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среда, 20 февраля 2019 г.

Muskee - Live

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1991
Time: 63:46
Size: 146,1 MB
Label: Black ‘N’ White Music
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Goin' down - 5:01
 2. Too blind to see - 7:45
 3. Caddilac Assembly Line - 5:49
 4. Shaky Grounds - 8:11
 5. I'm in Love - 5:46
 6. Brother Booze - 5:10
 7. Help me - 7:03
 8. Hobo Blues - 9:36
 9. Voodoo Daddy - 4:39
10. Window of my eyes '91 - 4:41

CD " Live". Aka Cuby & the Blizzard, Harry Muskee Band, Muskee's Gang, and here simply as "Muskee".
In 1980, Harry started playing with pick-up bands under the name The Muskee Gang. Former C+B members Eelco Gelling, Hans Lafaille (dr, ex-Sweet d'Buster), Herman Deinum, Ruud van Dijk (s, ex-Flash & Dance Band and Farrago) and Bas Munniksma (s, ex-Human Orchestra) were all members that year as were Jan Holder (tr) and Cees v.d. Laarse (b, ex-Jan Akkerman, to Tao).
When Eelco Gelling permanently joined The Freelance Band, Harry Muskee assembled the following touring band: Hans Lafaille (dr), Lou Leeuw (b), Paul Smeenk (g, ex-Sweet d'Buster), Ruud van Dijk (s) and Jeff Reynolds (tr). The latter tragically died in a traffic accident while touring with the band and was replaced by Peter Kuyt (ex-Massada). The band released the album “The Legend” (dominated by Smeenk’s funky songs) with an accompanying TV documentary.
When in 1984 first Paul Smeenk (who left the music business) and then Hans Lafaille and Lou Leeuw quit, Harry Muskee decided to drop the horn section and get in new musicians. The Gang was joined by Gino Jansen (b, ex-Fox the Fox), Gert-Jan de Valk (d), replaced by Hannes Langkamp (also ex-Fox the Fox), and David Gardeur (kb). The shock surprise was that Eelco Gelling returned to the fold. In 1985, they added Melle-Jan Kleinsma as second guitarist. During the recordings of “Rimshots In The Dark” in the Spring of 1986, Gelling and Kleinsma were fired because of substance abuse in the studio. They then formed The Blues Connection. This was the end of the 25-year collaboration between Muskee and Gelling. Erwin Java (ex-Wild Honey and Wild Romance) was called in as a stand-in, but he has stayed with Harry Muskee to this day. In 1990, the band name was shortened to Muskee with Harry, Erwin, Gino, Hannes and Roy Kushel (kb). The CD  "Live" and "Cut de luxe" was released, from which the single “Brother Booze” got a lot of airplay.


вторник, 19 февраля 2019 г.

Chicago Beau & Friends - Having a Fit Over Your Love

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1994
Time: 48:16
Size: 110,8 MB
Label: GBW
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Having a Fit Over Your Love - 4:42
 2. I Am a Black Snake - 6:55
 3. Mama's Baby Daddy's Maybe - 3:14
 4. Don't Run Me Out of Your Life - 7:15
 5. Hangover - 3:25
 6. Shake Your Boogie Woogie - 4:55
 7. Can't Send the Children to School - 6:21
 8. Dust my Room - 5:17
 9. Wine Time After Hours - 6:07

Chicago Beau war seit seinem zehnten Lebensjahr zunachst Steptanzer, der von Jimmy Payne ausgebildet wurde, und nahm bis zum 15. Lebensjahr an vielen Cabaret-Shows teil. Dann gab ihm Billy Boy Arnold Harmonika-Unterricht; seinen Kunstlernamen erhielt er von Muddy Waters. Seitdem er 17 Jahre alt war, trat er in kleinen Clubs und in Lagern sowie als Stra?enmusiker auf, nicht nur in seiner Heimatstadt, sondern auch in Neuenglandstaaten und in Kanada, um dann in Amsterdam und in Paris zu arbeiten. In Paris begegnete er Archie Shepp, der ihn mit einem weiteren Mundharmonikaspieler, seinem Vetter Julio Finn, an den Aufnahmen seines Creativ-Jazz-Klassikers Blase , des Albums Pitchin Can und eines weiteren Albums mit Philly Joe Jones und Anthony Braxton beteiligte. Kurz darauf zog ihn auch das Art Ensemble of Chicago zu Auftritten und Aufnahmen (Certain Blacks, 1970) heran. In den nachsten Jahrzehnten nahm Chicago Beau mit eigenen Bands, aber auch mit seinem Lehrer Billy Boy Arnold und mit Cal Massey, Pinetop Perkins, Fontella Bass, James Carter, Frank Zappa, Sunnyland Slim, Famoudou Don Moye sowie mit dem sudafrikanischen Amakhono We Sinto Choir auf. In den 1990er Jahren war er mit seiner eigenen Gruppe, aber auch mit dem Art Ensemble of Chicago auf Europatournee. 2013 trat er mit seiner Band in Burghausen auf (TV-Mitschnitt). Als Musikproduzent nahm er in Chicago Musiker wie Junior Wells, Valerie Wellington, Billy Branch, Willie Kent, Deitra Farr oder Tommy McCracken auf. 1988 grundete er den Verlag Literati Internazionale, der sich dem Schreiben uber Blues und Jazz sowie dem Multikulturalismus widmete und neben Buchern auch Zeitschriften veroffentlichte. Er verfasste drei Bucher. Chicago Beau erhielt den Clio Award fur seine Musik, die Anfang der 1990er Jahre in der Kabelfernseh-Kampagne der Chicago Bulls verwendet wurde.

Having a Fit Over Your Love

Dirty Red & The Soul Shakers - Cloudless Day

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 38:23
Size: 88,4 MB
Label: Dirty Red Records
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Trackjs Listing:
 1. Hot Sauce - 2:52
 2. Creepin - 3:37
 3. Touch of a Woman - 3:39
 4. The Party Don't Start 'Til I Get Here - 3:40
 5. New Day Dawning - 3:04
 6. Sweet Potato Pie - 4:06
 7. Cloudless Day - 4:07
 8. Hard Bad Habit - 2:54
 9. Pretty Boy Blues - 6:11
10. Help Me Baby - 4:09

Dirty Red & The Soul Shakers are a modern-day powerhouse blues band, built on old-school influences and a mutual love for the down-and-dirty style of blues that has come to define the band’s original sound. A tight rhythm section of drummer Forrest Worrell (formerly with Watermelon Slim & The Workers) and bassist John Stendel creates a grooving backbone. The band also features a killer rock and blues guitarist, Ike Lamb (also formerly with Watermelon Slim’s band), and the soulful vocals and harmonica of lead vocalist Eric “Dirty Red” McDaniel. In January 2018, Dirty Red & The Soul Shakers represented Oklahoma at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee, and made it into the semi-finals. Touring North America and Europe in 2019, the band performs original songs and the classics. They include blues giants like Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Junior Wells and Little Walter among their influences.
For more information, go to www.dirtyredandthesoulshakers.com.

Cloudless Day

пятница, 15 февраля 2019 г.

Tiffany Pollack & Eric Johanson - Blues in my Blood

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 46:03
Size: 105,9 MB
Label: Nola Blue Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Blues in my Blood - 3:54
 2. Memories to Forget - 4:49
 3. Keep it Simple - 3:55
 4. Michael - 4:50
 5. Diamonds on the Crown - 3:06
 6. No Expectations - 3:33
 7. Do i Move You - 3:29
 8. Slave of Tomorrow - 5:23
 9. Get Lost with Me - 4:51
10. River - 3:33
11. If i Had a Hammer - 4:36

