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четверг, 7 мая 2015 г.

Old Grey Mule - Have Mercy

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2014
Time: 41:26
Size: 95,5 MB
Label: Cotton Patch Disco Music, Bo Music
Styles: Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Skinny Woman - 3:41
 2. Ain't You Sorry - 3:41
 3. Don't You Mind - 2:43
 4. Alice Mae - 3:01
 5. All Night Long - 4:15
 6. Have Mercy - 5:54
 7. Kimbro Style - 3:44
 8. Edge Of My Head - 3:51
 9. Stop Playin' - 4:57
10. Ass Of Fire - 3:28
11. Front Porch - 2:06

Old Gray Mule's Have Mercy is an absolutely brilliant statement on the state of post-Junior Kimbrough, post-R.L. Burnside, Paul "Wine" Jones, and Post-T-Model Ford-style alt-blues, or whatever it's called. It's got all you need: Texas guitarist meets Mississippi drummer and clicks hard with North Mississippi Hill Country grooves packed with south of Austin soul-stylistics, and plenty of central Texas grit. It sets a high bar for everyone involved in this kind of music, not just in its musicianship, which is outstanding, but for its sonic construction as well. You'll want to listen to this on headphones just as loud as you will on the big speakers. Out in your yard. With all your family, friends, and neighbors. There'll be mas Cerveza, plenty of barbeque, and whiskey for those who need it. This is the year of the Old Gray Mule party y'all!
Have Mercy is an 11-track, Mississippi-infected, juke-joint-groove MACHINE. It's like taking a trip from Austin, Texas to New Orleans, and then heading up the Mississippi River through the Delta and on up to Memphis. Music inspired by Junior Kimbrough, RL Burnside, Clifton Chenier, Albert Collins, Jimi Hendrix, and Son House roots this album firmly in the past, while at the same time CR and JJ bring that old school style into the present with the use of modern style beats and arrangements.

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