on stage. We did not have a sound check we went on without a sound check, and actually we was the opening act of that particular show.
"We opened up and started the first number and the crowd just dived in with me and everybody started having a good time. Everybody seemed like they were glad to see us because this was the first time that we played the Ann Arbor Festival. The Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival was one of the largest festivals I ever played."


Guitar Gabriel & The Brothers in the Kitchen - Toot Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2006
Time: 38:08
Size: 87,8 MB
Label: Music Maker
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Do You Know What It Means To Have A Friend? -  2:31
 2. Came Home In The Morning -  1:56
 3. Just A Little Bit -  2:20
 4. Landlord Blues -  2:52
 5. Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross -  2:31
 6. Amazing Grace -  2:26
 7. Careless Love -  4:20
 8. Done Got Tired -  5:31
 9. She's Been Gone Too Long -  3:17
10. I Got The Right To Cry Sometimes - 10:20

One thing that serious blues collectors absolutely love is obscurity; they love to find a recording by an obscure, little-known bluesman and tell other blues collectors about it. There is nothing wrong with looking for recordings by obscure bluesmen as long as they are good, solid recordings, and Toot Blues is a good, solid recording. Guitar Gabriel (b. Oct. 12, 1925, d. April 2, 1996) was not a major name in the blues world; it is quite possible to be a serious blues historian and not know who he was. But one person who was hip to Gabriel was producer/guitarist Timothy Duffy, who produced this recording in Winston-Salem, NC, in 1991; Gabriel died five years later in 1996. This enjoyable 38-minute CD has no problem capturing the raw, rugged, bare-bones spirit of Southern country blues. With Gabriel on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Duffy on guitar, and their colleague Captain Luke providing some additional vocals, Toot Blues thrives on intimacy -- and the expressive Gabriel tends to favor the Piedmont blues style. He also favors a blend of blues and gospel at times; although most of the material is secular, Gabriel includes a few Christian songs (including the standard "Amazing Grace"). On the religious tracks, he brings to mind the late Rev. Gary Davis -- an acoustic country blues legend and South Carolina native who was famous for combining blues and gospel. Toot Blues is well worth obtaining if one is a fan of acoustic Southern country blues, and Duffy should be applauded for having the good taste to document Guitar Gabriel while he still had the chance.

Toot Blues

Lee Gates - Black Lucys Deuce

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2006
Time: 50:03
Size: 115,9 MB
Label: Music Maker
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Get Drunk Baby & Party All Night Long - 3:33
 2. My Wife Left Me A Long Time Ago - 7:31
 3. Black Lucy Moanin  The Blues - 5:54
 4. Funkin - 2:21
 5. In Deep Up To My Neck - 4:09
 6. The Best Lover Id Ever Had - 4:12
 7. Too Much Traffic In My House Today - 6:05
 8. Help Me Baby Long As I Live - 4:51
 9. Cools Groove - 4:54
10. Deuces Wild - 6:28

“Lee Gates remains a local legend, although this release may soon rectify that …plenty of stomping good-time party blues as Gates unleashes some aggressive, stinging axe work.” —Bad Dog Blues

Black Lucys Deuce

Lee Gates - Touring With Lucy

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2009
Time: 54:31
Size: 124,8 MB
Label: Music Maker
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Meet You On the Other Side of Town - 3:49
 2. I Can Hear Blues In My Head - 5:52
 3. I'm Leaving You Woman - 5:48
 4. Slipping and Sliding Down the Street - 6:46
 5. Guitar Moaning the Blues - 6:44
 6. I'm Going Down Highway 94 - 5:33
 7. Why Don't These Young People Understand - 5:15
 8. Wonder Why Black Lucy Has the Blues - 7:45
 9. My Baby Won't Stay Home - 6:55

Third album by the guitar player and vocalist. Since migrating to Milwaukee he has worked pouring steel and playing his guitar on weekends. Since 2003 he is touring the world as a blues musician. His guitar playing is fine; but his voice is almost gone. LEE GATES ' gtr/voc, CHARLES HAYES 'gtr, DAN HOCTOR ' kbds, NICK ' bass, ARDIE DEAN ' drums.

Touring With Lucy

Lee Gates - Lee Gates and the Alabama Cotton Kings

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2003
Time: 40:35
Size: 93,0 MB
Label: Music Macker
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Sweet Lucy's Groove - 3:04
 2. You Gotta Love Me Baby - 3:45
 3. I Got A Honky Tonk Woman - 3:07
 4. Down To The Getto - 2:54
 5. Lucy's Voodoo - 3:10
 6. When Baby Got The Blues - 4:41
 7. I'm Going Back Home - 5:17
 8. Lee's Boogie - 7:16
 9. Lucy Cryin' - 7:18

