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четверг, 11 июля 2024 г.

Beer Dawgs - Voodoo & Tattoo

Size:121,7 MB 
Label:B & S Records 
Styles:Electric Blues/Swamp Rock 

Tracks Listing:
 1. Voodoo & Tattoo - 5:31
 2. Stuck in the Swamp - 3:27
 3. Sex & Taxes - 3:22
 4. Mark's going to Church - 7:05
 5. Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop - 5:20
 6. Havin Things - 3:34
 7. Turn of the Screw - 3:54
 8. Party Line - 4:11
 9. Lovers' Cross - 4:42
10. Deal with the Heart - 4:51
11. Time to get out of this Town - 3:14
12. Proper Thing to Do - 3:35

From 1986 to 2006, the Beer Dawgs rocked Sacramento five nights a week with its original bluesy swamp rock, released 10 albums and could regularly be heard performing at Hogshead Brew Pub in Old Sacramento. The Dawgs, founded by Bob Pearce and Steve Wall, earned its entrance into the Sacramento Area Music Awards Hall of Fame in 1996 and released its “final” album, Voodoo & Tattoo, in 2006. For the past seven years, the guys, including longtime members Otis Mourning and Dave Oppedal, have reunited to perform mostly original music like “Snake Bit,” “Gator Circus” or “Jose Grand Marnier and the Ju Ju Queen,” and a few Dawg-styled covers.. - From Sacramento News and Review/
The band has had various members over the years, with the only constants being Bob Pearce and Steve Wall. Additional members have included Joe Lev, Bill Peck, Michael Samuels, Bruce Pressley, Sid Woods, Andrew Browne, Dave Oppedal, Otis Mourning, James Curry, and others.
The Beer Dawgs are celebrating their 20th anniversary with the release of their 10th album “Voodoo & Tattoo”. It’s “Swamp Americana” & more with the Dawgs: Bawb Pearce - Vocals, guitar, bass, mandolin, dobro & banjo; Steve Wall - Vocals, guitar, bass & guitar Synth; James Curry - Drums, percussion & vocals; Otis Mourning - Sax, accordion, clarinet & percussion & a whole bunch of guest artists.

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