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четверг, 9 ноября 2017 г.

Blue Mother Tupelo - Heaven And Earth

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2009
Time: 65:59
Size: 152,0 MB
Label: Diggin' / Diggin' Music
Styles: Rock/Blues/Americana
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Always Lookin' - 4:52
 2. Heaven And Earth - 4:25
 3. Give It Away / Hard Times - 7:11
 4. The War - 4:57
 5. Goin' Down Midnight - 5:04
 6. Wandering Soul - 2:50
 7. Tupelo - 5:05
 8. Ramblin' Train - 4:15
 9. Biloxi - 4:45
10. Hand In Hand - 4:30
11. Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down - 3:31
12. High In The Sky - 3:53
13. Runnin'  'Round - 4:08
14. Gustard Bellue - 3:42
15. Gustard Bellue (ending) - 2:43

Heaven & Earth is rockin’ Americana & hill country blues with melodic harmonies and rhythms that groove … turn it up and take a trip through southern America … here are some great songs of love, faith, friendship, wandering and longing and beauty. From the mountains of Appalachia to Biloxi, from Clarksdale and Otha Turner’s farm to Tupelo and then to the hills and mountains of Tennessee this work is in the true American songwriting tradition.
Some artists just cannot be kept down they are irrepressible. Their years of traveling the roads of the South, playing anywhere they can and writing and performing some of the best tunes that two people can possibly put together eventually will show even the best critics and record labels that they are truly a force to be reckoned with. So it is with Blue Mother Tupelo, the husband and wife team of Ricky & Micol Davis of Hendersonville, TN. With this CD, self-produced and laden with a couple of friends, they have made one of the finest CDs I have heard this year. For the blues fans out there you will take the Blues wherever you find it and realize that this music is true and, also, a product of the Southern fried tradition ... they are true indie singer-songwriters that have put forth a thing of beauty. I predict some great things for Blue Mother Tupelo. --Gary W. Miller, BluesSource.com (C) 2009
The end result is like a meal of homegrown vegetables -- technically, they're the same as the stuff you've eaten before that's come from a grocery store, but there's something so much fresher, so much more authentic, about ingesting something that's been lovingly cared for and hand-crafted. It's a slurry of sound from a grab-bag of Southern soil -- rich silt from the Mississippi Delta ... thick loam from the cotton fields of north Alabama ... wet peat from Louisiana ... red clay mud from East Tennessee. It's earthy and gritty and celebratory -- it's the sound of two people who aren't afraid to get that dirt beneath their nails, who recognize that callused hands and muddy jeans are hallmarks of a hard-working man or woman to be worn with pride. --Steve Wildsmith - The Maryville Daily Times (May 8, 2009)

Heaven And Earth

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