Lee Gates & The Alabama Cotton Kings album by Lee Gates was released Sep 13, 2003 on the CD Baby label. Lee Gates one of Milwaukee's pre-eminent blues musicians was born December 20, 1937 in Pontotoc, Mississippi. Lee Gates & The Alabama Cotton Kings music CDs His parents Brice and Inez Gates were both guitarists, "My mother was the one the one who got me started. Lee Gates & The Alabama Cotton Kings songs I was about 14 when she got me an electric guitar. "In 1959 Lee migrated to Milwaukee where he found work performing with the house band at Wilson's Club at 10th and Center Streets for 15 years straight Lee Gates & The Alabama Cotton Kings album. It is not until 1974 that he met his legendary cousin Albert Collins Lee Gates & The Alabama Cotton Kings CD music. "My daddy's brother had a lot of kids out there in Texas Lee Gates & The Alabama Cotton Kings music CDs. I never met them as a child, but we all knew of each other. When Albert came to Milwaukee I showed him around and we did some gigs together. Every time he came to town we would go out and eat supper together, he was a good friend to me." In October of 2003 Lee called me up and announced that he was coming to Hillsborough.

Lee Gates and the Alabama Cotton Kings

понедельник, 23 января 2017 г.

Michael Louis - The Roll Up

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2004
Time: 57:32
Size: 131,9 MB
Label: MMM Records
Styles: Blues/Rockin Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. What Comes Around - 3:43
 2. Bad Things - 4:16
 3. Junker Blues - 3:37
 4. Sad Sad Story - 4:36
 5. 29 Ways - 3:46
 6. The Roll Up - 8:04
 7. My Gal Kangaroo - 2:47
 8. Jam 373 - 3:01
 9. Walking The Dog - 3:56
10. Tell Me Something (I Don't Know) - 3:24
11. Dream Of You - 3:55
12. Congo Mombo - 3:19
13. Never Been To Spain - 4:45
14. Again - 4:16

Guitarist/Singer, Michael Louis was born in NYC and raised in Brooklyn, NY and still lives there. Growing up on the streets of the New York City area had a profound effect on his music. His musical style is also influenced from the south through blues, jazz, funk, soul, rhythm and all its offshoots that were born there. On his new album "THE ROLL UP," you hear the tough funk in Willie Dixon's "29 Ways," blues/soul in "Sad, Sad Story," the Allmans style jamming on "The Roll Up," the heavy rock of "Bad Things," the New Orleans pop blues of "Junker Blues"(a tribute to one of his favorite spots in the world, New Orleans & also to its writer, "Champion" Jack Dupree). The CD with 14 songs in all was released Fall 2004. His band includes: Frank Diorio/Drums and Andrei Sebastian/Bass. Frank's most recent gigs have been with Felicia Collins (David Letterman Band) & Phoebe Snow. Andrei is a great up and coming bass player who understands the fatback style of playing his instrument. Michael has played with members of the Jimmy Vivino Band and the Jerry Vivino Band (the Max Weinberg 7/Conan O' Brien). Michael is also well known with his rockabilly band "SLICK PELT." They have 2 CDs out on his own label, MMM Records. Slick Pelt has toured the south, mid-west and up & down the East Coast and have opened for: Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, The Blasters, Gov't Mule, George Clinton & P Funk, Koko Taylor, Robert Gordon and even Randy Quaid (& the Sharks). Michael and his current group perform all over the NY Tri-State area. He has a solid fan base and his (former) web site had over 50,000 hits. His CDs with Slick Pelt are available through every major CD retailer on the internet. His new release is greatly anticipated by fans and retailers alike.

The Roll Up

City Streets - Temptation

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2010
Time: 59:01
Size: 135,7 MB
Label: AZR
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Salty Seas - 4:04
 2. Why - 4:35
 3. Good Times Never Come - 5:24
 4. Sweet Sweet Things - 4:17
 5. Slippery Slope - 2:51
 6. Do Ya - 4:33
 7. Ice Cold Beer - 3:32
 8. My Friend - 4:09
 9. Tickle My Fancy - 3:19
10. Torn - 4:13
11. Virtual Lover - 3:58
12. Once Had - 4:37
13. Enough - 4:11
14. No Excuses - 5:11

This project is a best of type of project. The group changed singers, so we recorded songs from other projects from our past. It is a 70's rock style with a strong blues influence. A few songs have a Latin rhythm. Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard.


четверг, 19 января 2017 г.

Big Allanbik - Blues Special Reserve

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1998
Time: 69:09
Size: 159,3 MB
Label: Blues Time
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Red Hot Kisses -  6:09
 2. I Feel So Good -  4:59
 3. Down And Out -  5:23
 4. Big Fat Woman -  5:59
 5. Afternoon -  4:46
 6. Where s Yvone ? -  3:37
 7. I Can t Get Next To You -  5:13
 8. Clouds (Tribute To Roy Buchanan) -  3:41
 9. One More Drag To You -  5:54
10. Fore Day Rider -  3:38
11. The Bad Is Shakin  / La Canja -  5:37
12. A Fool For Your Stockings - 10:05
13. Ride On Pony -  4:01

The Big Allanbik blues band appeared in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro and was already releasing its first CD, Blues Special Reserve in the next year. The second one, Black Coffee (1994), was launched during the Nescafй and Blues Festival (Sгo Paulo), where Robert Cray, Lonnie Brooks, Otis Clay, Ronnie Earl, Robben Ford, and Eric Burdon also played. Two years later the band  went to the U.S., playing at the Blue Note (New York, NY) and at the Tobacco Road (Miami, FL).
In Chicago they played with Duke Robillard at Buddy Guy's Legends and with Lonnie Brooks at  the Chicago Blue Note. Their third album, Batuque y Blues (1998), produced by Bob Stander,  mixed a Brazilian percussion to classic rock and blues. In the same year, the band performed  at the Metropolitan hall in Rio four times, on the same night that Steve Winwood and B.B. King  played. In Sгo Paulo they had gigs in the Palace and other major nightclubs. At the Parque do Ibirapuera they did a show on the same day that Johnny Rivers played for over 70,000 people.

