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Angel Forrest (feat. Paul Deslauriers & Denis Coulombe) - "Live" Love

Styles: Pop/Rock/Blues
Label: Morningstar
Year: 2014
File: 320K/s
Time: 39:58 + 61:37
Size: 103,3 +152,9 MB
Scans: Front

Tracks Listing:
(4:01) 1. How You Do
(3:43) 2. Mother Tongue Blues
(7:00) 3. Walking Blues
(6:06) 4. Holy Man
(4:12) 5. Come Alive
(9:04) 6. Move On
(5:49) 7. I Shall Be Released

(5:05) 1. Tell Me Why
(4:24) 2. Roll On Down
(4:49) 3. Volcano
(4:11) 4. Papa Come Quick
(10:52) 5. Turtle Blues
(18:49) 6. Mama / Whole Lotta Love
(13:24) 7. Listen

Angel Forrest who has been named 2013 *Female vocalist of the year* at the Maple Blues awards will be releasing *LIVE* LOVE. This record is very special for it is a double album recorded LIVE at the Palace theatre in Granby.*LIVE* LOVE is a recording of the acoustic show Angel has been touring this last year with her longtime partner Denis Coulombe and longtime friend and recently named 2013* Guitar player of the year* Paul Deslauriers.
Release date : April 8, 2014

"Live Love" marks the second release I have had the good fortune of receiving from Powerhouse Blues Rock singer Angel Forrest. The previous release was "Mother Tongue Blues", one of my favorite female fronted albums that I received in 2013, of which I wrote, ""Mother Tongue Blues was" my first intro to Angel Forrest and, man I must admit, I am pretty impressed and have no doubts that if she has not had a break out album yet, then this is the one for sure. Amazing stuff from start to finish." "Mother Tongue Blues" was a huge release for Angel Forrest garnering many accolades and awards which included a Maple Blues Nomination for Album Of The Year and wins for Female Artist Of The Year and Recording/Producer Of The Year. This time around Angel Forrest has created an exhilarating Double Live album revisiting not only some of her finest songs from two previous releases, but also a nice selection of tunes from their favorite artists.
Joining Angel Forrest (Vocals), for "Live Love", were only two other artists, Denis Coulombe (Acoustic Guitar/Background Vocals), and Paul Deslauriers (Acoustic Guitar), which essentially made for what one could call an Unplugged Album. Denis Coulombe (Angel's husband), has been a longtime collaborator on her albums. Paul Delauriers, recent winner of Guitarist Of The Year at the Maple Blues Awards has appeared on numerous releases of Angel Forrest as a Special Guest. Now together, this amazing Trio brings us one of the more unique and creative Canadian releases 2014 has so far seen.
When it came to "Live Love" and the recording of it, there was no BS'ing around as this Double Live Album brings us the entire show and it did so in the exact same order the songs were performed on that night November 28, 2013 at Le Palace in Granby, Quebec.
As mentioned earlier, "Live Love", contains an assortment of originals from previous albums and a few of their favorites from other artists. This was an absolute treat for me, as I not only got a chance to listen to some of her music for the first time from the 2011 Quebec Blues Awards winning album "Come Alive", but also got to hear Angel and Company doing a really nice job on a few great Covers.
The 2 CD's consists of 14 Tracks, eight of which are originals via the writing team of Denis Coulombe and Angel Forrest, and six fabulous Covers, which included "Walking Blues" (Willie Dixon), "I Shall Be Released" (Bob Dylan), "Volcano" (Damien Rice), "Papa Come Quick" (Billy Vera/Chip Taylor/Ricky Hirsch), "Turtle Blues" (Janis Joplin), and "Mama/Whole Lotta Love" (Herb Lance/Charlie Singleton/Johnny Wallace & Led Zepellin/Willie Dixon). Of the eight originals, five were chosen from "Mother Tongue Blues" and three from "Come Alive", making for a nice mix from her two previous albums.
"Live Love" had no problem taking me back to what I consider to be one of the first and finest Unplugged Sessions and that was Eric Clapton Unplugged. It was an album for which I really started to enjoy songs originally done in a harder vein, now being performed acoustically, which for me, brought just as much, and at times, more emotion to them. "Live Love" contains that same kind of intimate emotion, which may not get you onto the dance floor, but will certainly grab your attention, opening up your ears to a more original, raw, and satisfying feel, garnering all of your attention and no doubt a lot of head bobbing and toe tapping. Another great thing about "Live Love" was that the majority of the songs were nicely stretched out, with Track 6 "Move On" on CD 1 clocking in at 9:06 and the last three songs on CD 2 averaging over 14 minutes, with Track 6 "Mama/Whole Lotta Love" clocking in at an epic 18:46.
Having a trio such as Angel Forrest, Denis Coulombe, and Paul Delauriers performing in such an intimate setting really allowed the performers to not only shine together as a whole, but also individually, as well. Angel Forrest was of course the main singing focus of the majority of the songs, but Denis Coulombe, in addition to stellar Guitar work, also threw his Vocals into the ring, most notable on Track 7 CD1 "I Shall Be Released" and Track 3 CD2 "Volcano" both which came across as beautifully done Duets. Angel Forrest, whom believe me is one of the more powerful singers on the Blues Rock scene today, also showed that her Vocals are just as heavenly when toned down as was evident on a number of the albums Tracks.
As for the musical aspect of "Live Love", both Denis Coulombe's and Paul Delauriers' Acoustic Guitar playing was nothing less than absolutely amazing and at times quite hypnotic. It has always amazed me the amount of sound you can get out of so few instruments, feeling like there are many more performers then they are. "Live Love" has that feeling from start to finish.
"Live Love" is for all intensive purposes, Angel Forrest's, Denis Coulombe's and Paul Delauriers' Eric Clapton "Unplugged". Nothing on this Double Release is second to none. It is a Beautiful and Brilliant Acoustical Set of Music, guaranteed to not only thrill these performers present fans, but also garner them all many more.
5***** for "Live Love"... Highly Recommended and Thoroughly Enjoyed...


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