Tiffany Ann Pollack is a product of the musical mecca known as New Orleans. At an earlier age Pollack began to write songs and sing. Her first professional gig was singing background vocals for Russell Batiste & Friends. She eventually formed her own band Beaucoup Crasseux. Her performing career fizzled and Tiffany studied mortuary science. After the birth of her third child she returned to her music career. She now sings with her own jazz band Tiffany Pollack and Co.
Eric Johanson was recognized as a soulful blues guitarist while still in high school. He’s been the lead guitarist for both Cyril Neville and Terrance Simien. In 2017 Johanson released “Burn It Down” on Tab Benoit’s Whiskey Bayou Records. In 2018 New Orleans’ Offbeat Magazine nominated “Burn It Down” as the “Best Blues Album of 2018”. Pollack had been adopted at birth. She was reunited with her biological parents when she was twenty-five. Always having music in her soul she learned that her mother, Margaret, plays bass and sings in a jazz band. As luck would have it her aunt, Margaret’s sister, was the mother of Johanson. So Pollack and Johanson discovered they were first cousins and after years of having their mothers edge them to work together, finally united for this project. The eleven tracks feature seven originals written or co-written by Pollack and Johanson. Also contributing to four of the songs is the Grammy nominated and Emmy winning producer Jack Miele. Miele’s production credits include Steve Riley and The Mamou Playboys, Dr. John, Irma Thomas, Erykah Badu, The Rebirth Brass Band, The Roots, Jill Scott, Beyonce and countless others. The album is engineered and mixed by Miele at The Music Shed Studios in New Orleans. The album is co-produced by Brentt Arcement.  Six tracks are recorded with a band including Miele, bass, additional guitar and percussion; and Arcement, drums, organ, piano and percussion. The title track includes John Gros on organ. “Memories to Forget” features Johnny Sansone on harmonica. The brass of the 504 Horns helps complete the production on “Michael” with a beautiful solo from Johanson. “River” is the Joni Mitchell classic. Vocalists Pollack and Johanson sing beautifully as their voices perfectly complement one another.  Five more songs feature a band lineup with Phil Wang replacing Miele on bass; and Gros playing both organ and piano. Included are three more specially selected covers. Nina Simone’s “Do I Move You”; Pollack singing a beautiful version of the Rolling Stones “No Expectations”; and a wonderfully re-arranged duet on “If I Had A Hammer”, originally recorded by the Weavers and popularized by Peter, Paul and Mary. Both Pollack and Johanson are seasoned veterans. They bring a roots based approach to their blues while still reflecting the rich musical heritage of New Orleans.

Blues in my Blood

Veronique Gayot - Wild Cat

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 39:46
Size: 91,7 MB
Label: Grand Cru Records
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Shake You up and Down - 3:47
 2. The Revolution - 4:18
 3. Sinner - 4:02
 4. Gasoline - 3:56
 5. Monkey See, Monkey Do - 3:50
 6. Asylum - 4:20
 7. Back to the Roots - 3:45
 8. Not Alright - 4:25
 9. Let it Go - 3:11
10. Blessing Master Time - 4:09

Veronique Gayot - lead vocals, backing vocals;
Timo Gross - guitars, bass, keyboards, harmonica, backing vocals;
Olav Federmann - drums, percussion.

Christoph Schnell (drums – #9)
Markus Lauer (Hammond B3 – #2)
Marius Tilly (acoustic guitars – #10)
Rev. Percy Hairless (backing vocals – #7)
Kirsten Guthohrlein (backing vocals – #1,9)
Yannis Darcy (guitar, programming, backing vocals – #8)

Veronique Gayot, la chanteuse blues-rock francaise, est unique! C’est un concentre d’energie comme on en trouve rarement. Sa voix est unique, reconnaissable entre toutes. Son expressivite ressemble a celle d’un chat sauvage. Elle est forte et directe mais neanmoins vulnerable. Elle chante comme si une seule vie ne suffisait pas. Sa voix sauvage et indomptee peut varier entre les doux ronronnements d’un petit chat et les cris et hurlements que certains critiques comparent au chanteur du groupe Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant.
Sur scene Veronique occupe chaque recoin de l’espace et c’est la qu’elle se sent comme a la maison! Authentique et avec une profondeur reelle, elle emmene le spectateur dans un tourbillon d’emotions. Le public la suit avec enthousiasme dans ce voyage.
Veronique Gayot a quelque chose a vous dire! Ses chansons varient entre le Blues et le Rock, sans oublier des ballades, dans le style du debut des annees 70. Le tout arrange avec des sons tres modernes. Pour son nouvel album elle a travaille en etroite collaboration avec le producteur allemand Timo Gross qui, lui aussi, est une bete de scene depuis de nombreuses annees. Elle a ecrit 10 chansons qui parlent de toutes les richesses et les abimes qui font partie de la vie! Des titres comme « Sinner », « Revolution » et «Asylum » annoncent la couleur.

Veronique Gayot est une artiste vraie! Elle ne s’est jamais compromise. Bien sur une femme comme elle ne tombe pas du ciel. Elle a vecu, intensement, eleve un enfant. Elle a chante dans l’ombre du succes avec des musiciens de tous les genres. Elle n’est jamais devenue lisse et son moteur n’est pas la celebrite mais la curiosite et la quete d’un developpement authentique.
Pour completer le portrait de Veronique Gayot, il faut aussi parler de sa deuxieme passion: les Beaux Arts. On retrouve dans ses tableaux et ses sculptures la meme expression sauvage et indomptee que dans ses chansons.
Soyez curieux et venez decouvrir Veronique et son groupe sur scene a partir du mois d’avril 2018. Elle sera en tournee avec son nouvel album « Wild Cat » a partir du mois de septembre 2018.

Wild Cat

Little Freddie King - Absolutely The Best

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 60:09
Size: 138,5 MB
Label: MadeWright Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Crack Head Joe - 4:08
 2. Great Great Bamboozle - 3:47
 3. Messin' Around tha House (Little Freddie King) - 5:15
 4. Run Here Baby, Run - 4:42
 5. Chicken Dance - 4:33
 6. Bywater Crawl - 4:36
 7. Kingshead Shuffle - 5:04
 8. I Wanna See Dr. Bones - 6:19
 9. Crackho Flo - 3:47
10. Walking with Freddie - 4:51
11. Do Da Duck: Quack Quack - 5:35
12. Louisiana Train Wreck - 3:34
13. Can't Do Nothing Baby - 3:52

Absolutely The Best is nothing but a fascinating and raucous array of fun songs from the last truly unselfconscious blues moaners. The songs emphasize the wild good times and the karmic payback of surviving the rough-and-tumble life of a bluesman. Little Freddie King is a national treasure at 79 and the last of the New Orleans blues musician still playing in the U.S and abroad. Kings music preserves the country-style delta blues as tradition and embodies a major artistic shift of the twentieth century: the rural-to-urban blues migration. His cheerfulness in the face of adversity, his commitment to community after Katrina and his boundless energy onstage are reasons why New Orleans and the World loves His Royal Highness. This compilation includes tracks from his releases in this millennium including his album on Fat Possum Records.

Absolutely The Best

Jens Filser - Organic Blues Project

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 57:10
Size: 130,9 MB
Label: Valve Records
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Just Your Fool -  5:34
 2. Thank You -  3:38
 3. If You Live -  4:31
 4. It Will Be Good -  7:47
 5. Your Wave -  6:16
 6. Smokey Town -  7:53
 7. Twelve Bars -  4:44
 8. Make It Easy On Me - 10:51
 9. The River -  5:51

Der Bluesgitarren-Virtuose Jens Filser meldet sich eindrucksvoll zuruck:
Mit dem ORGANIC BLUES PROJECT und gleichnamiger CD zelebriert er facettenreich das Genre mit funky Grooves, packenden Shuffle und intimen Balladen.
Die neun Titel bestehen uberwiegend aus Eigenkompositionen und werden im druckvollen Orgeltrio-Sound prasentiert. Live im Studio eingespielt, mit den herausragenden Musikern Dirk Schaadt und Mickey Neher-Warkocz,, besticht die Produktion neben der hochinspirierten Spielfreude und dem dichten 3D-Sound durch das authentische, kraftvolle Bluesfeeling.
Jens Filser (Voc/Git)
Dirk Schaadt (Hammond B3 Organ)
Mickey Neher- Warkocz (Voc/Drums)
Das Vorganger CD-Release “Picks & Licks“ aus 2008 erhielt den Vierteljahrespreis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik / Sparte Blues. Neben einem Auftritt auf dem Montreux Jazz Festival war Jens Filser seither lange als gefragter Sideman unterwegs, u.A. jeweils als Co-Produzent und Livemusiker fur Anne Haigis und Tommy Schneller, dessen letzte CD-Produktion kurzlich ebenfalls mit dem Vierteljahrespreis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik ausgezeichnet wurde.

Organic Blues Project

четверг, 14 февраля 2019 г.

Rich O'Reilly - Rich O'Reilly and the Revelators

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 32:27
Size: 74,6 MB
Label: ROR Records
Styles: Christian Blues/Singer Songwriter
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Leaving Boston (Have You Ever Seen Peaches) - 4:11
 2. The New Step It up and Go - 2:22
 3. Delia - 4:06
 4. The Running Blues - 3:09
 5. Rejoice in Your Trials - 3:39
 6. Poverty Blues - 4:02
 7. Take a Stand - 3:59
 8. Stagolee - 4:15
 9. Hard Time Killing Floor Blues - 2:42

Boston based singer songwriter Rich O’Reilly composes material gleaned from life experiences as a man with a Christian world view. His music combines biblical themes with a mix of styles borrowed from his musical influences over the years. True to these roots, Rich’s sound is an eclectic mix spanning the genres of Americana, roots, acoustic country, gospel blues and folk.

