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Sugar Harp - Sugar Is My Name

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2022
Time: 41:16 
Size: 96,0 MB 
Label: Pinnacle Productions
Styles: Blues/Harmonica Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Sugar Is My Name - 2:51
 2. Special Recipe - 5:12
 3. How Come My Dog Don't Bark - 4:07
 4. I Don't Want a Soul Hangin' Round - 4:22
 5. Lemon Squeezin' Fool - 3:07
 6. May Your Soul Make It to Heaven - 5:07
 7. My Truck My Dog My Wife - 3:50
 8. Leave Me the Same Way You Came - 4:18
 9. Mojo Hand - 3:28
10. Murder Murder Murder - 4:49

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Sugar Is My Name, by Sugar Harp and it's a solid release of classic blues sound. Opening with title track, Sugar Is My Name, Alabama harmonica player/singer Charles "Sugar Harp" Burroughs works over a cool, Little Walter vamp. Backed by Microwave Dave Gallagher on guitar, T-Bone Dupree on bass, Ardie Dean on drums, this is a solid opener.  On slow blues, How Come My Dog Don't Bark, Dan Hoctor provides a nice organ base with Dean on drums and Dupree on bass allowing wide open passage for Sugar to solo on harmonica. Very cool. One of my favorite tracks on the release is I Don't Want A Soul Hangin' Round with it's simple bottom by Microwave Dave on guitar and just the simplest of bass and drums by T-Bone and Ardie. Sugar has a great story telling vocal pace and his harmonica playing is super. Getting a blues rock feel going with Microwave Dave setting the pace on Lemon Squeezin' Fool, Sugar really shines on both vocal and harmonica making this track another favorite. On a smooth, slower blues, May Your Soul Make It To Heaven, with a "Stormy Monday" pace, Sugar lays down some really nice harmonica lead and his vocals work really nicely over the rhythm lead of Dave and the warm organ fill by Hoctor. Very cool. Sugar's vocal are at their peak on Leave Me The Same Way You Came with only the minimal amount of guitar by Dave and Sugar punctuating his own super vocals with his best harmonica work on the release. Wrapping the release is Murder Murder Murder is a strong, slower blues again featuring the excellent vocal work of Sugar. Dave's guitar lead provides a solid pathway for Sugar's soulful vocals and works very nicely with Sugar's soulful harp lead. Very nice. 

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