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Anthony Paule - Hiding In Plain Sight

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2001
Time: 49:01
Size: 113,0 MB
Label: Blue Dot
Styles: Blues/Mod.Electric Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Goin' Home - 4:13
 2. Town Without Pity - 3:15
 3. Can't Get the Time of Day - 6:19
 4. Sy Spy - 5:21
 5. Hiding in Plain Sight - 6:35
 6. I'm Not Crazy Yet - 3:17
 7. You Sure Drive a Hard Bargain - 4:26
 8. Cutest Kitten - 3:21
 9. Denise and the Nephew - 7:32
10. Twistin' With A.P. - 4:37

Anthony Paule - vocals, guitar;
Rob Sudduth - tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone;
Bill Ortiz - trumpet;
Alberto Marsico - Hammond B-3 organ;
Jim Pugh - piano;
Gio Rossi - drums;
Cary Sheldon - background vocals.

Second CD from San Francisco guitarist is a blend of traditional blues with B-3 Organ jazz inflections. Anthony Paule can be heard on CDs by Maria Muldaur, Johnnie Johnson, and the Johnny Nocturne Band.
The guitarist for Johnny Nocturne & Maria Muldaur presents his second album for Blue Dot. It's a collection of 10 songs & 8 originals, all tastefully written, arranged & performed. Rather than use an electric bass, Paule implemented the distinct bass of Hammond B-3 organ. The album features saxophonist Rob Sudduth of Huey Lewis & the News, Hammond B 3 player Alberto Marsico & drummer Gio Rossi. In a market glutted with hybrid blues artists, Anthony Paule's dependable style and his latest release Hiding In Plain Sight are a welcome change...and that's a good thing.
Creative and swinging guitar from the leader on this good album of music in the territory where electric blues meets small group jazz. Paule sings well, too, but it's his lovely guitar work which catches the ear repeatedly. An excellent band backs Paule, with fine tenor playing from Rob Sudduth adding to the impact. The set loses one star through the overlong and indulgent ending to "Sy Spy", but the rather unlikely inclusion of the Gene Pitney pot-boiler "Town Without Pity" is, by contrast, quite beautifully executed. Well worth adding to the collection.


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