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Sons Of Blues & Chi-Town Hustlers - Romancing The Blue Stone

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1985
Time: 54:00
Size: 124,8 MB
Label: Black&Blue Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. I'm Going Fishing Baby - 8:04
 2. You've Stayed Away Too Long - 3:45
 3. The Band Ladies Have The Blues - 6:36
 4. In My Lonely Room - 5:11
 5. Baby Can I Make You Change Your Mind? - 2:46
 6. As The Years Go Pasing By - 7:43
 7. I Haven't Been Too Long - 3:59
 8. Rock Me Baby - 3:54
 9. In The Ghetto - 4:26
10. Fours - 7:31

Billy Branch - harmonica, vocal
Carlton Weathersby - guitar, vocal
J.W. Williams - bass guitar, vocal
Franqois Rilhac - piano
Mose Rutues - drums, vocal
Buster Benton - guitar, vocal

This Chicago, Illinois, USA-based band (aka S.O.B. Band) originally comprised Lurrie Bell, Billy Branch, bass player Freddie Dixon (son of Willie Dixon), and Garland Whiteside. They garnered international acclaim for their recordings on Volume Three of the Alligator Records label’s groundbreaking Living Chicago Blues series. Bell left in the early 80s and so Branch assumed leadership. The band’s 1983 album for the Red Beans label, released under the Billy Branch & The Sons Of Blues moniker, included solid Chicago blues and some contemporary R&B. The line-up of Branch, guitarist Carlos Johnson, bass player J.W. Williams and drummer Moses Rutues was augmented by several guests, including Jimmy Walker. In recognition of Williams’ own former band, the group is now known as the Sons Of Blues/Chi-Town Hustlers, under which name they recorded in 1987.

Romancing The Blue Stone

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