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Hakon Hoye - Bout Time

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2013
Time: 38:40 
Size: 89,0 MB 
Label:Big H Records 
Styles: Blues
Art: Front 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Made That Way - 4:42
 2. Hoodoo Party - 3:42
 3. Hooked - 3:34
 4. Move a Little Closer AKA Bo's Groove - 3:29
 5. Spicy Tuna - 2:55
 6. Travelin - 3:00
 7. That Girl - 3:37
 8. I Got Fever - 2:45
 9. Hard to Please - 3:38
10. Don't Know Where She Went - 3:18
11. Wayfarer Blues - 3:56

Håkon Høye (aka The Hawk) released his first solo album "'Bout Time" (BIGHCD1305) in November 2013. The single "That Girl", taken from the album, was released digitally on October 21st. For those of you not familiar with Håkon Høye, he's the axe-man, songwriter and producer for Billy T Band who won the Norwegian Grammy (Spellemannprisen) for best blues album in 2010 and 2012. Together with his band The HoneyTones he here presents an eclectic collection of songs mostly co-written together with William "Bill" Troiani. Their collaboration has also given them several songs in the finals of the International Songwriting Contest i Nashville. In 2013 their song "Blow My Cover" was awarded with 2nd price in the blues category. The songs on 'Bout Time reflects Håkon's different sources of inspiration - from Lightnin' Hopkins, New Orleans funk to AC/DC. Eventhough the songs vary from down home blues to rock & soul the omnipresent blues feeling leaves the strongest imprint, and is the backbone of these songs. Or like Billy T eloquently describs it in the liner notes: "The Hawk have produced a wonderfully eclectic Blues recording here, that should end up on everyones playlist.'The Honeytones' are tougher than the name suggests; tough, groovy, bluesy, and dare I say, funky. Be sure to bring your 'Honey', and your dancing shoes!" - Billy T In addition to his work with Billy T Band Håkon has been active on the flourishing Norwegian blues scene since the mid 90's. He did also play on Louisiana Red's critically acclaimed album "Back To The Black Bayou" which was nominate for two Blues Awards in Memphis in 2010. He has also been touring with and backed up international blues acts like Mitch Kashmar, Jackie Payne, RJ Mischo, Tad Robinson and Swedish blues ace Sven Zetterberg. Together with his band "The HoneyTones" he gets to play his favourite tunes and new originals taken from his debut "'Bout Time". They're cooking up a spicy gumbo with elements of blues, classic r&b, soul, New Orleans funk, 60's garage and swamp rock. In short: "Blues for the new millennium"! In addition to The Hawk The HoneyTones are Per Tobro, Kasper Værnes and Robban Skoglund. Per Tobro has a background in Amund Maarud Band, the Grand og Eva & The Heartmaker. Robban has been putting down a steady groove in Sven Zetterberg Band and Wentus Blues Band. Kasper Værnes is a young and talented saxophone player in the tradition of Lee Allen og Sam Butera. Together they really get in the groove! Håkon Høye & the HoneyTones are: - Håkon Høye: Guitar and lead vocal. - Per Tobro: Bass og backup vocal. - Kasper Værnes: Tenor saxophone. - Robert Skoglund: Drums og percussion.

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