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Steve Gannon - Steve Gannon

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2011
Time: 53:27
Size: 122,7 MB
Label: Tumbling Dice Records
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Baby, How Long - 3:43
 2. In The Dark - 3:57
 3. Wood Chopping Man - 3:29
 4. Keep On Holding On - 6:39
 5. She's Gone - 4:47
 6. Garland Of Flowers - 3:24
 7. Find Another Fool - 4:47
 8. My Baby's So Sweet - 3:05
 9. Ola Blue - 4:33
10. Lakes Of Pontchartrain - 5:45
11. Fat Dog's Ranch - 4:30
12. Goodbye Baby - 4:42

His third album, blues with some country and folk influenced tunes as well.

Steve Gannon

суббота, 26 марта 2016 г.

Robin Trower - Where You Are Going To

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 40:21
Size: 92,9 MB
Label: V12 Records
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. When Will The Next Blow Fall - 3:56
 2. Where You Are Going To - 5:51
 3. Back Where You Belong - 3:43
 4. Jigsaw - 3:21
 5. The Fruits Of Your Desire - 3:30
 6. We Will Be Together Someday - 4:59
 7. Ain't No Use To Worry - 3:18
 8. In Too Deep - 3:17
 9. I'm Holding On To You - 4:49
10. Delusion Sweet Delusion - 3:34

Throughout his long and winding solo career, guitarist Robin Trower has had to endure countless comparisons to Jimi Hendrix, due to his uncanny ability to channel Hendrix's bluesy/psychedelic, Fender Strat-fueled playing style. Born on March 9, 1945, in Catford, England, Trower spent the early '60s playing guitar in various London based outfits; the most successful one being the R&B group the Paramounts, who specialized mostly in covers, but managed to issue several singles between 1963 and 1965. It wasn't until 1967 that Trower received his big break however, when he joined Procol Harum. The group had just scored a worldwide smash hit with "A Whiter Shade of Pale," but the only problem was that the band's leader, singer/pianist Gary Brooker, didn't have a proper band to back him. Brooker was previously a bandmate of Trower's in the Paramounts, and offered the guitar slot in his new fast-rising project to his old friend. As a result, Trower appeared on such Procol Harum classics as 1967's Procol Harum, 1968's Shine on Brightly, 1969's A Salty Dog, 1970's Home (which spawned the popular Trower tune "Whiskey Train"), and 1971's Broken Barricades.
While Procol Harum helped launch Trower's career, the guitarist realized there was limited space for his guitar work, and eventually left for a solo career. Enlisting singer/bassist James Dewar and drummer Reg Isidore (who was soon replaced by Bill Lordan) as a backing band, Trower issued his solo debut, Twice Removed From Yesterday, in 1973. The album barely left a dent in the U.S. charts, but that would change soon enough with his next release, 1974's Bridge of Sighs. With rock fans still reeling from Hendrix's death a few years earlier, the album sounded eerily similar to the late guitarist's work with the Jimi Hendrix Experience (especially his 1968 release, Electric Ladyland), and as a result, the album sky rocketed into the U.S. Top Ten, peaking at number seven.
Although Bridge of Sighs was to be his most popular solo release, Trower's stock continued to rise throughout the mid-'70s, as he became an arena headliner on the strength of such hit albums as 1975's For Earth Below, 1976's Robin Trower Live!, and Long Misty Days, plus 1977's In City Dreams. Further releases followed, yet by the dawn of the '80s, it became quite obvious that Trower's star was rapidly fading, as each album sold less than its predecessor. A brief union with ex-Cream bassist/vocalist Jack Bruce spawned a pair of releases, 1981's B.L.T. and 1982's Truce, before Trower returned back to his solo career.
The '80s saw Trower try and expand his audience with several releases that attempted to update his blues-rock style (such as 1987's slick produced Passion), but none returned the guitarist back to the top of the charts. During the early '90s, Trower returned back to Procol Harum for a brief reunion (1991's Prodigal Stranger), before backing ex-Roxy Music singer Bryan Ferry on a few releases (1993's Taxi and 1994's Mamouna, the latter of which Trower earned a co-producer credit for). Trower continued to issue solo albums in the 21st century (2000's Go My Way), while a steady stream of live sets and compilations appeared. Trower returned to work with Ferry once more on 2002's Frantic, again earning a production credit. Reassembling most of his late-'80s band, Trower released Living Out of Time in 2004 and returned with Another Days Blues in late 2005. What Lies Beneath appeared in 2009 from V-12 Records.

Where You Are Going To

Denise LaSalle - My Toot Toot – An Anthology

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2003
Time: 78:13 + 75:33
Size: 179,8 + 173,6 MB
Label: Smith & Co
Styles: Soul Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Trapped By A Thing Called Love - 2:39
 2. Now Run And Tell That - 3:19
 3. Man Sized Job - 2:49
 4. Do Me Right - 2:56
 5. Married, But Not To Each Other - 3:43
 6. Lady In The Street - 3:42
 7. I Was Not The Best Woman - 3:52
 8. Come To Bed - 4:04
 9. Don't Mess With My Man - 4:42
10. Right Place, Right Time - 4:16
11. Why Does It Feel So Right - 3:39
12. Keep Your Pants On - 3:44
13. Bump And Grind - 3:39
14. Caught In Your Own Mess - 4:35
15. You Gotta Pay To Play - 3:59
16. Bring It On Home To Me - 4:55
17. Don't Cry No More - 5:05
18. Don't Mess With My Toot Toot - 3:19
19. If You Can Do Me Right - 4:01
20. Write This One Off (As A Loss) - 5:04

 1. Love And Happiness - 6:03
 2. Trapped By A Thing Called Love (1990 Remix) - 6:35
 3. Drop That Zero - 4:07
 4. Wet Match - 3:16
 5. Paper Thin - 5:18
 6. I'm Loved - 4:59
 7. When We're Making Love - 3:31
 8. Love Me Right - 3:46
 9. Don't Pick It Up - 5:49
10. Fast Hands And A Dirty Mind - 4:43
11. Three People - 3:06
12. Dial 1-900-Get-Some - 4:59
13. No Supervision - 5:05
14. Child Of The Ghetto - 3:54
15. A Woman Needs To Be Loved - 4:15
16. Blues Party Tonight - 5:59

Denise is undoubtedly one of the longest serving Ladies of soul having made her first recordings in the 60’s for the legendary Chess label and she hasn’t stopped singing yet.Her initial successes were in the 1970’s when she was signed to the Westbound label and was being produced by the inimitable Willie Mitchell. During this period she had 10 R&B hits, 4 of which, “Trapped By a Thing Called Love”, “Now Run and Tell That”, “Man Sized Job”, and “Married, but not to each other” crossed over to the billboard pop charts. These are of course featured on this album. After leaving Westbound she had a relatively quiet period at ABC Dunhill, before signing 1982 to Malaco Records in her home state of Mississippi. There her success was re-established and in fact it was with this record company that she scored her major international hit “My Toot Toot” (a.k.a “My Tu Tu”). This anthology, compiled by the guru of black music Ian Dewhirst, brings together all the great recordings from Denise Lasalle and for anyone who like to here their music performed with passion, intensity and soul is going to love this collection of her best works.

