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среда, 13 сентября 2017 г.

Jerry "Boogie" McCain - I've Got The Blues All Over Me

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1993
Time: 61:04
Size: 140,1 MB
Label: Wild Dog Blues/Ichiban
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. He Don't Need No Money - 5:43
 2. I Ain't Henpecked - 6:29
 3. I've Got The Blues All Over Me - 5:29
 4. Tumblin' In The Sea - 6:38
 5. Long Arm Of The Law - 5:38
 6. (She Might Sell My)  Teddy Bear - 3:48
 7. Lucy Pearl - 3:47
 8. I Ain't Got Time - 6:40
 9. I'm Gonna Get All The Lovin' I Can Get - 6:16
10. Just A Little Bit - 6:24
11. I Want To Be Your Santa Claus - 4:08

Jerry "Boogie" McCain - vocals, harmonica;
Rick Hinkle - guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar;
Wayne Goins - guitar;
Steve McRay - piano, synthesizer;
Buzz Amato - piano;
Bryan Cole - drums.

The actual feeling you are listening to a Bluesman who absorbed nickname "Boogie" comes with an all-acoustic title song although first two swampy cuts deserve an equal attention. Further "Tumblin' In The Sea" is an instrumental with harp and keyboards dominating, "Long Arm Of The Law" is why we love Jerry McCain, then is "(She Might Sell My) Teddy Bear" and it goes like it should go: Blues, only Blues and nothin' but the Blues with Jerry McCain speaking through his harp on acoustic again "Lucy Pearl". "I Ain't Got Time" is a pearl both in terms of music/performance and lyrics. Slow blues "Just A Little Bit" with super class harp solo, precedes closing track "I Want to Be Your Santa Claus" with excellent harp work again. Superb Album!
This is maestro Jerry "Boogie" McCain and his harp.
All eleven songs are written by Jerry McCain.

I've Got The Blues All Over Me

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