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пятница, 24 июня 2016 г.

Michael Terry - Too Bad...

Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 67:16
Size: 154,0 MB
Label: Victoria Company
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Why You Wanna Scream On Me? - 4:11
 2. Blame It On My Day Job - 6:29
 3. Leavin' Missouri - 4:21
 4. Procrastination - 7:35
 5. Mama Done Paised A Fool - 3:43
 6. Here To Stay - 5:17
 7. Hard To Find My Way - 3:46
 8. She My Baby - 4:09
 9. For My Love Of You - 4:42
10. Ganktified - 4:18
11. Found Work In Texas - 3:00
12. Too Bad - 4:04
13. Takin' Names - 3:59
14. One Thing That's Changed - 3:21
15. Trampe Stampe - 4:14

15 very well written original tracks reeking of influences all over the musical spectrum, always maintaining feel, soul, passion, and a general love of what he does!!
This is my second album. The first album, Bighead Baby, was recorded in the basement so to speak. I am very proud to say this album was recorded at MusicMasters in St. Louis for an indie label called Victoria Company. All 15 tracks were written by myself, there are a few that were on the first cd, however I feel the new versions are very cool and worth the investment. I love when a song breathes new life, yet maintains enough character that it's original integrity still exsists. This album was so much fun to record. I am so grateful to have worked with producer/engineer Greg Trampe. He is such a natural, and one heck of a guy to boot.

Too Bad...

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