My Toot Toot – An Anthology

Taddy Porter - Taddy Porter

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2010
Time: 47:42
Size: 109,6 MB
Label: Primary Wave Records/Caroline
Styles: Hard Rock/Southern Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Whatever Haunts You - 3:57
 2. Big Eough - 2:47
 3. Shake Me - 3:33
 4. Gotta Getcha Back - 4:15
 5. Long Slow Drag - 4:18
 6. I Gotta Love - 4:18
 7. Mean Bitch - 4:01
 8. Bringin' Me Down - 3:34
 9. In The Morning - 4:00
10. Fire In The Streets - 3:41
11. Railroad Queen - 3:22
12. King Louie - 5:48

The 12 songs on the self-titled debut album by the Oklahoma rock quartet Taddy Porter are all original compositions written by the bandmembers -- singer/guitarist Andy Brewer, lead guitarist Joe Selby, bassist Kevin Jones, and drummer Doug Jones -- sometimes with another person. But "original" can be a relative term, as the foursome sound very similar to Free and Bad Company. It would not be surprising to discover that before the foursome started writing these songs, they were the best Free/Bad Company tribute band in the Southwest. With his husky low tenor, Brewer is a vocal dead ringer for Paul Rodgers, while Selby's collection of guitar riffs derives directly from those of Paul Kossoff and Mick Ralphs; the rhythm section just pounds along in support of the singer and guitarist. This sort of gutbucket bluesy hard rock sound has been filling halls since the late '60s, and after Rodgers' early groups forged the mold, others have benefited. Employing basically the same style, the Cult sold a lot of records in the '80s, and so did the Black Crowes in the ‘90s. There's no reason why Taddy Porter couldn't do the same thing in the 2010s, even if they are a particularly unoriginal knockoff, as song titles like "Mean Bitch" and "Fire in the Streets" suggest. Bet they do great versions of "All Right Now" and "Can't Get Enough of Your Love," though.

Taddy Porter

Steve Gannon Band - Oaktown

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1997
Time: 49:02
Size: 114,1 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Electric Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Date With The Blues - 4:05
 2. Hip-Hug-Her - 5:34
 3. Wee Wee Hours - 7:10
 4. Big Chief - 3:30
 5. Slippin 'n Slidin - 3:21
 6. To Through With You - 4:37
 7. Trouble, Trouble - 7:25
 8. Oaktown Shuffle - 2:50
 9. Back In The U.S.A. - 3:41
10. Fool For You - 6:45

American blues 'n' roots music by a British guitar-player living in Oakland, California.
Here's an interesting release from an Oakland veteran who is originally from London, England, Steve Gannon came to Oakland in 1982 and quickly immersed himself in the blues, hanging out and playing on stage at the legendary Eli's Mile High club run by the late Troyce Key a Southerner who'd played the blues all his life mainly in partnership with J.J. Malone. One of the Eli's regulars, Sonny Rhodes, hired Steve to go on the road with him and he's also played every major California Blues Festival in the last fifteen years backing the cream of the West Coast vocalists. Recently Steve has been the host of the Monday Night Blues Jam at Larry Blake's club in Berkeley and this CD features his Blue Monday band with some special guests, Ms. Dee, Big Bones, Minor Williams (no listing of who plays/sings on which songs so I'll have to guess) and Christian Rannenberg. Ms. Dee does a fine job on 'Trouble, trouble' and Williams really shines on 'Too through with you' (I'm assuming it's Minor Williams, whoever it is, is damn fine and deserves to be heard by a larger audience). That's the only complaint I have with this CD - the lack of accurate information such as lineup on tracks and the actual history of this collection of tracks (I see the term re-release on the insert so I'm assuming this came out once before, plus the copyright date is from 1992). But, aside from that I have no complaints. The music is fine West Coast blues and Steve Gannon is a very tasteful guitarist - a cross between Steve Cropper and Jimmie Vaughan - tight, funky and modern but with a clean sound and a very disciplined style. He's also a pretty good vocalist as well with a natural and pleasant delivery and that's a big accomplishment for any blues singer. His backup unit of Kelvin Dixon, Chris Burns and Willie Riser is just as proficient as he is, and drummer Kelvin Dixon (I'm guessing) is one of the best there is and the bass playing is superb too. Listening to the often - recorded classic 'Wee Wee Hours', the Chuck Berry tune that turned so many onto blues, one gets a good clear picture as to the prowess possessed by the Steve Gannon Band. Of ten tracks four are originals and the six covers get special treatment that instill new life into them. Anyone who has more than a passing interest in West Coast blues will find much to like with this disc as once again the under-appreciated and under exploited (I use 'exploited' in a positive sense) Oakland scene drops a very ripe and tasty treat into our laps. If anyone ever sets up shop in Oakland/Los Angeles with the sole intention of recording the wealth of talent there, they will 'hit the jackpot'. And this CD is ample proof. 4 bottles for a CD that is full value for your bucks."


пятница, 25 марта 2016 г.

Chris Juergensen - Strange Phenomena

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2008
Time: 44:17
Size: 102,5 MB
Label: Abiku Records
Styles: Rock/Roots Rock
Art: Front

 1. The Spirit - 3:43
 2. Long Time Wondering - 3:56
 3. Nothing's Got Me - 4:10
 4. Living The Lie - 6:43
 5. Blood On The Street - 4:04
 6. House On The Hill - 4:10
 7. Boot Hill - 3:38
 8. Sweet Melissa - 4:13
 9. Tell Me A Story - 4:54
10. Born To Love You - 4:42

Half the tracks recorded live in Tokyo and the other half captured in the studio, Strange Phenomena may be Chris Juergensen’s best release to date. Slated by a DJ as “Industrial Strength Blues,” Chris’ brand of music is a blend of rip-roarin’ guitar, soulful singing and powerful conviction.

Strange Phenomena

Chris Juergensen - Big Bad Sun

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2005
Time: 35:17
Size: 82,0 MB
Label: Abiku Records
Styles: Blues/Rockin' Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Sweet Melissa - 3:23
 2. Come Out Baby - 3:10
 3. Big Bad Sun - 5:04
 4. House On The Hill - 3:50
 5. Tell Me A Story - 4:40
 6. Love Dog - 4:38
 7. Revelation - 2:45
 8. Some Sympathy - 4:53
 9. Bug Lips - 2:50

"Big Bad Sun" - Traditional in nature, contemporary in sound, Chris Juergensen's Big Bad Sun is a bold departure from the blues you may be familiar with. Passionate guitar playing, good story telling plus crystalline production makes this CD destined to become a true, modern day, blues classic. Beautifully rendered and performed, guitar lovers will want to make this CD a part of their everyday collection.
 "Chris is a phenomenal talent head to toe. 'Big Bad Sun' unleashes an unabashed dirty low down blues side of him that has you stompin' your feet to a killer variety of grooves. And prepare to stand back as the guitar speaks to you, alternatively ripping your head off and then caressing you." - Jennifer Batten
 "Another beautiful cd from Chris Juergensen. This recording has a serious blues vibe. Chris sings and plays his ass off on this one." - Mike Stern.

