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Robert Allen Parker - Robert Allen Parker

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2003
Time: 48:19
Size: 110,8 MB
Label: Broken String Records
Styles: Electric Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Drownin' Man - 6:16
 2. Southern Fried Heartbreak - 5:51
 3. Belly Dancin' Woman - 4:35
 4. Ghost of Beale St. - 2:28
 5. Green - 5:41
 6. Tell Me - 3:47
 7. Black Magic Carpet Ride - 4:29
 8. Power Trip - 3:57
 9. Find Yourself - 4:33
10. The Free Way - 1:38
11. Silver - 4:58

Though blues is the central theme on his debut CD, Robert also crosses over into rock and funk territory. Earthshaking blues guitar licks, raw soulful vocals, and funky-infested grooves are heard throughout this CD. It doesn't stop at the music though, Robert's lyrics and songwriting adds a creative touch to blues on tracks like "Belly Dancin' Woman," "Silver," and "Power Trip." Imagine a late 60s era Eric Clapton and you have Robert Allen Parker.Slide guitar, B3 organ, loads of tribal percussion, and pure delta blues harmonica give this CD a retro 60s/70s feel. In the year of the blues, 2003, it is good to know that artists like Robert Allen Parker will keep the torch lit.
Robert Allen Parker is a Memphis-bred musician who knows his city's musical history well. After discovering the endless links between blues and rock, Robert's musical appetite became Muddy Waters, Albert King, Cream, Sly Stone, The Black Crowes, John Lee Hooker, Stax/Hi Records, Howlin' Wolf, exa. Over time, he played alongside such Memphis music legends as Rufus Thomas, Howard Grimes/Leroy Hodges of the HI RHYTHM SECTION, and Ben Cauley/Sherman Guy of the BAR-KAYS. Now as a solo artist, he plans to bring the blues to an audience in need of an escape from corporate music.

Robert Allen Parker

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