Rich O'Reilly and the Revelators

Jeff Vincent - Blind Dog and the Crosseyed Cats

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 39:08
Size: 89,9 MB
Label: TNT Groove International,Inc
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracls Listing:
 1. Can't Keep a Woman - 3:04
 2. Strip Poker - 3:54
 3. Too Drunk to Fish - 2:53
 4. Ships on the Sea - 5:32
 5. Can't Hold Out - 4:29
 6. Black Cats and Broken Mirrors - 5:59
 7. The Bitch Comes Out - 2:54
 8. Yellow Moon - 4:56
 9. Wish You Would - 5:23

Jeff “The Blind Dog” Vincent is a singer songwriter, harmonica player and longtime Florida resident from Pittsburgh PA. Though his musical roots stem from childhood listening to his family of fine musicians. Blind Dog did not begin playing until the age of 33. Advancing rapidly in his skills as a musician and singer he became a regular featured artist in the Pittsburgh club scene, eventually forming his own band ‘Blind Dog” for a short time. He then was asked to join “Blue Razor” a favorite Pittsburgh area group.After moving to the Tampa Bay Area in 2001 he soon joined the Walker Smith Group as a sideman & featured singer. The following years were spent playing & recording with Walker and other Bay Area musicians with two trips to the International Blues Competition with the Walker Smith Group where they earned the title of Beale Street Blues Kings in 2007. After leaving the Walker Smith Group he concentrated more on song writing, occasionally featuring in local venues and blues festivals. Encouraged by his many musician friends he completed and recorded an album of original music and arrangements, Blind Dog and The Crosseyed Cats, released in 2019 featuring many of the Bay Area’s finest artists.

Blind Dog and the Crosseyed Cats 

Bowman, Hull & The Instant Band - Inspired Bird

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 36:29
Size: 84,9 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Rhythm & Blues/Ragged Rhythm 'n' Rock 'n' Roll Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. All In The Game - 2:45
 2. Treasure Hunt - 2:29
 3. Golden Mean - 3:24
 4. Vegetarian Fingers - 2:53
 5. Possibly Everything - 2:43
 6. Inspired Bird - 5:19
 7. Elvis Gravy - 3:39
 8. A Friend Is What I've Got - 2:06
 9. Happy as a Tambourine - 3:05
10. Darts Band - 3:53
11. 1933 - 4:07

Bowman & Hull are a duo who compose and perform songs in  rhythm & blues style, With electric and acoustic guitars, vocals and a dash of harmonica Bowman & Hull deliver assured and entertaining performances. Backed by the extraordinary 'Instant Band' with James Pheasant on Ukulele Bass and Jason Allum on drums, Bowman, Hull & The Instant Band serve up a cocktail of ragged rhythm n rock n roll blues. Hailing from Nottingham, England, Bowman, Hull and The Instant Band have been playing together for a decade. Their debut album ' Dirty Shuffle' was released in winter 2014 and can be purchased at gigs, however the band often present free copies to audience members who get up and dance.
Band members: Jade Bowman, Chris Hull, James Pheasant and Jason Allum/

Hailing from Nottingham England, Jade Bowman & Chris Hull have played music together for 12 years. Sharing a passion for guitar playing, they have developed a repertoire of material broad in stylistic influence displaying a deep in understanding of a range of rhythm & blues, finger picking guitar styles. Backed by the extraordinary ‘Instant Band’ with James Pheasant on Ukulele Bass and Jason Allum on drums, Bowman, Hull & The Instant Band deliver stunning performances and display excellent musicianship. Jade Bowman plays a Gibson 335 improvising sublime solos with subtlety & flair. Chris Hull sings with a rich warm tone and plays acoustic guitar, resonator and electric guitar. With a repertoire consisting of pieces by rhythm & blues artists Muddy Waters, Son House & Robert Johnson, combined with original compositions both songs & instrumental pieces Bowman & Hull performances are as diverse as they are dynamic. Jade & Chris began playing as a duo in bars and venues around Nottingham as Bowman & Hull in 2009. The combination of Chris’s vocal, harmonica & guitar playing coupled with Jades stinging lead playing and solos soon enabled them to quickly build a reputation for delivering quality performances.

Inspired Bird

вторник, 12 февраля 2019 г.

Eric Farran&The Ramblers - Suicide Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 55:27
Size: 127,1 MB
Label: Miss Bean Musique
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Late Night Sex Chat - 4:41
 2. Rolling Stoned - 3:14
 3. Suicide Blues - 3:51
 4. Sasabrina - 6:16
 5. She's out of My Life - 3:38
 6. This Bottle is a Woman - 6:48
 7. All That Remains - 4:23
 8. Everybody's Busy Doing Nothing - 3:49
 9. Mauvais caractere - 3:47
10. Rolling By - 4:35
11. Send Your Heart by Mail - 6:34
12. Sasabrina (Radio Edit) - 3:45

Sexy exciting fiery emotional blues rock'n'roll, a ballad and a folk songs.
Montreal four piece band, drums, bass, guitars and me - Eric Farran - on vocals harmonicas and crowd animation and lap dances.
Been playing live for over 16 years in Festivals of all kinds, our biggest career moment being ThE Montreal International Jazz Festival, our gig was a memorable Sunday June 29 2914 at 7pm,

Suicide Blues

понедельник, 11 февраля 2019 г.

Gurf Morlix - Impossible Blue

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 44:43
Size: 102,8 MB
Label: Rootball Records
Styles: Blues/Folk/Singer-Songwriter
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Turpentine - 5:45
 2. 2 Hearts Beating in Time - 3:35
 3. My Heart Keeps Poundin' - 3:57
 4. I'm a Ghost - 5:49
 5. Sliver of Light - 4:35
 6. Bottom of the Musquash River - 5:09
 7. Spinnin' Planet Blues - 6:13
 8. I Saw You - 4:52
 9. Backbeat of the Dispossessed - 4:44

There’s a dark intimacy to Gurf  Morlix’s albums. They can be so spooky and real that you’d swear he’s in the same room with you. It’s inevitably a haunting experience. Yet, having survived a scary heart attack a few years ago, his take on mortality with this, his tenth solo recording, offers more slivers of light (there’s even a song with that name here). The blues can provide healing power which sustains him throughout. And, more than ever Morlix takes a deep dive into blues, his favorite idiom, on Impossible Blue. If, by some chance, you are unfamiliar with Morlix, you have most likely heard him as the producer for Lucinda Williams, the guiding light for Ray Wylie Hubbard and folks like Slaid Cleaves and Mary Gauthier. He’s a tremendous guitarist and multi-instrumentalist who graces many albums from roots artists. He was Blaze Foley’s musical partner for years. His modest approach to songwriting can be traced to his many years as a producer and sideman but put that misplaced modesty aside.  Morlix arrived as a songwriter several years ago. It’s only now that he’s finally acknowledged it. Joined as usual by his frequent collaborator, drummer Rick Richards and fellow Austinites, the acclaimed Red Young on B3 and Jaimee Harris with beautiful female harmonies, Morlix handles the vocals and rest of the instruments for these nine original songs.  Morlix considers these nine songs to be “the best songs I’ve ever written.” Morlix’s albums are as pristinely recorded as any you’ll hear because he is a perfectionist. He brings that same level of scrutiny to his songwriting  and you be assured that you’ll understand every single word. Better yet, he’s blessed it. That hasn’t always been the case. We’re going to start with the last song. Take “Backbeat of the Dispossessed,” a haunted bittersweet eulogy to a clearly departed friend, in this case his dear friend from his native Buffalo, drummer Michael Bannister. Morlix sings “I always knew I would see you again” – until he learned of Bannister’s unfortunate suicide. On previous albums he’s memorialized Foley in a similar way. Perhaps combined with his own near brush with death, these thoughts give him a greater strength. Speaking of the heart attack, he says, “I think the main thing I took away from all that is that I realize that every day is a bonus day. I’m living on bonus time now, and I’m just very aware of that, every day. Basically, I’m just in love with life more than ever now. Because here it is, and I might not have been here, but…here I am.”  These thoughts are put to lyrics in “My Heart Keeps Pounding” – “My head is throbbin’/My world keeps wobblin’/All the alarms are soundin’/Bu my heart keeps poundin’”. The optimism of “Sliver of Light,” about driving to his next gig, is quickly offset by his trademark darkness in “I’m a Ghost” and two songs later, a man mourning for a drowned lover at the “Bottom of the Musquatch River.” It’s all deep blues, none more so than the jealous heartbreak recounted in “I Saw You.” He even does as most bluesmen would do, fire up a lengthy guitar solo in “Spinnin’ Planet Blues,” one of only three songs where the iconic Red Young accompanies on B3, clearly pushing Morlix. Morlix is one adult dose. His brutal honesty and raw approach may not be universally appealing but he’s undeniably a force. This could well be his best album, but it won’t be his last. . As he sings in 2 Hearts Beatin’ in Time” – “There’s a bit more I want to do/I left unfinished a thing or two”  Since Morlix is making the most of “Bonus time” we can gladly look forward to more too.

