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четверг, 15 ноября 2018 г.

In Layman Terms - Strong Roots

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2018
Time: 38:46
Size: 89,0 MB
Label: Endless Blues Productions
Styles: Blues/Rockin' Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Strong Roots - 4:17
 2. I'm Somebody - 5:00
 3. Make Me Yours - 4:36
 4. Ain't Gonna Fake It No More - 6:13
 5. Heartbroken - 5:14
 6. Fever - 3:52
 7. Notice Me - 4:36
 8. Way Too Far - 4:53

Soulful and gritty rocking blues, with hints of R&B, funk, and jazz.
Cole and Logan Layman have grown up making music together. In 2015 they met Hamed Barbarji, and this would be the beginning of an amazing friendship and a passionate collaboration! Nick Davidson joined the band in 2017 to complete this solid foursome. The band members are multi-instrumentalists and write original music. Their unique and diverse sound ranges from gritty, foot-stomping acoustic work, to that of an electrified big-band. There are Americana undertones and a hint of modern flair in their music. They are very excited to release this sophomore album, "Strong Roots.” In Layman Terms’ Debut album "Tangled," released in 2016, received rave reviews and has been played on radio stations all over the country and internationally.
The band may be young, but they are experienced and they are not strangers to accolades. The siblings have performed Nationally as a duo, and Hamed is an International performer. Nick has played up and down the East Coast. Logan was named Veer Magazine's Emerging Artist of the Year in 2015. She was the Sea Level Singer/Songwriter’s Emerging Artist of the year in 2014. In 2013, she was named "Blues Kid of the Year." Logan endorses Ernie Ball Music Man basses, and was featured in Bass Player magazine in 2016. Cole endorses Steve Clayton custom guitar pics. Cole and Logan both endorse Farmer Foot Drums. Cole and Logan are proud inductees into The Brotherhood of the Guitar, an elite group of young guitarists from all over the world. They appeared together in the August, 2014 issue of Guitar Player Magazine.
Cole completed two years at Berklee College of Music while majoring in Music Therapy. He is continuing his education in Virginia. Cole gives private guitar lessons and performs live music weekly at Studio South. Cole also assists with the family business, Rhythmic Bliss, which facilitates community music-making through events like drum circles. Logan is a freshman at Indiana University where she is studying at both the School of Psychology and Jacob's School of Music, to earn a degree in Music Therapy. Logan performs in an acapella group called Crimson Cadence. Hamed is a junior Trumpet Performance major at Virginia Commonwealth University. In 2017, Hamed was a soloist with the Virginia Commonwealth University Symphony Orchestra, competed as a semi-finalist in the National Trumpet Competition in Denver, Colorado, performed at the Altria Theater in Richmond, Virginia, the Teatro Adolfo Mejia in Cartagena, Columbia, the MontreauxJazz Festival in Switzerland, and the Ponte Vecchio, Arno River, and the Pitti Palace in Florence, Italy. He was a soloist with the Universidad De Cartagena at the Teatro Pepe Vibes Campo in Santa Marta, Colombia. Hamed is the leader of the “Hamed Barbarji Quartet,” a jazz combo that plays regularly in the Richmond and Hampton Roads area and is a frequent sub with professional orchestras in Virginia, including the Williamsburg Symphony and the Richmond Symphony. Nick is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in Jazz Studies. A drum set player, he has played throughout the east coast playing almost every genre of music. Nick works at RBH drums where he and Bruce Hagwood make some of the best drums in the world. He teaches drumline at Princess Anne High School and other Virginia Beach City Public Schools and is currently playing in groups such as Grace Street Seven (20’s traditional jazz) and Hamed Barbarji Quartet (Jazz Funk). Nick endorses and is an artist of RBH Drums.

“With its NOLA flavored funk and soulful rocking blues ‘Strong Roots’ by In Layman Terms is strong medicine for the soul indeed. Logan Layman’s vocals belie her tender years, and Cole Layman’s guitar lines add passion and intensity with every note. Hamed Barbarji’s trumpet lifts the music up. Nick Davidson on drums joins Logan on bass to form a groove engine that is tight and tenacious. ‘Strong Roots’ is definitely a contender for Album of the Year.”
- Barry Kerzner, Music Journalist

“This young woman is a serious bassist with immense blues sensibility, along with a sultry retro-flavored voice with a hint of sandpaper that is irresistible. On top of that, creative songwriting and production, groove-heavy rhythm section work and fantastic performances from the whole ensemble establish In Layman’s Terms as one of the coolest music projects in modern blues.”
-Polly O' Keary Recording Artist/Bassist/Singer

“As the full of grace suspended step of the stork, Cole & Logan Layman (In Layman Terms) give a sound as gritty, traditional with modern twists - this music comes straight from their souls! A melting point of blues, jazz, funk, R&B with feeling coming from all over decades. The fresh beauty of faces, mind and soul reflected in music. We're really lucky, because the music world nowadays has Cole & Logan, I hope and wish to one day the band inspire more people to make a difference in the Blues world. I'm optimist again..."
-Michael Limnios Journalist, Europe - Mexico - USA

"It’s been a real personal treat to see the Layman siblings blossom and evolve musically through the years, but the addition of Hamed Barbarji (2015) and Nick Davidson (2017) to In Layman Terms was brilliant. With their combined talents, this tightly grooved team has put out one of this year’s most unique and refreshing CDs. STRONG ROOTS is not your typical blues CD. There are 7 original songs and a powerful cover of “Fever”, with the majority of tracks written by Logan Layman, with assistance from other band members. Every song is “radio ready”, providing a real challenge to radio programmers to select a single tune to highlight! This CD treats the listener with lots of blues, blues rock, jazz, and infused funk that proves this band is a musical force to be reckoned with… and continually listened to!"
-Dave “BluzNdaBlood” Harrison, The BluzNdaBlood Show

Strong Roots

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