Blues Special Reserve

Big Al Carson - Take Your Drunken Ass Home

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2002
Time: 63:48
Size: 146,7 MB
Label: Mardi Gras Records
Styles: New Orleans Blues, Soul
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Because I Got High - 5:45
 2. Champagne & Reefer - 5:21
 3. Nursery Rhymes - 5:16
 4. Dip My Dipper - 6:24
 5. Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On - 4:38
 6. I'll Never Love Like That Again - 5:17
 7. Baby's Love - 5:12
 8. Everyday Dreamer - 2:46
 9. Built For Comfort - 4:44
10. Strokin' (Club Version) - 5:22
11. Tell It Like It Is - 8:37
12. Take Your Drunken Ass Home - 4:21

Big Al Carson leads a band called the Blues Masters, who play six nights a week at the Funky Pirate on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. I've been to N.O. about half a dozen time in the last two years, and I catch at least one of Big Al's sets every trip.
Big Al is a powerful singer with an expansive voice that ranges from an Aaron Neville falsetto to a Barry White growl. He has a great rapport with the crowd, alternately using humor and his commanding presence to keep everyone engaged, entertained and in line. The Blues Masters are a tight trio who provide a solid backdrop for Big Al, who's clearly the focal point of the band. I'm not sure if the musicians on the CD are the same ones who usually play at the Funky Pirate, but the live band exhibits an easy camaraderie that makes it seem like they've all been playing a long time (or maybe that just comes from doing 20+ sets a week.)
"Take Your Drunken Ass Home" does a perfect job of capturing the feel of a Big Al show, with a good blend of up-tempo modern blues, a few soulful ballads, and a handful of lewd and very funny novelties mixed in. It's well-produced, with a good mix that keeps the vocals up front without losing track of the music. If you've ever seen Big Al Carson, you have to own this record. And if you haven't seen Big Al Carson, you better get to New Orleans ASAP.

Take Your Drunken Ass Home

Jeff Gates - Secession

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2013
Time: 53:07
Size: 134,9 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Southern Rock/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. The New Way - 4:01
 2. The Truth - 4:18
 3. When You Lay Me Down - 5:29
 4. Love Offering - 4:34
 5. Crazy - 3:31
 6. Pins and Needles - 3:00
 7. Here Comes the Night - 4:44
 8. Get It Gone - 3:27
 9. Don't Look Down - 4:32
10. Demons - 3:33
11. Southern Style - 5:04
12. Rush - 6:47

"Secession" - is full of Southern Rock songs written, played, sung and recorded by Jeff Gates in the Soul Shack Studio, this album is not for the meek and mild!
To categorize Jeff Gates’ music would be like choosing one color to describe an entire range of mountains.  Jeff has written and performed volumes of tunes that run the gamut from good ol’ back porch blues to 80’s hair band rock.  His two latest CDs, ‘You Make Me’ (2011) and  ‘Colorblind Blues’ (2012), mix funky blues with pop rock.
From an early age, Jeff knew that he wanted to play music, and because of his drive and determination, has done just that.  Jeff is a musician…not just someone who plays in a band occasionally, but a true musician.  As the owner of a recording studio, he can usually be found recording a band, teaching his students, or writing his own music.  When he is not in the studio, Jeff is performing; entertaining audiences with his brilliance on the guitar and his amusing banter on the mic.  His guitar style has been compared to Hendrix, Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan, and his voice likened to the raspy sounds of Bob Seger and Bryan Adams.  Jeff’s style may bring to mind these other musicians, but his original songs and his passion for music set him aside as a one-of-a-kind.   There certainly is a wealth of talent contained in this enthusiastic individual.


Jeff Gates Band - Colorblind Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2012
Time: 32:33
Size: 74,6 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Call Me Up - 3:25
 2. Bad Mood - 3:39
 3. Colorblind - 4:28
 4. Layin' In the Bed - 2:07
 5. Why You Wanna Be So Bad - 3:43
 6. When My Baby Lets Me - 3:22
 7. Over You - 2:48
 8. I Saw the Light - 4:57
 9. Blue Condition - 4:00

Written, composed, performed, recorded and mastered by Jeff Gates. Drums played by Scottie Thomas.