Impossible Blue

Gerry Jablonski & The Electric Band - Life at Captain Tom's

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2011
Time: 74:52
Size: 171,8 MB
Label: Fat Hippy Records
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Higher They Climb - 5:41
 2. Sherry Dee - 4:05
 3. Koss - 4:29
 4. Hard to Make a Living - 6:11
 5. High on You - 7:24
 6. Merchants of Soul - 6:01
 7. Hot - 2:59
 8. Slow Down - 3:24
 9. Anybody - 4:23
10. Virgil Cane - 5:21
11. When the Fire is Gone - 5:19
12. Getting Better - 4:54
13. Skinny Blue Eyed Boy - 6:08
14. Prog - 3:45
15. Broke my Heart - 4:40

Captain Tom’s is een studio in Aberdeen waar het tweede album van het Schotse viertal Gerry Jablonski and The Electric Band werd opgenomen.
Onder aanvoering van Gerry Jablonski (gitaar/zang) krijgen we 70 minuten lang energieke blues/rock voorgeschoteld zoals die werd gemaakt eind jaren 60 van de vorige eeuw. Inspiratiebronnen zijn o.a. Paul Kossoff, Clapton, Page en Peter Green.
Opzienbarend is het krachtige mondharmonica spel van Peter Narojczyk, een groot talent die met fantastische solo’s tegenwicht geeft aan de gitaar van Jablonski.
De optredens van de band krijgen goede kritieken, hoog tijd dat Jablonski en co. eens op het vaste land van Europa zijn te zien.

Life at Captain Tom's

среда, 30 января 2019 г.

Tom Kuhr - Old Dog...Old Tricks

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2018
Time: 25:34
Size: 59,0 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Rock/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. I'm Ready - 3:15
 2. Rollin' and Tumblin' - 3:47
 3. Same Thing - 3:12
 4. Can't Find My Way Home - 4:21
 5. My Babe - 3:20
 6. Baby Please Don't Go - 3:55
 7. Maybellene - 3:41

My buddy Don Beyer and I are now making music the long-distance way. Using various digital music gizmos and gadgets that are available these days, we are collaborating between Michigan and Florida zip codes. I put together the initial tune with guitars, vocals and other stuff. Don adds his stellar bass playing, then engineers the final mix. So, here’s ‘OLD DOG – OLD TRICKS’…just some of my most favorite blues/rock tunes in the keys of A & E.

Old Dog...Old Tricks

четверг, 24 января 2019 г.

Big Pacific - Big Pacific 1

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2018
Time: 44:07
Size: 101,7 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Jones'n the Road - 3:41
 2. Changin' - 4:31
 3. Keep Me Posted - 5:43
 4. Celebrate the Universe - 4:17
 5. I'm on Fire - 4:56
 6. Tumble Down - 3:19
 7. Rockin' on the Water - 5:08
 8. I Wanabe Yo Man - 4:37
 9. Ticket - 3:46
10. Shook and Rattled - 4:03

A guitar driven, blues based, class rock album. We are Big Pacific, and this is ONE! Roly Sandoval (guitar & vocals), Gavin Dixon (bass & vocals), Nick Dokter (drums & vocals), Sig Schnellert (keyboard and bg vocals), Brendan Hedley (keyboard & bg vocals), Ricky Renouf (guest vocal harmony).
In a studio on a little mountain not too far from the sea, we became a union of veteran musicians dedicated to playing our original music. Big Pacific wears its influences proudly; listeners will be reminded of a gamut of 70s music, from Cream to Little Feat and even Huey Lewis and the News, all wrapped in the tight professionalism of musicians who have entertained audiences across Canada and around the globe.

Big Pacific 1

Chris Summer - Maybe Someday

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2018
Time: 45:40
Size: 105,0 MB
Label: CSM001
Styles: Blues/British blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Black Knight in Harlem - 3:19
 2. The Debt Man - 3:16
 3. Out of My Hands - 4:49
 4. Hold on Till the Springtime - 3:25
 5. Now You're Gone - 3:48
 6. Maybe Someday - 4:40
 7. Appearing in Your Head - 4:18
 8. Side Stepping the Fall - 5:04
 9. Zombie for Your Love - 3:05
10. Machines - 6:33
11. I Gotta Go - 3:19

A debut album from singer/songwriter Chris Summer from Scotland
Drawing on a variety of influences from blues, rock and popular music Chris has worked with a number of experienced, talented musicians to create the single Maybe Someday and the album Maybe Someday.
His musical style include everything from John Coltrane, Muddy Waters, Van Morrison, the Beatles, the UK indie scene and beyond.
Words, music and arrangements Chris Summer.
Chris Summer (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Ian McKinna (backing vocals, bass guitar, keyboard, percussion), Fraser Spiers (harmonica), Cameron Jay (trumpet), John Burgess (alto saxophone, flute), Ted McKenna (drums), Kirsty McKinna (backing vocals).

Maybe Someday

Gaslight Street - You Already Know

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2018
Time: 33:42
Size: 78,0 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Soul-Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Let me Go - 4:24
 2. Try to Remember - 3:26
 3. Tear us Apart - 3:33
 4. Salvation - 3:34
 5. Therapy - 3:43
 6. Demon - 2:58
 7. No Time - 3:38
 8. Hey, Brother - 3:57
 9. Easy Papa - 4:25

A blues and soul infused blend of moonshine and honey/
In early 2015, Gaslight Street stood at a familiar crossroads that every band comes to at one point or another. Their long time guitarist had left the band, and the quartet was reduced to three. They had a calendar full of dates, including a month long tour out to Colorado. They could have easily decided to stop and take a break, but Whitt Algar (keyboards/bass) decided he would simply combine his skills as bassist/keyboardist and keep the band rolling. He learned to play bass lines on the top organ while still playing the keys on the piano stacked underneath all in the matter of weeks. Stratton Moore (drums) and Campbell Brown (Guitar/Vocals) went to the woodshed with their band mate and forged a new sound. Soul, the backbone of their music, had become more prominent and Algar’s own songs were being introduced to the band. They continued their journey out west for a month long tour to Colorado and back. When they returned to their hometown a new band had been born.
In 2016 the band won the CPMA Blues Band of the Year and released “Two Years Gone”, the album they recorded in 2014 as the quartet. Touring had become more and more frequent and the band had discovered a cohesiveness from both the road and the stage they performed on. In the Summer and Fall of 2017 they recorded new tracks at Fairweather Studio (Charleston, SC) for their first studio album as the trio. Omar Colon (Owner/Engineer) and Brown are putting the final touches on the project in order to release the album by Summer of 2018.

You Already Know

Larry Carr - Evolution

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2018
Time: 70:09
Size: 161,6 MB
Label: SkyWalk Records
Styles: Americana/Rock/Folk/Blues/Country
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Simple Man - 5:45
 2. I Keep Forgetting - 5:17
 3. Blue Jean Blues - 3:48
 4. Wait for it - 4:42
 5. Ain't No Sunshine - 4:17
 6. In Texas - 3:51
 7. The Things I Used to Do - 3:25
 8. Hard Luck Blues - 4:32
 9. Turn the Page - 6:04
10. Oh Brother - 4:20
11. Tennessee Bloodhound - 5:11
12. King of Hearts - 4:17
13. November Leaves - Blues Remix - 5:38
14. Digital Strings - Blues Remix - 4:14
15. Blue Jean Blues - Up Tempo Remix - 4:41

Larry Carr Jr. was born in Nashville Tennessee 1976. Music has been part of his early childhood. Musical influences where Country, Motown, pop culture and  early forms of Rap. He has watched and heard the progression of music explode from the late 80 s till present day. Currently Larry lives in Avondale, Arizona. Larry’ s musical interest pan towards Blues, Pop, Alternative rock, Country. He has taken 2 years of Guitar and currently  continuing  taking  Monthly guitar/ piano /harmonica lessons at the Anderson Institute of Music and  Performing Arts. He is also taking a singer/song writer class taught by Edward Anderson. Larry also attended a writers work shop with producer Steven Ventic in 2015. Larry will be taking professional  vocals lessons at  the Anderson  Institute of Music. Larry performed at Opah  Greek cafe -Westgate Phoenix 2015, Hard Rock Cafe' in Phoenix Arizona 2016. In the future Larry will be working towards releasing original works of music in 2016  as he continues to evolve in to a polished musician and songwriter.


