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вторник, 22 августа 2017 г.

Sandy Mack - Still Going Strong

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2009
Time: 58:10
Size: 133,3 MB
Label: Blues Leaf Records
Styles: Chicago Blues/Jump Blues/Rock and Roll/Boogie/Jazz
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Drunked - 5:31
 2. Never Enuff Rockin' - 3:16
 3. Let's Work - 3:01
 4. Life Boat - 5:19
 5. It's My Life Baby - 2:55
 6. Shake Dancer - 2:46
 7. Get Right - 3:01
 8. Turn My Luck Around - 5:20
 9. Boogie Now - 6:03
10. Wondering - 2:41
11. Ghost Story - 5:21
12. Road Warrior - 4:37
13. That's Not Right! - 3:33
14. Love Explosion - 4:39

Mark Hummel, Rick Estrin, Dennis Gruenling, Steve Guyger, Bill Lupkin. Now add Sandy Mack to that list amongst some of the best contemporary harp players. This album is a completely fun affair. It'll make you want to get up and dance without a care in the world. The lyrics and the atmosphere it creates something you don't have to think about to enjoy. Kid Ramos joins in on six tracks and smokes as always behind Mack's swinging harmonica and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. A poor man's Estrin when it comes to cheeky lyrics, Mack dips and jives between swing, blues, loungy jazz, shuffles, and boogie-woogie rock to help keep you in the mood for toe-tapping enjoyment. Mack's harp produces some delicious tones that puts him in the aforementioned good company because he doesn't overplay and he phrases himself to fit the song and not blow it over. His drunken jazz singer delivery (think of a trashed Dean Martin without the smooth vibratto) and masculine bravado, Mack's got a sure fire charm for singing. This one is a good Saturday night dance around your house affair that's sure to leave you smiling by disc's end

Still Going Strong

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