Big Bad Sun

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Andy Just - Rockinnitis

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1981
Time: 31:32
Size: 72,2 MB
Label: Blue Rock'It
Styles: Blues
Art: Front
Source: Net

Tracks Listing:
 1. Rockinitis - 3:32
 2. Excuse My Blues - 3:50
 3. Jump Boogie - 3:29
 4. Honey Bee - 7:02
 5. Rock to The Hop - 3:42
 6. Got Me Dizzy - 3:39
 7. Baby - 2:19
 8. You Don't Have To Go - 3:56

In the finest of West Coast blues harmonica traditions, Andy Just has been thrilling audiences with his explosive performances, not only in the states, but overseas as well. His sound is extremely powerful, and innovative, which has been honed by many years of playing, and touring. Andy is very well known in Europe and Australia, where he often entertains thousands at large blues festivals. He is notorious for rockin' blues, which really brings the house down at music venues far and wide. Although he has a firm handle on the blues, he possesses a unique artistic, and improvisational style that always keeps his fans guessing as to what new surprises he has in store for them. He is recognized for introducing jazz and rock, and other styles into his large repertoire of songs. Andy's original approach gives his music red-hot energy, and great variety, while staying true to his blues roots. His interpretation encompasses the true essence of the blues, while it captivates the audience with his "take no prisoners" performances. This versatility is what makes his performances a truly enjoyable experience --- and you can tell by his thousand-watt smile that he's having a blast too.


понедельник, 21 марта 2016 г.

Dyrty Byrds - Failure Is Feedback

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 43:29
Size: 100,5 MB
Label: SR
Styles: Rock/Southern Rock/Blues Rock
Art: Front
Source: Net

Tracks Listing:
 1. It Won't Be Long - 4:09
 2. First One's Free - 3:58
 3. Redneck Twist - 4:04
 4. Going Out of Business - 4:28
 5. Caught in the Act - 4:48
 6. Montana - 4:08
 7. Punk Ass Bitch - 3:46
 8. State of Grace - 5:34
 9. We Got Time - 3:46
10. Drunken Poet's Dream - 4:42

Leaving a trail of burned up bars and sweat soaked guitars since 2009 the Dyrty Byrds have shown no mercy in their pursuit of original guitar driven rock and roll. Tori Pater, Eric Martinez, Mike “Spanky” McCluer, and Andrew Clapp are a four-piece rock band from Denver, CO that would fit as easily into the 1970’s classic/southern rock scene as they do in modern day American music.
Playing on their love of songwriting and rock & roll Tori Pater (Polytoxic) and Eric Martinez (Bloodkin) have been playing music together since 2004 and have eased into a prolific songwriting partnership which is deeply solidified on the new Dyrty Byrds release Failure is Feedback due out Feb. 2016. The vast majority of the new songs were born and flushed out in Tori’s basement with just he and Eric and a couple of acoustic guitars.
Seeing a few different formations after their 2009 debut, Dyrty Byrds have worn the tried and true rock & roll recipe of two guitars, bass, and drums as a badge of honor for the better part of their existence. Mike “Spanky” McCluer (Larry) and Andrew Clapp (Forever In Blue Jeans) on Bass and drums (respectively) bring a “freight train through the Rockies” type sound to the band that only Spanky and Andy can produce.
Failure Is Feedback is the Dyrty Byrds third release and second album done with Chad “Chadzilla” Johnson at Silent Scream Studios in Denver, CO. Failure touches on outlaw country, a little funk, and punk rock with steady doses of rock & roll through out the record. It takes you to a place where guitars rule, truth is paramount, and the bar is always open.

Failure Is Feedback

Delta Riders - Trouble

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2000
Time: 34:53
Size: 80,1 MB
Label: BIE Records
Styles: Blues/Rockin' Blues
Art: Front + Back

Tracks Listing:
 1. Trouble - 2:46
 2. Jump Back - 2:59
 3. Red Hot Sugar - 3:41
 4. Outside Man - 3:24
 5. What They Got - 5:18
 6. Hipshot - 3:23
 7. Slam Bam Boom - 3:32
 8. Bottle of Blooze - 5:13
 9. Thru 2 You - 4:32

Originally from Pottstown, PA, Joe Graziani helped form the Delta Riders in Elm City, North Carolina where they are now based. Extensive touring clubdates and festivals will help promote and sell this release by one of the hottest blues rock bands in the South. Previous releases by the Delta Riders generated interest with radio play, live gigs, and several TV appearances in the coastal Carolina areas.
Individually and collectively the band has played with and opened for many top acts, appearing at blues festivals with Bobby Blue Band, Bo Diddley, and BB King, just to name a few.
This release was recorded at Bradleyhouse Studio in South Carolina, winner of 3 Cammy awards. The Delta Riders will continue their promotion of blues based, rock and Funk.


пятница, 18 марта 2016 г.

Robert Thomas - Natural Born Thing

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1996
Time: 41:51
Size: 96,1 MB
Label: Boysun Music
Styles: Blues/Texas Style
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. I Love Money - 3:48
 2. You're Mine - 3:38
 3. Treat Me So Lowdown - 2:52
 4. No Mercy - 4:41
 5. Rainin' Inside - 4:29
 6. In Between - 3:29
 7. Peanut Butter & Jelly - 3:50
 8. You Don't Have To Love Me - 4:02
 9. Hot For You - 2:41
10. One Good Woman - 5:07
11. Jumpin' At Shadows - 3:09

Robert Thomas plays Texas style blues guitar that's electric like a lightning bolt! His clear bright tone is one of the characteristics of his guitar playing. Robert's voice captures pure emotion and his Cd "Natural Born Thing" is a feast of blues!
Robert Thomas CD "Natural Born Thing" was recorded In Santa Barbara, California.

Natural Born Thing

четверг, 10 марта 2016 г.

David Dee - Going Fishing

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1985
Time: 38:48
Size: 88,8 MB
Label: Vanessa Records
Styles: Blues/Soul
Art: Front + Back

Tracks Listing:
 1. Going Fishing - 3:54
 2. Sweet Loving Baby - 3:40
 3. Reconsider Baby - 3:20
 4. Back In Your Arms Again - 4:11
 5. Blues Jam - 4:17
 6. Just One Step - 4:00
 7. Since I've Been Loving You - 4:03
 8. Give Me Some Air - 4:21
 9. I You Had A Change In Mind - 3:01
10. Keep On Doing What You Do - 3:56

Singer-guitarist David Dee is best known for his 1980s blues hit "Going Fishing", which took him from the local clubs of East St. Louis to the national soul-blues “chitlin circuit.” Dee, a native of Greenwood, Mississippi, moved to East St. Louis as a youngster and except for a stay in Chicago and a stint in the army, he has lived there ever since. Dee started as a spiritual singer and later formed his own group, David and the Temptations. A booking agent in Springfield, Illinois, suggested the name David Dee to him (his real name is David Eckford), and that’s the name he has used on all of his recordings – five albums so far, along with several singles. Dee has been called the St. Louis area’s premier contemporary bluesman. His other moniker is ‘Workin’ Man,” and a hardworking man indeed he is. Recently retired from a construction job, he now works for the East St. Louis Police Department and still performs regularly with his Hot Tracks band, augmented on special occasions by his three daughters who also sing.

