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понедельник, 18 мая 2015 г.

Lucky Peterson - July 28th 2014 Live In Marciac

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2015
Time: 78:35
Size: 180,3 MB
Label: Jazz Village
Styles: Blues/Modern Electric Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Boogie Thang (Live) - 10:56
 2. Funky Broadway (Live) -  4:00
 3. I Can See Clearly Now (Live) -  9:41
 4. It Ain't Safe (Live) -  7:23
 5. Trouble (Live) -  8:23
 6. Lock Out Of Love (Live) -  3:36
 7. Make My Move On You (Live) -  3:57
 8. Triubte to Steve Ray Vaughan (Live) -  1:38
 9. Nana Jarnell (Live) -  6:36
10. I'm Still Here (Live) -  6:29
11. Goin' Down Slow (I've Had My Fun) (Live) -  2:01
12. Jody's Got Your Girl And Gone (Live) -  3:11
13. Boogie Woogie Blues Party (Live) -  4:29
14. Johnny B. Goode - "еncore"(Live) -  6:09

Lucky Peterson - Guitar,Organ,Vocals;
Shawn Kellerman - Guitar,Vocals
Timothy Waits - Bass;
Marvin Hollie - Keyboards;
Raul Valdes - Drums.
Special Guest - Joe Satriani (Track # 14)

Lucky Peterson live in full effect on CD and DVD at last summer's Marciac festival in France, featuring Joe Satriani as special guest on the final track.
Born in Buffalo close to New York, Lucky Peterson - a singer, guitarist and organist - is one of the most authentic agents of blues music; he’s familiar with its oral tradition and history and can also play and sing it like no other. Mixing his own compositions and inspired covers (of tracks by Stevie Ray Vaughan, Wilson Pickett and even Johnny Nash), he has decided to treat our eyes and ears to a ‘live’ recording on which he blends blues music and an unstoppable sense of groove. With these fourteen tracks, forged in the embers of a fire burning with soul and rhythm ‘n’ blues but giving off a few gospel and rock ‘n’ roll sparks (witness the final track by Chuck Berry alongside Joe Satriani!), Lucky Peterson has put blues, the oldest form of black American music, back in the limelight.


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