Good Paper Of Rev. Rob Mortimer - Lock It Down Tight

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2018
Time: 44:54
Size: 103,6 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Memphis Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Take This Bad Ass Down - 4:48
 2. I Don't Need You - 4:02
 3. This Ain't No Throne - 4:34
 4. Delta Side of Vicksburg - 4:43
 5. High Ground - 3:40
 6. Such a Scream - 2:07
 7. You're My Radio - 4:00
 8. She Can't Stand Me - 4:46
 9. I Hope - 4:17
10. Lock it Down Tight - 4:35
11. When I'm Gone - 3:18

Good Paper of Rev. Rob Mortimer combines the wit of Tom Waits, the Southern charm of Conway Twitty, the growl of Howlin' Wolf, and the energy of James Brown, with a Memphis-Delta-Soul Sound.
Good Paper of Reverend Rob Mortimer is based in Greenville, Mississippi; "The Heart and Soul of the Delta".
Rob Mortimer on vocals, guitars, lap steel, piano, electric piano, organ, and synth.
Jeffrey Tonos on guitars, backing vocals, piano, and Synth.
David Morgan on basses and backing vocals.
Walter Washington on drums and percussion.
The Funeral Horns are: Art Edmaiston on Tenor Saxophone and Baritone Saxophone; Marc Franklin on trumpet and flugelhorn; and Bob Dowell on Trombone.
Special guests are: Rick Steff on honky tonk piano and organ; Pete Matthews on percussion, and Toby Vest on Organ.
This record was engineered at American Studios in Memphis, TN by High/Low Recording; Toby Vest and Pete Matthews.
Mastering by Abbey Road Studios, London, England.

Lock It Down Tight

Double Shuffle Blues Band - Good Boys

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2018
Time: 34:26
Size: 78,9 MB
Label: MBMusic
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Good Boys - 4:02
 2. Please To Meet You - 4:01
 3. I'm A Lover - 6:28
 4. Hey Oh, Let's Go! - 5:02
 5. Boom Boom - 2:49
 6. Crazy About You - 4:16
 7. Or Maybe Not - 3:41
 8. Nothing At All - 4:03

Good Boys is our second Album’s title and the project we are working for a year: “We started like a cover-band; we use to play the great classic of the blues like Albert King, John Lee Hooker and the great songs of ’60s-’70s of Jimi Hendrix and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Over time we separated ourselves from emulation and embarked on the unpublished musical production. After 2 years from the first covers we have evolved a lot; our genre is evolving and moving away from the true blues and we are heading towards a more modern and energetic rock. But our roots are there and will always be there! The sounds learned by playing the great musicians of the last millennium have marked us in the unconscious and if we had never left them probably today we would not be here to compose unpublished music with so much pride and passion “.

Good Boys

Anthony Gomes&the New Soul Cowboys - Coming Back for You

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2018
Time: 32:21
Size: 74,2 MB
Label: Up 2 Zero
Styles: Modern Electric Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Painted Horse - 3:36
 2. Rebel Highway - 4:14
 3. What It's All About - 3:28
 4. Won't Let You Down - 4:16
 5. Born to Ride - 4:08
 6. Carolina - 3:35
 7. You Are Amazing - 4:12
 8. Coming Back for You - 4:48

Anthony Gomes (born May 14, 1970, Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian blues and blues rock guitarist and singer. He was born to a Portuguese father and a French-Canadian mother. After his 1998 debut album release Blues in Technicolor, he began touring the United States and Canada and he has since recorded eight more albums. Gomes resides in St. Louis, Missouri, United States, playing a fusion of blues with rock and soul, and with the Anthony Gomes Band has toured North America and Europe.

Coming Back for You

Dean Newton Trio - Dean Newton Trio

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2018
Time: 47:20
Size: 108,5 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Contemporary Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Here i Am - 3:52
 2. Bright Lights - 3:50
 3. Something i Was Told - 3:29
 4. Hillbilly Blues - 3:45
 5. What You've Got - 4:16
 6. Waitin' By the Phone - 4:45
 7. C4 - 5:44
 8. Ain't No Friend of Mine - 5:04
 9. Clog Dance - 3:27
10. No Tomorrow - 4:22
11. MR P.C - 4:42

Dean Newton - Guitar, Vocals;
Jeff Barnes - Bass;
John Marcangelo - Drums.

If blues and booze go together like milk and cookies, then the Dean Newton Trio would be a perfect “pub band.” They’re from Cumbria in the United Kingdom, and boy, can they pack a wallop with a guitar. These three will “beat you, bash you, squish you, mash you, chew you up for brunch, and finish you off for dinner or lunch” (Attack of the Killer Tomatoes) with the sheer force of their shredding prowess. This is music to get drunk to, plain and simple. Out of eleven songs, ten are originals, full of the kind of voltage one needs on a Friday or Saturday night. Purists might say, “This is ALL rock!” Would they be wrong? There are no classic numbers here, and the blues rhythms find themselves submerged in the other genres presented, like R&R and funk. Nevertheless, front man Dean Newton has above-average vocals and clear diction. Tunes such as “What You’ve Got” add a semi-political twist to the powerhouse proceedings.
A graduate of the London College of Music, Dean has studied under some of the most highly-respected guitarists in the world. At the age of twenty-eight, he’s a highly in-demand “muso” and guitar teacher whose playing style is thoroughly postmodern, yet rooted in the traditions of blues, rock and jazz. Never one to stand still, he is always seeking out new sounds and concepts to flesh out his albums and push the proverbial envelope. Newton has been described as a virtuoso guitarist by many of his industry peers, and is also an endorsed spokesman for Tokai Guitars.
Drummer John Marcangelo and bassist Jeff Noble also have considerable experience in the blues/blues rock scene. Marcangelo’s greatest claim to fame is being a private student of legendary jazz drummer Philly Joe Jones. As for Noble, he’s been playing bass for over four decades and has toured worldwide with different ensembles and on cruise liners.
The following track combines keen songwriting and potent musicianship in a neat package.
Track 05: “What You’ve Got” – We all try to keep up with the Joneses, and it’s costing us: not only in our wallets, but in our souls as well. With a killer bassline by Jeff Noble and melodic guitar by Newton, nifty number five is a cautionary tale. “Well, you read it in the papers and you see it on the news. You’ll see it when you least expect, when you’re buying your new shoes. It’s all about what’s cool, and it’s all about what’s hot. Because it’s all about getting what you want instead of wanting what you’ve got.” Danceable and catchy, this one’s a winner for sure.
The Dean Newton Trio has put forth a notable debut that’s perfect to enjoy with potent potables!

Dean Newton Trio

The Holds - Juke

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2018
Time: 51:49
Size: 119,8 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Rock/British Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Waste of Time - 4:25
 2. Move - 4:37
 3. Ready or Not - 3:51
 4. Fix - 3:29
 5. Give 'n' Take - 3:32
 6. Gonna Love You - 3:40
 7. Sunrise - 4:16
 8. Back Home - 4:17
 9. Too Late - 3:49
10. Turn It Up - 3:56
11. You Could Use Me - 4:09
12. Keep It Going - 3:33
13. Feel - 4:09

Swampy, bluesy, gritty soulful rock n roll. Written, produced and arranged by The Holds. Ryan Setton: Vocals, Guitars Eric Hein: Lead Guitars Andre Galamba: Base Justin Wiley: Drums and percussion Alex Lebel: Keys
The Holds are a hard working band from Montreal, Canada who are dedicated to craftsmanship, showmanship, the creative process and community. Everyone in the band aims to bring a little something to the overall sound to make up the whole. The result - a unique and exciting musical journey through their swampy, soulful and bluesy rock n roll.


среда, 23 января 2019 г.

Harold Stewart & The Blues Hounds - Black Cat Moan

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2018
Time: 65:31
Size: 151,0 MB
Label: Moonshadow Enterprises, LLC
Styles: Blues/Rockin' Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Black Cat Moan - 4:33
 2. Wreck & Roll - 3:57
 3. Outta Sight! - 3:15
 4. Blame - 4:47
 5. Blues Before Breakfast - 5:42
 6. Something to Lose - 7:26
 7. Watermelon Man - 4:05
 8. Funk It! - 4:03
 9. C-Breeze - 2:37
10. I'm a Little Short - 4:40
11. About This Dog - 6:20
12. If You Don't Want My Heart - 5:26
13. John the Revelator (East Meets West) - 4:52
14. Winter Winds (Karakkaze) - 3:42

This album includes a WIDE range of flavors from the Blues menu! Boogie swamp-rock, slow Blues, west-side Chicago grooves, Blues-funk, Memphis style horns, a New Orleans Dixieland vibe, & even 2 songs recorded in Japan with monster taiko drums!!

