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среда, 28 декабря 2016 г.

The Chris Fitz Band - Chris Fitz Band "Live at Dodge Street"

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2010
Time: 136:29
Size: 313,1 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Frank's Intro/It's Gonna Be Alright -  5:54
 2. Dead or Alive -  4:20
 3. Travelin' Wheel -  6:37
 4. Welcome to the Rhythm Room -  5:03
 5. Crown of Thorns -  5:52
 6. Jammin' for Jimi - 11:13
 7. Ride the Wind -  5:14
 8. Long Way Home -  8:28
 9. One More Beer -  5:51
10. Medicine for the Blues -  6:57
11. Recession Blues -  5:46
12. If You See Me Tomorrow...Tell Me 'Bout Last Night -  6:08
13. Last Train Out -  5:22
14. Jesse James Part Two -  8:23
15. Blues for Ronnie - 10:18
16. If I Go Down Dyin' -  8:07
17. Never Been to Memphis -  5:25
18. Comin' Home -  4:25
19. Freedom - 16:58

The Chris Fitz Band takes American blues and roots music and drives it into the 21st century with electric abandon and virtuosity all the while sounding modern and original. This music grooves with the best! If you like guitar music and Jams this is it!
Chris Fitz personifies the powerful front man who sings, plays incendiary lead and rhythm guitar while giving the audience a breath taking performance. Dynamic highs and lows express his colorful original material on this new live, all original CD, LIVE AT DODGE STREET. Fitz's original material is fleshed out, embellished with frequent bandmate, Ken Clark, an explosive and rhythmic Hammond B-3 artist. Their collaboration is so natural. The two "have no brakes" their approach to this music is infused with natural spark.
Fitz has grown up in the Blues tradition. He has a sensibility that Blues lovers can relate to. His songs are tales of a musician who has lived the Blues on the road for many years, working 7 days a week, gaining dedicated fans in audiences from all over New England to Europe and from Memphis to California.
The listener is at once lifted up by his ethereal Blues and then pitched back down into the rocky road of reality, all the while thrilling to the virtuosity of this masterful guitar player. Fitz's talent spans the collection of Blues styles. He can offer a sweet Delta style finger picking tune then break into a strong, muscular sound. The next moment his sound is quite tender and haunting and he can swing with the best of them! He is a consummate entertainer. Well deserving a of a wider audience - Diana Shonk- Publisher, The Blues Audience newsletter, 2/22/2010.

Live At Dodge Street

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