Colorblind Blues

Jeff Gates Band - You Make Me

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2011
Time: 40:20
Size: 92,9 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues Rock/Southern Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Wanted You Too Much - 4:45
 2. Poor Little Rich Girl - 3:44
 3. You Make Me - 2:46
 4. Work - 3:26
 5. Dreams - 4:28
 6. Nobody - 3:59
 7. Dangerous - 4:02
 8. Sweet Sweet - 4:45
 9. Get It Gone - 3:31
10. Everybody Knows - 4:49

Upstate South Carolina’s Jeff Gates has been there, done that, and got the t-shirt. A former member of the 80’s rock staple Nantucket, Gates has traveled the highways and biways of these United States in style, sharing stages with the biggest names in rock. Now he delivers a CD that is all Jeff. A blues rocking collection that will set your toes to tapping.
From the opener, “Wanted You Too Much,” the gravel-voiced Gates belts out the blues rock from the heart, augmenting the vocal with some might tasty guitar artistry. Of course, “Poor Little Rich Girl” may be my favorite cut on the record. It’s downright funky.
The title track, “You Make Me,” sounds good with a little volume behind it. Try tuning up the volume control a but on this bass and drum driven rocker. I’m just sayin.’... And the lead guitar work is really nice on this one as well. Oh, and the rocking “Work” is one of the finest songs about walking away from a bad relationship I have heard lately, and when Jeff utters the words “I ain’t gonna work for you no more,” he means it, and echoes those sentiments with a scorching lead solo. You go brother.
Of course, Gates can dish up a fine ballad as well, as with “Dreams,” and sing a smoldering blues with “Dangerous.” And “Sweet Sweet” is another good one that showcases Jeff’s guitar playing on both acoustic and electric.
You Make Me is a rocking good time, with infectious blues, some southern funk and a whole lot of fine guitar playing. Buffalo says
Check it out.” - Michael Buffalo Smith

You Make Me

среда, 18 января 2017 г.

Cold Blue Steel - Drivin' to Mexico

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1990
Time: 47:10
Size: 110,4 MB
Label: PeeWee Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. I Vibrate - 1:58
 2. Louisiana Mojo Man - 3:13
 3. The Girl That Radiates - 2:51
 4. Oh Baby - 3:22
 5. Drivin' To Mexico - 3:05
 6. Big City Woman - 4:12
 7. Reconsider Baby - 4:59
 8. Good Good Lovin' - 2:26
 9. Pink Machinery - 3:30
10. Souhern Woman - 3:27
11. Waco Stomp - 3:24
12. Charley's Shuffle, Or 10-11 Boogie - 2:50
13. Pretty Little Lights - 3:53
14. Road Runner - 3:55

Blues, Rockabilly, and Good Ol' Rock and Roll. Texas Style.
Texas in the '50s... When a car was the only way to go places and gasoline was 14 cents a gallon. This was the reason interstate highways were designed. This was the land of Chevys, Buicks, Harley-Davidson motorcycles and rest stops. This was the land of roadhouse boogie.
Dallas' Cold Blue Steel plays music that sounds like it was written in roadhouses up and down the Texas countryside. A white-hot blend of blues, boogie, shuffle and electricity, its cool musical touch can scorch the ears off its listeners.
Dressed in their rockabilly/Texas blues drag, the band started in 1986 opening shows for such blues legends as John Lee Hooker, Man "Guitar" Murphy, and Grammy Award-winner, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown. Chosen 'Best Overall Act" in the 1993 Buddy Magazine Year End issue, Cold Blue Steel was featured at the State Fair of Texas for the last four years opening for Bruce Hornsby, 38 Special, Webb Wilder and the Iguanas. They have toured with X-Beatle Ringo Starr, Bo Diddley, Delbert Mcclinton and many others.
Two-time Dallas Observer Music Award-winners for "Best Blues Band", Cold Blue Steel performs a variety of classic American tunes with incomparable enthusiasm, showmanship and authenticity. Their song list includes Stax and Motown soul favorites of the early '60s, Elvis and Memphis rockabilly, tunes from many Texas blues artists (Freddie King, Albert Collins, T-Bone Walker and the Fabulous Thunderbirds), swing compositions, and finishing oft with some classic country and western and '50s rock and roll.
CBS is still enjoying the success of their second hit CD, "Headed Out Of Memphis" which is being re-released on TopCat Records. It was originally released in 1996 on Icehouse/Priority Records. The CD is being played on over 100 radio stations nationwide as well receiving international airplay in several European countries. It has also gotten favorable reviews in a number of prominent national music magazines such as Blues Review and The Album Network Several well-known Texas musicians are featured on the new CD, including Grammy Award-winning keyboardist Tim Alexander from Asleep at the Wheel and national recording artist Reverend Horton Heat.
Their first CD, "Drivin' To Mexico" was the largest independent selling blues release in Texas history. Both the CD and cassette versions are in sixth pressings and requests for live appearances are at an all-time high.

Drivin'  to Mexico

понедельник, 16 января 2017 г.