Black Cat Moan

Springer & Cagle - Everyday Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2018
Time: 40:15
Size: 92,5 MB
Label: Dogwog
Styles: Blues/Blues Vocals
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Everyday Blues - 4:29
 2. Lucille - 5:02
 3. Nasty Little Words - 4:23
 4. Finally - 4:44
 5. Get off My Nerves - 4:40
 6. Bring it on Home to Me - 3:39
 7. Love and Happiness - 4:24
 8. Nobody Cares - 5:15
 9. What Am I Crying For? - 3:35

"Everyday Blues", by Robyn Springer & Greg Cagle, is contemporary blues project featuring new originals and a fresh take on an some old favorites.

Everyday Blues

Brian Gallagher - Brownstone

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 50:44
Size: 116,4 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Guitar Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Prologue (A Murderer's Justification) - 4:18
 2. Brownstone - 4:26
 3. The Other Side of the Wall (feat. Megan Hilty) - 4:18
 4. Shady Mr. Dodd - 3:26
 5. Daisy Dearest (feat. Megan Hilty) - 3:48
 6. Bloody Mr. Andrews - 3:14
 7. Rest Now (A Lullaby) - 2:59
 8. Scary Mary - 4:12
 9. The Mark on Mr. Marx - 3:58
10. We Are Found (The Final Lullaby) [feat. Megan Hilty] - 3:16
11. The Demon's Dance - 4:49
12. Odd Mrs. Dodd - 3:28
13. Aengus of the Mines - 4:28

A heavy rock n' roll concept album about a serial killer who becomes haunted by the ghosts of her victims. ODD MRS DODD was well aware of her husband’s extra marital activities. A soft spoken, stoic person, she silently accepted her situation until the morning SHADY MR DODD returned home with intent to gather his things and leave her for another woman. This was the event that sent ODD MRS DODD over the edge. What she’d kept bottled inside for years exploded, invigorating her to brutally stab him to death. Prior to the murder, her social interactions were few to nonexistent, and she experienced life solely within the comfortable confines of her apartment walls. She was emboldened by the act of murdering her husband, and as a direct result found the confidence to venture out into the halls of the East Village BROWNSTONE in which she lived. Her goal was to meet her neighbors and form inspired friendships. What she discovered, however, was a building full of the kind of life, or lack thereof, that was a direct reflection of her former one. It was at this point she began mercy killing each and every inhabitant of the BROWNSTONE. But what dies in the BROWNSTONE can never leave the BROWNSTONE, so she’ll be haunted by the ghosts of her victims until she acquiesces to show herself the same brand of “mercy” she showed them.
BROWNSTONE is a rock n’roll horror event, a walk-through haunted house with a musical narrative. The listener will travel from apartment to apartment escorted by the NARRATOR (a guitar playing blues singer), and will meet all the haunted house's residents, experience their struggles, their untimely deaths, and their ultimately triumphant rebirths.


вторник, 22 января 2019 г.

Bob Frank - True Stories and Outrageous Lies

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2018
Time: 34:15
Size: 79,3 MB
Label: Ripcat Records
Styles: Blues/Acoustic Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Low Down Dirty Ways - 3:35
 2. Married Woman Blues - 3:11
 3. Chinese Knock-Off - 2:27
 4. People Don't Change - 2:43
 5. Come on Baby and Ride With Me - 3:18
 6. Blues on 9/11 - 2:17
 7. I'm So Damn Lazy - 3:02
 8. High Maintenance Woman - 3:24
 9. Stavin' Chain - 2:33
10. Dead Man's Curve - 3:20
11. Lucky So Far - 4:20

After a lifetime in traditional music as a performer, producer, writer, educator & journalist, Bob Frank steps out with his first solo recording of original music. Frank's prior recordings include 8 cds with the Blue Lunch band, 3 bluegrass albums with the Hotfoot Quartet and numerous recordings and sessions with other groups. As a performer and artist, Frank has a lot to say.

True Stories and Outrageous Lies

Whitehorse - The Northern South, Vol. 2

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 25:10
Size: 82,9 MB
Label: Six Shooter Records Inc.
Styles: Rock/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Who's Been Talkin' - 4:33
 2. Baby, What You Want Me To Do - 3:46
 3. John The Revelator - 3:18
 4. Baby, Scratch My Back - 4:33
 5. I Just Wanna Make Love To You - 2:55
 6. St. James Infirmary - 6:03

Skeptics might claim that a band that releases two sets of traditional cover songs in rapid succession is merely biding time while waiting for real inspiration to come. Granted, there’s a certain validity in that theory, especially given the fact that retreads of popular standards are decidedly in vogue these days. Thank you, Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, Van Morrison and all the other elders of that age who figure that being of senior status is reason enough to ignore the generation gap completely. As a result, any attempt to return to one’s roots seems a valid artistic indulgence, especially since it serves as a reminder that creativity often evolves from unexpected origins.
Why then, should Canada’s Whitehorse, the Polaris Prize-nominated husband and wife team of Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland, be any different? For one, they’re considerably younger than most of the artists that have gone this route. Secondly, they’re less known than the aforementioned artists that pursued that path. Happily then, this duo filters their intention through invention. Adept in both roots and rock, Doucet and McClelland are proficient enough to put their own spin on their selection. After all, they’ve done it not once, but twice, in the span of two successive releases.
Like its predecessor, Vol. 2 finds the pair offering an individual approach to archival blues and seminal soul, tapping arrangements that are consistently unexpected. Jimmy Reed’s “Baby, What You Want Me To do?” is considerably more subdued than the edgy approach that’s typically taken. Willie Dixon’s classic “I Just Wanna Make Love To You” is upbeat and effusive, practically breathless in its pent-up passion. They make that dark and dire Gospel song “John The Revelator” sound strangely seductive. Likewise, the timeless “St. James Infirmary” is so harsh and haunting, it effectively retools the song and takes it into an even deeper dimension. Released in the wake of their cheery holiday album A Whitehorse Winter Classic, The Northern South Vol. 2 offers further opportunity to fully explore Whitehorse’s diversity and dynamism. It’s anyone’s guess what they’ll do next.

The Northern South, Vol. 2

David Christensen - Sliding Thru

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 48:56
Size: 112,2 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Sliding Thru - 3:36
 2. Wars of Man - 4:26
 3. Eastern Bound - 4:14
 4. Kitchen Floor - 3:56
 5. Lay Me Down - 3:53
 6. Damage Done - 4:46
 7. Don't Pass Your Life By - 4:15
 8. Son's and Daughter's of Change - 3:57
 9. Reveur - 3:11
10. Alone Thru the Night - 3:52
11. Wicca Queen - 3:28
12. The Road i Walk - 5:18

As a songwriter and collector of sounds, Dave has blended blues, rock, soul, roots a cohesive collection of memorable songs.

Sliding Thru

Call Me Mildy - Take a Bite of This

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 45:21
Size: 104,0 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Rockin' Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Runnin' - 3:28
 2. All i Need is Your Love - 4:38
 3. Perfect Day - 4:51
 4. Haven't i Told You - 4:10
 5. Meet Me in the Alley - 4:24
 6. Keep Love Movin' - 4:55
 7. Why-Take a Bite of This - 3:24
 8. Where You Goin' - 3:43
 9. My Woman Left Me - 4:24
10. Sweet As - 3:13
11. Summer Love - 4:06

High energy blues rocker Call Me Mildy's new dynamic album released in 2019. Featuring an eclectic span of blues, blues rock, reggae and dirty harp rock. Some pretty pretty songs abound in Haven't I Told You and Perfect Day. Regina Canada's Call Me Mildy is an engertic four piece blues rock band fronted by singer/songwriter Greg Mildenberger (Mildy.) The new album 'take a bite of this' is an eclectic and varied journey through modern alternative blues rock. There's high energy cuts like 'Runnin' and 'Why', which punch out jump blues at its best. One of Mildy's most popular tunes 'My Woman Left Me' features Mildy's raucous slide guitar playing and shows the influence of boogie blues. The ballad 'Haven't I Told You' is destined for greatness with its heartfelt lyrics, honeyed backing vocals and sincere lyrics. Meanwhile, 'Perfect Day' tells a story of a broken heart with a sublime track featuring slant harmonica and dire straits style guitar grooves. Mildy's song 'Where You Goin' is a gritty, dark look at humanity, featuring some of Mildy's dirtiest harp playing. And his fight song 'Meet Me in the Alley' conjures up visions of Irish Punk meshing with Canadian blues rock. 'Keep Love Movin' melts the southern rock fan's heart, while 'All I Need Is Your Love' grooves on guitar solos and a surprising melody. 'Sweet As' brings some silliness to the album, and 'Summer Love' finishes off this consistently good album with a smooth and happy reggae style tale of summer love. Call Me Mildy is fronted by Greg Mildenberger, who writes the songs as he sees them, if the song is good it doesn't have to fit into a tight blues box of songs. Mildy has performed at events with blues acts like Tommy Castro, Sonny Landreth, and Canada's roots/rock Big Sugar.