Going Fishing

Lefty Dizz - Lefty Dizz featuring Big Moose Walker

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1979
Time: 37:45
Size: 86,5 MB
Label: Black And Blue
Styles: Chicago Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Blue shadow - 4:32
 2. Take out some insurance - 2:45
 3. R.M. Blues - 4:02
 4. Cummins prison farm - 2:59
 5. I found out - 3:08
 6. Things that I used to do - 3:38
 7. Moose boogie - 3:56
 8. One eyed woman - 2:46
 9. All right ok you win - 4:35
10. Lake Shore drive boogie - 5:19

Lefty Dizz - guitar,vocals;
Willie James Lyons - guitar;
Big Moose Walker - piano, vocals;
Mojo Elem - bass guitar;
Odie Payne - drums.

He was born Walter Williams in Osceola, Arkansas, United States. He learned the rudiments of guitar playing while serving for four years in the United States Air Force. Unlike other left-handed players who re-strung their instruments to mirror the proper string order, Dizz played a right-handed guitar upside down, thereby reversing the order of the strings. After his discharge in 1956, he moved first to Detroit and then Chicago where he would settle permanently; there, he played under Lacy Gibson and Earl Hooker's guidance. He was proficient enough to join Sonny Thompson's band in 1958. He worked with Junior Cannady and John Lee Hooker, but a major career move in 1964 saw Lefty Dizz become a member of Junior Wells' backing ensemble. They toured around the world together until 1971, when Lefty Dizz joined Hound Dog Taylor and the HouseRockers. Lefty Dizz remained a member of that band until Taylor's death in 1975, when he formed Shock Treatment. It was with this band that he further developed his own flamboyant approach, which incorporated raunchy jokes alongside his own skilful but showmanship style of guitar playing. His pleasant and joke-filled character was offset with sufficient intelligence to garner an economics degree at Southern Illinois University.
Lefty Dizz performed at Chicago clubs such as the Kingston Mines, B.L.U.E.S. and the Checkerboard Lounge, as well as international touring. His playing was witnessed by members of the Rolling Stones and Foghat. He played on the recording of Live at the Checkerboard Lounge, Chicago 1981 with Muddy Waters and Rolling Stones Jagger, Richards and Wood.[6] However, his studio recordings did not capture the essence of live performances.
Lefty Dizz died from the effects of esophageal cancer on September 7, 1993, at the age of 56.

Lefty Dizz featuring Big Moose Walker

Lefty Dizz - Somebody Stole My Christmas

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1979
Time: 42:00
Size: 96,9 MB
Label: Isabel
Styles: Chicago Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Bad avenue - 5:44
 2. It hurts me too - 3:41
 3. Blues for big town - 3:29
 4. Funny acting woman - 4:19
 5. If I can get my hands on you - 3:53
 6. Somebody stole my Christmas - 4:16
 7. All your love - 5:33
 8. Nights by myself - 2:26
 9. Anna Lee - 5:02
10. See me in the evening - 3:33

Lefty Dizz (April 29, 1937 – September 7, 1993) was an American Chicago blues guitarist and singer whose recorded work appeared on eight albums.
He is best known for fronting his own band, Shock Treatment, and his work with Junior Wells, J. B. Lenoir and Hound Dog Taylor. One commentator noted that “for wild-ass showmen in blues history … one would certainly have to go a far piece to beat Lefty Dizz”. Lefty Dizz favoured a right-handed Fender Stratocaster, which he played with his left hand, hence the first part of his stage name. Versions pertaining to the second part range from him playing the trumpet in the style of Dizzy Gillespie, to the nickname being given by Hound Dog Taylor & the HouseRockers’ drummer Ted Harvey, referring to “playing jazz in the alley”.  He was reputedly the brother of fellow blues musician Johnny Dollar.
He was born Walter Williams in Osceola, Arkansas, United States. He learned the rudiments of guitar playing while serving for four years in the United States Air Force. Unlike other left-handed players who re-strung their instruments to mirror the proper string order, Dizz played a right-handed guitar upside down, thereby reversing the order of the strings. After his discharge in 1956, he moved first to Detroit and then Chicago where he LeftyDizz02would settle permanently; there, he played under Lacy Gibson and Earl Hooker’s guidance. He was proficient enough to join Sonny Thompson’s band in 1958. He worked with Junior Cannady and John Lee Hooker, but a major career move in 1964 saw Lefty Dizz become a member of Junior Wells’ backing ensemble. They toured around the world together until 1971, when Lefty Dizz joined Hound Dog Taylor and the HouseRockers. Lefty Dizz remained a member of that band until Taylor’s death in 1975, when he formed Shock Treatment. It was with this band that he further developed his own flamboyant approach, which incorporated raunchy jokes alongside his own skilful but showmanship style of guitar playing. His pleasant and joke-filled character was offset with sufficient intelligence to garner an economics degree at Southern Illinois University.
Lefty Dizz performed at Chicago clubs such as the Kingston Mines, B.L.U.E.S. and the Checkerboard Lounge, as well as international touring. His playing was witnessed by members of the Rolling Stones and Foghat. He played on the recording of Live at the Checkerboard Lounge, Chicago 1981 with Muddy Waters and Rolling Stones Jagger, Richards and Wood. However, his studio recordings did not capture the essence of live performances.
Lefty Dizz died from the effects of esophageal cancer on September 7, 1993, at the age of 56 (by wikipedia)
And this is debut album from 1979:
Dizz fares much better on this sophomore outing. Featuring a nice take on the title cut and fairly solid playing from all parties concerned, this certainly falls short of the fervor he could produce live but is still the best of the bunch.
Recorded December 22, 1979 in Paris, France

Somebody Stole My Christmas

среда, 9 марта 2016 г.