Karen Lovely - LIVE in Los Angeles

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2014
Time: 62:11
Size: 142,4 MB
Label: Pretty Pear Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Ocean of Tears - 4:36
 2. Sunny Weather - 4:49
 3. Knock Knock - 7:46
 4. That's Cold - 3:58
 5. Still the Rain - 5:59
 6. Older Fool - 4:38
 7. Too Little Too Late - 4:14
 8. Ask Your Heart - 3:17
 9. Never Felt No Blues - 6:45
10. Other Plans - 3:32
11. You Don't Move Me No More - 3:44
12. Blues Ain't Far Behind - 3:16
13. I've Had Enough - 5:29

Most recently nominated for two Muddy Awards: Best Female Artist and Best Northwest Recording for her Prohibition CD. Known for her passionate, driven performances and always backed by stellar musicians, this powerhouse vocalist delivers a blistering mix of contemporary & old school blues. Lovely's standout performances have garnered awards, critical acclaim and standing ovations at festivals and venues throughout the US, Canada and Europe.
Karen Lovely shot onto the blues scene out of  the Pacific Northwest like Stack O' Lee's .44 placing 2nd at the 2010 International Blues Challenge followed by three2011 Blues Music Award Nominations for BEST CONTEMPORARY BLUES FEMALE ARTIST, BEST CONTEMPORARY BLUES ALBUM and BEST SONG for her sophomore release STILL THE RAIN. She is a two time “#1 Pick to Click” artist on XM Radio Bluesville and has just been selected to be the 2014 Featured Blues artist by KJZZ FM in Los Angeles. Lovely’s records have topped the national blues and roots charts and made the Top 10 favorite artist list for dozens of nationally syndicated radio stations.
Bill Wax, of XM Radio’s Bluesville calls her “a star in the making.”  Downbeat Magazine thinks she’s “outstanding”and Don Heckman, former music critic for the NY Times, LA Times and the Village Voice, wrote in his review of her live show at Herb Alpert’s Vibrato in Los Angeles,  “Lovely’s style begins from sources within such classic blues singers as Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith.And, like Janis Joplin before her, she has translated those influences into an utterly gripping contemporary style of her own.”
This past year, Karen completed 4 successful European tours, playing to packed houses and sold out shows in France, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.  Her performance at the 44th Internationale Jazzwache in Burghausen, Germany was taped for broadcast and began airing on German TV in December 2013.  A crowd favorite at the 2103 Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival - the 2nd largest blues festival in North America – Karen played on 4 different stages, wowing the main stage audience with contemporary blues, followed by classic 1920s blues with her Prohibition Orchestra on the dance stage and a special late night show with Grammy Winner Patrick Lamb, and renowned Michael Jackson guitarist Jennifer Batten.

Live in Los Angeles

Simon Kinny-Lewis - Country Fried Chicken

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2014
Time: 37:04
Size: 85,2 MB
Label:  Skl Music
Styles: Country/Blues/Jazz
Art: Front

Tarcks Listing:
 1. Blue Pellet Shuffle - 5:00
 2. Conan The Barbarihen - 5:08
 3. Fire Fox - 2:34
 4. Ocean Call - 4:53
 5. The Pluck - 3:53
 6. Poached Or Not Poached - 5:19
 7. Feather Comb - 2:15
 8. Spade Says - 3:52
 9. String Pie - 4:08

Simon Kinny-Lewis - one of the most exciting and diverse local Sydney Guitarist/Singers was born February 18, 1981 in Sydney, Australia. He started on the instrument early, making his first live appearances at 11. Guitar Influences include blues/jazz masters such as Robben Ford, Larry Carlton and Country and Rock great's Doug Seven, Brent Mason, Richie Kotzen. Songwriting influences include Robert Cray, Steve Winwood and Bob Seger.
He has recorded and shared the stage with Violin virtuoso Christian Howes, ( Chic Corea, Robben Ford ) Ric Fierabracci, ( ASIA, Frank Gambale, Brett Garsed ), Simeon Cain ( Henry Rollins Band ),Goran Rista, Hamilton Harden, Ray Beadle, Eko Wicaksono and many more. ?He has performed shows/festivals including the Manly Jazz, Bridgetown Blues, Tamworth Country Music and is looking forward to performing at the Thredbo Blues 2014.
Venues Simon plays regularly in Sydney are The Bourbon, Opera Bar, The Manly Fig, Camelot Lounge. Sydney Morning Herald under Ten bands you must hear wrote “ Not many up-and-coming Sydney guitarists profess they want to sound like Robert Cray. Then again, not many upcoming Sydney guitarists can play like Robert Cray. Simon Kinny-Lewis can.”

Country Fried Chicken

пятница, 13 января 2017 г.

Paul O'Brien - Long May You Sing

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2013
Time: 54:33
Size: 125,9 MB
Label: Blues, Folk, World, Country
Styles: Stockfisch Records
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Long May You Run - 3:32
 2. Silvia's River - 3:56
 3. Jasper - 3:57
 4. Cold Missouri Waters - 5:26
 5. Hallelujah - 3:57
 6. Big Yellow Taxi - 2:59
 7. If You Could Read My Mind - 3:41
 8. I Will Remember You - 3:23
 9. Brooke's Waltz - 5:16
10. Pacing The Cage / Creation Dream - 4:32
11. Northwest Passage - 4:13
12. Lord Inchiquin - 1:53
13. Sonny's Dream - 4:10
14. A Song For All Seasons (Prayerful Hymn) - 3:31