Take a Bite of This

Bushwick Blooze Band - Cryin' for the L Train

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 40:01
Size: 93,0 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

 1. Lucille - 4:24
 2. Cleanhead Blues - 5:51
 3. Red House - 5:50
 4. Southbound - 4:17
 5. Going Down - 5:03
 6. Skeletons in Her Closet - 4:59
 7. Fade into Blue - 9:34

Bushwick Blooze Band's debut album released in 2019 with some great blues classics. Brother Dave on vocals guitar, with Chas Rio on bass and David Cornejo on drums.
Bushwick Blooze Band was formed in 2018 when Chas Rio (Brother Chas) decided it was time to (temporarily) stop trying to play jazz on upright bass and get serious about getting a rocking blues trio together. After one failed Craigslist attempt in pulling in a guitarist/bluesman he found Brother Dave, hidden away in Long Island, who had been perfecting his blues style over the decades and who was known for his screaming guitar solos. With the addition of David Cornejo (Brother David) - who brought his international musical training (from Peru via Barcelona) to the band - on the drums the band was up and running.

Bushwick Blooze Band is:
Brother Dave - Guitars, vocals, lap steel
Chas Rio - bass
David Cornejo - drums

Cryin' for the L Train was recorded in the Spring of 2018 at Big Orange Sheep Studios in Industry City in Brooklyn, NY and represents Bushwick Blooze Band love for rockin' blues.
Recording Engineer: Daniel Alba
Mastering: Oscar Zambrano
Album Cover Art: photo courtesy of Bitch Cakes, album design by Wendy Chou
Thanks to many folks for their love and support including but not limited to Tim Ferguson, Bennett Miller, and Laura Kelly!

Cryin' for the L Train

понедельник, 21 января 2019 г.

Chris Trasatti - Quit Harpin' On It

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2012
Time: 64:51
Size: 148,6 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. What's That Shakin' - 4:28
 2. Sad State of Affairs - 8:07
 3. Life Took Over - 4:43
 4. Old Friends - 4:25
 5. Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me - 4:46
 6. B's 2W - 3:37
 7. Chrome Plated - 4:05
 8. Quit Harpin' On It - 5:09
 9. Talkin' Bout the Weather - 4:44
10. Computer Blues - 4:50
11. Gettin' It - 6:13
12. Why - 3:48
13. The Musician - 5:51

Good harp with many different styles.Blues. Country. Easy listening. And some funny, some heartfelt songs.

Quit Harpin' On It 

пятница, 18 января 2019 г.

Rocky Athas' Lightning - Lightning Strikes Twice

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2007
Time: 60:59
Size: 141,1 MB
Label: Armadillo / Armadillo Music, LTD
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Up to the Sky - 3:59
 2. Where Do We Go from Here (Ratta Mae) - 4:54
 3. To My Friend (SRV) - 4:48
 4. Survival - 5:40
 5. Vows Were Made - 4:40
 6. Sanity - 3:26
 7. Ain't it a Shame - 3:47
 8. Don't Feel Free - 3:39
 9. Pack it up - 3:33
10. Thinkin' 'Bout You - 3:30
11. Lightning Strikes Again - 3:59
12. Home Again - 3:19
13. Big D Stuff - 3:43
14. I Will Love Again - 3:35
15. The Night is Over - 4:20

Texan Rocky Athas started playing guitar and performing at neighbourhood gigs with school friend Stevie Ray Vaughan. By 23, Rocky Athas was honoured an inductee to Buddy Magazine's Texas Tornadoes as one of the ten best guitarists in Texas. The English rock band 'Thin Lizzy' wrote the song 'Cocky Rocky' after hearing Rocky play at Mother Blues in Dallas. Queen guitarist Brian May was so floored by Rocky's finger tapping style that he incorporated it on the next Queen album, revealing that it was the guitarist from Mother Blues who first introduced him to the style.
In the late 70's and early 80's Rocky was the creative vortex behind Lightning. Rocky then joined the legendary Black Oak Arkansas playing on the Ready As Hell and The Wild Bunch LPs. Rocky also worked as a session guitarist for Polygram records at Memphis Ardent Studios.
In 2002 Rocky recorded The Blues Berries with Buddy Miles from Jimi Hendrix's Band of Gypsy's and SRV's rhythm section of Chris Layton and Tommy Shannon.
Mega producer Jim Gaines produced The Rocky Athas Groups 2003 CD Miracle. Jim felt Rocky's talents should be showcased under his own name and Rocky formed his Texan band, The Rocky Athas Group, featuring vocalist Larry Samford.  In 2005 Rocky recorded Voodoo Moon, again produced by Jim Gaines. The Rocky Athas retrospective CD Lightning Strikes Twice was released in 2007. Currently Rocky is touring the world as lead guitarist for The John Mayall band.
Texas veteran and smoking gun guitarist Rocky Athas fits easily in the same league of guitar gods as his long-time friends Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Johnson.
~ BluesWax Ezine

Lightning Strikes Twice

Rocky Athas - Let My Guitar Do the Talking... With My Friends

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2015
Time: 39:33
Size: 90,6 MB
Label: Cherryburst Records
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Think About It (feat. John Mayall) - 3:38
 2. To My Friend - 4:52
 3. D Boogie - 4:04
 4. On the Move - 4:25
 5. Another Day, Another Time - 4:13
 6. Run Children Run - 5:12
 7. Rocky & Joe's Hail Damage Shuffle (feat. Smokin' Joe Kubek) - 4:19
 8. Rock Funk - 3:30
 9. That's What I Know - 3:13
10. Rachel - 2:03

This is an all original, instrumental album featuring over thirty vintage guitars played by the legendary "Texas Tornado".
When Rocky was asked by John Mayall, the iconic "Godfather of British Blues", to take the lead guitar role on his 2009 album, Tough, Rocky was honored. Being recognized for his guitar skill and asked to join forces with the creator of the legendary outfit, The Bluesbreakers, that featured a revolving cast of talented players including Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Jack Bruce, John McVie, Mick Fleetwood, and Mick Taylor, was exhilarating. Within weeks of the call from John Mayall, they were together in the studio working on Tough.
Rocky’s first album with John Mayall, Tough (Eagle Records) was reviewed by Guitar Player Magazine, which called Rocky "a veteran Texas gunslinger with a wicked tone and a thriving solo career of his own."
In fact, before joining Mayall, Rocky's first worldwide release Miracle was prompted by his friendship with Grammy Award-winning producer Jim Gaines (Santana, Steve Miller, Journey, Stevie Ray Vaughan), which was forged while working on The Bluesberries with Buddy Miles (Jimi Hendrix, Electric Flag and Carlos Santana). Rocky was honored that Jim, named Blues Producer of the Year in 2003, produced his solo albums.
At the beginning of his career, Rocky was the creative vortex behind Lightning, one of the biggest draws in Texas nightclub history opening for national acts. By the age of 23, the Oak Cliff, Texas native, was named one of the first and youngest, TEXAS TORNADOS in Buddy Magazine's now legendary list of Top Ten Guitarists. The list of Texas Tornados later went on to include Eric Johnson, Jimmie and Stevie Ray Vaughan, ZZtop's Billy Gibbons, and Johnny Winter.
After Lightning, Rocky moved on to be showcased as lead guitarist with national acts, including the southern rock one-of-a-kind Jim Dandy and Black Oak Arkansas writing/performing on "Ready As Hell" and "Wild Bunch" which were included on their greatest hits album. During his association with BOA, Rocky met drummer extraordinaire Johnnie Bolin, brother of Tommy Bolin (Deep Purple and James Gang). Johnnie and Rocky cemented a life-long bond as brothers. Rocky performed, toured, and recorded Tommy Bolin Tribute shows for Johnnie in support of the Tommy Bolin Archives Foundation with the amazing vocalist and bassist Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple and Trapeze).
Throughout his career, Rocky has been asked about his friendship with Stevie Ray Vaughan and is extremely proud of his Oak Cliff roots which he shares with Steve. You can open the pages of Stevie Ray Soul To Soul by Kerri Leigh and read Rocky's recollection of childhood memories.
Six years into the collaboration, Mayall's newest album, A Special Life, features stellar guitar performances by Rocky that prompted Neil Spencer of Uncut Magazine to highly praise the new work "...whose guitarist, Rocky Athas, recalls the young Eric Clapton."
With the mutual admiration society nurtured by thousands of miles on the road together rockin’ the blues around the world, Rocky is proud to stand next to John Mayall blazing a fresh, new, innovative sound with the veteran bluesman.