Stoney Curtis Band - Alive and Unleashed

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2002
Time: 65:05 + 64:05
Size: 149,0 MB _146,7 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues: Rockin' Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Mulholland Shuffle - 6:09
 2. Evil Woman - 4:06
 3. Around the World - 4:47
 4. Soul Love - 6:06
 5. Legend - 4:43
 6. People Rise Up - 7:35
 7. Straighten It Out - 8:37
 8. Free - 6:23
 9. Thrill Is Gone - 6:16
10. Baby Needs Lovin - 2:54
11. Get the Phone - 0:17
12. Who Knows - 7:06

 1. My Saviour - 4:11
 2. Waitin' for the Bus - 2:47
 3. Jesus Just Left Chicago - 5:53
 4. On Fire - 6:18
 5. Wonderful Tonight - 7:04
 6. In a Day - 7:46
 7. Last Train to Chicago - 7:53
 8. All Along the Watchtower - 7:18
 9. When My Heart Beats Like a Hammer - 8:51
10. Precious Lady - 6:00

Stoney Curtis - guitar/vocals
Colby Smith - Bass
Charlie Glover - Drums

A powderkeg of a release that captures the fiery passion and intense energy of one of the hottest guitarist in the world today. If you like your Blues served up hot with lots of attitude, this is one release that would be classified as ESSENTIAL.
STONEY CURTIS BAND released "Alive and Unleashed" to highlight the raw power and talent of one of the hottest acts around. Recorded live at the Classroom Blues Club in Los Angeles, CA on November 3, 2001 the double CD has 21 songs. No overdubs, no fluff, just amazing songs, and incredible playing make this release a "must have" for anyone who loves Blues, Rock and in your face guitar playing.
The Stoney Curtis Band is a power trio from Los Angeles, CA. Originally from Chicago, Stoney Curtis formed the SCB in 1995. Mainstays on the Blues and Rock circuit, an award winning band that includes, "Best Blues/Rock Band" in 1999 and 2001. Also guitarist of the year in 2000 at the Rock City L.A. awards ceramony.

Alive and Unleashed

The Jeff Healey Band - Full Circle: The Live Anthology[Hard Rock Toronto, Toronto 1995]

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1995
Time: 43:53
Size: 100,5 MB
Label: Eagle Records
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. I Got a Line On You - 3:45
 2. Stop Breakin' Down Blues - 6:15
 3. As The Years Go Passing Bye - 5:19
 4. Yer Blues - 4:34
 5. Stuck In the Middle With You - 3:56
 6. Evil (Is Going On) - 5:47
 7. Angel - 5:41
 8. See The Light - 8:31

What made Jeff Healey different from other blues-rockers was also what kept some listeners from accepting him as anything other than a novelty — the fact that the blind guitarist played his Fender Stratocaster on his lap, not standing up. With the guitar in his lap, Healey could make unique bends and hammer-ons, making his licks different and more elastic than most of the competition. Unfortunately, his material leaned toward standard AOR blues-rock, which rarely let him cut loose, but when he did, his instrumental prowess could be shocking.
Healey lost his sight at the age of one, after developing eye cancer. He began playing guitar when he was three years old and began performing with his band Blues Direction at the age of 17. Healey formed the Jeff Healey Band in 1985, featuring bassist Joe Rockman and drummer Tom Stephen. This trio released one single on its own Forte record label, which led to a contract with Arista Records. The Jeff Healey Band released their debut album, See the Light, in 1988 and the guitarist immediately developed a devoted following in blues-rock circles. Featuring the hit single "Angel Eyes," the record went platinum in the U.S. While the Jeff Healey Band's subsequent records were popular, none were as successful as the debut.
As the 21st century dawned, Healey began to change his direction. He taught himself to play the trumpet and began to lean toward the kind of traditional 1920s and '30s jazz that had always fascinated him. He released two classic jazz albums, 2002's Among Friends and 2004's Adventures in Jazzland, on his own HealeyOphonic label, and a third traditional jazz outing with It's Tight Like That, which appeared on Stony Plain in 2006. And while he continued to do shows in his earlier blues-rock style, he increasingly gigged with his jazz combo, the Jazz Wizards. In 2008, a month before the release of his last studio-recorded blues album, Mess of Blues, Healey died from cancer. Songs from the Road, a collection of live blues-rock performances from 2006 and 2007, was released by the Ruf imprint in 2009, nearly 18 months after Healey's death. His final studio jazz album, Last Call, was issued by Stony Plain in April 2010. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine & Al Campbell, Rovi

Live 1995

понедельник, 7 марта 2016 г.

Walter Robinson - Haze Of Purple

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2004
Time: 46:25
Size: 106,8 MB
Label: Brameldon
Styles: Blues/Rockin' Blues
Art: Front + Back

Tracks Listing:
 1. Stay Alive - 3:16
 2. Way Cross Egypt - 7:04
 3. Mr. Lucky - 4:14
 4. Hold On - 4:02
 5. Syphax Groove - 3:16
 6. Sleepless Blues - 4:38
 7. Must Be From Heaven - 4:12
 8. Raining In Chicago - 8:49
 9. Valley of the Kings - 6:52

Walter Robinson fashion an approach to Power blues after the great musicians of today and yesterday. Walter Robinson, the front man of the group, has a natural tendency to interpret music with the rhythm and blues feeling that lends the same soul to his singing, rhythm and lead guitar playing, that was the life bloody of Jimi Hendrix, Muddy Waters, B.B. King, and many other greats.[http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/walterrobinson]

Haze Of Purple

The Almost Three - What?

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2009
Time: 37:17
Size: 87,3 MB
Label:  POTTpeople
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. CO2 - 3:52
 2. How Do You Feel - 3:03
 3. Horse Race - 3:16
 4. Understand - 4:32
 5. Talking In A Box - 3:46
 6. Heavy Funk - 2:51
 7. Anywhere - 4:23
 8. Sliding - 2:12
 9. Happy - 3:04
10. Brush With The Blues - 6:14

All songs written by Martin Ettrich except Track 10 written by Hymas/Beck.
2009 veroffentlichten THE ALMOST THREE mit „What?“ einen ersten Longplayer, der das Trio aus Mulheim an der Ruhr auch daheim als das erschienen lie?, was es vorrangig ist: eine Band von gro?er Live-Qualitat und mit massig Spielfreude. Den authentischen Sound ihrer Gigs auf Silber zu bannen – so lautete das erfolgreiche Konzept des Debuts, dem auch das des Follow-Ups folgt.
Am 30. November erscheint mit »BIG MUFF« das zweite Album von THE ALMOST THREE, und die Benennung nach dem kultigen Effekt-Pedal von Elektro Harmonix spricht bereits Bande. Gesplittet in drei Teile prasentiert sich THE ALMOST THREE hier zum einen als Band, deren Studiosound sich kaum von dem ihrer Auftritte unterscheidet. Um diesen organischen Klang zu kreieren, wurden samtliche Basics wie Drums, Bass und Gitarre im Studio live eingespielt. Zum anderen bietet „Big Muff“ den Mitschnitt eines Konzerts 2011 in Wermelskirchen, dass die ganze Energie dieses Gigs nun auch durch die Boxen der guten Stube jagt. Energetisch, kraftvoll und kurzweilig zeigen sich Martin Ettrich (Gitarre & Vocals), Max Schmitz (Bass) und Benny Korn (Drums) von ihrer besten Seite und verzichten dabei auf jedwede Genregrenzen, halten den Fokus dennoch auf einer groovigen Blues-Attitude und eingangigen Funk-Elementen. Abgerundet wird das bis hierhin sowieso schon abwechslungsreiche Aufgebot durch einen kleinen dritten Teil, bestehend aus dem letzten Song des Albums – einer Coverversion des Frank Zappa-Stucks „Sleep Dirt“, aufgenommen in einem einzigen Take im heimischen Wohnzimmer.
Mit „BIG MUFF“ liefern THE ALMOST THREE ein weiteres gro?artiges Album ab, das wahnsinnig Lust auf ihre Live-Gigs macht, fur die Zeit dazwischen aber auch eben diesen Sound perfekt nach Hause transportiert.