Paul O'Brien is a songwriter with deep roots and broad horizons. An English-born child of Irish immigrants, he cut his teeth on Irish music. A natural story teller, Paul O'Brien has developed an eclectic folk style that is broadly appealing and not easily categorized.
"A working class poet from British Columbia with a knack for straightforward language held aloft by a sweet gift of melody ... " - Boulevard Magazine
The second studio album from Stockfisch records is an album of Canadian classics plus a brand new song written by Paul. On this album Paul O'Brien is joined (among others) by master Canadian guitar player and composer Don Ross. On the album there are songs written by Gordon Lightfoot, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, and Leonard Cohen to name but a few.
There's something which connects all the songs on this SACD: all are by Canadian composers.  This is much more than a mere collection of hits - thanks to the poetic, strong and never sentimental interpretations of Paul O'Brien.
Canada is often not taken so seriously - particularly in Europe it is often regarded as a mere extension of the USA, a secret 51st federal state, at the most a paradise for sled dogs and canoe enthusiasts.  Paul O'Brien breaks with these clichés on his album "Long May You Sing" and opens up a whole new perspective.  He openly admits to have felt like a child in a sweet shop, picking out these songs by the great Canadian composers.
Paul O'Brien about this recording: "This collection of songs is the audio equivalent of the “big kid in the candy store”. To be able to choose my favourite songs written by Canadian writers was one of the most enjoyable experiences I as a singer could have. On the other hand however, it was the most frustrating because there were so many songs I could have, and perhaps should have chosen. I have a feeling this will be but Volume 1 of a long labour of love.
"All of these songs have in some way touched me more than the fact they are amazing pieces of art. It was not simply cherry picking (although when I look now at the track list it looks just like cherry picking). I have taken a few artistic liberties with these tunes, and I truly hope I do not offend anyone, but it seemed to me that I had to try at least to add a little of me to the performances."
Paul O'Brien was brought up in England, received an Irish-Catholic education and formed his own musical identity in pubs and at festivals, with the inevitable mixture of positive & strengthening, but also negative and sobering experiences.  In 2004, enough was enough - he shut his guitar away in its case and moved with his family to Canada, settling high up in the North-West - a barren landscape, the beauty of which he often documents with photos on Facebook (inlcuding pics of the beloved family Labrador "Dooley").
Even at the risk of sounding sentimental: this country and this landscape changed him - changed the musician within - in a very positive and creative sense.  He took the banished guitar out of its case and the music flowed.  This artistic output reached new heights on his album for Stockfisch Records "Walk Back Home".  The more recent album, "Long May You Sing", could even top that - it is a hymn to his new way of life.
All 14 songs are by Canadian writers - from Bruce Cockburn, Gordon Lightfoot and Paul O'Brien right up to Neil Young, whose long "Long May You Run" inspired the title of the album. The original impulse for this project is not a secret.  The idea came while thinking about doing something for Joni Mitchell's 70th birthday.  As a tribute Paul decided to record a version of "Big Yellow Taxi".
A big part in this production was played by Canadian master-guitarist and composer Don Ross, who also contributed two solo instrumental pieces.  One particular piece just had to be on the album, for all those who wish to celebrate Canada's independent musical integrity: Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah".  All these songs move Paul emotionally - in his own words "more than just in their function as fantastic works of art".  This project is for him a mixture of thankfulness, fascination and positive energy from the heart of a very special country.  the album has the greatness, the potential and the chance as "volume one of a long labour of love' to go to the top of Paul's personal hit-parade.

Long May You Sing

четверг, 12 января 2017 г.

Griff Hamlin Band - The Griff Hamlin Band

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2002
Time: 41:21
Size: 94,7 MB
Label: Time Blues
Styles: Blues/Rockin' Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Don't Lie - 4:42
 2. Louisiana Holiday - 4:59
 3. Coming Home - 3:21
 4. Running On - 5:19
 5. Morality - 4:57
 6. G String Shuffle - 5:51
 7. Got To End - 3:46
 8. When Evil Comes - 3:12
 9. Where Would I Begin - 5:10

 “The Griff Hamlin Band” contains original Blues/Rock songs. It was nominated for “Best Blues” by the Orange County Music Awards. It received excellent critical and consumer reviews, and Griff Hamlin has been referred to as the next Stevie Ray Vaughan. The band’s line up consists of Mark Smith on bass, Bernie Rubio on drums, and Griff Hamlin on guitars and vocals. The trio works very well together, and each part on the album is crisp and clear, with no instrument overshadowing the others.

The Griff Hamlin Band

вторник, 10 января 2017 г.