Let My Guitar Do the Talking... With My Friends

Paul Zunno Band - Black & White and Blues All Over

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2002
Time: 40:55
Size: 95,2 MB
Label: Charm City
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. I Found My Soul - 3:43
 2. My Babe - 3:29
 3. I know you're here with me - 4:27
 4. I wanna love you - 4:06
 5. Crying in my sleep - 3:31
 6. Blues in C - 4:01
 7. Howlin' Wolf - 3:41
 8. You were Right/I was Wrong - 4:44
 9. So Long I'll see Ya - 4:42
10. Baby Come Back - 4:28

This is a Blues/Rock oriented album. The Paul Zunno Band is one hell of a rocking blues band based out of New York City. Guitarist/vocalist Paul Zunno is joined by Zerrick Foster on bass/vocals and John DiGuilio on Drums/vocals. Paul and Zerrick met playing for rock and roll legend Wilson Pickett(Midnight Hour and Mustang Sally) where they formed a friendship and musical bond that has grown stronger over the last three years. They both appeared on "The Late Show with David Letterman" in support of Mr. Pickett?s new album and have performed throughout Europe and the United States. Zerrick and John met playing together backing up countless acts like the Shirelles, the Tokens and Gary U.S. Bonds. John was also Kenny Logins drummer for two years.
Together these three guys pack a punch that is very exciting to hear and see.

Black & White and Blues All Over

Jr. Drinkwater & the Thrist Quenchers - Like a Mirror

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2000
Time: 68:08
Size: 157,8 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Little JR - 4:35
 2. Mississippi Hoodoo - 4:03
 3. Like a Mirror - 5:04
 4. Wishing Well - 6:50
 5. Too Many Fishes - 4:30
 6. Hold On - 4:04
 7. Fancy Pants - 5:16
 8. Little Bit - 2:19
 9. Wait on Time - 4:07
10. As the Years Go Passing By - 7:10
11. Like a Rooster On a Hen - 5:32
12. Help Me - 6:15
13. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed, Resurrection - 8:17

Jr. Drinkwater's new CD release "Like a Mirror" mixes traditional blues with blues rocking leads for a sweet Memphis sound. New to SW Florida The Thirstquenchers are a mainstay in the Fort Lauderdale / Miami blues scene. Appeared with B.B. King and The Neville Brothers during the B.B. King Blues and Barbecue Fest and were the featured performers at the 14th Annual Sound Advice Blues Festival in Fort Lauderdale.

Like a Mirror 

четверг, 17 января 2019 г.

The Downtown Livewires - I'll Do It Today, But Not Right Now!

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 37:29
Size: 86,3 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Back to Arkansas - 3:45
 2. I Just Don't Feel Right - 4:16
 3. 3 Too Many - 3:45
 4. I'll Do It Today, But Not Right Now ! - 3:32
 5. Sneaky Eyes Blues (The Memphis Song) - 3:32
 6. Just Say It Once - 2:56
 7. Damned if I Do - 3:05
 8. Without Me Without You - 4:28
 9. I Don't Ask for Much - 4:05
10. Good Place to Be - 3:59

The Downtown Livewires is a 6-piece electric blues band that plays out of one of the fastest growing regions in the nation:  Northwest Arkansas (Bentonville / Fayetteville). The Downtown Livewires play high energy Electric Blues / Rock, Memphis blues, and legacy blues.  Audiences of their shows love to dance and sing along, no matter the venue, whether it be clubs, festivals, private parties, concerts, or city events.   
Since the band’s first gig on Halloween 2011, fans have been treated to hundreds of engaging shows. The band’s first EP, “Live at Haxton Road Studios” was released October 2017. Recorded in front of a LIVE studio audience, it’s available on iTunes and the actual videos are on their YouTube channel. Electrifying fans with thrilling originals and the revitalization of old legacy high energy blues covers, The Downtown Livewires totally involve the audience in every show! 
THE DOWNTOWN LIVEWIRES have been the "warm-up" band for both Country Platinum recording artist Collin Raye (4 Billboard #1 hits, and CMA Video of the Year), and The Reverend Horton Heat (national / international “cult” following).   
The leader of the band is Roger Thomas from Bentonville, AR.  Roger was born and raised in Memphis, TN (South-Central, Oakhaven neighborhood) until he was 30, playing professionally there through his 20’s.  Roger is known for talking with the audiences or audience members with whom to have on-stage positive, funny conversations, sometimes jumping off the stage and playing, dancing and singing within the crowd.   
Bob “Super Harp” Coleman is out of New Haven, Connecticut, and is a world-class harmonica player who also sings on lead vocals.  Bob has played with blues legends all over the country throughout his illustrious career.   
Dan Doebele from Kansas City, MO is an absolute blues beast on lead electric guitar, is known by other professional musicians to be one of the elite guitarists in the nation, and plays slide guitar with ANYTHING handy! 
Kurt “Where’s Kurt?” Haas is on keyboards and vocals from Tulsa, OK, and is known for his stellar new arrangements of old blues songs.  Kurt plays both piano and Hammond organ.   
And the rhythm section of Mark Vanderhoof on drums and Johnny Smith on bass from Fayetteville, AR is one of the most tenured blues rhythm sections in the country, in which audience members often find themselves focusing on their musicianship and killer beats and fretboard runs.

I'll Do It Today, but Not Right Now!

San Pedro Slim - In Times Like These

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2017
Time: 49:02
Size: 112,4 MB
Label: Mojo King Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Down on Pacific - 4:10
 2. I Was Wrong - 4:29
 3. Goin to See Mr Lee - 2:53
 4. Valentine's Day at a Motel 6 - 4:05
 5. If It's Over - 3:48
 6. Low Pay Loser Blues - 4:22
 7. No Overtime - 4:25
 8. When You Hurt - 6:44
 9. Workin for the Edd - 3:57
10. Give It Time - 3:37
11. Payday Loan - 3:54
12. You Must Thing I"M a Fool - 2:32

West Coast harpman and storyteller par excellence San Pedro Slim is back with his latest for Mojo King Records, this one entitled, “In Times Like These.”  It’s a set that’s guaranteed to help you get through today’s tough times, with a sometimes-biting, sometimes-humorous  look at folks livin’ day-to-day just to get by. Slim wrote all but one of the cuts herein, and he’s on harp and vocals, with Joe Conde on guitar, producer Kenny Huff on bass, Mark Vasapolli on drums, Mike Malone on keys, and the horn section of Lawrence White and Jorge Garcia. After a cool, gospel-radio station intro, Slim starts off with a swingin’ instrumental, “Down On Pacific,” as he busts out the big ol’ chromatic.  A cha-cha beat drives “Going To See Mr. Lee,” the man who’ll help you “leave your troubles behind” when you re-organize and “file a BK!”  Another tune about “workin’ hard for so little pay” is a sweet slow-groove titled “Low Pay Loser Blues,” with Joe’s twangy guitar and Mike’s acoustic piano adding to the “hard times” feel The horns get down to bidness on a cut written by Kenny Huff, the funk-filled strut of workin’ to keep a lover happy, “No Overtime.” We had two favorites, too.  Slim vows to “make next year better,” but, right now, it’s “Valentine’s Day At Motel 6,” set over a horn-driven, slow-dancin’-styled groove.  And, perhaps the set’s most humorous cut looks at the California jobless rate by way of a cool eight-bar, stop-time tale of “don’t call me unemployed–I’m Workin’ For The EDD!” San Pedro Slim writes about things he’s seen and stuff that permeates the daily news.  The country needs a stiff shot of good blues that’ll sho’ nuff make you feel better “In Times Like These.”  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.

In Times Like These

Southbound - Rockin' Horse

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2019
Time: 54:15
Size: 124,7 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Rock Bottom - 5:12
 2. Gotta Hold on Me - 4:40
 3. Papercut - 4:33
 4. Pinstriped Suit - 3:09
 5. Georgia Peach - 6:18
 6. Four Leaf Clover - 7:08
 7. Rockin' Horse - 5:00
 8. First Time Love - 4:18
 9. Nothing but Time - 3:47
10. The Deceiver - 5:25
11. Hurricane - 4:40

Southbound, the upcoming blues-rock band based in London, are kicking up quite a storm. Bringing an exclusive take on British Blues, audiences are enthralled by the unique sounds and grooves that the band create on stage which has helped to propel their career forward. With inspirations drawing from blues, rock, jazz, funk and soul, Tom (vocals), Elliot (rhythm and lead guitar), Jordan (rhythm and lead guitar), Dan (bass) and Aaron (drums) each bring something distinctive to the table that could only be described as the sound of Southbound; it could be argued that their material, both in theme and performance, could only derive from a veteran of the music industry, however, this can be accredited to their hard work and passion for music. Whilst writing, the band draw from the sounds of greats such as Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, the Allman Brothers Band, B.B. King, and Eric Clapton but also from quite unorthodox artists like Santana, Jeff Beck, Gary Clark Jr and jazz-fusion band Snarky Puppy. When performing live, all these influences come together to create an unparalleled live experience that’s both entertaining and mesmerising.

Rocking' Horse