Pete 'Big Dog' Fetters - South From Detroit City

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2003
Time: 61:29
Size: 141,3 MB
Label: Two Sisters Records
Styles: Blues/Rockin' Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Back Door Man -  3:02
 2. Reconsider Baby/After Midnight - 11:06
 3. Baby What You Want Me To Do -  6:32
 4. South From Detroit City -  4:09
 5. Bring It On Home To Me -  5:04
 6. Mustang Sally -  6:38
 7. Put Your Good Love On Me -  4:10
 8. The Sky Is Crying -  5:35
 9. Heart Full Of Love -  4:32
10. Statesboro Blues -  5:25
11. The Dog -  5:11

Slide Guitar Driven Road House Blues/
Pete 'Big Dog' Fetters is a kick-ass, raw power, heavyweight blues/rock, singer/slide
guitarist based in the Detroit Michigan, USA area. For over 20 years he has been
working full time taking his music to clubs, festivals and theaters throughout the
midwest, east and southern United States.
Pete has recently (Aug. '03) released his 7th CD on his own label, Two Sisters
Records. The new CD titled, 'SOUTH FROM DETROIT CITY' is a collection of
eleven songs (4 originals) recorded live at Memphis Smoke in Royal Oak, Michigan.
If you're familiar with and enjoy listening to modern day slide guitar players like
Duane Allman, Sonny Landreth, Derek Trucks, and George Thorogood you'll
like Pete 'Big Dog' Fetters' new CD, 'SOUTH FROM DETROIT CITY.'
See Other CDs from Pete 'Big Dog' Fetters at:

South From Detroit City

воскресенье, 6 марта 2016 г.

Eb Davis & The Superband - Live at The A-Trane Berlin

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2005
Time: 59:53
Size: 138,3 MB
Label: Soul Defender
Styles: Illinois Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. The Moon Is Full - 4:44
 2. Big Mother For Ya - 3:13
 3. Love You Baby - 4:51
 4. 29 Ways - 3:54
 5. Shack Bully - 3:58
 6. Sleeping In The Ground - 6:37
 7. Come On In This House - 7:36
 8. Somebody Told You - 3:12
 9. Monday Morning Blues - 5:12
10. Grooving Together - 5:00
11. Uh, Uh Baby - 4:15
12. I Can't Stand Myself - 5:05
13. Good Night Sweetheart - 2:08

Eb Davis - lead vocals;
Nina T. Davis - piano/organ, vocals;
J. BowWow Bailey - guitar, vocals;
Willie Pollock - sax, vocals;
Don Marriott - trumpet/fluegelhorn;
Carlos Dalelane- bass/vocals;
Lenjes Robinson - drums

Davis first learned the blues in Memphis’ Handy Park, at the feet of masters such as BB and Albert King, and Rufus Thomas, along with others of that Delta break-out era. He traces his roots to the banks of the Mississippi River in rural Arkansas, but with “Uh Uh Baby,” he demonstrates he is just as comfortable in Helsinki as Helena.
Trust me, you’ll like this one. The disk, recorded live at the legendary Berlin jazz and blues venue, “The A-Trane,” is an internationally-flavored mix of lyrical and instrumental diversity that somehow never strays far from the traditional blues and soul on which Davis cut his musical teeth. His latest offering includes four originals intertwined with covers of Willie Dixon, Junior Wells and Allen Toussaint, among others,.
“Uh Uh Baby” starts out with five straight-ahead blues blasters including the barely double-entendre “Big Mother For Ya,” his own “Love You Baby;” and his warning shot not to mess with strong, independent women, “Shack Bully,” along with “The Moon is Full,” and Dixon’s “29 Ways.”
Davis then shifts gears to his own more soulfully-paced “Sleeping in the Ground” and Junior Wells’ “Come on in this House,” in which he steams up the house with a blistering harmonica solo. Next is the Tipitina’s-flavored, keyboard-driven Toussaint original, “Somebody Told You,” followed by a cover of “Monday Morning Blues” and then his own gritty love song, “Grooving Together.”
The masterpiece of “Uh Uh Baby” is, uh, well, have you guessed yet? “Uh Uh Baby.” On the title song, Davis sings of love’s lessons learned the hard way and about not again putting his hand on the hot stove burner of love gone bad. The song is punctuated by a saxophone solo from bandmate Willie Pollock, which sends a message almost as powerful as the insightful lyrics. Davis ends his masterpiece tear jerker on an upbeat note—obviously happy with his decision NOT to take her back…..
Also included is James Brown’s “I Can’t Stand Myself.” Only James Brown can do James Brown. Then Davis and the Superband close with an a cappella version of the ‘50’s do-wopper “Good Night Sweetheart,” as they do in their live show.

Live at the A-Trane Berlin

Shirley Johnson - Blues Attack

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2009
Time: 63:46
Size: 146,8 MB
Label: Delmark
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. You're Reckless - 4:59
 2. Blues Attack - 4:26
 3. My Baby Played Me For A Fool - 3:40
 4. 634-5789 - 3:15
 5. Just Like That - 4:49
 6. You Shouldn't Have Been There - 5:19
 7. I'm Going To Find Me A Lover - 3:53
 8. Felt So Good - 4:05
 9. Unchain My Heart - 6:15
10. Selfish Kind Of Gal - 3:46
11. Take Your Foor Off My Back - 5:02
12. Lost And Alone - 3:10
13. Let It Rain - 6:25
14. You Just Using Me - 4:34

Shirley Johnson has toiled regularly in Chicago nightspots for decades, and follows up her successful Delmark CD Killer Diller with this set of originals and soul standards, sporting all of the rich tradition and solid singing style made popular by many less talented vocalists. Her voice is well preserved, not evidencing any abuse or overuse, and represents the best in this tradition of female artists who recognize aspects of being played, while answering with a few tricks and schemes of their own. Johnson is truly a great blues singer, with a deeper tone than Chi-Town contemporary Koko Taylor, refined in a similar manner to her main influence and fellow Norfolk, VA, native Ruth Brown, with a wise, doting attitude a la Mavis Staples. She has solid support from up to a six-piece horn section on a handful of tracks, backup singers, and her band with guitarist Luke Pytel, keyboardist Roosevelt Purifoy, bassist Lovely Fuller, Jr., and drummer Cordell Teague, all quite able, competent bluesmen. Though Maurice John Vaughn does not play guitar on this date, he is present and accounted for in composing or co-composing five of the songs. "You're Reckless" is a typical stern bad lover blues shuffle; "Selfish Kind of Gal" flips the switch as Johnson adopts a choogling beat while stating in an insular manner that she's "breakin' hearts and havin' fun"; and the potential hit "Lost and Alone" is at once demanding and unsettled, with the singer unwilling to put up with "second hand crap." "You Shouldn't Have Been There" has Johnson singing a ballad of regret or possible two-timing, and goes 180 degrees again in a ray of hope and movin' on during "I'm Going to Find Me a Lover." Ever mindful of her status as a soul veteran, she does great versions of the Stax classic "634-5789" from the book of Wilson Pickett and the Ray Charles evergreen "Unchain My Heart" with a marvelous free intro, both with her backup singers. Johnson's bandmembers also contribute songs, as Purifoy wrote the slower, funky, contemporary "My Baby Played Me for a Fool." Fuller co-penned the title track, referring not to a militaristic attack or heart attack but rather a blues attack, as also heard on the classic-style 12-bar "Just Like That" and the combo funk/retro-soul song of dismissal "Take Your Foot Off My Back." Shirley Johnson has been around the north side of Chicago since the early '80s, and if you are in her neighborhood, you owe it to yourself to check one of her performances out. Meanwhile, this excellent recording will do just fine instead.

