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Big Sugar - Big Sugar

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1992
Time: 51:44
Size: 122,2 MB
Label: Hypnotic Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Front+Back

Tracks Listing:
 1. Sleep In Late - 3:21
 2. Come Back Baby - 3:44
 3. Motherless Children - 3:35
 4. So Many Roads - 5:27
 5. Bemsha Swing - 5:27
 6. Stardust - 5:12
 7. Groundhog Day - 3:58
 8. Just About Sunrise - 2:40
 9. Goodbye Train - 3:48
10. Nowhere to Go - 3:01
11. 'Round Midnight - 6:05
12. Devil Got My Woman - 5:19

The eclectic Toronto blues-rock outfit Big Sugar was primarily the project of singer/guitarist Gordie Johnson, who teamed with bassist Terry Wilkins and drummer Al Cross to record the group's 1992 self-titled debut LP. By the time of 1993's Five Hundred Pounds, Wilkins was missing from the lineup; a number of guest musicians fleshed out the recording, among them multi-instrumentalist Kelly Hoppe, who (along with new bassist Garry Lowe) was installed as a permanent member by the 1995 EP Dear M.F. Drummer Walter "Crash" Morgan replaced Cross during Big Sugar's subsequent tour of the U.S.; sadly, while playing a date in Iowa, Morgan died onstage, and was replaced by ex-Odds drummer Paul Brennan in time for the 1996 release of Hemi-Vision. Gavin Brown then assumed Brennan's duties on 1998's Heated. The band remained busy in the 2000s, with albums like Brothers & Sisters, Are You Ready? ~ Jason Ankeny

Big Sugar

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