Big Monti Amundson - Somebody's Happened To Our Love

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2006
Time: 37:45
Size: 89,4 MB
Label: Rounder
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Hello Sundown - 2:38
 2. Somebody's Happened To Our Love - 3:19
 3. Let Me Know - 3:03
 4. Red Room - 3:01
 5. On A Roll - 4:52
 6. Plain As Day - 5:42
 7. Six Shots - 3:51
 8. What's It Coming To - 2:30
 9. Woe To Me - 4:15
10. Thinking About Crying - 4:30

When Monti Amundson gets compared to Stevie Ray Vaughan or Johnny Winter he just says thank you. But the fact is the big man has his own style. His influences range from the aforementioned and fellow Texas rocker Billy Gibbons to B.B. King and rock legends Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck. The blending of these styles in combination with Amundson's fine vocals is what makes him stand out from the rest.
Above all Monti Amundson is a great live performer who gets his point across. Whether it's an acoustic slide number or an all out show stopper, Amundson knows how to move a crowd. Known to live out of a suitcase for years at a time, Amundson's music has already made a great impression throughout Europe. In his home base Portland, Oregon his music has been highly valued for almost twenty years. The blues of Monti Amundson comes straight from the heart, cuts through your soul and is as real as it gets

Somebody's Happened To Our Love

Big Monti Amundson - Big Monti

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2005
Time: 40:49
Size: 93,5 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. My American Dreams - 3:26
 2. You Make A Bad Thing Worse - 4:08
 3. Dirt Brown Duplex - 3:56
 4. Go On Living Blues - 3:20
 5. Still Got Her Suitcase - 5:10
 6. When You Love Somebody - 2:24
 7. Begging For Your Arms - 3:38
 8. Red Hot Wire - 3:08
 9. Not A Day Goes By - 3:49
10. Signs Of Life - 4:00
11. Six Shots - 3:44

It's like this: One day in Portland I ran into Billy Triplett on the street. He was on his way to The Roseland where he was mixing a band that night. He'd been living in Orange County and I hadn't seen him in awhile. He didn't look very good and come to find out his sister had just died. So we got together the next day to do some catching-up.
I'd just lost somebody too and we were both feeling finite - like we should do something with the time we had left. There were some hard feelings left over from the last project we did together (The Obvious Rock) and we agreed it was time for getting over it.
So we decided to make another record together - make things right. Basic tracks were recorded at my house. Then I'd fly down to Billy's to do some overdubs. There was no big rush. My career had been stalled for some time now and there weren't any record companies beating down my door.
Billy was having a hard time of it and I offered him a place to stay until he got back on his feet again. He moved in and we went to work. Still no rush, no pressure. The only problem is Billy and I both got a thing for alcohol.
To say that Billy Triplett can drink a lot is a spectacular understatement. In Amsterdam I watched him drink The Hell's Angels (Holland Chapter) under the table in their own club. With me it's drinking or not drinking. I'm not a glass of wine for dinner kind of guy. I'm a fifth of vodka kind of guy. Billy likes to party - I just don't want to feel anything. Sometimes we're not so good together.
Billy had been living with me for several months when he learned of his brother's death. Man, I don't know what's going on in the universe to rain down so much pain on one man - but he snapped. A couple days later he moved out and I didn't see him again for months.
I was fighting demons of my own so I put the recording project on the shelf. For months I didn't even want to think about it. One night I rented a movie called "Heart of Darkness", a movie about the making of the movie "Apocalypse Now". I strongly recommend this movie to anyone who is struggling with an artistic endeavor of any kind. It gave me the courage to dust the tapes off and get back to work.
Enter Steve Branson. Billy, Steve and I go way back and it was an obvious choice to have Steve help me finish the album. He wasn't happy with the sound quality of the vocals so we did them all over again. You singers out there know how much work is involved to record vocals for an entire album. Well, imagine doing it twice. There was a lot of work to do and it took several months to finish.
Years later? I love this album. This is by far my favorite body of work - and I won't spend another second thinking about how hard it was to make. It doesn't matter now. I just like the fact that this album exists.

Big Monti

Monti Amundson (with the Blubinos) - Straight Out!

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1990
Time: 39:54
Size: 92,8 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Cruel Is Your Name - 4:14
 2. 99 Below - 2:46
 3. Shake A Leg Meg - 2:30
 4. Lesson Or Two - 3:14
 5. I'm Wrong - 3:28
 6. Sin No More Blues - 3:56
 7. Female Dictionary - 3:17
 8. Purple Heart - 2:51
 9. In Over My Head - 3:41
10. Big Block Rock - 3:04
11. Broke Down Car - 3:05
12. Take A Walk - 3:43

Amundson's first band was The Blubinos, variously marketed under that name and as Monti Amundson & The Blubinos. Besides Amundson, the band consisted of Debbie Smith (bass) (later replaced by Stan Becraft, then Johnny Wilmont) and Cory Burden (drums), and played Texas blues in clubs in Eugene, Oregon, from the 1980s on. The band recorded half a dozen records in Portland and Eugene, and was signed to a Dutch label after the second album, Mean Eighteen. The band played a farewell show in Eugene in 1992, but recorded two more albums until 1997. Distribution in the United States was problematic, and Amundson was so frustrated that in 1997 he had bootlegs printed of his own Man on the Floor to sell at shows in the US ("Man, I've done some bone-head shit in my time," as he later acknowledged), which led to a conflict with his Dutch company which, in the end, was amiably settled. Bothered by personal problems and a lack of commercial success, he was without record deal and didn't record any albums between 2000 and 2005, when he hooked up with Billy Triplett, a Portland studio engineer, and recorded Big Monti, now without the Blubinos, which was released in 2005.
A side project of his is the Sultans of Slide, a group of slide blues guitar players that performed occasional shows starting in 2009, when it consisted of Amundson, Franck "Paris Slim" Goldwasser, Jim Mesi, Bob Shoemaker, and Ben Bonham. In 2011, the Sultans of Slide consisted of Amundson, Henry Cooper and Goldwasser, and released a record, Lightning Strikes, which was promoted with a tour in Europe.
In 2010 he released a 4-CD compilation, gathering "30 years of songwriting"; he noted that he's been writing the same song since he was thirteen and penned "Woman": "I've been writing pretty much the same song ever since. Yeah, there's broke down cars and drinking songs, but mostly it's about love and loss. I've had both in spades."