Blues Attack

Detroit Blues Band - Can't Get You Off My Mind

Bitrate: 256K/s
Year: 1995
Time: 51:34
Size: 94,6 MB
Label: No Cover Productions
Styles: Blues/Rockin` Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Sister's Got A Lover - 5:02
 2. Tell Me - 5:52
 3. Every Day I Have The Blues - 3:44
 4. Won't You Consider - 5:54
 5. Missing You - 4:58
 6. She Winked Her Eye - 5:17
 7. Too Close For Comfort - 3:44
 8. East Side Gal - 4:37
 9. Tears From My Eyes - 7:38
10. Can't Get You Off My Mind - 4:44

This cd features veteran blues rocker, Jim McCarty doing a mix of songs, most written by Jim or band mate, Rick Stel/
The Detroit Blues Band has been a popular favorite with blues fans for many years. This is the final release featuring veteran rocker, Jim McCarty. Jim has been in many great bands including Cactus, Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels, The Rockets, and The Buddy Miles Blues Express (Where he basically filled the shoes of Jimi Hendrix) Rick Stel joined the Detroit Blues Band on bass after the release of their first Cd. The rest of the Band is formed by the 20 year association of lead vocalist and guitarist, Emmanuel X. Garza and Tommy "T-Bone" Wagner on drums.
The Blues Review says, "One of the best local sets of the year by one of the best bands this town has ever produced".
Bob Talbert of the Detroit Free Press calls it, "One of the City's finest musical aggregations."

Can't Get You Off My Mind

Hip Linkchain - Airbusters

Bitrate: VBR
Year: 1987
Time: 49:14
Size: 76,6 MB
Label: Black Magic Records
Styles: Cgicago Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. House Cat Blues - 2:52
 2. I Had A Dream - 2:43
 3. Blow Wind Blow - 3:14
 4. Bed Bug Blues - 3:19
 5. On My Way - 3:20
 6. Keep On Searching - 3:40
 7. Gambler's Blues - 5:11
 8. I'll Overcome - 2:51
 9. Strain On My Heart - 3:50
10. Take Out Your False Teeth - 3:08
11. Bad News - 4:32
12. Airbusters - 3:28
13. Fugitive - 3:54
14. Diggin' My Potatoes - 3:06

“Airbusters,” which included his final recordings, jumped off with a rocking barrelhouse number. (Of course, it did: That was ‘Barrelhouse Chuck’ on piano!) It was just the beginning, though, of a stomp-down good time. The groove on this one was so deep you could have lost a Cadillac in it — even while Hip Linkchain proved to be as serious as he was fun loving.
Make a beeline, then, to “I Had A Dream,” with its hilarious vocal turns and perfectly graduated guitar solo. Meanwhile, you’ve got serious compositions like Muddy Waters’ “Blow Wind Blow” and B.B. King’s “Gambler’s Blues,” but also an unforgettable track called “Take Out Your False Teeth.”
Linkchain could work this bipolar boogie because he played it like he lived it: One part big-city Chicago, and another part lower Delta, where Linkchain initially moved at age nine before his family headed north. There, Linkchain went on to play with more established figures like Little Walter, Lester Davenport, Junior Wells, Jimmy Rogers, Magic Sam (a key influence) and Willie Foster beginning in the late 1950s, and then led a group called the Chicago Twisters that included on vocals a young Tyrone Davis, later a staple on the blues chitlin circuit.
Linkchain’s recording career, unfortunately, was sporadic — though he managed hits with the single “Millionaire Blues” (featuring Eddie Taylor) on the Lola label and the album “Change My Blues” in 1981. That, in turn, also adds additional weight to the moments found on “Airbusters,” because Linkchain (birth name: Willie Richard) died too soon, the victim of cancer.
This record, originally made for the Dutch Black Magic label, shows just how important he could have been, though.


суббота, 5 марта 2016 г.

Good Rockin' Charles - Good Rockin' Charles

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1976
Time: 36:03
Size: 83,5 MB
Label: Mr.Blues
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Eyesight To The Blind - 3:04
 2. Confessin' The Blues - 2:49
 3. Shake Your Boogie - 3:07
 4. Five Years In Prison - 4:08
 5. The Goat - 4:23
 6. I Used To Have A Woman - 2:41
 7. Prison Blues - 4:13
 8. Broke And Hungry - 3:11
 9. Blues All Day Long - 3:56
10. Rockin' At Midnight - 4:28

Good Rockin' Charles (March 4, 1933 – May 17, 1989)was an American Chicago blues and electric blues harmonicist, singer and songwriter.He released one album in his lifetime, and is best known for his work with Johnny "Man" Young, Otis "Big Smokey" Smothers, Arthur "Big Boy" Spires and Jimmy Rogers.
He was born Henry Lee Bester in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States, and later known as Charles Edwards. He relocated from his birthplace to Chicago, Illinois in 1949, and was inspired by fellow harmonica players, Sonny Boy Williamson I, Sonny Boy Williamson II and Little Walter. In the following decade, Charles found steady work with local Chicago blues musicians such as Johnny "Man" Young, Otis "Big Smokey" Smothers, and Arthur "Big Boy" Spires. In 1955 he settled on working in the backing band for the blues singer, Jimmy Rogers. Two years later, the short-lived independent record label, Cobra Records, offered Charles the opportunity to record his own work. However, Charles turned it down.
This wariness of working in a recording studio, had earlier seen him replaced at the last minute, as the harmonica player on Jimmy Rogers recording of "Walking by Myself" (1956). The role fell to Big Walter Horton, who greatly enhanced his reputation by playing on the track.
In 1975, Charles was finally convinced to record his own album. His eponymous effort initially appeared on vinyl on Mr. Blues Records in 1976, having been recorded the previous November.It was subsequently re-issued by P-Vine Records.Charles later suffered with ill health and was unable to record any significant further work.
Charles died in Chicago in May 1989, aged 56.

