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четверг, 16 апреля 2015 г.

The Idle Hands - Ready For Business

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2011
Time: 62:16
Size: 142,8 MB
Label:  Bone Idle Productions
Styles: Rock/British Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Drive - 3:14
 2. Weep And Moan - 3:37
 3. I Get The Blame - 3:09
 4. Come Shake The Blues - 3:08
 5. Keep Up With The Jones' - 3:05
 6. When Shadows Fall - 4:09
 7. Lay My Burden Down - 4:49
 8. When I first Met Chicago - 5:25
 9. She's Got The Sunshine - 4:06
10. Ready For Business - 4:12
11. Dirty Old Rag - 2:24
12. The Truth - 4:39
13. Whenever Yoy're Around - 3:38
14. Take A Closer Look - 4:13
15. A Place Like This - 4:08
16. Everybody Talkin' - 4:12

Phil Allen - Vocals, Blues Harp
Dave Robinson - Guitars
Jamie Burns - Bass & Backing Vocals
Paul Heydon - Drums & Percussion
Additional Backing vocals by The Pitz

The Idle Hands are, according to Classic Rock’s Blues magazine, “Britain’s best unsigned blues rockers” and it’s easy to see why they attract such praise when you listen to their most recent album Ready For Business.
It’s strident, not to mention generous, with no less than 16 tracks that cover a wide variety of ground from acoustic Led Zeppelin-styled stompers (When Shadows Fall, The Truth), Straight ahead electrifying blues rock (Drive, She’s Got The Sunshine), traditional Delta slide blues (Lay My Burden Down), jamming hard blues a la Hendrix or early Clapton (When I First Met Chicago), hard rockers with a touch of funky soul (Ready For Business, Everybody Talkin’), an acoustic rag (Dirty Old Rag), and soaring blues rock (Whenever You’re Around, Take A Closer Look).
Despite the length of the album it never outstays it’s welcome for a moment, and despite the diversity on offer it’s all wrapped up in a sound that is unmistakably The Idle Hands, thanks to the quality of musicianship on offer.
The band name must surely be ironic too, with this The Idle Hand’s seventh release, and with many gigs under their collective belts they are as tight as a band can get:  singer Phil Allen has an authentic, warm, growly voice that suits these songs wonderfully, and he can blow a mean blues harp too.  Jamie Burns and Paul Heydon lock down the rhythm section and like old pros they provide the foundation for Dave Robinson to wield his axe over.
16 powerful original blues rock tracks including the British Blues Award nominated 'When I First Met Chicago" Classic Rock Blues Magazine featured 'Weep & Moan' on its cover-mount disc and acclaimed "Britain's Best Unsigned Blues-Rockers"


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