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Tramline - Somewhere Down The Line

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1968
Time: 40:04
Size: 92,1 MB
Label: Repertoire
Styles: Rock/Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Harpoon Man - 4:05
 2. National Blues - 3:26
 3. Sorry Sorry - 9:01
 4. Look Over Yonder Wall - 4:39
 5. Rock And Roll Woman - 4:02
 6. Somewhere Down The Line - 3:35
 7. Mazurka - 2:46
 8. Statesborough Blues - 3:37
 9. Killing Floor - 4:50

‘Somewhere Down The Line’ is the first of two albums by a group that was a contemporary of fellow Island Records’ signing Free and created a similarly, powerful blues sound. Tramline was formed in 1968 and featured Micky Moody, a dynamic guitarist who later found fame with Whitesnake. This CD has nine sizzling performances by the promising young group, including original material and driving ‘covers’ of songs like Buffalo Springfield’s ‘Rock And Roll Woman’ and the Howlin’ Wolf classic ‘Killing Floor’. Micky Moody looks back on his early adventures with Tramline in an exclusive new interview with Repertoire’s Chris Welch for the informative CD liner notes. Says Micky: “On the blues tunes we sounded like 60 year old black guys from the Mississippi, which is odd when you’re only 17 and from North Yorkshire!”

Somewhere Down The Line

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