Good Rockin' Charles

Matthew Robinson - Bad Habits

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1998
Time: 48:53
Size: 112,7 MB
Label: Fedora Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. How To Leave This Woman - 4:42
 2. Mr. Pawnbroker - 3:18
 3. You Just Can't Take My Blues - 5:59
 4. Sunday Morning Love - 4:23
 5. Just Your Fool - 3:52
 6. I'm Gonna Stop You From Giving Me The Blues - 3:37
 7. Sugar Sweet - 3:03
 8. Don't Lose Your Cool - 3:07
 9. My Tomorrow - 4:19
10. Give Me My Blues - 3:39
11. West Side Baby - 4:54
12. Bad Habits - 3:53

Matthew Robinson - vocals & guitar;
Larry D.C. Williams - saxophone;
Donald "Duck" Jennings - trumpet;
Mickey "Tickey" Bennett - keyboards;
Eddie James Stout - bass;
William Norman Fagen - drums.

Matthew Robinson, born February 27, 1948 in Austin, Texas. In ’64 he and schoolmates formed the Mustangs (they had a huge hit – Tender Loving Care), which toured with James Brown, Jimmy Reed, Big Mama Thornton and Johnny Winter. Now over thirty years later Robinson gives us Bad Habits. After a couple of listenings, Cornbread says it was worth the wait!
Robinson describes his music as the result of the natural evolution of gospel, R&B, blues and the Texas sound he grew up around.

Bad Habits

Texas Johnny Brown - Blues Defender

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2001
Time: 50:54
Size: 117,0 MB
Label: Choctaw Creek Records
Styles: Texas Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Handy Man - 3:54
 2. In The Dark - 4:40
 3. Did You Lose Your Way? - 3:43
 4. Run Away Girl - 4:27
 5. Bad Hair Day - 4:57
 6. Quality Blues - 5:36
 7. Blues Defender - 3:41
 8. Moanin'and Groanin' - 5:06
 9. Just Can't Do It - 6:15
10. Love So Strong - 5:19
11. Rained Out - 3:13

Texas Johnny Brown (February 22, 1928 - July 1, 2013) was an American blues guitarist, songwriter and singer. He is best known for his composition "Two Steps from the Blues" and, in a lengthy career, variously worked with Joe Hinton, Amos Milburn, Ruth Brown, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Lavelle White, Buddy Ace and Junior Parker.Although he was born in Mississippi, Brown's long association with Houston, Texas, gave him his stage name.
Before his death, Allmusic noted that Brown "remains one of the more immovable veterans dotting the inexplicably low-key Houston blues landscape". His jazzy guitar style of playing the blues, has been attested to the early influence on him of Charlie Christian.

Blues Defender

Zuzu Bollin - Texas Bluesman

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1989
Time: 39:58
Size: 91,9 MB
Label: Antone's Records (1991)
Styles: Texas Blues/Jump Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Big Legs - 2:34
 2. Hey Little Girl - 3:34
 3. Blues In The Dark - 4:36
 4. Kidney Stew - 2:54
 5. Cold Cold Feeling - 5:22
 6. Why Don't You Eat Where You Slept Last Night - 2:51
 7. Headlight Blues - 2:52
 8. How Do You Want Your Rollin' Done - 2:54
 9. Leary Blues - 3:34
10. Rebecca - 3:21
11. Zu's Blues - 5:20

Zuzu's principal contribution to Texas blues history is an immaculately realized collection that includes remakes of both sides of his debut 78 (the original version of "Why Don't You Eat Where You Slept Last Night" is available on Vol. 3 of Rhino's Blues Masters series, "Texas Blues") and a uniformly tasty lineup of jump blues goodies. The sterling band includes guitarist Duke Robillard (who co-produced), drummer George Rains, and saxists David Newman and Kaz Kazanoff.

Two 78s in the early '50s and a 1989 rediscovery album don't add up to much of a recorded legacy. But Zuzu Bollin's contribution to the Texas blues legacy shouldn't be overlooked -- his T-Bone Walker-influenced sound typified postwar Lone Star blues guitar.
Born A.D. Bollin, Zuzu listened to everyone from Blind Lemon Jefferson and Leroy Carr (on records) to Joe Turner and Count Basie. He picked up his nickname while in the band of Texan E.X. Brooks; seems he had a sweet tooth for a brand of ginger snap cookies called ZuZus. Bollin formed his own combo in 1949, featuring young saxist David "Fathead" Newman. After a stint with Percy Mayfield's band, Bollin resumed playing around Dallas. In late 1951, he made his recording debut for Bob Sutton's Torch logo. Newman and saxist Leroy Cooper, both future members of Ray Charles' band, played on Bollin's "Why Don't You Eat Where You Slept Last Night" and "Headlight Blues." A Torch follow-up, "Stavin' Chain"/"Cry, Cry, Cry," found Bollin backed by Jimmy McCracklin's combo.
No more recording ensued after that, though Bollin toured with bandleaders Ernie Fields and Joe Morris before chucking the music biz in 1964 to go into a more stable profession: dry cleaning. Bollin's 1987 rediscovery was the Dallas Blues Society's doing: they engineered a series of gigs and eventually a fine 1989 album, Texas Bluesman, that beautifully showcased Bollin's approach. Their efforts were barely in time -- Bollin died in 1990.

Texas Bluesman

среда, 2 марта 2016 г.

Tommy Crain & The Crosstown Allstars - Give It To Ya

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2005
Time: 51:23
Size: 118,4 MB
Label: Chattahoochee Records
Styles:  Blues/Electric Blues/Southern Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Find Another Lover - 3:13
 2. Be On My Merry Way - 3:36
 3. The Hawk's A Breeze - 4:09
 4. Give It To Ya - 4:28
 5. Why I Sing The Blues - 7:31
 6. Down To The River - 4:42
 7. Union Station - 4:51
 8. 21st Century Mojo Man - 6:32
 9. For The Music - 2:40
10. Sanctified Sinner - 3:46
11. Take Me To The River - 5:51

Southern rock legend Tommy Crain debuts his new band, Crosstown Allstars, in a high octane blues format. These guys cook .
Southern rock pioneer, Tom Crain, from Franklin, Tennessee, is best known for his two decades of work with the Charlie Daniels Band. He wrote songs and performed on over 20 CDB albums, winning a grammy for "The Devil Went Down To Georgia." Tom has played with countless other artists, and his fiery guitar work is always recognizable.
The Crosstown Allstars are not only a sought after rhythm section, but regularly appear around the Atlanta area as a stand alone act. Their ability to deliver honest, heart-felt blues, southern rock, classic R&B and jazz make them a definite crowd pleaser. The band members have played with such diverse acts as Cheap Trick, John Lee Hooker, Mountain, Little Feat, Georgia Satellites, Jaimoe, Tinsley Ellis, Albert Collins, Luther Ingram, Roy Buchanan and the Marshall Tucker Band.
Michael Buffalo Smith, Editor of Gritz Magazine who recently saw the band perform, writes, "Tommy Crain and The Crosstown Allstars took the stage next, and simply burned on a 45-minute set of original blues rock. Crain has truly put together an amazing band, recorded an equally amazing album, and is sounding better than ever."
"Give It To Ya," is the first studio effort from this exciting band. Recorded in late 2004/early 2005, the CD highlights the bands diversity and musicianship. A live CD from the band is also available ~ http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/tcraincallstars.

Give It To Ya