Straight Out!

J. C. Smith Band - The Midnight Creeper

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2001
Time: 45:04
Size: 104,3 MB
Label: Cozmik Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Talk About Love - 3:17
 2. I'll Play The Blues For You - 7:03
 3. Tell Me What's The Reason - 3:46
 4. Texas Flood - 7:09
 5. Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You - 5:44
 6. Person To Person - 3:23
 7. Stone Crazy - 7:52
 8. Wait On Time - 3:11
 9. Same Old Blues - 3:36

J. C. Smith,winner of the 2012 Metro Newspapers Best Of Silicon Valley “Best Original/local Band”, and 2006 Bay Area Blues Society West Coast Blues Band of the Year award winner is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. He is an outstanding performer noted for his energy and charisma. Prior to playing guitar, he was the drummer for the Back to Back Blues Band. In 2000, he emerged from behind his drums, armed with a Gibson 335. J. C. attacks the Blues as if he is being guided by the masters like T-Bone Walker, Albert King, and Johnnie Guitar Watson.
It features a host of Chicago players including Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, who worked with the Muddy Waters Band for twenty years. 2001 marked the release of Smith’s first effort “Midnight Creeper” which brought him international attention. Smith has toured throughout the United States, Eastern Europe, Mexico,South America,and Russia,to sell out crowds. Smith has work with and shared the stage with notable artist such as Hubert Sumlin, B,B, King, Buddy Guy, Buddy Miles, Son Seals Willie Bigeyes Smith, Pinetop Perkins and many more. He is also known as radio personality Johnnie Cozmik on KKUP F.M. J. C. feels that his goal in life is “To keep the Blues alive and take the message to the people.”

The Midnight Creeper

понедельник, 9 января 2017 г.

Midnight Creepers - Breaking Point

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1993
Time: 36:54
Size: 84,8 MB
Label: Wild Dog Blues Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Front+Back

Tracks Listing:
 1. Two Against Them All - 3:25
 2. Handful of Aces - 3:50
 3. Luberta - 3:43
 4. Another You - 4:30
 5. Harder Than I Figured - 3:51
 6. Breaking Point - 4:03
 7. Undertow - 3:31
 8. Hip Shakin' Baby - 3:43
 9. Stop Draggin' That Chain Around - 3:39
10. Space Shot - 2:33

On this, the Midnight Creepers’ third, and by far best, recording, ordinary white boy Daytona blues has become Philly funkified and gospel deep. This crack outfit functions as the King Snake Studio house band for all the fine product that rolls out of the Sanford, Florida-based studio (Kenny Neal, Raful Neal, Sonny Rhodes, Alex Taylor, Noble “Thin Man” Watts and Lucky Peterson, to name but a few). The band has undergone multiple personnel changes in recent years—bassist Bob Greenlee (King Snake’s owner) and harp player/vocalist Mike Galloway are the only original members left—but all musical bases are finally and admirably covered. The latest addition to the band, Ronnie “Byrd” Foster, is a treasure at twice the price. Not only does he add some fine funky Philly drumming to the overall sound, but he’s a fantastic vocalist, shining especially bright on the blues ballad “Another You.”
Mike Galloway’s harp playing calls to mind vintage Charlie Musselwhite, and his Gregg Allman-ish vocals have matured and deepened emotionally to the point where Galloway has become an extremely singular singer in his own right. Bob Greenlee’s steady and clever blues songwriting creates the foundation for these fine musicians to stretch out on. Although he is an extremely formulaic writer, this is exactly what makes the King Snake “sound” so familiar and dependable. Greenlee produces most of the sessions at the studio and is a major contributor to all recordings done there, from laying down the bottom on bass to coming up with (always) the right material for whoever is recording, to adding his brand of funky baritone sax to a multitude of tracks. His contributions to this project make it perhaps his finest labor of love.
But for my money, it is Warren King’s incredible guitar playing (rhythm, slide and lead) that glues everything together into a professional, slick and exciting project. His rhythm work is impeccable and his leads are creative, fiery and technically smart. His extreme good taste, coupled with Foster’s drumming, fuels this band to new heights. Lucky Peterson contributes his ever-reliable Hammond B-3 and piano licks and Bill Samuels’ soulfully correct horn arrangements are exemplary. Excellent effort all around—as good if not better than anything issued recently on any contemporary blues label.

Breaking Point