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среда, 10 июля 2024 г.

Papa Juke - Jukin' at Jack's

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Tracks Listing:
 1. Dime Store Woman Blues -  5:07
 2. Take Some Time -  8:38
 3. Sweet Daddy -  2:45
 4. Wet Dog Blues -  3:15
 5. Take a Stand -  4:58
 6. Never Lost Love -  4:43
 7. Little Grain of Sand -  5:34
 8. Love Ladder -  3:30
 9. Had a Little Woman - 11:50
10. Every Morning -  5:09
11. Powerful Love -  6:48
12. Hot Turtle -  7:30
13. Good Morning Blues -  3:50

Papa Juke is blues with a difference, blues with a heritage, blues with an attitude. Their intoxicating and infectious original sound is courageously creative and enticingly danceable. Their heart felt live performances are both hauntingly memorable and contagiously fun loving. You will go home after one of their shows strangely fulfilled yet still wanting more. Papa Juke is made up of Christine "the Spider" Webb on bass and vocals, Dave " Doc" Dougherty on guitar and vocals, Mad Dog Friedman on harmonica and vocals and Dan "the Dragon" Crecco on drums. Internationally recognized for musicianship and songwriting, Papa Juke delivers both an acoustic and electric show with their blues-flavored originals and their creative arrangements of old favorites. 

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