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Blue Plate Special - Glass Of Teardrops

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2011
Time: 54:39
Size: 125,6 MB
Label: Beyond Blue Records
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Roll Away the Stone - 4:48
 2. Glass of Teardrops - 4:07
 3. One Paycheck - 4:25
 4. Fortune Wheel - 4:34
 5. Never Too Late - 4:51
 6. Let It Rock - 4:27
 7. Temple - 3:05
 8. Stir It Up - 4:12
 9. One Way Train - 3:26
10. All Gassed Up - 4:24
11. Yes Indeed - 5:12
12. Right Now - 7:07

Formed in 1969 by blues singer/songwriter (BMI) R.P. Michaels, Blue Plate Special has continued on through the years
providing top flite original contemporary Blues. Although original 45's and album on Summit Records from the '70s
are no longer in print, these 3 CD's are a running log of their current work.
Blue Plate Special continues forward into the future with plans for a new CD to be released by 2011!!

Musicians on these recordings consist of:
Harry Binford - Guitarist Extraordinaire on all 3 cd's.
Gary Maire - Drums on "Pretty" and "Fade"
although both have retired from the active roster, my heartfelt thanks goes to them for putting
the best spin on our original compositions and their faith in my music.

Kevin Johnston - Drums, on "Can You Dig It !" joined BPS after leaving Buddy Guys Band in 2004.

as always (Ron) R.P. Michaels - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Songwriting.

Blue Plate Special continues on with new roster additions of:
Marty MacMillan - Guitar wizard originally from Detroit, Mi.
Robert Pasenko - Blues Drum Kingpin.

The three members of Blue Plate Special and their own personal histories are:
R.P. Michaels
Songwriter, vocals, bass and keyboards.
Reviewer Bob Gabrella of In The Mix magazine described R.P. as a performer who "wrings the gamut of emotion from a powerful set of vocal pipes and at the same time lays down a furious range of bass licks." Ed Ivey of Blues Review said "Michaels is a great singer with gruff roadhouse vocals." Outside of his work with Blue Plate, R.P. played as an on call bassist for Muddy Waters and also Sam Lay back in 1971-72. During this time, R.P. was aided by Muddy, Willie Dixon, Charlie Musselwhite, and Cary Baker which led to gigs (Peppers, High Chaparral, Kingston Mines) and other industry contacts. Muddy and Willie's biggest influence was to advise R.P. to continue with his original songwriting because of the positive attitude he conveyed. Bad things happen in life but the blues is here to pick us up and keep us strong!

Harry Binford on guitar:
In The Mix magazine said "Harry's searing guitar gouges at the bare walls for every last scrap of pain and heartache." Big City Blues calls his playing "Truly powerful Fender guitar." Harry has also done side work in the past, most noteworthy was with Lavelle White. Harry is everything you could want in a guitarist. Sonic Voodoo is what's happening here. He's influenced by the greats, but what comes out in his playing is always his own. I picked Harry to join forces with because He is powerful like Freddie King, He's ecclectic like Gatemouth Brown and He can be sweet and soulful like B.B.

Kevin Johnston on drums:
In The Mix said our drummer "kicks up a really crisp and solid boogie and plays with the utmost precision and class." Kevin was previously the drummer with Buddy Guys band. Kevin joined Blue Plate Special two years ago, and his ability to DRIVE this Mutha' fit right in with our jammin' blues style.
Can You Dig It! ... I knew that you could.

Glass Of Teardrops

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