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Samuel Eddy - Strangers On The Run

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1995
Time: 51:24
Size: 134,0 MB
Label: SPV Recordings
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Sweetest Revenge - 3:27
 2. Stranger On The Run - 4:51
 3. Snake Tattoo - 4:02
 4. Blues On Your Doorstep - 6:38
 5. Night In The Dam - 4:17
 6. Funkytown - 4:18
 7. Mystica - 6:29
 8. Get Lost - 4:07
 9. Ain`t Goin`Cheap - 3:27
10. Turn Around - 4:41
11. Falsely Accused - 5:02

Samuel Eddy -vocals and guitars;
Gerald "Sully" O'Sullivan - bass guitar;
Ger Farrell - drums and percussion.

Special guests:
Rory Gallagher - guitar and slide guitar;
Jan Akkerman - guitar;
Keith Donald - soprano sax;
Nick Hogart - piano;
Robert C. Brookes - bluesharp.

Samuel Eddy is an Irish bluesrock guitarist. This is his second album. Jan Akkerman plays guitar on two tracks.
From the album press release:
"This album confirms Sam's own fully developed sound and style largely complemented by his rock solid rhythm section, comprising of Sam's long-time experienced bassist Gerald "Sully" O'Sullivan and Ger Farrell, one of Ireland's finest young rock drummers.
Together Samuel Eddy and his band have successfully captured their live energetic feel in the studio. (...) Sam co-produced the album with veteran engineer/producer Robin Black (Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull etc.). But most importantly, this new album displays clear evidence of Sam's growing talent as a competent singer/songwriter and unique guitarist who plays with a passion and feel that is second to none.
"Strangers on the Run" also features guest appearances by the late Irish bluesrock legend Rory Gallagher, Dutch guitar virtuoso Jan Akkerman and Irish saxophone star Keith Donald of Moving Hearts".

Strangers On The Run

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